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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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there. he is leading a crew of about 25 people. they are now on hour four of the search. the man they're looking for is victor bretagna. he has been missing for more than four hours. >> yes, they split after the homeowner confronted them and said hey, get off my property. the homeowner said something about a weapon. i guess the homeowner was scared. so these two gentlemen, they split up at that point. >> searchers have received much of their information from one of retegna's hiking companions. he was hiking with other members of a church group. he and another man became separated from their group and found themselves confronted by a property owner who was apparently armed with a gun. police urge that if you know anything about where bretagna might be to call 911. he relies on pacemaker, so searchers believe it is critical to find him as soon as possible.
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and the battalion chief did just tell me that santa clara county search and rescue is on its way, that you can also hear that the helicopter is flying overhead as part of the search crew. live in san jose, i'm kris reyes for abc7 news. >> kris, thank you very much. today angels walked the golden gate bridge. these angels are real life-savers. >> yeah, they walked the bridge to prevent suicides. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz found out that memorial day takes on special significance. >> on the 82nd birthday of the golden gate bridge, these volunteers in their blue hats and badges are not here to take pictures or to celebrate. >> we're out here looking for people who may be in crisis so that we can help them. >> they're so-called bridge watch angels. every holiday they walk the bridge, silently looking to help stop possible jumpers. on this memorial day, they have an add purpose. >> but another perspective on memorial day is also to honor those who have served our country and died by suicide.
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>> susan quartz is a veteran, volunteering with angel watch for the first time. >> sometimes it's easy to get alienated in an environment and just feel like you're alone. so sometimes just having a kind person to be present is important. >> and less than three months after this bridge opened 82 years ago today, a world war i veteran jumped to his death, becoming the first known suicide from this span. more than eight decades later, the struggle for those who served continues. according to the latest numbers from the department of veterans affairs, on average, 20 u.s. veterans die by suicide every day, resulting in more than 6,000 veterans suicides a year. male veterans are 1.4 times likely to die by suicide than nonveterans. with women it's even higher, 1.8%. it's something bridge watch angels hope more people will
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talk about. >> there is a sort of not talked about enough phenomenon of people coming home and succumbing to ptsd. >> it's really hard for some veterans. that's really why i'm ear. >> in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc7 news. after years of discussion, and some controversy, the suicide net for the golden gate bridge is finally starting to take shape. the 300-foot sections are being fabricated at plant in richmond. installation of the steel supports has already begun on the bridge. the system is similar to others already installed on nearly a dozen bridges around the world. and if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, find your alley. we have links. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge where there are blue skies out there. yesterday's storm seems to have completely cleared out. spencer christian is here. spencer, we're looking at only sunny days for the foreseeab foreseeabforeseeable future, i hope. >> it appears that way.
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all eyes are smiling. here is a look at live doppler 7. right now we have a few low clouds building up along the coastline. it's breezy out there right now. but not very, very windy. a couple of spots around 20 miles per hour. the evening hours, we'll see some low clouds becoming a little more prominent. temperatures dropping into the, oh, low 60s and in the upper 50s. and finally early tomorrow morning, we'll start the day with lingering low clouds with overnight lows in the low to mid-50s. but we've got several sunny days ahead, a string with no rain in the seven-day forecast. a closer look in a few minutes. dan? >> very nice, spencer, thank you. in the russian river region of sonoma county, many businesses target memorial day for reopening after a winter of flooding that set people back for months. then this memorial day weekend, another complication. abc7 news news reporter wayne friedman has spent considerable amount of time along the russian river, and today a progress report. >> if you believe the stars and
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stripes and all the customers inside the russian river pub this morning, then maybe the near record flood of last february feels like ancient history. but business has remained weird this year. >> definitely lighter, yeah. usually by this time it's 100 degrees and packed full of people on the river. >> so reads the sign. beaches closed on memorial day blame our late season rains and the current. >> they said it's moving too fast? >> yeah. that's the word on the street. >> a street that appeared particularly busy on this national holiday. that's a rousing vote of confidence for guerneville. >> nothing can hold them back. nothing is going to stop them from coming back. no fires, no floods. >> but it's taken time. >> there has been amazing progress. >> jeff bridges owns the r3 hotel. he lost and is now rebuilding 19 of 23 rooms, is aiming for a june reopening. >> are you counting the dollars you're not getting at this point? >> i s tt while back. >> so are jason and lisa flint at the farm hadn't deli.
