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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 28, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a singer suddenly tells fans -- >> hey, hey, hey. wait. >> what has them running for cover? exciting times to be king penguin. >> because there's been a baby boom. >> a hatching program that leads to a little one's first hello. the caught an early flight.o wortt. we're breaking down the best on the web including two kids and a mom who --
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>> starts asking questions. >> what did you put in there? >> how a little flooding leads to a lot of worry. a prison break from peru. it does set itself apart from any other you've seen. this is being led by the station chief. everybody looks a little thrown off. there's a bit of noise as well. as we approach this water right here, see what's going on? >> yeah. >> is that an earthquake? >> or a really big dinosaur is walking down the street. but it is an earthquake. you may have seen that peru had an 8.0 on the richter scale the other day. more evidence of this happening, you'll see people moving outside of the building. the station chief is also thinking of people currently in holding cells.
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this is actually have a concert. you can see when yourself at one of those concerts you feel like the place is shaking. for the same reason as that last video -- now, you can see people are r on the stage are saying wait, wait,ñi wait. calm down. everybody stop. >> jostling each other and dancing. >> what gives it away is when people look stralgt up. they can see the lights above everybody's head. then they go off to the side and the terrifying part is right here where the lights go off and all you can hear is people's panic and sound. don't worry. there are no reports of anybody
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being injured in this particular case. the earthquake, however, improved. there were reports of one people being killed and 11 people injured. oli, you lived in singapore. did you go to the bird park? >> yeah. it was ten minutes from where i lived. i've been in here and played with these penguins. >> well, these penguins have something to cheer about because there's been a bit of a baby boom. this is percy. percy is aguin chick. they're putting it right there in this corral. it doesn't have the feathers yet. the adults can get used to it now. >> it looks like it's the celebrity one. the vip area. you guys want to come in, maybe? >> see, i was thinking he looks a little underdressed. >> when you're vip, you can dress how you want to. >> but if you notice, there are
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other pens there waiting for the other two. brick and arlo. when they were in the egg, they were put in incubators so they could see how much hatchlings they had. they had three. then wean when they're not in the corral, they can get used to the temperature. they want them to get acclima acclimated. the life expectancy of these king penguins is about 30 years. what's really cool is you can see how the family just welcomes them with ohm arms. good morning. i'm heading to new york. >> sebastian is headed home. 4:30, really early in the morning. as you can imagine, your boy is tired. but he hasn't been home in quite some time and he needs to surprise his mom. so once he lands, it's time to
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hop on the train, meet his sister, and get home. >> guys, i'm home. all right. i'm back home. feels good to be back home r ñ)& baby. >> before he gets to his mom's, there's someoneñi else that he4i >> hi.çó >> noel is like don't ever leave like that again. one down, two more to go. he sets up his camera. everybody, here comes mom.ñi she runs withçó her arms wide open. all right. last but certainly not least.le. best friend matius. his girlfriend helped him out a
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little bit. >> oh, my god. he was getting down in the with t knife. he's excited to see him. i'd say this trip home was a success. >> as a tourist, you want to take in all the sights of the city. even these minor sights. just a small bridge. okay, take them in. >> not take yourself out. >> no, no. he's not going anywhere. it's a matter of perspective. you want to check out all angles. he walks himself right back up very casually. nothing to see here. okay. >> his shoulders, his abs, all the muscles working together. >> oli's drooling.
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>> ryan here likes to skateboard. after he drops in, gets up a little bit of speed. then he uses that ski port more like a trampoline than anything else. >> all right. so we're combining, like, skateboard, parkour, and tricking now? >> that looks like it. he doesn't even bother with the skateboard. >> put a little extra stank on it. teacher and student face off on the snare drum. >> back and forth say go and battle. >> see whose skills get the last beat. and attempting to put a massive spin on painting, but -- >> that particular idea is not easy. >> how they pull off some super splatter masterpieces. >> beautiful.
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v-necks on!. closed captioning provided by -- 97% had firmer-looking skin at two weeks. love it. gold bond. want to see a video again and again? head over to, find tons of videos, and share them with your friends. the atlanta film academy is seriously producing some of the baddest drummers? the land. that, my friends, is bernard smith. he's a snare drum teacher at the atlanta drum academy. as he throws down, his student jazzman is up next. >> i could do that with one hand behind my back. and then she did.
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>> stands there watching him take it all in. she's like, all right. got you, got you. >> she basically is virtuoso.ñr >> she's fantastic. mr. bernard has played for the atlanta house drumline and is currently the captain of the atlanta braves heavy hitter drumline. i think it's safe to say she's got it.
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when you guys were growing up, did any of you have that art toy where you put a drop of paint and it would spin out? yeah. well nick here wants to ramp up that idea. >> we're going to create the first-ever massive spin art machine. >> thing is, though, that particular idea is not easy. he's got a fan motor to do it. that wouldn't work because it's not designed to have any weight on it. much like this other he got off craigslist. >> it also started smoking. >> there you go. >> he enlisted the help. rob just separated it with a bearing. so basically the bearing took the weight while the motor is literally doing the spinning. that should solve the problem. >> it's actually working. >> might i suggest putting a drop cloth on the house? >> it is splattering. >> right? >> he's going to put the paint
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up on the wall. >> dude, that's so sick. >> that would be a great t-shirt. >> of course success leads to more success. let's go bigger. it's like a giant art piece. >> oh, beautiful. >> i think it's awesome. >> take that inside and hang it. >> no put it on the wall that's been splattered with all that. >> now they're going to get more inventive. and in this case, they also put a t-shirt in the middle to see if they can create some sort of interesting design. >> this is a fun afternoon of creativity. >> right. until -- >> oh. >> just the pressure of that paint brush was too much downward pressure for the motor. that's what ended up killing it. they do get the required speed by just manually swinging it around for the last few bits. >> you killed it.
