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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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cars were bumper-to-bumper all the way to el camino. >> at least one lane is now open, but traffic is still slow for miles. we sent an alert on our free abc7 news app. you can use the app any time to check traffic conditions. >> for now, good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. there is a possible solution to one of bart's biggest problems, fare evaders. you'll start seeing it at some stations by this summer. >> bart loses millions of dollars a year when passengers jump those fare gates. people have done it right in front of our abc7 news cameras. >> we are committed to building a better bay area, and yesterday we promised you that we would be at today's bart board meeting when they sat down to discuss solutions. >> liz kreutz spent the day and is here to describe what changes bart is making to stop the fare evasion. liz? >> good evening, ama and dan. that's right, a lot happened at aot wdiscusse making more space on trains for bikes.
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of course also those new fare gates, we learned one of the options is going to get rolled out this summer, or tested out this summer. it's more than two years in the making. bart officials today officially presented their concepts for new gates to help mitigate fare evading. >> i don't see we have any other choice but to embark upon fare gate replacement. >> the one with the most support, option one. you can see it's a modification to the existing gates. it would add a double cinch barrier to prevent jumper, although it wouldn't stop tailgaters. bart says the cost would be between 15 and $25 million. the other option is these high gates used in new york city. there is literally no way to get over them. the downside? only 15 people per minute can get through them, half the riders of the current gates. the cost more than $100 million. keep in mind neither of these options would stop people from just going through the wch says $25 million a year from fare evaders plans to move forward.
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>> we should move forward with at least testing the modifications and possibly ruling them out system-wide. >> so we tweeted out images of the four new gate concepts. and like everything bart-related, a lot of you had a lot of comments. we have took those comment likes this one to bart. one person tweeted you could just make bart cheaper so people don't have to jump the gates. >> 2/3 of what pays for bart are the fares. a lot of other transit agencies, it's not that high. it's in the 10%, 15%. ours is 80%. >> another person wrote only a tiny fraction of fare evaders will ever convert into paying customers. >> it's on us to figure out how to prevent people from skipping the fare. and fare is an obvious place to look including the emergency exits and the elevators. >> bart says the fruitvale and richmond stations are the worst for fare evaders. those interest ones they're going to start cost $200 millio to replace all of the gates.
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we learned today that cost estimate is now much lower. live in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> thanks. abc7 news devoted an entire week to covering bart as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. we rode trains all day long, visiting every station. we talked with riders and to the people in charge of making bart better. you can find all of our reporting on our website, a big rig banged right into a house today, and that's not all it hit. sky 7 shows the damage from overhead. the crash happened in the oakland hills on colton boulevard by snake road. abc7 news anchor eric thomas shows us from the ground. >> what way to start the weekend, right? you can't make this stuff up, really. >> it takes one optimistic outlook to be able to laugh after a big rig plows into the home where you're staying. karen flew in from boston yesterday for this weekend's bottle rock concerts. but this morning -- pheard a major crash, and i i
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thought it was an earthquake. it was the first thing that came to my mind. >> this was no earthquake. instead, police say this big rig lost its brakes coming down colton, rear-ended this dump truck and crashed into a home. karen stayed overnight with a friend named marion who rents an apartment inside. marion was away at the time, but not for long. >> sent me at here asap. >> fortunately, no one was hurt and most of the damage seems confined to the garage area. when a fire in december 2017 caused part of snake road to collapse, traffic including big rigs were diverted to a steeper section of snake drive. >> trucks blasting down the hill, one went through the fence and destroyed that last year. and then this one, the whole house here. >> neighbors say part of the problem was how steep the streets are. it feels unsteady walking down, much less driving a truck down here. >> it's gotten scary. and we've been calling -- the whole neighborhood has been calling 311 saying hey when are
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you going to get the road fixed up here? when you going to get the road fixed down there. >> we attempted to contact the city council member from this hear as well as the head of oakland's department of transportation for answers to those questions, but we haven't heard back. in oakland, eric thomas, abc7 news. we'll turn your attention next to a horrifying crime in san francisco. the man accused of kidnapping and raping a 74-year-old woman inside his home appeared in court today. manuel jesus ambassador pleaded not guilty, even though police say he confessed to raping the woman. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez is in the newsroom with more on incredibly disturbing case, lyanne. >> here is a case where a person has no criminal history, and then according to police commits a horrible crime. now in court documents, the d.a.'s office wrote the defendant's lack of criminal history should not dilute the severity of his conduct. the san francisco district attorney's office asked that 47-year-old manuel jesus