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they had memorial day as a target for reopening, but it has not happened yet. >> we're getting close. >> so you might be wondering, how can a place like this still not be opened three months after the flood? maybe you don't remember what it looked like. last february, they expected maybe a foot of water from the flood. they got a lot more. all the mud that came with it, even on walls and windows. >> yeah, that's the high watermark. >> it's like my husband said. it's like knocking your shoes together and the sand keeps coming. >> the flints hope to open their doors next week. for all the wounds that time does not heal, there is no substitute for hard work. in guerneville, wayne friedman, abc7 news. a redwood city couple is trying to get the word out about a mountain lion in the neighborhood. the couple sent to abc7 news this security camera video from their home on oak view way. check it out right there. you see that mountain lion run from the driveway past the back door before it jumped over a fence. it happened on friday. the couple wants to warn neighbors to keep a close eye out on their pets.
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after san francisco's mayored offed an outside review on the raid of a journalist's home by police, mayor london breed says she wants to restore the public's trust. the chief relinquished control of the investigation after acknowledging mistakes were made. live sli in the newsroom with comments from chief scott as well as the mayor. lyanne? >> the question of the day is will the chief resign like the police union is demanding. well, it seems unlikely at this stage since both the mayor and chief scott want independent agencies to determine first if there was any wrongdoing. this is san francisco police chief william scott responding to our questions after the police union suggested he should resign or be fired. >> what do i say? we have a plan moving forward. we'll execute the plan. we're asking for independent investigations to look at the report itself and an initial incident. that's where we are at with that. i don't want to add more fire to
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this. >> they're bothered because they said you knew about this. did you? >> did you know about it? >> i don't want to add more to this than what it already is. >> he was then escorted away by his staff. a few hours later, chief scott said he had nothing to hide and convened a casual press conference at police headquarters. >> the facts haven't changed. there were issues. there were mistakes that were made. i'm not going to point fingers publicly. i'm not going to make an assessment here in front of the press when we're asking for outside eyes to come in and look at this investigation. >> last friday, the chief requested that an outside agency take over the investigation into the death of former public defender jeff adachi. a confidential police report on adachi was leaked to freelance videographer brian carmody. his house was later raided by police using by what some say was extreme force. the investigation into the raid is expected to be handled by the department of police
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accountability. scott has apologized for the raid. it was the mayor who ordered the chief to relinquish control of the investigation into the leak. >> do you still trust your chief? >> i think at this point, my goal is to focus on restoring the public's trust by providing an outside entity for the purpose of dealing with this particular issues. >> and the mayor also said she wants this process to be played out. when asked if the chief should resign, she said you know, i'm not jumping to any conclusions based on demands from an organization or person, referring of course to the police officers association, the union. live in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> >>roundhe bay area today, people honored the fallen. >> right. and from san francisco to san jose, see how the bay area marked memorial day. our efforts at abc7 news to build a better bay area. don't take a day off certainly. meet
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bay area native and major league baseball player bill buckner died this morning after a battle with dementia. he was 69 years old. buckner had a long and very successful major league career, but he is best known for the play that got away. abc7 news reporter laura anthony the live at the oakland coliseum. laura, you met a man who was there on the field with buckner. >> i did, larry. just a few yards away on that day in 1986. the a's, by the way, beat the angels today. that was one of the teams that bill buckner played for. among those in attendance here this afternoon, a former major league umpire who remembers well
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that fateful play 33 years ago. >> i've always said if it wasn't for buckner, the red sox wouldn't have been in that world series anyway. >> ed montague was there, the right field umpire for the sixth game of the 1986 world series between the boston red sox and the new york mets. he had an up close view of a play that lives on in sports infamy. the game was tied when mookie wilson hit a ball towards red sox first baseman bill buckner. >> unfortunately, the ball was hit down to billy. and i think it would have been a race to the bag. who knows if he would have got him out if he did catch that ball. >> the ball went through buckner's legs. while the mets celebrated, montague retreated and put the ball in his bokt before giving to it a official, who auctioned it off for charity. >> i'm watching espn in the morning and it said a baseball just went for $93,000, the ball
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that went under buckner's legs. and charlie sheen was the actor who bought it. >> buckner went on the have a very successful major league career, a career .289 hitter with the red sox, cubs, dodgers and angels. a native of vallejo, he lived in american canyon and he was inducted into the school's sports hall of fame. >> i worked the 2004 series when boston won. and all was forgiven then, and they welcomed billy back, which was great, because he had a great career. a great ballplayer. he should be remembered for, that not just one error. >> buckner was also welcomed back to boston in 2008. he received a lengthy standing ovation and he threw out the first pitch. today before the a's game, there was a moment of silence in his honor. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area, improving this place we call home.
