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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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we g we got rocked by wind and rain on saturday and more showers sunday. we'll have the accuweather forecast forecast. >> i'm at the beta breakers expo in san francisco. people like charlie, this is your 35th time? >> rain or shine. >> rain or shine. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> not much shine but a lot of rain coming down across the bay area. here's a look at the conditions right now of the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge, and in san francisco. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm erichomas. >> i'm dion lim. we have team coverage of the conditions starting with abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. hey, drew. >> it's been a wet start to the weekend. still tracking downpours we have in parts of the bay area. we'll zoom on in to street level through emeryville, berkeley,
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yellow pops on the screen are heavier showers that picked up in intensity, rainfall falling at a quarter of an inch per hour. that's a pretty strong cell pushing off to the north and east. orinda will see the cell 11:08, sierra lamar martinez short lids before 11:30. on the peninsula, san bruno, burlingame light to moderate. pops of yellow again, we have showers with isolated downpours out there tonight. what is just a rare may storm overhead. d down in the south bay, sunnyvale, similar set up in the north bay as well. we had light showers about a half hour ago in yo in, tville, pushing off to the north and east. look what is waiting in the wings. we are not done with the storm just yet. we have lightning off the coast. 25 strikes so far in the past 15 minutes. it's about 200 miles away and that is moving in our direction. on the storm impact scale tonight into tomorrow, it is a level one storm. however, we do have showers and scattered downpours and the
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chance much a thunderstorm popping up during the day tomorrow. we're going to go hour by hour, time-out this storm, and another system that will move in on the heels of this one. it's a rainy next couple of days. all the details in the accuweather forecast, guys, in a few minutes. >> drew, thank you so much. 40,000 runners will fit the streets of san francisco for the beta breakers run and as drew said it will be a wet one. >> here's the latest on hour the runners are preparing for the rainy day. liz. >> reporter: hi, deon and eric. miraculously the rain let up. minutes ago it was pouring out here and i wouldn't take this as any indication for tomorrow. if you plan to run beta breakers come prepared to get soaked. it's an iconic race been around since 1912. it's the first time in years they've seen rain. if you want to know when it last rained during beta breakers, charlie haggerty is a good person to act.
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>> probably 1909. it was a tough one, rained all race. '98 was another rainy day. >> reporter: how does charlie know this? >> this is my niece breyona and she's running with me as i run my 35th consecutive beta breakers. >> reporter: that's right, 35. in those three plus decades, he can only remember it raining twice. in 2011 he said the rain stopped just before the race started. >> here's hoping that happens tomorrow. >> you bet, absolutely. >> reporter: even if the rain gods aren't on their side, runners don't really seem to care. >> it's so alive, the race itself. there are so many people. 'sart of it, too.e the naked op. >> the whole san francisco culture. this is what california is about. >> reporter: right now the only change organizers have made is the time people should arrive here. instead of the crowds opening at 6:00 a.m., it's opening at vef hour more to stay dry. some runners are making
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changes. they're no longer going to bring their 2-year-old son. >> might get wet, he might get uncomfortable. >> reporter: nate and kathy say they're packing ponchos. >> i'm repaired. >> reporter: as charlie will tell you, it could be worse. >> rain is better than heat. the ones that kill you are when we have a 75 or 80 degree morning in san francisco like we've had on a few occasions. >> reporter: that advice from charlie are for people focused on their race times. i'm concerned with people's costumes. they spend so much time putting those together. we do know the race begins at 8:00 a.m. as planned. ends at golden gate bridge. there will be an outdoor festival. if you are planning to attend and want to get updates on possible delays, you can follow beta brekers on their social media. you can text them. in san francisco, liz te, kreutz, abc7 news. >> charlie knows what he is
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doing. thank you. ponchos and umbrellas were added to the pomp and circumstance at the graduation ceremony at u.c. berkeley. parents and friends took their seats in the california memorial stadium. umbrellas are normally not allowed, but cal officials made an exception. >> i'm absolutely ready for the weather. you have to stay prepared in berkeley. you never know what happens. >> we're from southern clifornia. we're not used to this. we came equipped. >> cal state east bay is monitoring the weather for tomorrow's graduation ceremony at its main campus in hayward. stormy weather forced the school to cancel the commencement. you can always keep track of r team and monitor live you doppler 7 on the go. >> president trump has issued a disaster declaration for more than a dozen northern california counties that were ravaged by storm damage earlier this year. lake marin, sonoma and monterey
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counsel thinks are part of the 17 included in the declaration. it opens up federal funding to people who suffered damage caused by winter weather from february 24th to march 1st. many north bay communities are long the russian river were devastated by flooding in that time. >> the hunt is on for a gunman in san francisco after a man was shot to death not far from city hall. the shooting happened at 5:30 this morning on turk near franklin street. homicide investigators have not made any arrests yet. the victim's name has not been released. >> in the east bay an underground vault explosion rattled parts of walnut creek this afternoon. diners near oak road said they rf eugh to splyig and saw smo s p&e reports there is a power outage in the area. no word yet on what caused the explosion. >> in the north bay, today's stormy weather didn't keep residents in some fire-prone neighborhoods from taking part in a fire drill.
