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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's sunday, may 19th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7. >> hey, chris, it's pretty active. we have a 1 on our storm impact scale today with a line of thunderstorms pushing through the bay area right now. we're looking at scattered showers the rest of the day, still a lingering chance of thunder. you can see the returns and that heavy rain up in the north bay. some embedded hail, perhaps, if you have a thunderstorm from mark west springs, santa rosa, down through highway 101, you can see central marin, the coast there, and look at the
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thunderstorms off of point rays. we go deeper out into the ocean, you can see more lightning bolts there. and finally, to the south there, some heavier rain off the coast of half moon buy. so this is because an unstable air mass is overhead, it will continue to be ripe for thunderstorms today, and that's because an area o psse will be moving over the bay area. as we go through the next several hours, check it out, 10, 11:00. we'll get some peeks of sun. and it's not going to be raining all day like it was yesterday, but likely for the bay to breake breakers, we will be looking at some scattered showers with temperatures in the low 50s. another cool day today. we'll talk about a warm-up in a few minutes. chris? >> lisa, thank you. happening today, 40,000 runners will pack the streets of san francisco for this year's bay to breakers race. whether they're serious competitors or just out to have some fun, they'll all have something in common. everyone can expect to get a little wet. liz kroits tells us more. >> reporter: if you want to know when it last rained during bay
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to breakers, charlie is a pretty good person to ask. >> probably in 1990, that was a tough one, because it rained all day, rained all race. that was a tough race. '98 was another rainy day. >> reporter: how does charlie know this? >> this is my knee, brianna, and she's coming with me as i run my 35th consecutive bay to breakers. >> reporter: that's right. 35. and in those three-plus decades, he can only remember it raining twice. in 2011, he says the rain stopped just before the race started. here's hoping that that happens tomorrow, right? >> you bet! absolutely. >> reporter: but even if the rain gods aren't on their side, runners don't really seem to care. >> it's so alive. the race itself, it's so there many costumes, so many people. i don't really appreciate the naked people, but it's part of it, too. it's the whole san francisco culture and this is what california is about. >> reporter: right now the only change organizers have made is the time people should arrive here. instead of the corrals opening at 6:00 a.m., they're opening at 6:30. that will give people a half hour more to stay dry.
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>> reporter: some runners are also making changes. and mario they're no longer going to bring their 2-year-old son. >> he might get wet and uncomfortable. >> reporter: nate and kathy george say they're now packing ponchos. >> i'm prepared. >> reporter: and as charlie will tell you, it could always be worse. >> rain is actually better than heat. the ones that kill you are when we have a 75 or 80-degree 8:00 morning in san francisco, like we've had on a few occasions. >> reporter: liz kroits, abc 7 news. >> ponchos and umbrellas were added to the pomp and circumstance during yesterday's graduation ceremony at uc berkeley. the rain started not long after caal graduates as well as their family and friends took their seats at memorial stadium. umbrellas are normally not allowed, but cal officials made an exception. >> i'm absolutely ready for the weather. you've got to stay prepared in berkeley. >> we're from southern california, so we're not used to this. but we came equipped.
