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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, may 28th. it means a lot of you are just getting back from vacation and ready to go to work. >> we have been here for you. we are still here for you. you are never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike innicco. >> look at this. live doppler 7 dry. we are in our dry pattern. you can see the may grey. it's not thick. look for faster sunshine and warmer temperatures today. we starting off in the low- to mid-50s. not as cool as yesterday. we'll hang out in the mid-50s, the coast at noon.
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66 at the bay. 69 inland. 62 at the coast. as warm as it gets at 4:00. a little sunshine, 74 to 78 for the rest of us. a nice comfortable evening. 64 to 67 on the the way at 7:00. let's see what's going on with the compute. here's frances. >> all right. mike. we have some problems right now in a spot we don't want to have problems in. >> that is the bay bridge backup. traffic is backing up here. apparently there is a crash that may be blocking a lane. here's a live shot of the macarthur maze. you can see it's a little sluggish. traffic is backed up through the maze as well. you may want to consider mass transit. caltrans looking good. ace trains pretty much on time. a heads up for muni riders,rs,r, is the upgrade for the platform
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ucfc area. take a look at this new video we fought from overnight. a lot of damage in the mid-west. tens of thousands of power outages in fact right now affecting more than 5 million people in ohio. there were multiple tornadoes in that state. the national weather service saying that a large and dangerous tornado hit northwest of dayton and a second twister came just minutes after the first one. one resident says it went from dead quiet to the sound of a jet engine taking off. >> my head's up against the wall, the wall is shaking back and forth. there is wind from the tornado pushing through up to the vent into my face. i'm freaking out sitting there. it lasted about i'd say 10 to 15 seven. scariest 15 seconds of my life. >> right now the national guard has been deployed to the area. crews are using snow piles to clean up the debris. it's covering a lot of the highways in that area. right now no remaining tornado warnings. but there is a chance of damaging winds and hail today.
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>> jessica, thank you. overnight, a fairfield man was arrested when officers working dui for the weekend pulled him over. they say they found drugs, scale and a large amount of cash in his car when they pulled him over for speeding and expired registration. using a firearms detection dog. police say scribner is a convicted felon. now he is facing several weapon and drug charges. chp maximum enforcement period ended last night. as of monday afternoon, officers throughout the state made nearly 1,000 dui arrested. at least 21 people lost their lives in crashes between friday afternoon and yesterday. many not wearing their seatbelts. to the peninsula now, people in redwood city are on the lookout for a mountain lion. >> jobina fordson joins us live with the story. good morning. good morning. the department of fish and
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wildlife says people are 1,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a mountain lion. still it's very important to keep an eye out for something like there. let's go out to the video. so you can see this large animal here. this is under surveillance video captured on the nest cam. based on the size, tail and the way that it jumped over, it's clear the an pam was a mountain lion. the encounter happened around 9:00 thursday night at their home on oak view way. the sighting put people in fear of what could happen if people come in contact two a wild an ma. >> when i was pulling up to the driveway, i thought i saw a cat. the closer i got, that is not at ka. it was very large so i kind of flashed my high beams at it to spook it. it ran down the driveway. i lost sight of it after that.
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california's fish and wild life says more than half the state is prime mountain lion habitat. reporting live, job na fordson, nbc 7 news. >> thank you. so what should you do if you see a mountain lyon in your neighborhood? do not run. make yourself as big as possible. we have more tips on our website in the north bay many businesses targeted memorial day for reopening after the devastating february floods. some still aren't ready for customers, but they're close. like the r3 hotel. the near record flood destroys 19 of their 23 rooms. the owner is aiming for a reopening next month. the farmhand deli plans to open its doors next week. the streets are getting busy, surely giving the recovering committee a boost of confidence. >> i'm a little surprised. i'm super happy to see this many people out here. it's been quiet the last montho
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the area. beaches were closed because of late season rains and the movi new video of the woman who spent more than two weeks lost in a maui forest. >> the celebration for everyone who helped find amanda eller. there is a look this morning, you see the broken deck of clouds out there that means a surge in temperatures today and tomorrow. a slight pullback thursd
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all right. here's a look at what's going on with our temperatures. you can see our neighborhood's around 50 to 55 degrees in the south bay. 56 in mountain view for the warm spot. as we go around, we're pretty much in the low- to mid-50s. there are some breaks in the cloud cover. upper 40s there. in fact, look at the golden gate bridge this morning. standing with hardly any clouds around it. this is spring. gusty beaches. small-craft advisory through the delta. 2:00 to 9:00 this evening. those gusty winds at 35 knots going to make crossing the richmond san rafael bridge a little difficult. here's a look at our north bay temperatures. 50s at 8:00. 10:0060s.
