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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is abc 7 mornings. >> it's saturday, may 18th, good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking doppler 7. >> hi, chris. we're bringing back the storm impact scale. today we have a 1. this will lead into tomorrow, as well. light to moderate rain, anywhere from a half inch to inch and a half and perhaps up to 55 miles an hour. we are cloudy right now. there's the front and we widen the perspective and that will impact us over the weekend and the entire system and the low moving overhead tomorrow. santa rosa, you may have noticed how much cooler it is on the bay. 55 over in oakland and that's due to some of the clear sky
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overnight and starting out with the 40s and 50s with the cloud and the rain developing and with us throughout the day and it is breezy. temperatures are below average and we'll talk about the second half of the weekend and it's looking brighter. >> lisa, thank you. keep track of the conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. get updates from our weather team and monitor live doppler 7 on the go. now to a serious health alert for shoppers in the east bay. if you visited the berkeley bowl last week you may have been exposed to measles. ansar hassan has more. this berkeley couple who didn't want to be identified made a special trip to berkeley bowl after the measles case. >> she checked her credit card receipt, and she was. >> the infected person shopped late in the afternoon. there's still concern especially for their daughter. >> it's scary to realize that at our grocery store someone had
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measles and was walking around. >> the person at this point. the patient was infected with measles and their investigation determined that only berkeley bowl was at risk for exposure. there were other exposures, but we don't need to notify the public because we've identified everyone that was at risk. dr. hernandez says the virus is easily transmitted and extremely contagious. it can affect 90% of people who are not vaccinated. the first stage symptoms are a runny nose, red eyes, cough, runny fever and a rash. >> the cdc says if you were exposed to consult your doctor. keep an eye out for symptoms until may 28th. in berkeley, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. >> to learn more about the measles including symptoms and now the disease is spread go to our website, abc 7 time now is 5:02.
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a high school coach and security guard who once worked for the 49ers is being credited with possibly stopping a shooting in portland, oregon. a student brought a gun to parkway high school and he was tackled by keenan lowe and he was an analyst for the 49ers in 2016. thankfully no one was hurt. the bay area man who became known as the american taliban is set to be released from prison next week. john walker linde made national headlines and 20 years later is sparking more debate. abc 7 news reporter has more from the marin county man. >> at the islamic center in mill valley worshippers still remember john walker lindh. >> when he came here he was calm and a seeker of knowledge. >> a recent convert of islam, he's 38 now and in just days he
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became known as the american taliban will be released from federal prison after serving in prison. >> that's lindh in his own words shortly after his 2001 capture in afghanistan and he traveled to the middle east on a pilgrimage. lindh was convicted on terrorism charges and his early release now stoking debate. the parents of mike span calling it disturbing news saying the man they blame for their son's death is still a threat. president trump tweeted over the phone he, too, believes lindh should serve his own sentence. for lindh's family a relief. his father has been calling for his son's release for years, and saying his son was a scapegoat for the grieving 9/11 country. >> it's not fair to say john went to afghanistan in order to work against or wage war against his own country. lindh will be released thursday
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from a prison in indiana and will be under three years supervision and we do not know yet if he'll be returning to the bay area. liz kroit, abc 7 news. a san francisco soccer club, ellen villarreal was an honorary captain against the santa cruz breakers. last night the team presented him with a courage in the face of adversity award. he was won of four siblings involved in a collision in late february. they were on their way to the hospital to visit their dying father when they collided with a big rig that was illegally parked on the shoulder of interstate 80. three of villarreal's siblings were killed. >> we felt it was something we had to do just because aaron is very close to many people in our own community. the san francisco soccer community is very small, and i think it's important that we lift each other up.
