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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 21, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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mean look at these temperatures we're around 50 to 54 at 7:00.7. 60 to 62 at 4:00. grab a coat this evening and something to keep you dry as temperatures will be around 55 to 57 degrees. we'll take a look at the holiday weekend forecast next. here's alexis. >> i want to take you to our sigalert at university and berkeley. a three-vehicle collision. one of the vehicles is a box truck. it is facing the wrong way, it's tough to see that since it's under the underpass. to me it looks like the slow lane is inching by. now i think we're down to one or maybe none now at central, we have another long-term crash. you are looking at about 50, 53 minutes there westbound 80, another big problem.
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westbound before tunnel road. we have a crash here. another one reported up there, i believe we have all lanes blocked in the area just before you get united caldecot tunnel, waiting for them to issue a sigalert there, sounds like they probably will as well. breaking news coming in from fairfield where officers were involved in a shooting this morning. i want to show you information no officers were hurt. meanwhile, the suspect was injured at clay bank road and horizon drive. heads up, expect to see a large police presence. we expect police to give us a briefing within the next half hour or so. we will have much more later on in this newscast. >> thanks, j es ka. san francisco police plan to release under surveillance video il y anctivshr. oice
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looking for a suspect but they never found one. part of the investigation will focus on speaking to 911. parents of a west point cadet have been granted the rights to use their late son'searly to conceive a child. 21-year-old peter ziu of concord was killed in a skiing accident if new york. the family petitioned a court saying he wanted to have children and argued without the too early from his body the family lineage would die. the founder of the center for bioethics and culture and east bay non-profit on technologthere inneevel you can say it's human experimentation, this future child does not get to consent to being intentionally brought into a world where the
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father is already missing, the mother might not even be a part of the equation. >> and in a ruling, this judge cited considerations. the family did not say when they would try top conceive the child. happening today, there will be hundreds of rallies nation wide to stop abortion bans. they have organized a day of action. you can see that organization at stop abortion >> that i have it on a website. i want to show you this map as well. they have rallies across the nation in our area, san francisco, oakland, san jose, a lot more and the rallies begin at noon. demonstrators are protesting against measures restricting abortions passed in pam bam and missouri and today aabortions a six weeks is heading to federal court. they want to challenge the landmark ruling roe v. wade, we
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will have continuing coverage, back to you. >> we have new developments following the winter's flooding. people's whose homes were damaged will not be eligible to receive federal money that presedress homeowners won't get the money, state officials believe there isn't if you have damage to justify request for federal aid. one official said the state isn't applying to help homeowners. they claim fema will reject those requests. the warriors are headed to the nba finals for a fifth straight year. >> they sealed the deal in game four. >> from the corner for 3. >> that will do it. the warriors do it again anded a have aens to their fifth consecutive nba finals. >> and there it is, the warriors claim the title of the western conference chances wit 11 117ou g yourds onhe er amy is in
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good morni >>ter: hi, good morning, a few title. a new round of shirts and hats for resellers to sell, dick's sporkt goods will be opening early to get a jump on those sales. we don't have a line here in dublin of people waiting to get in. so it shouldn't be hard to get your hands on those shirts and hats, unless, of course, you already got your stuff last night. because dick's went ahead and stayed open late after the game so the really enthusiastic fans can jump in there and get those shirts and hats. these are the same western championship gear that the players were wearing after the game. these are special souvenirs, dove nation saying they are feeling very proud of thetee oie bay. last win oracle. let's do it. >> i work in a barn. it's usually p on. it's excited to watch warrior's
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play again. course, they're buying the championship gear for the western finals, they really look forward to the next series and the next round of tee shirts and hats, those hopefully will say the champions. we'll wait and see for that. now we fought the western championships to celebrate. to do that, dick's again will be opening at 7:00 this morning if you want to make a pit stop for work. >> thank you, amy. here's a look at what is next nor the warriors, they will face the winner of the eastern conference finals. that's either going to be the milwaukee bucs or the toronto raptors. the finals begin next thursday. >> that is may 30th. the warriors will travel for games one and two, the warriors will host games three and four at oracle arena on june 5th and 7th. tickets go on sale to the general public at 4:00 this afternoon. a recent new report finds male managers are afraid to meet one
