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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 27, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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to our questions after the police union suggested he should resign or be fired. >> you know, what do i say? we have a plan moving forward. we'll execute the plan. we're asking for independent investigations to look at the report and the investigation itself, and the initial incident. so that's where we ah that. i don't want to add more fire to this. ty're botd because they said you >> d'tt t a to this than what it already is. >> he was then escorted away by his staff. a few hours later, chief scott said he had nothing to hide and convened a police conference at police headquarters. >> whoever comes in and takes this investigation will not be able to use that evidence. so they'll have to start anew. >> last friday the chief requested that an outside agency take over the investigation into the death of former public defender jeff adachi. a confidential police report on
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adachi was leaked to freelance videographer briancaody, police raiding his house by what some say is extreme force. the investigation is to be handled by the department of accountability. scott has apologized for the raid. it was the mayor who ordered the chief to relinquish the control of the investigation into the leak. >> do you still trust the chief? >> i think at this point my goal is to focus on restoring the public's trust by providing an outside entity for the purpose of dealing with this particular issue. >> the mayor also said she wants this process to be played out. when asked if the chief should resign, she said, you know, i'm not jumping to any conclusions based from demands from an organization or person, of course referring to the police officers association, the union. live in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> all right, lyanne,thank you for that. this afternoon, the naacp issued a statement in support of chief scott writing the civil rights and african american community
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stand solidly behind chief bill scott. he has recognized and apologized for his raid of a journalist's home office. we believe that his apology and admission that the searches were probably illegal, as well as his call for an independent investigation demonstrates he is the right leader for sfpd. today is memorial day. all across america and right here in the bay, citizens and elected officials are giving thanks to service members who paid the ultimate price. abc7 news reporter trevor ult in washington. >> it is memorial day in america. >> vice president mike pence marking the 151st memorial day monday, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery. the vice president expressing the country's gratitude to nearly one million american seic members we dd in line of duoon as our nat continues to produ a women of s
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and patriotism, i know that freedom will ring for ourselves and our posterity. >> those remarks coming as president trump is in japan. the president and the first lady paid their own visit to arlington national cemetery on thursday before their departure. [ "taps" playing ] thousands of memorial day events are happening around the country today, including a ceremony aboard the uss intrepid. >> thank you to all those who serve us. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio one of several presidential candidates saluting the troops on monday. >> on memorial day, we think about all those who didn't make it back home. >> and even more of the candidates sharing who they're remembering in a video from progressive veterans pac vote vets. >> today i would like to share the story of lieutenant ken ballard. >> while president trump sought of the country, he is speaking to active service members aboard the uss wasp in japan, and he ek. ultiple military events
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an frais ne aes150ary ttet pres. mayor breed spoke during today's ceremony at san francisco's national cemetery. more than 26,000 veterans are buried at the presidio, some dating back to conflicts such as the civil war. a lone bagpiper played during a ceremony to honor america's fallen at golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. generations of veterans took part in today's tribute. >> aim, fire! >> abc7 news was in san jose when members of the marine corps honored america's fallen with a 2001 gun salute. i-team reporter dan noyes served as the master of ceremonies, you see him there, for today's tribute at oak hill memorial park. the audience included descendants of civil war and spanish war veterans. a disturbing tribute on
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board a bay area landmark. more than one people gathered on the deck of the uss hornet today. the crowd included veterans of conflicts dating back to world war ii. a military chaplain helped them memorialize young americans who gave their lives on battlefields all around the world. >> at porkchop hill, verdun, normandy, iwo jima, pearl harbor, coral sea, okinawa, the asian jungles halfway around the world. what about korea? vietnam, afghanistan. >> afterward, the crowd made its wait to the rear deck of the carrier. veterans and their families dropped flowers into the water in memory of those who served. >> that's the sound of "taps" playing as google took a somber approach to highlight memorial day with a gray google honoring
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members of the military who died serving their country. "taps" played at 3:00 p.m. a group ofdg watch called angels is raising another part of memorial day. >> they're remembering veterans who died by suicide. today's remembrance comes on the anniversary of the opening of the golden gate bridge. >> reporter liz kreutz live with more. liz? >> hi, larry and ama. yeah, 82 years ago today, the golden gate bridge opened. less than three months later, a world war i veteran jumped to his death, becoming the first known suicide on this span. and that's something that this group bridge watch angels is hoping to bring awareness to. they say that memorial day is not just about honoring those who have died in the line of duty, but also remembering those who have suffered in other ways. they're here on the golden gate bridge, silently observing, looking for possible jumpers. >> we're out here looking for people who may be in crisis so that we can help them.
