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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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dozens in the costumes. now, a similar rally that took place in san francisco in front of city hall. there were not quite as many women in the costumes. the message was the same. >> we cannot let them take our fundamental right to control our bodies. >> the idea that they would outlaw this basic human right to women is just simply outrageous. so if that i had conversation today, i think i would rewrite it. i would say get the [ bleep ] out of my way. >> strong statement there. and this is a rally in san francisco. it was one of several we saw in the bay area today. in oakland, about 100 women chanted protect our rights outside the grand lake theater. some held up signs saying not again. one woman held up a coat hanger. she said it was t represent the
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danger women face if it forced to seek out clandestine abortions. most protesters couldn't say they still had to fight for abortion rights nearly 50 years after roe versus wade have been decided. the raging grannies, they call themselves, a pretty sizable crowd gathered at the intersection. they are known for putting on colorful protests, complete with outfits to call attention to hot button issues. they frequently sing and hold creative signs as part of their protests. >> homelessness is one of many issues as part of efforts to build a better bay area. and there's new proof that more needs to be done. >> of the five who already report results, only one saw the numbers go down. contra costa, alameda, san
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francisco and santa clara, all saw double digit increases. >> we have team coverage on the homeless situation. many homeless wind up overnight. we begin live in oakland. >> that's right. and i know many of you out there are saying not enough task forceful but that is what the governor of california announced today. he said this is different. this will have a more hands-on approach and it is time to get to work. governor newsom toured a transitional homeless central in oakland. why this one called the robinson center? because it is seeing results. 88% of those who go through here have found permanent homes and a job. >> the only thing we have in common is homelessness. we come from different back grounds. >> the state of california has
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never had a homeless plan. it has been nowhere to be found. >> $1 billion to fight homelessness is now in the may budget revision. and today came the announcement of a task force led by a los angeles supervisor and sacramento mayor darrell steinberg. >> we're going on hit the road beginning june or july. so we're going to start traveling the state, exactly as the governor has asked. >> the man is to identify program working and implement them in other places. >> this group is going out in the next few months. i want to see the dollars reflected in some of what they've identified. >> the oakland mayor knows what her city will do. >> by the end of the year, going to help us nearly double our shelter capacity. >> that would mean the number of
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shelter beds here in oakland would go from 834 to just a little more than 1,600 by december of this year. live in owing. abc7 news. >> san francisco international airport has back magnet for homeless people looking for a warm, safe shelter. they come by way of b.a.r.t. into the airport terminal. this is an issue that police are trying to deal with. live at sfo with a story you'll see only on 7. >> police believe many of the shop historying cases and baggage thefts are linked to transients coming in on b.a.r.t. >> do you have any place to go? >> no, not now. >> michael is 32. one of many home has people who come to the airport to find
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shelter. a comfortable warm, safe environment to bed down for the night. most police say come on b.a.r.t. it is at the international terminal. they said it is for the traveling public. >> it is not what we want to offer our passengers. >> the police are trying to stop their migration. >> one of the ways we're doing it is by increasing our enforcement at b.a.r.t. >> beth says there are many places for them to hide. >> since i work in the international terminal, i would know where the nooks and crannies are. >> when we were at sfo for a day, we had no problem finding homeless people wandering around. >> necessary charge of the airport bureau. he suggested we neat last b.a.r.t. train of the night. the train that comes into the airport at 1:40 a.m. the passengers mostly homeless.
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>> it is generally a large group. between 20 and 30 people. and it happens every night. >> here we are waiting for the last train to hear if what we hear is true. about who is on it. about 15 minutes before the train came, the b.a.r.t. officers arrived. then a group of sfpd officers positioned themselves at the station doors that led to the terminal. the 1:40 arrived right on time. the b.a.r.t. cops went into the train as some passengers disembarked. a few were airport workers on the overnight shift. more and more came out from the train as the b.a.r.t. officers swept each car. a fare evader was caught. he asked him and others if they had may not tickets.