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thousands of people who live here don't have a home to call their own. and the number of homeless is growing, as you can see in the results released so far this year from the homeless census. only one county, marin, has reported a decrease. san francisco, santa clara, alameda and contra costa have all reported big increases in the number of homeless, but some people who were once homeless themselves are now taking action to help those on the streets. they're an example of the people committed to building a better bay area. abc7 news reporter luz pena has the story. >> i used to go by leah. that's how they know me, mama leah. brennan, i love you. >> a mother's plea to find brennan, her oldest son. she hasn't seen him in 18 years. >> when you were a baby, your head was touching my head. >> memories that are vital for the nonprofit miracle messages whose mission is to reunite homeless with their loved ones. >> i had a guy connected to his son, hadn't talked to his son since he was 5. been 32 years since he talked to
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his kid. we usually head up powell street to post. >> for brian and beverly, planning out the route to find the next who wants to find their family is not just a job. this is personal. there are also homeless for 20-plus years. >> that was me. i had been raped. i had been mugged. i had been robbed. people touches you as you walk by. they see. they act like they don't see. >> union square businesses noticed and partnered up with miracle messages last year, addressing homelessness in union square is a complex issue and one that requires many different approaches. our ambassadors direct individuals in need to services. in the last five years, miracle messages say they reunited more than 200 homeless with their loved ones. according to them, the biggest challenges are the many of them feel shame and don't have a phone. >> it gives them something to live for. for other people, it gives them a reason to take a step, go into recovery.
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>> for doris -- >> i'm hoping these people can help me either receive a phone call or let me know, reconnect me with my children. >> luz pena, abc7 news. >> and we briefly showed you this map earlier. it highlights the change in the homeless population from 2017 to 2019. five of the bay area counties have reported data so far, and four of those showed a big increase. we have data for all counties going back to 2007. you can look up information about where you live by going to our website, tomorrow, oakland mayor libby schaaf will highlight efforts the town is making to fix potholes. this week crews will be filling in potholes in east oakland. there is a backlog of more than 7,000 potholes that people want to see fixed, and some are taking matters now into their own hands. a few weeks ago, remember, we introduce you'd to a pair of people calling themselves the
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pothole vigilantes. these guys don't want to be identified, but say they have taken up this task because they love their city. they have posted flyers and uploaded pictures on instagram in hopes of getting more people to do more to fix this problem. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area facebook group on facebook. love to hear from you. all right. well, our weather seems to be looking up sunny wise. >> finally, right? it really was a messy weekend yesterday. spencer christian is here with the forecast thinking is a week for building better bay area weather. here is a look at live doppler 7. it was still cooler than average today, but we had bright mostly sunny skies, and that's still the condition in which we find ourselves right now. this is a view. the western sky looking toward the golden gate from emeryville. it is currently 57 degrees here in san francisco, which is pretty cool. but we have low 60s in oakland, mountain view, san jose, santa cruz, and 55 degrees at half moon bay. check out the blue sky over the
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golden gate. a sight we often don't see this time of the year. 69 degrees in santa rosa right now. napa 66. 69 at fairfield. 67 in concord, and livermore checking in at 61 degrees. and this is the view from mount tam looking down on to richardson bay and beyond. and these are our forecast features. warmer pattern begins tomorrow. today was a little bit warmer than yesterday. but it wasn't really warm overall. so warmer pattern begins tomorrow. sun-like warmth will be with us by the weekend. and there is no rain in sight in the next seven days. speaking of rain, let's look at how wet may has been so far in san francisco. we still have a few days left in this month. 1.94 inches of rain so far in the month of may, which makes this the wettest may in san francisco since 1998. we don't expect that figure to grow, though, as the rest of the week will be dry. overnight we'll see an increase in low clouds. mainly, though, on the peninsula south bay and east bay. the north bay will remain mostly clear. low temperature there's will drop into the upper 40s. mst other locations will see
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lows in the low 50s. and on me go to tomorrow's conditions. mainly sunny. breezy at the coast. a few lingering clouds tomorrow. high temperatures, 64 at half moon bay. 65 in san francisco. in the north bay look for 74 at san rafael. 76 at napa. 80 at antioch. 78, livermore. right around the bay shoreline, 70 to about 73 degrees in most locations. down in the south bay, san jose will tap out at 74. and morgan hill at 77. now as we look ahead, notice the warming continues on wednesday with inland areas seeing highs in the mid-80s. and we'll see some low 70s right around the bay shoreline. and interestingly enough, a few clouds come in on thursday. it doesn't look like there is any threat of rain actually. but temperatures will drop a couple of degrees. so we're might be 84 on wednesday. look for 81 on thursday. but on friday, it warms back up. we'll see highs in the mid- to upper 80s inland on friday. mid-70s around the bay shoreline, and we'll see some
