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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 23, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the decision sparking debate. it is thursday, may 23rd. the new research on cancer. we'll tell you about the specific diet being linked to the disease. right now taking a live look outside, the sun is coming up. mike, it's not as beautiful as it was this time yesterday, right? >> we have several layers of clouds you're looking at. the low clouds, fog, haze, some high clouds out there from mt. tam. we're definitely going to see more sunshine as the afternoon unfolds. a look at san jose. remember, it was raining on 87, 280, 17 and 101 at 880, our three main cameras all were wet this time yesterday. not today. so the fog is the big issue. it's pretty mild. low to mid-50s. we will transition to hazy sunshine, a few leftover high clouds. look at the temperatures jumping in there 70 away from the coast at noon. 60 at 4:00. mid-70s, pretty close to average
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weather at 4:00 under mostly sunny skies. and 57 at the coast. very comfortable, upper 60s for our bay and inland neighborhoods at 7:00. hi, sue. good morning, everyone. better news now. we have this accident in the macarthur maze just now cleared out of lanes. so things should be improving as you make your way westbound on 580 to the transition to eastbound 80. so that's good news that has just been cleared out. we did have a backup almost to highway 24. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely here. not so much. if you can car-pool. otherwise you are stacked up behind the metering lights for about a 12-minute delay into the maze and once you're past the metering lights it is sluggish on the upper deck. we're getting first reports of an overturned big rig eastbound 80 near pomona just before the bridge and crockett area.
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breaking news, a violent tornado touching down in missouri's capital overnight and this is video from jefferson city. you can see it shows lightning and there you see after that flash, look how big that funnel was. it hit just before midnight and it left a lot of destruction behind. at least 20 people hurt. there have been several days of tornadoes and torrential rain in parts of the southern plains and midwest this week. at least three people have been killed. we'll stay on this breaking story throughout the newscast. the teachers strike entering its fourth day. they are trying to negotiate an end to the strike. only 14% showed up for class yesterday. a public meeting last night got so heated school board members had to be escorted away by police.
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anser hassan where picketing is set to resume this morning. >> reporter: the school board and teachers association have held negotiations since sunday. the board of supervisors held a meeting to jump-start talks between the two. yesterday teachers led a march to the school board meeting. it got so heated that some hade. >> give these teachers what they deserve. all of us deserve. >> i never respected a new haven school board less. >> reporter: 5% this year, 5% next year. the school board is offering 1% next year with a possible 3%
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bonus. negotiations could resume later this afternoon. reporting live in union city, anser hassan, abc 7 news. happening today the san francisco public safety committee will review the february 6 gas line explosion that happened in the richmond district. officials will discuss the actions and events leading up to this incident. they will review the cause of the explosion and emergency response. a preliminary report confirms a third party contractor damaged a pg&e natural gas line at a construction site. five buildings were burned in the fire. retired oakland investigator will face a second day of cross-examination in the ghost ship fire trial. yesterday defense attorneys demanded to know why the atf's national response team was not called in. she maintained atf investigators were among many on the scene. abc 7 news video from the days after the fire does show members of the national response team.
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a man who barely survived the fire also testified. he said there was bottleneck at the front stairway when the fire broke out december 2016. >> to hear someone who was there in the fire and saw how unsafe the stairs were and how scary the fire was and to know my sister was in that and that's how she died is very painful to hear. >> the ghost ship fire killed 36 people. master tenant derick almena and assistant max harris could get life in prison if found guilty. santa clara county jails are being accused of abuse and neglect that may have led to the deaths of two inmates. now there are two federal lawsuits over the claims according to our news partner "the mercury news." the lawsuits allege misconduct in both deaths that happen within the last year. the county issued a statement to "the mercury news," in fact, saying we are not in a position to comment on these newly filed lawsuits. in the east bay the city of
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dublin will recognize june as lgbtq pride month, but there will be no pride flag flying over city hall after city leaders voted against it. and it appeared many people agreed during the public comment section. >> can we fly the confederate flag, the black lives matter flag, a communist flag? >> the city, state, and american flag will remain the only three displayed over dublin city hall n. a 3-2 vote tuesday city leaders rejected councilman's request to approve flying a pride flag on june 1st. some people question what other flags might be allowed that you just heard. one woman we spoke with said this all sends a mixed message. >> it seems we're being told, yeah, we like you guys as our neighbors and everything and we don't have any animosity towards you but we don't want to recognize you as being a group. >> the city does not have a policy regarding flags. city councilmembers say that factored into their decision.
