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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 24, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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i'm amanda del castillo. a viral video of nancy pelosi is calling her sobriety into question. and they came out of dick's store filled with merchandise. and police were waiting for them. i'm kate larson in san francisco, where you can see this for free. "abc7 news" starts right now. now, news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. so it's really sad. here's the thing, i told this to the room. >> altered videos of nancy pelosi have gone viral. the clips make her sound as if she's drupgenly slurring her words. >> is live with what experts say we should all be concerned about this. >> repor it's called deep fake technology. experts say it's only advancing. they warn soon we won't be able
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to tell which are real. this video, posted to social media, calls into question nancy pelosi's sobriety, slurred speech, slow movement, the result of a ma nip lated video. >> it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. there's a lot of expectation that stuff like what's happen r happen a lot. >> reporter: it allows someone to create videos of situations that never happened or ones that happened very differently. we wanted to know how difficult manipulating a video would be. so we sat down and he worked his magic. >> and here was the result. you can tell the difference, you can hear it, and you can see it. it takes aet th video just right, which is part of why many of those clips are so identifiable. this video was posted to facebook and twitter, youtube
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has since removed it. still, millions of views, thousands of shares. viral misinformation that has the power to shape public perception ahead of the election. >> we're concerned about false information. there's an intent for people to believe it's true. you don't have that. >> reporter: simple manipulation, effective and believable to some. but others are convinced that deep fake technology is another twist to political satire. >> everything moves at incredible speed now. something we are just hearing about for the first time today has already been discredited. >> reporter: this isn't the first time we're see thing type of technology take over social media. but, again, experts are saying it's only advancing. i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> at least people are aware. thank you very much, amanda. they're bold, fast, and awfully young. thieves walking into dick's sporting goods stores and running out with stolen stuff. it's happened twice recently.
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the first at a firefield store, then in pleasant hill. our reporter is live from that store. lisa, that theft happened just yesterday there. >> reporter: very true, dan. these are the actual doors of the suspects tried to run out of, but an officer in the right place at the right time stopped them. this is surveillance video taken from inside dick's sports goods. it shows them trying to run out the front door with stolen merchandise. but you can see them suddenly dropping the goods at the door and running back in. it's because a cop is running after them. >> he was right there, so he got in a brief pursuit and captured one of them. >> reporter: she is 18-year-old zara, the other four are younger teenagers. >> they're abt walking into stores and taking -- thinking that they can get away with it. >> reporter: that's what happened at this dick's in fairfield earlier this month.
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police posted this video. three women loaded up and walked out of the store telling store security to stay away from them. police are now checking if this incident is related. >> it appears there are more than one crew that are committing these crimes and hitting these large sporting goods stores. >> it's scaring me. it's upping the cost and making things harder. >> reporter: extra pa controls will continue in the shopping center for the time willing. new developments tonight, san francisco police confirmed they have made arrests after a dismembered body was found in a home. the body was discovered monday in a house in the outer mission. officers discovered it while
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making a welfare check on a 73-year-old man who was reported missing. investigators are now trying to identify the remains. new at 11:00, "abc7 news" was in san francisco where bones were found behind a home in the mission district. the medical examiner will try to determine if they belong to a person or an animal. police have det vandalized l for military veterans. earlier ts month, it was covered in graffiti. it stands along park avenue. crews were able to clean it off. police didn't release details about the suspect. experts are investigating the death of another whale that sky 7 spotted this morning. this makes at least 12 twhal dea -- whale deaths during the spring
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min noh. the hies since 2000. most die from starvation. experts are trying to figure out the reason why and whether warming oceans could be a factor here. in the east bay, a big rig plowed into a garage this morning. no one was hurt. the big rig lost its brakes coming down colton boulevard, and smashed into a home near snake road. neighbors say they're not surprised. >> trucks blasting down the hill. one went through there and destroyed that last year. >> when a fire in december of 2017 caused part of snake road to collapse, traffic was diverted to a steeper section of colton boulevard. neighbors have been calling about this issue, but no luck. we reached out to oakland officials today, but we haven't heard back. capturing all of san francisco in one massive moving mural. it's a monumental project on
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display at the san francisco museum of modern art. kate larson was at tonight's debut and spoke to the artist. >> if you look here, there's a baby getting born. >> reporter: from a live birth to a dancing ballerina, the mural is a scrolling video collage of more than 1200 people whom he filmed throughout san francisco last year. >> it's like a giant puzzle, where everyone has to go to the place they decided and i composed the mural and him. >> reporter: his exhibits are all over the world, disguised in a hat and sunglasses in case his installations are seen as a crime instead of art. he came to san francisco inspired by murals that were painted in the '30s and '40s. the exhibit is interactive. you can download an app on the phone or go to a kiosk in the museum. like draymond green.