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employees. >> tired of c? there is n what i to avoid traffic and public transit. >> a massive hack of instagram, millions of influencers and celebrities personal information exposed. and here's a look at live doppler 7 showing us light rain across the bay bridge over towards oakland and alameda, foothill boulevard getting
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. street level live doppler 7. you can see ralston after, east pal loal to, a -- palo alto, this is the way it looks from our exploratorium. it's wet right now. it will be all about getting wet. so prepare for that as that one light storm will spread some scattered showers around. you won't get wet all the time. some of us will not get wet at all. it will definitely be cool. 12-hour planner starting at 8:00. showers best through about noon and then a slight chance as you head into the afternoon hours, temperatures in the upper 50, in
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san francisco, our best chance through june, notice the winds picking up, the rain is moving sideways at 10:00 and none, mostly cloudy, mid or upper 50s, a chilly day. >> not good, mike, in the east bay, we have two major problems. we have a full closure just before caldecot tunnel. this is a sigalert. it is one collision but it's involving six-to-seven vehicles. this is right around wilder road. we are sending sky 7 to the scene. hopefully, it will give us a better idea. no good alternates through the stretch. either we will take the long way around southbound 680 or take bart for this morning. slipping over to our other major problem. this is westbound 80 in berkeley right at university. a multi--car collision only the far left lane is getting by. this is actually one of three crashes on westbound 80 coming
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from highway 4. >> that drive time up to one hour, 15 minutes to get to the maze. so not a good start on the roads today. maybe it's time to think about other transportation option, besides driving or taking bart, there is a new what i to commute. yeah, how about a helicopter? after a trial period, played is now offering the general public a chance to use its helicopter taxis in the bay area. this is promotional video and you can go to san francisco in about 30 minutes, the flight operates in the reverse direction in the afternoon, not cheap, though, played charges $195 each way. on a day like today, though, it might be worth it. >> wow. okay. does everyone look as beautiful as -- >> they're all going to the farmer's market or the most high powered board meeting of tear life. >> if you can afford to commute by chopper, you probably are doing okay.
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welcome back. millions of instagram influencers, celebrities and brands have all been exposed online. >> that is according to tech crunch, the website found a database hosted by amazon was left without a password allowing
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anyone to look inside as of yesterday afteoo they had 49 million record, it included public data and pub private contact information, e-mails and phonenumbers,t from a mumbai firm chater box, they pulled the information offline, it's not clear how many people accessed it before that all happened. back to you. >> thanks, jessica. a napa valley winery is suing over smoke tainted grapes. lev vinson vineyards filed against nationwide. the company filed a claim for more than a million dollars in damages after the 2017 north bay wildfires. the vineyard says that smoke tainted their grapes. nationwide rejected the claim. the insurance company has not commented on the lawsuit. "sesame street" highlighted a new muppet.
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carley, she is elmo's friend. in one clip her foster mum explains carley's mother is having a hard time. they are taking care of her temporarily. it's a initiative that provides free resources for providers and care givers and by the way, may is national foster care month. >> more than 60,000 california children in foster care, so important. you know. >> she looks really cute. green i thought had been reserved for oscar, i think? >> she is more of a key lime green. >> that's what brings the cuteness. >> we are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's go over to mike nikko. >> i want to take you to white. the soda springs. look at all that snow that continues to fall. look at that, a truck rolling through there. you can't stop walmart, can you? here's a look at radar, you can
6:18 am
see, once you get up to 55 feet, it turns over to snow and fresh powder. it's now snow-covered once again, we have scattered light showers coming through, dropped with a little rain and moving on, just nonchalantly, the rainfall about .10, you can see a little raintas t g diffused doesn't have that real strong line, that's when you know the rain is coming out of it. prepare for showers, showers taper, fog forms tonight. especially in the north bay valleys, the holiday weekend, ain't nothing warm about it. here's a look at 7:00. future radar, the showers continue through noorngs continueowep anng commute. 9:00 if you are out and about, have a coat, have the wet weather gear handy, you can see the clearing taking place, by 9:00, it's over, fortoday,
6:19 am
hydroplaning, especially during the morning commute. you notice, most of us less than a quarter of an couple of-hundr. that's how random it will be. the accuweather, no more storm impact after today, a slight chance of drizzle saturday. our coolest day after today. alexis. >> major problems, two of them in the east bay. let's take you back to one of our signature alesigalerts. it sounds like sensors deceiving there, definitely a solid line of red almost into lafayette. trust me, nobody is moving. chp gave us the update they are working to open up the three middle lanes. we have sky 7 on the way to the scenes. they should be there in the next few minutes. h a live look at that for you. back to our other major problem.
