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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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county, kansas. you can see the damage done from a twister that touched down there. >> let's get to abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian who is tracking the storms for us tonight. >> let me give you a look at the radar from the area of eastern kansas and western missouri where a tornado was spawned by these powerful thunderstorms rumbling through the hours the lst couple of hours. as a matter of fact, a tornado touched down and traveled 32 miles on the ground through towns of sibleyville and lawrence in eastern kansas and up towards bonner springs. we have reports by way of local news that major damage has been done to homes along -- this report came in at 6:17 central time which is 4:17 our time. these powerful thunderstorms continue to rumble around the kansas city area. you can see another line of them on the left of your screen moving through central kansas. so as a result of that, a tornado watch is in effect for this large area, but a tornado
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warning is now in effect again for this area near highway -- interstate 35 just north of liberty. so let's give you a wider view here. that entire area into the red is under a tornado watch until 10:00 tonight as powerful, dangerous and destructive thunderstorms ten to rumble through the area. we'll update you if anything develops. and sky 7 is over breaking news in the east bay. crews are putting out a small grass fire in livermore off collier canyon road. this started about an hour ago. you can see there are still some hot spots here. you can see some of the smoke coming off there. about five acres of charred grass is what we're looking at. crews are taking everything very seriously. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we tackle the big issues and look for improvements to make a difference. >> over the next five minutes we are going to look at housing,
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homelessness and mental health and what's being done in various bay area communities. >> last november san francisco voters passed prop c which taxes big businesses to fund homeless programs. this november they'll be asked to pass a ceo tax to fundamental health programs for anyone who needs help. >> lyanne melendez is live in the newsroom to explain. >> i know you guys are thinking how is the ceo tax different from measure c? well, measure c will do a few things, like help expand navigation centers, shelters, put in more bathrooms for the homeless while also funding some, not all, mental health care and drug addiction services. so this is exclusively for homeless people. but the ceo tax will pay entirely from mental health care for anyone in san francisco. this woman was passed out in the middle of the sidewalk as people were bumping into her. >> are you okay? >> concerned that she might get hurt, we approached her.
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she was confused as to who i was or my intentions. >> i work for channel 7. okay. >> i'm a news reporter. i don't work for the city. >> she was in no shape to speak to us. >> one of the things that you just noticed is that right now people just walk by, right? and that is not okay. >> kathy curran is with a support group in the tenderloin district. she says san francisco has no way to track and coordinate the availability of beds and services for those with mental health issues and substance abuse problems. >> there are not enough resources, and so people can stay for just a very short time and then they're right back out the door. >> several san francisco lawmakers now have a plan and voters will decide in november whether or not to adopt the program called mental health sf. >> the mental health sf service center will provide access to a psychologist or psychiatric nurse, medication and case management services on site. it will also have a mobile
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outreach team to bring people in that are suffering on our streets. >> here's how it will get funded. half of it will come from reimbursements by the state, the rest from the general fund and from a new tax called the excessive ceo salary tax. for example, if a median salary at a company is $75,000 and its ceo makes 100 times that amount or $7.5 million, the city will add a 0.1% surcharge to the company's total gross revenue. the higher the disparity, the more the company has to pay. >> we want to ask a little bit more from some of these companies and use that money to be able to build a mental health system that actually works. >> and in order to tax these companies, the proposal will need the support of two-thirds of voters. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> if you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues, find your ally at
6:05 pm another topic we talk about a lot is housing. one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country, where do those who protect and serve sleep? you know what, in san mateo only a quarter of the 125 sworn officers actually live in the city where they work. they spend about an hour each way commuting. abc 7 news reporter vic lee explored something today that could be a solution for this peninsula city. >> reporter: being a san mateo police officer usually means long commutes to work. >> only 25% of our officers live locally here. >> reporter: the average commute time for an officer here, almost an hour each way. that's nearly double the average bay area commute time, which is 32 minutes each way. this is one of the most affluent counties in the bay area. housing is expensive. officer michael hops knows just how pricey even rentals can get. >> i was looking for a
