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boy was breathing and conscious. it's an incredible story that could have ended very differently. >> indeed it could have. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen zee. thanks for joining us. antioch water park off lone freeway. >> let's go to abc 7 news reporter laura anthony live for us tonight. >> reporter: hi, dan. let's give you the update on this boy. last word, he is awake, alert, at an east bay hospital, being held we understand only for observation at this point. this facility was not open to the public today, only open for a field trip for local elementary students. one that almost turned tragic. as seen from sky 7, first responders from the contra costa county fire department responded to a call of an 11-year-old boy found unresponsive in one of the pools at the antioch water park. the student was among dozens of others from three elementary schools enjoying an end of the
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year party. >> at approximately 11:15 this morning, a student was discovered in the water. our lifeguards, first responders, immediately pulled him from the pool and provided emergency first aid the contra costa county 5 protection district. >> upon arrival, staff had pulled the patient from the pool and were beginning resuscitation measures when we arrived on scene. >> reporter: the student was with other kids in the sports pool at the water park, just four feet deep. the boy was apparently awake and breathing on his own when paramedics loaded him onto a gurney and brought him to a helicopter. the student was airlifted to hospital. antioch unified confirmed he attends london elementary school where this afternoon parents were just learning about what happened at the water park. >> especially with the teacher to kid ratio, when it comes to field trips and any water, my son does not go without me. >> reporter: it comes at the
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start of the summer swim season. it's a reminder to everyone to be alert, to be watchful, whether at a public facility like this one or at someone's backyard pool. >> for sure, laura, thank you. authorities are investigating a frightening car accident in the east bay hills. a honda sedan plummeted more than 100 feet down grizzly peak boulevard around 10:30 this morning. sky 7 overhead as paramedics slowly carried the victim back to the road above. we spotted a lyft sticker on the car but it's unclear if the person was on duty driving. the driver's condition is unknown. bart released this video which shows a guy stealing a cell phone. getting away with it in four seconds flat. bart says so far this year more than 400 devices have been stolen and 29 people arrested. the transit agency today began an awareness program about the problem targeting riders from
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balboa park to the embarcadero. luz pena has more on the agency's effort to build a better bay area. >> reporter: the perfect scenario. the train is stopped, the doors are open. in a matter of seconds, this. >> there's a lot of these just snatch and grabs where they don't see the person who took the phone from them. so it's harder to identify them. >> reporter: the victim gets up but the thieves already out. after 402 reports of this type of crime since january 1st, bart police are raising awareness. >> we're getting a lot of cell phone thefts. hold on to the phone. they're grabbing them and running off the train. >> that was a good reminder. i wouldn't have thought about it. >> reporter: many of us are just line angelina. >> i'm guilty of it. >> when are you most prone to these type of crimes? when the train doors open, and also while you're waiting here on the platform. out of 402 reports, bart police have arrested 29 suspects. when it comes to getting your phone back, the stats are low. >> they have the phones registered in case the phones
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get stolen, they'll have the serial number and tracking device. but unfortunately what they're doing is when they take the telephones, they turn them off. >> reporter: this year alone bart hired 26 officers and are looking to fill 22 vacancies. preventing this type of crime they say is high on their list. >> over $1,000 cell phone. how much of these thieves getting for them? >> those phones on the black market, on the resale, they're going for $300, $400. that's why this is lucrative. >> abc 7 news spent a week focused on rider safety and other bart issues. you can see what we learned by going to our website, "building a better bart" is start of "ing about a blert bay area." traffic is slow in union city. 9:30 this morning, crushed aluminum cans littered highway 880 on the nimitz freeway northbound in union city. the highway patrol believes they fell out of a recycling truck just before 10:00 a.m. between
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alvarado nyles road and industrial parkway. the cans were stcattered two miles. some cans still remain, all flat now the chp told us that after the evening commute dies down, they may try to remove what's left behind. oakland's pothole repair blitz is under way. crews began the process of filling in some of the 7,000 reported potholes in the city. mayor libby schaaf says the potholes are the result of deferred maintenance and heavy winter rains. she says the patchwork is just a step, a first step, if you will, toward fixing oakland's crumbling roads. >> i'm excited about today's pothole blitz. i'm even more excited that the city council just approved a three-year paving plan that will more than triple the amount of repaving done in this city. >> work crews will put in 12-hour days three days a week to finish the pothole blitz. san jose needs more
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affordable housing. one solution, a piece of land the state owns that is a block away from san jose state. that spot could be turned into affordable housing for students and faculty, which is badly needed. abc 7 news reporter uni eer hunn has the story. >> reporter: good evening. behind me issal quist building in downtown san jose. this morning it was put on a list of possible buildings for the state to relinquish or sell off. san jose state says they want and it they're working with two state lawmakers to try to make it april. the alquist building in downtown is being underutilized at a cost to taxpayers according to kalra. >> this critical site in the heart of downtown san jose reimagined in a way that makes >> reporter: discussions have been under way to figure out
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better use of the property. currently the three-story building houses several state agencies and the chp. state nator jas sembma ash kale it can be better off as affordable housing, a plan embraced by san jose state university. >> as we bring new faculty and staff in, they can't afford to live in the bay area. >> reporter: charlie foss is vice president of finance and admissions at san jose state. he envisions a new building with hundreds of units priced for students and staff. >> it would enlarge our footprint tremendously. it would continue to activate the university with the downtown even further. >> reporter: student lindsay macer is with the student homeless alliance. her group met with senator bell and were asked to advise how to transform the building to benefit the university. >> we need something that's 20% below-market rate so that our students can afford it. >> reporter: it could be years away from any final decision. there's no guarantee it will go to san jose state.