6:20 am
as you can see, still one lane getting by. this is a three-car collision. one is a fox truck. >> that is facing sideways. this has you at a parking lot from about cutting boulevard. one hour 10, 15 minutes there from quest bound 88 from highway 4 to get to the maze. boy, today is definitely a day to take mass transit or they your trip. >> or get in a helicopter? >> oh, yeah. >> exciting. this morning, pediatricians are warning you need ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson.
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prune juice. and feel good. well, we'll show you a little bit more of that snow that's still out there. >> that winter welts advisory about 5500 feet. it is continuing to snow there. as we look towards the holiday weekend, i want to bring you back home and show you it's not going to be warm. we have drizzles, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. memorial day, the sun will come out. it will be comfortable. upper 60s and 70s.
6:24 am
this is concerning. a new study finds half of male managers are afraid to be alone with female employees at work. serial sandberg says it's an unconstitutional consequence. it adds for equal pay for women. a study found 60% of male managers in the u.s. are afraid to have a one-on-one meeting with a female employee. they also hesitate to go to dinner with women. sapped berg says this hurts women's careers, fewer 'enare mentoring women. researchers are trying to figure out if three wills found at aretha ra franklin's house are authentic. >> her loved ones says she originally died without a will.k in 2013. it was found beneath a cushion in franklin's living ro were fo
6:25 am
inside a locked cabinet. this morning, pediatricss are warning kids aren't eating enough seafood, they say seafood consumption by children declined every year from 2007 since levels not seen in the 1980s doctors say fish and shellfish are in general good sources of low fat protein. they say one what i to get your kids to eat more seafood is to try different fish and rotate them. the study is published in the general pediatrics. we should point out there are some fish children should kip caesars is the latesto avoid fast food train to jump on the meat krasz, they teamed up to develop impossible sausage. californians itching to try the next creation will have to wait for a while. for now they're available in
6:26 am
washington, florida and new mexico. sorry, reggie, you have to wait. >> my friend used to work at little ceasars, they answered, little cease sars, how can i help ya, help ya? once you know that you can't unknow it. >> you can't unknow it. next at 6:30, day two of a teacher's strike in the east bay. >> another local parent charged in the college cheating scandal headed to court today. the major development we are expecting. i am following breaking news for you, an officer involved shooting in fairfield, we are awaiting new information here any moment now, i'll have an update from our live deck next. in the east bay, sky 7 over highway 24, where we did have all lanes blocked on the westboun l le middle lanes are opened. you are
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right now at 6:30, another threat in an east bay school, the warning going out to parents and how police are responding this morning. >> and at the live desk, te ovei trump'snances, the talk now about impeaching the president. plus the new study on fortnight, how the popular game can affect young player's brains. >> sky 7 is live over a major traffic alert, east lane, highway 24 is amess after a crash involving as many as nine vehicles and this is one of two major problems in the east bay. >> wow, nice. good morning on this tuesday, may 21st, it is now 6:30. we want to talk about what we have in store weather wise, mike. >> you can see it looks slick there is more to come. eighth one for today. as well as we will continue to have on and off showers all day,
6:31 am
breezy to gusty conditions, emeryville to castro valley you see a light shower, 880, 980, 13, all those areas in san mateo bridge, dunbarton bridge back to woodside. we have light rain. you can see the drops there, tarmac wet, delays, of course, a chance of showers from 7:00 to 7:00. actually all the way up to midnight. the thing i want you to know besides needing that umbrella. grab a jacket. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for highs today. let's get back to alexis and more on those accidents. >> this is in the arin da area vs he.lder, i have been trying we hky seeing a lot as well. most are off on the right
6:32 am
shoulder. we havepans back, you can see what an impact and if this your drive, you know there is no other alternate. this is basically your only route unless you take the really long way around and take 680 to 580. bart will be your best option or you can go ahead and delay your trip. we are down to the far left lane blocked at this point. so definitely a major problem looks like they've opened up some lanes there i'll talk about that next. another major story happening right now in fairfield. what we know is no officers were hurt, the suspect was injured. it all happened at clay bank road and horizon drive in