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one-bedroom apartment just last week. there are apartments going for $4,000 a month. >> reporter: not only are the commutes long, so are the working hours. >> our officers work a minimum of 11 hour and 40 minute shifts. usually they are mandated to stay over, sometimes working as much as 17-hour shifts. >> reporter: the commute and the working hours translate into fatigue. officers need a place to sleep and refresh themselves between shifts. the city of san mateo began looking for a place for them to do that earlier this month. they looked at old fire stations. the firehouse the city has chosen is station 26 on south norfolk street. it's leased with ambulance service amr ends at the end of the year and it's a perfect fit says the mayor. >> we're hoping to have about 12 bunks. we'll have to do a little bit of retrofitting, but 12 is a lot and it will make for some very quiet quarters for our folks. >> reporter: it's located on the east side of the city in a
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neighborhood where there's a lot of auto burglaries, so it will not only be sleeping quarters but it can serve as a substation, a deterrent to crime. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> housing afford ability is something that affects a lot of people all over the bay area. an estimated 4, 300 students at san jose state were homeless at some point. months ago we told you about requests from the student homeless alliance to set aside parking garage spaces for students to sleep in their cars overnight and short-term dorm beds for homeless students. now there's interest in turning the alquist building into housing. unser hassan explains. >> reporter: good evening, ama. this is that building that you were talking about in downtown san. just this morning it was put on
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a list of possible buildings for the state to relinquish or sell off. san jose state says they want it and they have trying to work with two state senators to make it happen. the alquist building is underutilized and at a cost to taxpaye taxpayers. >> there's a great opportunity here for us to have a better use of that land than the current outdated state building. >> reporter: right now the three-story building houses several state agencies and the chp. he is working with state senator jim bell to help san jose state university turn it into possible affordable housing. >> as we bring new faculty and staff in, they can't afford to live in the bay area. >> reporter: charlie foss says the university is in great need of housing. he says it would be a great opportunity for both the school and the city, which is trying to revitalize the downtown. >> it would enlarge our footprint tremendously.
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it would continue to activate the university with the downtown even further. >> reporter: this student is with the student homeless alliance. her group met with senator bell and were asked to advise on how to transform the building to benefit the university. >> we need something that's 20% below market rate so that our students can afford it. >> reporter: now, we are years away from any possible decision and there's no guarantee that it would go to san jose state university. the land is valued at $26 milli million. if the state decides to put it up for sale, it could go to the highest bidder. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. police track down a robbery suspect this evening. sky 7 was above grand avenue in san leandro where the man was taken into custody. police and the chp were looking for the robber near mcarthur
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boulevard and estradio avenue. bancroft middle school was put on lockdown during the search. officials at a water park credit quick-thinking staff and parents and kids attending an end of the year school trip from pulling a young student from the bottom of the pool and reviving him with the help of contra cost o'county firefighters. it happened at the antioch water park. that's where laura anthony is live with thankfully a good outcome. >> reporter: well, that's right, dan. at last word this boy is awake and alert at a local hospital. he is doing well. it was a close call, though. a tragedy averted, thanks to the quick actions of many people around that poolee f s 7,stspe a fire department responded to the call of an 11-year-old boy founs at the antioch water park. the student was among dozens of
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others from three elementary schools enjoying an end of the year party. >> it's my understanding that both students, parent teacher chaperones and our lifeguard personnel all responded to this incident at about the same time. our lifeguard personnel pulled the student from the water. >> upon arrival, staff had pulled the patient from the pool and were beginning resuscitation measures when we arrived on scene. >> reporter: the student was in other kids at what's called the sports pool at the water park which was just four feet deep. the boy was awake and breathing on his own when paramedics brought him to a helicopter. he was airlifted to an area hospital. antioch unified confirmed he attends london elementary school where this afternoon parents were just learning about what happened at the water park. >> yeah, i always think twice when it comes to water, especially with my son because he loves the water. and especially really with any child. you have to watch them. it's so quick, it happens really quick. >> reporter: the incident comes as the summer swim season is
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about to kick off here and at pools and parks all over the bay area. >> whether you're at the beach, the lake, even just your backyard, everybody should be alert and conscious of how we're playing, what we're doing and what's happening around water. >> reporter: now, the parks and rec director here in antioch told me there will be no major changes after this incident. that her personnel, those lifeguards reacted in exactly the way they were trained. in antioch, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you. tonight oakland city council will talk about how to crack down on those illegal sideshows. and we're now just learning how dangerous and deadly events like this can be. i'm spencer christian. get ready for a string of sunny days and a big warmup coming our way. it will feel almost like summer.
