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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 22, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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impeach president trump. the high-stakes meeting today. nmoh out the nd's pothole roads. and that live look outside right now. after days of rain, we're promised to see the sun again. here's meteorologist mike nicco back? >> there are no guarantees in life, mike. >> that is true especially in the south bay. look at this. it's still a light rain event down in south bay. this is 87 looking north. you can see the drops on the lens right there. through the morning commute the south bay still has a chance of a light shower. the rest of us are drying out and the sun is definitely coming out. here is a look at the 12-hour planner. low to mid-50s. there are some upper 40s at 7:00. you're a little bit cooler than everybody else. we'll stay in the 50s at the coast. near 70 at noon. we're already warmer than yesterday. mid-70s at 4:00 and upper 60s at 7:00. hope you enjoy the dry weather.
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here's alexis. good morning, mike. going to take you to fremont where we do he aragto. sohe rider te laneeot yeth is start to ing to back up quickly. walnut creek, southbound 680, a couple different crashes, one at north main, one near treat boulevard. one of the two has cleared. we have at least one lane blocked so you are heavy into the concord area. this morning there is an ongoing investigation into a horrifying kidnapping and crime against an elderly woman in san francisco. the details are awful. a 74-year-old woman was attacked and raped for multiple hours, according to police. we want to warn you the details of the crime are obviously disturbing. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at san francisco police headquarters. amy? >> reporter: reggie, they're saying she was raped for four to
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five hours, and she was bit several times during that time by a pit bull. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the 74-year-old woman was out for her walk on prague street about 8:00 in the morning, about two weeks ago when she was grabbed and forced into a house. this is the southeast section of the city near mclaren park. after the left on a sidewalk. she was semiconscious. someone found her and called police. officers arrested manuel amador, held on suspicion of kidnapping and rape. the chronicle reports that the prosecutor plans to ask the judge to not set bail saying the details are so who are i can, that letting him out on the street would be a threat. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> it is hard to hear that
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story, amy, thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi is holding a closed door meeting. she is dealing with mounting pressure from democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against president trump. the situation is growing more complicated after the white house instructed former counsel donald mcgahn to defy a subpoena. also happening today pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer are set to meet a pending infrastructure deal. the two sides agreed for a $2 million package. there's a new push to give production studios tax incentives if they leave states with abortion bans and move here to california. an additional tax credit starting next year.
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several states including georgia have recently passed strict anti-abortion laws. georgia's tax break for the film industry had attracted many major productions including marvel's "black the indus b the new laws and threatened, owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. and women across the country turned out in full force yesterday to protest strict abortion laws. this is video from washington, d.c., chicago, and indianapolis. >> protect our rights. protect our rights. and there were multiple rallies in the bay area as well from the front steps of san francisco city hall to the grand lake theater in oakland, women say they need to stand up for their rights and make their voices heard. >> i want to protect my rights, the future of my daughter's rights and everybody else's rights. i want to be a part of stopping the bans. >> several states have passed what are being called heartbeat bills banning abortions once a fetus' heart beat can be
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detected. a woman may not even know she's pregnant yet when that happens. transit and infrastructure two major issues that we're focusing on in our efforts to build a better bay area. oakland is lkimooth out the streets and fill in all those potholes. last night the city council approved a $100 million three-year citywide paving plan. $75 million will be spent on neighborhood streets. $25 million will go into major thorough fares. roads around schools will get first priority under the plan. people we spoke to say it is about time. >> i drive like a s oheay to miss one, you hit a deeper one. we had to get our tires replaced like twice in the past year already. >> there is an equity plan here as well. so they're diverting more of the money to low-income neighborhoods. the argument here is that a br in those neighborhoods could be a much bigger setback for those families.
