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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 18, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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with a limited edition nutella jar! good morning, america. we're following severe weather this morning. tornadoes tear through the plains in terrifying scenes of destruction. dozens of reported twisters. >> tornado! >> unleashing their fury. drivers caught right in the middle. >> knocked a semi over in the road. >> trucks overturning before their eyes. 90 million people under a severe weather threat this weekend. where it's headed next. school scare. a student armed with g spotted at his oregon high school. >> a student comes in with a shotgun, a rifle, doesn't even hide it. >> frightened students running for cover. how the football coach made the ultimate tackle and what we're learning about the suspect this morning as his friends speak out. >> what do we do? the battle over abortion. [ chanting ] missouri the latest state to
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pass tough, new restrictions. >> missouri stands for the unborn. >> the governor promising to sign. what this could mean for the future of roe v. wade and how other states are trying to protect abortion rights. dash cam joyride. the shirtless, shoeless suspect hopping into a police cruiser. >> hey, hey, get out. >> taking off. the wild police chase. anliroadblock and how it all the 7-year-old who sprang into action when her mom was in trouble. >> i get to call my 7-year-old my hero. it's just amazing. >> the call that she made that saved the day. good morning. let's get straight to the breaking news. the major severe weather outbreak. life-threatening weather and the forecast for 90 million americans from texas to new york. >> look at this gigantic tornado that touched down in kansas.
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this is not cgi. it is 1 of at least 34 reported tornadoes in 4 states so far, and this outbreak is far from over. stroble today from texas to arkansas. >> and there's also significant flash flooding on tap for many other states in the path of these storms, so let's go straight to rob who is tracking it all from ft. worth, texas, rob, good morning. >> hey, good morning, whit. ft. worth and dallas are going to get hit hard later on this morning. we are right on the fringe of a tornado watch to our west. it's the southern flavpg of a very large and powerful system that late yesterday dropped over 30 reported tornadoes. overnight a tornado outbreak from texas to nebraska. dozens of twisters ripping through the plains. the images like something out of a movie. >> tornado! >> reporter: watch as this tornado in nebraska suddenly touches down and sweeps through a group of storm chasers. strong winds whipping up debris and dust everywhere. sirens ringing out warning
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residents of the danger as this twister tears through parts of town. >> yeah, it's definitely building pretty good now. >> reporter: and in kansas, several tornados touching down there. this fast-moving rope tornado on the ground when this driver ends up right in the middle of it. his car surrounded by strong winds and flying debris. >> look at that. >> reporter: in southern kansas watch this huge tornado on the move. the dark funnel moving right across the road. >> oh, it's on the road. it knocked a semi over in the road. >> reporter: another twister knocking over this semi spinning debris all around. shocked witnesses pulling over to help the driver as another tornado lurks in the background. >> oh, no. >> reporter: and then this one spinning across the road and taking aim at a home. flying debris everywhere. in central kansas homes and businesses damaged. the roof of this home torn off. western texas getting hit too. this tornado caught on camera spinning near ft. stockton. obviously a very active day yesterday and setting up to
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something persistent as far as the pattern goes through this st until we've already had strong storms that likely dropped some tornadoes in abilene and san angelo. a couple of active warnings as you see it. this line will congeal and press eastward. 11:00, noontime into moist, unstable air so dallas, ft. worth we'll get it here in the next couple of hours and lufkin and longview and is thshrevepor to southern minnesota. looking ahead towards tomorrow, we lose the risk for lessen it, i should say, of tornadoes but increase the amount of people living in these areas so destructive storms in chicago, places like indianapolis, cincinnati, detroit, cleveland, pittsburgh, buffalo, you're all at risk of seeing damaging storms with big-time hail, lightning, of course, destructive winds and heavy rain. a flood threat. a lot of rivers across the upper
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midwest are running high. so any more rain we get will increase a flood risk as well and reset it monday with more in the way of tornadoes here in the plains. talk more about that in a sec. >> we're just getting started. i want to remind viewers we'll come back to you throughout the sryhroughout the and you'lle weekend. we move to a scare at a high school in oregon. police say an armed student entered the building but he was tackled by a coach. abc's erielle reshef is here with more. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. what could have been a catastrophic situation was av t averted. police say the student suspect was wielding a shotgun before he was taken down by that quick-thinking coach. >> possibly going to be an active shooter at parkrose high schools. they need more cars. >> reporter: police confirming a student was behind friday's attempted school shooting rattling a portland community. >> i don't know how they're going to go back to school and finish the year.