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watch closely because it only takes an instant for a thief to grab a cell phone and go. b.a.r.t. police says this happens all too often and more often. the first four months of 2019 b.a.r.t. received reports of more than 400 cell phone thefts. now it's trying to do something about it. luz pena has the story. >> reporter: in the first ten minutes at embarcadero station, we saw more than 15 people distracted on their phones. even though many of them didn't notice, b.a.r.t. police has proof that thieves are watching. >> do you put it away once the train doors open? >> am not on that much. >> reporter: a man can be seen snatching a phone from a
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distracted rider. >> they're distracted so they don't see the person who took the phone. >> reporter: after 402 reports since january 1st, b.a.r.t. police are raising awareness. >> we're getting a lot of cell phone thefts. they're grabbing them and running off the train. >> reporter: when are you most prone to these crimes? when the train doors open and also while you're waiting here on the platform. out of 402 reports, b.a.r.t. police have arrested 29 suspects. but when it comes to getting your phone back, the stats are very low. >> not very many. unfortunately there's a market for it. as soon as they steal them, they go and sell them. >> reporter: this year alone, b.a.r.t. hired 26 officers and are looking to fill 22 vacancies and preventing this type of crime they say is high on their list. >> over $1,000 cell phone right here. how much of these thieves getting for them? >> yeah, those phones on the black market, on the resell, they're going for $300 or $400. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news.
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uc san francisco has decided not to expand its affiliation with dignity health. a proposal would have tightened ucsf's connection with dignity's four hospitals in the area. there are restrictions on abortions, transgender care and end of life options. ucsf issued the following statement. we respect and appreciate the diversity of opinions from multiple stakeholders both within ucsf and outside our university and we have heard you all. given the concerns, we will not continue to pursue the affiliation as it had been envisioned. and dignity health had this response. we have heard and understand the concerns raised by ucsf faculty and others relating to the proposed partnership between dignity health and ucsf health and agree that we cannot move forward with the partnership as originally planned. happening now, the oakland city council is going to consider a resolution that would advocate for psychedelic drugs like mushrooms.
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supporters say the drugs are natural healers for people who experience posttraumatic stress disorder or trauma. the resolution would instruct law enforcement to stop investigating and prosecuting people using these kinds of drugs. so far there has been little organized opposition. a new examination into the police response to sideshows is giving us a clearer idea tonight of the scope of the problem. the study by oakland police revealed that one sideshow on april 7th resulted in the death of a man injured by a vehicle. the department's research found gunfire has become more common at these events. while a sideshow task force and heavy traffic enforcement is helping reduce the number of sideshows, the report suggests tougher laws and a minimum of 60 officers assigned to sideshows are needed to successfully respond to these illegal and often dangerous events. >> very dangerous. all right, let's turn to our weather now because i feel like we're in a nice warmup. >> we have turned a nice corner.
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of course, spencer, you've also been following what's happening in the midwest which is very difficult, but very pleasant here. >> very pleasant here and getting even more pleasant because it's getting even warmer which appears to be what most people wanting. we have mainly sunny skies with the usual early evening fog or low clouds building at the coast line. this is the view from emeryville looking toward san francisco. it is currently 57 here in the city, mid-60s at oakland and mountain view, 67 at san jose. santa cruz 66 and 55 at half moon bay. check out this view from mt. tam showing mostly blue sky looking in this direction, just a few thin wispy high clouds hanging around. 68 in santa rose ar, napa 66. fairfield 79, vacaville 81. and this is our view from the rooftop here at abc 7 looking out at mainly blue skies and these are your forecast features. we'll see areas of fog for the morning commute closer to the coast and the bay. warming trend continues tomorrow and we'll see summer-like warmth
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developing over the weekend and continuing into next week. tonight look for a few low clouds near the coast, mainly clear skies in our inland areas except for a few thin high clouds. overnight lows will be in the mid-50s. the day planner for tomorrow looks like this. we'll have a few lingering low clouds in the early morning hours and maybe some hang around until noon. but afternoon it will be clear, sunny and a bit warmer with inland highs in the low 80s. in fact let's take a closer look at high temperatures for tomorrow starting in the south bay where we'll see highs of 77 at san jose, 76 at los gatos. up on the peninsula look for mainly low to mid-70s. 74 palo alto. low 60s generally on the coast. downtown san francisco will top out at 64 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay we'll see a wider range from mid-70s to low 80s. east bay highs about 70 in oakland and berkeley, 72 san leandro. the inland east bay will have highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. now, looking even farther into the forecast future, thursday
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we'll see a slight cooldown, just a one-day cooldown and only by a few degrees. inland highs will probably not reach 80 in most locations on thursday. even around the shoreline we'll see upper 60s. on friday temperatures bounce back rather vigorously. we'll see mid to upper 80s inland and about 60 on the coast. saturday just as warm as friday and it will continue to warm up as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the weekend warmup taking us into early next week. sunday upper 80s inland, mid to upper 70s around the bay shoreline, low to mid-60s on the coast. about the same range on sunday. saturday and sunday, they look very much alike. then on monday and tuesday, inland highs move into the low 90s. low to mid-80s around the bay shoreline, mid to upper 60s along the coast. and it's a steady progression, it's not just a sudden surge in temperatures. >> thank you, spencer. it's not just a championship at stake between the warriors
