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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 23, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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>> reporter: governor mike parson tweeting, we're doing that picture perfect spring day we've been waiting for. oray but praying f aught in damage. today is looking cooler and dry some are still trapped. in joplin, missouri, dark skies and warming. with blaring tornado warnings in it begins monday. the distance. 73 to about 76 in the south bay. that threat coming on the anniversary of the devastating 75 in san jose. tornado that tore through the our spread on the peninsula from city in 2011 killing 158 people. 70 in millbrae to 74 redwood and in oklahoma mandatory city and mountain view and los evacuations are under way along altoes. the arkansas river as two 62 to about 64 along the peninsula coast. runaway barges head downstream upper 60s downtown, south san toward a dam. abc news, new york. francisco, sausalito. 73 to about 77 through the north >> so much destruction there, it bay valleys witnapa.ntee is just jaw dropping. and, of course, the fear today is that those tornadoes could set up again in the same area in tornado alley, so let's go ahead here is aoo at ls tonk we'll se. and check things with mike nicco. yeah, several things we're watching. here is what's left of the storm system from yesterday. andemres may dr it's a squall line with moving degree or you wo ce of right through the ohio river valley and up towards, look at ou the may gray sat temperature that, even toronto. average. our wettest and coolest day,
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but you see more storms developing over wichita and sunday, we had to put a storm oklahoma city right now. this is the way it looked impact scale. it's a 1. sue? we'll take a look at your yesterday. drive in the south bay. 40 reports, 35 tornadoes and seven funnel clouds. to 101 underneath the 880 overcrossing. technically a funnel cloud is a tornado before it reaches the ground. so when you say tornado touches down, it's redundant, it's a everybody is moving nicely. over to 280 in the northbound funnel cloud. it's a pet peeve of mine and direction we see the headlights it's actually correct to say it underneath the 17 overcrossing that way. you can see around new york, snaking their way from downtown san jose up to cupertino. pennsylvania, pittsburgh, we could have tornadoes there you're looking at about an today. we could have another round, look at that, from the panhandle eight-minute drive here for your of texas into the heart of commute leaving san jose up to kansas. it's going to be another active severe weather day. the cupertino side of things and what's happening all of these slow and go over the altamont storms coming through our neighborhoods are going through pass, about our only slow patch the rockies, coming out of the at this point. we have the road work down to rockies, and spinning up. one lane on the golden gate that's what's producing these bridge that should be pickingdv tornadoes. so when we can stop the storms from coming through us, there's a less likely chance they'll head to the midwest and cause dumbarton this hour. tornadoes. for us today it couldn't be much more of a picture per at noon. apple's invitation to the developers conference is hinting at what the company could ul ne. and walmare is "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes"
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mid-70s at 4:00. apple's next big event. >> the company sent out sue? we do have some road work. invitations to the media for its u the gaps betwe the developers conference on june 3rd. the illustrations could give heli there. so it's moving nicely fromast m hints to what we could see including new details on apple arcade and a new macbook pro. further into the bay bridge toll the android tablets hit the market going head-to-head with plaza. a minor delay in the cash paying amazon's fire and apple's ipad. lanes. if you can get the fastrak >> the devices range from 8 to 10 inchls and one has a movi moving. detachable keyboard. should say the toll plaza not the san mateo bridge there all three cost less than $100. obviously. your drive from highway 4 "consumer reports" is through the bay bridge is a near blasting tesla's driverless 26 minutes. so if you have to be up this early at least it's pretty light assistance system. >> it says the lane change out there. system on navigate on autopilot >> thank you, sue. we often focus on issues is far less competent than a human driver. plaguing b.a.r.t. as part of our in response tesla says millions building a better bay area of miles have been safely driven finish yeah. using the feature. >> officials are looking at fare those are your "tech bytes." jumpers. a look at some possible new gate than? designs being considered. >> what a deal especially for parents wanting to get a tablet amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, for their kids. jessica. yes, they're talking about why not? more than a dozen museums getting rid of these fare gates will be opening their doors for
