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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  May 26, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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e your life. life. to the fullest.
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it's sunday, may 26th. thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here is lisa tracking live doppler 7. hi, lisa. >> we are because we have a one on our storm impact scale. you said may. feels like march, maybe even february. we'll see downpours today. the risk of thunderstorm, hail, gusty winds. rainfall amounts aren't going to be light. the scattering of the downpours. we're taking into the east bay. whitman street a pretty good downpour. further to the south it's a rain/snow mix on top of mount hamilton.
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higher elevation experiencing the heavier rain. it's going to be an active day. possibility of rainbows out there. as we look at the circulation, that's the unstable part of the storm that's dropping right over the bay area today. we have cool 50s. the numbers aren't going to budge too much. very gusty winds. it's going to be a raw afternoon. we'll talk about big improvements coming up. chris. new overnight in san francisco, 12 people are displaced after a two alarm fire in hunters point. the fire started just after 4:00 this morning on ennis avenue near third street. about 70 mie 0 firefighters were battling flame. the fire also spread to a nearby building. thankfully crews say no one was hurt. people are being asked to avoid the area. the fire is under investigation.
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in the south bay both directions of highway 17 in santa clara county are back open following an overnight crash. a car traveling south crashed into a pole near idlewild road before 1:00. pg&e was sent out to check out the power lines. one woman has been arrested. a call to resign. that's coming from the san francisco police officers association and its pointed directly at the city's police chief. this comes after he apologized for this raid to find out who leaked a police report into the death of public defender. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: with a search warrant and sledge hammer in hand, san francisco police officers trying to force open the doors after freelance journalist home and office earlier this month. they seized compute
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and notes. >> we made some mistakes. >> reporter: the chief admitted this and said the warrant did not identify camedys a journalist. journalists have constitutional protections. professor margaret russell teaches the first amendment at santa clara university. >> just storming into someone's apartment and seizing computers and all sorts of files is way over the line. >> we're asking the chief to voluntarily resign. if he doesn't resign, we're a asking that he be fired. >> reporter: they want the chief out after what happened. >> it's a convenient the case of amnes amnesia. >> reporter: i'm calling his bluff that he did have complete knowledge of the investigation. he is sure the association accusations are hurting the chief. s >> he's there leader. to have a question about his
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confidence to lead is probably devastating to a leader. >> reporter: in a statement, sfpd says chief scott has made it clear that transparency and accountability are paramount in this criminal investigation. that's why sfpd is seeking an independent, impartial third party to take over the case. in the news room, abc 7 >> we've been following this story. on friday night dan pushed the chief to apologize. >> who do i owe an apology to? >> to whom? >> to be people of san francisco. >> to bryan as well. >> why? >> we made some mistakes. >> the chief says he's talking to outside agencies about picking up the leak but one has not been selected yet.t.t.t. abc 7 sent out breaking news
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push alert as soon as we learned they were calling for the chief's resignation. download the abc 7 news app to get updates sent to your mobile device. in san francisco, we're learning new information this morning about a shooting at ocean beach. it happened just after 10:00 last night at the street near the upper great highway. one man was shot. park police tell us there was an altercation but they are still trying to figure out what led up to it. officers are looking for a suspect they say ran off. oakland police are looking for the person who stabbed two people in front of a church. it happened yesterday afternoon around 4:00 in front of the west oakland church of christ on 12th street. both victims were taken to the hospital. their conditions have not been released. new details about some east bay beef thieves. shoplifters stoleuned o doar wor quality japanese beef. the owner of the tokyo fish market caught one of the suspects stuffing the beef or
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inter: looking around and moving fast, these alleged thieves were caught stuffing around $300 worth of japanese beef known as wagyu. >> this piece of meat is 89.99 a pound. if you were to buy the whole piece is 1,102.28. >> reporter: it's hard to come by. the owner said the employees confronted the couple but they denied the allegations but minutes later they run off. a woman handed off her purse with the beef inside to a third person who was waiting for them a block away. off camera the store owner said he filed a police report and confirmed that other thieves also tried to steal the beef this week but left empty handed. >> he ordered like $250 worth of stuff. >> reporter: the butcher shop in san francisco is the largest retarial of japanese wagyu in the western hemisphere. >> i've been doing this since i was 14.