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abc7 news was in mill ville valley where es are didn't took part in an annual evacuation exercise. people littling in scott valley ask surrounding neighborhoods took part. these areas have some of the highest fire danger in marin county. >> the more we do these drills and teach the residents what to expect in time of an evacuation or the time of a large-scale disaster, the more prepared they are going to be. >> residents who took part in today's drill checked into a local high school gym as they would in a real emergency. there were informational booths available to help residents come up with emergency go kits as well. >> former california governor arnold schwartz schwartz is okay after a crazed fan dropped a flying kick into the actor's back. it happens during schwarzenegger's classic. the fan comes out of nowhere, landing the quick squarely into schwarzenegger's back. security pummels the man then
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escorts him away. the actor said he's okay. he said he's happy the attacker didn't interrupt his snap chap with fans. >> a butt station science experiment. >> la-la-la. or la-la-la. did you know that there is a real-life echo chamber at montgomerie street station? i'm lisa amin galisian. that story is coming up. >> we spent the past week focusing on your safety. we'll show you the highlights including deon breaking into a car. >> we will explain. (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you.
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all around me an echo, it's like a -- i got a microphone. >> new at 11:00, if you've walked through the montgomerie street bart station recently, you probably noticed a bit of an echo near the ticket agent. >> abc7 news reporter lisa amin galesian said it used to be covered with newspaper. once it moves, it catches people by surprise. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this aspiring singer loves montgomerie street station's somewhat secret echo chamber. >> i can hear myself so it was pretty good. >> oh, echo chamber on montgomery bart station. >> reporter: the dome-shape ceiling creates the echo. it reflects back to the center below. >> it's amplified so you get this effect which i call god
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voice. all of a sudden you're like totally amplified and you have a booming voice even though no one else can hear you. >> it echos in the circle right over here. if you just step a few feet away to the left or right outside of the circle, it won't echo. the the echo takes everyone by sprie. some stop by just to try it out. >> la la la la la la la la. >> reporter: what do you hear? >> yeah, it's echoing all around me. >> reporter: turns out this is also a whisper chamber. let's try a experiment with my friend andres over here. andres, you're going to stand on that corner of the circle and i'm going to stand in the exact same spot but over here. i'm going to whisper. hi, my name is lisa. let's see if andres heard me. andres, did you hear what i said? >> yes, you said, hi, my name is lisa. >> reporter: so it did work. a fun free find for everyone. in san francisco, lisa amin
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galisian, abc7 news. >> as the commitment to build a better bay area, we spent this entire week focusing on your safety. we covered a wide range of topics protecting your home to yourself out in public. we looked at several apps for mobile devices that will alert you if you're in any sort of danger. your safety means forwarding car burglars and defending yourself. >> breaking in a car can happen in an in. in redwood city they offered me this cinder block and junk car to test it out. as you can see, it just took a second to gain access to your vehicle. >> they're going to look for something of value. you always want to lock your vehicle. the other thing will be make sure nothing of value is left visible. >> reporter: simply putting your hands up, creates a defensible space and yelling loudly will get the attention nearby. >> i don't know this person. >> it is much more powerful to say something like, i don't know this man. i'm being attacked. leave me alone. >> first of all, you point to
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that door. what's the problem in here? >> well, number one, there is a jany na has one code. it's not a rotating revolving code jany, which means it can be easily picked up from the outside. you have to periodically change your code as well just to keep it safe. >> reporter: these are just a few of the stories we did this week focusing on safety. all of them have been posted on our website. go to, scroll down, and click on building a better bay area. >> this asian pacific american heritage month, i was especially honored to emcee this year's ascend executive forum. it was an evening of inspiring discussion and learning at the four seasons in san francisco. executives from various boards and groups across the bay area talked about their role as asian americans in the workplace. ascend is the largest nonprofit pan asian group in north america. they reached 60,000 people with
