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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. an east bay family is granted the right to use their dead son's sperm. we'll have reaction. >> counter fit tomatoes. the class action lawsuit against san monsantos. >> it had not been done in more than five decades. the warriors going to the nba finals for the fifth straight year. abc 7 news starts right now. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> lillard. from the corner for three.h cur refuse to let the short hand warriors lose tonight. they sweep portland. next stop the nba finals for the
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fifth consecutive year, warriors 119-117 ot victory first of the season. they sweep the blazers. now nine days to rest for the nba final s. warriors close out t series in dramatic fashion. >> steph curry the first player to score at least 35 points in first 35 games in the playoff series and led the warriors to fifth straight nba final the first time since the boston celtics did it more than 53 years ago. >> you can talk about every single guy that stepped on the floor tonight that came with that mentality and we walk off the court with some fancy hats, celebrating the fifth straight finals, a pretty special moment. >> i can't say enough about the competitive desire about the group of players we have here and the culture they have built.
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>> not a lot of guy get to go to one final let alone five straight. i really can't believe it. i can't wait to get started again. >> we understand how hard it is to win at this level and we don't want it to end. >> tonight is the eighth time under head coach steve kerr that the warriors over came 17 point deficit in a playoff game to come away with the win. five of those wins have come against the trail blazers. at the moda center. abc 7 sports. >> they don't get serious until their down 17 sometimes. so now they get to rest and heal for nine whole days. >> huge. >> before they face either milwaukee or toronto in the finals which will be on abc 7. might have k.d. back, iguodala, boogie 'cause cousins a full squad. >> thank you. larry. >> fans are freshening up their
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wardrobes. >> offered the same hats and shirts players had on the courts and in the locker room following the win tonight. going to the finals doesn't seem to be getting old for dub nation. >> so happy baby we're going to the finals, over here, getting the caps, getting the shirts doing it baby, warriors, let's go baby. >> dick's is opening early tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. for fans who want to load up on gear for the nba finals. >> abc 7 is the only place to see the finals, watch the warriors on may 30th here on abc 7. let's move on now. parents of a dead west point cadet have been granted the right to use their late son's sperm. it's a case we have reaction now live in the east bay. >> it is controversial. a concord couple has won the right to use their late son's
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frozen sperm with a surrogate to attempt conception with a child but medical experts are shaking their heads. >> 21-year-old west point cadet was killed in a skiing accident last february in new york and fellow cadets held a memorial for him on the slopes and now a judge gave the parents the rights to use their late son's sperm. they petitioned to say about their only-child without obtaining genetic material from peter's body will be impossible to carry on our family name and will die and judge ruled pointing to ethical considerations. >> a military mom my sympathetsympath sympathies to those who lost their son it's a tragedy. >> the east bay non-profit
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focused on technology and assistive reproduction. >> at one level you can say it isle experimentation this future child doesn't get to consent to be brought into the world where the father is already missing, the mother might not even be part of equation. >> now the family was granted the right to retrieve their son's sperm when his organs were harvested in march. i spoke with their family by phone tonight, they're still heartbroken and request privacy. in the east bay abc 7 news. we're tracking the third storm in the latest of wet cud it's dark so hard ourwe d have clouds. >> that's right we have clouds and showers in the north bay. on live doppler 7 radar we will
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get you to the street level radar, you can clearly see moisture out there and light returns, around verneville, austin creek road. street level here. trainging the energy of the storm is off the pacific west coast and this level one system will spread those showers overnight and impact the morning commute. more coming up. >> count on abc 7 morning for continuing coverage of the incoming storms. with our meteorologist and traffic reporters will have up to the minute forecast and n. any impact on the community beg at 4:30 a.m. on abc 7. >> look the that boys. >> and developing news from the nation's heartland, wild weather today ripped throughout mid-west. multiple people got video of a tornado as it touched down in
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oklahoma. one of several twisters that did damage to a number of houses. no reports of deaths or serious injuries from the storms. the chronicle report a san francisco wine maker is scheduled to plead guilty tomorrow on mail charges bribing officialsed to get his daughter on the water pollo team though she's not a top athlete. this new video of a man waving a gun in a restaurant at the hillsdale shopping center on sunday. officers responded putting them on lock down and not long after arrested the 27-year-old at the near by laurel wood shopping center. he's charged with imperson ating an officer. new at 11 police have
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discovered in a bathroom in middle school in danville, this statement sent out, we are taking this very seriously land keep you updated. we recognize these situations are unsettling and want you to know the safety of the students and staff is our highest priority. part of building a better bay area relies on how community responds to community needs and tonight focussing on sexual a assault cases in the south bay and pushing for more action, funding for survivors. we're in san jose. >> santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is asking colleagues to set aside $5 million to help survivors of rape and other sex abuse crimes. >> in our communities the way we deal with it is we fund the jails, it's district attorneys,
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the punishment side of this. >> she says the county isn't do enough to fund intervention side of this. in april they discussed shaping the county's response to the crimes. the reserve fund would also provide money to community advocates and non-profit partners. >> this matters in a huge way, this is big, for the first time funding for sexual assault services in santa clara. >> she says it fund the haealin for survivors. >> house big 314 passes. >> last week alabama laurms pass one of tmost restrictive laws i the u.s. making every abortion illegal regardless of rape or incest. >> that means
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women to get their reproductive health needs met that we will stand with them. >> if approved on tuesday the goal is to have that money back into the community within six months. the south bay bureau, abc 7 news. last week we focused on your safety as part of our effort to build a better bay area. all reports on and click on building a better bay area. >> hey, ho, ho, where did all the money go. >> in the east bay teachers on strike, demanding a 10% pay increase over two years. the district offered 3% bonus the first year and 1% raise the second and the union has not submitted counter offer. >> tomato, tom ato does not apply. coming up, why people have filed class action lawsuit against the
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. in the north bay, a clerk with a good eye caught a man as he tried to make a purchase with some fake $100 buiills. this video taken saturday at the rite aid in solano square. after three attempts he ran off
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when the clerk said she was calling the cops. be careful the next time you go to the grocery store, you could be buying counter fit tomatoes, new lawsuit says centucento san marzano aren't the real deal. >> they are priced above the rest. >> they have ph around 4.5. and they're sweeter. >> the family owns the cafe in north beach. he says san marzano tom pasta sauce but the legitimacies at the grossy store has been questioned filed by three home cooks alleging that cento is pedaling imposters to command a higher price.