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and toronto raptors in the nba finals. >> next, oakland's mayor r
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we have breaking news to tell you about out of the east bay. both lanes of southbound highway 13 in oakland are shut down after a fatal motorcycle crash. these are live pictures from sky 7. you saw sky map 7 on there a
6:25 pm
moment ago. traffic is getting by on the shoulder, as you can see at this point. the crash happened just before interchange near broadway terrace. crossing the border, the warriors left for canada today to face the toronto raptors in the nba finals. the players boarded the plane this afternoon at oakland international airport. fans were happy to see kevin durant traveling with the team. he won't play in game one but could play later on. demarcus cousins is listed as questionable. steph curry raised some eyebrows by carrying four food containers for the trip. maybe he's just hungry. the other players only carried one or two food containers for the flight. their plane lands in toronto in about two hours. >> the man's got to eat. he's steph, he knows what he's doing. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she's going all in on a friendly finals bet with toronto mayor john torre. >> he has already put on the line a case of canadian beer and one of toronto's famous bacon
6:26 pm
sandwiches. well, i'm going to meet that bet with a pound of blue bottle coffee, a pound of red bay coffee and maybe some super barbecue sauce from everett and jones and i might up his wager with a box of ocho chocolates. >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the golden state warriors this thursday. our coverage begins with live reports from toronto on abc 7 news at 4:00 followed by the dubs on 7 pregame show. game one is at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game. >> it's going to be really great fun. well, is a shortcut the solution? in foster city it's been the opposite, a problem. >> months ago the city made changes to try to fix it. tonight we follow up to see if it worked. plus a record-setting lunch with this man,
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so, you went online and got so confused. that your brain went offline. next time, ask your helpful cvs pharmacist. we created a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in... before you conk out. see what you might save at cvs pharmacy. this is what commuters want to see, traffic moving quickly so when something works, we call that building a better bay area. >> absolutely.
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foster city did not like seeing traffic backing up. apps like google maps and waze tell drivers to cut through the town to get to or from 101 and 92. >> and now along a stretch of east hillsdale boulevard in foster city, drivers can no longer make left or u-turns from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. we told you about the project when it started in february. >> today chris reyes followed up to see how that's actually working. >> reporter: foster city is in this triangle so it has highway 101 going northbound, highway 92 is going east bound to hayward and foster city is just -- it's a shortcut. >> so for the last three months foster city kblimtd a restriction during rush hour. just last week the city council voted to extending the program. >> from our observation the way the intersection is functioning, there is a reduction of folks getting on the freeway. by inference, we have less
6:31 pm
traffic that come through town. >> reporter: that's a welcome change for some residents, especially those that get stuck on east hillsdale on their way home or even just to go to the grocery store. >> it probably takes at least half an hour to drive a mile. >> way better than it was before. we have no turn from 4:00 to 7:00 so it has improved. i'm really happy about that. >> reporter: the traffic might be a little bit better but it's only a slight improvement for residents who are lived in foster city for decades. >> we were meeting friends in oakland for dinner, so we were leaving around 4:00. it took us forever to get out of foster city. it was horrible. >> reporter: ideally public works director wants to make the left turn restrictions permanent. they also want help from some of the driving apps like google, waze and apple. right now the left turn restrictions aren' othhey're telling drivers that setimes the shortcut through foster city isn't worth it. well, today oakland
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officials kicked off a blitz with the goal of filling thousands of potholes. the town calls it an intensive effort to patch potholes and repair roads all over the city. the pothole backlog is about 7,000 requests. >> you know, the 1-2 punch of half a billion dollars of deferred maintenance on oakland streets, plus a series of very wet winters have left us with the worst pothole problem i have ever seen in my entire life living here. >> earlier this month the oakland city council approved a $100 million three-year paving plan that will more than triple the pace of road repaving work. crews will put in 12-hour days three days a week to finish the pothole blitz. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. teachers in union city are back on the picket lines as the strike in the new haven unified school district enters its second week. negotiators for the teachers and
6:33 pm
the district talked until late last night and there was a little bit of movement. teachers dropped their demands from a 10% raise to a nearly 7% raise, but the district says paying for this would mean dire cuts to the school. >> we're talking about closing schools. we're talking about cutting administration at the school sites, leaving elementary school of 800 kids with just a principal. >> the district is offering a 3% one-time bonus for the current school year and 2% salary increase for the coming school year to be implemented halfway through the year. schools are still open but attendance has dropped significantly during the strike which started last monday. the final day of school is june 13th. happening now, san jose state university's commencement -- san francisco state, forgive me, commencement address is getting under way at oracle park. here's a live look at the park. speaker of the house nancy pelosi is the keynote speaker at tonight's san francisco state commencement ceremony. kate larson is there.