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70s at noon and mid-70s this afternoon. for the east bay, clo you can until 8:00. with the 60s with sunshine 10:00, upper 60s this afternoon, increasing clouds, 58 at 8:00. for san francisco, cloud cover through about 10:00 with sunshine, more straight on sunshine and low- to mid-60s during the afternoon hours. high clouds coming in this evening and down to 56 degrees. those high clouds don't mean anything. in fact, there is no rain in my forecast. there is 90s. i'll see with you that in a second. a couple new crashes. i'll show you where they are. one is in the junction westbound 80 approaching 680. this accident has been just reported. if you are making your way out of concord, another crash reported there as well in santa rosa, it's on the connector ramp to northbound 101. looks green now. the slow spot is heading towards the bay bridge. also reported in the back, you
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see a police car there possibly pulling someone over in that live shot. you can see westbound 80 traffic is slow out of emeryville. we'll show you the drive time, highway 4 to the maze is 16 minutes. reggie, natasha have a. >> a historic trial. why one state wants more than $17 billion from the company. >> also this morning there imagine if we we would be such good friends. best frien. advantage ii, kills fleas through contact
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6:14. welcome back. we are watching this story closely. it's a historic trial in oklahoma. you probably know it, johnson & johnson. it's being blamed for the opioid epidemic. they include marketing highly addictive opioids, misrepresenting the risks and overstating their effectiveness, johnson and jonson and its parent company denied the allegations. the state is looking to take as much as $17.5 billion in the next 20 to 30 years to compensate for the damage. jessica, thank you. a man from colorado is the second american and 11th climber
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to die this season. >> a 62-year-old attorney died during his dissent. take a look. mount anieers say they are concerned mount everest is overcrowded. you can see the video there. there is only one path to reach the summit. some waited up to three hours for their return to climb, which increases altitude ude ude ude >> those lines are horrific. when you go to the stumt of a mountain. i was at 19,341 not 28,000. you can only be at the summit for 30 minutes then you have to get down. you can only stay at 16,000 for an hour you have to go down. when you have to wait in those long lines, it's devastating. >> on average, tourism authorities say the suggestion that the deaths are related to heavy traffic are quote baseless. this morning we are hearing from hiker amanda eller after
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that amazing survival story in . >> hello. aloha. hi. >> the 35-year-oldstructor than helped in the search during a celebration in maui yesterday. eller vanished may 8th on what should have been just a 3 mile hike. she was found weeks later near a waterfall. eller says she survived on berries, guava and insects. she reportedly spent a night in the den of a wild boar. it was an emotional homecoming. >> i'm just a girl that got lost in the woods. you guys showed up hard. this is true aloe hawaii i lived here for four years. i never experienced anything like this. >> eller is in a wheelchair because she has injuries to her leg and feet. she is expected to make a full recovery. new this morning, want to get paid to drink wine and look
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good doing it? >> a rose company is searching for a new face for its brand. it could but. rose all day, could help influence this casting call on instagram. it's giving away $10,000 and a trip to its chat tow in france. -- chateuo in france. the winner has to create one post per month per year using content from near get away. >> one per month? >> that sound super easy. how much are we cranking out a day. >>. >> i'm not getting free rose. >> no, we don't get anything. do we? oh. >> you can millenni millennia millennial. >> at abc 7. >> let's talk about the weather before i get myself in more trouble.