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17 professional chapters. >> a tiny kitty trying to stay warm and dry from all this rain is safe tonight thanks to a concerned citizen and the palo alto police department. >> yeah, take a look at this tiny little face. oh, feisty indeed. officer john zalac snapped a photo of the feline after someone found it under the hood of their car and brought it to the station. it's resting at the pets and me palo alto shelter. >> officer zalac was totally unaffected with it in his arm. >> just hanging out. what wrob nice to sould be nice some sunshine. >> it has soaked our saturday, it lingers into sunday as well. doppler 7 is tracking more as well. it is may and we're finding some downpours dotting the region. you could see heavier showers working through oakland on their way into berkeley, and that cell is moving pretty slowly at about 25 miles to the north and east as we track that heavier shower,
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working into piedmont 11:23, martinez expecting heavier showers shortly before midnight tonight. you can see offshore we're still seeing some rain that will move on shore from half moon bay to san mateo to redwood city. you have to light showers at this hour. the wider picture, what we're focusing on next, you look offshore and you can see lightning bolts over the past hour. currently the number of strikes, 26. so thunder showers are developing on the backside of this storm, and this entire system moves into california tomorrow and we have the chance of seeing a thunderstorm pop up on our sunday.tse eaye tollt is a wet he owsomg down, east b currently. and this rain has really been with us for the past 24 hours. and the totals have slowly been adding up. you look at these numbers, and they're more typical of a winter storm, not in may. over an inch in san rafael, close to two-thirds of an inch in the city, quarter of an inch in san jose, oakland right now half an inch. you're picking up more rainfall
11:19 pm
as we were speak. so those numbers are just going to climb. numbers that have not budged at all. the temperatures today, they have been stuck in the mid 50s and that's where we sit right now. and tonight we're not going to drop too far from these current readings. winds have also been an issue. right now the strongest gust where we find that downpour currently right over oakland, winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. tomorrow is another breezy day as the storm moves. overnight tonight upper 40s to lower 50s as we track the scattered showers moving through. don't be surprised tomorrow morning if you're awakened by drops on your window pane because it could be heavy do cricrhe entire o ourave ta r because we have showers early on and the wind will affect you, wind gusts over 25 miles an hour, temperatures on the cool side starting in the low 50s. going up a couple degrees by noon.
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by noon we may have a pew peeks of sunshine, but that may be optimistic. on the storm impact came, level 1 scattered downpours. wind gusts 25 to 30 miles an hours at times. there is a chance much a thunder shower popping up. the entire bay area has been outlined for that chance of a thunder shower tomorrow. if one does pop up over us we could see lightning and even some small hail. people track it closely. the best chance of seeing one of those thunder showers is in the morning. 6:30, scattered downpours moving through as the race is in the city. tomorrow the theme of the day is unsettled the entirsctehorsvenn fternoon we're seeing rain in the forecast. it's not until tomorrow night the storm gets out of here. highs tomorrow well below where we should be for this time oowe. here's at ts the accuweather seven-day forecast. next 7 days, shower tomorrow, a brief pause in the wet weather monday, but it's windy monday. another storm moves in here on tuesday with scattered showers.
11:21 pm
and then our luck looks to change. mid week we dry out. we warm up. that's great news as the holiday weekend, a lot of people have plans outside. the early call, at least friday into saturday, we are dry. we are sunny. and we are warm. >> oh, that makes up for time. >> totally. >> drew, thanks. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, north bay celebrity chef guy fieri is known for his bleach blonde hair.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby.
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northam bay chef guy fieri's light frosted hair may be notorious, but now even his wife is calling him out for it. >> in an interview with people magazine, lori fieri said she always asks her husband when he's going to change his hair. but she said she gets that the haircut is now guy's look and she is stuck with it. when she met guy back in 1992, he had dark hair and no go-t. guy is now, of course, the food
11:25 pm
network star and has several restaurants. he, lori and their two kids live in santa rosa. >> nobody would know who he is without that. >> that's what i thought, too. >> time for a look at sports. anthony flores is here. >> i don't want to say the warriors are cooking, but they do keep on rolling, right, to get that -- all right. still can come, the warriors take control of the western conference finals with a win against the blazers in game three.
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> with k.d. or without him, it really doesn't matter for this series. the blazers are just no match for the warriors.