6:33 am
fairfield, expect to see a large police investigation. >> that has been going on the last hour. we have a reporter on the way to the scene right now. police said they would be giving us a media yuch date. meanwhile, police are increasing security at an east bay middle school after graffiti was found threatening the campus today. diablo vista middle school, it was found in the girl's bathroom yesterday afternoon. officials say there is no evidence to suggest credible. the san ramone school district said, quote, know we are taking this very seriously. we will keep you updated. we recognize that these situations are unsettling and we want you to know that the safety and students are our highest priority. a similar threat in san ramone prompted an fib physical investigation. now an abc 7 news live deck
6:34 am
update. >> this morning, at the live desk, i'm also watching the growing tension between the trump administration and congressional democrats. the house judiciary committee expects white house counsel don mcgahn to testify on the mueller investigation. he does not plan to appear at the request of president trump. the president is stonewalling his efforts for his business. i a rally in pennsylvania, yesterday, the president once again said there was no collusion. >> they all knew there was no collusion. i come to the great state of pacht and i say o i need some help, let me call, let's see, russia. let's call russia. it's the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on this country. the growing calls within the democratic party to start an impeachment inquiry against the president. house speaker nancy pelosi confronted by top democrats
6:35 am
yesterday, i want to note that i have been watching the president's twitter account this morning. he has not said anything this morning yet. back to you. >> okay. it's an early day, thank you, jess camps. a new development in the college bribery scandal. the chronicle report san francisco wine maker agustin francisco, huneeus. they say he paid $50,000 for a test proctor to improve his.'ss.a.t. scores and accused of bribing an official to get her on the u.s. po tea though she teacher's strike in the east bay is entering day two. they began picketing yesterday. leaders say about 20% of students showed up for classes, in other words, 80% of students were not in class. the teachers want a 10% pay hike
6:36 am
over the next two years. the district is offering a 1% raise and 3% bonus. san francisco, we have broken another record. this time it has to to with our salaries. >> we are in the green, up 154 points. another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. warriors fans are stocking up on team gear. we are live at one of the dick's sporting goods store, opening up a bit earlier than normal. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast? we like being winners? we're not tired of it? >> i don't think it ever gets old, rainfall nearly a quarter of an inch. we're looking to the quest. in fact, for the compute planner, caution because of the wet weather and the gusty breezes that are going to development here's a look at the south
6:37 am
look at these windows, 25 in half moon bay. 18 right now in oakland and they're going to get even faster starting at 9:00. they'll blow out of the west. putting the venetia bridge, golden gate bridge in a dire situation if it's wet and a cross wind like that. let's talk about the next 12 hours. you can see plenty of chances of rain and sunshine, notice the temperatures, mainly in the upper 50s for the better part of the day. near 60 from about 3:00. i'm say from noon to 4:00. for the east bay valleys, low- to mid-60s this afternoon. we can easily be in the 90s this time of the year. this is the least likely area to get rain today. in the south bay, chances of rain and sunshine, temperatures hovering around 60 this afternoon, well below average once again, that's kind of the theme for the holiday weekend. i will first bring alexis in. >> two major problems in the
6:38 am
east bay. i want to take you to two traffic alerts. this one has been here for factually an hour. we have four lanes blocked. only that far left lane continues to get by. westbound 80 at university and you can see why, a lot of damage done to the front edge e end of this box truck. we have not heard about the condition of the people inside there. it does sound like at least one other vehicle was involved in this crash. again one lane opened for close to an hour. >> that backup has merged with the typical delays almost all the way back to highway 12. about an hour and 15 minutes. dunbartop will be your best bet today. the metering lights are on at a very typical time today at about 5:20. no one's there, they're all stuck on westbound 80 in berky or highway 24. now flip over to our traffic maps, show you where that is as well, three lanes back opened,
6:39 am
