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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 27, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," president trump in tokyo. trump honored the newly enthroned emperor and began his business portion of the state visit with the prime minister, shinzo abe. what they had to say about tensions with iran. also this morning, your memorial day forecast. the central u.s. is bracing for more severe weather and flooding after already being hit by a deadly tornado leaving a trail of destruction. accuweather has what's in store for today. new this half hour, a major measles alert. >> hundreds of people may have been exposed to the disease by a traveler passing through a major airport. when you could expect to see symptoms if you came in contact with this infected person. two destiny's child members reuniting to dance the night away. we'll tell you where they were spotted stealing the show later in "the skinny." can you keep up? it's monday, may 27th.
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good morning, everyone. i know one person who can keep up this morning. elizabeth hur back in the seat, everybody. >> back here and i was actually thinking you were going to keep singing. >> you know, we actually don't sing that much here on this show. >> we don't? >> especially when it comes to, what's her name again? will, what's her name? >> it's pronounced beyonce. >> we don't talk about her that much, we don't sing "bootylicious" at all times. yes. we will get to that. and good morning to you all on this memorial day holiday. it's good to have elizabeth hur in for janai norman. we begin this half hour with president trump's state visit to japan where he took center stage this morning at a grand outdoor ceremony. >> the president had the honor of becoming the first world leader to meet japan's new emperor at the imperial palace in tokyo just weeks after he
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ascended the throne. >> the president also sat down for a working lunch with prime minister shinzo abe and backed the idea of having japan broker a possible dialogue between the u.s. and iran. >> well, i know that the prime minister and japan have a very good relationship with iran. so we'll see what happens. the prime minister's already spoken to me about that. and i do believe that iran would like to talk, and if they'd like to talk, we'd like to talk also. nobody wants to see terrible things happen. especially me. >> the president continued to strike a confident tone about kim jong-un this morning saying he thinks lots of good things will come from north korea. abc's tara palmieri has more on that state visit. >> reporter: the president getting a lavish layout from the japanese, catered to indulge trump, the showman. a ringside seat at a championship sumo match. the president and first lady watching the intense matches.
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>> as sumo grand champion, i hereby award you the united states president's cup. >> reporter: trump awarding a massive 70-pound trophy to the winner. and it didn't end with sumo diplomacy. japanese prime minister shinzo abe hosted a round of golf. the two posing for a selfie before having cheeseburgers with imported u.s. beef, perhaps a nod to progress on a u.s. trade deal. >> the prime minister and i talked a lot today about trade and military and various other things. i think we had a very productive day. >> reporter: looming over the glamor of the visit, a growing discord over north korea's recent missile tests. both the japanese prime minister and national security adviser john bolton saying there's no doubt the tests violated a u.n. security resolution. the president then undermined both in this tweet. north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others, but not me. i have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me and also smiled when he called swamp man joe biden a low iq
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individual and worse. perhaps that's sending me a signal? >> can you explain why americans should not be concerned that the the president of the united states is essentially siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over a former vice president of the united states? >> chuck, the president's not siding with that. but i think they agree in their assessment of former vice president joe biden. >> reporter: but even republican allies in the senate saying they are troubled by kim's recent actions. >> i find them very disturbing. and certainly wouldn't trust kim jong-un. so i think we need to keep our eyes on north korea. >> reporter: an aide for biden is slamming president trump for amplifying the dictator's attack on joe biden, calling the tweet erratic and unhinged. it's extremely rare for an american president to attack his political rivals while on foreign soil. tara palmeri, abc news, tokyo. >> our thanks to tara, who's traveling with the president. turning now to the european union parliament elections,