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hi, everybody. we have delays at sfo because of the cloud cover. it's a little thicker there than it is in other places. it's sunny and warmer everywhere. the beaches are slightly warmer. low clouds, a little fog returns tonight. we're pack into the may grey pattern. which means we are warming. we will see summer warmth next week. today our temperatures, 69 in santa cruz, 64 halfmoon bay. we have upper 60s most of the bay. mid- to upper-70s in the south bay. the north bay, upper 70s to the 80s in our east bay valleys. for our lows, low- to mid-50s out there. maybe the cloud cover not quite as thick and axe e extensive as this morning. that's why i believe tomorrow will be warmer tan today. a couple degrees across the board. thursday we got a weak cold front to our north. there is a few showers in lake and mendocina counties. otherwise, back out in the 80s. the 80s come back inland,
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friday, mid-80s all the way through sunday. we'll reach 80 in some neighborhoods around the bay saturday and sunday and for sure on monday when we reach 90 for the first time for some of us at all this year and their more 90s after this. frances. >> good morning, everyone. traffic is starting to pick up. you are starting to see the usual delays, back to work tuesday. i hope you enjoyed the holiday off. there was a crash. bay bridge toll plaza. traffic has backed up. also, traffic is slowing heading to the richmond san rafael bridge. westbound traffic slow as you can see, approaching the toll plaza. it slows approaching the steel plates. you can see traffic is backing up as you make your way through richmond. bay bridge tolls is backed up through the maze as well because of that earlier crash. a drive time on westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze is almost half an hour now across the bay bridge. it's a 17-minute drive,
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southbound 101 looking good, san francisco to sfo ten minutes. if you want to avoid all that mass transit. bart, cam caltrans and a and a d ace trains are running on time. we have a look at the week ahead. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hi, good morning. great to be with both of you today. we got a lot coming up on gma. we're live in the storm zone. alex perez is in there. another tornado hitting. we had 51 reported overnight at least from the mid-west from illinois, ohio, north of dayton. there is a new threat this morning. we've got it. also, abc news exclusive. so many people talking about jeopardy, you know, james holzhauer closing in on ken jennings record.
6:21 am
ten years ago he made a fortune. he's the king. but his records are about to come down. anyway, he's talking for the first time about all of this on gma. plus a new alert on ecigarettes and heart disease and gma exclusive with former nbata add near death experience and relationship with the kardashians now. is that enough for you guys? >> no we need more. >> after that? >> i have to share something with you. i almost said this earlier in the newscast, i cannot say the jeopardy winner's name. ion why, i have a mental block on it. it makes me laugh for some reason. so natasha says it. >> holzhauer. >> i don't know if that's what i have been saying. >> can it just be ken jennings? that's an easy name. if we j you have ken jennings come back, it will make my job easier. that's what's most important. >> reporter: yeah, all i know is they're both a lot smarter than the three of us combined.
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welcome back. the as winners of ten consecutive games trying to take number 11. it will be the angels, 7:07 first pitch 63 down to a chilly 58 by the end of the ga im. >> okay. here we go again. pancake chain ihop is once again teasing a fame change. so soon the p will stand for something. we don't know the restaurant tweeted with a caption what could the p be? find out june 3rd. reactions have been mixed. last year the restaurant changed the name to ihob with a b to basically do a city stunt for the fact that they have burgers. >> coolest puns, ihop.
6:26 am
happening today your grill may have hardly cooled off. plan to fire it up again. >> today is national americans eat more than 50 billion burgers every single year. the meat patty accounts for almost half of all sandwiches, sandwiches in the u.s. dairy queen has a free burger when you buy a shake and jack in the box buying a bogo one deal on all burgers. >> i like how we explained a bogo deal. >> and burgers, let's not leave those out. >> let's not. something new from ikea, how the popular furniture retailer is making it easier to skip a trip to the store. the effort to control legal side shows what oakland says it needs to ensure safety. >> reporter: teachers in the
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now at 6:30. a teacher's strike in the east bay stretches into its second week. the compromise the union offered and when both sides are expected back at the bargaining table. and the japanese prime minister promising to take action after an attack on a group of school girls overnight. i'm at the live desk with what happened. >> a mountain lion was here, i am jobina fordson live with video of the animal. the warriors head to canada they for the nba finals. they will likely encounter the loudest fan. are the warriors worried about drake being a distraction on the side lines? >> can you imagine the coach sweating anything at this point? good morning on this tuesday, may 28th. >> never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> you need drake on the side lines cheering us on every morning. >> yeah. and singing.