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a new task force to fight homelessness. mayor darryl steinberg and l.a. supervisor mark ridley thomas will lead it. the governor's latest budget plan includes a billion dollars to solve the homeless crisis. and we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our facebook group. you can leave comments there. now to open space in big cities. a new report shows a spike in the number of people who live close to a park. trust for public land is a nonprofit in san francisco just released its annual park score index. 72% of people living in big cities live within a ten-minute walk or half a mile from an urban park. s of rancisco made the top ten income. the push toavho helped rally to save the iconic comedy spot. an east bay woman says a wag dog walker left her injured dog
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without reporting the problem. how the company is responding this morning. and check out the sunshine breaking out on mt. tamalpais this morning. spring is back. in the mid-60s to mid-70s. will it last through the
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here's a look at the temperatures in the south bay. low to mid-50s. don't forget you have some
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sprinkles the next hour, hour and a half. we're start to go sing to see s. because of this the clearing sky out there. milder sunshine if you're out and about, dry and calmer on the bay. the beaches dangerous surf extended through 9:00 tomorrow morning with big breakers up to 22 which could create beach erosion. 7:00 in the morning day, low to mid-70s this afternoon. in the east bay we'll be in the 50s through 9:00. then mid to upper 60s from 11:00 through 6:00. san francisco will touch the low to mid-60s this afternoon. a few high clouds will dot our skies. ought to be gorgeous. post on social media, #abc7. we'd love to see it. good morning, mike. i'm going to take you to a traffic alert on a caltcaltcaltt camera. they updated the location. it is right at stevenson
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boulevard. according to calls in to chp this sounds like a hit-and-run crash. someone did see what vehicle hit the motorcyclist and were able to report that information to chp. hopefully they will get this all sorted out. we have emergency crews, ambulance and fire on the scene and, again, two left lanes taken away. show what you this looks like on our traffic maps. is that backup to state route 84 averaging 8 miles an hour through the scene. a couple crashes in walnut creek i'll talk about next. a major change to a popular yosemite campground just in time for summer. you might have to rethink your vacation plans. plus the airport will lose a dozen popular restaurants. a live look outside right now at 6:11. a live look at sfo i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to make connections of a different kind.
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it's 6:14. joe biden is the latest foreign politician to receive insults from north korea. the country's state media calls the former vp a fool of low i.q. wow. north korea accuses him of being seized by ambition for power. the insults follow comments in a campaign speech. he called leader kim jong-un a
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tyrant. >> harsh words there. an oakland woman claims her pet was left in a pool of its own blood after she hired a dog walker through the wag dog walking service. she shared these pictures of her dog. the dog was left injured and alone for five hours. she thinks her dog was hurt while on her walk because there was blood all over the outside fence that leads into the house. the dog is recovering after getting 50 stitches in the face. the walker was removed from the platform as the company investigates what happened. wag issued this statement saying, quote, we'll be working with the pet parent to help ensure her dog as the care necessary for a swift recovery. a famous comedian is part of an effort to save san francisco's punch line comedy club. dave chappelle joined other
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comics yesterday. this was all in an attempt to keep the iconic club at its current location in the financial district. punch line opened more than 40 years ago but its lease is set to expire in august. >> the last place i saw robin williams alive, a place when i found out i was having my first kid, like every important milestone in my life went through that club. >> google says it leased the space next to the club and looks forward to being punch line's neighbor. getting a reservation to camp at yosemite just got more challenging especially if you're looking for a prime spot. a new pilot program will until now it was first come, first served. people lined up to get one of the coveted spots. the old system doesn't work with the high demand. you'll have to pay $10 to get into the lottery. this weekend there's no lottery. there's no space at all.
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it's a holiday weekend. it will be cool up there. >> yes. >> and here. >> there's still some snow up there, absolutely. it looks like we're going to have about three days of spring warmth, back to average, and cooler for saturday and sunday. i'll go through that in the next 1:20. here we're looking at winchester boulevard, 17 and 85 comes together, where 85 heads towards 101. some light showers that stretch all the way down to morgan hill and those are the last remnants of our storm once they push into the summit and fade away. that's it. they should do that the next hour. look at sfo. gorgeous this morning. no delays because of weather. it will be partly cloudy, warmer and drars and fog will return tonight and seasonal lows and cooler and possibly a damp holiday weekend. temperatures today low to upper 60s from half moon bay at 62, santa cruz at 64. mid-60s around san francisco, richmond, oakland, san mateo. everybody else around 70 to 75. tonight low to mid-50s but
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notice all those pockets of fog. that will be your challenge during tomorrow's commute. a look at my accuweather forecast. a little bit warmer tomorrow even with the foggy start. about the same on friday. cool winds come back and a slight chance of showers saturday. a better chance sunday. haven't put the storm impact scale on it yet because it's still a little iffy. monday and tuesday we'll see increasing sunshine and spring warmth. nothing summerlike in the forecast. here's alexis. an issue in the fremont area. a sig alert. right at stevenson boulevard a crash involving a motorcycle. it does sound like the rider has injuries. the two left lanes are blocked. there we go. looks like the fire department may be leaving the scene. denire fr improve ourha .