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>> they're called bridge watch angels, and for nearly ten years, this is how they've spent their holidays. on this memorial day, they're back again. >> but another perspective on memorial day is also to honor those who have served our country and died by suicide. >> susan quartz is a veteran, volunteering with bridge watch angels for the first time. >> sometimes it's easy to get alienated in an environment and just feel like you're alone. so sometimes, you know, just having a kind person to be present is important. >> it's an issue larger than this one group and this one bridge. according to the latest numbers from the department of veterans affairs, on average, 20 u.s. veterans die by suicide every day, resulting in more than 6,000 veteran suicides a year. responses to this recent tweet by the u.s. army asking how the military has influenced you is also now bringing attention to this issue.
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after several veterans, active service members andwi stories about dealing with mental illness, trauma, and ptsd. it's something bridge watch angels hope more people will talk about. >> there is sort of a not talked about enough phenomenon. of people coming home and succumbing to ptsd. >> it's really hard for some veterans. and that's really why i'm here. >> now those bridge watch angel volunteers were out here until about 2:00 p.m. today. they come out every holiday, and they welcome all volunteers. they said today they had someone here all the way from atlanta. live in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> liz, thank you. if you or somebody you love is thoughts, you can find your ally at action. we have links to resources on suicide prevention, other issues as well like bullying, domestic violence, and school safety.
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all right. let's swish gears now and get to our weather and take a live look outside for our mount tamalpais and east bay tower comes. >> spencer christian is here. kind of chilly. >> cooler than average today. but a little warmer than yesterday i'm happy to say. and we had bright skies for the most part. let's take a look at current temperature readings under partly cloudy skies. 58 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. up in the north bay, 70 at santa rosa. inland east bay, concord 68. san ramon, 64. 63, livermore. a good bit cooler than average. san jose 65. going into the evening hours, we'll see an increase in low clouds and a few high clouds will pass over as well. we start the day tomorrow 7:00 in the morning with temperatures in the low to mid-50s, and lots of lingering clouds. but i can assure you it's going to be a brighter and warmer week than we've had in quite some time. the forecast is coming up later. ama? >> all right, thank you, spencer. three teens are in custody after allegedly robbing a gas station and then leading police on a chase that began in moraga
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and ended about 30 miles later with a crash in antioch. anser hassan spoke to the owner of the gas station and has the latest. >> and they put a knife in his chest, put a gun on his head, and they told him to give h all his money. >> that's how nick says his employee described the armed robbery at the arco gas station in moraga. >> they took the register with the whole register and his cell phone. >> the employee immediately called police once the three teens drove off. moraga police shared the suspects' description. they were then spotted by lafayette police. a police chase followed joined by pittsburg pd and contra costa sheriff's deputies. the chase ended when the three teens crashed their car off of highway 4 in antioch. >> it's very surprising. it's a really safe neighborhood. >> it's not the news that lizzie expected to wake up to this memorial day weekend. what puzzles her is whyhe
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would robti u inhe hills and miles away from the freeway. >> moraga doesn't have the same freeway access that more of the cities that are closer to the freeway have. >> the gas station owner says this is the second time he has been robbed, despite there being other gas stations nearby. he says he wants to work with police to figure out why his store is being hit. in moraga, anser hassan, abc7 news. a man's in custody after police say he hit a car and then drove off and then crashed into ernie's liquors in east san jose, leaving that massive hole in the wall there. he tried to back out of the parking lot and driveaway, but police were able to catch up with him. the driver was transported to the hospital. police are investigating what led up to this hit-and-run. nobody else was injured. the warriors hold their final practice before they head off to toroo, bhat about kevin durant? i'm kris reyes. who are these toronto raptors? what every warriors fan needs to know. plus a look back at the
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golden gate bridge 82 years after it opened for the very first time and that fateful it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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in the east bay, striking teachers and the new haven unified school district are meeting with the mediator to determine when their next round of contract talks will take place. the teachers walked off the job last week, demanding a a raise. the sides met until late last night. the negotiations could stretch into the evening again. the warriors held their final practice in the bay area
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before heading for toronto tomorrow. game one of the nba finals with the raptors was thursday on abc7 news. head coach steve kerr hedging on whether demarcus cousins will play officially listed as questionable. but we know kevin durant is not going to play in the opener. he hasn't played since the third quarter of game five against houston that was more than two weks ago, has not even been cleared to practice yet. you can see him here, still gingerly walking. he has a noticeable limp. he has been rehabbing, but no word yet on when he is likely to suit up. and for the first time in nba history, the finals are heading to canada, toronto to be exact. so just who are we dealing with here? >> we are dealing with the raptors who waited their entire history for this abc7 news reporter kris reyes. the inside primer from somebody who lived in canada. kris? >> that's right. that's right, larry. ayesha curry and i actually hav common. we both grew up in toronto.