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>> reporter: he said this beef is like fine wine. >> the reason why it's so expensive is because it's imported over. this particular type here, there's only about 100 animals sold for export every year. >> reporter: after this incident, tokyo's fish market changed their policy. when customers have to pay for the beef before picking it out from the deli . some employees believe they probably didn't enjoy the beef the right way. >> if they didn't bring ice, it probably would have melted by the time they ran away with it. ceremonies mark the beginning of the memorial day weekend. abc 7 news was in piper tbuo america's fallen. scouts and other volunteers placed a flag at every grave. a similar coury an seeing what they
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>> the kids are here enjoying freedoms today because of the people in this cemetery and others like it. >> the tradition of placing a flag at veterans grave place back to the civil war. the two parking lots at the golden gate bridge will be off limited to weekend visitors. it gets overcrowded. traffic backing up from the lots spills on the the bridge. visitors are asked to take buses or use ride share be they want to take in the view. in the east bay buses are replacing bart trains this memorial day weekend as crews work to rebuild the track. the buses are free and are running through tomorrow. bart is advising riders traveling through the area to plan for an additional 20 atr thing interesting for the final day of the bottle rock music festival. sky 7 was over napa on friday a.
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there's chance festival goers could get rained on. be sure to take a raincoat or poncho or leave themb at home. they're among the featured acts later today. happening today, the sights, sounds and flavors of latin america will attract thousands of people to the mission district. today is festival and grandpa raid. the mayor is also set to be there. the festival take places on harris between 16th and 24th. the parade starts at 9:30 this morning at the corner of 24th and bryant. the video shows the sun and a much different scene this time around. totally different pncnchtdiffer it's cloudy, cool, windy. highs today maybe coming up three, four degrees. it's a raw afternoon and we'tal. maybe a thunderstorm for today.
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breaking news, bart starr has died. starr was the only quarterback to lead his team to five nfl titles in a decade. he played for the packers for is a years and was undiinducted in the pro football hall of fame in 1987. he was 89. the former business manager of stan lee has been arrested on elder abuse charges. morgan was arrested yesterday in arizona. he faces felon theft allegations and false imprisonment of an el el elder adult. morgan's attorney rejected the allegations. lee died back in november at the age of 95. disney is the parent company of abc 7. in southern california, three people were hurt when a ride at castle park in riverside
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malfunctioned. it flipped over throwing them into the water yesterday afternoon. one of the riders is in critical condition. officials say one of the water pumps used to slow down the log malfunctioned allowing the log to gain speed. the log ride is closed as crews investigate. a california man is dead after a shark attacked him on maui. firefighters found the 65-year-old yesterday morning. he was unresponsive in the ocean about 60 yards off of a tourist spot. he died from his injuries. his name and hometown have not been released. officials say this is the sixth shark attack in hawaii this year. there were only three all of last year. we have new details this morning about the hiker who dispydi disappeared for more than two weeks. the 35-year-old yoga instructor is recovering following a helicopter rescue. we have the latest.
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>> reporter: speaking from her hospital bed we are learning new details about extraordinary will to survive. >> it come down to life and death add i >> reporter: living on berries, plants and guava for 17 days. >> the last 17 days of my life have been the toughest. >> reporter: aman dda braving a flash flood and finding shelter in a cave. >> there was water coming into it. >> there were times that total fear and loss and wanting to give up. >> reporter: the new york times reporting amanda fell 20 feet from a cliff fracturing her leg adding one night she spent the night in the den of a wild boar.