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ambassador not be released on bail given the nature of the alleged crime. >> he is facing charges of kidnapping, rape, sodomy. >> according to police, the 74-year-old woman was walking on the 1000 block of prague street on may 10th at 8:00 a.m. when ambassador grabbed her and dragged her down this driveway towards a side door near his garage. here is part of the d.a.'s report. defendant dragged her into a room, locked the door and pushed her on to the bed. defendant removed her clothing and held her down, then defendant proceeded to repeatedly rape her. she in the house. the d.a.'s office said ambassador later dragged her back outside and dropped her on the sidewalk. the victim had to undergo an operation for her injuries. she remains in the hospital. the captain of the ingleside police station came to today's hearing. >> how dare we not show up and stand with and be an advocate for those who and the victim's family and the victim herself
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that couldn't be here today. >> the public defender's office is now representing him. >> mr. ambassador has lived here in san francisco for over 20 years. he is hard-working. he has had no contacts with the criminal justice system as far as i know. >> people in this neighborhood are shocked by what they've heard. >> these things all happening in the ingleside district is very, very scary for all of us. >> ambassador is a citizen of honduras. >> as it pertains to sanctuary city, for example, there would be no opportunity for authorities to work with federal authorities in relation to his immigration status. >> and we contacted i.c.e., and we're told that ambassador was not on their radar or on any list. in the meantime, he will remain in jailnd abc7 ws. >> all right, lyanne, thank you. new at 6:00, police in pleasant hill may have made a break into an investigation at thefts at several dick's sporting goods stores. in this video released by police, you can see some people
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trying to run out of the store with clothing. but when officers close, in the people drop the items and run back inside. police eventually arrested all of them, and a person waiting in car outside. all but one of the suspects are juveniles. representatives for dick's think members of this group may be involved with thefts at several bay area stores. in the south bay, the town of morgan hill is trying to bill itself as a regional tourist destination. the town, about halfway between san jose and gilroy along 101 is home to fewer than 50,000 people. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen shows us a new project downtown that could be the key to its success. >> over the years, the once sleepy town of morgan hill has become more than just a gateway to silicon valley. >> i think we've done an awesome job. it feels hometown, but it has everything to offer you, everything. so i love it. >> quiet and quaint have been replaced with the hustle and bustle of construction downtown.
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next to the grenada theater on monterey road, the granada hotel recently broke ground and has 60 rooms and will feature a hall, a steakhouse and other amenities. south bay entrepreneur is on a mission to make morgan hill a tourist destination similar to napa. >> with the way traffic is and people's time restraints, why not take a 15, 20-minute drive down to morgan hill. >> just a few blocks away, a new apartment building will come online later this year in addition to other projects in the works. >> we have the weather. we have the wineries. we have the restaurants. so it's all finally coming together. >> officials say it's all part of their plan to raise the city's profile. >> one of the most exciting things about this renaissance is that there are local investors. there are people that believe in this community. they believe in the vision, and they know that this is going to happen here. >> but is the development happening too fast? long-time residents wonder how much more growth the city can handle. >> there is only so many ways
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in, and those ways are just so stressed with all the people that are now living here. it makes life a little more difficult. >> love it or hate it, some say the pain is just another sign of progress. in morgan hill, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> and abc7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area. looking for improvements for this place that more than seven million people call home. >> that includes a growing number of people without a home. next, meet one man who is shining a spotlight on their issues in order to help them. and coming up, the man known as the american taliban is free from the north bay to middle east and then prison. find out where john walker lindh is heading next. i'm spencer christian. the long holiday weekend is approaching, and so is our next round of rain. vial a look at the a