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>> reporter: cal state east bay is monitoring the weather for today's graduation ceremony at its main campus in hayward. stormy weather forced the school to cancel last night's commencement at his concord campus. that ceremony will not be rescheduled. you can receive updates from our weather team and monitor live doppler 7 on the go. president trump has issued a disaster declaration for more than a dozen northern california counties that were ravaged by storm damage earlier this year. lake marin, sonoma, and monterrey counties are part of the 17 counties included in the declaration. it opens up federal funding to people who have suffered damage caused by winter weather from february 24th to march 1st. many north bay communities along the russian river were devastated by flooding in that time. the hunt is on for a gunman in san francisco after a man was shot to death not too far from city hall. the shooting happened yesterday morning on turk near franklin. homicide investigators have yet to make an arrest. the victim's name has not been
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released. in the north bay, stormy weather didn't keep residents in some fire-prone neighborhoods from taking part a drill. yesterday, abc 7 news was in mill valley, where residents took part in an annual evacuation exercise. people living in scotts valley, sutton manor, and surrounding neighborhoods were also involved. these areas have some of the highest fire danger in marin county. >> the more that we do these drills and teach the residents what to expect in time of an evacuation or the time of a large-scale disaster, the more prepared that they are going to be. >> reporter: residents who took part in yesterday's drill checked into a local high school gym as they would in a real emergency. there were informational booths available to help residents come up with emergency go kits. time now is 5:05. ion t r of switcfaureashe o walnut creek and knocked out
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power to thousands. diners at a restaurant near oak road and los they heard a loud bang. nearly 3200 pg&e customers in the downtown area lost power. it was restored to all the commerce by 4:00 p.m. pg&e officials say it does not appear the failure was related to the rainy and cold weather. also in walnut creek, city leaders want to find more ways to expand the sharing of bicycles and other eco-friendly ways for people to get around without driving. right now, bike sharing is available in walnut creek and another option being considered calls for electric scooter rentals. they could play a big role in helping close what's called the first mile, last mile gap. that's where some people lack options to connect with public transit. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is okay after a so-called crazed fan
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dropped a flying kick into the actor's back. it happened during schwarzenegger's arnold classic africa in south africa. he tweeted out video of the incident. the fans comes out of nowhere, landing the kick squarely into schwarzenegger's back. security quickly pummels the man, escorting him away. the 71-year-old actor says he is okay. he joked he's happy the actor did not interrupt his snapchat session with fans. good to see the former governor has some humor there. oh, my goodness! so speaking of the weather we've been talking about all morning long, the rain is here. >> not so funny. >> yeah, i know. >> we're looking at some heavy downpours right now, some lightning strikes, possible hail. if you're in one of these thunderstorms and this line continues to create a soggy start to your sunday, emeryville, cameras shaking there. winds up to 30 miles an hour in the oakland hills, but oakland one of the warmer spots at 55. 45 up in napa. it's not going to be an all-day rain event. i'll explain and talk about totals and another chance of rain coming up this week, next.
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>> lisa, thank. also ahead, a lot of questions about the woman on this bench. did she intentionally tri luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to.... oh never mind.
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but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about 10 minutes... 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. all around me is echoing. >> if you've recently walked through montgomery street b.a.r.t. station, you've probably noticed a bit of an echo near the ticketing agent. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin explains a new stand used to cover up the echo chamber. that stand has now been moved and the phenomenon keeps catching people by surprise. ♪ you said i'm crazy ♪ but you don't think i'm >> this aspiring singer loves montgomery street station's
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somewhat secret echo chamber. >> it hears like i could hear myself, so it was pretty good. >> hello, echo chamber on montgomery b.a.r.t. station. >> the dome-shaped ceil is what creates the echo. it reflects the sound back to the center of the circle below. >> it's being amplified back at you, so you get this effect which i call god voice. all of a sudden you're like totally amplified and you have this really booming voice, even though no one else can hear you. >> this is so trippy, but it echos in the circle right over here and if you step a few feet away to the left or to the right outside of the circle, it won't echo. >> reporter: the echo takes just about everyone by surprise as they pass by. many stop just to try it out. >> la la la la. la la. la la la la la. whoo! >> reporter: what do you hear? >> yeah, it's echoing all around me. >> reporter: so it turns out this is also a whisper chamber. you're going to stand on that
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corner of the circle and i'm going to stand in the exact same spot but over here. i'm going to whisper. hi, my name is lisa. let's see if andres heard me. did you hear what i said? >> yes, you said, hi, my name is lisa. >> reporter: so it did work! a fun free find for everyone. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> as part of abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area, we have spent the past week focusing on your safety. we've covered a wide range of topics from protecting your home to keeping yourself safe in public. your safety also means thwarting car burglars and defending yourself. >> reporter: breaking into a car can happen in an instant. here at able towing in redwood city, they have been so kind to offer me a cinder block and junk car to test it out! as you can see, it just took a second to gain access to your vehicle. >> we're going to look for something of value. for one thing, you always want
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to lock your vehicle. the other thing will be to make sure that nothing of value is left visible. >> reporter: simply putting your hands up creates a defensible space. stay away. and yelling loudly will get the attention of people nearby. >> i don't know this person! >> it is much more powerful to say something like, i don't know this man! i'm being attacked! leave me alone! >> first of all, you point to that door? what's the problem in here. >> well, number one, there is a genie that has one code. it's not a rotating revolving code genie, which means it can easily be picked up from the outside. and you have to periodically change your code as well just to keep it safe. >> these are just a few of the stories we did this week focusing on safety. all of them have been posted on our website, go to, scroll down, and click on building a better b area. it's a case of bad sportsmanship, all caught on camera at a basketball camera for kids ages 10 and under.