11:29 pm
the dubs are now just one win away from a trip to the nba finals for the fifth year in a row. first finals conference game in portland since 2000. the curry brothers continuing to battle. seth steals it away from the big brother, goes the other way, stops and pops. blazers up 18. l c.j. mccollum lays it back with six seconds. 14 of his 20 points at the half, dubs down 13. and just like game two, here come the warriors the second half. steph with the three, and one. it's a four-point play. jordan bell without author miss. draymond green can't believe it. how did that happen? but draymond green gives him another time bell finishes strong. green with a triple double, 20, 13 and 12. nice fake by quinn cook, and
11:30 pm
easy lay in. steph will drive. fake the pass. and that is two. the warriors up 8, so steph, look at this. oh, that's just showing off. splash. he had 36. warriors win 110-99. taking a commanding three-nothing lead in the series. here's mindy >> for the second straight game the warriors overcame double digit deficit in the half. holding the trail blazers to 33 total points. leading the effort was the man steve kerr called a wrecking ball. >> i don't even know what to say about draymond. i mean, he was, he was like a wrecking ball out there. he was just destroying everything in his path. it's one of the best games i've ever seen draymond play. >> all the coaching staff and teammates preaching to me getting the ball and pushing it, getting the ball and ush palominoing. i tried to bring that to the game and tonight it was successful for us. >> he has the most triple
11:31 pm
doubles in the warriors history, especially in the postseason. i don't think he's improved. i think he's been doing what he's been doing since he was at michigan state, being an all around player. continuing to do this for hopefully another ten years. but, yeah, i'm proud of him and everybody else on this team. >> we have two of three, we're two up. we have the knife in them, now we have to twist and turn and make sure we finish the job. >> tonight draymond green notched his third triple double in the postseason all of them coming on the road. in his career, the warriors are 6 and 1 when green has a triple double in the playoffs. at modus center, mindy bach, abc7 sports. >> thanks, mindy. the abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. you heard jordan bell, they have the knife in, they can twist it monday night and finish the job. >> got to talk to you about metaphors, buddy. thanks, anthony. >> much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. from foot ball coach to hero. a potential mass shooting at an oregon high school is stopped by a former 49ers assistant.
11:32 pm
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the 2019 glc. lease the glc 300 suv for just $479 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. thanks for staying with us. i'm eric thomas. . >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now, san francisco police are searching for the gunman who shot in and killed a man near city hall. it happened around 5:30 this morning on turk street near franklin. the victim's name has not yet been released. >> former california governor schwarzenegger is okay after a crazed fan dropped a flying kick
11:36 pm
in his back in south africa. the 71-year-old actor posted video of the incident on twitter. you can see security quickly jumping in, grabbing the attacker and carrying him away. schwarzenegger was posing with fans when it happened. >> it is still raining. live doppler 7 shows scattered showers across the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking it all and will tell us in a few minutes what to expect for tomorrow's beta breakers race in san francisco and the rest of the week. rain kept many people away from an annual santa rosa tradition, but it didn't stop the 125 gtd edition of the luther burbank rose parade. parade organizers say a third of the group that signed up to be in the celebration dropped out because of the weather. attendance also took a hit, but the community tradition still happened as scheduled. the parade has run into financial trouble lately because of fewer sponsorships. >> we are learning much more tonight about the brave actions
11:37 pm
in portland, oregon, that likely averted another school shooting tragedy. whcen assistant with the 49ers is credited with tackling thepeaking abre marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: police in oregon telling us tonight, this is the student who walked into a high school classroom armed with this shotgun. >> i was running. i didn't know if i was going to get shot in my back or not. i was running crisscross. it was terrifying, really terrifying. >> reporter: the suspect identified as 18-year-old angel diaz, a senior at park rose high school sending classmates running for cover. the campus put on lockdown. >> we all hid under clothes and stuff, too, just in case anything would happen. >> reporter: but before anyone was hurt, a brave staff member stepping in, head foot ball coach keenan lowe using the skills he teaches on the field, tackling the suspect, holding him until officers arrived. breaking his silence tonight tweeting that when he took the job, i did so to guide and coach
11:38 pm
young people whose shoes i had once been in. i had no idea that i would one day have to put my life on the line like i did yesterday for my students. adding, when confronted with the test the universe presented me with, i didn't see any other choice but to act. thank god i passed. >> he's very passionate in whatever he does. i really thank him a lot. >> reporter: tonight police say nothing about a motive, but friends believe diaz was depressed. >> he went through a pretty rough break up that kind of got to him. today he was a bit more intense about it. >> reporter: and while his classmates head to prom tonight, diaz is in police custody facing several charges including attempted to discharge a firearm at a school and reckless endangerment. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. a key issuen eesidential electi and more states pass legislation restricting access to it. theed abortn political battle lines moving the polarizing issue of women's reproductive rights to the center of the 2020 election.