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strengthens our class -- >> governor gavin newsom called for california to do more to fight homelessness when he spoke the state's chamber of commerce today. current estimates show about 130,000 californians are homeless. >> people out on the street and sidewalks, and that is a national disgrace, and it's happened on our watch. it's happened in the state of california, and we own that. and those that want to criticize us are right. >> the governor recently set aside $1 billion to fight homelessness in his latest budget proposal. abc7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area, looking for solutions to issues that affect our quality of life like the growing homeless population. and we're not alone. this man has been documenting the homeless in san francisco on
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youtube to bring attention to the problem. he has a unique perspective. abc7 news anchor dion lim is live with his story. dion? >> and it is a remarkable story at that. lee hester grew up in the foster care system and later was dropped off at a homeless shelter. er in the tenderloin at the age of 18. since then he turned his life around and now documents san francisco's homeless, all in hopes of making change. >> he's stealing the bike. he's got an angle grinder. >> this was the video that first caught our attention, a man seen using an electric saw on a bike lock outside a fancy hotel on market street. >> now i realize i have this guy whose got essentially a six-inch chainsaw pointed at me. >> once p v ofsn really frustrated that e
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there was no exposure of what was going on in san francisco. >> lee often wanders along what "the new york times" deemed the most dirty street in the city, hyde and the tenderloin, an area he knows all too well. >> this is the street i used to live on. i myself used to be homeless. and san francisco has a huge homeless problem. >> the latest data shows the city's homeless population went up a whopping 17% to over 8,000 since 2017. just one reason why lee wants to see change. he says his live streams are not for shock value. >> my mother was schizophrenic. my dad wasn't mentally ill, but he was abusive. i'm also kind of advocate fogger a more holistic approach. >> when we asked mayor london breed several months ago about the dirtiness caused by the homeless, her response to interve intervene. >> i don't have to have the conversation and not just overlook when someone throws something on the ground or throws something out of their car. they should be pulled over and given a ticket. we have got toon d is dangerous.
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it's risky. it's something i have lived through. i feel i have sort of street smarts because i've been through when i'm not safe. >> and something he doesn't recommend and extends this invitation to mayor breed. >> i would be more than happy to escort her through the tenderloin. people are dying out on the streets, and it's completely unacceptable. >> and how about this. lee has more than 9.5 million views on his youtube channel. right now he is raising funds so one day he can produce a full-length documentary about mental illness and being homeless. in san francisco, i'm dion lim, abc7 news. >> really interesting and powerful, dion, thanks. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. lake tahoe's water clarity is better than before. in fact, it's better than average. dow ine wt e c to thetahoeir
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peect ereme drought followed by extremely wet weather. since then, clarity has improved, although there is ongoing work to reduce pollution that can drain into the lake. a san jose woman who was running across the country ran right into some severe weather in missouri. molly cuevas is on a mission called miles by molly to raise money for the challenged athletes foundation. abc7 news community gist dustin dorsey has her story. >> luckily, we're all okay. it was just a few miles from us where most of the devastation happened. last night, where i am in missouri, there is tornadoesnsee i was. got hit pretty bad, but it's just so sad. semitrucks on their sides,
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windows, roofs like just gone. people were coming out of closed roads, their streets were closed off, and they had just garbage bags of their belongings of what they could get. a rough morning running through all of that. but so keeping all of them in my thoughts this whole day, and this whole week, just -- it's just been crazy. >> it's unreal. >> it really is. let's turn our attention to our weather and what's going to happen over the next few days on the holiday weekend. >> spencer christian is here with what we can expect. >> a long weekend is coming up. here a look at doppler 7. mostly calm weather conditions in the bay area, although there have been some spotty showers over the mt. hamilton area. looking ought over san francisco, from sutro tower, you can see some moisture in the atmosphere there, but skies are mainly clear as low clouds, thin
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low clouds sort of drift out over the bay. 59 degrees in san francisco right now. 65 in oakland. upper 60s at mountain view, san jose, 55 in santa cruz and 57 at half moon bay. and here is the view from emeryville, looking at low clouds from the distance and thinner clouds seeming to move out over the bay right now. it is 75 degrees at santa rosa. napa much cooler at 64. and we have mid-70s at fairfield, vacaville, concord and 72 at livermore. and from the east bay hills camera, this view towards mount diablo. cooler weather will settle in this weekend with rain likely on sunday. and we'll have below average temperatures on memorial day, but we expect the rain to move . overnight look for our partly cloudy skies with little bit of fog near the coast and bay. overnight lows will mainly be in the low to mid-50s. then tomorrow we have a mainly sunny day with a few high clouds around, breezy at the coast. highs will range from 61 at half moon bay to 63 in san francisco. up in the north bay, look for 72 at santa rosa. 70 at napa.