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no doubt she is schooling her husband's team with some insider tips. i wanted to do the same for our warriors team. here's who they have to look out for. okay. quick rundown. we all know drake. he is the guy with all the facial expressions and the cozy sweaters at courtside. the guy to his left is nav bhatia, the real superfan. he hasn't missed the game in 20 years. this is the city's mayor, john tory. he is a very nice guy but wears this loud blazer. this is jurassic park. and that is the flag everyone loves to fly. it says "we the north." how do you feel about facing off with some canadians? >> should it be tough. >> yeah. >> should be pretty good, eh? >> here's what i'm quickly realizing about these two teams. they both might have the nicest fans in the nba. >> how would you trash talk a torontoian? >> good question. would say our
4:17 pm
seafood's better than theirs. >> i'm not one to trash talk. i just want to see good games. >> what do we know about these torontoians? >> that they're good. >> we don't need any rumblings. we just need love. >> i even gave them a chance to trash talk toronto's more with his blingy blazer, and that's all i got. that's the mayor of toronto. >> oh, yeah? he has a great suit. >> but with a little push, then some real talk came out. >> okay, trash talk. >> crazy hair. >> you're going down! >> say something. >> he kind of look like donald trump. >> oh! that's some good trash talk. >> and of course drake is always fair game. >> trash talk drake right now. >> drake, just stay in your seat, brother. enjoy the show. that's all i got say. enjoy the number one team in the world. assing nice,right? t en it comes to skills on the court, no doubt it will be
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an intense matchup. if you have split loyalties like myself, you might want to head to the nba store and buy a hat that looks a little like that. >> yeah, i don't think we're going to be doing that, kris. >> stick with our warriors gear. >> i was there a couple years ago for the all-star game, and it was zero degrees, kris. i know it's going to be a lot nice their time. >> no, it's cold. >> but not right now. should it be nice. what is the right way to refer to toronto? >> so if you want to go drake, then you can call it the 6. there is also hogtown. there is t-dot. and if you want to sound like a local, you have to drop the t and say toronto. toronto. >> excellent, kris. there. >> you go. >> i'm going get a hat, a warriors hat. >> not one of those toronto hats. we don't want that. >> good job. >> thank you, kris. abc7 news is the only place to watch the golden state warriors in the finals, game 1 thursday.