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happening today, the faa is holding a meeting with aviation officials to discuss boeing 737 max jets. faa officials will explain what steps have been taken and what still needs to be done before the grounded jets are allowed to fly again. representatives from 33 other global aviation regulators will be at the meeting in austin, texas. the list includes delegates from indonesia and ethiopia where the two crashes involving 737 max planes occurred before they were grounded worldwide in march. 346 people were killed in both crashes. new at 6:00, a costume troefrp controversy at one school after teachers dress up for a yearbook photo. young filmmakers learning from the experts. the workshop inspired by a new movie with local ties. and new computer models come out. the chance of getting wet weather sunday is looking more impressive. the storm impact scale at 1 for
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it's 6:11 and look at these temperatures around 52 to 55 degrees in san francisco. pretty much that way everywhere.
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saratoga 50. 50 in pittsburg. 62 tracy. a sign of warmer weather on the way. you can see a little bit of low clouds and haze out there. good if you're out and about today, strong sunshine. breezy north of the bay bridge. we still have the dangerous surf through 9:00 this morning at the coast. in fact, we have a small craft advisory that goes until 3:00 tomorrow morning for the winds gusting in the areas you see in yellow up to 30, 35 miles an hour. the peninsula 50s through 8:00. near 70 at noon. low to mid-70s this afternoon with high clouds and hazy sunshine. east bay valley, high clouds and hazy sunshine this afternoon. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. a gorgeous evening, 72 at 7:00. in the south bay 50s through 7:00. 11:00 we're still in the 60s am low to mid-70s for the better part of the afternoon hours. i hope you enjoy. take a look at the rain in a few minutes. here is sue with traffic. we have this overturned big rig, it's fortunately not in lanes on eastbound 80 blocking the pomona on ramp and spilling
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palm oil or coconut oil, nonhazardous material so that's better news not affecting the freeway for you. take a look at your drive times if you are heading westbound from hercules into the macarthur maze just under -- right around 25 minutes and then you have a 17-minute backup behind the tolls and metering lights to get on to the span. if you're traveling on ward to sfo it's just about a ten-minute drive. >> thank you, sue. another legal problem for guys, what's the matter? i heard there were fleas out here. and t-t-t-t-t-icks! and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too. ♪ [coughing] ♪ lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria, even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect.
