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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we have reached the point in santa rosa where a lot of the big stuff has been taken care of. now they need to think about the stuff they never considered before, like sidewalks. they were an afterthought. they assumed the city of santa rosa would fix them but it's technical, they can't. this begins on the front yard of burn victims and depose all the way to washington. if you appreciate jigsaw puzzles you may feel right at home along sidewalks in the north bay firestorm zone. they're a patch work of blacktop, cracks like canyons with weeds popping through. for anyone with a mess like this in front of their once-burned home, they're the stuff of headaches. >> it's just one more thing. >> it's just another expense we weren't anticipating. >> i really didn't know i was going to be out for the sidewalk. >> reporter: santa rosa burn victims could be on the hook for a combined $1 million in sidewalks because a city ordinance says they own them. even after fema's debris removal crews ruined those sidewalks during the cleanup.
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fema has refused to pay for the damage so far. jason nutt runs public works for santa rosa and has already appealed once and now he's doing it again. >> they were in a hurry. in some cases they were careful and in other cases they might not have been as careful. >> reporter: in the hidden valley neighborhood, new sidewalks will cost about $6,000 per house. it's money pam and don roby don't feel they have to sfengpe. they're already massively underinsured. >> blaming is hard. we have a reality here. that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: that are options. if the city wins the second appeal, they will ask homeowners for photographic proof that fema caused the damage. >> we documented their heavy equipment going over the sidewalk. >> wbl pre before and after w don't have that. >> reporter: the good news, the city may have such pictures on record. >> we didn't think this was going to turn out this way on the federal level. >> reporter: it's just one more
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thing among all the other one more things that keep on coming. >> i accept it, you know, just another issue that we have to deal with. >> reporter: it's just another issue they're dealing with. a lot of people wanting to blame the city for this. the city ordinance had been in place for ten years and the federal government knew that. there's nothing the city can do to take care of that ordinance by getting rid of it because the government still looks at the ordinance and says it was in existence. one other option, if you have insurance money and you used that insurance money to clear your lot and there was money left over and even if you gave it to the city, the city will give you that money back and allow you to apply that money to repairs. in other words, a new sidewalk. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. now,ar's camp fire are stil living in tents, cars or some other temporary housing. lawmakers in sacramento are trying to speed up the process to get them into something permanent. a bill is moving through the
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legislature to expedite the construction process in butte county. it would streamline environmental reviews and include an exemption from the california environmental quality act. >> we have interim housing that's mostly being put up by nonprofits and by fema. but in that time period, we also need more permanent housing, and that's where something like 8430 comes in where we can build more apartments, single family homes. >> the camp fire killed more than 80 people and destroyed thousands of homes in butte county last november. it's the deadliest and most destructive fire in state history. we are on storm watch once again, but not for much longer. in a few hours we'll get a clear view from our emeryville tower camera compared to how it looks in this live picture. abc 7 news spencer christian is tracking the end of the storm. >> it's hard to see any hint of clearing in those dark clouds but it will be clearing out in a matter of hours.