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>> it's surprising to see myself in the museum. >> reporter: as an organizer of the women's march, j.r. asked candas chen to strike a moving pose for the mural. >> it's such an honor to be a part of this piece. >> reporter: there's another project here at the museum called inside out. it includes portraits of people from around the world. the mural is here for the next year. >> we find a place in the city where it can stay permanent, because already, these capture a moment of time in the city that is with the people forever. >> reporter: kate larson, "abc7 news." lighting up the night spacex launch isranki uew ground. it's the battle between men and women overhe the mos
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and women overhe the mos st thermostat>> and how do you spe? i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, the weekend will feature this. sun, clouds, and even some showers. i'll be back with the memorial day forecast coming up. first, here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after "abc7 news" at 11:00. you'll not believe what you're about to see. bugs bunny, where is bugs? he's nowhere to be found. >> he took a wrong turn in albuquerque.
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for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. ignition, liftoff. >> tonight's launch of the spacex rocket could bring high speed internet to just about anywhere on earth. the falcon nine spaceship blasted off carrying 60 identical communications satellites. it's the heaviest ever payload for the rocket. it landed perfectly on a floating platform. you might see expiration dates listed different on food. the food and drug administration sent a letter to food manufacturers today. that letterts putting a standard best if used by date on all product labels.
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research shows americans throw out about 30% of the food that we buy, often because we think it's gone bad. that wastes about $161 billion a year. in nevado, a 7th grader is on the brink of a tournament that could win him $50,000. >> ever wonder what it takes to compete in the national spelling bee? wayne freedman introduces you to a kid. >> reporter: open the book, turn the pages and and now try to remember all 180,000 words. you've got pretty much every word in here down, don't you? >> no, there's probably somebody word in here i don't know. >> reporter: maybe there's a gap or two in the mind of mark, an 8th grader here in nevado. but he does have an unusual anty
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does he ever misspell a word? >> never. >> from when he was really little, he was looking at books. >> reporter: mom cess he read and understood his first newspaper at age -- >> 3. >> your first word today is -- >> reporter: number 42 has been hard at work, studying daily with a coach long distance preparing for his super bowl next week, the scripps national spelling bee in washington, d.c. it will be his second appearance. that's a feat. >> i just like competitions, i guess. >> reporter: i know you may wonder if he has another element working here. the answer, yes, we might call it an underappreciated advantage. >> he likes to call it he has autisticloser tos a
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he rogzes patterns and has a photographic memory. if you could live without it, would you get rid of it? >> that's hard to say. i mean, i like being smart, but i don't like being a social outcast. >> reporter: the brainiac, that's good. do you realize you've given me five words and i ain't got one right yet? >> yes, i realize that. >> reporter: wayne freeman, "abc7 news." california researchers are encouraging bosses to set office thermostats mnd women were test different climates and whimper form better in warmer offices. >> men perform better in cooler temperatures. but it's better to just raise the temperature. >> and let the office wars begin. higher, lower!
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our temperature is maybe going to inch upward. >> more rain is coming. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> it's not going to be a washout, but temperatures came up today. they're going to go down as we head toward the holiday weekend in preparation for the storm. let's check out live doppler 7 right now. we'll take you back in time. the last couple of hours, some thunderstorms, it was just an isolated thunderstorm developed around discovery bay and moved through livermore valley where they saw good rainfall, one report of heavy rain, and in case you're wondering when that rain is coming, it's not going to be tomorrow. that's for sure. so get out there, if you need to wash your car. you have an opportunity to do it. just know that mother nature is going to wash it for you this weekend if you don't get to it. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, low 60s. temperatures coming up into the upper 60s around the bay. a mix of sun and baide communities. sunday, 70% chance of showers.
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monday, 50% chance. but don't worry, the entire weekend is not going to be wet. i'll break it down for you in a moment. san jose, looking at the shark tank, it is a lovely view as you can see there. let's check out our 2019 atlantic season. 9 to 15 named storms, 4 to 8 will be hurricanes and 2 to 4 major hurricanes are expected in the atlantic. in the bay area, we have quieter weather. i wanted to show you what it looked like this afternoon. we saw the low clouds and fog, rolling back in and up above. you see the clouds just bubbling up. that was the instability in the air and what led to an isolated shower and thunderstorm. 50s, 60s with temperatures right now, a lovely view here across the bay. mild again in the afternoon. it is going to be a cooler weekend, wet and breezy sunday.