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deon lim shows us the video parents outraged. >> when the video was shown to me, i was appalled. it's very dirty. >> reporter: the dirt the coach is talking about can be seen in this video from a tournament. his team, the cornerstone basketball academy was playing against the full some academy in rockland on mother's day weekend. >> in the video, you see one of our players, he's 9 years old, dribbling up the sideline. drib sideline, he's passing a woman in a pink hat and you see her leg exthe end as to attempt to trip him as he's passing by. >> reporter: the mystery woman in the pink hat later identified as a parent from the fulsome team. >> doing this may be almost 15 years or so, i have never seen a parent physically try to trip a child. >> reporter: with a front row seat, this woman was less than a foot away from the court, meaning even the slightest kick could take out a player.
5:15 am
>> he didn't fall, so we were very fortunate for that. >> reporter: but that's not all this woman is accused of doing. >> earlier in the game, the kids came over to us during a time-out and said, hey, coach, there's a woman over there on the sideline. she's wearing a pink hat and she's telling their kids to elbow us in the face. >> reporter: the attempted foul didn't deter this 9-year-old player who went on to score 11 points and later told his dad, another day, another hater. >> he's always in a good mood, he's a great kid, always smiles. >> reporter: in the end, despite cornerstone losing the game by points, in many ways, purpose, by sending a strong message to the community. >> we pride ourselves on being teachers, so we're teaching the kids how to play the game the right way with integrity. it's not okay to act in that manner. >> reporter: in vallejo, i'm deon lim, abc 7 news. >> the parent who apparently kicked the 9-year-old has been banned from attending any future games at that facility. all right. nw to another story.
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a tiny kitty trying to stay warm and dry from all of this rain is safe this morning thoonks a concerned citizen and the palo alto police department. officer john fallick posted a picture with the feisty fee line after someone found it under the hood of their car and brought it to the station. all right. weather-wise, it's cold, it's rainy outside. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the accuweather forecast. hi, lisa. >> reporter: hey, chris. check it out, we are tracking a line of thunderstorms that starts well up to the north, where it sweeps mt. st. helenea down and back westward and out into the ocean and more h vy san mateo. as we get in closer, you'll notice that the greens and yellows here indicate the heavy rain, highway 1, 128, and we could see some hail embedded in some of these downpours. penn grove, here's another lightning strike. and we take you offshore,
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multiple lightning strikes here by the beach and along the san mateo coast. this is all moving from west to east and it's in a line that will move quickly over the bay area, in time perhaps for the returns. and this area of low pressure is getting set to move over the state today. so this is going to keep us all in that unstable sector where we can see a thunderstorm, showers, and once again, that cool weather anywhere from a quarter of an inch to an additional half inch of rain expected today. 55 in oakland. it is 49 in fremont. it's chilly out there. and we're looking at not only a day today with showers and a possible thunderstorm, temperatures 15, maybe even 20 degrees below average. it will be partly cloudy to sunny tomorrow. it will be breezy. and then another system wants to arrive, with much less energy on tuesday. we'll get to that in a moment. but here's the line that moves through at 6:30. then at 8:30, you'll notice a bit of a break. but look what happens. still more showers out there, 10:30, looking at some wet
5:18 am
pavement all-around san francisco into the east bay. by 1:00, we're not done. the sun will be shining, but by 3:00, 4:00, another line of showers moves on through, and still, the possibility of a thunderstorm throughout the day today and some of that hail. so with this system today, we're still looking at the rain adding up anywhere from about a quarter of an inch in fremont, 4/10th in richmond, maybe a third of an inch in zprains a quarter of an inch up to the north. in the sierra nevada, we still have that winter storm warning above 6,000 feet, until tomorrow with 6 to 10 inches of additional snow, 15 inches for the highest peak. so today, just in the 50s, maybe a few 60s. it will be breezy to windy out there, with some sun, some showers. here's monday, you're dry as you head out to work or school. and then by late in the day, how about tuesday morning, here comes the rain. we're looking at light showers, through the overnight hours, stopping this at 5:00 tuesday morning, some scattered showers