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>> villarreal's father has since passed away. the chp is still investigating the february crash. happening today, thousands of uc berkeley students will make the jump to be in cal alumni during commencement exercises. workers set up for graduation early this week and wendy cop will give today's commencement address. it starts at 10:00 a.m. and umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium. they'll start with the school of business and economics at 9:00 this morning. the school of science and technology will begin its commencement at 1:00 this afternoon and sonoma state's final commencement for the school of arts and humanities begins at 5:00 tonight. all of the commencements will take place inside the music center. time now is 5:06. get ready for your instagram
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feed to be flooded with puffel cones. does it taste as good as it looks? we sent a mandza del castillo to find out. >> clear your ways from your memory, it is setting up shop in san jose. >> we're bringing the experience to having ice cream. the owner of her crew of 22 are making instagramable ease cream roses in waffles. >> we have the original red velvet and churro. each cone cooked to perfection. crunchy outside and a soft inside texture. 14 ice cream flavors all made to order. crews used liquid nitrogen to make it happen. >> she was snapping all of the pictures and i just like to eat, but it's all about the visuals and even the drinks at cauldron ice cream are ready. quick tips, expect the line and pick a favorite wall as a
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backdrop and click away. >> i think that just blows my mind and such a milk tea fascination. the shop's grand opening runs from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. on saturday. i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> time now is 5:08 and lisa has been keeping on the forecast and the possibility of more rain. >> it looks like a soggy weekend, unfortunately and today the live weather, and a live look outside, 53 and numbers have dropped into the inland 40s and also in the east bay, we'll talk about a rainy saturday and over an inch of rain and your accuweather seven-day forecast. >> also ahead, a dog walker is caught on camera doing things other than walking the dogs. what
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there was a security camera there. >> i did. time right now is 5:11. a south bay pet sitter caught on camera getting romantic in a customer's home after being hired over a popular dog walking app. this provides some tips in this gig economy if you use food apps for massage or dog walking. dan noyes has the details of one customer's nightmare. looks like we're experiencing some technical difficulties this morning. we will get to that story -- actually, i've been told by our director that we do have that story for you. let's send it over to dan noyes with more on this i.-team
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report. >> reporter: rosy brown has two rambunctious little dogs, penny and daisy. when she headed out of town for a wedding three weeks ago she turned to a popular app to get a pet sitter. >> get a certified dog walker at a moment's notice. >> she met casey brengle. >> she had 210 five-star reviews, and i'm thinking okay, this is great. >> they agreed on four and a half day was house sitting with long walks for $315 and discussed the doggie cam on the kitchen counter. it also shoots out treats. rosy headed out to louisiana and on the day of her cousin's wedding received an alert. >> on the preview it showed a man in the house, someone i wasn't expecting and i opened it up and that's when i saw that she was there with a man in our house and going straight for our bedroom. >> it shows casey's boyfriend on several occasions, at one point locking the dogs outside the master bedroom and going from the master to the guest bedroom.
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after several days of texting. >> she believes you were having sex in both bedrooms. >> it's okay that she believes that. that's not what was going on. >> casey's father and mother also visited even though it's walkers and sitters, she would not allow anyone else with the pet parent. >> and she caught her naked on the couch. >> it got hot, and as i said, i don't like wearing clothes. >> to see that video where she is just butt naked sitting on it, laying on it. that was really hard because, you know, we just bought it. i don't lay down right there, you know? >> oh, really. >> it's affected the way that you use your own couch. >> that was my favorite spot right in the middle, but i don't really touch it. >> she can't sit on her favorite spot any longer because she has the image of you being naked on do y uerstan? >> i do. i do, and i feel terrible about it.
