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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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as yesterday. but it's not going to be as great as the rest of the week. mike, did i get that right? >> great forecast. >> nailed it. i'm going home. >> okay. here is a look at the winds. they're the issue today. they're not as stout as yesterday. they're still blowing ashore and because of that we are going to continue to be cooler than average even though as you can see a whole lot more sunshine is on the way for our memorial day and good morning on this memorial day. we'll stay in the 50s for the most part at the coast. mid and upper 50s by 7:00. wait until you see this coming weekend. i'll have that coming up. first, some traffic. who is doing it this time? it's my turn, mike. you're in luck. the bay bridge toll plaza, look at that. it is wide open. if you want to go on it without
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metering lights this is the only day except for christmas that you can do that. no incidents there and we are all in the green. you'll get there fast. at least two people are dead and look at this new video, a small town just outside of oklahoma city. 145-mile-per-hour winds wiped out a hotel, a mobile home park and several others in four minutes. one boy was trapped in the rubble after winds flipped his home. >> there was no way to get out. had to punch a hole in the wall to get out. i was in a chair at the time and i fell back in it. >> officials say people in the path didn't even have time to take cover. the tornado warning was issued
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minutes before the twister hit. the entire state in a state of emergency. another storm also threatening to bring more tornadoes and more destructive winds today. sunshine and scattered clouds. this holiday weekend for some of us it was wet, windy and chilly. take a look at this south bay surprise yesterday. hail in san jose. yikes. folks taking part were bundled up in coats and weather may have been to blame for the cooking competition. >> we're warm in our hearts. it's the town. >> we'll take it. it was a good day. >> good for them. chp warned drivers of high
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winds. san francisco's police chief fo a raid on a freelance rutiny journalist. >> it's all related to the investigation of a report leaked to journalist brian carmody. police raided carmody's home. in an intervup the chief apologized for mistakes made. the president and vice president defended scott in his apology but hours later the commission september sent a second release. >> if the narrative holds weight, it seems to me the police commission is in a position to find out where does that accountability stop. >> the police officers association called on chief scott to resign over the leak. mayor london breed declined to comment about the request. today marks 25 years since an east bay teenager was murdered in her own home. that horrific crime remains
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unsolved. abc 7 news was in castro valley as family and friends of jenny lin honored her at a memorial service. she was only 14 when a stranger broke into her home and killed her. her family hopes new advances in dna technology will bring her killer to justice. a $100,000 reward is still being offered for an arrest and conviction in the case. happening today in san jose abc 7 news chief investigative reporter dan noyes will serve as master of memorial day ceremonies at oak hill memorial park. >> this is video from last year's remembrance. the public has been invited to four ceremonial events. followed by a veterans ceremony at 11:00. the grand army will be celebrated at 1:15 followed by the vietnam veterans field of honor ceremony at 2:15. veterans saluted the sacrifices made by a ship's crew during world war ii.
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abc 7 news was at lands end for yesterday's ceremony honoring "uss sanheaval battle in 1942. allied forces stopped the japanese navy from sailing towards australia. coming up, warriors fans are getting pumped up about the nba finals. we're live at sfo as passengers get ready to take off to toronto. and check this out. i wanted to show you what's going on. the 8 to 14 day forecast, june 1st to june 9th. we flip the calendar, summer comes back. a 50% chance of above average temperatures and
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we have a few 48-degree temperatures in san francisco. castro valley -- or castro, excuse me, in the mission at 49. everyone else 52 degrees. low 50s just about everywhere. a few mid-50s union city and pittsburg. tracy. saratoga, america canyon, petaluma. off to our coolest start this week. doesn't that look inviting and quiet? one person out there leaning on
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his metal detector trying to find some treasure. the beaches blustery and also on the bay north of the bay bridge. a small craft advisory. 12 hours of winds gusting to 25 to 30 miles an hour. mid-60s, down to 58 at 8:00 under partly cloudy skies. nowhere near where we could be or should be. 50s at 8:00. noon all the way through 6:00 and the last look at the south bay about the same thing. accuweather seven-day forecast. in the south bay traffic, san jose -- on 87 this morning and you can actually count the number of cars. >> there's six. >> good morning to those six people only. and here is a live look on our other highways. we're in the green.