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and looking at some new options. free this summer. what you need to get in. obviously the idea is to keep from patient to people from jumping these gates. it's a problem that costs about $25 million a year. they have a few options. they're looking at swing gits like they use in boston or an option that you'll see in new york, the high entry gates that make it tough to jump . but the likely pick will be the cheapest one, it has four leaves that are tough to pry open am tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. this would cost $15 million to install throughout the system, grace, you get the beach house, but some say don't even bother. they will find a way in. just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. do you ever jump the gate? >> of course, i grew up here. to craig, this rock. kids are resourceful. we're not going to let trump build the wall, we're not going to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. to let b.a.r.t. build the wall either! >> reporter: people definitely the redwoods to the redheads. take advantage of the gates we have now jumping them or the rainbows to the proud. shopping their way through without paying. the almonds to walter. riders will have to pay for the the beaches to the bums. new gates. b.a.r.t. will be discussing a and the fog to, who else, karl. fare increase at their meeting
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today, about 50 cents more a i leave these things to my heirs, trip to help pay for new gates. they're going to talk about it all 39 million of you, today at their meeting, a final on one condition. vote is set for next month. that you do everything in your power reporting live in concord, amy to preserve and protect them. hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. with love, california. abc 7 news has devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. we talked to riders, management, and trains to every station. you can see the stories on our website, happening today the so-called american taliban john wa of course, a marin county native. abc news reporter whit johnson has the latest outside the prison where lindh will be released. >> reporter: john walker lindh from marin county served 17 years of his sentence shaving off three years for good behavior. in the wake of 9/11 lindh found gaunt and filthy captured from a
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prison basement in afghanistan in 2001. resulted in the death of cia officer mike spann. lindh had converted to islam as a california teenager, left for the middle east, even met osama bin laden at an al qaeda training camp. he pleaded guilty to giving armed support to the taliban and condemned terrorism at his sentencing but his release is now sparking new outrage. two government reports found he continued to advocate for global jihad and made pro-isis statements. sources tell abc news he has even preached in prison quoting a prominent jihadi figure. a judge has ordered tough restrictions as part of his release. he's expected to move to all right. northern virginia just outside we have a game this afternoon at of d.c. after his release. oracle. 12:45, 62. warming to 64 degrees. in terre haute, indiana, i'm it will feel warmer than that in whit johnson, abc 7 news. the sunshine. happening today the man don't hate me if the two people accused of raping a-year-old i'm with are wearing braves woman and holding her captive uniforms. my wife is from atlanta. for five hours is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. until 9:00 we've got a high surf manuel jesus amador was arrested
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advisory, breakers up to about at his home in san francisco's 20 feet, rip currents and beach crocker amazon neighborhood. erosion. temperatures in the low to investigators say that horrible mid-60s at the coast. crime took place there on may thank you, mike. 10th. the victim was out on a morning a bill that would make it harder for children to avoid walk on prague street. vaccinations is a step closer to authorities say amador grabbed becoming law. the state senate approved the the woman, dragge her down the measure yesterday. it gives public health officials driveway into the home and sexually assaulted her instead of local doctors the repeatedly over a course of several hours. power to decide which kids can skip shots before attending pg&e is making a major school. change to power lines in supporters say some doctors have paradise in the wake of last been selling vaccine exemptions. year's cam am fire. the company says all electric opponents say the bill interferes with a doctor/patient distribution lines will be put s gd thengunderground will relationship. the measure now goes to the assembly. a journey of a young woman who persevered with the dream of becoming a doctor despite reduce fire risk and meets the devastating obstacles is going viral on our website and across rebuilding plans. 85 people died in the campfire. the country. martinez is now a fourth year na for consideration.agreement med student in texas. in 2011 doctors diagnosed her with a medical condition that site. threatened to leave her paralyzed. she had six major brain surgeries but continued with her goal of going to medical school. president trump storms out of a meeting with white house -- then in 2017 she suffered a stroke.