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it is 6:15 and more trouble for celebrity chef mario batali, indecent assault and battery charges, accused of groping a woman in a boston restaurant in march of 2017. he stepped away from his restaurant business in that same month after he was accused of touching other women inappropriately. new at 6:00, a group of teachers dressed this sombreros and mustaches are now facing backla backlash. they involve teachers at a school in san diego county. students identified one wearing a beret as a french language teacher and the ones wearing sombreros taught spanish. they called them culturally
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insensitive and poor judgment. steps have been taken to make sure this doesn't happen again. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area by highlighting the issues. >> including gentrification and identity. a new film called "the last black man in san francisco" is tackling both of those topics head-on. last night director joe talbot and actor jimmie fails spent an evening in the city to host a workshop for aspiring filmmakers. the film digs into what we all see over san francisco, the gentrification and affordability crisis and a shift in racial demographics. the title clearly doesn't shy away from the city's dwindling black population. >> the people that are here make san francisco great, and if you start to lose those people that are such an important part of the fabric of the city what is the city. >> i definitely felt like that needed to be mentioned. >> "the last black man in san
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francisco" hits theaters next month. >> very educational. hopefully everybody gets a chance to learn more. >> it looks hazy. it really is. 6:17, looks more like spring and summer, a little may gray, a little haze out there, some high clouds, also. it will be sunny in the afternoon hours. partly cloudy with patchy fog and haze just like this morning and sunday showers. if you don't get the showers it's going to be chilly. it will not feel like summer. mid-70s in the south bay. up in the north bay, 70 to 74 around the bay and mid to upper 60s along the coast whether it's down to santa cruz, half moon bay, san francisco or up to bodega bay. tonight you can seep the low clouds encroaching upon the
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coast, the north bay, some fog and it's going to drop into the low to mid-50s. may gray. a slight chance of a random shower from late morning up in the north bay. a quiet day, just not as warm as today and tomorrow. now we have a system dropping down and look what happens. wake up to light showers and more light showers possible during the afternoon and early evening hours and then it goes away. it's not a complete wash out but is looking like we could get a couple tenths of an inchf rain, also. it will be a quick douse and then it will move on. look at the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. some 60s, 70s and 80s by wednesday. a one-hour drive for your commute out of the central valley on 580 westbound. that's pretty typical for this time of day.
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near pomona right before the carquinez bridge we have the on ramp, pomona on ramp to eastbound 80 blocked with an overturned big rig that spilled palm oil, nonhazardous, but they will have to clean it up. it is partially blocking the slow lane. if you want to take b.a.r.t., 48 trains on time. heading into great america and otherwise muni is looking good. thank you, sue. if you're a germophobe, stay tuned. you are probably carrying something around that's dirtier than cash or coins. freedom day for the american taliban, john walker lindh. released from federal prison released from federal prison overnight. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken
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"good morning america" is coming up on abc 7. >> let's check in with ginger zee and a look at what's on the show. we have so much coming up on "gma" including, of course, that deadly outbreak of tornadoes overnight. we're going to be watching at least three people were killed, missouri, back into oklahoma. now that threat moves into the northeast. nick wallenda is speaking out for the first time since the release of the video from the devastating high wire fall. his sister was seriously injured and making a major announcement. the danger of a low carb diet a. new study linking it to increased cancer risk. so there's some foods we should be eating more of and then some foods we should be eating less of.
6:24 am
all that have is really interesting. i'm going straight for it this morning but i don't think that's what she will be saying. plus, we have great deals and steals. it's thursday, all coming up on "gma." since natasha is off this morning i want to go over our plans again that i'm going to sneak into your luggage next week. >> oh, yes. >> as we go to disneyland all together as a group. i know it's not even happening yet. >> great. let's do it. i was going to check a bag instead after carry-on. this could work. >> ginger coming to my rescue because reggie shot down the plan quickly. >> we'll see whops. may the force be with both of you. >> it would be easier to go with reggie but i get it. >> thanks, ginger. >> thanks, guys. hey there, mike. >> i think a lot of us are jealous of those two.
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rough assignment. working. disneyland. >> come on, reggie. how much did you pay? >> he stays silent. if he complains one more time about it. he hasn't. he's excited. our average temperatures versus our highs today, picture perfect except for more cloud cover than a normal may 23rd day. >> thank you, mike. heads-up if you're planning to barbecue this memorial day weekend. there is another beef recall this morning, and this time it involves 62,000 pounds of raw beef products. they may be contaminated with e. coli. according to the usda the recall involves select products by the aurora packing company and the items were packaged on april 19th and shipped nationwide. this includes multiple cuts of beef like short ribs, ribeyes and you will find a complete list on our website, now to things that really may have you going through your purse and cleaning out everything you can. it is disgusting.