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that is good news. the warriors will be playing game one on foreign soil. you better believe that is not stopping dub nation. >> we caught up with some fans who are toronto bound for game one of the finals. anser hassan is live. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. there are no borders dub nation won't cross. there's a flight from sfo headed to toronto and we already know that warrior fans are on their way to game one. >> we have more experience than them and they're too excited. they're going over the top and then the warriors are just relaxing right now and we're favorites and we're going to have to play good on the road. >> ready for war, baby. >> reporter: one of the warrior diehards hitting the road to be with his team. the golden state warriors will take on the raptors in game one on thursday. the warriors are heavy favorites to win, but toronto fans remain
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confident their team made history by becoming the first canadian team to reach an nba final. their fans say home-court advantage goes a long way. >> kevin durant and marcus cousins will both be out. we have home-court advantage. it will be in toronto. i think raptors will take game one. >> reporter: there are still tickets around $900. seats courtside start at about $10,000. reporting live at sfo, anser hassan. >> so drake might be there maybe. >> drake seems very excited. we'll let him be excited. >> did you see him at the last game is this he was all about it. >> good for him. anser, thank you. abc 7 is the only place to watch the nba finals. game one set for thursday. tipoff at 6:00 p.m. >> check your schedule. >> also, the sights and sounds of latin american organizers,
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6:14. welcome back. we have recently seen a wave of states passing more restrictive abortion laws. illinois considering doing the
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opposite, a new bill that removes abortion restrictions is headed to the house floor. it was a very rare late night session last night where the human services committee passed the partial abortion act and the illinois act of 1975. and this move would take away restrictions on abortions later in pregnancy as well as contraception but this has been a very controversial bill as you would expect. it had previously been stalled for months. if the house passes it today it still has to be approved by the state senate before going to the governor's tess being. californians could be voting on two tax hikes next year that would help schools. the association is considering a member on the ballot. it's being billed as a tax hike. according to the "l.a. times" there's another tax increase
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proposal promising to create smaller class sizes. if you're in the mission district no way you could have avoided the sounds of latin american culture serenaded the entire district. tens of thousands turned out for the 41st annual carnival parade yesterday. colorful floats, attire and immersive dancing made for a good time. >> i love it. this is tradition, what the mission is about. family in the neighborhood. the theme is culture heals. organizers say they picked it in hopes of healing some of the political division. >> you were there. >> i was there. it happens close to my house. i was worried about the weather for them because i thought it's a really long parade to be in the rain. they dodged most of the rain
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drops. >> one did produce. it was nice for yard work. did a lot of that yet. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. you can see the marine layer, clouds getting up around 1800 to 2,000 feet. it's pretty much banked across the east bay. a chilly breeze keeping us below average once again. drier, more average pattern develops. wait until you see the forecast. got it. a look at fairfield and antioch barely reaching 70. mid-60s down in the south bay. around 60 to 65 for the bay itself. upper 50s half moon bay into san francisco. no hotter team, there might be. i haven't checked the standings. when you win nine in a row you're pretty darned good.
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61 at the coliseum at 1:07. 63 -- hmm, a good time out there. take some sunscreen. a little less cloud cover, 49. the rest of us in the low to mid-50s for tomorrow morning. there you go. four to ten degrees warm earp away from the coast tomorrow. our first 80 wednesday. then the marine layer fog comes in thursday and that will slow our warming. when we get rid of that, look at the weekend temperatures. mid-70s to mid-80s, even mid-60s at the coast. >> thank you, mike. a look at traffic now. it is so quiet out there. bay bridge toll plaza camera, no metering lights on. no incidents to report. really nice thing to say. drive times all in the green and green is certainly good. just a couple high wind advisories out there. watch out for that. it's been great. and chp g us to wear seat belts. >> as of sunday there have been 18 fatal accidents and in those
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crashes half of the people who died were not wearing their seat belts. officers arrested nearly 750 people and the maximum enforcement period ends at midnight tonight. >> riding the smart bay's north train for free. marin county offering free entry to their county parks. they are designed to honor and thank military members and their families. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. >> ginger zee with a look ahead. great to be with both of you this morning. coming up here on "gma" tracking the new severe weather threat. it's a new round of tornadoes and flooding heading for the heartland. more than 190 tornadoes reported. of course deadly over the weekend. rob is there on the ground in oklahoma and the town hit by the ef-3. also ahead on this memorial day
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the roads and sky returning from the holiday weekend. the latest on when you could run into traffic trouble and how to avoid it. secret memorial day savings. becky is on the case with the ultimate shopping guide for summer staples and a first look at a no report about the best family cars for 2019. this is from a top auto source. it's all coming up only on "gma." reggie, i'll see you in a couple days. >> i'm so excited. ginger and i are both going to cover the opening of star wars galaxy's edge at disney resort. i cannot wait to see her and the land. >> i cannot think of a better person to go. >> i'm going to try to do it justice. workout equipment recall. the bands that could cut you. a baby deer rescue.