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the land is valued at $26 million. if the state decides to sell, it could go to the highest bidder. ancer hasan, abc 7 news. you'll want to get used to hearing about thrive city. it's the new name for a mini neighborhood around the new warriors arena in san francisco. wayne freedman is there to explain the team's new partnership and the name. >> reporter: if big businesses could have wedding parties, this might fit the bill. we're near chase center today, a dearly beloved gathering of the golden state warriors and kaiser permanen permanente. >> we've known them, been associated, i think for a decade. >> reporter: now as with any wedding, a name change. in this city of neighborhoods the four square blocks around chase center shall now be officially known as thrive city, as a special benefit to the residents of mission bay. >> it's a new community gathering place in san francisco and the bay area that you're able to go and experience art, experience events what should they have there?
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>> parking. parking. they're going to have parking but you never know if it's going to be enough parking. >> reporter: terrence banks outside of mercy housing, affordable rental units for 600 people, including 200 children. the plan benefits them and they're optimistic. >> well, any time it's a private entity, you want to make sure that it's really for the people. >> reporter: there is a concern with san francisco's migrating homeless population it might become a little too real. we asked kaiser permanente ceo bernard tyson if this outreach and kaiser permanente's presence might bring progress. >> we're going to work to find them housing, shelter. they're homeless and that is unacceptable in our society. that's our belief. >> reporter: that can happen soon enough but for now the honeymoon is particularly sweet.
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as kaiser permanente sees it, as the warriors see it, as the people in in community see it, it's all for the good. if people can walk into an open separation and enjoy it within 10 minutes, that's a win. in thrive city, wayne freedman, abc 7. >> we like it, wayne, thank you so much. thrive is the slogan used by kaiser permanente. the warriors are in midair on their way to toronto for the start of the nba finals. >> the players boarded the plane earlier this afternoon at oakland international airport. kevin durant is traveling with the team even though he won't play in game one. >> you can see k.d. carrying his onboard meal in one hand. klay thompson got a double serving. most of the players grabbed two food containers. >> yeah, they work hard, right? now look at steph curry. his four boxes of food. he's done a really good job of juggling one on top of the other. yeah, maybe it's symbolic for the fourth championship that the current team is pursuing. >> good point, that could be
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lucky. the warriors arrive in toronto at 8:00 p.m. bay area time. abc 7 is the only place you can watch the golden state warriors and the nba finals, game one this thursday. coverage begins with live reports from toronto on abc 7 news at 4:00 followed by the dubson 7 pregame show at 5:00. the debate over use of police force. pressure is mounting on both sides of the issue in sacramento. a witness in the ghost ship fire trial takes aim at derek almena. what she says happened when she urged him to get the building up to code. warmer weather headed our way. the seven-day forecast coming up. get out your sharpie pen. why you might need it for your prescription drugs. the rise of meatless meat. new numbers reveal it's
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jurors heard about life at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. the mother of a man who co-signed a lease made no secret of her dislike for derekal med de. katherine bouchard says her son called her several times crying saying he wanted to leave but almena would talk him into staying. she said almena laughed when she asked him to get the building up to code. the prosecution called to the stand a former ghost ship 10 nance and fire survivor carmen brido who called the ghost ship the most beautiful place she'd ever lived. >> these are witnesses the d.a.'s office is calling and they wind up giving fantastic witness testimony for max harris. >>al men deand max harris are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter for the 36 people who died in the warehouse fire in december 2016. use of force bills are setting off a fierce debate in sacramento. law enforcement groups held
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peace officer day at the capitol to push for state senators to pass a bill that would improve officer training for use the force. there is a second more controversial bill that addresses the use of deadly force. a compromise led to several police organizations dropping their opposition. >> a part of it includes training. having a real discussion, not a one-sided discussion. there's two sides to every story as we in law enforcement know. you've got to find that balance. so far some of the negotiations behind the scenes have helped with that. >> the assembly is expected to vote on the revised use of force bill in the coming days. also in sacramento, the state assemblery has voted to extend the state's medicaid program to eligible adults regardless of immigration status. the bill now goes to the senate. now to prescription drugs and your privacy. >> "7 on your side" has new information on that topic, michael? >> this is super interesting. we all know to protect our social security numbers, bank
