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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 23, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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the east bay. the pride flag won't fly over dublin city hall. it's called a debate some are calling disturbing. i'm kate lawson. another school district is on strike. tonight, hundreds of teachers and parents rallying for higher wages. >> surrounding the director and star here in san francisco. i'm jobina fortson. "abc7 news" starts now. >> now, news to build a better bay area, from abc 7. in the east bay, dublin will recognize june as lbgtq pride month, but no pride flag will fly over city hall. >> the decision sparked a debate that some describe as disturbing. amanda del castillo is live in dublin with the details. amanda? >> reporter: dan, ama, as it stands, the city of dublin does not have any policies or guidelines in place when it
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somes to the three flags you see just behind me. but last night's decision led to a debate many are calling disappointing. the city, state, and american flag will be the only three displayed over dublin call. city leaders rejected a request to fly a pride flag on june 1st. >> we're being told that we like yo guys as our neighbors and everything, and we don't have any animosity, but we don't want to recognize you as being a vote. >> reporter: the public comment period took an flag..... >> can we lie the matter flag, a communist flag. >> reporter: two people spoke more -- >> the letter p for pedophile.
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>> that's not a thing, that's not anything we're fighting for. >> reporter: bobby coolar says some speakers were out of line. >> everyone has the same to that flagpol. >> reporter: the city does not have a policy with flying flags and council debated that point. >> i am 100% in favor of lbgtq rights and i support that 100%. but there's no guiding documents to support anybody else. >> reporter: now, dublin's mayor tells us that he will always fight to protect the lbgtq community but is committed to finding ways to learning how others feel, as well. amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." today in san francisco, the castro district, people gathered for a block party in honor of harvey milk day. he would have been 89 today.
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the san francisco supervisor and gay rights activist was assassinated in 1978. the state legislature designated it harvey milk day in 1989. the community also hosted a rally. now to new developments. american taliban john walker lynn is going free tomorrow. he was with the taliban in afghanistan on 9/11. whit johnson has the latest outside the indiana prison will he will be released. >> reporter: in just a matter of hours, the so-called american taliban will walk out of this prison. john walker lindh served 17 of his sentence. lindh was found gaunt and filthy in 2001. an uprising at a prison resulted
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the death of a cia officer mike span. lindh converted to islam, left for the at least, even met bill bin laden at an al qaeda training camp. he pleaded guilty to giving armed support to the taliban and condemned terrorism at his sentencing. but two government reports found that he continued to advocate for global jihad and pro-isis statements and even preached in prison. a judge ordered tough restrictions as part of his release, including he can only communicate with people in english as part of his limited and restricted internet access. he cannot associate with any known extremists, and cannot leave the country without permission. he he's expected to move to northern virginia outside of d.c. after his release.
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new at 11:00, pg&e is changing where its power lines are going in paradise in the wake of last year's camp fire. all electric distribution lines will be put undergrown in paradise, and surrounding areas. they say this reduces fire risks and meets the community's design plans. 85 people died in the camp fire. in the east bay, frayed nerves as striking teachers faced off with the new haven school board. things got so heated board members had to be escorted away by police. kate larson is at the school district office with the latest. kate? >> reporter: this may be a teacher strike, but it's deeply affecting the students here. most have stayed home from school this week. but of the 14% of students in the district who did go to school today, i'm told without their teachers, they did things like watch movies and color. >> it's been hard on my family and everyone.
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>> reporter: wiping tears away, this fifth grade student, whostz whos fher is a teacher, pleaded with the students and student spew spewed vitriol. most got up and left the meeting except for one. >> the problem is not at the local school levels but the legislature and state level. >> reporter: are youthat the di union can move forward? >> i hopeful. >> reporter: the third day of the strike started with a rally and march through union city to the school district office. the teacher's association wants a 10% raise over two years, the district is offering 1% next year with a possible 3% bonus. >> enough is enough. it has to change. and this is the power of thethe
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t ofhe loc teacher's union and a counselor. >> we've been hopeful that we cannd and understand. >> reporter: the crowd got so large and heated, that police escorted board members out of the parking lot. the union and the district are meeting tomorrow morning. if that goes well, they may start official negotiations again in the afternoon. but regardless, the strike will continue through friday. i'm told by the union that they hope that they can come to a resolution and get back to school next tuesday after memorial day. live in union city, i'm kate larson, "abc7 news." >> kate, thank you. a teacher's union across the state urged stateea funding and tighter regulations of charter schools.