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traditional centrists denied a majority for the first time. >> after the highest voter turnout in 25 years, nationalists and populists skeptical of the eu won about 24% of the 751 seats. but they didn't do as well as predicted. early projections show french president emmanuel macron's slate for the parliament was defeated by anti-immigration far-right party of marine le pen and the right-wing party in italy also prevailed. here at home a look at the weather. the central u.s. continues to be threatened by severe weather this memorial day. >> tornado watches are in effect for six states. an ef-3 twister tore through el reno, oklahoma 25 miles west of oklahoma city. at least two people were killed and 29 injured, some critically. people had just four minutes after the sirens first sounded until the tornado hit. one of the buildings destroyed was a motel. officials believe everyone has been accounted for but as the
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storms continue, accuweather's paul williams has the forecast. good morning, paul. >> good morning kenneth, elizabeth. overall, another round of not so great weather for portions of oklahoma going into texas and amarillo, throughout central portions of kansas, nebraska, omaha, cedar rapids, where we don't need additional rain, that's where we're going to have another round of showers. look for the downpours to stay numerous throughout the morning. chicago, milwaukee, rain forcing minneapolis as well as sioux falls, travel disruptions over towards detroit, as well as indianapolis. to the west, unseasonably cool weather with temperatures 20 degrees below the norm. kenneth, elizabeth? >> thank you, paul. now to that measles threat as the summer travel season kicks into high gear. there is concern that thousands of passengers could be exposed to the illness at major u.s. international airports. >> recently an individual with the measles virus passed through newark liberty international airport. this morning word of a possible measles exposure in new jersey. health officials say on may 8th,
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about 1,000 people were potentially exposed to the virus at newark airport. last week a traveler with measles passed through dallas-ft. worth international airport. >> it's a disease that spreads via infectious droplets, and it's highly contagious. >> reporter: the cdc reports there are 888 confirmed cases in 24 states since january. >> 90% of people who are susceptible, means who have not been fully vaccinated, if they come in contact with somebody with measles, they will actually get it. >> reporter: this morning as people travel for the holiday, experts say the risks of exposure increase in confined areas like an airplane. the goal, awareness about vaccinations and prevention. >> wash your hands. limit your exposure to others with colds or sick or young children. >> reporter: early symptoms of the measles, fever, cough, runny nose, red watery eyes or rash. people who think they may have been exposed to measles should call their health care provider before they go to the doctor or emergency room to protect other
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people from possible infection. a utah judge has been suspended without pay for six months for openly criticizing president trump. the state supreme court ruled that judge michael kwan violated the judicial code of conduct when he made the negative comments in 2017 online and in court, slamming the president as politically incompetent. kwan also suggested to a defendant that, under trump, he may not get a tax refund. a judge says the makers of bud light have to change those corn syrup ads. anheuser-busch has accused miller lite and coors light of using the sweetener. yes, says the millercoors company, but all the sugar is gone by the time you drink it. the judge said the bud commercials were confusing and the wording would have had to be changed -- would have to be changed before they can run again. anheuser-busch says they're running this week. to the nba. and drake was right. >> last week the rapper/toronto native promised raptors fans a canadian team would go to the
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nba finals, and they made it, next is two-time defending champ, golden state. game one is thursday in toronto. the warriors swept portland to reach the finals, and the loss still stings for blazers' enes kanter. he had an attendee at his basketball camp cover his steph curry jersey. so i guess he's not a sore loser there? >> i was going to say, not cool. >> it's like, oh, just cover that up, kid. >> i love steph curry. >> cover that up, please. >> oh, man. >> how about drake was fired up when it came to toronto getting into the finals there. >> i don't know, is he a huge nba fan? >> oh no, yeah, look at him there. look at him. i think he may be. and it's funny because we ran this little snippet of him really hyped up last week. and it's been going around social media this past weekend that people heard four accents in there.
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>> that's awesome. but you know what, it's going to be a good matchup. >> and i think that drake's going to be there at the game. >> i think so. >> courtside. great seats. >> go steph curry. >> there you go. coming up, the holiday weekend turns deadly. what we're learning this morning about that deadly shark attack off the coast of maui in hawaii. later in "the skinny," the celebrity athlete who flew across the pond to pay a visit to baby archie. to baby archie.