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account, and credit card numbers. but you should also be thinking about your prescription medication information. so here's a look at who might want to profit from it and what they might try to do with it. pharmacies and doctors are legally bound to safeguard your prescription records. but some of that information can still be shared and used in ways you might not expect. like when you apply for life insurance, disability, or long-term care insurance. it's likely the insurance company hired a reporting agency to analyze your medication records and score your health risks. it's fully legally. so "consumer reports" says it's important that the information they know about you is accurate. >> same way we think about credit reports, there are three reporting agencies that collect your prescription history. they keep a tally on all the prescriptions you and your family members take. every year ask for a free prescription history from one of the three reporting agencies.
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>> reporter: those are exam one, milliman, inteli script, and medical information bureau. who else is using your info? pharmacy chains are allowed to remind you about refills but they can also send you promotional emails for new medicines similar to the ones you take. "consumer reports" says opt out of pharmacy reminders and ads if you have the option. >> you also should be very careful about joining drug discount programs. it opens the door to marketing. it opens the door to extra phone calls. >> reporter: "consumer reports" says there's someone else who might be legally sharing some of your prescription data. >> a lot of hospitals and doctors' offices take your information and take your name off of it and sell that information or share that information with marketing companies or drug companies. if you don't want this to happen to did you, ask your doctor to opt out of having your information shared with any of these grews. >> reporter: and remember to keep your pill bottle and receipts private. >> safeguard it all.
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shred it. if you cannot take the paper off, get the black sharpie out. >> reporter: medication records can also be used by criminals to get drugs illegally or file false insurance claims. so think twice before allowing credit card numbers and social security numbers to be included in the office records of your pharmacy or doctor. those people are really not used to keeping stuff super private. not like a bank. >> right. >> so remember that. >> good advice. >> my favorite words, opt out. >> never hurts, thanks, michael. redwood city's impossible foods is beefing up the bottom line for burger king. after less than a move testing the plant-based impossible whopper in st. louis, burger king saw foot traffic jump by 18% compared to a decline at the company's other restaurants. burger king plans to offer the vegan burgers on all its menus by the end of the year. midweek forecast, gorgeous day around the bay area,
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finally. >> should we get used to it? meteorologist sandhya patel. >> why not? it is going to be nice this week. it's finally starting to feel like spring. take a look at live doppler 7. we have the fog, typical for this time of the year, hugging the coastline. 24-hour temperature change. up 12 degrees in livermore. warmer in san jose. 7 degrees warmer. 3 degrees warmer in santa rosa. east bay hills, a combination of high clouds and fog. 58 in the city. 66 in oakland. san jose 70 degrees. really nice weather in santa cruz. people are out enjoying the sunshine, the blue skies, and those temperatures from 68 in napa to 82 in vacaville. it is 80 in concord. so if you're thinking about stepping outside, taking the dog for a walk, you really couldn't ask for better weather. around the bay, temperatures in the comfort zone. a combination of fog and sunshine. 71 around the bay at 6:00.
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towards the evening hours you will notice those temperatures will be dropping down to the upper 50s. i think you can uncover your patio furniture, at least for the next seven days. we are expecting a break from the rain. san jose camera showing you a bright view as we look towards the shark tank. areas of fog for the morning commute, the warming trend continues tomorrow. we have summer-like warmth this upcoming weekend and even beyond. here's your 12-hour planner for tomorrow. sunup 5:51. temperatures mainly in the 50s. mostly sunny for noontime except near the coast. we'll have fog around and a little bit warmer for the afternoon. low 60s to the low 80s. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. temperatures will be mainly in the 50s to start off the day. tomorrow afternoon a nice day in the south bay. no weather extremes. 77 in san jose. 76 sunnyvale. los gatos 63, santa cruz. 74 palo alto, mountain view. 68 san mateo. low 60s near the coast.