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mid- to upper 60s on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. giving you another day by day look at the warming trend coming our way. aside from the few clouds coming in on thursday, and a slight drop in temperatures, the warming picks up on friday. over the weekend, as i mentioned, mid- to upper 80s inland. low 80s around the bay. mid-60s around the coast. and on monday, what we're looking at right now indicates we can see high temperatures around 90 degrees inland on monday. low 80s around the bay. upper 60s on the coast. >> but not a drop of rain anywhere. >> we're not looking at any yet. not finding any, anyhow. the finals are set. the warriors will face the toronto raptors for the nba championship. >> so how much do you really know about our neighbors to the north?
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♪ >> bring me the lad. your life begins now. >> disney's aladdin easily took the top spot at the box office, bringing in $86 million over the weekend. the movie stars will smith and is a remake of the 1992 animated film. john wick was number two. avengers end game is third. pokemon and bright burn round out the top five. and disneyland's newest attraction, star wars galaxy's edge is opening this friday. the theme park is expecting massive crowds to show up and experience the new "star wars" universe.
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for the first three weeks, guests must have a reservation and will be limited to four hours inside. a special wristband will identify a visitor's time window, and once it expires, attractions and access to merchandise ends. storm troopers will escort guests to the gate so a new group is kerr. >> what do you think of the new millennium falcon ride? >> that was awesome. we were not very good pilots. >> you crashed? >> annihiated the falcon, but it was fun. >> they had a good time annihilating it. reggie aqui will get to see the new attraction this friday. disney is the parent company of abc7 news. >> that will be fun. the nba finals are heading to canada for the first time in league history, and we have this primer for you before thursday's game against the toronto raptors. if you're a warriors fan, here's who you have to look out for. drake is the guy with the facial expressions who always is out of his seat courtside. the guy to his left is nav
6:26 pm
bhatia, a superfan who hasn't missed a game in 20 years. the city's mayor. who do fans have to say about their opponents? >> i guess we would say our seafood's better than theirs. >> i'm not one to trash talk. i just want the see good games. >> what do we know about these torontoians. >> that they're good. >> drake, just stay in your seat, enjoy the show. >> steph curry's wife grew up in toronto and no doubt she is schooling her husband with a few insider tips about the country as well. abc7 news is the only place to watch the golden state warriors in the nba finals. catch game one this thursday. coverage starts at 5:00 right here on abc7 news with the dubs on 7 pregame show. it's going to be great fun. flags, wreaths, bands, all part of our nation marking memorial day. >> coming up next, how people in the town of paradise kept their traditions going, even after the devastating camp fire. plus, another racehorse dies
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at a track in southern california. today's protest could
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now news to build a better
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bay area from abc7. >> another racehorse has died at southern california's santa anita park, and now there are protests that could impact the sport right here in the bay area. santa anita's owners also operate golden gate fields located in berkeley along i-80 as you've probably seen. >> jovana lara from our sister station in los angeles explains what changes protesters want to see track owners make. >> santa anita is right on schedule. they average 50 dead horses every year. >> yet another call for an end to horse racing after another horse dies at santa anita park over the weekend. >> horse racing has always killed horses and it always will. and the industry needs to end. >> it's wrong. it's just wrong. >> animal rights activists saying no amount of reforms will make racing safe for horses. >> there is no such thing as safe horse racing. it's not about rain. it's not about lasik, not about one whips ten whips. these horses will die and
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continue to die. horses are going to get injured when you're racing them at 40 miles per hour day in, day out. >> three more horses have been killed. >> the loud protests outside as santa anita celebrates the memorial day weekend, hosting a three-day family festival, and track representatives stand behind recent reforms, pointing out that they had seven weeks of racing without any catastrophic breakdowns. stefan freedman saying horse racing doesn't have to end. >> i would actually point to animal rights groups like peta that don't have that philosophy, that understand that you have thousands of jobs at risk, and who also understand that there is a lot of reform to be done. there is a lot of fixing to be done here before you end the sport and take people's livelihoods away. >> man has created this industry. we created this industry for profit, animal exploitation and entertainment. there is no reason other than people are out here other to make a dollar. it's a $2 bet that is killing these horses. it needs to end.