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in january, we spent a week digging into the issues local teachers face, as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. all of those stories are in one place for you on our website, when you have a moment. in our focus on building a better bay area, we have a look at possible solutions to one of the most prevalent problems you told us you experience on b.a.r.t., fare evasion. >> four gate options include a different swing style gate, a retractable barrier, a high entry gate like those used in new york city, and what the board says is the least expensive option. >> this is the most inexpensive, $15 million to do the entire system. >> the board also plans to review b.a.r.t.'s new budget, including a fare increase. b.a.r.t. says the money will be used for di 1reofficers
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inside this cafe, young filmmakers are learning from the director and star of "the last black man in san francisco." we'll sit down with them after the break. more than a dozen san francisco museums will be opening their doors for free this summer. we'll explain how that works. a house ripped off its foundation and just swept away. where it ended up as more severe weather pounds the area. we got a break from our wet weather. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know if it's going to last through the holiday weekend. >> fir, here's a look at what's coming up on i think i'm good. >> i think you need something else. >> oh!
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. a tornado has touched down in jefferson city, missouri. this shows the black sky it will up by lightning which illuminates the tornado. the tornado is described as violent. these photos show some of the damage in its aftermath. crews are going door to door to check on people. all happening as we're on the air here this moment.
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flood waters just ripping that house from its foundation in oklahoma. forecasters are predicting more severe weather tonight into tomorrow. look at this. the house was carried away downstream. it was later spotted with only its roof viz ebsibvisible. tornadoes have touched down in missouri, kansas, and iowa. "abc7 news" is committed to building a better baby highlighting the issues important to you and our >> reporter jobina fortson talked with the director and star tonight of "the last black man in san francisco." jobina? >> reporter: the director and lead are making their film debut with "the last black man in san francisco." they're telling a story of friendship and putting some of the city's problems on the
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national stage. tonight, they spent the evening in our hometown hosting a workshop and talked to us about the movie. of a loud and crowded cafe, we sat down with two guys hoping to make more noise with their new film. that's a clip from "the last black man in san francisco," directed by joe talbot. natives of the city and best friends. >> it started out as an idea. >> reporter: an idea that's gotten pretty big. his life inspired the story about a fictional jimmy, who is obsessed with reclaiming the victorian home his grandfather built in san francisco. his father left it. >> that's not your old house and that's not your neighborhood. >> you start to lose those people that are such an important part of the city, what is the city? >> reporter: the city digs into gentry fi case and a shift in
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racial demographics. >> we're losing our community in my hometown. >> reporter: he calls the town unfortunate. >> we're getting letters from people saying the same thing is happening here. >> reporter: and this is a story of friendship. >> i have a lot of friends here who are aspiring filmmakers. >> reporter: they are now mentoring the next wave of film makers to hopefully get their untold stories to the big screen, too. the movie hits theaters next mompblts. jobina fortson, "abc7 news." "abc7 news" reporter wayne freedman went to the house featured in the movie and knockedheor. more than 200,000 people in san francisco soon can enjoy a bit of culture at no most. >> the city announced the san francisco museums for all
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program, more than 15 museums and cultural institution also be free for residents who will receive medical. >> if you're planning to hit the beach, a high surf advisory has been issued for the entire bay area until thursday morning. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya? >> yeah, those waves right now are 12 to 16 feet. that's why the high sur ry tomorrow. watch out for breakers up to 20 feet and the risk of rip currents. temperatures right now, really walking on the mild side. we have 50s, 60s, feels good out there if you stepped outside. and it's going to feel good tomorrow afternoon, if you go outside. got some lunch or just get out to enjoy the sun. average high is 76 degrees. cooler saturday through monday. and then warming back up tuesday and wednesday.