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here's a live look at doppler 7. most of the showers falling now are confined to the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. in fact one batch of showers just moved east of san jose, now pushing out into mt. hamilton area. looking back westward just a bit from redwood city to palo alto, over to woodside down to los altos and even cupertino, a few light wide scattered showers. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale for the remainder of the night and early morning hours we may see widely scattered showers with potential for brief downpours and gusty winds. our forecast animation looks this way going into the late night and overnight hours. once again, widely scattered showers will be swinging through the area generally from west to east. and just before the morning commute gets under way just before 5:00 a.m. we'll see the clearing begin. by mid-morning we should have mostly sunny skies and a much brighter picture, weather picture that is going into the weekend. dan and ama. >> spencer, thanks. you can always check the weather
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conditions where you live. it gives you access to live doppler 7. the same system that spencer uses every day. the san francisco police department is returning a journalist's equipment and notes 11 days after a controversial raid at his home and office. >> it was part of a police investigation into who leaked a confidential report on the death of public defender jeff adachi. >> dan noyes was there in court this morning and joins us with the latest. >> this story has made headlines across the country. freedom of the press advocates say the sfpd broke state and federal law going after this journali journalist's sources by raiding his home and office. he released new surveillance video of officers trying to open the kbgate at his home. after he heard the commotion, he let them in. they placed him in handcuffs, kw confiscated his computers, cell phone and notes. thomas burke is his attorney. >> they confiscated his newsroom. all of you who do reporting have
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all kinds of stories on both your cell phones. you have leads, you have all kinds of things in your computers, your laptops, all of it. that was all gone. >> he has had an sfpd press pass for 16 years. he's a free lance journalist, or stringer, as they're called. he shoots video, gathers documents and sells the material to various media outlets, including abc 7. he shot this video of a natural gas line explosion in february and appeared on the air. >> i was told by someone from the water department that this was a 12-inch gas main. >> reporter: it was a similar situation later that month. san francisco public defender jeff adachi died in this north beach apartment. he shot video and sold them to abc 7 and other stations. in march, the medical examiner concluded adachi died from a toxic mix of cocaine and alcohol. in april the board of supervisors held a hearing about the release of that police report, wondering if someone leaked it because adachi was a long-time critic of the
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department. >> to have that type of maligning going on of a public official in san francisco is disgusting. >> reporter: they called for a full investigation and heard from his widow. >> it was despicable what the police department did to myself and my daughter by releasing the police report. >> reporter: three weeks later, officers were banging on his door. his attorney filed a motion to have the search warrants revoked. today the judge set a new hearing date for june, and the sfpd attorney announced they are returning all of his materials. >> is that a victory for you that they are giving back the equipment? >> well, i think it's important when you have something like this happen that you get the material back as soon as you can. >> reporter: jim wheaton of the first amendment project tells me state and federal law is clear, the raid was illegal and that you can never search a journalist's office or newsroom to try to get their confidential sources. >> it's really important for everybody that reporters be able to keep their confidential sources confidential so that they have access to it so we can
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all know what's happening in the shadows. >> reporter: police department attorney ronnie wagner did not address the legality of the raid during today's hearing and would not answer my questions. >> why was the search proper? >> i respectfully refer you to the san francisco police department media relations. >> reporter: late today police chief bill scott held a news conference. >> how can you defend a raid on a journalist's home and office? >> so i'm not -- i'm not here to try to defend it because there's a lot of information that we have to really look at and reflect. >> reporter: the chief confirms the sfpd did not consult with the d.a.'s office on the warrant and raid, but police still consider brian carmady as a co-conspirator in the theft of the police report. >> we believe that the line was crossed. >> how so? >> we believe that the line was crossed. if -- and the premise that we're operating under is if mr. carmady was complicit in being a part of the illegal taking -- >> do you have evidence of that? of him conspiring? >> that's what the investigation
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is all about. >> both mayor london breed and the district attorney george gascon issued tweets critical of the police raid. we'll stay on this story as it plays out. it's an important one. >> thank you, dan. at the ghost ship trial in oakland today, testimony centered on permits for the warehouse where 36 people died in a fire more than two years ago. an engineer with the city of oakland and a fire investigator took the stand. jobina fortson was in court. >> reporter: the testimony was that the ghost ship warehouse was last inspected in 1951 after a permit was issued for the property three years earlier. harlan told the defense building codes require anyone doing work on the property to get a permit. no one doubts there was construction done by the founders of ghost ship. >> max harris, my client, came along a year and a half later. he didn't need to pull any permits. >> reporter: necessary on the stand, fire and arson investigator maria sabbatini.
