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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 21, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the tornado coments ago. the state of emergency. that tornado threat in the hours ahead. at least 30 tornadoes reported already. where they're expecting them tonight. the system on the move. and the high water rescues playing out on live television. families saved. new watches and warnings up right now. rob marciano is live tonight. also tonight, the new images now emerging. officers responding to reports of an active shooter when the gunman enters a restaurant. customers running for cover. the suspect later opening fire on cars on the highway. just days after two planes collide in midair carrying tourists, tonight, another
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deadly crash. this time, the plane floub by one of the same companies. president trump's former aide, hope hicks, now subpoenas, but will she appear? today, former white house counsel don mcgahn was a no-show. and now speaker nancy pelosi, under growing pressure tonight, with all of these subpoenas being ignored, some democrats are now arguing for impeachment. the american fighter jets intercepting russian war planes off the coast of alaska. how russia is explaining this tonight. martha raddatz standing by. new allegations of sexual misconduct, this time at mcdonald's. the claims involving at least 20 cities. workers as young at 16. the great mystery involving the great white. the shark spotted just off the coast, not far from new york city. where they think the shark is tonight. and he's back. will he break the all-time record? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin with that state of
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emergency at this hour in missouri. reports of a confirmed tornado on the ground in that state just before we came on the air. tornado watches and flood alerts across several states tonight. it's already been a violent 24 hours. at least 30 reported tornadoes. this enormous one in okma. re tial rain on the way tonight. we watched today as emergency crews conducted water rescues on live television. this scene playing out in el reno, oklahoma. this whole system on the move tonight. we're also watching severe weather now in the forecast for the northeast. meteorologist rob marciano leads us off from oklahoma tonight. >> get that! >> reporter: tonight, tornadoes threatening the heartland as torrential rains submerge cars, forcing high water rescues. in el reno, oklahoma, first responders searching for the stranded, using high water vehicles to pull families from homes. some five feet in fast-moving
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water in spots. children carried to safety. parts of major interstate 40 under water. railroad tracks washed away. >> if you're seeing this, don't do this. just go around. just turn around, don't drown. >> reporter: in tulsa, firefighters pushing stranded cars as tornado sirens blare in the dark. and desperately racing to save a man pinned by a fallen tree. >> you're almost out! >> hole wiy smokes! just crossed the record. >> reporter: more than 20 reported tornados ripping across for states overnight. in magnum, oklahoma, several tornadoes touching down, this large one whipping up dust and debris, pulverizing everything in its path. you can see from the air these homes took a direct hit. look at this. can you imagine being in this suv when the storm came through? these windows completely brown out. it's a miracle that it wasn't completely tipped over. the storm flipping campers and mangling the grandstand at lucas oil stadium in wheatland, missouri. 11 people befowere injured ther.
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the grandstand a pile of twisted metal. and in dale, oklahoma, widespread destruction, the couple that lives here moved in yesterday. >> we got nowhere else to go now. we put all of our money into this house and now we're here. we got to figure it out. >> rob marciano with us live now, and rob, you're in oklahoma tonight, just incredible what we're seeing, the flooding there behind you. i know still a very active situation. where are you most concerned tonight? >> reporter: well, we're most concerned about the flood threat to ourastndhatinfouri. tost. loghornaars north. also in through kansas, a tornado warning there. coldir behind this and theodarns sevel tonight. that line of storms pushing through st. louis, gets into chicago and memphis by 7:00 a.m. it does weaken some tomorrow afternoon, but we'll have a severe weather component across the northeast on thursday, including new york and philly. and then another system drops into the plains thursday, as
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well. we certainly, obviously, don't need anymore rainfall. david? >> that's for sure. all right, rob marciano, thank you. we are also following alarming new images just in tonight from tulsa. officers responding to reports of an active shooter. in the video, the gunman then running into a restaurant. customers running for cover. and then opening fire later on cars on the highway. and here's abc's clayton sandell tonight. >> reporter: the radio call warns police, active shooter. >> got a guy shooting at 49th and peoria. that's not good. >> reporter: in newly-released body camera footage from may 10th, tulsa police speed to the scene, rifles ready. >> where is he? >> reporter: screaming draws the officer to a crowd fleeing a pizza shop. >> get out of the way! the cops are coming! >> reporter: but the suspect, 20-year-old derrec shaw, is nowhere to be found. >> we definitely have one person shot. looks like in the chin. >> reporter: a second person is >> reporter: shaw allegedly wounding two innocent bystand