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below average temperatures for your memorial day. tomorrow morning, watch out for the fog. temperatures upper forts to mid 50s. tomorrow afternoon, fid mid 70s inland. mix of sun and clouds, cooler than today. level one for sunday. scattered showers, breezy, and there is a slight chance of thunder. isolated shower can't be ruled out saturday. sunday is when you need the rain gear. maybe to stay indoors. scattered showers monday morning and the rest of the day, good to know. fog to sunshine, cooler saturday. cold showers with that level one system on sunday. morning showers memorial day and then we'll t g back to our regular pattern of -- what's regular anymore? what we should see around this time. low 80s wednesday and thursday. that's spring for you. >> finally. >> thank you very much. a massachusetts man comes
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home to a clean house. he then called police. >> it's such a wild story. and tomorrow, performing their hit
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a man in massachusetts came home and of stealing in, clea home. they made the beds and tidied the bedrooms. >> they scrubbed everything, scrubbed everything down, did the shower, did the toilets. these toilet paper roses were left on my toilet paper roll. >> the mystery cleaner ignored his kitchen. he suspects a cleaning service might have went to the wrong house. maybe they'll break back in and clean the kitchen next time. >> that's just odd. >> typically they don't bust in to clean. >> in sports, this is seous.seo.
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good evening. steph curry named all-nba first team today. kevin durant made the second team. he should have been onuestion i we'll key k.d. play for this warriors team in the finals. durant not expected to play, his strain calf has prevented him from even practicing. the warriors hope he'll be ready at some point during the finals. >> we feel like he'll be back at some point during the series. that's our thought. that's our gut. there's nothing clear cut. s we'll leave it up in the air. we hope for the best. >> will he play at all? abc is your home for the finals. warriors facing the bucks or the raptors. game one next thursday night. so who is advancing in the east? aaron rodgers, in milwaukee,
1:36 am
bucks/raptors, game five. a bucks blow outy.grk fakoes fo. the bucks were up 14, but the raptors roar back. in the fourth, kawhi leonard, the three. he had 35 overall. rodgers, concerned. fred van fleet, got a newborn. raptors win, take a 3-2 lead. joe thorton said if he comes back for his 22nd nhl season, it will only be with the sharks. joe's got some thinking to do. >> we'll see. i haven't made any decision. you know, i feel like i can still play, that's for sure. but i haven't made any decision at all, kevin. >> do you have a timeline for your decision? >> no, no. like i said, i have to talk to some people, talk to my family.
1:37 am
but no decision yet. >> and no decision on when he shaves the beard either. giants and braves. who knows how many more madison bumgarners s starts we'll we'll game went to extras, to the dismay of the sea gulls. in the 13th, 4-4, austin riley, a two-out single, scores swanson. 5-4, braves final. giants lose three out of four to atlanta. this is on the jumbo chugs two beers, three seconds per beer. he challenges aaron rodgers. hang on. almost. i'll be right with you. i can't even finish this. later rodgers tweeted, make it scotch next time.
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with zzzquil pure zzzs. a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin that supports your natural sleep cycle so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for being here.
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." it looks like the perfect meal out. >> i love a good hot pot. >> but see the weird twist that ruined dinner. >> oh, my gosh, no. rehab time for some adorable penguins. >> babies have been injured or malnourished. >> the folks behind their amazing journey back to the surf. how about a hot sword through rollers or soap? >> this is oddly satisfying. >> isn't it? >> why the only thing better is the crayons. and david doberic says yes to marriage. really?ld will not lucky lady
1:42 am
hot pot. >> yeah. i was going to say i don't know about y'all but i love a good hot pot. oh, my gosh, no. >> what was that? >> that was like a flash gren e grenade. >> i'm going to run it back. >> something just popped. >> well, reports are that the two customers sitting there had been passing a lighter back and forth and one dropped the lighter into the soup and called the server over. as she was fishing it out, it exploded all over her and both of them. >> oh, man. >> they dropped the lighter? >> they should immediately turn the heat off on that. that's going to be boiling water on that woman's face. both customers were taken to the hospital. but the soup splashed onto the server's face as well. later a colleague took her to the hospital too. we s


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