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>> reporter: the unnamed suspect reportedly storming into parkrose high school armed with a shotgun ready to kill teachers and classmates. >> the student comes in with a shotgun, a rifle, doesn't even hide it. just hast fo n kids huddling together. >> we all hid. we hid like under clothes and stuff too just in case anything would happen. >> reporter: witnesses say the would-be gunman entered a classroom but was confronted by keanon lowe, i aformer university of oregon football player and coach at the school who noticed the weapon and heroically wrestled the suspect to the ground holding him until police arrived. >> best case scenario. absolutely. the staff member from all accounts did an excellent job. our officers arrived within minutes, went right in. >> reporter: families reuniting amid panic. students praising lowe for his courage. >> he put his life at danger for us. >> i love you and thank you for keeping all the students at parkrose safe. >> reporter: the alleged assailant's peers saying they sensed he was in a dark place. >> he went through a pretty rough breakup that kind of got
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to him and we tried toly dord, was kind of heartbreaking. >> reporter: the suspect now in custody. and miraculously no one was hurt in this incident. investigators say that they have recovered the weapon. it's not yet been determined whether any shots were fired. >> this coach is incredible. clearly. it's worth pointing out there are a lot of cases where you have staff members leaping into the fray to protect the children at school. >> absolutely, and had he not done so, the outcome could have been so very different here. >> yeah. >> i know the children there and the parents are so grateful. >> and his friends speaking out as well. erielle, thank you. we want to turn to california now. sacramento police are investigating a shooting overnight at an apartment complex that killed one person and left three others including a 4-year-old boy injured. that boy is now in stable condition. the sacramento county sheriff's office saying they believe the shooting was a targeted act of violence. the five suspects are still at large. now to missouri becoming the
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latest state about to put tougher restrictions on abortion. the governor saying he'll si with the series of leg battles on abortion being teed up across the country. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: eva, good morning. after hours of debate, missouri passed its anti-abortion legislation with a vote of 110-44 as the nation watched. >> what do we do? [ chanting ] >> reporter: just days after alabama passed a near total abortion ban, the show me state of missouri is showing it can too. [ chanting ] missouri's house and senate passed a bill that bans abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. [ chanting ] >> missouri is taking a stand. missouri stands for the unborn. >> reporter: some lawmakers making emotional pleas against the bill. >> this is nothing but an affront, not to roe versus wade but to what it stands for, to the u.s. constitution itself.
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the right to privacy in this country, privacy from intrusion from your government. >> reporter: the law goes into effect in missouri as soon as republican governor mark parsons signs the bill, and he's hinted he will. in missouri's only remaining ab cnir. david eisenberg won don't thk n for , legal and accessible abortion in their state or near them, they're going to seek whatever care they can find and many women are going to be hurt or injured or potentially lose their life. >> reporter: missouri is now the fifth state this year to pass a heartbeat bill which means a state will not perform the procedure if a heartbeat is detected but neither the alabama law, nor the proposed missouri bill have exemptions for cases of rape or incest. abortions would only be allowed if there is a serious health risk to the mother. >> this gives more rights to the rapist than it does to the mother. >> reporter: all of it leading to having the law challenged and reach the supreme court where
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the new balance of power could overturn roe versus wade or dramatically change the landmark decision which declared abortion legal. >> there is a very strong likelihood that roe is in real jeopardy in the very near term, and i think that was actually kind of clear even with the confirmation of brett kavanaugh. the supreme court could if it wanted to take up one of these cases next year or the year after. >> and stephanie ramos joining us. the question now, what's next in these abortion battles? >> well, eva, there are several appeals that are being launched on the laws that have been passed and then there are some proposals that are close to being passed. louisiana, for instance, is now just one house vote away from advancing a bill similar to missouri's and both wisconsin and texas have several bills in motion to restrict abortions including cuts to planned parenthood funding, but other states are moving ahead with laws to help protect anti-abortion laws. vermont has passed a bill