wilder road, that is a sigalert. we had all lanes blocked for 10, 15 minutes, 16 miles per hour in lafayette, 6 miles in orinda. we'll be right back. do you know the if you way identity thieves are getting your private personal information? i'm michael finney, identity thieves are thought about doing tear dirty work all online, nowadays they come up with a new plan, they break into your house and look for your unpaid or for that matter paid bills. there they find your name, your social security number sometimes and your credit cashed numbers. now, they have a decision to make. do they just grab that paperwork and run out the door or do they stand where they are, grab their smartphone and take pictures of all your personal information? because if they do that, they just put the bills back where
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they found them and leave and you are none the smarter. then when your identity is ripped off, you don't know where they got the information, so be careful with your bi
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the people in oklahoma assessing damage this morning. look at this severe weather,
6:43 am
spawning tornadoes like this one outside oklahoma city, this is the damage 200 miles north. you can see the house just ripped to shreds. 70 million people in the mid-west and south are threatened by storms today a quick look at the storm reports. we had 25 tornado and three funnel clouds across kansas, missouri, oklahoma and texas. >> that will move off to the east. for us it's wet weather we are dealing with. have the kids ready for snown elevations, we still have that winter weather advisory until 8:00 this evening. remember this strip. this is all brown it's going to
6:44 am
be quite wet with showers and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. >> i have an update, officers were involved in the shooting about a few hours ago. it happened on claybank road and horizon road, police say they responded to the area about 210 after an alarm went off. that's where officers found a white male adult. they say he was walking in the area with what they say appeared to be a handgun. it led to a chase and then a shooting. it is unclear at this point who fired shots and how many officers were involved. no officers were jumped. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. the warriors are headed to the nba finals the doves secured that spot. >> they return home. take a look at the video, you can see them landing in oakland overnight. this morning local sporting
6:45 am
goods stores are opening early abc news reporter amy homilyfield is live in dublin. good morning, amy. >> hi, good morning. a few title means new gear and dick's sporting goods is opening early. 7:00 a.m. so eager fans can get a line on items. i am wondering everyone opened late. these are the same hats and returns dove nation wanting to wear the same gears the players. they say they are proud of tear team. >> i'm so happy. we did it, baby. we are going to the finals. we're over here again, the caps, again the shirts. we're doing it, baby, warriors,
6:46 am
let's go. >> warriors fans are obviously hoping for a championship shirts and hats. that's a little further down the road. now they are happy to collect their western championship items. and dick's is opening up pretty shouldn't here at 7:00 this morning, if up want to grab some stuff through your co-workers as we celebrate this great victory. >> thank you, amy. here's a look at what is next for the warriors. they will face the winner of the eastern conference finals that will be the milwaukee bucks or toronto raptors. they begin next thursday, may 30th. the warriors will travel for games one and two and host games thread and four at oracle arena and the tickets go on sale to the general public at 4:00 this afternoon. >> all right. now to a closer look at what fortnight can do to a child's brain. the game's creator says more than 50 million people play the game and the company doesn't
6:47 am
report hours played daily, some say they play for hours on end. neuroscientists in philadelphia conducted scans, one that plays the game and the other that doesn't, the one that played the game got a significant dopamine boost. it is associated with addiction. >> just because we see a dopamine line up in the gamer today. >> that doesn't mean they have an addiction. it's affecting the areas of the brain involved with that. we ultimately have to find out how they are doing a as a person. >> we have more coming up. gma starts at 7:00. . >> another retail chain is going out of business. >> dress barn will close all of its parent stores. they have not. it says it will focus on
6:48 am