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an 82-year-old woman is dead after a church bus fire in north carolina. investigators say the bus burst into flames after crashing into a wall as the driver tried to exit interstate 77 in charlotte. four other people on board the bus were injured. bystanders raced to a florida woman's rescue after she's bitten by an eight-foot-long alligator. >> the 26-year-old was in a pond at a wilderness park near orlando when the gator latched onto one of her legs saturday. officials say bystanders jumped in and pulled her to safety. the bites are not considered life threatening. a trapper removed the gator from the area. we now have details in that deadly shark attack off the coast of hawaii. >> the maui police department
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has identified the victim as 65-year-old thomas smiley. reportedly an optometrist from sacramento. abc's marci gonzalez has more on that terrifying scene. >> reporter: first responders racing into the water off maui this holiday weekend. >> report of a shark bite. i have calls still coming in. >> reporter: desperate to save that swimmer who had just been attacked by a shark. >> bringing him to shore. patient is unresponsive. cpr starting now. >> reporter: the 65-year-old man vacationing from california found 200 yards off the coast, his wife on the shore in utter panic. >> we could hear her screaming, that's my husband, that's my husband. >> reporter: as lifeguards transfer the man from a jet ski to a gurney, the extent of his wounds horrifyingly apparent. >> he looked unconscious when they transferred him to the other gurney. and we could see that they were trying to do cpr on him. but as we got closer i saw some blood. it was -- it was really traumatic to see.
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>> reporter: maui is considered hawaii's hot spot for shark attacks, where a small memorial surrounds one of those ominous signs. this is the 16th shark attack and first deadly one at u.s. beaches this year, following a very active season last summer which saw 32 attacks and one fatality. and the last deadly attack off maui's beaches was four years ago when a tiger shark bit a snorkeler. authorities are trying to figure out if it was the same type of shark that attacked this weekend. marci gonzalez, abc news, santa monica, california. >> our thanks to marci. incredible that we're seeing a lot of shark news in the past week, when we had that one just -- we thought was -- >> the great white. >> on long island off the coast there. then around the world in 2018, 66 unprovoked shark attacks were confirmed. people have a 1 in 3.7 million chance of dying from a shark attack. so obviously the summer heating up, and i hope we don't see more of these, but definitely be alert out there. when we come back, why houston texans star j.j. watt is saying he's the luckiest man in the world.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with a football player who made his own hail mary pass and scored. >> houston texans defensive end j.j. watt popped the question to his long-time girlfriend kealia ohai and she said -- >> yes! the 29-year-old watt posted these photos on ig with the big news with the caption, i'm the luckiest man in the world. #shesaidyes. >> the couple has been dating for three years. >> by the way, the future mrs. watt is a sports hero in her own right playing for the houston dash in the national women's soccer league and appearing in the u.s. women's national soccer team in three games. a big congrats to them, she said yes. >> she said yes. and j.j. watt has done so much for that city after hurricane harvey, so i'm very happy for
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him as well. >> very scenic too, it's beautiful. it's nice. >> oh my goodness, yes. just seeing those pictures, okay. next, two of destiny's children reunited over the weekend. >> beyonce and kelly rowland hung out and got their groove on singing loud and proud at janet jackson's show in las vegas. >> the two stars were spotted rocking out in the audience of the concert that you spoke of called "metamorphosis" residency at the mgm. >> jackson's residency kicked off on may 17th. catch it now before it's gone, it's comprised of just 15 shows before wrapping up with a final performance on august 10th. can we turn the volume up? is that beyonce singing? ♪ >> no, that's definitely not beyonce. that sounds like me singing. ♪ what have you done for me lately ♪ >> whoever shot that video was like, oh my gosh, i'm here to see janet but beyonce! >> there's beyonce! could you imagine? two shows in one. i would have definitely just gone up a few rows.