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protecting abortion rights and illinois is expected to do the same. eva. >> all right, thank you, stephanie ramos for us in washington. eva, now to washington where concern is growing regarding tensions with iran and tariffs. abc's david wright is joining us from the white house. david, good morning to you. and starting off with iran here, the president speaking out about the rising tensions with iran and he's also addressing reports of internal conflict in his administration. >> reporter: good morning, whit. that's right. the president addressed it at a meeting of the national association of realtors responding to a report that originated in politico about supposed tensions between his secretary of state, mike pompeo, and his national security adviser, john bolton. this after a week of conflicting reports about just how hawkish the u.s. intends to be in terms of confronting iran. well, the president dismissed the politico report as fake news insisting there is no tension. he also went on to use even stronger language about these reports that use anonymous
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sources to describe administration policy. trump blamed the media for confusing iran about u.s. intentions. iran's foreign minister for his part shot back that there is no confusion on their part about where the u.s. stands. they say they have known for a long time. >> a lot of concern about where it goes from here. i do want to switch, though, to the trump administration's tariff battle. we've been following the escalating trade war with china but now the white house announcing it's easing tariffs on canada and mexico. >> reporter: yeah, interesting development there. the president appears to be picking his battles in the trade wars. he's scaling back the tax on metal imported from canada and mexico. in exchange canada and mexico will scale back their taxes on pork, cheese and milk. that will help u.s. farmers and the administration is also postponing new tariffs that were threatened against imported automobiles from europe, japan and elsewhere.
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all of this appears to be an attempt to soften the blow of these new tariffs that have been announced, about $200 billion worth of chinese goods, products ranging from t-shirts to computer tablets appear to be about to skyrocket, whit. >> an increased cost of those tariffs likely to be passed along to consumers as well. david wright for us at the white house, thank you. >> it really looks like the president is going to try to pacify things with our allies so he can dig in and go hard at china. more to come on this story for sure. we're going to move on now, though, to indiana. seven people injured in a shooting at a house party near ball state university in munsey overnight. police responding to the shooting around 1:00 this morning alerting people in the area. that alert lifted with an all clear issued just before 2:00 a.m. police are interviewing a possible suspect right now. in florida, dash cam video captures the moment a man decides to hijack a patrol car and go for a ride. take a look. troopers are seen questioning
7:14 am
22-year-old shane jensen after they spotted him shirtless walking along the highway. then he makes a run for it, jumping into the cruiser and you see him taking off there. patrol cars try to block him but he just keeps going until he hits a guardrail, then he jumps out and starts running. clearwater police finally catching up with jensen in the woods. he's charged with stealing a patrol car and reckless driving. >> always wonder what jumps into their head at that moment, that they think they can get away with something like that. >> i imagine there's something else going on. shirtless walking on the side of an interstate. that's not a good idea. >> seems multifactorial. >> yes. >> good point. >> and this happened in the state of florida, you say? >> i know, people in the state of florida are all shaking their heads this morning. we do want to transition, though. this is a shocking report we've been talking about accusing a team doctor at ohio state university of sexually abusing more than 170 athletes
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over a 20-year span. even more disturbing, the president of ohio state university saying college officials knew for decades but failed to act. the abuse allegedly took place between 1979 and 1996. the victims alleging they were groped and touched inappropriately by dr. richard strauss calling the abuse an open secret. dr. strauss was never officially disciplined. he retired in 1998 and then died by suicide in 2005. >> horrifying story. we do have new details this morning on that f-16 fighter jet that crashed into a warehouse in california. officials confirming that the aircraft was carrying missiles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition on board. the air force now saying the arms have been secured and disposed of. cell phone video shows the plane right before it crashed. the pilot we should say safely ejected and no major injuries were reported here. and we've been following severe weather this morning in the plains, a tornado outbreak. we saw those dramatic pictures of twisters touching down. let's check back in with rob marciano in ft. worth, texas, with more on this latest severe weather. rob, good morning once again. >> good morning, whit.