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it's not -- it was not something i did with intent or with malice. >> she tells me rosie allowed her boyfriend to come over for dinner on a previous job, but that she did not clear visitors for this session. the camera documented casey taking the dogs out for one to five-minute potty breaks and not the 30 or 60-minute walks usually ordered through the wag app and caught her cursing at daisy after the dog had been playing rough with penny. [ expletive ]. >> was that appropriate? >> i was not frustrated with her, at other things. i had gotten in a fight with my mom and i agree it was not appropriate. >> after rosy contacted wag and they sent a statement that reads in part, the behavior and situation is unaccept are sentable and contrary to the community guidelines and we expect everybody on the wag platform to conduct themselves professionally. >> these are my dogs and i know how difficult it can be to find
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a good walker and pet sitter. as for wag, i contacted the better business bureau, the company has had a rocky few months receiving complaints. >> they've received 47 complaints for things like not applying credits properly, walkers not showing up, keys, money or other items stolen or dogs getting loose on the walker's time. last time the bureau gave wag an f for the complaints to help them improve their process and responding to and resolving consumer complaints and this week awarded wag an a-plus for the progress they made. rosy brown still has questions about how wag supervises walkers once they pass the company's background check. >> how do you know a wag walker or sitter who has done a thousand walks or sitting sessions how are they doing on the first session. they could be a completely different person. the company responds pet parents, ratings and feedback provide wag an ongoing
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assessment on the pet care provider services and it helps determine whether they should be allowed to remain on the platform. wag is offering to pay for cleaning services. be honest on your application about your expectations and your dog, reveal any problems your dogs may have with aggression, meet the worker before you hire them and buy one of those doing doggie cams. dan noyes, abc 7 news. time now is 5:16. it is bay to breakers. the san francisco tradition takes place tomorrow morning, but street closures began tonight. so should the runners prepare for rain? meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the weather forecast for us. >> chris, unfortunately, we'll look at a rainy weekend and here's live doppler 7. the clouds have moved in and the rain is to the north of us and the actual area of low pressure that will move overhead tomorrow is still well offshore and this could bring a possibility of
5:17 am
thunderstorms, cold, unstable air heading into the bay area over the weekend and one impacted the scale today and through tomorrow, light to moderate rain and when we see the cold front move through the bay area this evening certainly could have heavy downpours and looking at a half inch to an inch total for most areas and those breezy winds in the middle of may. 51 in union city and 51 in berkeley and elsewhere, much cooler up to the north and look at that 46 in mountain view and 48 in nevada. walnut creek, the clouds moving on in and the forecast, highlights and low lights, we can say rainy and windy today. scattered showers will continue through tomorrow and it looks like we'll get some sun and also still a risk of a thunderstorm on your sunday and looking at more rain early next week. that system much, much weaker. anywhere from three to seven degrees cooler this morning and here's the way it will play out and 9:00, we have rain in the north bay.
5:18 am
by 10:30, 11:00 it's moving into san francisco and over into the east bay by the middle of the afternoon as we get into the later part of the afternoon at 4:00, 5:00 and that's the cold front and with that, this is where we could see the heaviest rain and the gustiest winds and as that plows through the bay area and a bit of a low into early saturday and look what happens by 5:30. another line of showers tomorrow morning and then the scattered showers in the afternoon with some of those breaks, so we'll talk totals here and we've surpassed the totals for the month and we're looking about an inch in most areas in the north bay as we get through the second part of the system tomorrow and how an inch and a third in santa rosa. three-quarters of an inch in san jose. with that, the wind, the gusty wins out of the south ahead of the front up to 30 miles an hour and then we'll get the cold frontal passage and still looking at the breezy winds and
5:19 am
not quite as windy tomorrow and it will be a blustery weekend for the middle of may and 60 in pallo alto and in the mountains we're looking at a winter weather advisory through 10:00 tomorrow and anywhere from four to ten inches of snow and a winter storm warning as we get to blue canyon with six to 12 inches about 6,000 feet. so they picked up the snow yesterday anywhere from a half of a foot to a foot and we're adding to the totals and maybe another foot by kirkwood. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s on the coast with 60s around the bay and the cold frontal passage later this afternoon and early evening, showers, a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and then a 1 on the storm impact scale which is a bit dryer, but still going to rain in the beginning of the week and hopefully getting back to near average conditions and maybe the end of
5:20 am
next week and download the app and contract the winter storm in the middle of may. >> i can't remember the last time it rained on bay to breakers weekend. it's been a while. well see how it goes for those folks. just ahead, the maker fair is under way. why the moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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>> the university of california is suspending the use of glyphosate-based germicide. it ordered the maker of round-uu that paid $3 million to a couple who itself gave them cancer. it was the work of a former cal
5:23 am