6:31 am
>> something to help us at 4:27. let's take a look at 6:30. almost 6:31. you can see it's about a 15-mile-an-hour wind. look at the broken deck of clouds across the north bay. otherwise it's solid, just about everywhere else. you can see right here from mount tam, it's also a little broken here as we look to the south. so we're going to start off with faster sunshine and from a warmer base, low- to mid-50s this morning. >> that will push us to 66 and 69 in our inland neighborhoods at noon. a great lunchtime for outside. 74 to 78 at 4:00 while we're 62 at the coast. 65 at the coast at 7:00. 64 to 67. a great evening on the way. also, here's sue, not alexis. frances, is that you? >> yes, i'm next in line. we're starting to see a lot of the typical slow downs with the trafic this morning. it hasn't been too bad. of680 southbound traffic is slow right here as you make your way to highway 24.
6:32 am
there is a stall reported monument that may be blocking a lane. in the northbound direction. it looks good here. there is an accident as you approach the venetia bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza has been backed up because of an earlier crash as well. it's a slow right there. here are the slowest drive times. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, an hour and ten minutes almost. westbound 4 has been extremely heavy from antioch to concord. that's now a 33-minute ride. that's because of an earlier crash. if you are taking muni today a heads up, the t third line has shuttle buss if place between embarcadero and sunny veil until monday due to the ucf mission upgrade. >> thank you, frances. in the east bay, no deal, this morning teachers are entering the second week of their strike in the new haven deal. >> both sides did get closer. we are hearing the
6:33 am
meeting until possibly tomorrow afternoon. amy is live for us. >> reporter: reggie, i talked to a representative for the teachers union. she told me theat they have been at the borgening tab -- bargaining table. the teachers said we will come down on our offers. they lowered their demand, they came down from 10% to 7%. they thought the district would be able to do that everyone had hope. still no agreement. >> it's an ongoing process which as you can tell it hasn't been easy because of the difference of our position and their position. >> reporter: the district says it can only afford a one-time 3% raise saying they are losing students each year. th teachers say they can't afford to live here with what they are being paid. schools are still opened.
6:34 am
but the day lookstehers consoli classrooms, attendance is down, expect to see the teachers back on t morning. probably tomorrow. because they're not deubaing until tomorrow. live in union city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> at the live desk i'm watching a story making international headlines, the japanese prime minister promising to take necessary action to protect children in that country after a deadly stabbing overnight. authorities say a middle aged man carrying a knife in each hand attacked a group of school girls 245r7 lined up at -- that were lined up outside of tokyo and he stabbed himself. so three people were killed including the attacker and 16 others were hurt. most of those victims we are told are very young girls. president trump has offered his sympathy to the victims. he is wrapping up his state visit and he is on his way back
6:35 am
to the u.s. right now. >> thank you. in san francisco, the westfield mall on market street will reopen after a potentially dangerous situation. in the cell phone video you are watching. you can hear, police ushering people out of the mall aroundf:00 last night. police say they responded to a man swinging an object that could have been considered a weapon. officers katz him between the holister and abercrombie stores. he was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation a missing hiker was found alive after a hour's long search. he went hiking with his church group in san jose. he and two other men went off trail because he wanted to see a waterfall he remembered as a kid. two fell behind and wandered on to private property looking for help when homeowners accused him of trespassing. >> i have to get it done. i got scared. he went in his like h g done. seeing that kind of feared me. >> some of the hiker's friend.