6:26 am
it involves your credit and debit cards. >> a new study says they may have more germs than cash or even train station urinals. specific. a finance website called tested a number of items for their germ scores and found credit and debit cards to be near the top of the list with a score of 285. consider a urinal handle at penn station has a 163 score. researchers suggest wiping your cards and washing your hands before and after handling those cards. >> i plan to rip apart everything in my purse, wipe them down. nasty. >> moving forward after last year's devastating wildfires, the major change pg&e is making to power lines in paradise. >> reporter: what do you think about the idea of replacing these fare gates for new ones
6:27 am
people can't cheat and jump through and paying for it with higher fares. that story up next. plus, the promise target is making.
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right now at 6:30, breaking news. the marin county man nicknamed the american taliban is out of prison. the controversy as he was released overnight. and b.a.r.t. says fare evaders are one of the most frustrating problems they see on their commutes. officials are revealing the options to stop them. pg&e reveals a new plan to help prevent wildfires and it means they're going underground. plus, a baby on a diet? ayesha curry is firing back after a nasty comment about her infant son's weight on social med media. good morning. it is thursday, may 23rd. >> people are going after babies now? give me a break. >> it's a beautiful morning. be nice today.
6:31 am
>> honestly. >> can we do that one day? >> just one day. >> one day. you know they can. we can. let's talk about what's going on. nobody has eviscerated me over the weekend forecast. >> just wait. >> now that i've said it. here they come. so i wanted to show you the visibility because it is very hazy. it's not too foggy right now. you look at this, looks like a typical may gray morning. back to sutro tower and twin peaks there. we're looking at a 12-hour planner that will mirror an average day today which is nice considering the rain and cooler weather we've had. mid-50s at 7:00. near 70 with increasing sunshine at noon. mid-70s at 4:00 and a wonderful evening in the upper 60s at 7:00. we'll talk about that weekend rain coming up. here is sue. take a look at this beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. almost like a painting with the hazy skies and some high clouds. the traffic is looking nice,
6:32 am
too. not a problem as you make your way southbound with four lanes in that direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. we have a motorcycle down, rider unresponsive in lane number two which does not sound good. westbound 80 you are stacked up towards highway 4 and it continues to be slow past the scene. an ambulance is on the way. we'll update that in a couple of minutes. thank you, sue. the so-called american taliban john walker lindh has been released from prison. the marin county native has spent the last two decades in prison. abc's whit johnson is in indiana with why some are concerned about lindh's release. >> reporter: reggie and jessica, good morning to you both. the now 38-year-old john walker lindh is leaving this prison today much like he went in nearly two decades ago under a cloud of controversy. sources expressing concern to abc news that lindh remains
6:33 am
radicalized with extremist beliefs. lindh served 17 of his 20-year sentence shaving off three years for good behavior. the case making international headlines in the wake of 9/11, lindh found gaunt and filthy captured from a prison basement in afghanistan in 2001. an uprising resulted in the death of cia officer mike spann. lindh had converted as a teenager, left for the middle east, even met osama bin laden at a training camp. he pled guilty to giving armed support to the taliban and condemned terrorism at his sentencing. his release is sparking outrage. two government reports found he continued to advocate for global jihad. sources tell abc news he has even preached in prison. he will be on supervised release for three years with tough restrictions including limited and monitored internet access.