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we've got a couple 6 hours of dry weather before it hits ft. worth. we're here because they're holding a road race to benefit. the ten plus thousands folks that are waiting for organ transplants here in texas and folks are going to be running to benefit them. so far the race hasn't been canceled. should go off, i think, as it does so at:00 this morning. the bad news the setup is going to be dangerous, not just today but over the next several days. the monday setup. we mention today and tomorrow, monday looks even worse, unfortunately, for the classic setup here in tornado alley. this is relatively vorticity, basically a fancy word for saying spin in the atmosphere and couple that with the moisture and the winds going in different directions, different altitudes and creates that spin so violent tornadoes, possibly destructive winds and large hail expected across the red river valley mostly west of i-35 up into kansas as well and with these on monday there will be
7:17 am
significant rainfall as well that will be lifting off towards the north and east over very saturated ground and could see 4 to 6 inches from wichita to kansas city, illinois and wisconsin where rivers are high will create flash flooding so that's a concern going through >> good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. starting out with the impact scale. a light to moderate rain and winds up to 35 miles an hour. so this morning the north bay is getting wet and by 11:00, 12:00 we're looking at the pre-frontal rain pushing toward the rest of the bay area. the accuwether seven-day forecast, it will be a rainy evening and we'll get a we will talk more about the weather threat later on in the program. you know, right through this area they have these big texas
7:18 am
longhorn cows, cattle that come through every day, actually twice a day, so yet to be seen whether or not they'll make the trip if the storms get gnarly in the next few hours. guys, back over to you. >> and gnarly, i think, is a weather termed used in meet logic -- >> very scientific. >> a little too california for texas, i think. i apologize. >> i appreciate that, though. >> make sure to get off the road when the cows come through. that would be a smart idea, right? well, speaking of animals, some 13 horses are getting ready to compete in the preakness stakes this afternoon, but kentucky derby winner country house and disqualified horse maximum security won't be among them. the owner of maximum security wants a rematch challenging four of its derby competitors saying he will pay $5 million to each horse who finishes ahead of his in any race between now and the end of the year. maximum security, the only horse to ever be disqualified from first place in the 145 runnings of the kentucky derby.
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well, disappointment for tiger woods as he misses the cut at the pga championship at bethpage by one shot. the golf great coming off of last month's masters victory saying he simply just didn't play well. this is the first time in his career that woods has missed a cut at a major after just winning one. now to a school cafeteria worker extended an act of kindness to a student who didn't have his lunch money. that left her job hanging in the balance now. this morning, a former new hampshire lunchroom employee is speaking out after she was fired over a student's $8 lunch. in march a boy came through bonnie kimball's school lunch checkout line but she says he didn't have money to pay for his meal. >> so i just told him, you know, have your mom send in some money tomorrow. >> reporter: kimball was shocked when the very next day the district manager from cafe services, her employer, called her in and let her go hours after the boy's family reportedly added money to his
7:20 am
account squaring up the balance. >> and i'm like, well, he came in and paid for his lunch and they said, it doesn't matter. that was theft. >> reporter: a letter sent to kimball by cafe services states that not charging the student is in strict violation of our cash handling procedures. >> the man that fired me actually stood right with me, watched me do the transaction. he said okay and he walked off. >> reporter: now months later cafe services is going back on that decision, telling abc news in a statement, we are going to offer to rehire our recently terminated employee and provide her back pay and we will work with the school district to revise our policies and procedures regarding transactions. ho.ball saying she has yet to it jnothsame as ing with them every day. >> the school district says it will not refuse a meal to a hungry child who cannot afford to pay.