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she had been to ghost ship twice, once to investigate an arson and again in december of 2016. she ended her questioning with prosecutors saying her team found no evidence of arson at the origin of the fire. >> what i see now is a complete different person. she's doing everything possible to negate the prospect that this fire was caused by arson. >> reporter: andrew is a new face in the courtroom. he thinks firefighters didn't know what they were looking for on the scene. he says his key words tomorrow will be sifting and grids. >> what you do is you take each bucket, you put it in a grid. you mark it numerically where it came from and then you sift through each of those buckets. not firefighters, investigators. >> reporter: the defense only got about 15 minutes with sabbatini before things wrapped up today. they were focused on the difference between an arson and death investigation. the defense believes that the right agencies were not called
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following the initial fire. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. san francisco international airport has become a magnet for homeless people looking for a warm, safe shelter overnight. >> they come by way of b.a.r.t. abc 7 news was there for the last train of the night to see how the airport stops them from camping out in the terminals. if you let an institution like that go you're really going to kill part of the city's heart, at least for me. this is one of me favorite reasons to come here. >> a san francisco comedy club hopes it gets the last laugh when it comes to keeping its space from
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new at 6:00, a controversial plan to re-route traffic in a san francisco neighborhood is moving forward. backers claim cars and pedestrians are getting in the way of muni trains entering and leaving the muni tunnel and westportal and say the problem is causing delays. today the city's transportation authority approved a pilot plan to ban several left-hand turns and limit traffic in several sections along the corridor. some neighbors worry the crackdown could threaten dozens of small businesses in the area. >> small businesses, you know, there's not much profit margin so the question is like can you be down 10%? for a few years. 20%? maybe a year. 30%? you're probably not going to be around. >> the pilot study is scheduled to run through the summer. comedian dave chappelle headlined a rally today to save a legendary comedy club in san francisco. the punch line announced it won't be able to renew its
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contract which expires in august. a tech company wants to move in. luz pena is live with the story for us tonight. luz. >> reporter: ama, you can just guess what happened today. a group of comedians cracked a couple of jokes and said some truth in between. their goal is to save the punch line comedy club. >> tune in and find out how local comedians are trying to save the punch line club in san francisco. it's a fantastic story, and this is the woman that's going to tell it. >> reporter: every good joke has its punch line. in this case that punch line is an actual place where up-and-coming comedians perfogs >> that was the last place i saw robin williams alive. it was the place i was at when i found out i was having my first kid. like every important milestone in my life went through this city, through that club. >> reporter: the club has 182 seats and opened more than 40 years ago. comedians like robin williams,
6:16 pm
ellen degeneres and wanda sykes all took the stage before they became famous and that's the legacy many comedians want to preserve. >> comedians are trying to save a club owned by big corporation from displacement by an even bigger corporation. >> reporter: displacement is why the comedy club is saying they'll have to move. according to san francisco supervisor aaron peskin, google wants to lease the space. >> we're not fighting about money. this is just that a big tech company wants that space. >> reporter: the second option is to begin talks with google. >> oh, man, i don't want to start slinging arrows. all i know is they should save the club. >> reporter: in a statement, live nation, which owns the club, said while we search for a home for the punch line whether in the present location or somewhere else, the club will continue to support local comedy. we contacted google about leasing this property and they still haven't gotten back to us. also the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote about this proposal on june 3rd.
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luz pena, abc 7 news. welcome home western conference champions. the warriors and their new trophy arrived back in the bay area in the early morning hours fresh off their sweep of the portland trail blazers. the warriors will face the winner of the eastern conference finals, either the milwaukee bucks or the toronto raptors. the finals begin next thursday, may 30th. all the games are right here on abc 7. share your dogs, your kids an your warriors pride online. use the hash tag >> we'd also like to see some sun. >> spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> it's coming our way, i promise. it's right around the corner. we've got some scattered showers mainly in the south bay. up in the north bay things are pretty quiet but the entire bay area has lots of dark clouds.
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we're getting some sprinkles and light scattered showers in places like los altos and down toward the summit. meanwhile, not breaking up yet in the sierra where snow has been falling the last several hours as you can see on our looping radar image. thunderstorms were breaking out all along the sierra foothills this afternoon and even into the early evening hours right now. we still have a winter weather advisory in effect until 8:00 this evening for much of the sierra. we'll expect about 6 to 10 inches of snow generally above 5,500 feet. check out these dark clouds over san francisco. looking out from sutro tower. it's currently 57 degrees in san francisco and oakland. also upper 50s in mountain view, san jose, santa cruz and half moon bay. the clouds are even darker from this perspective from emeryville looking west. some other temperature readings for you, 59 degrees at santa rosa and fairfield, 62 at napa, vacaville and concord and 57 at livermore. we've got lighter clouds, but lots of them over the bay looking southward from our rooftop camera here at abc 7.