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oakland, 67. fremont, 70. the inland east bay mid-70s, and down in the south bay we'll see mid-70s as well. as the weekend approaches, a three-day holiday weekend. let's take a look at our rain chances over the next seven days. and wouldn't you know, the only chances of rain we have over the next seine days will be over that three-day weekend. a 10% chance on saturday. that's not much to worry about. but a 70% chance of rain on sunday, with a level 1 rainstorm moving in. and then there is a chance of some showers lingering into the morning hours on monday. so a 20% chance there. otherwhance of rain. her is our forecast animation starting at 7:00 a.m. saturday. notice we'll have a few clouds around and then late saturday night, just before midnight, we'll see some rain moving in. some light showers. they'll expand overnight into sunday morning. it looks like most of the day sunday we can expect a chance of showers, good chance of some showers, perhaps even lingering into early monday morning. but byido the afternoon on memorial day we expect to be drying out and seeing a bit of sunshine here. is the accuweather seven-day
6:21 pm
forecast. tomorrow will be a milder with bright skies, a few high clouds around. increasing clouds on saturday. much cooler by sunday with a chance of -- more than a chance. scattered showers are likely. and then on monday, memorial day. maybe some lingering early morning showers. but by midday, we expect mainly sunny skies. and then a warming trend beginning on tuesday. wednesday and thursday look for high temperatures in the low 80s inland and mid- to upper 70s around the bay shoreline. >> a what trend? >> warming. we haven't seen one lately, have we? we could use it. >> all right, thank you, spencer. all right. get out your phone. we want to show, should nba gas star ovo.ha areas. the explanationpe pson. no pressure o
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for sharp lines every time, frog it! we are exactly one week out to is the start of the nba finals here on abc7 news. the wars will face either the milwaukee bucks or the toronto raptors. all the games are only on abc7 news. >> and we are awfully excited about that. and so will all the other final games that are played on thewe s will start at and vein, a decline in
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national television ratings during the nba play-offs this year is prompting a question that we want to ask you. >> should west coast play-off games start earlier? go to and let us know what you think about this. >> nba commissioner adam silver is seriously thinking about it. west so east coast viewers don't have to stay up so late. >> silver conceded this would be bad for us here on the west coast since many of us would still be at work when the game started or on the highway trying to get home. but that didn't really faze him since about 77% of americans live in the eastern and central time zones. >> right now you can take a look at the voting at the bottom of your screen. it's not too polarizing at this point. yes 46% and no 54%. >> almost evenly split. let's move on. taco bell is bringing back its steal a game, steal a taco nba finals promotion. you can snag a free doritos locos taco if one of the teams
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win answer away game. the free taco will be handed out on june 18th. rebuilding a house is only part of the recovery process after a wildfire. restoring what you lost isn't always easy. >> the story of books for butte, and the local couple who are an example of building a better bay area. uber and lyft pick up passengers in minutes, but not for many with disabilities. i'm michael finney. ahead on
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now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> almost unrecognizable after more than 17 years behind bars, the man dubbed the american taliban is now free. john walker lindh was the first prisoner brought into a u.s. courtroom to face charges in the war on terror following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. >> and now the nth bay native is out, and he is not coming back to california. abc7 news reporter whit johnson has the story. >> dan and am marks we're told john walker lindh, the so-called american taliban is on the move to his new home outside washington after walking out of
6:30 pm
this indiana prison in the early morning hours. lindh, a new 38-year-old from marin county who converted to islam captured in afghanistan just weeks after 9/11. today released after serving only 17 of his 20-year sentence. president trump now responding to the growing controversy, saying he wanted to stop it but legally couldn't. this after government report surfaced finding that lindh continued to advocate for global jihad and made pro isis statements behind bars. lindh was released on probation for good behavior with restrictions on internet access travel, and he is required to undergo mental health treatment. experts tell us that lindh is one of about 80 convicted terrorists who will be released from prison in the next five years, and officials worry about how all of those individuals will be rehabilitated. in terre haute, indiana, i'm whit johnson, abc7 news. the lawyer for wikileaks found julian assange failed to o
6:31 pm
inform the public. an 18-count indictment accusing him of soliciting and publishing classified information. assange is accused of putting the u.s. at risk of serious harm by publishing confidential sources for american armed forces. his attorney says the charges threaten the role of journalists. well, could arson have caused the ghost ship warehouse fire? that's the theory being argued by the defense during the trial. the fire claimed 36 lives. you see their faces here, always to be remembered. abc7 news reporter laura anthony was in court today. . >> it's one of the main theories floated by defense attorneys for derrick almena and max harris, that the deadly ghost ship fire was started by an arsonist with a the oakland fire department, maria sabbatini told the jury she and other local and federal investigators found no evidence of arson in the debris of the