5:19 am
into the afternoon. your evening commute, we've got a chance of rain here and then this will pull on out of here by wednesday. the atmosphere still looks a little bit unstable for the rest of the week, but we're going to focus on the rest of the weekend in the next few days. right now the accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s at the coast, upper 50s around the bay, low 60s inland. so showers breezy, chance of a thunderstorm. one on our storm impact scale, a break tomorrow. it will be blustery out there. here comes the next system on tuesday. we're drying out wednesday and then thursday, we're looking at more clouds and perhaps maybe another system wants to visit us, but i'm not convinced. that's why i don't have it on the panels here. download our accuweather app and we'll say in the mid-70s. memorial day weekend is next weekend, and at this point it looks pretty good, but may has been full of surprises. so we'll focus on the next few days, the next few hours, very wet out there. >> lisa, thank you. abc's new brand, localish, is sharing inspiring stories in a local digital series called more in common.
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this week, meet a reverend who preaches a different kind of a message at drag queen story hour. ♪ hey, everybody, and welcome to ♪ >> i like pink and nail polish and dresses. >> very rigid rules of behavior for what boys are supposed to do and what girls are supposed to do. and kids that are being raised today, they have more opportunities to discover who they really are. ♪ drag queen story hour >> one time the man guy of the entire group that had like bullied me, he pushed me into a smartboard. >> and you come to something like that and you see yolanda, and it's kind of just this message of, hey, it's really coo cool.
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. it's been years of discussion and controversy, but now the first sections of a suicide net for the golden gate bridge are being fabricated in richmond. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: it doesn't look like much, but it's expected to save hundreds of lives. people who otherwise might decide to take their lives by jumping off the golden state bridge. the gam boa family lost 18-year-old kyle to suicide in 2013. >> after all of these years, to educatna a ives on thegolde bri
5:24 am
ctns are being fabricated at a planned in richmond. installation of the steel supports has already begun on the bridge in san francisco. >> you're talking about 1.7 miles on both sides of the bridge. you're talking about a net system that is 20 feet below. if you talk to people who have jumped and lived, most of them will say the minute they let go, they wish they hadn't and they have regret. and so this gives people a second chance. >> reporter: the system is similar to others already installed on nearly two dozen bridges around the world. >> the bridge opened in 1937 and within the first week there was a suicide. >> reporter: more than 1,700 people have jumped to their deaths from the golden gate in the years since. for the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones to suicide on the golden gate bridge, this relatively low-tech solution is extremely important. it means more families won't have to suffer like they bridg.
5:25 am
now this with barrier that's being put on, it will give people time to think about what they want to do and hopefully find help. >> reporter: in richmond, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can find your ally at we have links to resources on suicide prevention and other issues like bullying, dplinomes violence, and school safety. time check, 5:25. north bay chef guy fieri's white-frosted hair might be infamous, but now even his wife is calling him out for it. lori fieri says she always asks her husband when he's going to change his air. when she met him back in 1992, he had dark hair and no goatee. he's now a food network star and has several restaurants. he, lori, and his two kids live in santa rosa. parents often complain that
5:26 am
their kids play way too much "fortnite." but yesterday, dozens of kids played for a worthy cause. dozens of young players tested their skills in epic battles in a day-long battle. the fund-raiser was organized by three hillsborough families, each of whom has had a child who fought osteosarcoma. it's a type of bone cancer that afflicts about 400 kids each year in the united states. >> when kids are diagnosed with osteosarcoma, they usually have cancer in their arms and their legs and they can't play the sports they used to play before they were diagnosed. so video games are a way they can still connect with their friends. >> the families hope yesterday's "fortnite" battles will call attention to the ongoing battle against os osteosarosteosarcoma. for more information, go to the "game of thrones" series finale is today and some say it could cause millions of people to call in sick tomorrow.