6:36 am
they were separated after running away. the friend made it out of the woods. then couldn't find him and reported him missing. you can see he's okay. he was spotted on home security footage about 5 miles from where he was hiking. officials say just stick to the trails if you can and is that i with your partner. officials will discuss a report about possible rules and procedures. it will detail the police department's efforts to control side shows. the department says he needs 100 officers to respond to ensure safety. they have been relying on a side show task force to confirm participants and spectators. they say police cannot regularly rely on other agencies to help when forcement. a santa cruz coffee shop is in an illegal battle with caterpillar bulldozers over the story cat. >> cat and cloud never expected the trademark lawsuit. they sent them a cease and desist order over cat in the
6:37 am
shop name and merchandise. the owner is calling this bullying. >> could anybody imagine a $54 billion machinery kane coming after a coffee company? i don't think that's even in the cards. >> a statement from caterpillar says it's only interested if protecting its trademark. it's an interesting battle. >> oh. >> i know. it seems very, the two companies seem like they couldn't be confused. but that's my layman's view of things. we have much more ahead on abc morning, including a stolen puppy. the search for a woman that walked out with a dog at an adoption event. the reward for the safe return. 6:37 in the morning. trading under way. we're up 111 points. another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. i am so excited. i'm going to disneyland today so i can show you first hand "star wars" galaxy's edge. it is the theme park's biggest single land expansion in history. what to expect if you are trying
6:38 am
to go. and a live look outside. 6:37 in the morning. you can just make out the bridge right there, right, mike? we have a little cloud, right? >> yeah, we do starting to look good this time of year. let's talk about temperatures first in san francisco. it's either 53 or 54. elsewhere, we're in the low- to mid-50s until we get up in the north bay, 47 in hillsburg. here's a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. definitely you see sunshine peeking through the clouds over there. sunshine this afternoon. mass transit cool. warm in our inland neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon hours. we got breezy conditions through the delta. 2:00 to 9:00, a small-craft advisory let's take a look at the peninsula. 8:00. 67 degrees. 62 at 10:00 to 67 at noon and then low 70s this afternoon. but kind of chilly. 62 as the sun is heading down after the 8:00 hour. east bay valleys, 50s at 8:00.
6:39 am
60s, total sunshine 8:00. mid- to upper-70s. you drop kicksly to 67 this evening. in the south bay, we are stuck in the 50, cloudy through 8:00. look at that, sunshine, 60s starting at 10:00 as we head towards noon, 68. low- to mid-70s during the afternoon hours. 63 at 8:00. kind of chuck him. we are doing a dance to see who is coming over to the desk. you first no you first. you first. either way, it's nice to have you here today. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you. >> a lot of folks are back to work as well. that's where we see quite a few more accidents, a new ron reported in mountain view fear 101. four-car crash reported in the area. it may be off to the gore point or shoulder at this point. northbound 101, we're picking up some slowing near the interchange. also traffic slow as you make your way through the san mateo bridge westbound slow on the right-hand side out of hayward. in fact, another new crash also
6:40 am
reported in fremont, southbound 880 at thornton. >> that has already been cleared to the shoulder. check out the slow drive times. westbound across the bay bridge, 24 minutes. there was an earlier crash in the backup. traffic is backed up into the maze, the san mateo bridge also sluggish. that's a 23 minute ride. you will find lots of the typical slowing as well through walnut creek. very heavy as you approach highway 24 that drive time from highway 4 to
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oh, let's take care of the kids and let's open up the door and see what's waiting for us, tons of sunshine as we wait into the afternoon hours. 50s at the coast. then we will hit the 70s. make sure those kids get outside after school and enjoy that weather. looking around the state, we got a chance of showers and thunderstorms up around tahoe, yosemite. low 60s there. 67 in san diego. 71 in l.a. so warmer than yesterday. look at tahoe. what a gorgeous looking morning, reflexes off a calm lake. we will have thunderstorms friday to a lesser extent and almost gone by sunday. right now president trump returns home following his historic four-day trip to japan. his visit was intended to show the strength of alliance between
6:44 am