6:32 pm
gutted warehouse. quote, we didn't find any evidence of molotov cocktails or any other incendiary, but we couldn't rule it out. >> the fire marshall arson inspector says in essence she can't rule out arn, and she can't rule out molotov cocktails. >> the investigation is just incomplete. >> still, defense attorneys for harris claim the fact that sabbatini could not eliminate arson or many other possible cause series key to their clients' case. >> we only need to raise a reasonable doubt if that fire was an arson and there is a reasonable doubt, and mr. harris will be acquitted. >> another ghost ship survivor former resident carmen brito also took the stand. brito told the jury she was asleep the night of december 2nd, 2017. she told the jury i took one look at the fire and knew it was
6:33 pm
too big to fight so i went for the front door. i looked back one time and s thglow. as part of herhe prosecution played a 911 screaming for help, pleading for the fire department to get there quickly, and saying that many people were trapped inside the warehouse. the recordings left many in the courtroom in tears, especially families of the victims. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. uber and lyft are popular, of course, but now there is growing concern about those left behind. >> we reported earlier about an uber driver who refused to pick up a concord man because he was in a wheelchair. two class action lawsuits want sweeping change, equal access for those with disabilities. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with what they're demanding tonight. >> you guys i'm sure you remember that we did a story recently on concord resident joshua foster. we received a huge response. are lyft and uber required to provide wheelchair access? disability rights advocates say if they don't, it's
6:34 pm
discrimination. now they're going to court seeing if a judge will agree. uber and lyft cars pour into bay area roads every y,eadysengers minutes. but not for folks like fiona hency. >> for me it's pretty much impossible. >> fiona and others with disabilities say uber and lyft have become a quick transit option for millions of people worldwide, but not for those in wheelchairs. >> it's very difficult and in many instances impossible for them to get an on demand ride. >> melissa reece is an attorney with disability rights advocates of berkeley. the nonprofit filed class action lawsuits in federal court in san francisco against both uber and lyft. the lawsuits claim uber and lyft don't offer the same on demand rides for those wliyo for everyone else in the bay area, in violation of the ada. americans with disabilities act. >> our advocacy is focused on
6:35 pm
making sure that those companies, as they're revolutionizing transportation, that they're not leaving behind the people who need wheelchair accessible vehicles. >> uber did not provide an official statement for this report, but notes it does offer wheelchair accessible vehicles on demand through a third party, mv transportation. gularbe carsnd the he wait vehicles may not be available at all. >> they might be able to get a ride for their outbound journey, but not a ride home so they're stranded for hours. >> the suit against lyft says the company has done almost nothing to serve those with handy caps, using its access feature only provides links and phone numbers for wheelchair services. lyft tells 7 on your side the company isn't required to comply with the ada since it doesn't own the cars and part-time drivers can't be expected to drive specialized vehicles. >> a lot of people in chairs ju a
6:36 pm
because they know that they can't use the service. >> fiona says as it, she must paratransit service. she longs to join td, hailing r minutes. >> people in chairs deserve to be active and spontaneous as much as the rest of the world. >> disability rights advocates say they don't expect ride share companies or their drivers to suddenly invest in a fleet of specialized vehicles. however, they say these companies with their vast network could include drivers who can accommodate wheelchairs or they could partner with paratransit services. we'll see what happens in court. i will report back. now i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays 10 to 2, 415-954-8151. you can always reach me through my facebook page and >> all right, thank you,
6:37 pm
michael. how do you spell success? a north bay teenager can do that one in his sleep. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman puts him to the test ahead of his tern at the national spelling bee. next, see how state lawmakers are trying to fix california's recycling
6:38 pm
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part of our effort to build a better bay area has focused on recycling, and what everyone can do to protect our environment. many products we enjoy come in plastic bottles, and now there is a push to use more recycled materials to make those containers. a bill is on its way to the state senate after being approved by the assembly. phil ting is one of the supporters. right now many of the plastics we recycled get sold overseas instead of being reused in california. >> let's ship it to a manufacturer who will break that plastic down and remake it into a recycled plastic bottle. and that's really what we want to see is much more of a closed loop here incalifornia. >> if approved, the bill calls for upping the plastic bottles 2001. 50% in 2025. and finally, 75% in 2030.