student. melanie woodrow has more on the young woman who advocated for the decision. >> there's a big change coming to uc campuses in part thanks to a uc berkeley volleyball player committed to making a difference. >> i want students to know they can do anything if they see a problem they can fix it. >> she and her teammates convinced the grounds keeper to stop spraying herbicides here. >> he said yeah, totally. i don't have the labor to pick the weeds. we said perfect, we have 20 girls on the team and we'll do it for you. >> we were worried that these were young women of reproductive age and they probably shouldn't be exposed to any of this stuff. they ended up coming out here and having weeding parties basically. >> makenzie served up an ace for the entire uc community. uc president janet napolitano issuing a temporary suspension for the glyphosate-based herbicides at all uc locations due to concerns about possible
5:24 am
hazards. >> we were, like, dang, we did it. >> it will make a huge impact for every student in the whole uc system and that's a lot of kids that are going to be exposed to the stuff anymore. >> exceptions to the temporary suspension starting june 1st include agricultural operations and programs to include wildfire risk and native habitat preservation and herbicide research. >> we are e-mailing and getting a lot of people to e-mail the president and tell her that it's not enough and we want all prop 65 chemicals banned and then herbicide. >> makenzie said she's keeping a watchful eye on weed management enhances safety. it cites a recent epa conclusion. in berkeley, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. don't tell a beehive about this. a former player says beyonce
5:25 am
maying to blame for the loss of the super bowl. the power at the super bowl went out at the start of the third quarter shortly after beyonce's halftime show. he said if beyonce hadn't knocked the power out the game wouldn't have slowed down and that they would have won. >> scientists exploring the deep ocean water have discovered a new species. it's a tiny yellow coral just three inches tall. it was first spotted 15 years ago. last year a research team with the california academy of sciences found it again and they were able to put it under the microscope and found it was different from any other coral species. it was published in the proceedings of the california academy of sciences. we are getting our new look at the gray wolf pups in the oakland zoo. the pups were born early monday morning and they will not be visible to the public until some
5:26 am
time in late june. parents siskiyou and sequoia have been at the zoo for more than a year and these are their first pups. >> it's day two of the maker fair now in its 13th year. abc news was at the san mateo center as things got under way. it's the opportunity for iventors, craft makers to show off their handiwork and the ceo of the fair says he'll consider what's next for the event after the weekend. he says corporate sponsor ships are down. >> i think we need this now more than ever in our culture and it's also something hard to convince people that it's important to do. >> there are more than 200 maker fairs around the world each year, but most are licensed. san francisco-based maker media puts on the one here and in new york. the fair lasts through tomorrow. time now 5:26 and still to come on abc 7 mornings. a man arrested for rblging people in the res
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book direct at >> news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. we're approaching half past the hour on this saturday morning. i'm chris nguyen. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> unfortunately, it will feel like winter this weekend bringing in our storm impact scale. it's a 1 for today and tomorrow. we will see some brief, heavy downpours, gusty winds and a half inch to an inch of rain and temperatures well below average and if we look at live doppler 7 the rain is offshore, we're cloudy and the beginning of the cold front that will move into the bay area as soon as a couple of hours and that's the area of low pressure that moves in tomorrow. we could see a chance of thunderstorms, as well. nice view of town this morning. you can see the beginning of the 5:56 sunrise. 52, san francisco.
5:30 am
48 in san jose. cooler out there and more 40s than 50s and you can see the sun right there from the shark tank in the south bay looking at more 40s and 50 in napa and 51 in concord. here's what to expect today and we have the cool numbers and there's the rain at 10:00 that moves over the bay throughout the morning hours and maybe a brief break and just in the 50s. gusty winds and here comes the front. heavier downpours for your saturday evening and we'll talk about the rest of the weekend and when it will feel like may coming up next, chris? >> lisa, thank you. >> if you're headed to tahoe be sue to pack your chains. the highways are open without controls for the time being and more snow is expected today and tomorrow. several mountain passes are still closed because of all of the snow we had during the winter. they include ebbits, th taioga. a man put cameras into t t
5:31 am
bathrooms of a trampoline park. >> it's scary. it's sad. my son used to work there. my kids have all gone there. that's not something that you want to hear. >> fremont police arrested 36-year-old richard charles rocca of antioch. he faces charges of pornography and concealing a camera in public. they called him on may 3rd after a hidden camera was found inside the restroom inside the trampoline park. that's where police found footage of children using the bathroom. it also caught the suspect setting it up. >> families who frequent rock and jump want to know that they're asking the right questions. >> did he walk in with kids and walk in by himself. that was a red flag if he walked in by himself. >> there is now a company-wide policy to do routine bathroom
5:32 am
checks. >> i am glad she's a girl so she can go with me so i can hopefully protect her a little bit. >> this is not the firstne incident for rock and jump. police were called to the trampoline park for a man exposing himself. employees chased down the suspect who tried to run away. jose ortiz felix was charged with lewd conduct. >> it's hard for not letting them go to a park and bring them to a facility where you think they're safe. >> reporter: police believe rocca put cameras in other places. they are asking for the public's help in reaching out to victims. abc 7 news. four students who wrote a racist slur have been disciplined. it is one of four graffiti incidents at california high school. the others threatened a mass shooting may 9th. saturday police say they don't have evidence that the students intended to carry out the threat or that a crime was committed.