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he said sfo policies allowed them to be at the airport between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the duty officers said 15 transients were on the train of the they were all greete by them. >> where they can and go get shelter, food. we give them bus tickets. >> they took each one to a bus stop which operates all night long. one of those escorted complimented police. >> they're kind enough to give the homeless people tokens to get to where their destination is. >> it was another routine night. >> again, that train we met on that night had about 15
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transients. police tell us that was a slow night on a rainy cold night, that figure jumps to 30, 40 or more. >> before you go, we heard the chief talking about the resorts that his officers are giving them. it is fascinating that this is a noticely occurrence that most of his no idea about. how many of those folks that need this help are really big to accept it? >> well, again, police tell us that they give these resource literature information to those who want to accept it. they didn't tell us how many but you can probably imagine that not a lot of them accept it. one of the program they refer them to is an add cassy ground troop called life moves. it is an advocacy groups to shelter, drug rehab programs,
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such as that. they tell us they are trying to line with other groups that they could have with the same kind of help. >> we want to hear youred of join our facebook group of it's really easy to do. >> let's turn to the weather. there's a live look outside from our exploratorium cameras. the shot on the left looks rather ominous, i would say. >> in this case, the weather's bark is worse than its bite. we have a few scattered showers. may notally south and east of the golden gate. union city drifting toward pleasanton. san mateo down belmont.
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a few light showers there into the south bay. sunny veil, santa clara, some height showers. the widely scattered showers in the southern, eastern portion. we expect scattered, widely scattered showers. maybe some brief down pours. we expect it all to be over by the time the morning commute begins of the. >> already. thank you. a suspected burglar was critically injured by police overnight. officers responded to a burglar alarm. they said he took off running of after a short police chase, they fired at the man. a controversial raid on a free answer journalists' home and office.
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the vi shows police officers using apply bar and a sledgehammer during may 10th raid. he was handcuffed for officers as they searched his property. into the league of a police report about the defender. he shot video, obtained the police report, and then sold them to abc7 news as well as other tv stations. that raid has been heavily criticized by first amendment organizations and journalists as well. they say that raid was conducted with the california shield law which protected journalists from search warrants. they could thnfiscate it. >> you have leads. all kinds of things in your laptops. that was all gone. >> in the raid they confiscated laptops and other news gathering gear. they also sought to unseal and
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revoke the warrants but judge fang did not rule on those matters today. an attorney for the police department said they'll fight those motions. right now, san francisco police william scott is addressing it at a news conference. chief scott just announced that he is under investigation for possibly conspiring with a member of the police department. in the theft of the police report in this case. we had not mattered until just now. dan is at the news conference, along with the chief. it seems like ride shares are taking over in the bay area. now there is a new effort to stem the tide. it could end up costing you. >> plus, fighting cyber crime. what you need on protect your privacy? plus, a former cyber criminal. >> and the warriors are back home after the sweep last night.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. . a ballot measure for san francisco. under the proposal, it would have a 3.5% surcharge on all individual rides that originate in san francisco. shared rides and rides in electric vehicles would be taxed at 1.5%. riders would faye surcharge. it needs on support of six supervisors to be placed on the november 2019 ballot. >> as you know, cyber crime is a growing problem. the question is what can you do to protect your privacy online?
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our guests are host of the podcast, the online frog cast. charrise has worked to help prevent payment fraud. and creating the first dark net forum for buying and selling credit cards. crime doesn't pay? why are you here? it will get you seven 1/2 years in princess. >> that's what you did? seven and a half years in prison? >> how did you end up together? >> i was on staff for the expo, the organization that we're speaking at as key notes tomorrow. and part of my job was finding key note speakers.