6:41 pm
abc7 news dedicated a week of coverage to recycling because this is a complicated issue and there are a lot of ways each of us can help build a better bay area. on our welcomes,, we put together a page called recycling resources. you can find it by searching the word "recycling" on the power of books is an example of building a better bay area. an east bay couple began collecting books for camp fire victims. dustin giannotti and his wife asked for books. soon they had books coming in from all over the country. they have already given away about 15,000 to fire victims. today they were loading up thousands more to give away this weekend. >> we're hoping to give people a sense of normality back, a way to escape that trauma, a way to dive into a book and feel something familiar. >> a great idea. the book giveaway will be held this sunday at the pleasant valley recreation center in chico. the book is still accepting donations for future giveaways.
6:42 pm
you can contact them for books for butte on facebook. and camp fire victims will also be eligible for more than $12.5 billion in federal disaster aid thanks to senator dianne feinstein. the money will come from the usda rural development funding. previously paradise residents were not eligible for the funds until senator feinstein authored a provision which changed that. are your weekend plans indoors or are they outdoors perhaps? >> you don't necessarily have to change them, but you do
6:43 pm
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. novato, a seventh grader is on the brink of a tournament that could win him $50,000. >> ever wonder what it takes to compete in the national spelling bee? wayne freedman introduces us to a kid with a brilliant mind and the ability to use it. >> open the book, turn the pages, feast your brain on an english dictionary. now try to remember all 180,000 words. you got pretty much every word in here down, don't you? >> not every word. no like there is probably some word in here, flip to a random page, find a word i probably don't know. >> so maybe there is a gap or
6:46 pm
two in novato, but he does have an unusual aptitude. does he ever misspell a word? >> never. >> we would expect nothing less of the 42nd ranked spieling bee contestant in the world. don't even try to challenge him. >> guffaw. >> guffaw? >> gaffah. >> a-w, actually. >> mom said he read and understand his first newspaper at age -- >> 3. >> your first word today is -- >> number 42 has been hard at work studying daleably a coach preparing for his super bowl next week. the scripps national spelling bee in washington, d.c. it will be his second appearance. that's a feat. >> it's in me that i like competitions, i guess. >> by now you may be wondering if mark has another element working here. the answer, yes. we might call it a misunderstood underappreciated advantage. >> he likes to call it that he has an autistic brain rather
6:47 pm
than saying he is autistic. >> it is closer to asperger's on the spectrum they say, in the same way elite athletes have better coordination but for that he pays an adolescent price. if you can live without it, would you get rid of it? >> that's hard to say. i mean i like being smart, but i don't like being a social outcast. ti-i-t-i -- >> but braniac? that's good. you realize you've given me five words and i haven't gotten one of them right yet? >> yes, i do realize that. >> in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> what a great kid. >> absolutely. let's check on the weather. we are inching towards the weekend. >> can you ss >> w-e-t. at the moment it's t b ar bht k
6:48 pm
at overnight conditions. we'll see a few clouds and go to fog. overnight lows in the low to mid-50s. and tomorrow, another day much like today. mostly sunny. a few clouds around. breezy at the coast. highs will range from low 60s at the coast to near 70 around the bay. mid-70s inland. and then we got the weekend. the three-day holiday weekend, memorial day. we'll see an increase in clouds on saturday, and a cooldown. a further cooldown on sunday, along with showers with a system ranking 1 on our storm impact scale. so it's going to be a wet day on sunday. a few showers mei-linger into early monday morning. but by midday on memorial day we expect sunny skies, dry conditions, and then we have a warm-up coming the middle of next week by wednesday and thursday, we expect high temperatures to be in the low 80s inland. mid- to upper 70s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. but that all important holiday weekend is going to bring us some clouds and a bit of rain. >> thank you, spencer. okay. not what we wanted to hear in sports. >> larry beil is here. >> the update on kevin durant.