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the coverage actually begins at 5:00 with our pregame show, and then the network pregame show at 5:30 and tip-off at 6:00, and then we'll be back here for after the game with the breakdown, all the highlights, mindi bach will be in toronto. and steph was saying today, steph curry that he has spent several years because his dad dell was playing for raptors. toronerstilalmtik starbursts. i looked it up. he said he was really into the candy. can't wait to get the candy. >> i like the restaurant there's. i want the trophy to be there, but i like visiting toronto. >> do we have toronto-like weather? >> we have candy-like weather. >> oh, nice. >> you might say candyland weather. it started today with sunnier skies today than yesterday. it still hasn't warmed up to average levels for this time of the year. at least today it didn't. it will begin tomorrow. here is a live view from emeryville looking at the western sky which is mainly blue. 58 degrees. mid-60s at oakland, mountain
4:20 pm
view, san jose, santa cruz, and 5 degrees at half moon bay. this is the view from mount tam looking down on to the bay. you can see a few thin clouds around. but sky is mainly blue. the temperature readings 70 degrees in santa rosa. 68 at napa. 72 at fairfield and vacaville. 63 at livermore and santa cruz beach, folks are enjoying the memorial day sun. and these are forecast features. a warmer pattern begins tomorrow. and it will be more -- rather summer like by the weekend with high temperatures in our inland areas, the mid- to upper 80s by then. maybe even warmer. up to 90 next monday, and there is no rain in sight. not any measurable rain for the next seine days. on we go to a look at how a rainy may has been. we're using san francisco as our yardstick. san francisco had 1.94 inches of rain in this month of may, the wettest may here in the city since 1998. so you can see how unusual the month of may has been in terms
4:21 pm
of rainfall. overnight we'll see an increase in low clouds with the south bay and peninsula, and parts of the east bay as well. up in the north bay mainly clear, partly cloudy in the coast. overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-50s. the day planner for tomorrow starting 7:00 a.m., a few lingering early morning cloud. lows in the upper 40s, but my soon we'll see mainly sunny skies. temperatures rising above 70s in places away from the coastline. up to nearly 80 in the warmest inland spots. a bright sunny day tomorrow. just a first in a string of days like that coming our way. 80 at cloverdale tomorrow. 78 at santa rosa. 79 at concord. 80, antioch. 78, livermore. down in the south bay, 74 the expected high at san jose. and notice around the bay shoreline, low to mid-70s. it's going to be a very mild day with mid-60s on the coast. looking ahead to wednesday, it gets even warmer. some mid-80s inland. temperatures drop a couple of degrees on thursday, but then they bounce back on thursday, to
4:22 pm
even mid- to upper 80s in the inland spots. here we go with the warming on the accuweather seven-day forecast. it all starts tomorrow. as i pointed out, just a slight drop by maybe a degree or two on thursday. and then temperatures continue rising on friday, saturday, and sunday. and by monday, we're looking at high temperatures inland around 90 degrees. low 80s around the bay, and mid- to upper 60s on the coast. so we're chasing the rainy pattern away in strong fashion. >> nice. >> thank you, spencer. the new star wars attract galaxy's edge is set to open at disneyland this week. we're going have a preview of what to expect and what you need to know to get in. and how i don't can be part of the next mission to mars, ama. you want to go? >> can't wait. sign me up. are you sending me? >> one way ticket!
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we're only a few days away from the opening of a star wars attraction galaxy's edge at disneyland. expected to be so popular, you have to make reservations just to get in. that's not all. reporter rob mcmillan has the details that you will want to know. >> memorial day was a busy one at the disneyland resort. all parking lots were full before 2:00 this afternoon. perhaps a sign of things to come when disneyland guests are finally able to set foot in that galaxy far, far away. >> we did get to go in. >> what do you think? >> it's rather impressive. very impressive. >> stacey chavez got to experience it early as part of a disneyland cast member preview this morning. what did you think of the millennium falcon ride? >> that was awesome. not very good pilots. >> you crashed? >> crashed, annihilated the falcon. but it was fun. >> lived to tell about it. >> yes. >> now she wasn't allowed to take pictures. disneyland is keeping as much possible secret, although
4:26 pm
someone took one of the menus from oga's cantina and put it up for sale on ebay. all of this serving to further whet the appetites for those thirsty for "star wars," disney style. >> it's like being on another planet. it's very immersive. from the character there, the cast members, the rides, the whole area, it's pretty awesome. >> reservations will be required for the first month. if you don't already have one, you can get a reservation by booking a stay at a disneyland hotel. in anaheim, rob mcmillan, abc7 news. >> by the way, abc7 news anchor reggie aqui, he is going to disneyland this week to check out the new attraction, galaxy's edge. why were we not chosen? >> i don't know. it seems rude. >> it's a morning thing, i guess. look for reggie's coverage all week long. >> and of course disney is our parent company. >> your name on nasa's next mission to mars. the agency is offering everyone the chance to submit their name to send to the red planet.