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bystanders, then leaving the shopping center. >> where is he? >> right there! >> reporter: he's spotted running onto a nearby interstate. witnesses say he is now shooting at cars. >> hold traffic. hold traffic. he's got a gun. >> reporter: the officer takes aim and fires at shaw across six lanes of traffic. dodging speeding cars to make sure the threat is over. >> okay, suspect is down. stay on the ground! stay on the ground. let me see your hands! >> reporter: shaw was killed. his motive is unclear, but police said he'd been acting erratically earlier that night. both shooting victims survived. david? >> clayton sandell, thank you. next, to that deadly plane crash in alaska. a pilot and one passenger onboard, both killed. it comes just days after two planes collided in that same region, this time, the plane owned by one of the same companies. now, this new crash. the plane plunging into the water, then lifted onto a boat nearby. you can see its call letters and floats there upside down. tonight, that airline is grounded indefinitely. and here's abc's will carr.
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>> reporter: tonight, investigators in alaska trying to figure out what caused two separate deadly plot plane crashes both involving the same airline. on monday, the plane crashed just south of ketchikan, killing a pilot and passenger, sara luna. luna just posted on facebook, "my first time on a float plane." >> the plane was upziside down when i got there. and one of the captains of one of the boats out there was holding onto it, and towed it to the beach. >> reporter: six others died when two sightseeing planes carrying cruise ship passengers collided near ketchikan. we got an up-close look at the wreckage last week. you can see the boats that are flipped upside down. they are jutting out of this ice cold water. tonight, the ntsb is invet gaiting both incidents. >> we're really too early in the investigation of the one that
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happened yesterday and the midair collision to know whether there's any theme here that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: david, taquan airlines briefly stopped flying after last week's crash. tonight, the faa tells us the company has indefinitely suspended its operation. david? >> all right, will, thank you. meantime, we have also learned tonight four u.s. fighter jets intercepted six russian military aircraft off the coast of alaska. tonight, how russia is now explaining this, and here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: it is the first time russian aircraft have come near alaska since january. four russian bombers and two fighter planes intercepted by american warplanes. u u.s. f-22s in two separate encounters. the russian aircraft never leaving international air space. >> they're very gradual rendezvous where the intercepting airplanes come up alongside the russian bombers, russian fighters and slowly escort them out of u.s. airspace.
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>> reporter: u.s. warplanes do the same kind of surveillance off russia's coast or its border. we were part of a ten-ship fighter exercise along the border with estonia. but the russian resp can be this one over the black sea, can be far more provocative and dangerous. sometimes within feet of u.s. aircraft. >> and martha raddatz with us live tonight from our washington bur rope. and martha, the russian ministry of defense out with a response about this incident tonight, saying it was a scheduled mission? >> reporter: it was, david. the russians acknowledging they were escorted by u.s. fighters, but making a point of saying they were in neutral air spas during their 12-hour flight and making the point that these aircraft can carry strategic weapons. david? >> all right, martha, thank you. now, to the showdown on capitol hill tonight over obstruction of justice. house democrats issuing a new subpoena tonight to former top white house aide hope hicks. of course, the question, will
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she comply? former white house counsel don mcgahn was a no-show at a house hearing today, after the president insisted he not testify. and with all of these subpoenas now being ignored, house speaker nancy pelosi is facing new pressure tonight from some democrats who argue, if they're going to ignore subpoenas, then democrats must move ahead with impeachment. abc's mary bruce on the hill again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, house democrats issuing a subpoena for one of the president's closest aides, former communications director hope hicks. she was by the president's side throughout the campaign and his first year in office. but will she testify? the president is fighting the democrats' requests at every turn. >> our subpoenas are not optional. >> reporter: today, democrats had hoped to hear from former white house counsel don mcgahn. instead, they were faced with this empty chair. the president instructed mcgahn to defy their subpoena. >> this committee will hear mr. mcgahn's testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it. >> reporter: the democrats are also struggling to get special counsel robert mueller to