6:19 pm
these are our features, cattered showers will continue overnight. there could be an occasional heavy downpour. we'll be drying out tomorrow through friday and there's a chance of more showers coming in memorial day weekend. we also have high surf right now. a high surf advisory is in effect until 9:00 this evening. we'll see wave heights in the range they are right now, 14 to 18 feet, breakers up to 20 feet and there is the possibility of dangerous rip currents and beach erosion. on we go to current wind conditions. at the surface it is really gusty right now. gusts to 33 miles per hour here in san francisco. 30 over at concord, 25 at fairfield, 24 up at santa rosa, 25 at mountain view. all around the region is quite windy right now because of our storm, which ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. so for the remainder of the night and into the early morning hours, look for the chance of widely scattered showers, brief downpours are possible and strong gusty wind. here's our forecast animation taking us into the evening
6:20 pm
hours. 8:30 tonight we'll see pockets of showers moving through the bay area. that pattern will continue into the late night hours appearnd e overnight. we'll see heavier activity around midnight. but just before the morning commute begins we'll start to clear out north to south. there could be lingering showers in the south bay at 7:00 a.m. but much of the remainder of the area will see skies getting brighter and brighter giving way to a mostly sunny day by afternoon. lows will generally be in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs will range from upper 50s to maybe low 60s on the coast. mainly upper 60s around the bay shoreline. a bitk that way and low 70s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be warming up later in the week, wednesday, thursday and friday, but then clouds increase over the weekend. they brighten again, the skies do, for monday, which is memorial day. so have a nice memorial day weekend. >> thanks, spencer.
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the national debate over abortion shows up in the bay area today.
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6:23 pm
today from san francisco to the east bay and along the peninsula, people showed up and they spoke up on the issue of abortion. >> these local protests come on the heels of new laws in several states limiting access to abortions. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze
6:24 pm
has the bay area perspective. >> save our rights. >> reporter: chants like this one rang out today from san francisco to palo alto. about 100 women gathered outside the grand lake theater in oakland. while some held up signs that said stop the bans, sharon held up a wire coat hanger. >> this is to remind everyone that we can't go back to the way it was before with back alley abortions where women had to take their lives at risk. >> reporter: michelle showed up to the rally with her daughter. stopping the bans. i want to protect my rights, the future of my daughter's rights and everybody else's rights. >> reporter: a similar rally was held outside san francisco city hall. >> only in america could abortions get banned quicker than assault rifles. >> reporter: while elected al s in front dressed in red robes like characters in the handmaid's tale, a story about women stripped of their
6:25 pm
reproductive rights resonated with the head of planned parenthood in northern california. >> we cannot let them take our fundamental right to control our bodies. >> we are going to fight for roe v. wade. >> and that right is something that these women protesting in palo alto fought for 50 years ago. they call themselves the raging grannies. it's a group of women old enough to remember the fight to legalize birth control and then abortion. >> our generation is here. we continue to support and fight for the rights we worked for and won. >> reporter: kristen sze, abc 7 news. the protests come following a number of new laws, as we said, in states that have passed recent weeks to restrict abortions. some have been enacted while others are pending and facing legal challenges. many are referred to as heartbeat bills which make abortion illegal once a heartbeat is detected. a fetus can have a heartbeat even before a woman realizes she has a pregnancy. not just the bay area, not
6:26 pm
just l.a. or sacramento, but a california crisis. >> we're talking about the issue of homelessness. and governor gavin newsom was in the east bay today to announce something that there is a possible statewide solution in the works and it could help build a better bay area. i'm vic lee at sfo which has become a magnet for homeless people are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle...
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i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. at san francisco international airport, the last b.a.r.t. train of the night rolls in at 1:40 in the morning and there's always someone there to greet it. one night, that included abc 7 news. it's because that train carries more than just travelers and overnight workers. >> every night it carries homeless people seeking shelter in empty terminals. homelessness is one of the many issues that abc 7 news is focused on as part of our efforts to build a better bay area and there's more proof more needs to be done. >> of the five counties to
6:30 pm
report results from this year's homeless census, only one saw the number go down, marin. contra costa, alameda, santa clara and san francisco all saw increases since 2017. >> sfo is well aware that it's an attractive overnight stop for people with nowhere else to go. >> that's why vic lee went there late at night to witness the situation in person. >> he joins us now live from the airpor airport. vic. >> reporter: well, quite frankly airport officials and san francisco police are quite candid about this growing problem. they say it contributes to crime here at sfo, crimes like baggage theft and shoplifting and the preferred mode of transportation among the homeless people who come here, b.a.r.t. >> do you have any place to go to? >> no. >> no? >> not now. >> reporter: michael is 32. he's one of many homeless people who come to san francisco international airport to find
6:31 pm
shelter. a comfortable warm safe environment to bed down for the night. most police say come on b.a.r.t. its station at sfo is at the international terminal. airport spokesman says the airport is for the traveling public. >> being confronted by homelessness is really not what we want to offer our passengers. >> reporter: airport police are trying to stop their migration. >> one of the ways we're doing it is by increasing our enforcement at b.a.r.t. >> reporter: airport worker beth mounts says there are many places for them to hide. >> since i work in the international terminal, i would certainly know where the nooks and crannies are. and i tend to look around because i think everybody here needs to be safe. >> reporter: when we were at sfo for a day, we had no problem finding homeless people wandering around. the deputy chief in charge of the airport bureau suggested that we meet the last b.a.r.t. train of the night. the train that comes into the airport at 1:40 a.m. its passengers, mostly homeless.
