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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  May 19, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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pinal, the hail broke through. >> let's get to >> we have rain, sun and hail. we're tracking this strong cell pushing off to the east, so 446 palo alto, expect heavier showers. by 5:01 crossing into the east bay. you have downpours working through your neighborhood right now. as you move inland we're tracking heavier showers through san ramon and livermore. we're tracking a level one system with widely scattered showers, thunder chance is diminishing, but it remains rather breezy throughout the evening, future weather as we go toward 8:00 at night, we're tracking scattered showers, overnight this storm will exit. it's only a brief break before another storm moves in.
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we'll detail all the wet weather 234 a few minutes. >> the wet weather left some bay area students with the prom blues. >> they found out their big night was washed out as they were looking for a dream night on the bay. >> kate larson spoke to a teacher and some disappointed students. she joins us from outside oracle park in san francisco. what happened? >> well, deon, eric, it's crazy, the weather is absolutely beautiful. the sun is shining, it's warm, there's very little wind. as we know last night it was a different story. there was wind and rain, waves out here on the bay. all of that weather created a perfect storm so that a group of san francisco students from arthur god marshall high school missed out on their prom. take a look, this was the boat. students spent all year fund-raising so they could charter this boat. 125 students were dressed and ready to go when the prevented the boat from safely
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docking here at mccovey cove last night. students to be able munity to experience what every normal high schooler experiences. and they were ready for that last night. >> we went screaming when we saw the boat, oh, we're ready. we're ready. we're getting it. but the boat just came and left again. they really wanted to have yesterday. there was no possibility -- we want to have it again. >> thurgood marshall staff set up this go fund me page today. they're looking to raise $3700 to help with repairs. there are only 17 days left until graduation, staff is talking to other venues so that these students can hopefully get their prom on somewhere before the school year ends. we'll have more at
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here on abc 7. >> kate, thank you very much. the 108th running of beta breakers got off on a soggy foot, the rain couldn't stop for this one of a kind only san francisco event. >> a variety of colorful costumes, organizers have cracked down on alcohol and some other antics, the race has remained true to its zany roots. >> cornell bernard was there. >> sky 7 was over the starting line as thousands braved the rain. like angel sanchez and his dad. >> it's not that heavy right now. it might be hailing later on. >> what do you think of this rain? >> i think it's -- i can't say it on tv, but. >> the weather may have kept some race course spectators away. especially over the grueling hey street hill. >> with the rain, there's less supporters and partiers to keep you motivated. you had to really just fight
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through and cheer each other22-e men's winner at 35.01. carolyn finished first for the women at 39.28. we spotted some pandas on the loose. an order of tacos. some high fiving ruth bader ginsburgs and batman in the batmobi batmobile. >> the city streets are safe, we're good. >> here on the pan handle. this is where beta breakers becomes le s less of a race an of a party. >> confiscating booze and tossing it. by midmorning the rain tapered off and the sun came out. >> perfect day. >> cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> in the north bay, rescue crews pulled a grandmother and her grandchildren out d
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opening to the pond for the next street. it was raining hard athe accide. neighbors say people came out to help. >> i this -- and then the dog started to bark, i realized, there's a car in the pond. i didn't see that before. >> the driver and her 3 and 7-year-old granddaughters were not hurt. the 59-year-old driver showed no signs of being under the influence. they requested the dmv evaluate her driving stats. there really is snowfalling in the sierra today. and not just a dusting. some places are expecting a foot of fresh powder. there was a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning. people are being warned to stay off the roads at night. the chilly weather is not done. the sierra could see a hard freeze tomorrow night. >> yosemite is picturesque just
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about any time of the year. it's pointed right at halfdome, while there's no snow on the valley floor, can you see a little bit of snow up on the peaks. the park is closed because the weather and chains may be required in other parts of yosemite. live doppler 7 is one of the most popular stories on our website. if you want to track the rain, click the blue live bar at the top of the app, check the weather conditions where you live and enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. >> new developments in that drop kick attack on arnold schwarzenegger. he's not pressing charges. it happened during his arnold classic sporting event in the south africa. he tweeted video of the incident here. today schwarzenegger tweeted he hopes the man gets his life on the right track. you can see the man rushes him from behind, security quickly tackles the attacker. schwarzenegger was not hurt. a special bus tourold
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di chi peraed a abc 7 news was at the st. mary's center as the end child poverty tour bus arrived. the goal is to support to end deep child poverty within 4 years. it includes money and the revised budget as well as several pieces of legislation. >> this isn't about policy, this is about people, it's about the homelessness crisis we're facing. the addiction crisis. our criminal justice issues, instead of spending more money to treat the symptoms of poverty. let's end deep child poverty in california by passing the plant. >> ard coulding to a state task force almost 2 million children live in poverty, the state needs to increase money spent on child care, food assistance and other social services. >> we'd like to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them on facebook.