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kind of a gorgeous, soft
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morning as you look from mt. tamalpais. some low clouds. it's the sea breeze, even more sunshine will keep us from five degrees cooler than average in oakland to 15 in redwood city. instead we'll be 59 in san francisco to about 69 in concord. going to our beaches today, lingering clouds, a little bit of sunshine but gray especially from bodega bay. 63 at santa cruz. but look at these winds at 15 to 25. that's going to put a little bit of a bite in the air. be careful if you're heading there. reggie? dick's sporting goods is recalling some workout equipment because it can cut you. the recall is for the ethos pull-up assist resistance bands. seven people reported the equipment breaking.
6:25 am
in two case that is led to injuries that required stitches and staples. you can return it to dick's and get store credit. 6:25. businesses across the nation are thanking veterans, active duty ith tary personnel and their free and discounted products. here is some of them. 7-eleven offering a free coffee or big gulp. walgreens will take 20% off regular priced items. goodyear auto service offering a free car check and 10% off tires. and then outback steak house is offering a 10% discount with an online coupon for everyone today. boaters rescued this baby deer stuck in a lake. this is northeast of sacramento. you can see the boaters get the fawn out of the water and carry it gently to shore. they later saw the baby walking back to its mama. a good ending. >> we like that. >> much more ahead at 6:30 including one week later new haven unified school district
6:26 am
teachers are still on strike this morning. what both sides are saying. and a shooting at dolores park. the investigation that's happening right now. >> reporter: a chase that started in moraga ended here in antioch. who and what police found inside the car up next. and as we head to break a live look at the bay bridge this morning. as you can see traffic is deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants dedeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. now at 6:30, teenagers crash after reported robbery in the east bay. the pretty solid evidence police found inside the vehicle. president trump in japan meeting with the prime minister. thousands of people will pay tribute to the fallen today. two memorial ceremonies happening here in the bay area. also -- >> reporter: two flights to toronto out of sfo with possible
6:30 am
warriors fans heading to game one. >> they're getting there early. the game is oners this. they want a few days to, i guess -- >> get acclimated. >> take it oall in? gloat? welcome to this monday, may 27. >> we appreciate you joining us. you're never more than seven minutes away from your foreca accuweather forecast. we have a few showers. getting close to modesto there. a look at what we're dealing with right now once you get away from the east bay shoreline. a whole lot of sunshine coming our way compared to over the week. still a little chilly and breezy. we're in the upper 40s to low 50s through 7:00. mid to upper 60s at the you need a light jacket to maybe
6:31 am
a heavier jacket if our heading out this evening. >> mike, thank you. the san mateo bridge is wide open. if that takes you where you need to go this morning, no problems at all. now let's take a look at what we're doing with drive times this morning and you're going to see that we are in the green. we do not have any incidents to report. that's good news on this memorial day. developing news now, three teenagers are in trouble after a robbery, police chase and crash in the east bay. >> all of this started in moraga and ended more than 20 miles away in antioch where amy hollyfield is live in antioch this morning with the latest information. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning. it ended here in antioch. according to our media partner the bay area news group, three teenagers were arrested. take a look at what police pulled out of the suspect's car. they found the cash register
6:32 am
drawer from the gas station they are accused of robbing. they say they also found a gun and masks. the officers say the suspects crashed their black car in antioch. they ran into a white car after they exited from the highway. there was a foot chase. they did say that one person was tased. it all started at 8:00 in moraga last night, that's at an arco gas station. it was robbed and the attackers threatened the clerk there with a gun and a knife. lafayette police spotted the car on its way out of town and the chase began and ended in antioch. we understand the suspects medically checked out from the crash and tasing. they will be taken to juvenile hall. amy hollyfield, abc 7 this morning president trump continuing formal talks with japan's prime minister on day
6:33 am