7:21 am
that's policy. it's now currently evaluating whether they'll renew the contract with the food vendor, and, guys, kimball tells us she does not intend to take her job back unless the school goes with a different vendor, so there's still more to play out here, but the bottom line, the school says, we need to feed the kids. >> and good for her for feeding the kid who needed it and letting him not pay that day. >> she's standing tough. >> she is. >> a good new englander. all right, we do want to come back to this coming up later in the show, a new york city cop honored for her police work under arrest. an alleged murder for hire plot. who authorities say she wanted dead. plus, a young girl and her heroic actions. hear her dramatic 911 call to save her mom's life. also, the ride share revealed. drivers say they coordinated to shut off their apps and force prices higher. what uber and lyft are saying about this surge pricing controversy. "good morning america" is sponsored by prudential insurance.
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opening may 31st at disneyland resort abc 7 mornings. all news. >> all morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. thousands of uc berkeley students will make the jump to be cal alumni. sky 7 wasorrs set up for graduation. wendy cop is the founder of teach for america.
7:28 am
today's ceremonies will take place rain or shine starting at 10:00 a.m. and keep in mind, umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium. turning to weather now with the forecast. meteorologist lisa argen. >> here'sive doppler 7. rain still west of santa rosa and it's moving in and we have a cold front, gusty winds and a rainy weekend on the way and look for temperatures today well below the average and here's tam with the fog. we're 53 downtown and 48 around half moon bay and rain in san francisco. >> lisa, thank you. thanks
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expedia. everything you need to go. welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, a tornado outbreak from texas to nebraska, dozens of twisters ripping through the plains. the images like something out of a movie. in nebraska, watch as this tornado suddenly touches down and sweeps through a group of storm chasers and in kansas several tornadoes touching down there. watch this massive fast-moving rope tornado on the ground. this driver ending up in the middle of it. his car surrounded by strong winds and flying debris. >> we'll check in with rob and get more on the severe weather in just a moment. first we start this half hour with a shocking story involving an nypd officer accused in a murder-for-hire plot. her family is now speaking out and abc's maggie rulli is in queens with the disturbing details. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. well, this is the precinct where that nypd officer worked.
7:31 am
it's where she was also once named officer of the year. now she's facing some serious jail time for allegedly plotting to murder her husband. this morning, a decorated nypd officer is behind bars accused in a shocking murder-for-hire plot. in a criminal complaint authorities say 34-year-old valerie cincinelli allegedly asked her boyfriend to hire a hit man with the intention of murdering her estranged husband. but it doesn't end there. cincinelli, a 12-year veteran of the force, allegedly wanted to have her boyfriend's daughter killed by a hit man as well. cincinelli's father is now speaking out in her defense. >> i guarantee you my daughter is innocent of this. >> reporter: saying there's more to this story. >> it will come out in court. this guy that she's involved with is a wacko psycho. this is the second time he's had her arrested. >> reporter: cincinelli's boyfriend allegedly told her he knew a hit man who would do the
7:32 am
job for $7,000 converted into gold coins. authorities say the murders were supposed to have happened last weekend. but as part of an fbi ruse, detectives went to her house to say her husband had been murdered. she was arrested after allegedly contacting her boyfriend to talk about an alibi, not knowing that he was cooperating with investigators the entire time. her neighbors in utter shock. >> i didn't see that one coming. that's for sure. >> reporter: the husband who was the alleged target of this plot says he found out about the threat against his life yesterday morning just like everybody else. his lawyer tells abc news that he's now simply in shock. dan. >> i can imagine. maggie, thank you so much. we're going to move on now to a much happier and more heroic story that involves a 7-year-old girl who saved her mother's life. the girl kept her cool and called 911 in an emergency and diane is right here with that story. good morning. >> i love this story. this little girl alyssa ward is now being hailed as a hero for how she reacted last month when her mother started having a breathing episode. it was so severe that for some the recording may be hard to
7:33 am