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that is about 20 minutes added to your drive time. two separate collisions, southbound 680, really close to each other. one at north main and one at treat boulevard. the one at treat boulevard has cleared. one lane blocked near north main although i'm not sure which one and you are stop and go we'll look at drive times up next. "good morning america" is coming up. coming up here on "gma" live in washington, d.c., ahead of the white house showdown this morning. president trump about to meet with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer as more democrats ramp up the pressure to start impeachment proceedings. and we're live in los angeles with the latest on this wild pursuit. if you haven't seen the video, a driver in an rv leadsmashess an. it is really scary. it is a blast from the past.
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jimmy kimmel on "gma," bringing back two classic tv shows "the jeffersons" and "all in the family." an exclusive, a look first behind-the-scenes images of the new star wars movie only here on "gma." there is no reason not to show up. i will be at "star wars" next week. worth it. stay here. reggie, jessica? >> ginger, thank you. i know someone else who might be there next week. >> that would be me, and i'm already on twitter right now discussing with ginger how to meet up. >> wow. i think i could fit in your suitcase. what do you think? >> so i'm discussing how me and ginger will meet up next week. good news for people who got their new real i.d. you may not have to go back to the dmv after all. and graduation day has extra special meaning for one uc berkeley student. the hurdles he overcame to get his diploma. breaking news, always on
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do you ever wonder what heaven looked like? how about this? half dome in yosemite. a look at our temperatures today back here at home. we'll be about five to ten degrees warmer. spring is back with mid-60s to mid-70s. >> i hope i'm not looking at heaven quite yet, but it is beautiful. you will soon be able to rent clothes from urban outfitters, a new rental program called newly for $88orccsorihatp for 30 days. >> all right. big changes coming to mineta san jose airport."the mercury n they will lose a dozen air pours including san jose joe's. the contracts are expiring in june. it's because the city council approved a series of new agreements yesterday. among the new restaurants coming to the airport, olla cocina, jim stump's at that point room and
6:25 am
kitchen and a san pedro market. a uc berkeley student has a lot to celebrate on his graduation day. he went from being a farmer to a college grad here in america with a lot of hard work and persistence. >> it is a remarkable story. congratulations to lelisa bera who will graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology. his family lives a world away from their son's unexpected academic life. >> i'm happy that i'm in university, also graduating with a degree from america. >> here is more about his story. he applied for a federal diversity visa, which he won. after going to community college in los angeles he applied and was accepted at cal. he became a mcnair scholar. he plans to apply for grad
6:26 am
school after visiting his family for the summer. big congratulations. and a congratulations to all the grads. >> what a day. a historic apartment building is for sale jose. the unusual requirement for the buyer. and a woman dragged by a muni train, what she is now demanding from the agency. plus, one state refuses to air a children's show that included a same-sex wedding. we'll show you the backlash this morning. and taking a look at our biggest traffic issue this is southbound 880 at stephenson. looks like they are stopping all traffic to clear the
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right now at 6:30, a dramatic police chase taking over the streets of los angeles.
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a woman behind the wheelumps fr. we'll tell you how the dogs and innocent people involved are doing this morning. "the examiner" has video of this woman being dragged by a muni train. >> reporter: i'm anser hassan. if you have a california real i.d. it may not be valid. we'll explain why and how the dmv is trying to help. good morning, it's wednesday, may 22nd. finally feeling like spring. >> yeah, for now. until it's yanked for us. mike nicco? it is pretty. it is nice. i like it. >> enjoy the next three days. i can't promise you the weekend. >> oh, mike. >> that's why i'm on this side of the desk. it's 6:31 right now.
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and since you're never more than seven minutes away from further disappointment, let me show you what's going on in the south bay. the showers are starting to exit moving to the santa cruz mountains. you have been on me all morning. everything else is clearing out -- since my heavenly comment. take a look at our temperatures, in the mid-40s, low to mid-50s elsewhere. upper 50s at the coast. near 70 at 4:00 and back in the mid-60s at 7:00. here is alexis. don't worry, mike, i never have good news for anybody either. this is a little bit of good news. all clear at stevenson and fremont. you can see if you look closely the vehicles involved in this crash off on the right shoulder and just before the break we saw them running a traffic break so they could push that to the right-hand side.
