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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 20, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this morning, another round of dangerous storms today after dozens of tornadoes already touched down in six states. also this morning, the kidnapping caught on camera. a mother's ferocious fight back as a man grabs her 8-year-old daughter. how police caught up with the suspect. and the american idol season finale. performances from the judges, lionel, luke and katy. >> which all star returned and who was crowned this year's american idol. and the graduation surprise for 400 new graduates. what a billionaire investor promised each of them in a stunning announcement during his commencement speech. it's monday, may 20th.
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good monday morning, hope you had a fabulous weekend. >> it was great. 400 graduates who had the best weekend ever because robert f. smith, the billionaire changed the trajectory of their lives. can't wait to discuss that. >> we'll get to that. we begin with violent weather threatening millions of people. >> the storm systems have spawned dozens of tornadoes including this one in oklahoma. rob marciano is in oklahoma where the threat is so severe in the oklahoma city today, more than a dozen schooling districts have canceled classes. >> reporter: a tornado that came through this part of oklahoma was an ef-2 with winds of 130 miles per hour. you see what it did to this home behind me. miraculously the couple that lives here was here during the
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height of the storm. the walls collapsing on top of them. >> i seen the tree. it was like it was going to come in the window. >> the tree hit the wall and the wall hit your back and that collapsed in a matter of seconds. are you worried about tomorrow? >> yeah. i'm worried about there's going to be another one. >> reporter: and they sore and bruised about okay today. they are staying at a nearby hotel. that hotel is within the storm zone, which is likely to see more in the way of tornadoes during the day on monday through the afternoon. potentially tornadoes that will be large, powerful and long lasting. could be the most destructive day of the year. this after nearly 40 tornadoes were reported in the storms over the weekend. rob marciano, abc news, geronimo. >> thanks to rob there. that is just one area that is facing severe weather today. >> paul williams has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, severe storms will target oklahoma, texas, bleeding into arkansas and louisiana, mississippi and even leaning into portions of alabama.
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but the greatest threat will be in oklahoma with the damaging wind gusts likely in access of 80 miles per hour, large hail, flooding, downpours. there's a problem with severe storms in the northeast targeting boston throughout connecticut, massachusetts, going into maine. thunderstorms reaching from d.c. up to new york. and then the next day more storms in the midwest. >> thank you. turning to president trump weighing in on the escalating battle over abortion. >> the president tweeted he's strongly pro life, but he supports three exceptions, from rape or incest or a woman's life is at risk. alabama banned all abortions. >> democrats running for president are seizing on the issue. bernie sanders took part in a march in birmingham, alabama. he said the legislation was part ordinated by right wing
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extremists to deny women the right to control their own bodies and futures. senator kamala harris held a rally in the los angeles area and drew some of the loudest applause when she condemned the alabama decision banning abortion. president trump is criticizing his favorite news channel fox news for airing a town hall with presidential candidate pete buttigieg. the president tweeted that fox is wasting air time on the south bend, indiana mayor saying it's moving more to the losing side in covering the democrats. brit hume defended the network saying they are covering candidates of both parties and that is part of the job of a news channel. police in texas say they have their suspect in a kidnapping in fort worth. an 8-year-old girl snatched from her mother. authorities are thanking two church members for helping them reunite the girl with her family. erielle reshef has the details. >> reporter: you're watching the
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chilling shid i don't. a mother desperately trying to stop a kidnapper from abducting her 8-year-old daughter. just after 6:30 saturday evening, the two taking a walk on a tree line street in their neighborhood. a doorbell camera capturing the moment 51-year-old michael webb pulled up beside him and taking the girl. her mom falling to the pavement. you can hear her frantic cries for help. >> help me, help me please. my daughter just got kidnapped. >> reporter: authorities launching a hunt for the child issuing a statewide amber alert posting this photo on social media. the hours ticking by. >> the vehicle we're looking for is a gray four-door sedan. >> reporter: around 2:30 a.m. two vigilant church members spotted that vehicle in the parking lot about ten miles away from where salem was taken. officers busting through the door. the captor arrested. >> we were able to enter the room and we were able to locate her safely.