the u.s. and japan. but much of the trip was centered on some major issues like trade, iran and north korea. the president says he is not concerned by north korea's recent missile tests and he called leader kim jong-un a quote very smart man. he even justified kim's insult directed at former vice president joe biden. >> kim jong-un made a statement joe biden is a low iq individual. he probably is based on his record. >> the biden campaign declined to comment. the president and first lady expected to be back at the white house soon. 6:44. a couple came home to find this surprise. you catch that? that is a mountain lion hanging out near their back door. the nest cam was recording at the time. jobina fordson joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. natasha. more than half of california is prime mountain lion habitat according to department of fish and wild life. so it's important to keep an eye
6:45 am
out for something like this. let's take you to the video. you see the animal there. it was spotted on oak view way. the family was returning to their home when anthony saw what he thought was a cat. can close her egot, he realized it was not a cat. based on the size and the tail, he realized it was a mountain lion. his neighbor says this is not the first run-in the community has had? >> a few years back, there was one in the back yard that had taken a deer down next door to us, so they're around occasionally. they're here all the time. >> that i don't come down all the time. yeah. >> reporter: the state's department of fish and wild life says statistically people are 100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked. reporting live in redwood city, jobina fordson, abc 7. >> we'll be on the lookout.
6:46 am
thank you. in the east bay, there is a big reward for the return of a stolen puppy. a woman took a 4 or 5-month-old chihuahua mix at the lafayette express. under surveillance video shows her walking around the store with the puppy before she left. the pet store is offering $2500 for iris' safe return. the trade war with china is taking a toll on makers of farm equipment. >> makers john deere and cnh are facing weak demand from farmers right now who are seeing exports to china drop 40% in the first quarter. he says tariffs on steel will cost the company an extra $75 million this year. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading gets under way, we are in the green with 130 points this morning. ikea is developing a new app that will help you see how 2,000 items will look in your home. it's an augmented reality app.
6:47 am
it will let you input room dimensions and purchase items right from your phone. according to reuters, ikea launched an app like this in 2017. you can only see your items. you can only purchase the items. the apple first launched in europe. it's expected to be in the u.s. by the end of the year. i think it can be useful. >> absolutely. i will miss the meatballs and the jam and not be in the inevitable argument in the aisles. >> or a dresser. disneyland's new land "star wars" galaxy's edge will open to the public on friday. the theme park experts massive crowds. for the first three weeks, guests have to have reservations. you will be limited to four hours. a special wrist band will identify your time window. once that expires, access to key attractions will close. storm troopers will actually escort visitors overstaying their welcome to the gates again so a few group can enter.
6:48 am
disney cast members got to check out the park a little earlier than the rest of us. >> it's like being on another planet. it's very immersive and even from the characters there, the rides, the whole area is pretty awesome. >> i will be tra so i can get a peek at the land tomorrow and bring it to you live thursday morning right here on abc 7 morning. so watch out for that. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> what are you looking forward to the most? >> the ride. >> yeah. >> millennium falcon smugglers run is the brand if you ride they're opening. you get to be in the millennium falcon. there is six people in it at a time. you play the pilot or the gunner or the navigator. >> wow! >> so you actually will have to hit buttons, do controls. that will affect the outcome of the ride. >> that's really cool. >> so watch me crash thursday morning on abc 7 morning,. >> i want you to overstay your welcome. so you get escorted out by the storm troopers. >> i'll let you know, i overstay
6:49 am
my welcome everywhere i appear. so that shouldn't be a problem. >> oh my gosh. >> that's great. all right. let's talk about weather. for some reason i had a beautiful shot, the highlights, may grey to warm sunshine today. a dry pattern takes control. more like this time of the year. the summer spread develops next week. 60s at the coast. 90s inland. here's a look at the cloud cover. you see it rolling away rather quickly today. even at the coast, we'll have pockets of sunshine during the afternoon hours. let's see what happens after 12:00. as we head towards the evening commute, beyond a little of a push back into the bay, especially along the peninsula coast. we'll have mid- to upper-60s, halfmoon bay to san francisco, down to santa cruz, upper 60s to mainly low 70s around the bay. mid- to upper-70s in the south bay. 74 in san jose, 77 in morgan hill. 72 in richmond, you jump over the bay.