4:27 pm
it will be etched2020e din iept. aouvenir bo pass.he robotic rover will search for signs of past microbial life, collect samples for future return to earth, and pave the way for human exploration of mars. president trump splitting with allies and advisers. >> not bothered at all by the small missiles? >> no, i'm not. >> the latest on the president's visit to japan. and the measles outbreak reache glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you.
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now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. people across the country are paying their respects to fallen service members on this memorial day. vice president mike pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown in arlington national cemetery. local tributes included a 21-gun salute in san jose, a ceremony at golden gate national cemetery in san bruno, and a flag raising at the presidio in san francisco. according to the chp, there were 741 dui arrests in the state in just the first 30 hours of this memorial day weekend. in addition to the dui arrests, 18 people died in collisions. another reminder. buckle up and stay sober.
4:31 pm
a suspect has been arrested following an explosion in the french city lyon. no word on where the suspect was arrested. now to the deadlyle more than 191 reported in just a week. one oklahoma town decimated by a category ef-3 tornado packing winds of 145 miles per hour. abc7 news reporter will reeve has the latest. >> tornadoes ravaging the midwest on memorial day weekend. oklahoma governor kevin stitt touring the damage in el reno, where at least two people were killed and more than two dozen injured. the twister ripping through the small community just outside oklahoma city. in just four minutes, ravaging the town, destroying a hotel, a mobile home park, and other buildings. residents with legal time to seek shelter. the storm touching down at the sky view mobile home park just before 10:30 p.m., killing two people.
4:32 pm
>> we heard the whistling of the tornado and felt the trailer shake. around us. >> abc's rob marciano on the scene. >> this view shows the frightening force of the tornado, flipping the homes over, in most cases completely unit at a nearby car dealership, now searching for survivors in the rubble. >> we called in usar. that's the urban search and rescue team, and they're going to set up a grid. they're going to start at the trailer park area edge and work through that area to make sure that we got all the numbers. >> governor state getting a call from president trump while he assessed the wreckage in his state. >> yes, mr. president. i'm out here actually touring the tornado damage right now. >> the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> oklahoma is expected to get a brief break from the tornadoes. but there is dangerous weather anticipated throughout the midwest, and there is a heatwave in the south. will reeve, abc news, new york.
4:33 pm
an american man from colorado is the 11th climber to die on mt. everest this season. crowds of climbers have been waiting up to three hours to reach the summit. on average, there are around five to six deaths each season. but climb sayers the summit attempt is being made even riskier by the wait time. tourism authorities there say suggestions that the deaths are related to heavy traffic are baseless. president trump continues his tour of japan today. formal talks are happening between mr. trump and japan's prime minister. the two disagree over recent actions by north korea with the president praising dictator kim jong-un while criticizing joe biden. abc news alt reports. >> president trump enjoying a lavish dinner with japanese leaders on day three of his four-day trip to japan. but today the president split wth prime minister shinzo abe and his own security team over north korea launching missiles earlier this month. >> you're not bothered at all by
4:34 pm
the small missiles? >> no, i'm not. >> that opinion a clear disagreement with abe, who said north korea's actions were of great regret. abe and the president's national security adviser john bolton say those launches violate a u.n. security council resolution. the president dismissing those concerns, saying he is not in a rush to make a deal and calling north korean dictator kim jong-un a very smart man. >> my people think it could have been a violation, as you know. i view it differently. i view it as a man. perhaps he wants to get attention. and perhaps not. who knows. it doesn't matter. >> but north korea is burning back against bolton's comments today, calling the national security adviser a warmonger and human defect. president trump is also siding with kim jong-un over his recent comments attacking political rival former vice president joe biden. the korean leader referring to him as a low iq individual, and the president saying he agrees. also looming over the meeting, threats from president trump to raise tariffs on cars and auto
4:35 pm