11:39 pm
two days after alabama banned almost all abortions in the state, missouri passed an anti-abortion bill of its own. banning the procedure after eight weeks of pregnancy. democratic candidates responded in outrage. >> we must come together to declare that reproductive rights are human rights. they are civil rights. and they are nonnegotiable. >> more than a dozen states have passed new laws restricting abortion. >> retired u.s. general petraeus is weighing in on tensions involving iran. he spoke exclusively with abc's martha raditz. >> reporter: do you think iran will come to the negotiating table or cave in because of this maximum pressure campaign? do you see any indication of that? >> well, they are going to have to make a decision. either they are going to have to really tighten their belt and keep tightening because it's going to get worse. >> you can hear the full interview tomorrow on "this week" at 8:00 a.m. right here on
11:40 pm
abc7. >> new developments at the santa anita race track where a 24th horse has died. owners of the track in los angeles county say the horse suffered a shoulder injury during training yesterday. and the horse had to be euthanized. before the incident, the last horse death at the track happened on march 31st. santa anita made changes involving race day medication and safety. tracks under the same ownership including golden gate fields said they would also make similar changes. >> a scary moment today in new york city's times square. this giant electronic billboard caught fire, sending smoke and flames up the side. fortunately the building connected to it did not catch fire. it's the three times square building also known as the thompson reuters building. there are no injuries. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. >> a celebration in oakland honored the contributions of asian american aviators. abc7 news was at the oakland aviation museum to honor asian pacific month.
11:41 pm
they pay tribute to americans who have gone into the aviation industry and they also highlighted the need for better representation. only 2.5% of airline pilots in the u.s. are asian. >> it's a life-style and it's a culture and it's something you have to embrace. and either love it or you don't. but once you're in it, you're in it, and i happen to love it. >> airlines and aviation companies were also on hand giving attendees information about how they, too, can pursue a career in the business. organizers today highlighted the fact that the first person to fly an aircraft on the west coast was an immigrant from china named fung ru. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. >> we continue to track that rain that is moving through much of the region. when it moves out. coming up on the accuweather forecast. >> and gaming for a cause. how some kids playing fortnight this weekend in th
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a san diego area graduate student who overcame challenge after challenge says she wanted to be an example for her young son. that is 29-year-old erica alfero in her cap and gown standing beside her parents in a carlsbad strawberry field. this photo is now going viral. alfaro used to work in that field. storm she'll receive a masters degree from san diego state after dropping out of high schol and escaping an abusive relationship. she wouldn't let those setbacks keep her from undergraduate and graduate school. >> i decided to keep going because i wanted to prove myself wrong, all my doubts. i wanted to show myself and my son that it was possible. >> she said she grew even more resilient when her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. >> i have goosebumps listening to sthar si. c t toouch fortnight. today dozens of kids play for a worthy cause. >> it was a rare form of
11:46 pm
pediatric cancer. dozens of young players tested their skills in epic battles at the microsoft store at stanford shopping center. the fund-raiser was started by three hillsborough families each of whose child has osteo sarcoma, it's a type of bone cancer that a netflix 300 kids each year in the u.s. >> when kids are diagnosed with osteo sarcoma, they usually have cancer in their arms and their legs and they can't play the sports they used to play before they were diagnosed. video games are a way they can still connect with their friends. >> the families hope today's fortnight battles will call attention to the ongoing battle against osteo sarcoma. they encourage people to donate to the saint baldric foundation to support the cause. for more information go to down to three. for e xt finalists are reflecting on how season two has changed them. >> communication wise, because
11:47 pm
before yi didn' know how to talk to people normally. now i'm playing in front of people, so i think it's changed my life in that way of, you know, not to be scared, just to be yourself and it's okay to be yourself. >> yeah, playing in front of a lot of people. alejandro arono, elaine and hardy will compete on the live finale. the fun starts at 5:00 p.m. here tomorrow right after abc7 news at 4:30. >> just stole a glance at the bay bridge. looks like it's still wet out there. >> drew tuma, one last check of the weather. downpours. live doppler 7 has been busy all day and all night. we'll go to the street level and show you the heaviest downpour. hayward, san leandro. we'll move to the north, martinez, crockett, you're seeing some heavier showers, benicia as well as the cell moves to the north and east.