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testify. we are told mueller is reluctant to enter the political fray. justice department officials have proposed that mueller deliver a public opening statement, but only answer questions behind closed doors. is that going to cut it? >> no, that's not acceptable. this is an issue of urgent national significance, and bob mueller should tell his story fully and completely to the american people in public. >> reporter: fed up, democrats are now clashing over what comes next. on the hill last night, a tense meeting. house speaker nancy pelosi facing growing calls to start impeachment proceedings. >> what we need to do is at least be on that track and at least be in the process of impeachment. >> reporter: how do you think that message is being received by party leadership? >> not real well. >> reporter: not real well? >> yeah. >> reporter: pelosi is now caught in the middle. she has said house investigators should follow the facts. but she's also concerned
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impeachment could drown out democrats' agenda heading into the 2020 election. >> are you under increased pressure to impeach the president from your caucus? >> no, no. >> reporter: a simple answer there. mary bruce with us up on the hill. and mary, after a contentious meeting last night with fellow democrats, we know not everyone agreed in that room, peopler pelosi is now calling for another meeting tomorrow mo morning? >> reporter: yes, david, and this will be a chance for democrats to blow off some steam and for pelosi to tell stay the course. and she'll be sitting down with the president to discuss infratruck sure and he continues to insist that democrats are simply unwilling to accept the mueller report. he says they just want a do-over. david? >> mary, we'll see you tomorrow night. next tonight, new cases of sexual misconduct, this time against mcdonald's. 25 cases of sexual harassment at work. at least 20 cities involved. one worker only 16 at the time. what they claim happened.
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and here's abc's linsey davis tonight. >> reporter: the golden arches under fire tonight. hundreds taking to the streets today, their mouths taped nd clear. workers in 20 cities filing more than two dozen lawsuits or complaints against both the mcdonald's corporation and indelawaind independe independently-owned restaurants, saying they were sexually harassed while on the job. multiple women say once they reported the behavior they faced retaliation, in some cases fired. some of those workers as young as 16 years old at the time. jamelia fairley, who works for a corporate-owned location, says she was sexually harassed by two coworkers on multiple occasions. >> they also cut my hours pretty much, so, i'm working seven hours per week now, i used to work 25 hours. so, it's making it impossible for me to feed my daughter or have child care. >> reporter: mcdonald's is one of the most iconic brands in the world. the company and its independent franchises employ nearly 2 million workers in more than 100
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countries. while mcdonald's has long maintained that they are not responsible for workplace harassment at independently-owned restaurants, mcdonald's ceo shared this letter with abc news outlining the company will be rolling out training for front-line employees and franchise operators and immremeplementing complaint hotline. sexual harassment claims in the restaurant industry are pervasive. according to the harvard business review, as many as 90% of women in the industry said they experienced some form of sexual harassment. david? >> linsey davis tonight, thank you. in other news across the country today, abortion rights advocates rallied to protest the wave of states passing strict new abortion limits in recent days. more than 400 events were planned at state houses and courthouses in all 50 states, from the steps of the supreme court to the capitals of the midwest, the south and the west coast. thousands of women and men saying they will take this issue to the ballot box. dly there is still much more ahead on w"world news tonight"
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tuesday. the great mystery on that great white. the shark spotted not far from new york city. so much interest, the website crashing for a time. it is back up tonight. and where they think that shark is. that's coming up here in a moment. also, the collision on the tracks. the deputy waiting for one train to pass, unbelievable, then hit by a second train coming from the other direction. and this just in ilenand on, where their father had to make that difficult decision whether to leave them behind to get help. and look at these pictures. a lot more news ahead on a tuesday night. tuesday night. stay tuned. hey, that baker lady's on tv again. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident. covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters.