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a patriotic tradition goes on in paradise following the deadly camp fire. every year hundreds of flags are put up to market holidays like memorial day. however, many of them were destroyed during the wildfire. city leaders have been working to replace them and have received more than 100 donations to keep the tradition going. vice president mike pence today marked memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. the vice president expressed the country's gratitude to the nearly one million american service members who have died in the line of duty. >> so long as our nation continues to produce men and women of such selfless courage and patriotism, i know that freedom will ring for ourselves and our posterity. >> vice president pence made those remarks as president trump is in japan. the president and first lady paid their own visit to arlington on thursday before their departure. there were several memorial day events near the bay area. san francisco renewed a tradition that dates back 150 years with its annual memorial
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day tribute at the presidio. mayor london breed spoke during today's ceremony at san francisco national cemetery. before the crowd got there, boy scouts, cub scouts and volunteers made sure that each grave was decorated with a flag and a flower. >> it makes me feel good, obviously, to see people out here and on today when we think about those people, our friends that didn't come back. so i'm glad that they're here, thinking about that. >> more than 26,000 veterans are buried in the presidio. some served in conflicts dating back to the civil war. in the south bay, members of the marine corps honored american's fallen with a 21-gun salute in san jose. vietnam era helicopters flew above the ceremony at oak hill memorial park. dan noyes served as the master of ceremonies for today's tribute. leaders like san jose mayor sam liccardo reflected on the sacrifices made by america's fallen warriors. >> it showed all of us that there is such tremendous
6:34 pm
nobility and purpose in a life that is lived with a willingness to give for something greater than ourselves. >> the audience included descendants of civil war and spanish american war veterans. in the east bay, a stirring memorial day tribute on board the uss hornet in alameda. more than 100 people gathered on the hanger deck for prayers and a short service. afterward, families picked up flowers and made their way to the rear of the carrier. a crewmember played "taps" as participants honored the fallen. [ "taps" playing ] >> touching. the ceremony on board the hornet included veterans of conflicts dating back to world war ii.
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♪ >> that's "taps" of course as google took a somber approach to commemorate memorial day. "taps" played at 3:00 p.m. to observe the national moment of remembrance. you don't have to see to know that something sounds good. >> true. meet the youngest member of the academy of music for the blind. a 4-year-old piano player. stand by to see a refrigerator with a size problem. i'm
6:36 pm
tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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in the south bay, a man is in custody after police say he hit a car, drove off and crashed into a san jose liquor store. here's the massive hole left in the back wall of ernie's liquors. that's off quimby road. police caught up with the suspect in a nearby neighborhood. he was transported to the hospital and charged with felony hit-and-run. a young girl in southern california is breaking barriers. >> yeah, this 4-year-old girl is the youngest person ever to be accepted into the academy of music for the blind. >> miriam hernandez from our sister station in los angeles
6:39 pm
has the story. ♪ ♪ this little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine ♪ >> annabelle adamson, shining in a way her parents never expected. she was born blind with special needs, but then the way she approached the piano, curious, carefully picking her keys. ♪ playing what pleased her from beethoven to brahms. ♪ >> we thought something to entertain her, but we had no clue that she had any talent. >> we're going outside. . >> they have confronted so many challenges since she was diagnosed. >> when she turned 8 months old is when they actually told us that she was blind. permanently and irreversibly blind, and that's when we kind of went outside the hospital and just broke down, and we knew for
6:40 pm
sure. ♪ >> but what a comeback. before she turned 2. >> started putting little keys together. and i'm looking at my wife, did she just do that? did she put some notes together? ♪ >> improvisational? yes. and with perfect pitch. at age 4, she just became the youngest student ever admitted to the academy of music for the blind in whittier. she played drums for her first concert. ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one >> annabelle's future now, her parents can only imagine. >> i know she is very blessed. she is going somewhere. she is going places with her talent.