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>> she rested on a fallen log, meditated and took a little nap. when she got up she was disoriented about where she was and followed her instincts trying to get back to her car. >> reporter: her suffering coming to an end thanks to a volunteer effort. javier spotted her from a helicopt helicopter. she was wedged between two water falls and this is video of the moving moment she is lifted to safety. >> there she goes. > this is just like a tiny little blip of my story and my life. it serves a much, much bigger purpose. >> that with marcus moore reporting. > a former mill valley resident said she knew she would make it home safe. sarah met amanda and her boyfriend on projected related to work. she facetimed with us yesterday. >> from the very first day i
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said this girl is emotionally strong. she's physically strong and physically strong. i just knew this is somebody who if anybody will make it, it's going to be amanda. >> amanda who is also a physical therapist lost 15 pounds while missing. 9:18 the time. two people are dead after a tornado swept through oklahoma. videshthio afrdo hit a hotel, a mobile home 29 people were taken to the hospital after the tornado. injuries range fromor t critical. a woman down. >> i heard it coming. i felt the trailer 80 hit our trailer. i know trailer 80 flipped over on top of 81, which we were in.
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after everything was over with and all the shaking and jarring and everybody landing on floor, the sirens went off. >> the reported tornado comes on the heels of a very active severe weather week. more than 100 tornadoes were reported across eight states over a four day period. the national weather service calling this at least an ef-2 tornado meaning winds of 111 miles an hour. time now is 9:19. as part of abc 7e'gh oople ffein ourunity. starting today the church is auction off another power lunch with the billionaire. minimum bid startsye'suction br $3.3 million. this marks the 20th year he's donated his time. the auction ends on friday. we have rain in the
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forecast. lisa is tracking it for us. >> been kind of an interesting morning already. we're checking in with not only live doppler 7 but our storm impact scale. it's a one today. we have heavy downpours. maybe a risk of a thunderstorm with hail. amounts anywhere from about a 10 to couple hundreds to two tens. winds are gusty. look at live doppler 7. you can see the heavy downpours. we're taking you to the east bay. south of dublin. the hills68 foothill. a pretty good d pressing to the aromix. you see the pink indicating temperatures in the mid-30s. check out south of the park there. the heavy rain that'sin you can s t oranges andyellows scattered showers in the south bay from sunnyvale.
9:21 am
along the east coast heaviest downpours. up in the north bay it's a few light showers. as we look at the atmosphere, here is the twist. that's the cold upper low and as it brings down the colder air, it works to bring down some of those heavy downpours. it's been snowing in the sierra nevada and we're looking at the winter weather advisory until 5:00 tomorrow. three to seven inches. we could see snow at lake level down to 5500 feet. we have some dry pavement here. it does look kind of ominous with the dark clouds. 52 in santa cruz. it's 54 ine 56, 57 today and emoryville with the cloudy skies. the winds have been a factor. 20 to 30 miles an hour right now from oakland to san francisco to half-moon bay concord as well. we'll see the gusts throughout the entire afternoon. look at mt. tam, mt. diablo.
9:22 am
it will be a blustery winter like day out there. you can see still some showers, some downpours coming down from time to time. a few peaks this pretty strong unseasonably cold upper level low to push over the bay area igniting some showers and those downpours. it's going be aco even the gutthere. eaba .1 in mountain view. we're not alone. the entire state today looking at some wet weather. all of california much, much cooler than we should be for this time of year. just 59 in freemont. gusty winds. tomorrow it's over. we're ushering in more sunshine. it's going to be a cool day. with the late may sun we're going to make it into the mid-60s for the warmest
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locations. the pleasant. you see the 80s inland. that means 70s in downtown san francisco by this time next weekend. >> we're gettingthing week. jacket rk jacket, umbrella and sunscreen. keep it handy. we're sharing inspiring stories in a weekly digital series called "more in common." we're taking you to ferguson,mi places to geus changethat. >> i'm a midwife in having the of pregnancy and birth experience they want.
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the golden state warriors will show off some hardware for fans today. the five championship trophies will be on display. yesterday fans were able to take selfies with the trophies. >> i like them. it's really nice. it's the first time we have had all five together. usual lip we have one. it's pretty cool. sc call o tuesday and c hall on still on day strengthening their relationship. a bay area 7th
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gads morniood morning. thanks so much for joining us. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. lisa is tracking the conditions where you live. >> our storm impact scale is a one. we have downpours around the bay area. it's cold. we have breezy winds and a rain/snow mix. the deal today is a raw afternoon. quite a few downpours. check out the peninsula around 280 we're looking someomeomeomee good rain. as we take you to the coastline, more downpours from la honda.nd here is where we have
9:31 am
mix around mt. hamilton. not much going on in north bay. there's more offshore and i talk about those gusty winds. we'll pinpoint the temperatures, the winds and a better looking memorial day in a few minutes. chris. thank you. president trump is on the second day of his four-day trip to japan and so far it appears to be going well. japanese prime minister shinzo abe snapped a selfie with president trump. he's addressing security, diplomacy and trade, down playing a north korea missile test and making an appearance at a sumo match. we have the latest. >> as sumo grand champion, i reward you the united states president's cup. >> reporter: overnight president trump in japan presenting this 70-pound trophy to the sumo wrestling champion. >> it's a great sport.
