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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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person is tied to other offenses. >> he is facing charges of kidnapping, rape, sodomy. >> reporter: they asked that the 47-year-old not be released on wail given the nature of the alleged crime. according to police, the 74-year-old woman was walking on the 1000 block of prague street when amador grabbed her and dragged her down this driveway toward his garage. here's part of the d.a.'s report. the defendant dragged her into a room, locked the door, and pushed her on to the bed. defendant removed her clothing and held her down. then defendant proceeded to repeatedly rape her. she was also bitten by a pit bull in the house. amador later dragged her outside and dropped her on the sidewalk. the victim had to undergo an operation for her injuries. she remains in the hospital.
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captain jack hart is with the engleside station. >> my 20 years of policing, i have rarely seen car that has been more difficult, more horrific, just demoralizing and crushing. >> reporter: he said he's lived there 20 years with no criminal recordful no criminal history whatsoever. he's presumed innocent and entitled to due process. >> reporter: people in this neighborhood are shocked by what they've heard. >> very sick individual. but it's the type of person that i guess they seem normal to people. >> reporter: amador is a citizen of honduras. >> as it pertains to a sanctuary city, this would be no opportunity for authorities to work with federal authorities in relation to his immigration status. >> reporter: i.c.e. responded by saying amador has never been on their radar or any kind of list. he is in custody and will remain
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in jail throughout his trial. in the meantime, there is a victims' fund and it will pay for all the victim's bills. a sig alert is in effect after a fire has been reported along highway 92. this is near the ralston avenue off-ramp. >> let's take a look. a truck with a trailer is completely charred. look at that. the 911 call. the fire then went on to spread. it is unclear if anyone was hurt. >> one lane closed in that area. the back-up extends all way to el camino. let's give you another live look at the scene from sky 7. you can see that it is moving smoothly. >> so right there, the officer
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from the chp. thank you so much for joining us. >> how are you? >> good. it does look like the fire appears to be out. can you give us an update on whether there are any injuries that crash? >> at this point, we don't have too much information. i'm trying to get ahold of them. i have not been able to get ahold of anybody right now. but just want my people to stay out of the area. we'll be able to give you a little more information to get ahold of them. we don't have any news whether anyone is injure at this time. i'll get you information as soon as i can. >> that looks very serious indeed. it looks like there might be another vehicle involved. >> we're looking at video from sky 7. there might be some sort of a white vehicle in the front. >> or that could be the cab. >> this thing is obviously rubble at this point.
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authorities got to it, i assume, somewhat quickly to put the fire out. how bad is traffic? we're looking at the afternoon commute. a lot of people are on the roads. >> absolutely. the main thing is traffic will b back up. they will try to take the exit off 92. just remember that not the pressure to get somewhere of a lot of people are on the road and be careful out there. >> at least there's one lane open now. there wasn't earlier. and people are trying to go north and south. would you advise people to take 101 at this point? >> reporter: at this point if they can use their map device, google, overer or whatever, that should take them to the area
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that doesn't have as much traffic. it is really hard to tell which area won't have as much traffic. >> any guess when you'll have all lanes open? >> you know what? once i get ahold of somebody there, i'll get back to you with more information. >> thank you so much for that information. please do give us an update when you find out about any injuries. we hope that's not the case. thank you. moving on to another big rig situation. this was in the east bay. it plowed into an oakland home. the home is located in the area of colton boulevard and snake road. first responders stay big rig lost its brakes heading down hill. then hit a dump truck and then careened into the garage. >> you're looking at what san jose firefighters found at north 6th street and east julian
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street. sky 7 was above the scene while crews looked for any hot spots to douse. it did damage part of an adjoining home. the red cross is assisting the people whose home was damaged. investigators are looking to see how it started. investigators are looking into the latest death of a whale. it was near point reyes this morning. this makes at least 12 whale deaths in the bay area this year and nearly 60 along the pacific coast from mexico to alaska during the spring migration north. noaa says the number of deaths is the highest since 2000. most die from starvation. experts are trying to figure out the reason why and whether warming oceans caused by climate change could be a factor. meantime, a section of drake beach is now closed due to an influfl of he wielephant seals. they restricted access to the beach after high tides bras 200
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elephant seals ashore making it unsafe to walk to the beach. but it will be open this weekend memorial weekend when park staffers are present. a dramatic improvement in the water quality in lake tahoe. it increased ten feet from 2017 of that's the largest improvement since 1978. it hit a record low in 2017 pause of what experts called a perfect storm. extreme drought followed by extremely wet weather. this is a live look. look, there is still snow on the ground. for memorial weekend. >> we are heading into a holiday weekend and spencer is here with the forecast. >> the best weather will not be our weekend weather. there's a little patch of rain moving into the hamilton area.