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>> sealed it with a high five. dating and the single man. >> may day! >> it's even. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> i don't know how on earth you would explain this. >> what happens when aatntilake van on land. >> no, no, no. plus, jordan matters on a mission to snap a pic in starbucks. see if he gets enough of a caffeine kick to pull it off. with my little man than anywhere with migraine. "i am here." and i aim to say that more. aimovig... a preventive treatment for migraine in adults... reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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promotional consideration provided by -- the "rtm" videos app. it's the easiest way to watch the best videos. download it now.ñrñi i don't know howñiñiçó on e you would explain this. >> what? >> wow. >> oh, my.
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>> oh! it's just slow motion pain. >> of all the things. >> what you're watching is a very large sailboat at a festival in germany. as it swings around, its booty just goes over the pier and scrapes across this mercedes van afd nearly knocks it over. that's not all the damage it leaves in its wake. next up is this right here. >> no. no, no,çno, no. >> it starts pushing against it. it starts to lean. >> people in the boat are waving back at everyone. they're like, no. and they're like, bye! >> how do you say your car that was on land was struck by a sailbo sailboat. ironically the name of the vessel is called mere means peace. next one is alsoñi ondj
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>> what you mean which one? >> it's the one that doesn't make you go. >> insurance claim says i did it. it was my fault. it wasn't in any way her fault. >> well, the woman does have a license, but reports say that she hasn't driven in quite a while. but how do you forget that? there are two. >> it's not that hard. >> as you're obligated to see, even she got a man.ñi starbucks in manhattan. >> probably every two blocks. like 250? >> 55? >> you were the closest. 240 on the island of manhattan. jordan is going to be shooting in every single one of them today. >> i think they're closed. >> okay. i guess we started a little tooi early. >> first starbucks opens at 6:30 a.m. the last one closes at midnig. miio >> iood to see
3:21 pm
now? i'm photographer too. >> oh. >> literally the first place he walks into, the guy knows who he jordan has set himself a pretty messed up rule. >> every time i'm in starbucks, i've got to drink starbucks. >> he ain't going to sleep for like three days. >> this isn't a video sponsored by starbucks. it's just a fun challenge. he put up a poll to see how many starbucks he was going to get thrown out of that day. he does get thrown out here. >> kicked out of one so far. >> next one, pic. next one, pic. at this point i think they start to realize that this might be quite hard to do. because the map works out if you want to hit every single one in that time, you haveitne4.5 minu. he's having a drink and a drink
3:22 pm
and a drinking. then a surprise guest. >> oh! >> what's up, casey? >> yeah. he just happens to be there with his daughter. she jumps in for a picture and everyone is super chill and calm about it. chucked out of another one. >> i'm fairly done this has never been done in a starbucks before. >> it's so new york. everyone else is like, it's fine. getting past 30. >> hold it. >> we are wait behind schedule. >> 41, 42, 43. get kicked out of number five. other people are quiteñi respective. >> decaf, butd i did. >> that's number 54. >> this is our last photo of the day. >> 17 hours in.
3:23 pm
we finish number 57 with the best of it. >> that's cool. >> in the end they got 57 starbucks. they got kicked out of five. >> after 17 hours i'm taking my final sip of coffee.çó it's a mother/daughter moment that -- >> shouldn't work. >> referee: but see how mom pulls off a wakeup prank that'sp
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it would take me eight hours.
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that giant yarn makes a pretty cool art project. mom has just been told by her kids mason and reese do not use the upstairs toilet because there is water everywhere. well, mom does what every parent should do. grabs the phone, starts recording and starts asking questions. >> what did you put down the potty? >> one little tiny deer that's like this tiny. >> we're not done yet. >> yes. >> no. >> i love how she tried to quantify it. but, it was like really, really tiny. >> sheñi follows it up with som begging for forgiveness. >> and i'm so sorry. i won't do that ever again. >> right. because she doesn't have those whatever those are because she
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flushed them down the toilet. >> i won't do that ever again. ever. >> don't worry. i mean, it's not that bad. there's the toilet. >> it wasn't that it clogged the piping. >> it never made it past the -- in the toilet. >> not the only adorable kid video. this next video shouldn't be cute. it shouldn't work. shocks the baby awake. except this one. >> yeah. you're funny mom. >> she nuzzles right back into the pillow. and it's like, straight back off to sleep. >> oh, my gosh. >> got ya. . hey, that's all we've got for now. check out connect with us while you're
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there and we'll
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tonight, as we come on the air, the tornado warnings and watches up right now from texas all the way up to the northeast tonight. new jersey, philadelphia. the stunning images already. three confirmed ef-3 tornadoes slamming ohio. it's been deadly. homes and apartment buildings destroyed. tonight, from oklahoma city to indianapolis, from pittsburgh to philly, millions across several states bracing for severe storms. rob marciano on where you need to be on alert tonight. also, the major flooding disaster playing out right now. our team just outside tulsa tonight, where naueighborhoods e under water. there are breaking developments of yet another security breach at mar-a-lago while the president was in florida. the emergency on mt. everest. the second american dying after reaching the su


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