6:32 pm
>> it is generally a large group, anywhere between 20 and 30 people. and it happens every single night. >> reporter: so here we are at the b.a.r.t. station waiting for the last train to see if what we hear is true, to see who's on it. just about 15 minutes before the train came, b.a.r.t. officers arrived. then a group of sfpd officers positioned themselves at the station doors that led to the terminal. the 1:40 arrived right on time. the b.a.r.t. cops went into the train as some passengers disembarked. a few were airport workers, presumably on the overnight shift. almost all appeared to be transients. more and more came out from the train as the b.a.r.t. officers swept each car. an airport duty manager confronted a ferry evader who was leaving through the emergency gate. he asked him and others if he had plane tickets. sfo policy, he said, allowed
6:33 pm
only ticket holders and authorized personnel to be at the airport between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on this night the duty manager told us 15 transients were on the train. they were all greeted and briefed at the station doors pie san francisco police. >> we provide those persons with resources on where they can go and get, you know, shelter, food. we give them bus tokens in order to get there. >> reporter: the officers took each one to a waiting elevator down to a san transbus stop which operates all night long. one of those escorted complimented police. >> they're kind enough to give the people, the homeless people, tokens to get to where their destination is. >> reporter: it was another routine night at san francisco international airport. well, police tell us that it was a slow night the night we met that train here at the airport, with 15 transients aboard .
6:34 pm
on a rainy cold night they tell us that number jumps to 30 or more. vic lee, abc 7. >> it's remarkable what you saw there, vic. the deputy chief said his officers were offering resource information to transients on the b.a.r.t. train. are they working with groups that then help the homeless? >> reporter: well, dan, the airport spokesman tells us that they are partnering with a local group here on the peninsula, homeless advocacy group called life moves and that they are looking to partner with similar groups in san francisco to help the homeless people who come here. back to you. >> vic, thanks very much. good work. today governor newsom announced he's forming a task force to tackle homelessness statewide. he has included a billion dollars in his latest budget. he appointed darrell steinberg and mark ridley thomas to lead the task force. >> this group is going out in the next few months and will
6:35 pm
come back with detailed plans and detailed strategies. i want to see those dollars reflected in some of what they have identified. >> governor newsom made the announcement in oakland. alameda county has seen homel s homelessness climb a staggering 43%. you can see how many homeless live where you live. we've tracked the numbers for all nine bay area counties going back to 2007 and put it on our website, while you're online, we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them on our facebook group. east palo alto elementary school students got inspired by an icon. >> you might not know his face, but you know his work. it's on display all over the world. a woman returned her rental car but the company keeps charging her. i'm michael
6:36 pm
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you know, he has dreamed up some of the most famousbuilng i >> architect fra geary who turned 93 years old made a special visit to an east palo alto elementary school today. >> it's part of a statewide arts program he co-founded. as we continue to talk about
6:39 pm
ways to build a better bay area, educators tell us this program is certainly one of those. >> liz croites has the story. >> reporter: it's a special day at this elementary school. in fact these 10-year-olds probably don't realize how special. >> i know he built a lot of -- he's an architect. >> reporter: architect frank geary is taking over the classroom. the man known for designing the walt disney concert hall in los angeles, locally the new facebook campus in menlo park, is now asking these kids to dream up a building of their open. >> and we're going to build the city hall, the concert hall, the court house. >> reporter: his visit is part of a program he tnunrt california, which brings arts to underserved schools. >> and i found that if i got them involved with making things, making art, you could once they got into it, you could teach a lot of other stuff like
6:40 pm
math. >> reporter: so these are the materials the kids are using to create. they have cardboard boxes, wood, plastic. this is the process that frank geary and his team used to create their own work. in this class the students have a lot of ideas. >> we're making city hall. >> me and my friends are going to build a school. >> we're making frank geary'ss chicken. >> what do you think of frank's chicken over here? >> we should build more of them. >> reporter: 60% of the students are homeless. principal espinoza says turn around arts has made a huge difference. >> both of our sco our sco our r increased. >> in a couple hours you can't really do a lot, but you can open eyes and minds. >> reporter: in east palo alto, liz croites, abc 7 news. >> a great thing for those kids. >> absolutely. after the storm, there is sun in the seven-day forecast. >> say it ain't so.