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>> reporter: police crediting the two good samaritans with ending an hour's-long nightmare. >> everybody calls us heros, but they are the heros tonight. >> reporter: police say webb is a complete stranger to this family. he's now facing aggravated kidnapping charge. police tell us the girl is in good condition and has now been reunited with her family. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. in sports, what happened after the nascar all-star race is getting all the attention. driver clinton bowyer ran to the car and punched ryan newman through the on the tr. round two may come next weekend when both are at the coke cola 600. don't count the raptors out yet. they beat the bucks in double overtime last night. game four is tuesday night in toronto. the golden state warriors are up 3-0 in the western finals.
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the warriors could wrap it up tonight in portland. we'll see if seth curry can stop his brother, steph. how about this? a northern california woman hired a pet sitter to look after her two dogs while she attended a wedding out of time. >> it was the babysitter who was naughty and it was all captured on the doggy cam. >> what is going on. >> they talked to our station about getting caught sitting naked on her client's new couch and getting romantic with her boyfriend. >> she said she knew there was a camera around and says she got hot and doesn't like wearing clothes. >> she knew there was a camera? >> and on my couch. >> on a new couch. >> would it make a difference if it was the old couch?
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>> no, it just adds insult to injury. this hasn't been broken in yet. >> if the dogs could talk -- apparently that wasn't the only tail wagging. >> that was good. >> thank you. >> started off strong on a monday. coming up, what arnold schwarzenegger is saying about his assault over the weekend. and the graduation surprise for the graduating class. the stunning announcement by their wealthy commencement speaker. season 17 of "american idol" ends with a bang. the big names who turned out for the three-hour season finale. you're watching "world news now." their wealthy commencement speaker. season 17 of "american idol" ends with a bang. the big names who turned out for the three-hour season finale. you're watching "world news now."
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removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. we're back with an update on this wild attack on arnold schwarzenegger. a man makes a flying kick into his back. he was quickly taken down by security. >> the former governor saying he's not going to be pressing charges. he also says i hope this was a wakeup call and he gets his life on the right track. he also says he would rather focus on the great athletes he
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met. crazy video. >> how do you attack conan the barbarian? >> kind of an impressive move. turning to the man who may be changing the conversation about student loan debt. >> giving the commencement address at morehouse college, robert f. smith stunned the crowd by announcing he's pledging to pay off every graduate's tuition debt. here is stephanie ramos. >> reporter: it was one of the proudest days of these young people's lives. the reality of what their speaker told the nearly 400 graduating seniors is sinking in. >> this is my class 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. >> reporter: a graduation gift estimated at $40 million. wiping out the student loan debt of the entire class of 2019. the announcement surprising
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those on stage. parents in shock amid the cheers. >> i asked the person to the left of me, to the right of me, the person in front of me, is this really what he said? >> reporter: for ernest that means erasing the $10,000 he still owes. >> i think we're all still in shock. we don't know what to say. all our debt is going to be gone. >> reporter: student debt is a real issue in this country. especially at black colleges, alumni have a median debt of $29,000. 32% more than graduates from other four-year schools. these students vowing to pay it forward. >> i want to get to a position to pay it forward. >> reporter: smith pledged a $1.5 million gift to the school. the president is thanking him for giving back and changing these students' lives. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington.
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>> social media is on fire after this. >> unbelievable. >> you saw the images there including the man who was right behind him. we know that as stephanie mentioned when it comes to the student loan debt crisis is through the roof with those universities known for having -- i wouldn't say struggling as much as just making sure to put the call out to have people donate, to give back to the university. >> it changes the trajectory of your life as you're coming out of college with all that debt. >> for what these men can do now that they are not burdened by thousands and thousands of dollars, their families aren't burdened by thousands of dollars of student loan debt is incredible. i know they will pay it forward as well. >> just last month beyonce had us wishing we all went to hbcus. now another reason. >> i wish somebody would pay off mine. >> no, it's done, but right here
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is student loan debt because it's a serious thing. that's incredible. america has a brand new american idol. >> and sean connery's onesie. the skinny is next. american idol. >> and sean connery's onesie. the skinny is next.