6:41 pm
♪ let it shine, let it shine, let it shine ♪ >> miriam hernandez, abc7 news. >> what a sweetheart. >> incredible. >> she really is. so talented. well, stay with us here. the sun came out for memorial day. what about the rest of the week? >> spencer has that answer for us next.
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well, you've likely heard of love handles, that extra weight we sometimes develop on our waistline. but did you know refrigerators can develop love handles too. >> i had no idea. 7 on your side's michael finney shows us how one family found out. >> your refrigerator can give you love handles. >> see? there you go. now most of us likely didn't know this could happen, and neither did this family from danville. jeff murray enjoys his new kitchen. he customized the cabinetry to incorporate a cabinet just big enough to slide in his refrigerator. the only problem, this isn't the refrigerator he intended to put
6:45 pm
in there. this one is. so what's it doing out in the garage? >> after the build, the builder and myself tried to slide the fridge in, and i could only get it maybe a third of the way back. >> the two soon realized that middle sides of the refrigerator were wider than the specs indicated by the manufacturer, samsung. this photo shows a straight edge against the side of the refrigerator. >> the refrigerator was truly flush, there would be no gaps between the ruler and the refrigerator. >> jeff says home depot told him the situation was not covered under a warranty. just also says samsung said there was nothing they could do either. >> so at that point, i said you know what? i remembered because i watched the channel 7 news app, and i watch it every morning on the news. and i remembered finney, michael finney. >> he contacted 7 on your side and we contacted samsung. samsung agreed to refund the entire purchase amount of the refrigerator to jeff.
6:46 pm
the company telling us we aspire to have best in class service for all samsung customers and will carefully review mr. murray's experience in an effort to constantly improve our process. >> michael, thank you. you are the man. i appreciate it. anybody out there who needs help, this guy can help you. >> right. there. that's what i say. jeff says it's not clear at this time whether the bulge occurred over time or was there from the beginning. now that he has his refund, jeff says he will return the refrigerator to samsung. now i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. my telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me at my facebook page and through >> excellent work as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> we learned something new. let's update the weather forecast for you. >> spencer here with that.
6:47 pm
>> maybe finney could have made the rain go away sooner. i should have consulted him weeks ago. we have dry conditions now. it was a cooler day than average today, but it was a sunny and dry one. and it's going to be dry overnight as well, despite the increase in clouds. the north will be under clear skies with low temperature there's in the upper 40s. most of the remainder of the bay area will have increasing clouds with lows in the low 50s. then tomorrow, here is our forecast animation, taking us through the overnight hours. notice how the low clouds start to pull away from the coastline just before -- well, just before day break. a few clouds will linger over parts of the east bay, the south bay and the peninsula. 7:00 in the morning. but skies will become much brighter by midday, and it will be a warmer day than today, and that's the first in a string of sunny days coming our way. highs tomorrow 64 rat half moon bay. 65, san francisco. upper 70s to near 80 inland, and it just starts getting warmer after that. now thursday we'll see just a slight dip in temperatures, maybe 2 degrees, but temperatures will bounce back on
6:48 pm
friday. by the weekend, we'll see highs in the mid to upper inland. 80 around the bay, and perhaps 90 inland on monday. so this is a nice seasonal warm-up coming our way, just as may ends and june begins. >> perfect. thanks, spencer. let's focus on sports and the warriors tonight. >> larry is here. >> the countdown. we go back into the archives to find young steph curry when he was living in toronto. dad dell played for the raptors. now steph is going to face them in the nba finals. look at that little kid right there. what
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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now ab sports. >> kevin durant has been ruled out of game one of the finals which begins thursday in toronto here on abc7 news. kd trying to come back from the strained calf, but he hasn't gotten on the court and done any drills yet. it's unclear if he is going to play at all in the finals. meanwhile, boogie cousins was listed as questionable for game one. he is coming back from a torn quad. steph curry spent three years living in toronto when dad dell played for the raptors. this is a club that has been in existence for 24 years. this is their very first appearance in the finals, and stefanos that fans are going to be amped up. he has fond memories. look at him so young there, of his days in toronto. >> people were amazing so, diverse. good energy, amazing candy. for them to get -- finally get