6:34 am
he can only communicate in english and not association with any known extremists. he is expected to move to northern virginia just outside of d.c. in terre haute, indiana, i'm whit johnson, abc news. we focus on issues plaguing b.a.r.t. as our building a better bay area initiative. >> looking to combat fare evaders, those folks who squeeze through or jump over the gates. a look at the new possible designs being considered. >> reporter: that's right. the people we're talking to don't seem concerned about the issue. b.a.r.t. is looking at replacing these fare gates because it's too easy to jump these and that problem is costing b.a.r.t. about $25 million a year. they have a few options. they're looking at swing gates like you have probably seen in boston. or the option you see in new york, these high entry gates. but the likely pick will be the
6:35 am
cheapest one, this option has four leaves that are tough to pry open. people couldn't be able to pry thm open and sneak through this would cost $15 million to install. the people we've talked to in concord say this as soon a top concern. >> i mean, i haven't had an issue, so i wouldn't like my rate to go up, though. it's kind of expensive already. >> i don't see it that often. i would rather they fix it on fixing the cars themselves, the trains. >> reporter: people definitely take advantage of the gates we have now, jumping over them or shoving their way through without paying. riders will have to help pay for the new gates. b.a.r.t. will be discussing a fare increase at their meeting today, about 50 cents more a trip and they'll be looking at the different fare gate options. they're going to be looking at
6:36 am
all of this today talking it over. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. abc 7 news devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. you can see those stories on our website, the man accused of raping a 74-year-old woman and holding her captive for five hours is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. manuel jesus alma dore was arrested last week. investigators say the horrible crime took place on may 10th. the victim was out on a morning walk on prague street. authorities say he grabbed her, dragged her down the driveway into the home and sexually assaulted her repeatedly over a course of several hours. new developments, pg&e making a major change to power lines in paradise in the wake of last year's campfire. the company says all electric
6:37 am
distribution lines will be put under ground. officials revealed the decision during a meeting last night with the town council. pg&e says going underground will reduce fire risk and meets the community's rebuilding plans. 85 people died in the campfire. a health alert this morning. the new link between cancer and a certain type of diet. and a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange down 304 points, another update on how the markets are doing next. plus, the deadly tornado outbreak in the midwest and our first look at the damage. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast locally. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. hi, everybody. much quieter weather here. 49 in santa clara. most of us in the low to mid-50s this morning under a veil of high clouds and kind of hazy,
6:38 am
low clouds. the reason i picked 101 and 880 to show you behind the commute planner it's dry. unlike it was yesterday. mass transit cool but warm in our inland valleys this afternoon compared to where we've been temperature wise so far this week and breezy north of the bay bridge. a high surf advisory until 9:00. the north bay, 50s at 8:00. 67. there you go at 10:00 and low to mid-60s this afternoon with increasing sunshine, down to 64 at 8:00. so grab a coat if you're heading out this evening. after starting off at 58 this morning and then increasing sunshine, also, and hang out in the low to mid-60s for the better part of today. it looks likely to rain sunday. hi to sue. thanks for coming in today.
6:39 am
>> always nice to be here. >> always nice to have you here. what do you have for us? a couple problem spots including a sig alert. to the richmond/san rafael bridge first because it has the typical nasty backup behind the toll plaza and on the span as well. you're backed up almost to marina bay parkway approaching the span. give yourself plenty of extra time. this is not a new thing, unfortunately, anymore. we do have the problem, this one near el portal. they have issued a sig alert. a motorcycle is down. fire is there. give yourself plenty of time. we're starting to see the backup which is typical for this time of the morning. it will be worse as you're bumper to bumper. we'll check back in a few minutes. >> reporter: do you know how to get a free credit report?
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i'm michael finney and this is a quick tip. the federal government says by law you get a free credit report every year from three of the reporting agencies. a lot of people go out and get all three at once. i don't want you to do that. instead i want you to go to the website which is three times. go today, get a credit report, check it out. make sure there hasn't been any identity theft or incorrect information. four months later get the next report and four months after that the next. every four months from now until eternity you can check your credit rating and make sure nothing weird is going on. and it's free. again, the name of the website is there's a lot of
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it's a hazy kind of foggy morning for the kids but mild, mid-50s. we'll be hanging out in the 60s to 70s as we head into the latter parts of the morning, in the afternoon. at the coast in the 60s. winter weather in the mountains around tioga pass and mammoth lakes. another couple inches possible and then thunderstorms in the valleys in the sierra. mid-60s with showers in socal. tahoe, thunderstorms friday and saturday. snow and rain sunday and more rain monday.