9:32 am
i've always wanted to see sumo wrestling. >> reporter: outside of the stadium, a mix of supporters and protesters. this weekend japanese president abe charming trump with golf, lavish dinners and a meeting with the emperor in the hoping of striking a more favorable trade deal. trump announcing they made progress on the trade deal but they won't announce it until after the happy need election in july. >> the prime minister and i talked a lot about trade and military and various other things. i think we had a very productive day. >> reporter: while in the region, trump sending a message to north korea by brushing off their latest rocket launches tweeting north korea fired off small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others but not me. i have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me. abc news, the white house. new this morning, at least one person is dead and a dozen others are hurt after a strong 8.0 earthquake hit the country
9:33 am
of peru. people in venezuela felt the shaking. it was the strongest in 12 years. the president is in the hardest hit region to survey the damage. more than 50 homes have been destroyed. several schools, churches and hospitals reported damage. happening today, contract talks are set to resume in the new haven unifieied teacher strike. both sides held a marathon session that ended after midnight yesterday morning. teachers want two years. the district says it cannot afford it. teachers walked off the job last monday. >> time now is 9:33. a 7th grader is on the brink of winning $50,000 and becoming as bee kicks off tomorrow and this kid thinks he has what it takes. here is wayne friedman with his story. >> reporter: open the book, turn
9:34 am
the pages, feast your brain on an english dictionary. now try to remember all 180,000 words. >> you have every word in here down? >> not every word. probably some word slipped through random page, maybe there's a word i don't know. >> reporter: maybe there's a gap or two of the 8th grader. he does have an unusual aptitude. >> does he ever misspell a word? >> never. >> reporter: we would expect nothing less of the 42nd ranked spelling bee in the world. don't even try to challenge him. >> guaffah. >> a-w, actually. >> he was looiking at books whe he was really young. >> reporter: he understood his first newspaper at age. >> three. >> reporter: number 42 had been hard at work studying daily with a coach long distance preparing
9:35 am
for his super bowl next week. it will be his second appearance. >> i like competitions i guess. >> reporter: by now you may have wondered if he has another element working here. the answer, yes. we might call it a misunderstood, under appreciated advantage. >> he likes to call he has an autistic brain rather than he's autistic. >> reporter: it's the same way that lead athletes have better coordination. he recognizes pattern and has a photographic memory. if that he pays an add price. >> would you live without it? >> i like being smart but i don't like being a social outcast. >> reporter: brainiac, that's good. >> you realize you've given me five words and i haven't gotten one right yet?
9:36 am
>> yes, i do realize that. >> what a great kid. the spelling bee kicks off tomorrow. rounds begin on tuesday. still ahead on abc 7 mornings. more than just keeping tahoe blue. how the weather is helping purify one of the great states. thanks so much for choosing abc 7 news to start your day.
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aaaah! nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper. welcome back, every one. a live look from our pier 39 camera. the abc 7 storm impact scale back in play this weekend. lisa will let us know when to expect some rain where you live.
9:39 am
new developments with the rebuilding of santa rosa. a construction company could be in trouble. three more families have filed lawsuits against the company. this is a story abc 7 has been following for several weeks. multiple complain of spending tens of thousands of dollars and the contractor doing little to no work on their home. the state is looking into the central valley company. the company has not responded to the latest allegations. lake tahoe is a little bluer than it used to be. the clarity of the water improved from its worst level in a half improvement is due to weather and runoff returning to more normal conditions. it increased by 10.5 feet. lisa, you were telling me how they do that test. >> throw that white dinner plate down there and see how far they can see it.