5:27 am
the workforce substitute say they expect 10 million people to miss work. even more say they'll likely be late, work remotely, or be less productive. millio pald inuped 17 still to come on abc 7 mornings, from football coach to hero. a potential mass shooting at an oregon high school is stopped by a former 49ers assistant. when he's now saying about the incident. plus, honoring asian american
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5:30 am
bay all the way off into the ocean. so as we start out in the north, st. helena calistoga looking at some pretty good rain. further to the south, heavier downpours. if you're in one of these thunderstorms, you could see some hail. look at marinwood in san rafael, just approaching highway 101 right off the coast here, some very strong storms. they're all going to rotate from west to east. and as they do, that's going to push them into the peninsula, into the east bay, and into the south bay. we have that air mass that provides that ripe environment for thunderstorms today. and additionally, we'll see anywhere from half inch of rain, quarter inch for some of you. breezy winds. here's the timeline for today. there's that line right there, as we go through about 8:30, bay to breakers, still scattered showers around right on through the afternoon. we're looking at still some rain with peeks of sunshine out there. bring the rain gear if you're going to be out and about and temperatures certainly on the cool side in the 50s, to just to
5:31 am
near 60. we'll talk about when we get back to may in a few minutes. chris? >> lisa, thank you. rain kept many frannual santa rosa tradition yesterday, but it did not stop the 125th edition of the luther burbank rose parade. ♪ parade organizers say a third of the groups that signed up to be in the celebration dof the weat. attendants also took a hit, but the community tradition still happened as planned. the parade has run into financial trouble lately because of fewer sponsorships. we're learning more about the brave actions in portland, oregon, that likely averted another school shooting tragedy. a high school football coach who once worked as an assistant with the 49ers is credited with tackling the suspected gunman. he's now speaking out about the incident. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has more. >> reporter: police in oregon telling us, this is the student who walked into a high school classroom armed with this
5:32 am
shotgun. >> i was running. i didn't know if i was going to get shock in my back or not. i was running kr nin ning criss. >> the suspect identified as a senior at park rose high school sending classmates runnin for cover. the campus put on lockdown. >> we hid under clothes and stuff, too. just in case anything would happen. >> but before anyone would hurt, a brave staff member stepping in. head football coach keenan low using the skills he teaches on the field, tackling the suspect, holding him until officers arrived. breaking his silence, tweeting that when he took the job, i did so to guide and coach young people whose shoes i had once been in. i had no idea that i would one day have to put my life on the line like i did yesterday for my students. adding, when confronted with the test that the university presented with me, i didn't see any other choice but to act. thank god i passed. >> he's very passionate at whatever he does. and i really thank him a lot. >> reporter: police say nothing about a motive, but friends
5:33 am
believe diaz was depressed. >> he went through a pretty rough breakup that kind of got to him. today, he was a bit more intense about it. >> reporter: diaz is in police custody, facing several charges, including attempting to discharge a firearm at a school and reckless endangerment. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. abortion is a key issue in the 2020 presidential election as more and more states pass legislatio political battle lines, movinging the polarizing issue of women's reproductive rights to the center of the 2020 election. two days after alabama banned almost all abortions in the state, missouri passed an anti-abortion bill of its own, banning the procedure after eight weeks of pregnancy. democratic candidates responded in outrage. >> we must come together to declare that reproductive rights are human rights! they are civil rights. and they are nonnegotiable. more than a dozen states have passed new laws restricting
5:34 am
abortion. retired u.s. general david petraeus is weighing in on tensions involving iran. he spoke exclusively with abc's martha raddatz. >> do you think iran will come to the negotiating table or cave in because of this maximum pressure campaign? do you see any indication of that? >> well, they are going to have to make a decision. either they are going to have to really tighten their belt and keep tightening, because it's going to get worse. >> you can hear the full interview tomorrow on "this week" at 8:00 a.m. here on abc 7. time now is 5:34. a scary moment yesterday in new york city's times square. this giant electric billboard caught fire, sending smoke and flames up its side. fortunately, the building connected to it didn't catch fire. it's the three times square building, also known as the thompson reuters building. there were no reports of injuries. investigators are still looking into the cause of that fire. a san diego area graduate student who overcame challenge after challenge says she wanted to be an example for her young