listen to, but despite being only 6 at that time, alyssa stayed calm and jumped right into action. >> 911, what is the location of your emergency? >> my mom is not breathing. >> reporter: listen as little alyssa ward springs into action when her mother collapses at home. >> she is not breathing? >> yeah. >> is that her i hear in the background? >> help me. >> you can hear the dispatcher giving the child life or death instructions as paramedics rush to the home just outside cincinnati. >> what i want you to do is don't give your mom anything to eat or drink. keep your mom calm, okay. >> okay. >> reporter: nearly four minutes after alyssa dialed 911, first responders arrived. >> looks like the ambulance should be pulling up now, alyssa. do you see 'em? >> hi, sweetie. what's going on? >> she has a little shy voice but she got a lot accomplished with her little voice. that's for sure. >> reporter: now alyssa is meeting the men and women who
7:34 am
helped her save her mother's life honored during a surprise assembly at her elementary school for stepping up when mom needed her most. >> when you grow up, you think your parents are your heroes and now that i get to call my 7-year-old my hero is just amazing. it's an amazing feeling. >> and mom jennifer ward says especially since she has a breathing condition, she had coached her daughter about what to do in an emergency but she wasn't sure if that lesson would stick so clearly alyssa was paying attention but shows how valuable those lessons can be. >> i have a 7-year-old daughter as well and we've been teaching her and our younger daughter how to call 911, but you just wonder when the time happens, will they actually be able to pull it off? >> so the dispatcher in this case suggested you can do a test call with 911. let the dispatcher know right away this is a test call. we're teaching our kid and make sure the kid knows their name, their phone number, their address, et cetera. but in this case not only did alyssa do all these things but she has a younger brother who was there as well, and she managed to keep him calm so that she could clearly hear the dispatcher and the dispatcher could clearly hear her, amazing.
7:35 am
>> i feel like if i give my son my phone, he'd just start playing candy crush. >> yeah, in an emergency. >> yes. >> turning now let's switch back to weather and head to rob marciano in ft. worth where we are tracking some severe weather this weekend. rob. >> hi, good morning again, eva. activity here beginning to pick up at the historic ft. worth stock yards. they'll have runners here for the second chance life give run and at 11:30 they have the longhorns coming in here with their real cowhands doing their thing as they do here in texas. but also in texas, they do have severe weather. we had it yesterday. we're going to have it again. we are right on the fringe of a tornado watch just to our west here on the radar scope. already had two cells that looked like they dropped a couple of tornadoes in abilene will propagate over towards the east. ft. worth, dallas will get it late morning in through the afternoon. some of these storms could become severe and maybe drop a tornado or two as they push east towards east texas and the sabine river and also a cluster of storms getting up into the
7:36 am
northeastern parts of the plains. these have some heavy rain with them as well. during the day tomorrow, lesser chance for tornadoes, but still severe weather with damaging winds and big hail in some populated areas like cincinnati, like chicago, getting over towards detroit as well and then as mentioned we reset the whole scenario for monday. that's a check on the good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. this is the view from mount tam. we do have some fog. a little bit of mist and you can see some sun there, too. today the wind develops with the rain and the cold front pushes through lateratat this weather report is this weather report is sponsored by panera bread. i'm not sure who would look better, whit or dan harris, on a longhorn with a ten gallon hat riding down these cobblestones. >> i feel like whit could do it and i would pay to see dan try. >> yeah. i don't now why we're even having this discussion. >> i think we would both be booed by the longhorns. out of place. >> like those salsa commercials
7:37 am
back in the day. new york city? robert, thank you very much. really appreciate it. big weather weekend. we know you'll stay on the story throughout the day. we appreciate it. coming up on "gma," are you paying too much for that uber or lyft ride? how some drivers say they are creating phony price surges. and kim and kanye reveal the name of baby number four. got to think outside the box again. diane has that tidbit of information for us ahead in "pop news." of information for us ahead in "pop news." information for us ahead in "pop news." le on the same 5 things? there's thousands of ingredients out there. the freshest stuff this planet can grow. not buzzword fresh. but, actually fresh-fresh. fresh. at panera, we hand-pick berries at peak-season. use creamy avocado. cage-free eggs. and a dressing fit for a goddess. oh and every ingredient is 100% clean. come taste what a salad should be. and for your next event big or small, try panera catering. panera. food as it should be.
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you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. sears, making moments matter. the next time you order your ride home, check the surge. ride shares operate on the law of supply and demand with prices surging during busy times. drivers are protesting against what they see as unfair wages. questions this morning about manipulated prices. >> wait, wait. >> reporter: less than two minutes and a coordinated blackout. go .u ?s a na >> we know that airplane landed. they're going to surge by $10, $12, sometimes $19.