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>> doorbell video led police to rescue a child.child.child. ring doorbell video captured images of the suspect. eight hours later they found and arrested michael webb at a hotel with the girl after people reported seeing the car there. >> we didn't literally find her, we had citizens that went out of their way and helped not just the police department, but a family put some great closure to what we have going on right now. this story right now will put a smile on anyone's face. >> the girl appeared to be uninjured, but was taken to hospital for evaluation. the tip came from two local church members who were looking for the girl. a high school football coach is sharing gripping details of what happened. >> keenan lowe worked for the 49ers before taking a coaching job in portland.
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now, on friday, 18-year-old student angel diaz walked into a classroom with a gun. lowe happened to be in the classroom and today he spoke exclusively to abc news. >> i lunged for the gun and we both had the gun, we had forehands on the gun, students are running out of the back of the classroom, and i'm just trying to make sure that the end of the gun isn't pointing toward where the students are running, but also not pointed at myself. so i end up getting the gun from him. getting the gun with my right hand and holding him off with my left hand and calling for a teacher to come grab the gun for me. i steel like i was put in that room in that very moment for a reason to protect those kids. >> lowe says he was acting on his instincts. no one was hurt. >> we're down to three, tonight the next american idol will b c looking to go out on a high
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note. a big injury update on the warriors. the result
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only one wil be nam american
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>> preparations are wrapping up, danya? >> good evening, erica, dion. preparations are wrapping up, the last few of the audience members are getting ready to go inside and everyone is waiting to find out who will be crowned the next american idol. >> the top five now narrowed down to 3. blaine hardy. madison vandenbergh. and alejandro aranda left it all on the stage. >> this is the best group ever. >> the final three singing their hearts out to win america's vote and land themselves a coveted spot in idol's season finale. >> i've been working hard, i put a lot of time and stuff into this. i just -- i mean, it's all up to america. that will be awesome. >> what's up? >> what's up, homies. the long road for the
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contestants coming to an end after surviving every round of the competition. earning that golden ticket to hollywood. the 2019 finalists now hoping their journey lands them the top spot of american idol. >> i just want to keep moving forward and i want to keep trying to be me and whatever that comes, if it's winning american idol or not winning. >> even if i don't win, if i'm thirds, i'm so happy i'm so grateful. >> for the first time in idol's history, the america's live coast to coast vote will determine the winner. that means all the votes will be cast during tonight's star studded finale. abc 7 news, back to you. >> should be an exciting one, thanks to you. the show starts at 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. the head of a san francisco company has given an amazing gift to college students.
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>> whata billionaire isdoing today that gives graduates the ultimate start as they enter the real world many. >> downpours crossing parts of the bay area, how long these showers stick around, in the accuweather forecast ahead. localish is sharing inspiring stories. >> this week, meet a reverend who preaches a different kind of message at drag queen story hour. ♪ hey everybody and welcome to >> well, i'm not like the other buys at mye a nail polish and dresses. >> kids that are being raised today, they have more opportunities to discover who they really to hour ♪ >> one time, the main guy of the entire group, that bullied me,
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they pushed me into a smart board. >> you come to something like this, you see yolonda and this message of, hey, it's really cool? >> it's what makes us us. our differences.