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>> think of san marzano like champagne that have to be grown in a specific region ini itit iy and the lawsuit says they are labelling the tomatoes to be authenticate ache san marzano but that the can is missing dop certification seen here on another brand of san marzano tomatoes, the cento website said their tomatoes are certified. >> who knew that about tomatoes. >> >> absolutely. geez. >> let's turn our attention to the weatherly, nice break from the rain. >> how soon is it coming back. it's already here, rain drops moving in as we're talking. the north bay is starting to see
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some showers getting you into street level. you will notice across highway 101 light and scattered in nature is the theme of this system. san francisco, the sunset district, around brisbane we're seeing this, rain is now falling in san francisco. light showers will spread overnight. dry and mild pattern begins through the week land be cooler than average for your holiday weekend. not entirely dry either. morning k3450 commute, use caution, will take you a little longer, ferry ride across the bay. light chop. it will will be some showers, make sure to bring umbrellas. temperatures in the 40s. 50s. lovely time lapse here. in case you missed a bit of sunshine. look at the rai rays of the sun.
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sun went down and nice chance to dr out. did dump rain across the bay area. this system is a level one, overnight through tomorrow, scattered showers. less than 0.4 inch of rain is all we're expecting. breezy and gusty. midnight tonight pockets of light to moderate showers going through, 5:00 a.m., spotty light returns, not evan will see rain but around 8:00 a.m. you'll see more coverage when many of you are heading to work, will take longer to get where you need to go. 10:00 a.m. showers will continue. for the lunch hour make sure to have your rain gear with you. into the evening 5:00 p.m. download the accuweather app and track doppler 7. showers overnight. rain fall totals, not a lot of rain, most of you will be under
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0.4 inch. in the mountains winter weather advise yie starts at midnight above 5500 feet, six to 12 inches of snow, higher for the peaks. tomorrow still wet roadways, breezy, cooler than average, temperatures in the mid 50s to mid 60s. level one tomorrow. dry and mild wednesday, thursday, friday. saturday there is some slight chance of showers. sunday is fine. memorial day below average temperatures. if you are making outdoor plans it's not going to feel like summer. i know it's spring but unofficial start of summer is memorial day. >> should be raining. >> saturday is slight chance. very unsettled still. >> all right thanks. well, impossible meat is going beyond the burger. another fast food chain teaming up in the bay area.
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little cesars is the latest fast food chain to jump on the imitation meat wagon. impossible foods teamed up to try impossible impossible impose locations in washington and florida. on to sports. quite possible for the warriors. you know the blazers were hoping to win, the juarez -- juarez know
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> good evening. it's been more than 50 years since an nba team made it to the finals in five straight seasons, the warriors with a sweep dub nation ready to sweep. steph curry going left, going right, zigging and zagging,lard to fight throu and steph, the three. his condition is unbelievable. third quarter. damian lillard the ankle breaker on mackinnckinney down he goes.
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and lillard the three. what a moment there. pride of oakland had 28. putting up 17 in the third. then curry takes over. splash. it's down to 14. pull up. splash. it's a five-point game. seven be threes. 37 for curry with 13 boards 11 assists. meyers leonard, big man with 30. moments later, klay, two men in his face no problem buries the three. going to ot. draymond green money, hits the dagger three 18 points, 14 boards 11 assists he and steph with triple doubles. warriors win it 119-7, the nba straight years. >> three starters down, everybody stepped up, played amazing minutes, we locked it in and took advantage. >> five straight finals, hasn't been done since the 60s since
11:30 pm
bill russell's celtics, hasn't been done for a reason, it's really, really difficult. >> to get here five straight times is special. saying that we know we have more work to do, the goal is to win the finals. on to baseball. a's-indians. here it comes. there it goes. matt olson, 417 feet. his 4th 2-0, a's. 4-3 game, aroldis chapman 4-3 game, matt chapman. his 11th. and a's win it. ay suarez gives up two-run homer to austin riley. giants got two hits, in fact no hits into the 6th. braves win 4-1. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino.
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it was doom and gloom when kevin durant was hurt. warriors come in game six and sweep the blazers and reenergize the team. >> nine
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jon hamm, from disney's "aladdin", naomi scott, the bachelorette, hannah brown, and music from mavis staples featuring ben harper. and now, why not, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for everything. that's very nice. i appreciate it. hope you had a good weekend. how many of you in our studio audience saw "game of thrones" last night? more than 19 million americans gathered around their televisions last night. it was the most watched episo


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