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as you just saw, the weather is quite active. snow falling in the higher elevations and thunderstorms rumbling around the foot hills. meanwhile in the bay area, our rain chances are near zero exempt for the three days of the holiday weekend. in fact, the best chance of rain is sunday. the day before memorial day. i'll give you a closer look the a all the holiday weekend weather in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. >> after two welcome days off, the warriors were back the a practice but without kevin durant who is still recovering from a right calf strain. he will not be ready in time for the start of the nba finals. steve kerr remains confident they will get k.d. back but they're not sure when. not all bad news though. demarcus cousins with a there after tearing his left quad in game two against the clippers. he's managed to improve enough that he is pain-free of the he is ahead of durant in terms of recovery and expected to continue at some point during
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the finals. >> it's been a while for me all season. i'm happy to be in this moment. if i get the opportunity to play, i'll take full advantage and leave it on the floor. >> abc7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the finals. game one is thursday night. may 30th. all right. a decline in tv ratings during the nba playoffs is prompting a question we want to ask you. should west coast playoff games start earlier? you can go to abc7 and let us know what you think. >> the commissioner is seriously thinking because of the decline in ratings. he said it makes sense to play earlier on the west coast so viewers don't have to stay up so late and you go get more east coast viewers watching west coast games. he said it would be bad for some of us in the west. a lot of us would be at work if you're talking about a 6:00 start. that didn't faze him though
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since 77% of the viewers live in central and eastern time zones. what do you think? right now most dpals at oracle start at 7:30. a 7:40 tip. 60% say no. a lot of this is the lebron factor of when he was in cleveland, people were watching more east coast games. now it is the lakers so people are not watching east coast games. >> and people here are not watching the toronto/milwaukee game so much. >> it's not the same level of the star power in the east. >> all right. thanks for voting. this is video on a san francisco street. not unusual, a man doing something that looks illegal. what is illegal is the man behind the kral. he used to be homeless. now he's trying to build a better bay area by documenting and sometimes catching crime in the streets.
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>> deon joins us live with the story. >> reporter: yeah. lee hester's life is truly remarkable. he said he grew up with a mother who had schizophrenic and a father who was abusive and he himself later became homeless. now he's documenting the homeless on san francisco streets hoping the raise awareness about the epidemic. >> he's not stealing the bike. he has a grinder. >> reporter: this was the vi that first caught our attention. a man seen using an electric saw on a bike lock. >> i realize i have this guy who has essentially a six-inch chain saw pointed at me. >> reporter: once passers by confronted him, he walked away. this is just one of many videos he's been domingt. >> i was really frustrated that there was no exposure what was going on in san francisco. >> reporter: lee often wanders along what "the new york times" deemed the most dirty street in
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the city. the tender loin. >> i myself was, i used to be homeless. and san francisco has a huge homeless problem. >> reporter: the latest data shows the homeless population went up a whopping 17% to over 8,000 since 2017. just one reason why he wants to see change. >> my mother was schizophrenic. i'm advocating for a more holistic approach. >> when we asked about the dirtiness caused by the homeless, her response torsion intervene. >> we have to have the conversations and not just overlook when someone throws something on the ground. throws something out of their car. like they should be pulled over and given a ticket. >> we have to change behavior. >> something lee does on a daily basis despite the risks. >> it is definitely dangerous, risky. it is something that i've lived through. i feel like i have
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street-smarts. because i've been through. that i know when i'm safe and when i'm not safe. >> reporter: and something he doesn't recommend and extends this invitation to mayor breed. >> i would be more than happy to escort her through the tenderloin. people are dying on the streets and it is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: as a side note live, you may have noticed a little girl. that's his 4-year-old daughter. he shared this with me. he said he wanted to be a father when he was 8 years old so he could provide his child the life he never had. in san francisco tonight. dion lim. >> remarkable. a south bay community looking to grow. their effort to become the next hot tourist destination and how they're hoping to draw you in.