6:41 pm
spencer is tracking the last of the rain. isn't that nice to hear? stay with us.
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when you're in a car, you don't expect to keep paying for it even after you return the thing. >> no, but that's what happened to an east bay woman. she got a bill for driving the car when she didn't even have it. >> and she said no one listened, until 7 on your side's michael finney stepped in. >> this is a frustrating one. can you imagine this? our viewer dropped the car off as instructed but the rental company did not close her account. now, she didn't know anything about this, and not knowing she was still on the hook until the bill came months later. at that point how do you prove you returned a car? so she came to me. >> the damage was here. >> aiden sullivan shows where a hit and run driver sliced into the rear of his parked car. > came back to the car and the rear bumper was basically ripped. >> and this backup sensor had also broken up. i realized i needed to get this
6:45 pm
taken care of but i was going to be leaving the country for six months. >> so who could take it into the shop for repairs? >> aiden called me and asked me if i wanted his car. so i said okay. >> aiden called his mom, except for he didn't tell her about the damage. >> and when it got here, he told me but now you have to take care of this problem for me. >> yes, i know, i left her in a tough position. >> however, the repairs were the easy part. it was the rental car that caused all the trouble. >> i was irritated because i couldn't get it resolved. >> she said she rented a car from hertz which told her to return it to the auto body shop when her car was ready, so that's what she did. >> i turned in the keys to them. they called hertz. >> everything was fine, or so she thought. >> a couple months lat wge a bill from hertz for a rental car. and i had no idea what they were talking about. >> turns out, hertz kept charging her for that rental car
6:46 pm
even after she returned it. >> i said, i have proof that i handed the car back into the body shop. and they still insisted that i had to pay. it wasn't a lot but it was the principal because i didn't have the car. >> she disputed the charge with her credit card company. >> i said okay, 7 on your side, i'm going to call. >> we contacted hertz. after looking into the case, it said there was confusion over where she returned the car and that may have contributed to the delay in closing the rental. we have refunding end the extra days she was billed. >> with 7 on your side, it only took a few hours for them to fix what i had been trying to fix for two months. i was very happy. >> we're fast. this story is a good heads up. if you return a rental car somewhere like an auto repair shop, hotel or even a different rental office, you might want to make sure the account is closed. now, i want to hear from you.
6:47 pm
do you have a problem like this or any other consumer problem? my 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. you know the number, 415-954-8151. you can also always reach me on facebook and through >> it's the principle too. let's get another check on our weather. we want to hear about that sun. >> maybe we can get 7 on your side to fix the weather. here's a look at live doppler 7. there's a potential for more outbreaks tonight. the storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. we'll see widely scattered showers, maybe some brief downpours, gusty wind. here's forecast animation starting at 8:00 this evening, at which point it will look pretty much the way it looks right now with just a few light scattered showers. notice how active the weather gets around midnight with an outbreak of widespread showers and some of them heavier, but they stretch and clear out
6:48 pm
quickly before the morning commute begins. by 7:00 a.m. we'll look at mostly sunny skies except in the southernmost part of our viewing area. overnight lows are in the upper 40s to low 50s. highs tomorrow from upper 50s at the coast to mid-70s in the warmest inland spots. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after some early morning sprinkles tomorrow, mainly sunny by midday. sunny again thursday and friday. slight chance of showers over the weekend, just saturday and sunday though. monday, which is memorial day, we start to clear out and warm up again. that's good news. i wish we could shift some of that sunshine to the weekend, though. >> thanks, spencer. the sharks kind of up against it. >> yeah, they certainly are. larry beil is here. >> warriors take care of business, they're in the finals. now the sharks, can they get it done? kind of in need of a miracle tonight in st. louis without three of their star players. can they give the blues the blues? sports, next.