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with house speaker nancy pelosi. >> my mom had to shower me, dress me. she was the one who would type the meeting lasted only three my essays. i would tell her what to time minutes. after waiting for months, we are finally close to finding out and she would type them for me. she would drive me wherever i when the sales force transit needed to go. center will reopen. she would put my earphones in my apple sends out invitations ears for me so i could listen. to its developers conference and that's how i continued medical drops hints at the new products school. >> what an amazing story. that it has up its sleeves. martinez learned to walk again >> that is still ahead. with the help of an exoskeleton. first, it is 4:37 and you're never more than seven minutes she is due to graduate next may away from the accuweather forecast. mike, i was actually lounging by and hopes to work as a physical the pool yesterday. rehabilitation doctor, and i not my pool, mind b a have no doubt that she can do it pool. >> nice. and i think it'll be even better with that kind of grit and determination. >> way to go. to do that today. just make sure you wear the >> yeah. sunscreen because that sun is >> inspiration, no doubt, wow. let's take a look at what's strong this time of the year. going on with the storm impact since we've been stuck inside so scale for sunday. mont if you . we have scattered showers, up to 0.2 of an inch an rain, more low to mid-50s throughout the east bay valleys until you get likely 0.1 but i wanted to be to concord at 57. head out to pittsburg, antioch, cautious. in the higher elevations, you get more rain up there. low to mid-60s. it's going to be gusty and things are already starting to chilly for most of us with temperatures in the 60s. change to warmer weather. if europe outside it will feel we're in the mid-50s except for cool because of the winds.
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let's look at future radar. pacifica and 47 in los gatos. oops, that's the wrong one. a look at a dry commute this let's try this one. there you out there. morning, and that's my number one highlight, dry and calmer. not as breezy as it was and we have a chance of green off and on just about all day. yesterday. there's no rain lingering in h bay like yesterday it looks like we'll salvage morning. cool to warm, mass transit, the monday, dry and warmer. ferry ride breezy north. sue? take a look at the golden a look at the north bay. we're in the 60s through 9:00. gate bridge down to one lane or low to mid-70s, 11:00 to 5:00. were due to the barrier work happening there. 68 this evening. light conditions making your way the east bay, we're going to be southbound off the waldo grade. near 70 this afternoon. in fact, let's take a look at at lunch we'll be in the our roadsensors. i did see slow traffic up and mid-60s. the same thing at 7:00. and for san francisco we're in over the waldo. there it is right there, that the 50s through 9:00 and low to stretch of red as you're leaving looks really nice 5:0o. sausalito. that's due to the cones that are in lanes there getting you through to the golden gate we miss when alexis is gone, but bridge. expect a minor delay as you make it's great to see miss sue. >> she has a few days off which your way up to spencer and the waldo grade. is good for her and i'm always happy to be here. once you get to the robin >> we're lucky to have you here. what do you have today? williams tunnel, it's moving pretty nicely. guys? thank you, sue. pretty light so far. knock on everything. so far so good. more than 200,000 people in san francisco have the chance to we have your drive times right enjoy the best culture the city now. take a look there at your has to offer. >> and it won't cost a thing.
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commute all the way through the 17 museums and cultural altamont pass and up and over institutions will be free this for a nice 33-minute drive. summer for residents who receive public benefits including so far so good there. 20-mutri now from novato side t medical and cal fresh, part of the for all program, offering free admission the academy of through this area and all the sciences and sfmoma. way into san francisco across the golden gate bridge. people have to show their ebt or let's take a look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. fwey h r w gne.te in proof they live in the city. you can check out the places for free. take a look at this, metallica drummer lars ulrich. wep eyeit. he and dozens of fans packed for now it looks good. oranges at the food bank we're looking of speeds about 30 yesterday as part of their miles an hour and then slow foundation called all within my coming from the 205 merge and hands. this is the second year then things do pick up once you metallica has encouraged their get to fans for a day of service. ulrich also presented a $5,000 check to the food bank. >> this is another way for us to share what we seeit the world and just feeling super proud that we can encourage the
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metallica fans to step up and show the world that they'll roll up their sleeves, too. >> as you probably know metallica is based here in the bay area. they'll be the first to perform at the new chase center when it opens later this year. >> what a cool story. you get to volunteer and then with metallica. why not? next at 5:00 a.m., beef recall. the meat to check your fridge for before your memorial day barbecue. also, controversy over the pride flag. the debate that led to one city decidi fly it next month. plus, ayeshaayeshaayeshaayea things people said about her baby has her angry. a comment ann. first, a live look outside at 4:57 this morning as folks are making their way across the bay bridge.