6:44 am
yesterday we had nearly 41 funnel clouds or tornadoes and more is on the way today. let's talk about the tornadoes, mike. we are watching breaking news all morning for you, tornadoes wreaking havoc across the midwest overnight as mike mentioned, and i want to show you this brand-new video. we're getting a better idea of all the damage left behind now that the daylight is here, at least three people are dead in golden city, missouri. 20 people are injured in jefferson city, missouri. which has the worst damage by far. look at these images. all of the information coming from a press conference with the governor held within just the last hour. we've learned trees and power lines were torn down, roofs ripped off buildings across the city. there is search and rescue still on going right now. and there are mandatory evacuations along the arkansas river in oklahoma as two runaway barges are right now heading
6:45 am
toward a dam and there could be more severe weather later today as mike has been telling us. reggie, back to you. >> okay, jessica. frayed nerves and choice words surround day four of a teacher strike in the east bay. the new haven school board got an earful at a meeting last night. even a police escort as they were exiting. anser hassan live for us with details. >> reporter: reggie, the school board and the teachers union haven't had negotiations since sunday. yesterday alameda county supervisor held a meeting trying to jump-start talks between the two. yesterday teachers led a march to last night's school board meeting where as you mentioned things got so heated some school board members had to be escorted out by police. the teachers say the strike is focused on teacher salary. the teachers association wants a 10% raise over two years.
6:46 am
5% this year. 5% next year. the district is offering 1% next year with a possible bonus. if the meetings go well, the negotiations could continue later this afternoon. >> anser, thank you. a new warning for those on low carb diets this morning. a new study says cutting cashes can increase your risk of cancer. "good morning america" is talking about the study later this morning. low carb diets were linked to new cases of cancer. more than 80,000 each year are linked to poor diet. the study found that people were not eating enough whole grains, which are cut from low carb diets. abc's chief medical correspondent says there's a tradeoff. >> when you talk about this, it's not just about getting too much of something and not enough of the other. it's about the whole picture.
6:47 am
>> eating in moderation. dieting is not a one size fits all. now your morning money report. amazon investors rejected calls to respond to climate change during their annual meeting. >> it would require their board of directors to prepare a public plan. how to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. target is promising it won't raise prices on chinese goods. they revealed the plan yesterday but wouldn't say exactly what they're going to do. the announcement comes a week after walmart announced it would raise prices due to tariffs. taking a live look now at the new york stock exchange, down about 300 a few minutes ago. 380 this morning. the drop blamed on the trade war with china. while the warriors wait to see who they'll play, it is awards season for klay thompson and draymond green. >> kudos to them, named to one of the all-defense teams.
6:48 am
this is the fifth straight year and that is a warriors record. it is a first for clay. one of the best defensive and offensive players in the game. >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors. the dubs will face the milwaukee bucks or the toronto raptors. game one is set for next thursday, may 30th. 6:48. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. thank you very much. let's take a look at what's going on outside. the low clouds and high clouds and so we're going to start off kind of gray this morning but we'll see increasing sunshine, hazy and seasonal temperatures. sunday looking wetter and cooler when you factor in the breezes. dry and warmer. low to mid-60s along the coast. half moon bay 64. about 70 to 74 around the bay and 75 to 78 inland and down into the south bay.