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and i had always had it on my unicorn list that i wanted a former cyber criminal. but most don't ever become former cyber criminals. because crime does pay in the short term quite a bit. he reached out to me on linkedin. i thought it was quite gutsy of him to do that. and i was the first person to hire him to speak at an event. then we became unlikely friends. i've been to lots of key notes. >> why are you here today? >> we are actually, we are the key notes at the expo. >> it is a material. it means any transactions when the credit card is not physically present. so online mobile over the phone orders. and really, the merchant is responsible for when credit card
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fraud happens online. the bank isn't the one paying you back. it is the online merchant of we have hundreds of ecommerce companies. a lot of them are from the bay area. a big reason why we are in the bay area this year at the marriott marquis for the next two days. it is a lot of ecommerce talking about best practices and online fraud prevention. >> they don't have to pay us back our money. what should we do so we don't have our money taken? >> there are three things. >> the point is toot be the lowest hanging fruit on the tree. the credit of every person in the house. children are the number one victims of identity theft. 25% will be a victim. freeze the credit of every person in the house. second, monitor all accounts.
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the only thing a credit freeze does is it stops all account fraud. the third thing, we all use the same password across multiple websites. we all do. i suggest the solution for that right now is to use a password manager. it takes that out of your hands. it picks your passwords for you. it will change the passwords for you as well. i don't care what password manager you use. passwords, monitor accounts, freeze credit. >> what are the red flags? >> for the consumers? >> yes. >> definitely if there is suspicious activity on your credit card account. maybe you are looking at your email and you get a weird email saying your purchase is confirmed and you didn't get a
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purchase. or you can't access your social media account or your account with amazon or netflix or something like that. chances are, what is probably happening is that someone has gotten ahold of your password and taken it over. it just happened to my college roomate's husband two weeks ago. his graham account got taken over. he didn't have a security password. he didn't use a password manager. he would use on it multiple accounts of he no longer had access to his instagram account. >> there you go. you've been warned. >> thank you so much. >> i understand what he's saying. one, two, three, four, five, it has work so well for me. >> and people are hacking into your accounts as we speak. >> usual c santa barbara did
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that already, draining my accounts. >> unsettled is a perfect description. bear with me. at the moment, we have widely scattered light showers. there are some brief heavy down pours out there. and the wind is quite gusty and you can see that virtually all of our showers are south and east of the golden gate. much more wide over the sierras. thunderstorms broken out this afternoon. it is really messy over there. we have the win weather advisory. >> we expect the storm to wind it down. this is looking out over san francisco where it is quite dreary looking. 56 in the city. 58 across the bay in owing. santa cruz, 58 and 59 at half
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moon bay. high mid level clouds and flashing of sunlight coming through. currently 61 degrees at santa rosa. 65 in vacaville. and concord, 65, 58 in livermore. these forecast features. scattered showers will ten through part of the overnight period. we're hoping for some clearing by monday, memorial day. 35-mile-per-hour gusts at novato. very wendy all around the bay area. widely scattered showers can be expected with the possibility of some brief down pours. the pattern of scattered showers will continue into the late night. and overnight hours.
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it stars to clear out. a couple of isolated showers. that's about it. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. upper 50s and low 60s to the coast where it will be quite windy to upper cities right around the shoreline. nothing has been very average so far this week. we'll get a string of mostly sunny days. upper cities around the by a. there's a trans of showers. it looks like monday might start to warm up and it could be mostly cloudy. even though we get a string of subby days coming. it is still an unsettled
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pattern. >> this is no laughing matter. san francisco gets serious about saving a long time comedy club. >> plus, remember new coke? people thought it was bad coke? if you thought it was gone f listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need.