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each song i would have inched my way a little closer somehow to kelly and beyonce. i would try to be michelle at that moment. beyonce, don't step over me. y'all know what that's referring to. all right -- >> well, go ahead. >> anything else on beyonce? >> no, that's it. >> we're big beyonce fans around here. >> so i'm learning. next to a bit of controversy surrounding ariana grande. >> the seven-ring singer is currently on her "sweetener" world tour, but a new display in her honor is hitting a decidedly sour note with her fans. >> madame tussauds in london has unveiled its latest wax figure creation, a likeness of grande herself, or is it? fans are overwhelmingly saying, thank you, next, to what they're calling ariana grande on crack, even going so far as calling it offensive. >> no word yet from ariana grande herself on her new likeness. >> you know what i think it kind of looks like -- >> i was just going to say. i mean, her fans love her, so
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they accept nothing but perfection, i guess. >> at least it's not that cristiano ronaldo, remember that statue of him, the bust? >> yes. also across the pond, tennis phenom serena williams paying a royal visit to the royal family's newest member. >> serena, husband alexis, and their 1-year-old daughter olympia, reportedly visited prince harry, duchess meghan, and baby archie mountbatten-windsor. >> williams posted this photo of herself inside a regal stateroom at the frogmore cottage before heading to paris to prepare for the french open. >> harry and meghan have reportedly been inundated with visitors the past days to decide who archie's godparents will be. >> the suspense is still building. okay. the top contender for godfather is soho house creative director marcus anderson who's been described as one of the most important men in meghan's life. >> you know what, i should be a contender to be archie's godfather. >> why not?
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>> you want to be godmother? >> sure.
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♪ driver's seat ooh driver's ♪ driver's seat ooh driver's seat yeah ♪ some of the world's top race car drivers got out from behind the driver's seat to pay a special tribute. >> they honored one of their own, a legend in the world of racing. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: at the world-famous monaco grand prix, the world's top race drivers standing in a circle of silence, remembering niki lauda. lauda, famous for wearing a red cap, won the formula 1 driver's title, the pinnacle of auto racing, three times. >> the car was quick. quicker than all the others. >> reporter: but that's not why we're telling you his story. this is why. lauda crashing in 1976 in
3:56 am
germany, his car exploding in flames. a scene recreated in the movie "rush." drivers pulling lauda from his ferrari, but not before his head was severely burned, his lungs scorched by breathing in the fiery fumes. a priest was called for last rites. but niki lauda's story is about comeback, human will, and perseverance. >> the body was more or less dead, but the brain was still working. and the brain convinced myself, stay awake, don't sleep, because you're going to die. listen to whatever's happening and keep going, keep going. >> reporter: remarkably, just six weeks after his horrific crash, lauda somehow pulls a helmet over his still-healing wounds, returning to his race car. it was the 1976 season. lauda losing that championship but going on to win two more. later in life returning to formula 1, lauda working with
3:57 am
mercedes and its latest generation of drivers. it was fitting that the current world champion won the monaco grand prix wearing a tribute helmet to lauda, the driver paying homage to his mentor, a man who lived to 70, teaching us all what is possible. david kerley, abc news. >> our thanks to david there. lauda obviously a legend in racing, and you can see that he bore the scars of that horrific crash, but really his determination, he bounced right back. six weeks after that crash, returning to the car. >> that video was incredible and difficult to see. but yeah, i love a good comeback story. wow, what a story. >> racing is definitely remembering lauda this morning. don't miss our updates on facebook at ing
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>> stay tuned for "good morning america." have a great day. > making news in america this morning, severe weather threat. >> just bodies everywhere, people everywhere, don't know dead or alive. >> a deadly twister slamming oklahoma, hotels annihilated, cars crumbled and trailers tossed. at least two dead, dozens injured, and another storm on the move right now. president trump in tokyo. the president making history in japan, becoming the first leader to meet the new emperor. the lavish visit and the new tensions over north korea as congress bickers over the russia investigation back home. beach dangers. back-to-back tragedies over the holiday weekend. a shar


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