parts from japan. both leaders saying the talks are ongoing and seeming hopeful an agreement can be reached. >> they are brilliant business people, brilliant negotiators and put us in a very tough spot. but i think we will have a deal with japan. >> the president wraps up his trip tonight, but he'll be back in japan next month for a g20 summit where he is expected to negotiate with china's president over the ongoing trade war. trevor ault. it could bankrupt the boy scouts of america. hundreds of men signing up with lawyers to sue the boy scouts for damages. their claims relate to sexual abuse allegedly inflicted by scout troop leaders. it could trigger bankruptcy proceedings. the bsa has apologized repeatedly and now says it has policies in place to put a stop to abuse. this year's measles outbreak is reaching record levels. the centers for disease control
4:36 pm
reporting 940 confirmed cases in 26 states. this is an increase of 60 cases from the previous week. officials say we are now close to overtaking the outbreak that occurred back in 1994. back then the country was hit with 963 cases. california has a total of 47 cases. 10 have been reported in the bay area. new york is the worst hit with more new cases than any other state. a redwood city couple is trying to get a word out about a mountain lion in the neighborhood. the couple sent abc7 news this security camera video from their home on oak view way. you see it right there. that's that mountain lion running from the driveway past the back door before it then jmped over a fence. it happened on friday. the couple wants to warn neighbors to keep a close eye on their pets. there it is again. >> can you imagine walking out of the garage and whoa. >> that's scary. >> my goodness. a look back at a bay area native and a baseball star for one of the most infamous plays in baseball history. remembering bill buckner, just
4:37 pm
ahead. i'm spencer christian. the weekend is off to a sunny start. it's going to
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
little roller up along first. behind the bag, it gets through buckner. here comes and the mets win it. >> that moment lives forever etched the minds of so many baseball fans. one of the men who played a major role in it bill buckner died today. buckner grew up in napa county.
4:40 pm
another bay area native had a unique perspective on that play from the 1986 world series. >> laura anthony has the details. >> we thought we were going he after game six. >> ed montague was there, the right field umpire for the sixth game of the 1986 world series between the boston red sox and the new york mets. he had an up close view of a play that lives on in sports infa infamy. the game was tied when mookie wilson hit a ball towards red sox first baseman bill buckner. >> unfortunately, the ball was hit down to billy. and i think it would have been a close play anyway. i think it would have been a race to the bag with mookie wilson. so i think billy was trying to peek and cheat a little bit so he can get over there. >> the ball went through buckner's legs. >> here comes lyon and the mets win it. >> he put it in his pocket before giving to it a mets official who auctioned it off
4:41 pm
for charity. >> i'm watching espn. it said a record dollar amount for baseball went for $93,000, the ball that went under buckner's legs. and charlie sheen was the actor to bought it. >> buckner went on to have a very successful major league career, a career .289 hit were the red sox, cubs, dodgers and angels. a native of vallejo, he was inducted into the school's sports hall of fame. >> i worked the 2004 series when boston won. and all was forgiven then, and they welcomed billy back, which was great, because, he had a great career. a greater. ballplayer. he should be remembered for, that not just one error. >> and we're life here at the oakland coliseum. ucknerladfo wco backo fenway park.eid lgthy ovio for teason hehrutirst
4:42 pm
mee wasls a moment of silence in his memory. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you. i actually was there at that game. >> oh? >> and i was covering it. we thought the red sox were going to win. so we were gathering outside the red sox clubhouse to do the interviews of all of them. poor buckner. he played 22 years. was a really good player and he is remembered for this one mistake at the worst possible time. >> that would have been close. it would have been close regardless. >> well, spencer and i have a disagreement. and you heard the umpire mention it, montague, whether he would have been able to beat mookie wilson to the bag. >> i thought because he was so far behind the bag, because mookie was such a speedster. you're right. it would have been very close. the game was already tied. you know. mets mets win! sheer look at live doppler 7. going into the overnight hours, we'll see an increase the low clouds. low temperatures mainly in the
4:43 pm
upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow some lingering low clouds. a lot of low clouds offshore, but the day gets brighter and sunnier as the day goes on. that's going to be a pattern that will repeat itself throughout the week. highs tomorrow from low and mid-60s a the coast to mid-70s around the bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be a nice mild to warm week through the remainder of the week, and then over the weekend, it gets even warm were the inland highs moving to the mid- to upper 80s. mid 60s on the coast and warmer still next monday, up to nearly 90 degrees in the warmest inland spots. i think our rainy days are behind us, at least for a while. >> thanks, spencer. >> all right. celebrating 82 years of the golden gate bridge. we'll take a look back. that's ahead. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney with the new retail