11:48 pm
we're tracking another downpour, wood side at 11:51 in minutes. redwood city will see heavier rain around midnight as the cell moves into your neighborhood. storm impact scale level 1 system overhead through tomorrow. scattered downpours, wind gusts at times close to 35 miles an hour the. kpt chance there for a thunder shower to pop up. i think the best chance of a thunder shower is in the morning. future weather tomorrow morning, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning more downpours working through. and even as we were head into the mid-morning and early afternoon, we have more rain that will be falling as that storm also brings some snow to the sierra. winter storm warning in effect until monday morning above 6000 feet, up to a foot of snow. accuweather seven-day forecast rainy tomorrow. break in between storms on monday as another rain maker arrives on tuesday before we dry out, we brighten up and warm up back into the 70s by thursday and friday. >> did you dry out after being up on the roof? >> took awhile. i was pretty soaked, yeah. >> drew, thanks. >> anthony flores is here with
11:49 pm
sports. talking a little soccer? >> that's right, a big day on the pitch. how chris put himself on top in the record books and tempers flare on the track. what started this fight at na
11:50 pm
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> welcome back. the greatest score in mls history is kicking it in san jose. it's chris wondolowski. the quakes taking on chicago who hadn't allowed a goal the past three gas. ts goals in the 48th minuting, scoring again, passing donovan with 146. there's more. rondo hadn't scored all season. in the 74th minute, just two minutes later, why not make it
11:53 pm
four? are you kidding me? the quakes win 4-1. >> i always wanted to do it and just be done with it. you know, i definitely didn't picture a day like this. so much joy right now. >> i was hoping this day wouldn't happen, but you deserved it, you earned it, congratulations. i'm happy to pass the torch. you did it in much less time, much fewer games than i did, which makes me sad. i'm very happy for you, man. congrats. >> to the diamond, the giants taking on the d-backs. randy johnson throwing out the first pitch, from one ace to another. madison bumgarner, 6 in the third, four runs, five hits, 6 ks. got a rare run in the thirst, three more in the third. a triple, joe panek scores. they followed the same formula in the 6th. brendan crawford with an r.b.i. triple. he'll be knocked home by mack
11:54 pm
williamson. the giants won it 8-5. in a's in motown taking on the tigers. third inning, nick hundley breaks the scoreless tie with his first home run as an a. oakland takes a 2-0 lead. profar is having a nice series so far. he gets another r.b.i. with a double in the 5th. bobby grossman will score making it 3-1 oakland. in the 7th chad pinder crushes this. 5th in the year, second in as many days. a's win 4-1 your final. brooks koepka is 18 holes away from making history. a win, and he captures back to back pga championships. to go along with his back to began the third round with a seven-shot lead at bethpage black. he shot uh 1 under, 69. rolls in a birdie putt at 12. he has a lot of ground to cover because despite an even day, three birdies and three bogeys,
11:55 pm
koepka still has a big lead. 5th hole his approach on the par 4, sets up an easy birdie. then on 13, will curve this one in for another tweet-tweet to go to 13 under. but a bogey on 16 drops him one back. so despite an even par 70, this is koepka's tournament to lose. he'd become the first player ever to simultaneously hold back to back major championships. >> i just try to have the same mentality, focus on myself, not worry about anybody else, but at the same time the really -- staying patient, staying in the moment. and every time i do it, i feel like i'm getting better and the velasquez gets thrown off his horse. the horse would continue the race without a jockey and ended up doing an extra lap. meanwhile, the rest of the field continued down the stretch.
11:56 pm
>> coming down to the 16th, it's a late charge. inside 2, nothing stood in his way. he won the preakness! >> love that sound at the finish. war will wins 6-1 odds, takes the preakness. getting his first triple crown victory. he'll have a chance to make it two out of three with a win at the bell mopt. nascar having their all-star race in charlotte. kyle larson would take the checkered flag and wins a cool $1 million. into the wall.ce ir, throws a jabs. newman landing several hey makers. they'd be broken up, but i don't think they'll be hanging out after this race. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. it is never a good idea to punch anybody, but if you're going to punch anybody, make sure they don't have their helmet on.
11:57 pm
>> that's what i'm saying. >> terrible advice. don't listen, children, if you're watching. >> this was an all-star race, not even the big race that happens next weekend. >> so we went to a hockey game and a stock car race broke out. anthony, thank you very much. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. for all of us at abc7 news, thanks for joining us. don't forget bright and early you can catch our news at 5:30. >> and the
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