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manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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. comedian dave chappell today was joined by other comics and city officials, trying to save the punk line. the comedy club has called its financial district location home for the last 47 years. the supervisor says he google plans to move in after the lease expires in august. he said he plans to introduce election to rezone that area for entertainment in an effort to keep the punch line in its present location. he said he's had many career
4:27 pm
defining moments. >> it was the last place i saw robin williams arrive. it was the place i found out i was having my first kid. every milestone went through that club. >> many comedians all took stage at punch line before they became famous. the celebrity chef jammy oliver is closing shop on his british empire. he said it is being put into bankruptcy protection. rising rent, wages, food costs, along with changing shopping habits and brexit all combined to force the bankruptcy. only 3 of his 25 around will remain open. his international restaurants will continue to operate. >> coca-cola is bringing back new coke. the third season of the show
4:28 pm
takes place in 1985. the same year the new coke debuted. it flomd. it was pulled off store shelves within months. new coke came back as coke 2 and sold as some other places but consumers did not like the new taste of the enk basketball. coca-cola said reprising the drink helps them not take themselves too seriously. >> i don't remember coke 2. do you remember that? >> no. but i remember the new coke bombing. more problems for those who survived the wildfires.
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. . here are the stories making headlines. rallies took place across the bay area. a show of force of women protesting the abortion changes. most said they could not believe they had to fight for abortion rights nearly 50 years after abortion rise with roe v. wade were decided.
4:32 pm
they said we have work to do. >> the san francisco police department is returning all equipment and notes seized in a raid on brian carmody's home ana office. abc7 news reporter dan will have all the details on abc7 news at 6:00. 17 months cynic the north bay fire storms and new costs keep coming up for people trying to rebuild their homes. they santa rosea neighborhoods, sidewalk replace many has become an issue. >> let's just take a look down the sidewalk. take a look. the writing on the walls, the cracks. they have become an afterthought but not anymore. the story begins. the front yards of burn victims. it passes through santa rosa and goes directly to fema in
4:33 pm
washington. >> if you appreciate jigsaw puzzles, you may feel right at home. they're a patch work of black top, cracks like canyons, with weeds popping through. and they're the stuff of headaches. >> just one more thing. another expense that we were not anticipating. >> i really did not know i would be on the hook for the sidewalk. >> they could be on the hook for a combined $1 million in sidewalks. because the city ordinance says they own them. even after fema's debris removal crews ruined the sidewalks during the clean-up. fema has returned re fused to pay for the damage so far. jason nut runs public works. he has appealed once and now he's doing it again. >> they were in a hurry. in some cases, they might not have been as careful.
4:34 pm
they are alread massively undersured. >> wlaming is hard. we have a reality here. that's the way i look at it. >> there are options if the city wins the second appeal to fema. they will ask homeowners for photographic proof that fema document the dang. >> we documented over the top of the sidewalk. >> to prove it, you need a picture of before and after. we don't have that. >> the good news, the city may have pictures on record. >> we didn't think it would turn out this way on the federal level. >> it is one more thing among all the other one more things that keep on coming. >> just another issue that we have to deal with. >> so they are dealing with it. they have to pay for the fema
4:35 pm
clean up. they will use those funds for sidewalk repair. you will see a release from the city that explains in it better detail than i go in a few seconds. >> the state would expedite housing for certain housing prongs. roughly 50,000 people were displaced by that november fire. >> california is suing the trump administration from canceling nearly a billion dollars in funding for t state high speed rail project. they revoked the plans last week. the governor said the move is illegal. it is being built to run in the central valley.
4:36 pm
16 million americans are in the severe storm zone tonight. it now moves east. >> the sun is starting to come out. in some of the hardest hit areas. >> nerve-racking as floodwaters leave vehicles stranded and unundates homes. >> that's the most water i've seen here in a long time. >> first responders puck people to safety including this woman and three children. strong currents almost sweeping that rescuer away. the storm system sending damaging hail, pounding down. and spawning at least 25 reported tornadoes across oklahoma, texas, kansas, and missouri. >> holy smokes! >> several touching down in oklahoma. ripping this farm to shreds.
4:37 pm
damaging and destroying homes. >> we had no idea. >> north of oklahoma city, they are seen churning side by side. another tornado touching down accepting debris flying. >> incredibly, there are no serious injuries report. the severe weather threat is moving east with at least ten states now under flood alert. >> the national park service is expecting a busy memorial day weekend at yosemite. rangers are encouraging visitors to arrive in the park before 9:00 in the morning or after 5:00 in the afternoon. once inside, they are urged to park in the established lots and then use free shuttle buses to get around. all camp frounds are sold out for the weekend. bad news for those visitors hoping to hike half dome.