5:35 am
son. that's 29-year-old erica alfaro in her cap and gown standing beside her parents in a carlsbad strawberry field. the photo is now going viral. alfaro used to work in that field. today, she will receive a masters degree in education from san diego state. after a teenage pregnancy, dropping out of high school, and escaping an abusive relationship, she wouldn't let those setbacks keep her from undergrad and then graduate school. >> i just decided to keep going, because i wanted to prove myself wrong, all my doubts. i wanted to show myself and show my son that it was possible. she said she grew even more resilient when diagnosed with cerebral palac p. it's down to three. and tonight america's live coast-to-coast vote will determine the next "american idol." but this morning, the finalists are reflecting on how it has changed them. >> communication wise, because
5:36 am
before, i didn't know how to talk to people normally, and now i'm playing in front of a lot of people. it's changed my life in that way, not to be scared, just be yourself and it's okay to be yourself. >> reporter: alejandro arando, madison vandberg, and layne hearty will compete live during "american idol's" thrive-hour finale. the live three-hour finale starts at coming up, all the recent rain could cost some bay area farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars. and what it could mean for you at the grocery store. a live look outside. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham.
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a celebration in oakland honored the contributions of asian american aviators. yesterday, abc 7 news was at the oakland aviation museum for a special event to honor asian pacific american heritage month. organizations paid tribute to asian americans who have gone into the aviation industry. they also highlighted the need for better representation. only 2.5% of airline pilots in the u.s. are of asian >> whence you're in it, you're in it. >> reporter: airlines and aviation companies were also on hand giving attendees information about how they can pursue a career in the business. organizers highlighted the fact that the first person to fly an aircraft on the west coast was an immigrant from china. happening today, thousands
5:40 am
of people will enjoy an annual spring tradition in san jose, viva kaya. and for them that means peddling along miles of car-free streets. this year's will wind past several historic locations in san jose. they include st. james square and kelly park. the bike riding runs from 10:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. and in case you're wonderi wondi trans means the streets live or long live the streets translated into english. and they can probably expect some rainy weather for that. >> we're taking you to the sierra nevada where it looks stormy. 33 at the truckee valley reporting snow. 1 to 4 inches around lake tahoe and those snow levels will stay pretty low and more snow is likely into tuesday with another system headed our way. so we'll talk about this one, what it means for your sunday and a look at the beginning of your memorial day holiday coming
5:41 am
up. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, draymond green leads the warriors against the
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back, everyone. in or,he ss and blues will battle at sap center in a pivotal game five of the western conference final. st. louis beat san jose two days ago to even the series at two games a piece. the puck drops at noon at the shark tank. the warriors are back in action tomorrow night in portland, looking for a series sweep. last night, the dubs took a kplanding 3-0 lead over the trailblazers with an amazing second-half comeback. anthony flores has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. with kd or without him, it doesn't matter for this series. te blazers are no match for the warriors. the dubs now just one win away from a trip to the nba finals. first conference finals game in
5:44 am
portland since 2000. the curry brothers continue to battle, seth rtlalf. that's c.j. mccullen with the lay-in. with six seconds left, draymond green quickly takes it the other way. 14 of his 20 points at the half. dubs down 13. and just like game two, here comes the warriors in the second half. steph with the three and the foul. that's a four-point play. jordan val on the breakaway, without authority, he misses the breakaway dunk. whoops. draymond can't believe it. duh draymond gives him another chance. this time bell finishes strong. green, triple double, now to the fourth, the nice fake by quinn cook. he gets the bucket. then steph goes for a drive. makes the pass and lays it in. warriors up 8, so steph feeling good. and watch this.
