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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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two-hundred-fifty back when you switch to xfinity mobile. a man started his day at a church breakfast and ended up here at the hospital after getting lost in the woods. >> nearly a dozen climbers have died on mt. everest this season. we'll talk to an expert about what's going on. >> homeowners caught something huge on their nest cam. what they saw has neighbors concerned. abc7 news starts right now. an hours long search for a missing hiker in the south bay. and abc7 news was there after he was found and put into an ambulance. >> the san jose man had gone hiking with his church group. kate larson is live at the san jose regional medical center.
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>> reporter: that's right. and he is still here, i'm told, by the fire department. his friend told me that he has heart problems and a pacemaker. an all out search for a missing hiker. a helicopter sent out and more than 40 firefighters, urban search and rescue crew went looking for victor after he got lost. >> he remembered from when he was a kid, he wanted to take trail and see this water fall. >> so they went for a hike that took them off trail. he said he and victor fell behind and wanted ordered to private property looking for help from some homeowners. >> they thought we were tresp s trespassi trespassing. >> reporter: david said he felt threatened. >> i ran away.
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that's when we separated and i lost him. >> reporter: david made it out of the woods but couldn't find victor and reported him missing. four hours later, he was spotted in this san jose neighborhood about, five miles from his original hiking location. rescue crews quickly found him and whisked away from the hospital looking exhausted but healthy enough for a quick salute. david was there to see him off. >> reporter: and i spoke to a fire captain on scene who said finding him before it got dark was great news. he does say that now it is the unofficial start to summer memorial day. when you doing out hiking, it is important you stick to the trails and bring supplies like food and water. live in san jose. developing news now in ohio. multiple tornado warnings are
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happening. they are destroying buildings and lifting debris into the air. a second tornado crossed the path of the first. transportation crews and snow plows cleared as winds continued to blow at 60-miles-per-hour. developing news in japan in a mass stabbing. 16 others were wounded at a bus stop near tokyo. emergency crews used emergency tents to treat the victims. a man in his 40s, maybe 50, start slashing at people, lining up at the stop. he then slashed himself in the neck. two knives believed to be his wereun happening now, possible movement in the teacher's strike netiatinew haven just finished th job demanding a 10% raise.
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but the officials say the district can only aforea 3% raise. tonight they demanded a seven 7 increase. >> we want the settlement to get back in the classroom. >> we've come a little closer but we're not close enough that we're at a tentative agreement. >> teachers say they'll be back on the picket lines. >> when i was pulling up to the driveway, i thought i saw a cat. the closer i got, i thought that's not a cat. >> on the peninsula, a couple in redwood city came home to foinld a mountain lion near their back door. amanda is live with the story. >> reporter: the state's fish and wildlife department says more than half of california is prime mountain lion habitat. the big cat came too close for comfort for a home in these hills. 9:00 thursday night, they were just getting back to their home.