4:38 pm
the cables will remain down through may 30 ths because of snow, ice, as well as other hazards. the man behind some of the most iconic buildings in the world length a hand to bay area students. >> plus, a special honor for a visionary. the clouds look dark and dreary. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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sn a very special honor. alonzo king. thank you for joining us. you're going to receive an honorary doctorate from the julie yard school along with rita moreno. thank you for being here today. tell us about this honorary doctorate. when did you find out you were going to get it? >> i found out about a month ago. the president of juilliard said would you accept this? >> would you? let me think about it. >> were you just shocked? >> i was really surprised and great. . when i was a kid, i used to go to scoot to the american ballet which was in the juilliard building. we used to share spaces. now they have separate buildings. it is a cycle returning. it is a great honor. it is one of the most prestigious schools in terms of art in the world. >> it certainly is very deserving. you have been called a visionary
4:42 pm
choreographer. how did you get your start? >> i began as a kid. i was always moving. my mother was an amateur attentioner. she would teach me things and i would never stop. >> what makes your work unique? >> i think what makes anyone's work is being themselves. there is nothing do you know than to be yourself. there are many people who are oraniginals are being themselves. >> what would you say for some words of advice? >> i think it is important that you love it. that it takes a while to begin to work, that you can stand against any negative criticism by knowing this is mine.
4:43 pm
it is mine from my own perspective, my own experience, and then to think you're going to bring something to it. that is unusual because it is you. >> something to contribute. >> can we look for anything new from you? we're having a premier with jason duran and the legendary charles lloyd. >> so when can people expect that? >> i don't think the exact dates with me. >> hopefully we'll get those. >> that would be great. >> thank you so much for coming in. congratulations to you. you certainly deserve it. >> i like. that be yourself because everybody else is already taken. >> the storm is winding down.
4:44 pm
still, though, it ranks one on the storm impact scale. for the remainder of tonight and the early morning hours, we may see some widely scattered showers. strong gusty winds from time to time. overnight, look for temperatures to right around 50. by midday, the showers should be fine. we'll have mostly sunny skies. by the afternoon, lure for highs in the upper 60s near the coast and low to mid 70s inland. here's the seven-day forecast. you can see a string of that three mostly sunny days. wednesday, thursday, friday. the clouds will increase of giving us a slight chance of showers. it doesn't look very great at the moment. we'll get to a sunnier pattern next week. we keep hoping for a sunny pattern next week and then something develops and there we
4:45 pm
go again. >> the warriors are home after winning the western conference finals. how you can get your hands on some warriors gear just in time for the finals. >> plus,
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4:48 pm
the warriors are heading back to the nba finals, fifth year in a row. that's back-up central kevon looney. he was great last night. hosting the western conference trophy over his head. they come one a spectacular sweep over the portland trail blazers next stop, the finals in nine days. >> nice. >> you might expect doves fans are now scrambling to get their nba finals gear. one more opened the doors early to make it happen. >> here's a look at all the excite many. >> desk's sporting goods stores opened early for devoted warriors fans. they didn't really need to. only a few customers took advantage of the 7:00 a.m. opening. >> i thought i'll run down and it will be crowded. i walked in the door and he goes oh, no, you're it. >> it turns out dove nation
4:49 pm
couldn't wait to get their hands on the gear. they shopped last night and dick's stayed open late to handle the crowds. it paid off to get there right away. this morning the shoppers couldn't find everything they want. >> my husband said can you go down in the morning and see if you can get me a hat? they sewed out last night. >> they had the black hat but he wanted the gray one. >> you know, those things that they collect over time. the fifthier in the final. it is remarkable to keep collecting them. >> a men's shirt and two women's shirts. >> they had no problem stocking up. they said they know this is not the big title but they want it as insurance in case this is it.