6:32 am
all clear there. you are stop and go beyond the 84 interchange. a quick check of drive times, want to look at that one specifical specifically. one lane blocked due to a long-term crash. new details on the real i.d. which at least until now has been real confusing for a lot of us. >> we have good news for those of you who already have the new kind of driver's license. you won't have to go back to the dmv after all. anser? >> reporter: the bad news this could impact 3 million californians. if you got the i.d. but didn't provide two forms of residency, you may be getting a letter from the dmv.domehen theept.if you g
6:33 am
you just need to verify your address by checking the box to confirm that your mailingfyhe s form of residency requirement. now the dmv was supposed to send the letters out back in april but there have been delays. why is this important, well, beginning october 1st of next year you will need a real i.d. if you want to fly domestically. your old driver's license won't work. california has been issuing the real i.d.s since 2018. if you have a real california driver's license but only provided one form of residency you can still drive in california but will have to provide that second form of document there's still confusion about real i.d. including what you need to get one. we have answers on our website.
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officers doing a welfare check discovered the remains inside a home at del monte street and mt. vernon avenue. police were responding to a report that a 73-year-old man was possibly missing from his home. there were suspicious circumstances so they went inside. the medical examiner's office is trying to identify the remains and determine the cause of death. and in the south bay santa clara county supervisors are going ahead with a plan to spend $5 million on gender based violence services. it is aimed at helping survivors of rape and other sex and abuse crimes. supervisor chavez pushed for the funding. >ake ak your screens here.
6:35 am
in southern california a woman driving a stolen rv is facing several charges felony hit-and-run after a wild chase. >> oh, no! oh, my goodness. right into the tree. >> during the chase the rv hit a palm tree which opened the passenger side like a can opener. the rv crashed into several cars during the chase and the driver had two dogs with her. one even jumped out of the moving vehicle and landed on the pavement. >> the dog is running away. the dog is okay. >> the chase ended when the suspect crashed into the car. the woman got out and tried to make a run for it wi a chp officer caught the woman. drivers of the other vehicles involved were taken to the who jumped out of the rv as well as the other dog and they were taken to the vet for care.
6:36 am
one of the wildest things i've ever seen. that's amazing. i'm glad everyone will be able to recover. the woman caught in a muni metro train door and then dragged onto the tracks has filed a claim against san francisco this is video of the incident at the embarcadero station obtained by "the examiner." choi lee identified herself as the passenger and watch that being dragged for a few feet by one of muni's new trains. she suffered a collapsed lung and broken and pelvic fractures. she is now seeking pavement for her medical expenses and anre plans to plead guilty in boston in connection with the college admissions scandal. he is accused of paying $15,000 for a procter to correct his daughter's act exam in 2016. the menlo park dad is charged with conspiracy to commit mail
6:37 am
fraud. he is the founder and president of nate's and pj's food. napa vineyard owner admitted that he agreed to pay $300,000 to secure his daughter's admission to usc as a water polo recruit, though she didn't play the sport. her athletic profile included a photo shopped water polo picture. prosecutors will also recommend a $95,000 fine. and you can find a complete list of bay area parents charged in the college admissions scandal. just head over to survivors of the massive campfire are a step closer to getting more help from sacramento. the state assembly has approved a bill to speed up the rebuilding process. the campfire killed mor many survivors are still living in tents, cars, or
6:38 am
now this bill would streamline environmental rules and exempt housing construction from the california environmental quality act. the measure now goes on to the state senate. the empty lot in downtown san jose just sitting around, a south bay developer has quite an offer. if you buy an apartment building they will move it to you for free. >> the building is the historic apartments built in 1910. developers want to replace it with a 27-story mixed use building on the site so they're trying to find a new home for the apartment building. one caveat, and it's a big one, you have to have a lot in downtown san jose. the apartments are too tall to fit under interstate 280 so when you have to move it that's the only option. downtown san jose. >> so far no takers but we'll keep watching it. it's about to be even easier to ditch your kitchen. the big change in the works for uber eats.
6:39 am
we are in the red down 72 points. we'll have another update on how the markets are doing next. and the episode an alabama pbs station is refusing to air and the new reaction. >> but first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco with another look at heaven? >> no. we'll stay away from that for a while. we'll take a look at yosemite. it's gorgeous this morning. lake merced at 52. low to mid-50s on the peninsula, down into the south bay, union city, pleasanton, pittsburg. some 40s out there. up across the north bay. we're starting to clear out in san jose. we're right next to the shark tank here looking to the north.