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anthony was driving a separate car ahead of his wife lindsey, their dog in the back seat. >> when i was pulling up to the driveway, i thought i saw a cat. i was like, the closer i got, that's not a cat. >> reporter: their nest cam caught it. you see it scurrying off into the his. >> based on the way that it jumped over, it was definitely a mountain lion. >> reporter: it was enough for them to share their concerns with others. >> it was right by the back side door. >> reporter: tim lives 94 by and he has a dog of his own. he understands cougars are pcommon. >> a few years back, there was one in the backyard that had taken a deer down right next door to us. >> reporter: the state's department of fish and wildlife says statistic which ially, people are much more likely to
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be struck by line. >> they're in the area and to keep your eyes open and to not just assume. hey, it's okay. let the dog out. it's okay to walk without paying attention. >> reporter: fish and wildlife says mountain attacks, mountain lion attacks on humans, are rare. they stay last recorded attack happened september 20 grown in santa clara county. i'm in redwood city. abc7 news. now, so what should you do if you see a mountain lion in your neighborhood? we have a video outlining the steps on our website that you should take. abc7 the death toll has now risen to 11 near the top of the world. an american died today after he reached the summit of mt. everest. cokordell spoke with an expeexpe
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>> reporter: chris watched his last sunrise from on top of the world. the 62-year-old attorney and experienced climber from boulder, colorado, died monday on mt. everest after heading downod he is the seventh american and 11th person to die this week. >> it is a dangerous mountain. the appeal to be this is just so strong. it doesn't seem to dissuade people. >> reporter: hans owns this rock chiming gym in concord. he scaled yosemite's el cap tan 178 times. he's also tackled extreme climbs like in south america, 22,000 feet where the air is thin. >> you can't think. your head hurts so bad. >> reporter: there's a traffic jam of climbers forced to spend longer stretches in the lethal death zone where oxygen tanks can run out. >> i get this frustration. there is a person dying. there are three dozen people walking by them. >> reporter: nepal has issued a
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record number of climbing permits at $11,000 each. he believes that process needs to be changed. >> no matter how good you are, some of the best mountaineers have died. >> reporter: he said all chimers need to know risks and be prepared to scale the tallest mountain in the world. >> today of course is memoril day. and people all across the country and around the bay area are giving thanks to service members who faye ultimate price. mike pence marked the day by hague a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. san francisco renewed a tradition that dates back 150 years with its annual memorial day remember the you'd. mayor london breed spoke during the ceremony at san francisco national cemetery. more than 26,000 veterans are buried at the presidio. some of them served in conafflicts dating back to the civil war.
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abc7 news was in san jose when members of the marine corps honored america's fallen with a 21-gun salute. our colleague served as the master of sarls. the audience including descendants of civil war and spanish war veterans. a puppy was brazenly stolen from an east bay adoption event. see the suspect and what may give her away. the golden gate bridge turns 82 today. a lawsuit is brewing in santa cruz. why a big bulldozer maker is taking on a local coffee shop. a cool but bright finish to the holiday weekend. tracking much warmer weather on the way. all right. thank you. all that's ahead. first a look at what's coming up right after abc7 news at 11:00. please devote a tiny portion
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. here is a hive look at the golden gate bridge. 82 years ago, it opened to the public. >> 200,000 people showed up on opening day. it opened to cars the very next day. >> 50 years later, officials closed it to cars again for a pedestrian only walk. no one foresaw the crazy scene that followed. >> it was scary. as reported in 1987 by then abc news reporter paul jessky.
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>> nobody was ready for the mass of humanity which descended on the bridge well before sunrise. the official come as you are party called for the bridge walk to begin at 6:00 a.m. but there was no holding back the masses that mobbed both the san francisco and marin approaches. a full 20 minutes before the scheduled opening, partygoers broke through police lines and the celebrations started. they swarmed on to this van along with thousands who wanted to bicycle across the bridge. most of them gave up and just piled their bikes in a huge surreal sculpture about halfway between the north and south towers. before the bridge walk was half an hour old, the biggest problem of the day was readily apparent. celebration planners had counted on 18 to 20,000 people showing up for the foot crossing. instead, california highway patrol officers estimated the crowd surge to 300,000 at the bridge at the same time. and as many as 800,000 may have
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crowded on before it was all over. the crush got so bad that young children were in danger by the sheer size of the crowd. a few people fainted and had to be cared for by emergency squads. this chp motorcycle officer was completely engulfed by the mob. he had no alternative but to sit quietly on his bike and watch the word surge around him. the party lasted a full two hours longer than planned. even then the chp had trouble getting the last sell brands clear the roadway. ordinary folks just wanted to make history. >> what's that package? >> it's chicken feed. ten chicken feed a bag and it is a tradition to carry chicken feed on the anniversary of the bridge crossing. >> it is the most photographed setting in the world. on the golden gate bridge, channel 7.