5:33 am
the other graffiti threats remain under investigation. >> unfortunately, we've had four incidents involving graffiti in recent weeks. 80% of the school, the kids were off on thursday. 80% so yes, i think there should be some discipline. >> cal high school administrators praised their students for coming forward and helping them find the four students. the school received more than 40 tips on its anonymous tip line. time now 5:33. in 1988 dolores huerta was severely beaten by san francisco police during a protest. now the leader has a school named after her. leannel in melendez was there for the celebration. >> it is one of the most popular chants. it was created by dolores huerta credited with teaching america that yes, we can. >> if they can have more education, we could have a
5:34 am
better world for everybody. >> strike! huelga. >> huerta and cesar chavez founded the national farmworkers association with the focus on ending economic injustice. >> in 19 will88 huerta was beat police. ironically, that same city honored huerta by renaming a school after the civil rights activist. it was a vindication of sorts. the idea surfaced years ago. >> i kept pushing it and pushing it and people started listening and others started pushing it more than i did, and finally the principal here with his community, they pushed it. >> she has been awarded the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian award in the united states. she told me the struggle towards equality and justice has never ended. >> young people are the
5:35 am
forefront of the soul and people of color and it's happening right now as we speak. at 89 huerta is still a motivating force. >> who's got the power? >> what kind of power? >> in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. if you're experiencing pain at the pump you are aren't alone. gas prices continue to rise in california and we are getting a better idea at what's behind the increase. our sister station in los angeles explains. >> the difference between california's gas and the national average jumped to $1.10, the highest increase ever seen according to the california energy commission. that government agency now says one of the contributing factors could be market manipulation by some retailers including chevron, shell, exxon, mobile and 76. >> there's something that's off and there's no reason we should
5:36 am
be $1.10 higher than the national average. i get why we're a little higher, but not $1 plus higher. >> according to our resources the west coast gasoline business is doing very well profit wise. >> the explosion at exxonmobil's refinery in torrance have impacted gas prices as well as refinery maintenance, but the torrance refinery is back to normal operations. if market manipulation is taking place, some retailers would be charging higher prices for the same product. >> before 2015, the average difference between california and u.s. gas prices was 34 cents a gallon. since 2015, that number has doubled to 69 cents a gallon. the auto club of southern california urges motorists to do their research to buying gas as there are cheaper unbranded retailers and hypermark locations and arco.
5:37 am
>> it's very important for shoppers to shop around and use the app like the free aaa app and it will tell you where the cheapest gas prices are to you. >> the high price of gas has impacted your spending and saving. >> you have to cut back on things that you were planning to do because depending on what kind of car would fill up to $100 a week. josh haskell, abc 7 news. >> a warm weather tradition in san francisco was back. up next, tents, yoga and a little bit of food. what makes the presidio picnic a bay area event. the time right now is 5:37. a live look outside from the very quiet golden gate camera.