4:44 pm
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4:47 pm
walk, but nobody foresaw the crazy scene that followed. >> here is a look back at what happened as reported in 1987. by then abc7 news reporter paul jeschke. >> nobody was ready for the massive humanity which descended on the bridge well before sunrise. the official come as you are party invitation called for the bridge walk to begin at 6:00 a.m. but there was no holding back the masses which mobbed both the san francisco and marin approaches. a full 20 minutes before the scheduled opening, partygoers broke through police lines and ole across thef people bridge. most of them gave up and just piled their bikes in a hugealay between the north and south. before the bridge walk was half an hour old, the biggest problem of the day was readily apparent. celebration planners counted
4:48 pm
on 18,000 to 20,000 people showing up for the foot crossing. instead, california highway patrol officers estimate the crowd surged to 300,000 on the bridge at the same time. and as many as 800,000 may have crowded on before it was all over. the crush got so bad that young children were in dangered by the sheer size of the crowd. a few people fainted and had to be cared for by emergency squads. this chp motorcycle officer was completely engulfed by the mob. he had no alternative but to sit quietly on his bike and watch the world surge around him. the party lasted a full two hours longer than planned, and even then the chp had troubles getting the last celebrants to clear the roadway. ordinary folks just wanted to make history. what's that package you're carrying there, sir? >> it's a package of chicken feet. there is ten chicken feet to a bag. it's a tradition to carry chicken feet on the 50th anniversary of a bridge crossing. >> even before today, the bridge
4:49 pm
was the most photographed structure in the world. it's a pretty safe bet that we set a record on that score too. on the golden gate bridge, paul jeschke, channel 7 news. >> i'm making a mental note of that tradition. >> i think that might have been made up. paul jeschke reporting back in 1987. so many people, around 300,000 walked on the bridge on that 50th anniversary, the bridge actually flattened out there. is actually a curve to it. the weight of all telephone people. >> packed in. >> oh my goodness. >> also, there were so many people trying to walk on it that people waited for hours and never actually got on to the bridge itself. >> could you imagine being 50 feet back? >> one person away. >> i can almost see. unbelievable. that was a great story. all right. do you love shopping from your couch? maybe have a weakness for free delivery? >> no. artores.ot alone.ffti lot obric 7 on your side's michael finney here with a new retail renaissance. amazon does make it pretty easy. >> do you guys go to stores? brick and mortar stores? >> yeah. >> okay.
4:50 pm
every year millions of americans spend billions of dollars online. not these two, but other americans. so as more retail moves online, how are traditional stores trying to keep up? >> online shopping is king, leaving traditional brick and mortar retailers to restrategize. >> this is an industry that is -- that is in the midst of a renaissance. >> as our shopping shifts online, retailers are perfecting the customers' in-store experience. and some even call it home. mixed use developments alongside shops and entertainment space making them a popular choice for millennials and empty nest baby boomers. >> 3/4 of americans, if given the option, would love to be able to live, work and play and shop all in one location. >> ditate retailers are realizing brick can drive clicks. >> when a retailer opened up a
4:51 pm
store in that geographic area, the web traffic on their site went up 37%. >> retailers like target and walmart are cashing in on their real estate, offering buy online, pick up in store options that add convenience, and prevent a lucrative opportunity for the stores. now tom, there is 67% of the time when a consumer does the in-store pickup for an item bought online, they also buy at least one other item in the store. >> so if you get them in, you get more business. >> right. >> i'll see you at the store, michael. or you just want to pick up something. >> as long as you're going. >> he won't be seen in a store. >> oh, please. all right. if you have a phone number in the 510 area code, you'll have to dial a 1 when making local calls starting next month. the change will allow the new 341 area code to share the same territory with the existing 510. that new dialing policy starts on june 22nd. it will still cost the same for
4:52 pm
510 customers to call other people within the same area code. the 341 overlay area code is being added because new 510 numbers are in short supply. we now know the winning names for the two pair of per grin falcon chips. nearly 200 people voted. the winners were carson and cade. according to the twitter page, cal falcon cam, the names have special meeting. rachel carson fought to ban ddt which harmed in bird like peregrines and tom cade helped to keep them from extinction. see recordn t wild.anda has a nature reserve in china set up infrared cameras and took these photos last month. the panda is thought to be between 1 and 2 years old. the reserve plans to set up more cameras to watch the panda's
4:53 pm