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>> so many people, about 300,000, walked across. there were so many people trying to walk on it that people waited for hours and never made it on to the bridge itself. a puppy was stolen from an adoption event. now the ceo is offering a reward to bring her back. you can see the suspect walking around the store. a four or five chihuahua mix. pet food express is offering a $2,500 reward. the suspect is believed to be a woman in her 20s with a tattoo on her right hand and a nose ring. new at 11:00, a santa cruz coffee shop is in a legal battle with caterpillar
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they never expected a trademark lawsuit. caterpillar inc. send a cease and desist order over cat in the name. the owner that it is bullying. >> could anyone imagining a $34 billion machine company coming after a coffee company? so far they've spend nearly $10,000 but they're not ready to give up. >> travelers heading home saw fog and rain on their drive. you can see a late spring snow piled up. these cameras show the conditions around the 6,000 elevation mark. >> if the weather stays the way it is now going forward, there won't be a lot of snow left. >> we're certainly turning a corner. the temperatures and warmer
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weather. it has not been the case for the entire month. it is the westest since 1998. more than two decades ago. tonight, a cloudy vantage point from the exploratorium camera. the warmer weather pattern continues. by next weekend, it is almost summer like around here. and something we haven't said. what feels like for weeks. there is no rain in sight over the next seven days. the numbers, pretty uniform. in the 50s. 54 in the city. we're at 55. 56 in mountain view. overnight, we'll see cheer skies in the north bay. a little more in the way of cloud cover, the farther south you live. the numbers, upper 40s to lower 50s.
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see the light layer out the door as many of us head back to school. you do not need it in the afternoon. the 12-hour day plan. any cloud cover we do have tomorrow morning will quickly race out of here. by the afternoon, 4:00, it is nothing but sunshine and those temperatures respond accordingly. 74 in san jose 65 and breezy in the city. a very warm 79 degrees compared to where warmest spot afternoon sunshine had keep that trend going wednesday. more in the way of cloud cover drops us a degree or two.
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otherwise, saturday and sunday, feeling like summer around here. by this time next week, we'll track 90s in our warmest spots. >> tomorrow, bryce dallas howard is live to talk about the new elton john
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. the owing a's mascot is streaking for the a's. the tradition started last year when they had a six-game win streak in june. he put on hirthdaui and sprinted across the coliseum grass. fans will see if they can keep the streak alive tomorrow night against the angels.
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children, look away. >> he's out of control! will kevin durant fly to toronto with the warriors? get ready to see a lot of drake in the
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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. the warriors will fly to toronto tomorrow. the question is will kevin durant be on that flight? t o will the warriors have to deal with kawhi leonard but also, the raptors ambassador,
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drake. he does a lot of yapping on the side line. he loves the raptors but he hasta toos of steph and k.d. on his arm. >> he's always up there. he's always a this character. i think it is fun. and the nba kind of embraces the pop culture dynamic. we've got to be ready for them, too. >> a couple years ago, he said, i don't care about that. around for 24 years. kawhi leonard, plenty of experience. new territory for the rest of the team. kyle lowry talked about pressure facing the warriors. >> it's basketball. no pressure. this is amazing. a great time. abc7 is your exclusive home for the nba finals. game one, thursday night. pregame at 5:00 and the tip-off
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at 6:00. a's and angels on this memorial day. the ceremonies before the game. a's down 2-1 in the fourth and then jurickson profar connects. his third homer in a week ties it up. the bottom five. josh phegley, his second homer in as many days. the matt chapman homers in his third straight game. 14 of the year. fire. it is the tenth victory in a row. the giants have the day off. boston hosted the blues. early second period. a bad turnover. victor tarasenko, the sniper. boston scores the next four goals. third period. shawn kuraly makes it 3-2. and gets his helmet
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yanked off his head there. don't make him angry. boston wins 4-2. and they leave the series. that level of violence upset you? boston wins 4-2. just having fun. look out. almost got his head taken off by a line drive. jeff was backwards right this. caught in self-defense. the brewers beat the twins 5-4. abc7 sports sponsored by
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live," tonight, trevor noah, from "booksmart," billie lourd, and music from ciara. and now, stop right there, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i will say this, i'm glad you're in. the borders around this show are always open. how many in the audience are visitors from other countries tonight? all right. now does president trump know


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