5:45 am
splash! he had 36. warriors win 110-99, taking a commanding 3-0 lead in this series. here's mindy bache with more. >> for the second straight game, the warriors overcame a double-digit deficit by half by playing stifling defense in the second half, holding the trailblazers to 33 total points. leading the effort was a man steve kerr called a wrecking ball. >> i don't even know what to say about draymond. he was like a wrecking ball out there. he was just destroying everything in his path. it was one of the best games i've ever seen draymond play. >> my coach, my staff, all my teammates have been preaching about just getting the ball and pushing it. so i just tried to bring that to the game and tonight it was successful for us. >> i think he has the most triple doubles in warrior history, especially in the post season. so i don't think he's really approved, i think he's been doing what he's been doing since michigan state and an all-around
5:46 am
player. see him do this for another ten years. >> the greatest story in mls history kicks it. a record-setting day on the pitch. the quake taking on chicago who hadn't allowed a goal in the past three games, but in the 21st minute, lando ties donovan for most goals in mls stwr srkst he would pass donovan for most goals. but wait, there's more. wando gets his third goal of the game in the 74th minute. and just two minutes later, why not, let's make it four. are you kidding me. qu quakes win it 4-1. >> i've always wanted to do it and be done with it. i definitely didn't picture a night like this or a day like this. just so much joy right now. >> giants taking on the diamondbacks. randy johnson throwing out the first pitch from one ace to another. madison bumgarner, 6 and a
5:47 am
third. the g man got a rare run in the first and three more in the third. steven duggar with a triple. joe panic scores. if they'd followed the same formula in the sixth, brandon with an rb ixe triple and he'll be knocked home by mac williamson. the genuines win this one in the desert, 8-5. nick hunley at the dish breaks the scoreless tie with his first home run as an a. it's a two-run shot to put oakland up 2-0. a nice series so far, gets another rbi with a double in the fifth. robby gross man, come on down. that makes it 3-1 oakland. then in the seventh, chad pender crushes this one 435 feet, fifth in the year, second in as many days. the as go on to win their nithi in a row, 4-1. that's a look at your morning sports. let's get a check now of the
5:48 am
bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, chris. some of you looking at some heavy downpours right now. the rest of you in the east bay and spb, not so much, but it is on the way. shaky emeryville camera, where you'll notice that the winds in the upper elevations up to about 30, 35 miles an hour. and we are just getting started with another round of rain out there, as the area of low pressure that is bringing -- that has brought all the rain yesterday with the cold front is on the way today. this is how much rain we had in the past 24 hours, over an inch in santa rosa, as well as san rafael. and over three quarters of an inch here in san francisco, a half inch in livermore down in san jose. about a quarter of an inch and in the east bay, a third of an inch in antioch with about an inch or so by the delta. so we'll continue to see maybe a quarter inch to a half inch. a live look outside from our roof camera. we can see those threatning clouds out there as lightning, thunder, and some hail is offshore. here's some downpours just east
5:49 am
of highway 29. in yountville, way up into the north bay, we go further south, check out this around sears point, highway 37, black point. some very heavy rain, likely a thunderstorm here. you see the lightning strikes there. and as we go closer to the coast, the marin county coast, west marin, we have lightning all offshore. mere beach getting hammered right now and as we get to the south bay and the peninsula, we notice, final looking at the rain from 280, belmont, off the coast of the south bay, the santa cruz mountains will see the rain. in the next 30 minutes or so, you'll notice pescadero and the rest of the bay has not been seen any rain since the overnight hours. it's been a break. that's all about to change as this line continues to slide over to the east. here's the low. that's going to allow for the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the day today. it is a 1 on our storm impact scale, scattered showers, quarter inch to half inch. and a look at the golden gate bridge, where we see the wet pavement and the dark clouds
5:50 am