three of his four-day visit to the country. president trump made history over the week as the first world leader to meet with japan's new emperor. the japanese rolled out the red carpet for the president and first lady. you see the sumo wrestling and president trump fit in a round of golf with shinzo abe. the two wasted no time addressing important matters. >> we are going to discuss various challenges of the international community including north korea. of course we are going to cover bilateral economic issues between japan and the united states. >> this trip comes amid trade tensions between the two countries. it has been escalated by threats that he made earlier this month to raise auto tariffs calling imported vehicles a threat to our national security. a shooting investigation is under way at one of san francisco's most popular parks. people ran as shots rang out
6:34 am
yesterday. one man was shot. he is expected to survive. police searched for clues. the shooting happened around 5:00. >> i heard two gunshots go off. they sounded like fireworks. i didn't know what it was at first. we got our stuff and ran off. >> it sounded like fireworks. the only thing scary was everybody started running towards us. >> police have not made an arrest or shared a description of the suspect. the new haven unified school district and striking teachers still have not reached a deal. >> teachers say they will go back to the picket line this week. the district expects students to be in school when classes resume tomorrow. teachers and district administrators met for a ten-hour bargaining session. teachers are demanding a 1% raise. the district says it just can't afford that.
6:35 am
>> we are struggling to keep teachers in the area, to have teachers live near by where they work. >> this is their strike. they called it. they can call it off. we are exceptionally motivated. >> today marks one week since teachers walked off the job. on friday only 9% of students showed up for class. happening today thousands of people will pay tribute to the fallen at san francisco's annual memorial day celebration held in the presidio. this is the incorrect video. the parade with the veterans starts at 10:30 at the presidio officers club. mayor london breed will be at the ceremony. and also happening today a memorial day ceremony on the "uss hornet." the band will perform and there will be a tossing of a wreath into san francisco bay. today's tribute ceremony starts
6:36 am
at 11:00 this morning. public transit operating on sunday schedules. >> that means b.a.r.t., muni, vta and golden gate transit are running on holiday schedules. and as you know schools, post offices, banks and most government offices are closed. however, if you're going to try to park in san francisco, feed the meter because they will be enforcing them. we have much more still ahead including the story of survival. did you hear about this, the woman who survived 17 days lost in maui. how amanda eller is doing this morning. >> an inside look at amazon. ever think what it takes to fulfill the orders? first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> to the south bay we're 47 in los altos hills. school spot, 49 in livermore, redwood city in the 40s.
6:37 am
danville 49 and 50 in lafayette, san pablo, 53 in alameda. san francisco, 51. these temperatures in the north bay, south bay and east bay cooler than they were yesterday. i think this will be our coolest morning this week. trying to look at traffic on the western side of the bay bridge, it's going to be a quiet pattern for driving. cool to mild if you're taking mass transit and breeze dwbring. low and then upper 50s from 8:00 to 10:00. mid to upper 60s from noon through 4:00. heading out this evening at least it's sunny at 8:00. the east bay not quite that warm. low to mid-60s noon through about 5:00. and you can see we dance in and out of sunshine in a lot of these neighborhoods. that will keep us in the upper 50s during the afternoon hours. if you're looking for a warm
6:38 am
weekend, stick around for the accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll be very pleased. this is a great place to live. imagine if traffic were like this every day. can you imagine the joy that would bring? it's green all over the map. there are some high wind advisories to warn you about on the san mateo bridge and altamont pass. it's just great. emeryville, the i-80 camera. traffic flowing very smoothly to the bay bridge. holiday light. we like
6:39 am
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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remember last week we talked about how it was going to snow in tahoe on sunday. there you go. this is from squaw alpine. they sent us this video of the snow that was falling, the winds, the weather service, the conditions prompted them to even issue a winter weather advisory yesterday. the region is going to see showers, possible thunderstorms not only today but just about every day this week and i'll show that you coming up. take a look around this day, more green than white in the high country. valley rain and mountain snows and temperatures in the mid-50s in tahoe and yosemite. about the same temperatures as in eureka and monterey. mid-60s still down in socal, still searching for warmth like we are. it is snowing. that's a live picture right now. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. you can see scattered showers,