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♪ time now for the skinny starting with an epic end to the "game of thrones." >> we promise no spoilers here. but fans are aflutter over what critics say will go down as one of the most controversial series finales of all time. >> again, no spoilers. but there was still plenty to rave about like this shot here. >> overall, fan reaction is running the gamut from this gif of president obama. everyone after this "game of thrones" finale. this tweet saying it's finished like a d.c. movie. a reminder that marvel is a division of our parent company
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disney. tough break for some people. >> we heard earlier people were like >> we don't want to tell you everything that happened. sounds like you're going to be disappointed. next to another grand finale and brand new american idol. >> our own super fan will ganss here to wrap it up for us. >> there's going to be plenty of spoilers in this recap so idol spoilers coming into this. the three-hour season finale reminding us that the contestants are stars, but so are the judges and their celebrity pals. ♪ >> reporter: andre day setting the bar. the top three lighting the finale up. but the first finalist sent home
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was madison making the top two alejandro and laine. a performance to lift the mood. katy perry. unconditionally. then luke bryan. also taking the stage former american idol carrie underwood. adam lambert also returning to the idol stage. and finally the moment of truth. who will be the next kelly, the next carrie underwood, ryan revealing the winner in typical idol fashion. laine taking the title singing his victory song. he will be on gma and live with
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kelly and ryan later this morning. also our fantastic colleague with them live in the studio and i have never been more jealous of anyone in my entire life. >> crazy. >> i saw that that was posted. >> those performances, it was three hours of nonstop entertainment. >> look at all this time we gave to it too. next, after two years, scarlet johansson and colin jost are getting married. >> colin it will be his first marriage and scarlet's third. a wedding date is not yet set. so congrats to them. >> you get it? >> jost, not josh. >> just joshing with you. next to a classic piece of
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mid-century men's wear. >> the baby blue terry cloth onesie worn in the 1964 james bond film has been recreated by a luxury men's wear brand. >> despite the stiff price tag of $440 and needing a perfect physique, they sold out in a matter of hours. no word if they will be restocking any time soon. >> how many did you order? >> i got a couple. >> will ganss might let me borrow one of his as well. >> if you're lucky. one of the most elite fraternities. >> the 87-year-old actress rita moreno has been honored with the peabody achievement award elevating her to pegot status having previously won an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony. congratulations to her.
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glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee john wick chapter 3 needed no help taking down avengers from the top spot at the box office. >> it pulled in $57 million knocking avengers to number two. pokemon ended in third place. >> it was done. avengers taken off the top of the mountain there. a first grader from ohio is in first place from her classmates by local emergency dispatch. >> she's being credited with her quick thinking. what she did that likely saved her mother's life. >>, he locof macedo.
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your emergency? >> my mom is not breathing. >> reporter: listen as she springs into action when her mother collapses at home. >> she's not breathing? >> yeah. >> is that her in the background. >> reporter: you can hear the dispatcher giving the child life or death instructions as paramedics rushed to the home just outside cincinnati. >> what i want you to do is don't give your mom anything to eat or drink. keep your mom calm. okay? >> four minutes after alyssa dialled 911, first responders arrived. >> looks like the ambulance should be pulling up now. do you see them? >> what's going on? >> she has a little voice, but she got a lot accomplished with her little voice. >> reporter: she's meeting the men and women who helped her save her mother's life honored during a surprise assembly at her elementary school for stepping up when mom needed her
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most. >> when you grow up, you think your parents are heroes. now i get to call my 7-year-old a hero. it's an amazing feeling. >> that's incredible. >> it really is. the girl also kept her brother calm. i can't imagine during that situation, a lot of adults wouldn't be able to do what she did. >> her mom says she has a breathing issue so she had coached her daughter what to do if something like this happened. and looks like that lesson stuck. >> she stressed the importance of only calling 911 when it's an emergency. i think we highlight it when they call for a soda. she used it wisely. definitely. don't miss our updates on facebook. >> more news is next. please stay with us. news is next. please stay with us.
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making news in america this morning, severe weather alert. hours after a series of devastating storms, a new round of potentially catastrophic storms today. schools already canceling classes this morning. the areas getting hit the hardest. abortion battle. the new protest erupting. [ chanting "my body, my choice" ] as president trump weighs in on the controversial abortion ban just passed into law. what he says he'd do differently. a young girl's kidnapping caught on camera. the moment a stranger snatches a girl from her mother. new this morning, we hear from the good samaritan who tracked down the 8-year-old finding her in the middle of the night. how he did it.


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