9:40 am
mpb we're looking at an interesting day with scattered showers and snow. blue canyon, 32 degrees. a winter weather advisory through tomorrow and back home our higher el vagevations we ha some rain/snow mix situation going on. we'll talk about our strange sunday, warmer memorial day and a very pleasant week ahead next with my seven-day forecast. we're near the end of may and looks like winter up thanks. also, the nba finals are set. toronto is in. three mvps will meet up in the series. we'll have highlights in sports.
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thanks so much for waking us with us. rain is in the forecast. lisa has been talking about that all morning long. we'll get a check in just a little bit. nc nc first in sports the diamonds are looking to avoid a sweep. oakland takes on seattle at 1:07 at the coliseum. the nba finals are t.the set in toronto. we have more in this morning >> good morning. leonard put up another epic performance. 27 points and a huge dunk over
9:44 am
giannis to lead the raptors to their first ever nba final. toronto overcame a 15-point deficit to claim the eastern conference title. the raptors ended the third quarter and started the fourth on a 26-3 run. kyle lowry will get the steal. that was absolutely beautiful. he was masterful in this series. nice bounce there. that will do it for the first time since 1995, the raptors are the eastern conference finals. next up, the warriors. >> they're one of the greatest teams in history. five straight finals for them. it's not a whole lot of teams
9:45 am
that have done that. it will be a tall task but we'll try to figure it out. >> the return of the a's power has powered their best winning streak in six seasons. s saturday's win makes it eight in a row for oakland. they got things going. two out. this is his 12th home run of the year. the a's on the board. in the fourth inning tied at two. marcus with a nice little base hit. that will untie it. santana bobbled it. chad pender followed up with a double. the a's up 5-2. a beautiful day in oakland. that caused problems in the past because of sunshine. look at this, they couldn't see it. the a's won their 8th in a row. 6-5 the final there.
9:46 am
the loss did not stop this little guy from having a great time on saturday. san francisco gave up ten more in saturday's matinee. look at the bounce oer. that allows arizona's first run to score. then that guy still having a good time even though they got one more in the inning. look at kevin with a great diving catch. that was deep enough to drive in a hundrrun for arizona. that was absolutelyfantastic. that will make the little guy happy. this would not. he had two hits including that solo shot. diamondbacks put up another double digit win. 10-4 the final there. brett anderson will start today's mat kninee for the gian and
9:47 am
getting a check now of the forecast. >> it's an interesting one. we have rain showers and some very breezy winds out there. here is a live look outside. we can see it's partly cloudy and it doesn't looblg too bad but b -- look too bad. it will be blustery out there. we do have a one on our storm impact scale. possibility of a thunderstorm, maybe some brief hail. amounts will be light. as we look outside, it looks kind of nice from san francisco with partly sunny conditions. we'll have the white caps on the bay with more clouds than sun out there. as we do a little radar tour for you this morning you'll note that we have some pockets of downpours around the bay. in fact along the peninsula and to the south bay we are looking at not only a little bit of rain but a little rain/snow mix out
9:48 am
there. temperatures are going to be cool throughout the afternoon. we have nowhere to go but up this morning. looking at this image here, you can see sierra, nevada where temperatures are around freezing. i have my compute working. three to seven inches of snow. close cloudy skies here. it will be blustery throughout the afternoon. there's some rain for you from our sutro tower camera. it will be only in the mid-50s today. right now 56 in concord. 54 in livermore. you can see a little lighter up in the north bay but throughout the east bay and the south bay, it's blustery. we go up in height, winds up to
9:49 am
40 miles an hour. hour by hour we have a few peaks of sun. looking at the scattered showers, downpours in we will have the town podownpou time to time. nonetheless, it's going to last throughout the day. as tets a little bit cooler out there, we'll see the activity die down. amounts anywhere from a couple hundreds to about .2 or so as we get into the evening hours things will really wind down. we're not talking about a lot. it's enough to maybe bring the barbecue indoors or try for tomorrow. you can see the entire state looking at the wet weather through the central valley. mo mountains where temperatures will be about 40 degrees today. this looks like a february day. 61 for you up in villajo. tomorrow morning day starting
9:50 am