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in the south bay, the city of morgan hill is trying to bill itself as a regional tourist destination and the project down could be the reason for the success. >> reporter: in down morgan hill, quiet and quaint have been replaced with the hustle and bustle of construction. next to the granada theater on monterey road, the hotel recently broke ground and will have 60 rooms and feature a spa, steakhouse and market hall among other amenities. >> we have the weather, the wineries, we have the restaurants. it is all coming together. >> frank is on a mission to make morgan hill a tourist destination similar to napa.
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>> with the poem's time restraints, why not take a 15, 20 mill drive to morgan hill. >> just a few blocks away, a new apartment building will come online. in addition to other public works. it is all part of plan to raise the city's profile. >> one of the most exciting thing about this renaissance is that they're local investors. they are people who believe in this community. they believe in the vision. and they know this had happen here. >> is the development happening too fast? long time residents wonder how much more growth the city can handle. >> there are only so many ways in. and those ways are just so stressed with all the people living here. >> others say the pain is a sign of progress. >> i think they've done an awesome job. it feels home town but it has everything to offer. everything. so i love it. a new census report says
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america's big cities are not growing like they did in reason years. in fact, the bay area's two largest cities are getting less populated. the report says the populations of san jose and san francisco dropped by more than 5,000 and 1,000 people respectively in just the last year. on the whole, most of the nation's largest cities grew by a fraction of the numbers they did earlier in the decade when millennials flooded into urban areas. the real estate market in san francisco and san jose may know red hot. one of the fastest growing cities in the country is the east bay community of dublin. u.s. census figures found population grew 4.5% between 2017 and 2018. >> a now study is painting a bleak picture of housing affordability in two bay area cities. according to the real estate site trulia, san francisco and san jose have the harangest share of zip codes where 100% of homes were deemed unaaffordable
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to the typical income earner in the area. 23.5% of san francisco's zip codes were unaffordable. that number was 19% for san jose. a lot of people are wondering, what are the our chances for more rain? >> well, pretty good chances over the weekend. >> right now, the bay area is mainly dry. we have some patchy showers moving through the higher train. at the moment, as you can see, most of the area is dry. most of the active weather is to the east. here's the view from this mt. tam showing the low clouds pushing over the bay area. 68 in owing. mid 70s in mountain view and san jose. 57 apiece in santa cruz and half moon bay. and you can see some low clouds in the distance beginning to push onshore. 75 degrees in
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from our roof top camera we give you a view of some bluer skies. we'll see dry and mild weather tomorrow. it will be cooler this weekend with a rainy day, shaping up for sunday. we'll be drying out on memorial day. overnight, look for lots of low clouds and fog pushing across the bay of overnight lows in the low to mid 50s. a bright sky but some lingering clouds will be hanging around. the highs will range from about 61 in half moon bay to 63 in san francisco. in the inland east bay will be our mildest region in the bay area. highs mainly in the mid 70s. starting at 7:00, saturday morning, at which point we'll see bright skies with increasing
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clouds. the clouds will become more numerous later in the day. by late saturday night, we'll see some rain developing just before midnight. the rain will continue into sunday. and through the day on sunday, it looks like a pretty showery wet day with some showers perhaps lingering into early monday morning. by midday monday, we should see clearing. that means a mainly dry memorial day. meanwhile, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has issued the hurricane forecast for 2019 for the atlantic season. noaa is predicting named storms, 9-15. hurricane, 4 to 8 and major hurricanes, 2 to it looks like a fairly wet day sunday with a level one 80 degrees inland by the middle of the week and that's our
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forecast. anymore makers from here. we'll sit down with them right after the break. and get ready for th big
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abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area by highlighting the issues important to our community. that includes gentrification and identity. a new film is tackling both those topics head on. it is called the last black man in san francisco. our reporter caught up with the director and star. >> reporter: in the middle of a loud and crowded cafe, we sat down with two guys hoping to make more noise with their new film. that's a clip from the last black man in san francisco. directed by joe talbot, starring
4:25 pm