6:52 pm
over the hump, you can tell how much it meant to them. the tip is was going crazy. it looked like they had won the championship already. you can see how much it meant. we know what the task is going in, starting on the road. that building is going to be crazy, but we have a chance to get off to a good start. >> the raptors still on a high after finishing off milwaukee on saturday. kawhi leonard with authority. one man game for toronto all through the play-offs. despite his presence and kd's unclear status, the warriors are favorites in the finals. kyle lowry asked about the pressure of being in the finals against a warriors team that is trying to three-peat. >> it's basketball. ain't no pressure. it's fun. this is amazing. it's a great time. we know they got steph. we know they got klay, got draymond, if kd plays, if demarcus plays, you know. we know if they play, we prep for it. we just go out there. we prep as a team for ourselves. >> it's too far away to be
6:53 pm
giving any big speeches about anything right now. i just want to kind of get them switched off to the last team and on to the next one here a little bit. >> abc7 news your exclusive home for the nba finals. game one is thursday. our pregame starts at 5:00. the tip-off is at 6:00. on to baseball. a's going for their tenth win in a row today, their longest streak in more than a decade, or are they? in the middle of the streak was a suspended game against detroit. they're not going to finish that until september. if they end up losing the game, the streak total changes. we won't know that for a few more months. meanwhile, memorial day ceremonies before the contest. top of the 4, albert pujols may be 100 years old but can still hit a homer. angels up 3-1. bottom 4, whatever he is eating lately, i want some. off of former a trevor cahill. his third homer in a week. ties things up at three. like the shirts there. bottom five, josh phegley.
6:54 pm
here it comes, there it goes. hang it, bang it. 4-3, athletics. and the a's just have so much power in their lineup. bottom seven, man, this thing is like a bolt of lightning as it gets out. it's just inside the foul pole. his third straight game with a homer. he has 14 on the year. a's win 8-5 for their tenth win in a row, maybe. and the giants are off. ncaa college matchups announced. stanford will host the regional. the cardinal will play sacramento state on friday. uc santa barbara are in, and fresno state, they're the other teams coming to the farm. cal is heading to the ncaa tournaments for the first time since 2015. nay will face tcu in arkansas. speaking of arkansas, final round of the individual men's college golf championships. cal's collin morikawa for the eagle on 6. remember after day one on friday? oh, nicely done. he couldn't match that, though, finishes tied for sixth.
6:55 pm
stanford's isaiah salinda on 14 in the shadows there, gets that to drop. he birdies 14 and 15. stanford just squeaks into the team competition that starts tomorrow, while cal just missed out. so anxious to find out about this maynard's candy that steph loves. they have multiple flavors, and mindi bach is going to be going to toronto. >> what is it, maynard? >> he says maynard's. >> i think i've had some of it actually. >> really? >> and? >> it was brought back from the all-star game from toronto. >> did i bring it back? >> no. >> my husband. when he was covering it. he brought it back. >> oh, he was there, yeah. >> maybe he'll bring us all some. >> share a little bit. >> i think it was really good. >> okay. well, now i can't wait. >> all right. thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 7/13 at 9:00. we're following breaking news out of the south bay where the search is on for a missing
6:56 pm
hiker. someone may have threatened the group he was with. we'll have the very latest on this. and on abc7 news at 11:00, nearly a dozen climbers have died on mt. everest this season. we talked to a local climbing expert about what changed this year that has put more people at risk. and coming up tonight on abc7 news at 8:00, it's the bachelorette followed by celebrity family feud. and stay with us for abc7 news news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests include trevor noah. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news whenever you wish on the abc7 news news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for spencer, larry, all of us here, thanks for joining us. have a good night.
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