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
good evening. win or start your summer vacation. that is the situation for the shorthanded sharks tonight. must-win game six in st. louis without the injured eric carlson, tomas and joe pavelski. all their stars hurt of is this the last time we'll see joe thornton in a sharks sweater? we'll see. ryan o'reilly with a shot and it's deflected in. blues up 1-0. a disastrous start for team teal on the road. it gets worse. blues power play, the wrister
6:52 pm
and so 2-0 st. louis. sharks, second period. dylan gambrell. that's the first goal of his career. they're down 2-1. but braden shen on the doorstep. 3-1 blues and that's the score heading to the third period. on to baseball, do you want a souvenir? you got me, right? just a little farther, you got me, right? a's taking on the indians but chris davis aggravates his hip injury in his first at-bat so he exits. a two-run homer to right, a's take a 2-1 lead. matt chapman, this is stroked to left. marcus simeon comes around to score. the a's win their fifth in a row, 5-3 is the final score and the giants are hosting the braves. on to the warriors.
6:53 pm
they arrived back in town around 2:00 this morning with the western conference finals trophy after sweeping portland four games to none. steph curry just amazing. now the warriors get nine days off to rest and recover before game one of the nba finals. >> we want to enjoy it. we know four wins defines your season, winning a championship. >> not a lot of guys get to go to one finals, let alone five straight. i really can't believe it and i can't wait to get started again. >> we know we still have more work to do. the goal is never just to get to the finals, the goal is to go win the finals. with these nine days off, we definitely want to get our guys healthy. >> the concern about nick bosa before the nfl draft was about injuries. on day two of otas, organized team activities, the 49ers rookie tweaked his right hamstring. the second overall pick did not finish practice. but jimmy garoppolo is pack and he is practicing. jimmy g. continuing his recovery
6:54 pm
from acl surgery last september. niners being careful with their star quarterback. they're holding him out of some drills. they are trying to be cautious with that left knee. >> i think he's handling it as well as he can. he's getting used to it. it's just a long process when you recover from an acl. he gets as much work as he can get in. i know he'd love to be out there for every rep but he knows that he can't so he's trying to make the most of seven on seven and do as much work on every other aspect as he can. >> the raiders also practicing today. conspicuous by his absence, star receiver antonio brown. this camp is voluntary, not mandatory, but you usually get more than 90% attendance. raiders say it's no big deal and brown has been spending a lot of time at the facility learning the raider offense. >> no, he's -- he's not here today. hopefully we'll see him here in the next couple days. he's been working extremely hard learning our offense and really excited to get him out here. but i mthente have plenty of balls to throw and plenty of receivers to throw to.
6:55 pm
>> among those not thrilled with the finale of "game of thrones" packers quarterback aaron rodgers who had a cameo in the show a couple of weeks ago. a spoiler alert here. the former cal star was not thrilled with the ending. >> you come down to the end and the person with the best story is bran? who, by the way, three episodes ago said he wasn't bran stark anymore? no. john had a better story. danny had a better story. everybody had a better story. brawn, a lot better story. jamie, better story. >> i'm with him. i mean there's so many people that had better stories to be on the throne. >> he's a fan obviously. >> oh, yeah. to rewrite season eight, i've signed up. >> a lot of people have done that. >> i keep voting. >> thanks, larry.
6:56 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 713. a chopper assists with a rescue after a woman's car plunges 450 feet off a cliff. the one reason she's still alive tonight. that's at 9:00. >> then on abc 7 news at 11:00, this historic south bay apartment building is looking for a new home, and the developer is willing to pay to move the whole kit and caboodle. and tonight on abc 7 neat 8:00, catch the american housewife, the kids are all right, blackish and bless this mess. at 10:00, it's 1969 generation woodstock and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11. >> then at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests include will smith. >> a good evening of programming. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry beil, spencer christian, the entire abc 7 news team, have a great evening. >> we'll see you later. 3w4r57
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