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downtown san francisco 64. and typical for this time of year. detailty city, you hold on to fog. 62 degrees. north bay, 79 in santa rosa. 75 san rafael, vallejo. east bay, low 70s berkeley to oakland to san leann dough. 73 castro valley. inland a mild sunny day. 82 in concord. 79 in livermore. 78 in pleasanton. we're going to fast forward to thursday. notice temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 80s. we take a little bit of a break in the warming trend but friday those temperatures bounce back. upper 80s inland. 60s mainly near the coast. on saturday you're still feeling the warmth away from the beaches. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. morning fog to sunshine tomorrow. minor dip in those temperatures but warming back up friday, saturday, sunday near 90. then summer-like heat from monday and tuesday. low 90s inland. mid 60s coast. the beauty of the bay area is that we have our microclimates as you know.
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with those microclimates you can head to the coast if you don't like the heat monday and tuesday. we're definitely going to get a preview of summer. >> i'm ready for the heat after the cold. >> okay, good, enjoy. >> you're never more than 15 miles away from your comfort zone. >> you just head west and you're just fine. tsa makes a big change in its medical marijuana rules. what's now cleared to fly the friendly skies. the bay area man who faced a $1,200 fine for a 20-minute bike rental. "7 on your side" explains what you need to know before jumping
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on the peninsula, a man is under arrest for hitting a teenager in the head with a baseball bat. the san mateo sheriff's office arrested 34-year-old payam nia. they say he armed himself with a bat and hit a random teen in a
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parking garage. nia told the victim to be quiet and took off deputies found him. the victim is expected to make a full recovery, thank goodness. nia faces multiple charges including attempted murder and cruelty to a child. for the second time in less than a week a disaster assistance bill has failed to clear the house. the $19 billion bill would help california and other states hit by wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes. kentucky republican thomas massey blocked the bill. he wants a vote after the house returns from recess next week. massey's objection is now the sole hurdle to clearing the bill. house democrats will have another chance to clear the disaster aid package on thursday but republicans say they'll continue to block it. airline passengers can travel with medication containing hemp-derived cbd in most dayses. tsa updated its policy on flying with the hemp plant compound. travelers are allowed to have cbd products and fda-approved medications containing cbd in both carry-on and checked luggage.
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the clarification follows confusion over the status of an fda-approved pediatric epilepsy drug that contains cbd. marijuana and some cbd oils are still banned. the oakland city council will consider a resolution that would advocate for psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms. they will discuss a resolution that would instruct law enforcement to stop investigating and prosecuting people using these kinds of drugs. supporters say the drugs are natural healers for people who experience post-traumatic stress disorder or trauma of some kind. over there's little organized opposition. from 11 million spellers, now down to just 490. >> yeah, we are in the third round now of the national spelling bee and the bay area is well represented. just ahead, some of the words that spell the end of the road for some of the competitors. first we want to thank danielle for this beautiful picture from alameda. share your pictures #abc7now.
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i'm ama daetz. san francisco's new plan to give the mentally ill the help they desperately need at 6:00. how this is different from other programs costing taxpayers millions of dollars? also -- >> there are apartments going for $4,000 a month. >> yeah, the bay area city working to help its police officers beat the high cost of housing. looks like the fire department is coming to the rescue. all that plus more coming up in half an hour at 6:00. finally, round three of the scripps national spelling bee is putting local competitors to the test. >> 23 spelling champs from the bay area made it to nationals competing with more than 500 others. at least seven contenders are coming home. >> two lost in the second round misspelling the words sorghum and hedebo. in the third round, cloyin inin
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marginalia, and taffeta. >> astrography. >> correct. >> nice, that 13-year-old girl is a seventh graders from sunnyvale. 4 nikon december tants remain. >> watch the competition on espn3. which streams online. i love this contest every year. so much fun to see these bright kids. we can't even pronounce the words. >> no, not really. by the way, the drama when you watch them on tv. i'm so amazed by how secure and poised they are. the pressure. >> you can feel the tension. >> yes, yes. >> astrography is mapping the heavens. mapping the stars. "world news tonight" is next.


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