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in the south bain, abc 7 was in downtown san jose. they held their annual event that celebrates community, open streets and outdoor play. any modes of nonmotorized transportation were welcome. you didn't need a bike necessarily to get involved. mayor sam ricardo event that allows people to experience san jose in a different way. >> this would have been a great way to ride your bike in certain spots. >> that would be an accurate thing to say. drew tuma with more on this
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wacky forecast we had. >> the showers were scattered. we have heavy rain in spots. a couple spots in the heaviest showers are hitting right now. down to street level we go, folks in stanford, palo alto. rain. the rainfalling at almost half an inch per hour. that's heavy rain for the month of may. a downpour move through freemont exiting off to the east, still, it's wet from 880 to 680, another cell to the east bay. castro valley, 4:56 expect a downpour in your neighborhood and san ramon. this cell will move through about 5:12 this evening. a lot of green on the screen, indicating light returns. not the prettiest day in wine country. and the bigger picture as we combine it with satellite, you can easily see the upper level low look right here. the counter clockwise spin, that
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is what is inning sti gating all the showers we have overhead right now,ig. the showers will begin to diminish, stillw around tahoe right now. the returns on your screen, that is the snow. still a winter storm warning in effect until early tomorrow morning, where fresh powder could total up to a foot in some spots. the storm impact scale this evening, level one light system, widely scattered showers. as the sun sets, we kind of lose the fuel to see those thundershowers pop up. we've already passed the peak of any thunderstorm activity. and it remains a breezy evening. numbers right now in the upper 50s to lower 60s, these temperatures are some 20 to 20 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. it's a chilly night as the showers begin to exit shortly after midnight, numbers will fall into the 40s in many cities, so it will be a chilly start to your day on your
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monday. let's break down your monday. morning patchy fog will see bright thing midday. noon, we have a lot of sunshine. don't let that fool you, clouds come back in the afternoon, and here we go, our next storm system enters the picture tomorrow evening first in the north bay by 7:00 monday night. a little bit warmer tomorrow than we were today, still well below average for this time of the year. 66 in san jose, 63 in oakland, 65 in santa rosa. on the storm impact scale tomorrow night into tuesday, it's another level one light system with scattered showers similar to what we're experiencing out there right now. it's not widespread rain. we do see another thunderstorm is possible monday night into tuesday. and rainfall less than a quarter inch. do not put the umbrellas away just yet. accuweather 7-day forecast, brief break midday tomorrow, showers return at night. tuesday, it's scattered showers, chilly, and then you can put the
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umbrella away. by wednesday, we try out, warm up wednesday and sunshine just in time for the holiday weekend. tomorrow and tuesday, weirather unsettled. >> mother nature is so fussy lately. >> she is. trying to figure out what's going on as we transition seasons. something looks off, i guess maybe something is? >> yeah, yeah, injuries, a factor for the trailblazers, the warriors and the sharks. still to come, one of the warriors best defenders may not suit up for game four of the western conference finals. and the sharks have no bite in game
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the sharks are on the brink of elimination in the western
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conference final after they were shut out on their home ice. the thornton and burns boys hoping for some good dancing mo jo. getting their groove on early first period. oscar rips it past martin jones. 1-0 st. louis after 1. second period sharks on a marvelous chance to tie it up. the mark edward vlassic shot hits the post so close, 25 seconds later, the blues peppering the net. jones doesn't cover it up, and jaden schwartz scores to make it 2-0. schwartz finished with a hat trick. vladimir terasenko. things get worse for san jose, four of their top guys lead with injuries, including the captain joe pavelski. frustrated san jose, just can't get anything going there.
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they trail the series 3 to 2 facing another elimination game on tuesday night. >> you know, for sure, we've been here before. and had to go in and win on the road in vegas, in order to get to a game seven. comfortable when your back's against the wall like that we have been here before, and found a way, and i'm confident we can do that again. >> the brooms will be out tomorrow as the warriors go for the sweep of the blazers. andre iquodala is questionable after hurting his left calf in game three. the blazers is battling separated ribs, he suffered in game two. mindy boch is in port land with a preview. can. >> reporter: if the warriors sweep the trailblazers, they will have more than a week of rest before the start of the nba finals. iquodala now questionable for monday night's game. >> we're a little banged up, and so, you know, nowadays, it will
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be great for us. allow andre time to hehehe shines old. so [ laughter ] >> get a week off. >> tomorrow's a big opportunity for us. to obviously close out the series, get back to the finals. and take advantagep of a little break to get healthy, get bodies refreshed and understand how difficult it's going to be to win a championship. >> i don't know if fresh is the right word. with andre's injury, we're further deplated. so we're not fresh, but we're fighting through everything. and we put ourselves in a good spot. >> the warriors watched video of game three today, steve kerr says one of the main focuses for game four will be getting out to a quick start so they don't fall behind for a third straight game. in portland, mindy boch, nbc
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sports. >> brooks koepka wins the pga championship. >> thank you very much. everal received the ultimate gift. >> my family is makingliminate loans. >> robert f. smith is the head of vista equity partners, he surprised the graduates today during commencement, the billionaire had already made a sizable donation to the school, and received an honorary degree. this gift he kept secret. >> can you imagine how excited they are. >> the estimated debt of the moorehouse class is $40 million. >> he's taking care of all of it. that's it for abc 7
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