6:40 am
that's the only caution on the roads. mass transit cool to mild. ferry ride not as breezy as yesterday and it will be dry. let's take a look at what's going on in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s this afternoon after being in the mid to upper 50s through 9:00. our last stop down in the south bay where the clouds will linger with some sunshine through 11:00. upper 60s this afternoon dropping down into the mid-60s. take a look at the forecast, trying to tweak whether we're going to get that rain saturday and sunday or not. that's up next. first alexis with what's going on wit we are all clear from both earlier crashes, southbound 680. really close to each other. on to 242 down to the 24 split.
6:41 am
westbound 80 past the mid span, two vehicles involved in a crash. one person at least has injuries. better news, we're in recovery mode. up to 23 miles an hour and 12 miles an hour and that was from that earlier crash involving a mo
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6:44 am
let's talk about what's going on with the school day forecast. no need for the wet weather gear. definitely need some coats this morning, low to mid-50s. look by the afternoon hours, upper 60s to low 70s. feels like spring. at the coast it feels like spring, too. it will be 60 there. 62 in monterey. look at the warmth starting to develop in chico and sacramento. upper 70s. palm springs 73. some showers in san diego and los angeles. a look at half dome. when i say that looked heavenly this morning and that's where the joke came from we talked about a minute ago. a look at tahoe and you can see just how much snow they had from that winter weather advisory yesterday. more melting with thunderstorms possible friday and saturday. showers, at least a chance of them sunday and monday. >> the snow does look beautiful, mike. thank you. this morning there is an ongoing investigation into a horrific crime against an elderly woman in san francisco. and i do want to warn you the details of the case are disturbing. a 74-year-old woman was
6:45 am
kidnapped, and according to police, raped for hours. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at san francisco police headquarters. amy? >> reporter: reggie, police have made an arrest in the case. according to the "san francisco chronicle" they've arrested 47-year-old manuel amador. police say that the details of this crime are so horrific prosecutors plan to ask the judge not to set bail because they don't want him out on the streets. they think he would be a danger to society. so here is what happened. the 74-year-old woman was walking on prague street in the southeast part of the city when police say the man grabbed her and pulled her into a house. this was near mclaren park. the man is accused of pulling her into the house, raping her for there was a pit bull in the home that bit her several times. then the woman was left on the sidewalk. she was semiconscious when
6:46 am
someone found her and called police. amador is in jail. he does not have any prior convictions. this happened around 8:00 in the morning, almost around this time, when she was out for her morning walk. this was about two weeks ago. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. that is so disturbing and so scary. this morning there's growing backlash against alabama public television. it decided not to air an episode of the pbs children's show "arthur" because it included a same-sex wedding. the episode mr. ratburn and the special someone shows arthur attending his teacher's same-sex wedding. it aired nationally mda but a rerun aired in alabama. the station said it made the decision because they felt most parents didn't know the content so airing it would be a violation of trust. lgbtq groups say sheltering children from their existence sends a dangerous message. >> you know what i saw on pbs
6:47 am
restently, a show that had a lot of violence, children dying, prostitution, it was "les mis." >> listen, i think giving parents the information and the choice to their children is also something pbs should consider. >> interesting year. now to your morning money report. your uber and lyft ride could become more expensive in san francisco. a ballot measure to tax individual rides 3.25%. it needs the support of six supervisors in order to be placed on the november 2019 ballot. uber is reportedly getting ready to launch a subscription to food delivery service called uber eats pass. for $10 a month you can get unlimited free delivery. fees are usually 15% of the total cost of your order. an engineering specialist found the information in a code hidden in uber's android app. an uber spokesperson did not dispute the finding.
6:48 am
we'll see what happens with that. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. we are down almost 100 points. happening tonight on abc, be it's something that's never been done before. >> and it is sure to make you laugh. an all-star cast of hollywood stars are re-creating two iconic shows, "all in the family" and "the jeffersons." amy robach sat down with the mastermind of this live comedy extravaganza, jimmy kimmel. >> two of the greatest tv shows of all time. you get to see woody and marissa singing. >> you do it. ♪ she hits that note, it is so beautiful. >> and you can watch amy's full interview coming up on "gma." and then at 8:00 p.m. tonigh you can watch "all in the family" and "the jeffersons" right here on abc 7. >> mike, you were singing the song a moment ago. i heard it. >> i'm old enough to have
6:49 am
watched those. but they call them comedies, though? they changed america. >> yes. >> i mean, they talked about social issues that were so taboo at the time, not talked about on tv. to call them comedies sells them short. i think it's going to be how will they portray that? they were such a force in social change in the '70s. >> groundbreaking. it's cool they're introducing it to a whole new generation. >> plus, i just loved singing along as a kid to a deluxe apartment in the sky. >> fish don't fry in the kitchen, beans don't burn on the grill, took a whoot trying just to get up that hill. ♪ now we're up in the big leagues getting our turn at bat ♪ let's move o. wow, i know the whole thing. >> ladies and gentlemen, mike nicco. >> at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> there you go. all right. you probably wish i was like the sea lions and just lay there and be quiet.