there. 58 in mountain view. 48 in san jose. and from walnut creek, you have that nice break now, but don't get to used to it. we're looking at the rain headed your way within the next couple of hours. 53 in concord, 51 in livermore, with 50 for you up in santa rosa. no delays yet. this is sfo, but it is raining. so perhaps those delays stacking up later this morning. showers, possible thunderstorms, sunny, breezy tomorrow. we get a break, and more rain is arriving on tuesday. the system, much, much weaker, though. here's the line of thunderstorms. it looks like right around race time, we will have maybe a break, but it's not going to last. we'll have the cloud cover. we'll have a few peeks of sun. and look at what happens through the 10:00 hour. more showers lined up around the bay. and sunshine adds to the instability and we're going to see more rain, maybe some heavy downpours right on through the afternoon with this system not exiting until probably about after about 8:00 tonight. so the totals once again, everyone getting wet today, not as wet as yesterday, but still,
5:51 am
if you have graduation or outdoor plans, you will have to dodge some showers. we talked about the chain controls for the west slope of the sierra nevada and for tahoe, 6 to 10 inches likely to still come for the mountains through 5:00 tomorrow morning, so 50s to near 60 today. and as you get going on monday, we're cloudy, but we're dry, and monday night, say about midnight into tuesday, that's when we're looking at this next system, spreading the chance of rain. it is a much weaker system, but still, it keeps us in that unsettled weather pattern. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s to near 60 today. the on and off rain, some heavy downpours, maybe a thunderstorm. and then lighter rain on tuesday and we're keeping it dry the rest of the week. but not totally sold on that, so you can download our accuweather app and stay up to date. >> kind of feels chilly out there. just seeing the 50s, it's like, good luck to those runners. lisa, thank. cherry farmers are hoping all this rain doesn't wipe out their crops, but signs of damage are already showing. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes
5:52 am
visited a cherry orchid in gilroy. >> how many acres of cherry trees do you have? >> we have 75 producing. >> and you could lose them all because of the rain? >> yeah. we could lose them all. >> if that happens, paul mirasu, partner at m&t pharmafarms in g is looking at about a quarter million dollar loss. >> you can eat them, it's just that they don't look pretty, so nobody wants to buy them. >> reporter: then there are his tomatoes. >> it's harder to control. so it will stunt the plant and you won't get as much growth and you can get a lower yield. we have a total of 2,500 acres that we farm here. >> how long have you been a farmer here? >> 25 years. >> reporter: but even at 25 years, the anxiety over farming never goes away. visit any of the orchards in the south bay you'll see farmers scrambling to
5:53 am
protect their crop, some coating them with a wax-like substance. >> a lot of people say it doesn't really work, but when you got all of this money invested, you're go, i'm going to try it anyways! we're all depressed. i'm going to go to the coffee shop and -- >> cry about it? >> yeah, cry about it. >> reporter: it's part of farming. >> yeah, you want to pick your crop, you don't want to have to rely on insurance. just like your house, you don't want it to burn down. >> interpreter: what does this mean to you, especially if you love cherries? paul tells me you'll definitely see less of them at your farmer's market. it's probably going to cost more money. just how bad it's going to be, it's the wait and see for farmers. they will be assessing the damage once there's no more rain in the forecast. in gilroy, chris reyes for abc 7 news. next, a sprinkling of pixie dust at the happiest place on earth. what visitors are about to
5:54 am
5:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $270 million
5:56 am
powerball drawing. 2, 10, 25, 66, 67, the powerball number, 26. nobody picked all six, so wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $288 million. new this morning, disney thailand guests are starting to get their first looks at one of the park's original attractions that's about to reopen after >> next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, just two more hours until the start how officials are dealing with that threat of rain. >> and you can see the green on
5:57 am
the screen all the over the bay area, indicating that rain. some parts also seeing higher intensity with the yellow and the oranges there. leea isa argen has the full accuweather forecast, coming up.
5:58 am
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good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7. >> good morning, chris. it's pretty active. we have a line of showers and thunderstorms, some very heavy rain moving through the bay area right now. not everyone is seeing it, but you will as it moves from west to east and south. we are looking right now to the north arenound etna springs and yountville. check out the lightning strikes there going back westward into green beret. larkspur into mill valley, like a thunderstorm and we're on the peninsula right now. we can see this heavy rain from
6:01 am
280 over towards san bruno, just south of the


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