6:42 am
snow showers and a brief break. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. as far as back here at home a look from mt. tam. i wanted to show you that if you are going out tree pollen is high today. weed pollen, grass pollen going to be moderate. >> mike, thank you. we are learning new details about the california man killed by a shark after being attacked off the coast of maui. 65-year-old thomas smiley was from granite bay northeast of sacramento. he was swimming about 60 yards off the shore on saturday morning. lifeguards found him unresponsive in the water. a witness describes the scene. >> he looked unconscious when they transferred him to the other gerengurney. they were trying to do cpr. i saw some blood. it was really traumatic to see. >> there have been 16 shark attacks with one death and that follows a very active season
6:43 am
last year. that saw 32 attacks and one death. much different outcome but same island, the island of maui, a woman survived more than two weeks in a forest has been released from the hospital. 35-year-old amanda eller is now resting at home after that terrifying ordeal. doctors say she is in good health after spending 17 days lost in the eastern part of maui. eller says she survived off water and fruit in the forest. rescuers found her on friday. >> now your morning money report, a merger could be coming. >> fiat chrysler wants to merge with renault. the move could save both companies billions of dollars and allow them to focus on pivoting business into electric and self-driving technology. company officials say they will not cut any production jobs but some management positions could be eliminated. the french government which owns 15% of renault is cautious about the idea of merging. amazon is offering public tours of its massive warehouses
6:44 am
across the country. you can get a firsthand look at the e-commerce company as they fill orders. there are two fulfillment centers, one in tracy and the other in san bernardino. the warehouse is coming soon to sacramento. tours of up to ten people available. robots coming to your rescue. we're counting down to the nba finals. >> the dub nation spirit is strong. some fans are traveling more than 2,000 miles to watch game one in person. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan live at sfo for us. >> reporter: dub nation will cross any borders to see their team. you see this flight heading to toronto. most passengers have already checked in. we know yesterday fans already headed out for game one. >> they're too excited. they're going over the top and then the warriors relaxing right
6:45 am
now and we're favorites and going to have to play good on the road. >> reporter: one of the diehards hitting the road to be with his team. they play the toronto raptors in game one on thursday. some very confident warriors tans left yesterday ready for whatever smack raptors fans have to put down. >> i'm bringing a t-shirt, a warriors t-shirt to her husband, and he has a raptor t-shirt for me. >> reporter: now there are some tickets left for game one. they start at around $900. courtside seats start at around $10,000. reporting live at sfo, anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> what a steal. thank you, anser. when the golden state warriors head to canada to face the raptors this week, they will be playing against some familiar faces. like the shooting guard who left
6:46 am
golden state last year after winning his second championship ring and jeremy lin, too, who grew up here and played for the warriors in 2010. this will be his first time playing in the championship. >> bay area fans, the sports betting world is banking on the golden state warriors to beat the toronto raptors in this year's nba finals. they were already favorites before their opponent was even known. most have them favored at $300 to win the series. a $300 bet would win you $100. a $100 bet would win you $250 if the raptors win, making them the second largest in the past eight nba finals. so i guess they can take solace in they're the second biggest underdogs. someone is worse. abc 7 is the only place to watch. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. >> i don't want to underestimate
6:47 am
kawhi leonard. let's -- >> who else is on that team that you can name? seriously. they're not full of stars. >> can kawhi lift up his entire team? >> like lebron when they beat us. >> i was this many days old when i learned someone named kawhi was on the raptors. >> the raptors. >> you just read it. >> i just read it. >> they do have a cool place called "jurassic park" they can watch the game outside the arena. it's neat. >> they do? that sounds horrible. >> you don't like bars? >> it's a bar called "jurassic par park"? it's very on the nose. >> hopefully. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. i don't even know why i steered the conversation that way. >> i just learned two things, kawhi leonard and a bar called "jurassic park." >> i'm trying to bring you in. i really am since we have to be here every day that they play.