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3:48 pm
for memorial day weekend. >> have common sense, don't swim out into the middle of the food chain. go to an area of water where it's a little quieter. >> reporter: interest so high, the website that tracks cabot crashed several times today. it was also the most popular google search at one point. the spike fueled by recent shark attacks in the northeast. on fire island, suer, but >> w. ge rep there was this >> reporter: and tragedy also striking cape cod, a 26-year-old man died last september, the first shark attack fatality there in 82 years. >> i sprinted back up the beach, screaming like a line iunatic, g call 911, there's been a shark attack. >> reporter: scientists say warmer waters and more fish to feed on account for the increase in shark populations along the coast. cabot is nearly ten feet long and wakes over 500 pounds, and researchers say he's still growing. >> and gio benitez reporting
3:49 pm
from a boat off long island. i know there's a lot of interest in the shark's location. that tracking website crashing. i want to show everyone at home this map. it was last night here they thought the island sound. then they weren't absolutely sure because they had pinged that it was off the south shore of long island.reless, a lot o e goin it's just too close for comfort. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, david. and you know, this website appears to be up and running, at least for now. i was able to pull it up on my phone and cabot the shark is apparently just scout of hampton bays right now, according to that website. no doubt a lot of people are going to be checking it this memorial day weekend, david. >> all right, for folks that want to track this, hit us with the name of that website? >> so, it's >> gio benitez, thank you. when we come back here, the new headline tonight involving o.j. simpson. also, the "jeopardy!" champ the back tonight. then, more on those children stranded overnight on a mountain. their father had to leave them
3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
the morning. though that scare on the tracks in midland, texas. a deputy waiting at the crossing -- wow, for a train to pass, blindsided by that second train coming from the other direction. the suv taking a direct hit. the deputy was treated for only minor injuries. there is news tonight about aretha franklin. a lawyer says three handwritten wills were discovered in her home, including one found under the couch cushions. the detroit free press tonight is reporting the contents, reporting she gave great thought to her finances and wanted her four sons to be treated equally. her comments described as affectionate, a hearing is scheduled for next month. and news tonight involved s. the buffalo bills will issue his number 32 to a new player. the bills say sinorice perry will get simpson's number if he makes the team. when we come back here tonight, "jeopardy!" james is back tonight, and who's rooting him on, right here.
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finally tonight, he's still going. >> right. >> reporter: he's back. 34-year-old "jeopardy!" james returning after a two-week hiatus. >> he holds the top 12 spots in the most money won in a sing p episode of "jeopardy!." he's good. >> reporter: no debating that. last night, james winning his 23rd consecutive game. >> $89,229 and now, a new total. >> reporter: $1,780,237. >> james? >> what is c.s. lewis? >> right. >> reporter: and tonight, he is just one spot behind ken
3:58 pm
jennings. >> ken? >> what's the trojan horse? >> reporter: ken writing in "the washington post" over the weekend, i'm the only person alive who knows first-hand how difficult it is to do what holzhauer is doing, and that's why i'm rooting him own. to break his own record. >> no one would be more excited than me if that were actually going to happen. >> reporter: "jeopardy!" james going for 24 straight wins tonight. we'll see tonight. thank you for watching here on a tuesday evening. i'm david muir. of course, i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
3:59 pm
good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> a powerle display today, a show of force by women protesting new laws in states like georgia and alabama that restrict or seek to ban abortion. >> i want you to take a look at this striking image we saw at several protests. women dressed as the characters from the popular show, the hand maid's show. where women are treated as property of the state with no
4:00 pm
control over their own bodies. no reproductive rights. there was a strong display with dozens in the costumes. now, a similar rally that took place in san francisco in front of city hall. there were not quite as many women in the costumes. the message was the same. >> we cannot let them take our fundamental right to control our bodies. >> the idea that they would outlaw this basic human right to women is just simply outrageous. so if that i had conversation today, i think i would rewrite it. out of my way. >> strong statement there. and this is a rally in san francisco. it was one in oakland, about chanted protect our rights outside the grand lake theater. some held up signs saying not
4:01 pm
again. one woman held up a coat hanger. she said it was to represent the danger women face if it forced to seek out


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