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good morning, everyone. time right now is 5:39, and welcome back. a live look outside at san jose on this saturday. looks pretty nice out there right now, but the storm impact scale is back in play this weekend. lisa will let us know when to expect that rain coming up in the full accuweather report, but first, farmers in the central valley are scrambling to pick cherries that could be damaged by rainfall. we show youded you a similar sc. when it dries out the cherries expand and can crack. the cherry harvest must be completed within a winnow that lasts just a few weeks. rid now the trees are loaded with the sweet fruit, but farmers say they know the drill. >> it seems like every time during cherry season you always get a storm. the two times a year you get
5:41 am
storms is during cherry season and the farm show. >> the farmers say they do work to air out the orchards as soon as any rain ends. if all goes well this year's crop of california cherries could be the biggest on record. a blue moon is coming this weekend and it's not the craft beer and it's not the amazon spaceship. it's actually a full moon with the colorful nickname. the third one is called a blue moon which is happening tonight. lisa? >> well, we could see a little bit of that. we will have a break in the rain, but most likely it's the rain and the wind that will be more memorable today. temperatures will be well below average from the roof camera right now. it doesn't look bad. we have sun out there and it is 53 degrees and the north bay getting wet in four hours or so and we'll time it out next. >> also ahead, one bad period cost the sharks in st. louis. larry beil has the
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning, everyone. thanks so much for starting your day with abc 7 news. here's a live look from the san mateo-hayward bridge camera. lisa is tracking the rain and she'll have more coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> if you have more to do this sunday and any sunday in october. it's part picnic, part party and total foodfest? i'm eating a large lobster, and it's on top of these really great noodles that's drenched in butter. >> it's like fine dining on a picnic blanket. ♪ ♪ it's the great place to come and relax and enjoy nature.
5:45 am
>> it's just a friendly, happy place to be. >> even on an extremely windy and foggy day, everybody brings their family and friends out. there are 32 vendors in the market raight now. there are 17 trucks and you have the wow factor. >> it is a haitian cuisine. it's pork, fried rice, avocado puree. >> any given day you can find 15-plus cuisines of the world and it is the biggest reason why people choose food drives. >> we have mangos cut up into a flower. we like doing this event because this is where we started and we want to continue with the sunday routine. >> the food truck gives us a lifestyle. we're around good food all day and around good people. >> we have organic acai bowls and we do smoothies. >> it's leak a poke bowl, it's
5:46 am
ahi tuna and it has rice, peanuts and it's pretty awesome. you can pick up anything you want and you can go to each and every one and have something different. going to san francisco and trying to go to different restaurants. here, you can do it all and you only have to walk a hundred yards. >> this is the food that they don't often sell at restaurants, and i think it shows a good amount of culture and individuality with people's foods. >> we just come, eat, relax on the grass and people are playing games, and then the view. k you can see the bridge peeking out. >> the presidio is located at the foot of the golden gate bridge. it is the only national park inside the city limit. >> i love the food trucks and out her washington and it showse
5:47 am
san francisco experience. >> you can check out abc's new brand at and it's on facebook and instagram. the time now is 8:47. lisa, the picnic is always a good time even with the possibility of rain. >> i don't know. not today, though. if you look outside right now it doesn't look bad from mount tam. a few clouds around and we can deal with that, but there is a late-season storm moving into the bay area and we're talking about heavy rain, gusty winds and temperatures well below average. here's what you can expect with the gray skies to start out. so mist and drizzle along the coast and the cold front pushes through by about dinner time and then we're left with unsettled weather and cool conditions for your sunday. a chance for a thunderstorm and there's one system coming into the weekend. temperatures have cooled off
5:48 am
inland. so if you're around the bay you're still in the 50s, but 40s elsewhere and here is a look at the cloud cover and the rain that's offshore and the area of low pressure is well offshore and it will take the whole weekend for the system to move on through and it is a 1 on the storm impact scale today and tomorrow with light to moderate rain, most of that coming down today and looking at winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour. 52, san francisco. it is 50 in oakland, 46 in mountain view and half a sa san jose, 48 and 45 in santa rosa with 49 by the delta, low 50s around concord. so the rain not here yet. it is offshore and as we go through about the 10:00 hour it has moved into the north bay. all over the bay area throughout the afternoon and then the cold front pushes through. that's where you see the yellows
5:49 am