7:42 am
everyone will get the surge. >> reporter: tricking the system into thinking there are no drivers nearby waiting to go back online until prices skyrocket by up to $13. >> i stand by this corner and the other one is standing by this corner, and we just like, hey, turn the app off and then go online. >> reporter: 50 drivers locked into that higher fare. >> it's like we work like a family, like a team. we do that every night. >> reporter: these drivers claim they are regretfully doing it to offset low wages swinging back at their employers. >> what company is doing, they are actually defrauding all these people by taking 35%, 40%. >> drivers are using a number of techniques to show that they have power and that they're an important part of the way those companies run. >> reporter: lyft tells abc news intentionally causing surge pricing can lead to deactivation from the lyft platform and uber says this behavior is neither widespread or permissible. experts say there are ways to
7:43 am
protect yourself and your wallet. >> sometimes all you have to do is move a block or even a few blocks and you'll actually see a very different price. >> driving united, a group that represents ride share drivers, declined to comment on whether any of the drivers involved in this scheme have been penalized but both of the ride sharing apps are clear about how they feel about this. >> passengers caught right in the middle of this paying the higher prices. >> yeah, but the drivers, you want to -- you don't want to defend defrauding anybody but when they feel they're not getting paid enough, if they're not a living wage, you can see the desperation. >> you can see the struggle happening for sure. >> as you said, drivers caught in the middle. riders rather caught in the middle. coming up on "gma," how those ultra processed foods can make you eat more. the results of a new study ahead in our "weekend download." we say this as we're about to eat barbecue. download." we say this as we're about to eat barbecue. chuckles ] so, what are some key takeaways from this commercial? did any of you hear the "bundle your home and auto" part?
7:44 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma." in today's "weekend download" why going natural is better. a new study looking at what ultra processed foods can do to our waistlines. abc's chief health correspondent dr. jen ashton is here. thanks for joining us as always. we should also point out we're doing this on barbecue day in the studio but not all barbecue is processed. right? okay, so just to be clear explain what ultra processed foods are. >> so they're the foods, a lot of them that are right in front of us, chips, candy, white bread, even some breakfast cereals. they are typically very high in fat, salt and sugar. they are what we call nutrient poor and calorie dense and basically they're the things that we buy in the grocery store that can be stored in our pantry
7:48 am
with a long shelf life. basically they can withstand a nuclear holocaust and they're not good for us. >> sadly they're some of my favorite things so have to hold back a little bit. >> we're going to have to talk about that. >> tell us about the study. what do the findings reveal? >> whit, this was a very, very important study funded by the national institute of health. it was very small but incredibly good methodology, very well controlled. they followed people in direct observation over a four-week period of time and matched them calorie for calorie and found that the group that ate ultra processed food gained a pound a week and they were hungrier and they ate more, so, again, if they're eating the same amount of calories, there's something in these foods that really changes our body's hormones, the way we eat and it's a problem. >> you notice that. you open the bag of chips and can't stop. you keep going back. ultra processed food is often cheaper. >> yep. >> it's easier to prepare. how do we resist the temptation to buy it in stores? >> listen, whit, as a doctor and nutritionist, my advice is as l.
7:49 am
>> all right, and we thank you information. we'll have barbecue coming up but first "pop news" after this. but first "pop news" after this. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses. plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections compared to placebo. don't use if you are allergic to ilumya or any of its, your doctor should check for tuberculosis and infections. after checking there is no need for routine lab monitoring unless your doctor advises it. ilumya may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms,
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"good morning america" is sponsored by state farm neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. it's "pop." it's diane macedo. she's been sitting here singing during the commercial break. >> because i love this song so much, and now ed sheeran and justin bieber don't just have a song out, they have released the video for the new song, "i don't care." and with the help of a green screen, the treadmill and a lot of costumes, bieber and sheeran, well, this is them like we've never seen them before. check it out. ♪ because i don't care ♪ don't care when i'm with my baby ♪ ♪ oh, yeah, all the bad things disappear you're making me feel like maybe i am somebody ♪ ♪ maybe i'm somebody >> we've got cowboys, ho ice cream cones, rainbows.