jimmy. the natives of the city and best friends. >> it start out as an idea. >> reporter: an idea that has gotten pretty big. already racking up awards. it started about a fictional jimmy who is obsessed with reclaiming the victorian home his grandfather built in san francisco and his family lost it. >> that's not your neighborhood. >> the people who are here make san francisco great. if you lose them, they're such an important fabric of the city. >> reporter: the film digs into what we see. gentryification and a shift in racial demographics. it clearly doesn't shy away from the dwindling black population. >> i'm losing my community in my home town. >> reporter: he calls the film unfortunately universal. >> we're getting letters from people in atlanta, london, paris, new york. they are saying these things are happening here. >> reporter: this is a story of
4:26 pm
friendship which is why they are in this cafe. >> i have a lot of friends here. >> reporter: they're how that mentoring the next group filmmakers. the last black man in san francisco hits theaters next month. abc7 news. and abc7 news report he wayne freedman went to the house featured in the movie and knocked on the door. you can see his story on our website. abc7 this will be fun. they took up the challenge of shopping for each other at macy's union square. each narrowed it down and decided to leave it up to you the viewer to vote on your favorite on facebook. the winning favorite will be donated. now it is time to see the dresses you have chosen. we've got black with the lacy sleeve. we've got warriors blue in the middle. and i don't know if that's
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chiffon or just a regular white. >> it is actually blush >> are you ready? our viewers by an overwhelming vote chose -- tada! the abc7 or warriors blue. by an overwhelming vote, too. i love this one.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e. >> which look at that. you will not believe it. the coral is so pretty. >> this is a lot of fun. >> we had a great time and it is going toward a great cause. hope any giving others an opportunity. there were so many votes that we
4:28 pm
could not keep up. >> and good job there. if you want to see the exact percentages of the vote, see how close your choice was, to go abc7 you can learn more about the dress for success program and how you can donate your >> a fantastic job by all the ladies. for those who voted, we were not
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there's a traffic headache for people on the highway. look at that. that led to a complete closure for a while of westbound lanes. but right now you can see one lane is open back up. still slow all the way to el camino. a salvage crew is being called to clear the area. and in the ghost ship arson trial, an expert said she could not rule out arson as a cause. the judge will unseal the jussie smollett criminal case.
4:32 pm
the judge said he forfeited his right to privacy by doing media enter fuse. and the threat is not over yet. flooding has become a top concern. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: for many, the danger is far from over. officials say they are pre paid for more flooding. in missouri, residents are still keeling from tornadoes that felt like an earthquake. the damage done is catastrophic. house after house ripped to shreds with roofs torn off, streets littered with debris just about everywhere you lookful this is the scene in jefferson city, missouri's capital, after taking a direct hit from a powerful ef-3 tornado. >> i thought we were dead. by the grace of god. >> reporter: the damage assessment continuing here. so far, officials also relieved. >> we're so happy to say, no
4:33 pm
missing, no fatalities, minor injuries compared to what we would expect. >> reporter: in nearby golden city, the storms killed at least three people. the outbreak, all part of the same system that devastate the region with severe flooding and more than 90 tornadoes since monday. in owing, swollen rivers are swallowing homes. with rivers still rising and these runaway barges finally crashing into a damp thursday. officials are warning residents, be prepared. >> if the water is coming up, you need to be ready to go at a moment's notice. now is the time to be ready to walk out that door and get in your car and leave. >> back in jefferson city, missouri, officials say it is truly a miracle no one died. as for tonight, forecasters say severe storms will once again
4:34 pm
affect millions from texas all the way to new york. live in new york. elizabeth hur, abc7 the american known as the american taliban. john walker lindh served 17 years for aiding taliban forces. he was 20 years old when he was captured in afghanistan in 2001. he was with the taliban as a fighter during the 9/11 attacks. his release was fiercely opposed by the trump administration. he will likely not return to the bay area. instead, opting to live somewhere in northern virginia. facebook is intensifying its efforts to shut down fake accounts. the social net working giant says it removed 3 billion fake accounts between october of last year and march of this year. that's twice as many as the previous six months. the company said it saw a steep increase in the creation of these fake accounts.
4:35 pm
the tech museum has a new name. >> we are now the tech in trek. >> we've done a lot of learning about learning. and we're pretty clear now that the ways we thought we learned aren't quite that accurate. that the way, particularly our kids today are learning, is in fact interactive. >> the tech interactive is supposed to better reflect the mission of the south bay institution. its hands on exhibits are geared to steer students to careers in math and science. according to its ceo, the muse he'll did not accurately define its role cynic it doesn't have a collection of artifacts as traditional museums usually have. just ahead, a history of the u.s. government that you might not know about. the first national security adviser and his secret life. plus, age discrimination in the work place.