growth and interaction with other animals. u.s. fish and wildlife service says giant pandas are nearly extinct. there are only an estimated 1800 left in the world. >> hope that little guy is okay. student athletes making new names for themselves in a new arena. >> our players often will spend several hours a day here, maybe three, four, five hours. >> this is not your usual sport activity. the rise of esports up next. and kristen is here with what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. kristen? >> thanks, guys. this memorial day, a recovery effort. new at 5:00, we take you to guerneville where the holiday marked the unofficial deadline to rebuild following the flood. >> it's like a rose. we'll show you one group's efforts to find a unique solution to the growing homeless problem. and how a simple picture tells an amazing family story of inspiration. these stories and more when dan
4:54 pm
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so i'm looking for someone to make tastier... bigger, i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. coming up tonight on abc7 news atle:00, it's the bachelorette. followed by celebrity family feud. and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. playing video games could help your child get a college scholarship, perhaps even land a professional career. oh, yeah you like that idea. >> good thinking. electronic sports or esports is expected to become the next billion industry with a global audience growing to hundreds of millions. >> abc7 news reporter danya
4:57 pm
bacchus takes a look at how some colleges are preparing gamers for the future. >> headsets, keyboards, gaming consoles and computer monitors. when you think of a sports arena, this? >> our players will spend three, four, five hours. >> doesn't usually fit the bill. but for those who grew up playing video games, these arenas are part of an expanding future of sports. >> and i do think esports is disrupting what we think of as athletics or competition. >> mark is the director of esports at the university of california irvine. i view them as cognitive performers. >> uci was the first public university to create an official esports program complete with junior varsity and varsity teams. they even offer player scholarships. would you consider them athletes? >> i do consider them athletes. they have to spend a ton of time and energy to improve their game and they're in the top 00.5%. >> collegiate esports isn't just
4:58 pm
about gaming. their routine is very similar to athletic programs. they have coaches, trainers, and spend hours practicing. >> from my own experience, as a former pro and as a former collegiate player, i can being a collegiate player is little harder. >> after finishing high school, james latman became a professional gamer. he retired before the age of 25 and is now a student. >> the intensity of doing one thing an entire day for 14 hours a day compared to practicing eight hours a day and then studying for another five to six hours. >> he joined uci's program, leading them to a national championship in 2018. >> i'm looking at the damage. >> esports is predicted to be the next wave of competitive entertainment. globally, it's projected to bring in a billion dollars in revenue this year alone. according to games in esports new zoo. now uci and dozens of colleges across the country are hoping to change the definition of a student athlete. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. >> amazing.
4:59 pm
>> it's interesting. >> thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abs at 5:00 starts right now. ♪ >> the bay area pauses this memorial day to remember those who sacrificed everything for our country. we head back to guerneville where today is serving as an unofficial deadline for some of those who are trying to rebuild following a devastating flood. throw out the politeness. with the warriors facing the toronto raptors, a crash course on how to talk a little smack to our neighbors to the north from abc7 news's own toronto native. i'm luz pena in san francisco where a nonprofit is reuniting homeless with their loved ones. abc7 news starts right now. >> now from abc7, live breaking news. >> a search for a missing hiker in alum rock park. you see it on the map where the park is. it's located on san jose's east side. >> san jose police tell us that
5:00 pm
hiker was with a church group when someone apparently threatened the group with a gun and apparently the person with the gun owns property next to the public park. >> another hiker also disappeared following that confrontation, but they have now been located. and the search is under way for that missing hiker. we got this photo of the missing hiker literally five minutes ago. >> his name is victor bortona. police are not sure how to spell his name exactly, but they say he is a 59-year-old man who has a heart condition, so they're certainly hoping he will be found soon. we will bring you updates on abc7 news and our app. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. turning to the north bay where the memorial day weekend usually means big business along the russian river. >> but instead many are rebuilding following flooding in february. droneview 7 flew over guerneville after the town got swamped. but while the water is gone, the recovery is not


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