6:48 am
santa cruz looks peaceful this morning. a chilly breeze today. i think this morning is our coolest morning. spring warmth doesn't return. back to the 70s and 80s. a 70 possible in fairfield and antioch. that's it. the north bay, mid-60s into the south bay and 60 to 65 around the bay itself. about 59 in san francisco. here is your beach forecast. we have a lot of upper 50s. more clouds clinging to the coast. a northwest wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. make for a very raw day. quieter and more sunshine. santa cruz 63. if you're going to the game, a's are hot, dropping down to about
6:49 am
63 degrees. there you go. 70s are back tomorrow about five to ten degrees warmer. 80s wednesday. the fog will take that away thursday. look at saturday and sunday mid to upper 70s. >> thanks, mike. and a look at traffic right now. we're used to -- wow. the screen is not frozen. there's just no one there. we're used to the emergency road work but it's pretty deserted. not a trouble spot today. our drive times all in the green. enjoy it. >> however, expect the roads to be jammed later with travelers e the past few days. that's an increase of 1.5 million from last year. experts advise people to get to the airports early. >> there is probably around 10% to 5% of the people that are
6:50 am
getting here late. they just don't arrive in time and it's a difficult situation. we try to do everything we can to help. >> this summer could set travel records. more than 257 million people expected to fly between june 1st and the end of august, an increase of 3% from last summer. now is the time to get your name on nasa's next mission to marches. everything everyone a chance to submit their name to send to the red planet. the deadline is september 30th and it comes with a souvenir boarding pass. i'm doing great. pave the way for human exploration of mars.
6:51 am
>> doing great, sweetie. abc 7 news is highlighting people who make a difference in our community and one church launched its largest fund-raiser of the year. a power lunch with warren buffett. minimum bids $25,000. they must prequalify on the site. the auction brought in nearly $3.3 million last year. to date 22 contenders will begin their quest to win the scripps national spelling bee. one is from novato. the seventh grader at good shepherd lutheran school is ranked 42nd in the world. his second time competing in the national spelling bee. >> you can see he works with a
6:52 am
coach via video chat. he hopes to be the sixth bay area resident. will be held in a televised competition starting tomorrow. >> i love that kid and hope he does great. proud of him anyway. the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> our instagram photo of the day. that's gorgeous. light in the forest. follow us at abc 7 news bay area. you can see a lot more great photos and share your photos and videos using the #abc7now. the trees release pollen and we're all sneezing. you have no problem get to
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it is 6:55. here are the 7 things to know today. number one, three teenaged suspects are reportedly under arrest for holding up a gas station in moraga and leading police on a chase. it ended in a crash. officers recovered a cash register drawer, mass bes and a gun. one week since teachers walked off the job. and still there is no deal. schools are closed for the memorial day holiday. president trump is on day three of a four day visit to japan. he met with shinzo abe and made history becoming the first world
6:56 am
leader to meet with japan's new emperor. number four, a partly cloudy day this afternoon with temperatures in the 50s at the coast. low to mid-60s. our last day of these chilly breezes. number five, things are looking good throughout the bay area this morning. you're not going to find any crashes or major backups to contend with. free flowing traffic. thousands of people will pay tribute to the fallen at san francisco's annual memorial day ceremony held in the presidio. the day starts with a flag raising at 9:45 this morning at the main post. and happy birthday to the golden gate bridge. 82 years ago it opened to the public. that first day only pedestrians were allowed and 200,000 people showed up. >> beautiful for 82. >> hardly anyone on it if you want to visit it, now is the time. >> 82 years young. >> it looks great. we'll be back in 25 minutes with an abc 7 news update. >> the sea lions are up with us. >> barely.
6:57 am
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the new warning this morning as another blast of severe weather hits the heartland. state of emergency. the central u.s. bracing for more flooding and tornados after deadly twisters tear through the plains. an ef-3 ripping apart this town, killing at least two people, injuring dozens. now the search for survivors as more storms move in, and the new alerts this memorial day as millions hit the roads and sky. breaking overnight. president trump face-to-face with japan's new emperor for the first time as he tries to strike a deal on trade, but splits with his own national security team on north korea, siding with kim jong-un. breaking overseas. an arrest just made in that terror investigation.


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