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ike's mystery
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the great nephew of the author. so you found out in 2006 that cutler was gay and this sparked a journey that led to the book. what inspired to you write this story? >> i found it astounding to think that in eisenhower's inner circle, in the era of the cold war and the hide bound morality that a gay man could have thrived and succeeded in that irmt view. i had to figure it out and get to the information to find it out and i had a lot of help. >> we're talking about the 1950s. so what we consider to be normal day, it was very different when we're talking decades ago. >> absolutely. there was a climate of remarkable homophobia, fear, it was criminal. so it was a very difficult time for homosexuals in america. >> he was the first national security adviser. how is that central to this book
4:40 pm
and his life? i'm assuming he had to keep his personal life secret the whole time. >> he did. and he was a close associate, very close to the president of i think it is very likely that the president knew he was gay. but did not want to reveal that and did not want to lose him. because he was extremely gift at his job. >> are any of the forms were put into place as an adviser still in place? >> you know, each president can make what he or she wishes of the role of the national security adviser. but ike's role put that national security adviser position at the center of a mechanism that ensured that there were robust discussions in the national security council of the proposed policies. it is something that's very different from the way the national security council operates today. and has operated differently under different presidents.
4:41 pm
>> one thing that's interesting here is that eisenhower signed an executive order that banned homosexuals from federal jobs. so what role or nonrole did mr. cutler have in that agenda because obviously, you would think that would be something he would not be in favor of. >> rob cutler brought that draft rule to, the executive order to president eisenhower's attention and supported and it encouraged it. but there's very little known exactly about what if any % discussions were held about the idea of banning what were called sexual perverts from the government. i think it is fair to say that bobby cutler was afraid that he would lose status if he had objected to that rule. and there also may have been internalized homophobia of his own that was at work.
4:42 pm
>> sure. we're talking about a very different time and place in american history compared to what we have today. >> yes. very different. >> what's the big takeaway from the book for people who may not remember dwight eisenhower as president? >> i think the big takeaway is a story of unrequited love. robert fell in love with a young employee of the national security adviser. a young man, a gay man, who was virtually an american hero for his role in intelligence activities for the u.s. government but ultimately, the young man did not love rob cutler back. and so it is a sad story. but at the same time, it is a story about remarkable efforts by people that do their duty as american citizens. >> the book once again is ike's mystery man. the secret lives of rob cutler. thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much.
4:43 pm
there will be increasing clouds in several areas of widespread fog. lows in the 50s. highs will range from low 60s at the coast to near 70. mid 70s inland. our chances for rain over the next seven days are really high on sunday, the day before memorial day. only a 70% chance on sunday. it will be a wet day. here's the seven day forecast. we are ranking that storm a 1. it will bring some wet weather here. maybe a shower or two lingering into early monday morning. by midday, we're expecting dry conditions, bright sunny skies and a nice warm-up with high temperatures inland. climbing to about 80 degrees.
4:44 pm
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is age discrimination real? according to the center for public affairs, about half of americans believe it exists in the work place. it all depends on age. so the poll finds 60% of adults age 60 say older workers in the u.s. are always or often discriminated against. for those 45 to 59, 65% say age can put them at a disadvantage. among adults younger than 45 though, it is only 43%. one in ten older americans say they have been passed over for a raise or a promotion because of their age. since everybody is barbecuing this week, if you're planning to cook with beef this weekend, be
4:48 pm
sure to check your product's label. about 62,000 pounds of raw beef have been recalled due to possible e. coli contamination. the aurora packing company products include different cuts of meat such as short ribs, remember eyes and bris kits. they've been shipped nationwide so they could be around here. they have est period 7788. the problem was discovered during random sam many testing. there have been no confirmed reports of anyone being sickened. >> rising tariffs could end up costing the average american household $831 a year. that's according to new research. the projections are to impact of the newly implemented 25% tariffs on $200 billion in chinese imports. those go into effect on june 1st. the projections do not, however,
4:49 pm
take into account any possible retaliatory tariffs. for an average american family, $831 translates into about five weekly grocery store trips.ips.. avalon is promising future software updates will impact iphone performance. all of this after last year for not inforlg owners that an update could slow down their devices. the watch dog competition and markets authority is reporting on apple's new plan. they have not given specifics about apple's man for being, quote, clear and more up front. but they know apple has already given users better access to information about battery health. as a matter of fact, they absolutely have. >> more transparency is better for us. >> all right. now to a taste of something
4:50 pm
delicious. chaul chocolates. >> it includes unusual and exotic flavors. >> this is our hazelnut right here. this is the lemon this is star anise pepper corn. this is my job. i make chocolate. >> those are cute. >> oh, coffee! >> when people eat our chocolates, they bite into it and say oh, wow, this is really intense. >> the confections started this movement of infused chocolates. they were a little exotic because of the spices. it was unheard of.