and the heavier rain after about 5:00 and then this will take us through saturday evening. a bit of a break through the overnight hours and coming up toward tomorrow morning. this time we're looking at more rain and a few breaks in the rain tomorrow. a chance of a thunderstorm, some sunshine and throughout the day we've got the clouds, the cooler weather and the breezy wind. so rainfall amounts first half of the day today about a third of an inch and maybe less than a half inch in calistoga and that's where we get the heavier downpours and the accumulating rain tomorrow, maybe 1.1/3 and it is certainly going to be an unusual forecast. here are the winds tomorrow and still, 25 miles an our, but still, breezy and cool for
5:50 am
sunday and 58 in oakland and 60 with a cool day with 5:00 tonight through 10:00 on sunday. this is a winter weather advisory for lake tahoe. 50 to 95 mile per hour wons and 6 to 12 inches about 6,000 feet. another foot or so not out of the question for kirkwood. elsewhere, about half a foot, eight inches down and they picked up eight inches at squaw and tomorro the race at 6:00, we should see some clouds in the 50s. 8:00, showers and temperatures haven't budged much and then the rain continues throughout the afternoon on and off. maybe a few peeks of sun. download the accuweather app and each and every day through tuesday, we can see some rain and a 1 on the storm impact scale and you can track that on live doppler 7 and as the sun comes out and all of the grasses
5:51 am
and weeds we've had growing like gang busters and we'll get temperatures back to where they should be a eve thought'ouhinks is delaying the fire season. so it will cause a big problem with folks treeing to clear that. >> always a concern. lisa, thank you. >> the blazers are back in action for game three of the western conference finals series moving to portland. tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. watch it on our sister network espn and the warriors lead 2-0. tomorrow they return the sap center to the western conference final. last night san jose had a chance to take a commanding lead in the series. abc 7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the sharks they beat vegas in seven and colorado in seven and it looks like they may be going seven with st. louis and a sluggish period doomed. sharks up 2-1 and the western
5:52 am
conference final. just 35 seconds in and sharks turned it over in their own end. the barbershop beats marvin jones. jones under siege all final minutes lose power play and it's justin braun and into the back of the net. 2-0 after one. there is a virtual empty net and the backhand goes ride and this is like that with the huge third period and tomas, and the dive gets his stick on it. so the sharks are down 2-1 and they're right in this thing. the final minute they absolutely pepper rookie goalie jordan finnington and cannot score. brett burns will go -- as thai returned for head five. peter devore is doing all right. how do you feel with the series at 2-2?
5:53 am
>> you're in the western conference final 2-2 against a really good team. i feel pretty good and i have home ice advantage. i feel pretty good. >> it's too quick, but we battled the chances and we tilt like we sustained that for a while and came short, but definitely rm for definitely room for improvement for sure. >> game five, 77 degrees and the roof is open and jeff got to start scoreless. david peralta will change that right here and the deepest part, gone. 1-0 d'backs. bruce bocce tossed in the seventh and arizona is your final. how about the as in detroit. steph stephen piscatty getting the humanitarian award. as up 3-0, chad
5:54 am
as have beaten detroit 14 straight times 7-2. yanis taking on kawhi and the raptors. the first bucket of the game andian sis throwing it to himself. they call hum a greek freak for a reason. bucs up 22 in the first half and this game was neveres can with authority and 30 and 17, and bucs close 135 and 103 and brookslying by seven strokes. they make the cut. have a great weekend, everybody. >> the grand opening of a store within a
5:55 am
luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to.... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about 10 minutes... 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at
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happening today. grand opening festivities will take place for a store within a store that hopes to attract bargain hunters in san francisco. abc 7 news got this sneak peek
5:57 am
inside macy's backstage. the store offers brand name fashion says at marked down prices. shoppers can find items discounted up to 80%. macy's says backstage is an effort to keep up with empl competitors. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00. a person infected with measles visited a popular east bay grocery store. what concerned customers are now being told. >> but first, as we head to brake, here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the green on your screen indicating the rainfall right now. not much in the bay area. most of it to the east of san jose toward the san joaquin valley, but rain is on the way and it's headed our way and we'll get a check of lisa argen's full accuweather forecast coming up at 6:00.
5:58 am
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at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. >> news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. >> it's saturday, may 18th. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the first look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. we're beginning with the storm impact scale and it's may and we'll see light to moderate rain throughout the day today, and it's dry now and the winds are on the way and anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain through your sunday. right now, cloudy skies and perhaps mist and drizzle at the coast and the rain well to the north here and it will be four or five hours until we see


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