out cloudy and we'll get into numbers in the mid-60s. cool at the beaches. 50s and breezy there. the accuweather seven-day forecast allowing for more sun for tuesday with mid-70s inland. we're going to warm up and stay where we should be throughout the middle of the week. as we get into the 80s inland, 70s around the bay, we'll have about 70 here in san francisco and that typical range. it's been about all month long that we haven't seen that. today dodging the showers for sure. >> if you're headed to bottle rock, any one of the baseball games, bring a jacket. lisa warned you. >> maybe 60 up in napa today. in the south bay, the town of morgan hill is trying to ill itself as a regional tourist destination. the town along highway 101 is home to fewer than 50,000 people. a new project downtowne the key to its success. >> reporter: over the years the once sleepy town of morgan hill
9:51 am
has become more than just a gateway to silicon valley. >> i think they have done an awesome job. it feels hometown but it has everything to offer you. everything. i love it. >> reporter: quiet and quaint have been replaced with the hustle and bustle of construction downtown. next to the grenada theater, the hotel broke ground and will have 60 rooms and feature a spa, steak house and market hall among other amenities. south bay entrepreneur is on a mission to make morgan hill a tourist destination similar to napa. >> with the way that traffic is and people's time restraints, why not take a 15, 20-minute drive down nor begmorgan hill. >> reporter: a new apartment building will come on. >> we have the weather, wineries, the restaurants. it's all finally coming together. >> reporter: officials say it's all part of their plan to raise the city's profile. >> one of the most exciting
9:52 am
things about this renaissance is they are local investors. they are people that believe in this community. they believe in the vision and know this will happen here. >> reporter: is the development happening too fast? long time residents wonder how much more growth the city can handle. >> there's only so many ways in. those ways are just so stressed with all the people that are now living here. it makes life a little more difficult. >> the city says they have attracted $130 million worth of projects to the downtown area over the past five years. next, a job that is truly t. where to sign up to become a storm trooper
9:53 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. 1, 2, 39, 43, 66. the powerball number 2. wednesday's jackpot goes up to $325 million. the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus drawing. 4, 10, 32, 36, 43. the meganumber 26. wednesday night's prize increases to $48 million. good luck. drop the duvets and grab the cushions and the pillows. it's time for the pillow fighting championship. this is actually a real thing.
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japan has made this an art form with teams of five facing off. it starts with players sleeping. the twistwhistle blows and it's. the team does everything it can to shield the king from getting hit by tournaments. the 64 teams taking part. disneyland is holding open casting calls on friday for storm troopers. one restriction. performers must be between 5'10" and 6'0" tall. we have more information on how to apply on our website. that would be a pretty neat job. we have showers. scattered showers on the peninsula. right around south of redwood
9:57 am
city. they continue into the south bay. plan on dodging some showers. possibility of thunderstorm. not much going on in the north bay yet. we are look at a wintry scene. gusty winds. temperatures as much as 15 to 20 degrees below. we're salvaging that with sun. it will be cool and much warmer. >> thanks to you for joining us. have a great day, everybody.
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it can cause damage to the enamel.. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. with pronamel repair, more minerals are able to enter deep into the enamel surface. the fact that you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged, it's amazing. i think my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. - welcome to the kitchen experts show. i'm janelle marie. now you know what? today, i want to do things a little differently. i meet so many happy homeowners with stunning before and afters, so you know what? i am sitting in my kitchen experts kitchen, lounging around and i am going to show you some of my stunning before and afters, okay? i mean, can you believe my tiny, dated galley kitchen actually transformed into this beautiful new kitchen
10:00 am
with a red rooster in the back? i mean, i cannot believe it and that's what's great about kitchen experts. no matter what size your kitchen, no matter what layout of your kitchen, the have a solution for you. and the best thing is, there is no subcontractors and they take care of all the permits for you. it's very stress-free. also in the show, we're going to meet head designer johnny. everybody loves him and we're going to find out about how that process works. so get ready. we're going to go all over the bay, meet some happy homeowners. oh yeah, find out about today's specials for you viewers


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