6:50 am
here's 76 at nap pa, head out to the east bay. antioch our first sign of 80 degrees temperatures. tonight we drop down into the low- to mid-50s. maybe not quite as cloudy as this morning. >> that will get is off to a faster start. a couple degrees warmer across the board. >> that i have that cold front. it could spark a shower. it increasings the sea breeze, look at the surge of warmth next week, 80s and 90s for our bay and inland neighborhoods. frances. >> mike, there are some mu problems in the north bay. southbound 101 near the waldo tunnel, a traffic break will be held soon to clear a crash. a problem in petaluma southbound 101, traffic is slow right there. you see it's heavy through castania. also an accident in mountain view. a four-car crash. there is also slowing on north 101 as you make your way through mountain view. an accident in fremont, southbound 880 at thornton is on the shoulder.
6:51 am
but there is slowing at the scene and we'll keep an eye on that drive time. southbound 101 from santa rosa to petaluma with that new accident. right now it's 17 minutes. the warriors will fly to toronto for games one and two today. while the team has to deem with the raptors on the court, of course, they will also be dealing with drake on the sideline. >> he is a super fan. he has tattoos honoring steph and kd. coach steve kerr considers drake's antics fun. >> he's always up there. he's always a character. our guys are always talking trash with him. i think it's kind of fun. the nba kind of embraces the pop culture dynamic. we got e-40 ready for them, too. so we're in good shape. >> it's true. abc 7 is the only place to watch the golden state warriors in the nba finals. catch game one on thursday. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7 with the
6:52 am
dubs on pre game show. >> also i asked about drake. he said i called him on the cell phone earlier. he said that. >> if steve is going to drop a fame. it will be drake's name apparently. >> the seven things you need to know. >> the first instagram story of the day. that's very pastoral. that understand for accepting this our way. if you haven't yet followed us, nbc bay area. remember share
6:53 am
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6:55 am
it is 6:55. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things you need to know. teachers in union city are entering theirnegotiations got h sides closer. we are told they won't meet again until tomorrow afternoon. number two, oakland mayor libby shaft will highlight what the city is doing to fix potholes. there is a backlog of 7,000. crews will fill some this week. number three, more than 5 million people in ohio are without power after tornado touched down. no deaths have been reported there. but there is widespread damage across the state. >> more than 60 tornadoes in the last 24 hours. back here at home. the may grey is back. a broken deck of manner layer clouds, shallow to go away
6:56 am
quickly and provide temperatures back to average, 60s at the coast. 70s for the rest of us. >> number 35, the traffic hot spot petaluma, lakeville street traffic is slow past karstanya. number six warriors will head to toronto for game one of the nba finals. you can watch this thursday. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. >> and number 7, day two of the scrips national spelling bee is under way. it started about ten minutes ago. 22 bay area kids are competing in this year's events. >> your favorite mark from novato. >> mark is my number one pick. >> good luck to all of them, though. >> good luck to all of them. but especially my number one pick. >> mostly mark. >> everyone do well. >> the other 21 of. >> you they're all great. >> don't forget. on thursday, i'll be live, galaxy's edge. hypojoin us then. #jealous.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, more than 50 tornadoes reported across the country. the catastrophic damage right now. tornadoes tear through illinois, indiana and ohio. >> there you go, power flash, tornado on the ground. >> dayton hit hard. at least two tornadoes touched down back to back. the rescues under way right now. >> our house is gone. a tornado just hit our house. >> homes completely demolished. this church hit while sheltering families. >> new life worship center completely destroyed by the tornado. >> the scenes of massive destruction. emergency crews using snowplows to clear the roads. millions without power and those same storms causing historic flooding in the heartland. our team on the ground with the latest from the storm zone. also this morning, president trump blasting rival joe biden on that high-stakes trip overseas and siding


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