7:54 am
you name it. it looks like the two had a great time making this video and it might seem ridiculous, but clearly they don't care. this is sheeran's first single in over two years and bieber's first song since 2015 and it is topping nearly every chart around the world. i'm calling it song of the summer right here. >> looks kind of like a furries convention. >> moving on, big baby news this morning. kim and kanye west are revealing what they have named baby number four. kim shares this picture of the newborn with the caption, beautiful mother's day. they're sticking with the n nontraditional naming the baby boy paul manafort west. the couple have three other kids, big sister north, big brother chicago and saint, a big congratulations to the family. and speaking of babies, royal watchers have been clamoring for more details about prince harry and meghan's baby archie and this morning we've got the birth certificate. it includes the newborn's full name, archie, not archibald, by the way. archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. we know now baby archie was born in portland hospital where sarah
7:55 am
the duchess of york and victoria beckham gave birth. how is this for boss, meghan's job is listed as princess of the united kingdom. not bad. and if may isn't your favorite month, well, it probably should be because it's national barbecue month, and today our spread is provided by dinosaur barbecue. pit master and owner of dinosaur barbecue john sage is here with us. john, one, thank you for this. >> yes, thank you. >> walk us through this spread. this looks amazing. >> okay, these are st. louis style ribs. over here we've got the cornbread. pulled pork sliders with two different types of coleslaw. >> and what's your secret? >> the secret, the secret is starting with great quality meats and then the slow, slow cooking of the meats. >> all right. >> and we cook very fresh throughout the day. >> slow cooking, fast eating. >> can i get involved in those cucumbers? they look like something i could eat. >> no vegan options here? >> free nibbles for dan. >> cornbread. >> this is amazing, thank you so much. >> my pleasure, my pleasure. >> the brisket sliders, phenomenal. >> outstanding.
7:56 am
>> so good. >> whit's been strategizing his eating plan all morning. >> definitely. >> can we keep celebrating barbecue month in june? >> yes, we're going to go strong. thank you so much. great to see you. thank you, everybody, for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. watching. see you back here tomorrow morning. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. four students who wrote a racist slur at a high school in san ramon have been disciplined. the slur was one of four graffiti incidents at california high school this week. the others threatened a mass shooting on may 9th. san ramon police have no evidence. the students intended to carry out the threat or that a crime was committed. the other graffiti threats remain under investigation. >> happening today, grand opening festivities will take place for a store within a store
7:57 am
that hopes to attract bargain shoppers in san francisco. abc 7 news got this sneak peek inside macy's backstage store. it offers brand name fashions at marked down prices. shoppers can find items discounted up to 80%. macy's says backstage is an effort to keep up with its on-line competitors and it's located on the eighth floor of . tonight the warriors and trail blazers are back in action for game three of the western conference finals with the series moving to portland. you can watch on our sister network espn. the warr argen. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. >>e are partly sunny, cloudy right now and we widen the perspective, a cold front is on the way and it will bring rain today and the area of low pressure tomorrow making things more interesting. from sutro tower camera the clouds continue to thicken and
7:58 am
53 downtown and 46 in santa cruz and this is walnut creek where we have a few peaks of sun and 49 in vacaville and we'll be looking at temperatures way down today and breezy winds and heavy rain throughout the afternoon into the weekend. >> measles alert after a person infected with the disease went to a popular east bay grocery
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday may 18th, good morning. i'm chris nguyen. let's get a look at the accuweather forecast. here is lisa armen tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> we have the scale back to the weekend, a 1 bringing moderate rain throughout the afternoon. right now it is dry, but by the end of the day about a half inch, maybe an inch of rain with gusty winds and here's live doppler 7 and the rain still to the north of us. mist and drizzle along the coast and the curl in the atmosphere is something you would see maybe in february or march, but no, we'll continue to see the rain advance at 10:30 or so in the north bay on the san mateo coast and by noon time everyone is getting wet and the heavier rain on the way with the passage of the cold front later on


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