4:51 pm
>> very fragrant. i like it. >> we're like the third wave of the chocolate makers. the first wave would be like sees. the second wave would be like a joseph smith. he started doing truffles. the third is like us, the european style, smaller petite confections. so they started with the farmers at the farmers' markets at the end of the daflt hey, i have this lemon do you want it? and then we have spices like star anise and pepper corn. the people were like, lavender of the isn't that what you use in soap? then people started tasting it. they didn't get it. they didn't understand why we had these savory flavors with
4:52 pm
something sweet. >> i taste lemon >> when people eat our chocolates, it slows them down. >> go for the second bite. oh, man. i ate the whole thing! >> chocolate work is just very hands on work. there is only so much automation that you can do. the actual life cycle of a truffle. from the time it is being made to the time it goes through machine is four days. it takes a while to be made and sit and relaxed and develop flavor. we opened up the store in the ferry building. we had our little chocolate shop in there. at first you're not quite certain what you're walking into. you see the beautiful packaging, the beautiful case. the chocolates are in the dismay and it is flat.
4:53 pm
it feels like a jewelry store. they are like little jewels. >> the life cycle of a chocolate in our newsroom is about one second. >> it is almost too good to eat. too pretty. >> check it out on facebook and instagram. >> notice i said almost. >> a boy pouring over the dictionary in an attempt to make it into the finals. republicans and democrats agree on at least one thing. robeo calls are an epidemic and they must stop. >> it is moving day in lafayette. it is paying off for people in the north bay. and an art ift
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a long back at the high of of the life of ever wonder what it takes to win the national spelling bee? >> open the book, turn the pages, feast your brain on an english dictionary. now try on remember all 180,000 words. >> you got pretty much every word in here down, don't you?
4:57 pm
>> not every word. like there's probably some word in here. flip to a random page. probably find a word i don't know. >> so maybe there is a gap or two. an eighth grader at good shepherd lutheran school. he does have an unusual amount to do. >> does he ever misspell a word? >> never. >> we on expect nothing less. don't even try to challenge him. >> >> aw, actually. >> at age 3 -- >> your first word today -- >> number 42 has been hard at work lately studying daily with a coach long distance preparing for his super bowl next week. the scripps national spelling bee in washington, d.c. it will be his second appearance. that's a feat. >> i like competition.
4:58 pm
>> by now you may wonder if he has another element working here. the answer, yes. we might call it a misunderstood, underappreciated advantage. >> he likes to say he has an autistic brain rather than he is autistic. >> it is close er r to asperger. he pays an adolescent price. >> if you could live without it, would you get rid of it? >> that's hard to say. i mean, i like being smart. but i don't like being a social outcast. t-i-t-i- -- >> but brainiack? >> do you realize you've given me five words and i haven't gotten one right yet? >> the scripps national spelling bee kicks off next monday with a written spelling test and the on stage preliminary rounds begin
4:59 pm
on tuesday. the marine is now out of prison but president trump says he'll be watching him every step of the way. a bad day for bay area truckers. we're watching this big rig that just burned to the ground. and this truck. plus, changing b.a.r.t. turn stiles. student attendance continues to drop. we're live with what teachers just said moments ago. and today's cross-examination in the ghost ship trial ends on one question. can the molotov cocktail be ruled >> we'll be watching him closely. what bothers me more than anything else, here's a man who has not given up his
5:00 pm
proclamation of terror. >> that's president trump talking about john walker lindh. a bay area man who went to afghanistan and then federal prison. tonight the man once known as the american taliban is free. president trump said he tried to stop him from being released but could not. >> he was released from custody three weeks early for good behavior. >> the images most americans of to john walker behindh stretches back to gantt. he studied islam and was ultimately capital wurd the taliban. soon americans would learn of his life in the bay area. he converted to islam at 16 while growing up in marin county where worshippers still remember him to abc7 news. >> he would come here. he was always


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