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this is more of the spring pattern with the ups and the downs. here's a look at the up. the rainy season, take a look. santa rosa over 47 inches of rain. you had 135% of average. enjoy the nice weather the next few days guilt free. oakland is at 102% of normal. so we're doing good in the rainfall department. if you're heading to tahoe, 59 degrees. saturday, it's going to be a mix of rain and thunder. more showers sunday and a chance for memorial day. temperatures in the 50s in the afternoon. so if you are traveling, keep that in mind, especially if you have outdoor camping plans. cloud cover, insulating us right now. a live look from our roof camera. we do have mild weather for friday. slight chance of a few showers. sunday is our level one system with the scattered showers, and monday, i think your barbecues will be just fine. a lovely view with san
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francisco. tomorrow morning, clouds, temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon, 78 if concord rn concord, 77 in santa rosa. 67 in san francisco, 75 in san jose. so nice and mild. so saturday afternoon, an isolated shower can't be ruled out at 3:00 p.m. but sunday is your day that you might want to take your plans inside, baue haveet weather, both computer models in agreement that sunday you'll need the rain gear. accuweather seven-day forecast, mild the next few days. slight chance on saturday. better opportunity for that wet weather. sunday with a level one system. and it's unseasonably cool for this time of year for memorial day. but at least you'll get a chance to get out and enjoy dry weather on memorial day. tuesday and wednesday will warm it back up closer to average this time of the year. tomorrow on "good morning
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the story of how this young woman went from a patient to a doctor is going viral on our website.
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this is claudia martinez, a fourth year med student. as an underground in houston, she was diagnosed with a condition where brain tissue expands into the spinal chord, possibly causing paralysis. she's had six major brain surgeries, and in the midst of med school in 2017, she suffered a stroke. >> i had somebody shower me, dress me. she would type my essays for me. she would drive me to wherever i needed to go. she would put my earphones in my ears so i could listen. that's how i continued medical school. >> incredible. she's due to graduate next may and hopes to work in the physical rehabilitation field. >> you talk about grit and determination. good for her. on to sports. larry beil is here. >> and we think we have problems. kinan is going to the texting media members or none
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good evening. tomorrow is a big day for klay thompson. the all-nba team will announce if he's named to one of the teams. his next contract could be worth up to $221 million opposed to $120 million if he does not make it. klay and draymond were all-nba defense. first time for klay. tremendous defender for the warriors. while kevin durant's half heals, his fingers are doing just fine. brusard says he often goes back and forth with k.d. slowa text. about the rumors concerning
1:36 am
durant going to the knicks, here is his agent. >> that is 100% undecided and i'm waiting on kevin. that's the truth. i think there's a feeling that this is like war games and everybody is like playing chess like years out. but when somebody gets to the level of basketball that he's at, you can't juggle focus like that. some ways it's more soap opera than basketball, but he really doesn't know. the a's started out slowly, now have the longest winning streak in baseball, six in a row. going for a sweep in cleveland. frankie montez was throwing smoke. jake bowers, come get some. francisco, your turn. and bowers, back for more. you'll all get nothing and like it. montez, six scoreless innings, and strk out nine. and he does get some support. nick hundley, opmer.
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they have evened their record, 25 wins, 25 losses. speaking of losses, oh, baby, look at those cheeks. giants hosting the the braves keep hitting and hitting. there it comes, there it does. swanson, a two-out, three-run homer. braves jump out 5-0. freddie freeman, that's gone, too. back-to-back jacks. that was your ball game right now. giants lose 9-2. so much commotion after antonio brown missed day one of raiders off-season practice yesterday. no worries. he was there derek carr, who has che clearly spent much of the off-season doing bicep curls. hopefully see a lot more of that this season.
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how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent co ck tuid something this pretty protect? for incredible protection. iprotected and pretty. that is all for now on this wednesday. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. have a good night.
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animal. the trick to freeing a fox from a tight spot. >> the fun newly weds do it their way. >> my gosh. i love this couple. >> talk about a no parking zone. >> how a camera caught the moment it all went down. >> your chance to win a new ipad and a romeo with a guitar. >> i've seen you around but i don't know your name. >> the strategy with mixed results. >> simon cowell from wild life aid has the heavy gloves. we have learned they do go on a lot of fox rescues.
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this time, look where it is at. >> look at that. >> stuck between two trees. >> sometimes you miss judge and think you can make it just a little bit. >> look at this one. >> simon is checking it the camera over to the woman who called them. >> it is good. means she's not a lactating female. >> a good thing. and finally, it is


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