6:49 am
tonight you can see cloud cover. fog and haze and temperatures in the mid-50s. the storm impact scale is warranted now. chilly breezes with temperatures only in the low to mid-60s. saturday wake up may gray, a little bit of drizzle. a stray shower possible across the north bay. all the activity is in the sierra. scattered showers continue for the better part of the day into the early evening hours. but, again, they're scattered. have our app with live doppler 7 handy so you can track the showers. i wouldn't change any plans. may get wet a little bit. today and tomorrow and then you can see 50s and mainly 60s for highs as the sea breeze kicks in, less sunshine. you throw in a chance of wet
6:50 am
weather and it will be a raw day. we clear everything out from memorial day festivities and see 80s by wednesday. have a good one. here is sue. we're checking in with the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been on since 5:30. if you have cash, the fastrak not so much. always the better way to go if you can car-pool. we still have the sig alert with the two left lanes currently blocked. there was a motorcycle down and en route is the ambulance. fire is already on scene with chp. >> sue, thank you. tamron hall getting ready for her return to tv. she's getting ready to launch a new daytime talk show that will here on abc 7. the 48-year-old is celebrating her new baby boy. moses. mother and son on the cover of
6:51 am
the latest edition of "people" magazine. she's on "gma" this morning talking about her journey to become a mom. >> i wanted to share the news -- my little chipmunk there. i didn't want -- if it did not work out, i don't think i was mentally prepared to tell people. >> we have a little gift for him. we'll give him a "gma" onesie. >> that's sweet. >> i like her so much. you can watch her interview on game give at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings and the tamron hall show premieres on september 9th here on abc 7, which happens to be my birthday. >> happy early birthday and congratulations. let's talk about another famous mom. ayesha curry fires back at a body shamer who suggested putting her 10-month-old son on a diet. it started when the bay area chef and entrepreneur shared this family photo on instagram. she posted it after her husband, steph curry and brother-in-law seth curry competed during game
6:52 am
four. you see ayesha holding her son canon. a social media user suggested putting him on a diet to control his weight. ayesha shut down the user saying, excuse you? no. just no. others on instagram backed her up. >> only two rules you need to know -- >> don't mess with ayesha. >> and the
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limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. 6:54. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the seven things to know before you go. number one is breaking news. abc news has confirmed marin county native john walker lindh has been released from prison after spending more than 17 years of a 20-year sentence. he pleaded guilty to giving armed support to the taliban earning him the nickname of the american taliban. and more breaking news, number two, at least three are dead and 20 injured in missouri from a violent tornado. several twisters wreaked havoc in the midwest overnight. a mandatory evacuation under way along the arkansas river as two runaway barges head toward a damn. the new haven school district and the teachers union are set to meet this morning in union city as the strike enters its fourth day. if the meeting goes well they may start up negotiations again in the afternoon.
6:56 am
number four, a possible solution to one of the most prevalent problems on b.a.r.t., fare evasion. today b.a.r.t.'s board will consider replacing the current gates and increasing fares. number five, waking up mostly cloudy this morning but we'll have mostly sunny to hazy conditions as we get back to average today, near 60 at the coast. mid to upper 70s for the rest of us. and better news traveling westbound on 80 for number six. we're looking at your thursday morning traffic. we had an earlier sig alert with a motorcycle down. that has been all cleared out of lanes. things should hopefully improve soon near el portal. and number seven, back to the '70s. a star-studded cast re-created episodes of "all in the family" and "the jeff sersons" last nig on abc. you can stream live on if you missed it. they did it live which is really cool, too. >> with jennifer hudson doing the theme song. >> will ferrell. >> a lot of famous comedians.
6:57 am
final lly got a piece of the pi. >> nailed it. rodney: when i think about what makes quality public education, i think about the important people in students' lives that's beyond the classroom. marisa: the needs that students have for emotional counseling are not being met. rosanne: students need art and music. more creative kids tend to be better problem solvers. angelia: one of the things that we're out there marching for is more counselors and more nurses. roxana: when we have those resources and that support, we're able to give students the education that they need. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us.
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good morning, america. massive tornadoes tear through the midwest trapping many. overnight, tornadoes turn deadly in the heartland. at least 29 reported in just 24 hours. >> we have several people trapped in that area. >> search and rescue efforts under way in that path of destruction. rivers rising. thousands of people bracing for major flooding and now the severe weather threat moving into the northeast this morning as millions get set to hit the road for the holiday weekend. also this morning, the man known as the american taliban set to be released from prison after serving 17 years amid fears he might still support violent extremism. white house standoff.


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