4:50 pm
anything do happen. i want to by this and they'll keep buying if they keep winning. >> will you come back? >> of course. absolutely. >> here is the shirt on came. if you have to have that hat, check before you go. abc7 news. >> the second time in three seasons. the first time came in the first round in 2017. they became the first team on overcome the 15-point deficits in three straight conference finals games. steph curry celebrated with his 10 mold son cannon who like older sister riley before him,
4:51 pm
stole the show after a big warriors victory. the warriors will be only the secretary team. they did it with bill russell leading the way 1959 to 1966. the warriors will have to wait a found days before they signed out who they will meet. they lead to toronto raptors 2-1 in the eastern conference finals. they're playing in game four. it is, kevin durant has a strained calf. iguodala is coming back from a strained quad. we're waiting for an update. the last thing you need to know. you can watch the finals starting next thursday right here exclusively on abc7.
4:52 pm
>> it translates to more than 6,500 a month. san francisco also has the highest addition posable income. about $4,700 a month after rent. a jerel an investment company is behind this new surfaye. it looked at the living standards. it says this 84, san francisco unseated zurich for highest monthly salary and disposable income. keep in mind, these figures are averages. >> from salaries to bills, at least a third of americans have missed at least one bill payment. some missed two to three payments year. more than a third surveyed said they don't want to talk about money because they're embarrassed about their finances. >> it will be a businessy summer travel season.
4:53 pm
from june to august, more than a quarter of a billion passengers are expected to travel on u.s. airlines. there's some good news. inflation adjusted air fares dechinld for a fourth consecutive year. it is down almost 16% from 2019. and more people are traveling to find out about their an assess truly roots. air bnb has teamed one 23 and me to offer heritage travel experience. they allow people to explore their native countries and couple urs. air bnb says most have found such trips to be more valuable than a normal vacation. >> the man behind some of the most iconic buildings in the world. up next, how frank geary is lending his genius to some local elementary school students. new accusations from workers in a major fast food chain. new, the sexual harassment of
4:54 pm
dozens of mcdonalds employees say they faced. paying to get his daughter into usc is paying toni
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. today a special visit to an east palo alto elementary school. >> it is part of a statewide arts program he co-founded. and as we continue to talk about ways to build a better bay area, educators tell us this is certainly one of them. these students are about to be in for a very special treat. in fact, as 10-year-olds, they probably don't realize how special. >> he built a lot of -- he's an architect. >> the architect is taking over. the man known for designing some of the most iconic buildings including the concert hall in l.a., and in menlo park, he is asking these kids to dream up a building of their own.
4:58 pm
>> we're going to build the courthouse. >> it brings arts to underserved schools. >> i found if i got them involved with making things. once they got into it, you could teach a lot like math. >> in this class, the students have ideas. >> we're making city hall. >> we're going to build a school. >> we're making -- >> wait. frank geary's chicken? >> what do you think of frank's chicken. >> we should build more. >> 60% of the students are homeless. the principal says turn around arts, now in 27 schools across the state, has made a huge difference. >> the scores have increased. suspensions have greatly reduced. >> it shows a little art goes a
4:59 pm
long way. >> the way he has those kids bull their models is the same way they design their own buildings. >> thank you for joining us. >> a push to save the hedge endary comedy club from being displaced by google. >> more efforts to solve the homelessness issue. >> plus -- >> protesting to stop the
5:00 pm
>> you can't just put it in another rule. it is special. >> big names gather to push to save the punk line comedy club.. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. a san francisco supervisor has a three-part plan to protect the club >> have you ever been to a press conference health by comedians? it is basically half a joke with a punch line of truthful that's what happened when many comedians rallied to save the punch line today. >> tune in to the news and find out how local comedians are getting together to save the punch line. >> in this case, the punch line is an actual place where up and coming comedians perform


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