6:49 pm
it is not good news for the warriors. when will kd be back? will he play at all
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
i know abc7 news sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the nba finals begin one week from today and kevin durant will not be on the court for game one. the warriors say kd is expected back at some point during the finals, but it's unclear when the right calf will fully heal.
6:52 pm
he is not even practicing which is not a good sign. steph curry makes the first team along with james harden, nicola joke kitchen which means tll-ar planet, kevin durant is knocked down to the second team. klay thompson didn't make any of the all nba squads, finishing behind kemba walker and bradley beal which means he lost $30 million on his next contract. he'll be okay at 90 million. here is the moment klay learned about the news. >> i mean, that's cool, but, like, when you go to five straight finals, i respect those guys, but when you straight, it takes more than just a couple of nba guys. but whatever. wou rathe win a i think there is that many guards better than me in the league, no. but that's the reasonant to geto
6:53 pm
it, honestly. >> let's move on. meanwhile, demarcus cousins a full participant in practice today. remember, he tore his left quad april 18th. boogie has improved enough that he is pain-free, expected to contribute at some point in the finals. steve kerr says his last hurdle is conditioning. >> it's been a while for me all season. so, you know, i'm happy to be in this moment. i get the opportunity to play, i'm excited to take full advantage of it, leave it all on the floor. you know, i'm able to get up and down the floor more. i'm able to play a little competition basketball. i'm in a lot better place. >> moving a lot better than expected with a torn quad. don't forget abc7 news is your exclusive home for the nba finals. warriors facing the bucks or the raptors. game one next thursday night. the tip-off of that game will be at 6:00. as for who that opponent will be, aaron rodgers in milwaukee.
6:54 pm
bucks and raptors game five tonight. former cal star enjoying this early action. eric bledsoe to giannis with authority. milwaukee starts the game on an 18-4 run. looked like a blowout in progress. the raptors wore back off the turnover. kawhi leonard, he will throw it down to tie it at 34. right now they're at the half, 49-46 bucks. you might be hearing this a lot this summer. this could be madison bumgarner's last start for the giants. today facing one of the team's rumored to be interested in him, the atlanta braves. mad bum pitched well. gave up two runs, struck out six, including charlie culberson there. got a nice ovation from the crowd. mad bum did not figure in the. bottom seven, tyler austin, homers to the veggie garden. now the home run tracker says the ball went 396 feet, but the wall is 399. anyway, picture lasers. giants up 4-2.
6:55 pm
top eight, rays rookie austin riley ties it up with one big swing off tony watson. his fifth home run in just his ninth game? is that good? yes! we're tied at four. they went to extras. the seagulls are out because this is normally their time. there is nobody playing in the 12th usually. top 13, it's that man riley again. he loves pitches down low. we just learned that today. two strike, two out, rbi single that scores swanson off reyes mora moranta. bottom 13, and josh donaldson gets donovan solano. 5-4 the final. giants drop three out of four to atlanta. as for kevin durant, there is the possibility, depending on how long the finals go, he may have played his final game for the warriors. >> wow. >> if this injury is worse than we expect or doesn't come around, who knows that could be it. >> hope that's not theight at 9
6:56 pm
kofy tv channel cable 13. police are looking for a neat freak. this suspect broke into a home, took nothing, but left the home in spotless condition. strange story. that's at 9:00. >> it's odd. then on abc7 news at 11:00, it's a massive mural featuring more than 1200 people in san francisco. how the artist behind the work brought it to life. and coming up tonight on abc7 news at 8:00, this is farrah fawcett, a look back at the life of the "charlie's angels" star and icon. then at 10:00 catch shark tank. implement and at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests include ben platt. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on the abc7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for larry beil, spencer christian, the entire abc7 news news team, have a great evening.
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