profitable brand ann taylor and loft. san francisco has the highest salaries in the world. according to deutsche bank the average income is 6500 a month. in swdz, zurich, they have an average of 5900 a month. coin trade restrictions were eased temporarily we are seeing results of that this morning. >> we will take a look at the weather with mike innicco. >> let's look at the weather window, already signs things are changing a little bit from the overnight hours. we had 280 at 17, you can see the wet spots, but the later you what it to compute, the more likely it will be dryer. here's a look at the exploratorium calendar, we had .2 of an inch of rain. you can see rain south of hayward. here's theing a you can wheats
6:49 am
highlig weather -- accuweather highlights. pwarm this afternoon, this thursday and friday, right before the weekend when we're supposed to unofficially kick off summer. it will be cool. here's a look at marin, you can see right on 1, we got a nice shower there. loo it to moderate, shower in hayward. you can see it there on 238 and as you he ed to the san mateo bridge on the eastern side of it. from 7:00 all the way up to noon you can see the grey rainbows, 5:00, a few scattered showers. >> that will continue. here's the difference. here comes the cold air, the north bay clearing up. the rest of us clearing up
6:50 am
attorney general find yourd neighborhood. you see we stretch anywhere from a couple hundreths to more in fremont. if you go to the game, a potential for a shower. it may temporarily slow down. 6:45. look at that. we get back to spring, average warmth thursday and friday. then drizzle, breezy, 60s to start the holiday weekend. 60s and 70s by monday. alexis. >> all right. i've got here in the east bay. i want to take you to berkeley, sky 7 is at university 880. this is the crash involving the box truck. >> that has aton of damage on the front end. >> that cab is totally smashed in. this was facing the wrong way, sideways, since about 5:36 this
6:51 am
morning. they just the pushed that over to the shoulder. all lanes just opened up. so hopefully, that is going to improve this commute. you are backed up almost to highway 4 coming in from the hearing lease area. it is just a nty a a nasty backup. >> that is going to take us a long time to recover about an hour-and-a-half delay, so hopefully that will start to improve over within the next 30 minutes or so, if you are just about to leave, i would definitely stick to bart or just delay that trip if you can. we still have one lane blocked due to another major crash and a sigalert in orinda. at one point we have all lanes blocked as many as nine vehicles involved in this crash. you are backed up almost to 680. southbound 680s walnut creek in the green 9 minutes. we came down 51 minutes from wall net creek to highway 13. that's not good. bart will be your best option. westbound 580 to dublin, nothing
6:52 am
blocking there, you are in the red 55 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. if you are flying this summer, your night will be crowded. analysts predictoject 257.4 mil will fly. to compensate, airlines are added capacity. ticket price versus dropped to the lowest levels since fine 95 within they began keeping track. >> i
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
. time now is 6:55. he's are the seven things you need to know before you go, i will show you an empty bay bridge toll plaza, we have two sigalerts. westbound and berkeley, all lanes reopened, westbound 24 before caldecot, things are recovering from a nine-car crash there. >> before you make mad dash, notice it is slick out there, because of the showers you see on live doppler 7. temperatures in the 50 and 60s. number three a live look at interstate-80 at so that springs, a winter weather advisory is in effect until 8:00 p.m. some areas could see peaks at 15 inches. >> a man is in critical
6:56 am
condition after an officer involved shooting in fairfield, police were responding to a business burglary after 2:00 this morning when investigators say the suspect ran off, no officers were hurt. number 5, police are increasing security in danville after graffiti was found on campus threatening a shooting today, officials say there is no evidence to suggest the threat is credible. >> number 5, former white house don mcgahn plans to follow the president's orders. the house judiciary committee wants him to testify on the mueller investigation. the warriors are back home and abc 7 is the only place you can watch the nba finals next thursday. >> congrats to them and all their fans. >> i'm
6:57 am
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new warnings right now as severe weather slams the heartland.
7:00 am
tornadoes and flash floods pound the plains. >> holy smokes. >> at least 18 twisters reported and more than half a foot of rain is causing flooding. the rescues right now and the new alerts as we come on the air. ginger zee and rob marciano in the storm zone. breaking overnight, a new deadly plane crash in alaska. the same company involved in a deadly collision last week that killed six tourists. the investigation right now. overnight, president trump unleashed on the trail vowing to fight back against congress after taking a major blow in court. a judge orders trump's accountants to hand over his financial records.


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