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we still here's a look around mammoth lakes above 8,000 feet, 2-4 inches of snow and winds up to 40 miles per hour. we could have some showers around tahoe, but they'll more than likely have rain and even the chance of a thunderstorm. the same thing in the valleys around yosemite. a chance of scattered showers around the higher elevations, south of fresno between there and l.a., and 78 in sacramento. 82 in chico. look at this. this is tahoe this morning. a little bit of snow. look at this, a lot of tastier... thunderstorms are possible i was literally born for this. ♪
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friday, saturday. snow and rain sunday. just rain monday. you had me at fried chicken pacifier. not a great weekend to be in tahoe. sorry. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. thank you. now to the blowup at the rose garden. an infuriated president trump canceled an infrastructure meeting with top democrats after >>de w'tkdemocrats unt their give these teachers what they deserve, what all of us toh latest. deserve. >> day five of a teacher strike. mona? what's planned for today. >> reporter: good morning. sources tell abc news the president arrived late, shook good morning. it is thursday, may 23rd. >> you're never more than 30 into hands, and told democratic minutes away from the lawmakers that he wants to work accuweather forecast. with them on infrastructure, let's get started with trade, and the farm bill as long as they stop their meteorologist mike nicco. live doppler 7 and you can see there's nothing out there. investigations. hopes of getting anything done before 2020 in washington faded quickly when the president stormed out of a meeting with democratic leaders after only three minutes. >> so i came here to do a meeting on infrastructure with
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democrats. >> reporter: an angered president trump headed straight to the r txplain what set him off. >> i don't do cover-ups. >> reporter: referring to a comment nancy pelosi made earlier that day as she left a closed door meeting with her party. the president went on to say he would not work with democrats on any issue until they stop investigating him. after the blowup pelosi doubled down on her comments. >> this president is obstructing justice, and he's engaged in a cover-up. and that could be an impeachable offense. >> reporter: she said she was looking forward to workinghrowi public, quote, temper tantrum. >> for some reason, maybe lack of confidence on his part that he really couldn't come match the greatness of the challenge that we have. >> reporter: overnight president trump took to twitter to deny throwing a tantrum. democrats say he was never serious about negotiating an
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infrastructure deal pointing to a letter that he sent democratic leaders before pelosi's comments where he demanded that his trade deal come first. reporting live in washington, abc 7 news. >> mona, thank you. this morning u.s. officials say the pentagon is drawing up plans to send more than 10,000 troops to the middle east. the plan to beef up defenses against potential iranian threats will go before the white house today. no decision has been made, and it's not clear if the white house will approve all or some of the forces. officials say the troops will be defensive forces amid rising tension. the discussions include additional patriot missile batteries and more ships. we could find out when san francisco sales force transit center will reopen by tomorrow. the $2.2 billion hub was only opened six weeks before it closed in september. workers discovered cracks in support beams. all repair work is now finished. an independent group of engineers is meeting for the next two days to review the
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work. if they sign off on it transit leaders will set a date when they're going to reopen. the warriors wait to see who they're going to play in the finaling, klay thompson and green are getting honored. >> named to one of the all-defense teams. this is the fifth straight year for draymond. that is a warriors record. this is the first time for clay and he's considered one of the best defensive and offensive players in the game. >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the golden state warriors in the nba finals. the dubs will face either the milwaukee bucks or the toronto raptors. game one is set for thursday, may 30th. it's 4:46. if you're just joining us here is a quick look at weather and traffic. hi, mike. hi, everybody. welcome to thursday, friday eve, one step closer to a holiday weekend. the weather is shaping up to be.
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