6:50 am
thanks for the clapping. looking at no may gray. partly cloudy, a milder afternoon. warming and it's going to be warmer today, tomorrow and friday and the holiday weekend trending wetter and cooler especially saturday and sunday. look at this, live doppler 7, a definite drying trend even in the south bay. the clouds over here. that's the gray you're seeing and they are starting to open. temperatures are reaching their cooest point this morning, a lot of 40s and 50s. we'll rebound really nicely today, too. 62 in half moon bay. we'll have mid to upper 60s, san franciscmondd, san mateo, and low to mid-70s everywhere else. going to the game tonight, dropping down to 56, but no mpatures tonight.ther a low to mid-50s. i put the clouds over there to show you how much fog is going to develop tonight. that will be your big issue with tomorrow's morning commute. and if you are heading out, we start off with high amounts of pollen friday and saturday and then with our better chance
6:51 am
sunday drops down a little bit and rebounds monday. take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast and temperatures are going to be average if not just a little bit above tomorrow into friday. look at that. only 50s and 60s saturday. the same thing sunday. drier and definitely warmer monday. so far no storm impact scale on those chances, though. alexis? sounds good, mike. we are looking pretty good right now. we have our typical backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on at 5:21 this morning. normal time unless you're using the car-pool lanes. you'll have your typical wait. and taking you up to the still have a two-car collision at the south end of the bridge past the mid span. one person with some injuries blocking the left lane. you're backed up over on to the vallejo side of the bridge. a look at some drive times next. thank you, alexis. next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram picture of the day. >> that's pretty. >> follow us
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6:54. if you're just joining us, number one, san francisco police are trying to identify a dismembered body found inside a home, officers making a welfare check on a 73-year-old man reported missing, found the
6:55 am
remains and police are handling the case as a homicide. number two, san francisco police are investigating after a 74-year-old woman was reportedly grabbed near mclaren park, dragged into a home, attacked by a dog, and repeatedly raped. the suspect now under arrest is expected to be in court today. number three, a woman driving with two dogs led police on a high-speed chase in an rv through the san fernando valley last night finally ended when the rv collided with a car and the woman jumped out, tried to get away. >> a closed door meeting with members of the caucus, nancy pelosi is dealing with mounting pressure from democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against president trump. number five, it's back, 40s and 50s this morning, hanging out in the 70s away from the coast this afternoon. number six, we're looking good at this point. our biggest issue was an earlier sig alert in fremont. southbound 880 at stevenson that
6:56 am
is long gone. now the speeds really picking up, maybe a five to ten minute delay. in honor of the upcoming third season of "stranger things" coca-cola is bringing back new coke. the third season of the show takes place in 1985, the same year new coke debuted. >> i think i'm going to give it a try. >> has anyone tried it? >> you have. i'm sure you have. >> a long time ago. >> me, too. >> 33 years ago. >> i don't remember what it tastes like. >> i think it was very, very sweet. >> yeah. that's the difference between it and pepsi so they tried to sweeten coke to be like pepsi. >> right. >> we'll have to try it. >> new coke is coming back. "the jeffersons" are coming back tonight.
6:57 am
6:58 am
tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride.
6:59 am
the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. good morning, america. millions bracing for severe weather right now as those storms in the heartland turn
7:00 am
deadly. state of emergency. dozens of tornadoes touching down and heavy rain triggering deadly flash flooding as those dangerous storms slam the plains, forcing water rescues. this entire town underwater and now a new storm moving into the midwest and the northeast on alert. white house showdown. president trump set to face off with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in a high-stakes meeting today as more democrats ratchet up the pressure to start impeachment proceedings. wild ride. overnight this police chase taking over the streets of l.a. >> another -- oh, no. >> a woman in an rv on the run smashing into cars and trees. the moment one of her dogs


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