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she tweeted this video. about 8,700 people are graduating but the event draws a crowd close to 40,000 which often causes traffic backups. that's why it's being held at oracle park. the coffers at san francisco's glide memorial church are about to swell thanks to warren buffett's annual auction. bidding opened sunday and ends on friday. the price to have a private lunch with the investor has topped $3.5 million on just day three. the bid tops the previous record of $3.4 million paid in 2012 and again in 2016. the buffett lunches have raised near low $30 million for glide in the last 20 years. more shared bikes are coming to san francisco streets. a lot more. the city already has two shared systems. dockless bikes by jump and docked bikes by ford go bikes. the city is allowing other companies to apply for permits
6:35 pm
to bring their bikes into san francisco. the goal is to have 10,000 shared bikes available. that's about four times the number of bikes that are out there now. well, recycling can be an easy way to get around a busy city but when cyclists have problems like when a ford go bike doesn't dock properly, they reach out to 7 on your side's michael finney. and next, a memorial day mistake. see what has a
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the u.s. supreme court today side stepped part of an indiana abortion case that could have tested the constitutionality of roe versus wade. the justices turned down an appeal to reinstate a law that banned abortions because of the sex, race or disability of the fetus. however, the court in a 7-2 vote upheld part of the same law mandating that aborted fetuses be buried or cremated. netflix is rethinking its investment in georgia after the state passed its fetal heartbeat law nearly banning all abortions in the state. netflix says the law severely restricts the rights of women. thanks to tax credits, atlanta has in recent years become a major hub of tv and film production. the studio says it won't leave
6:39 pm
the state until the law goes into effect. a miles per hour league baseball team is apologizing to new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez for a video that aired at its stadium yesterday on memorial day. jason olivera from our sister station has more. >> reporter: from usa today to "the washington post" to yahoo!. the heat the national spotlight has shifted its attention to the fresno grizzlies following a video the team aired between games of monday's doubleheader. >> we have really prided ourselves in putting the central valley and fresno on the map for positive reasons. obviously we don't want to be here today for other reasons so i regret that a lot. >> reporter: what aired was supposed to be a patriotic tribute nar 8ed by ronald reagan. when reagan's voice got to the part about america's adds ver saers, the video showed a picture of alexandria ocasio-cortez spliced between images of north korea's kim
6:40 pm
jong-un and the late cuban leader fidel castro. the grizzlies are apologizing for the video and the way it was editted. >> we've got safeguards that were not fully followed. >> reporter: according to team officials, a staffer pulled the video off of youtube and aired it without watching it in its entirety. >> we're embarrassed that this happened and we've got a staff person here that is very remorseful for not fully doing the job we typically do. >> reporter: michael evans says the video was brought to his attention tuesday morning after reading chatter about it on social media. >> when i saw the video, it was completely insane that they would throw aoc in the middle of this. particularly between two dictators. >> reporter: the front office says no season ticket holders have cancelled their seats, while the team promises nothing like this will ever happen again. >> we're regretful and we're sorry today for this being a
6:41 pm
distraction from what otherwise was a great day. >> reporter: in fresno, jason olivera, abc 7 news. a woman who survived 17 days injured and lost in the forest on maui says she wants to be an inspiration. >> amanda eller talked about her ordeal today. she was found last friday after an aerial rescue team spotted her in a deep ravine. >> she ate berries to sustain her and slept in pig beds to keep herself warm. she hopes her journey inspires others to live their best life. >> i want to light the fire in other people. i want us all to be so stoked to be here on planet earth. every single morning we wake up, we're so happy to be here, you know? that's my goal. >> two of the volunteer searchers are turning their attention now to finding others who have become missing and are looking for a hiker last seen eight days ago. getting to our weather, if you liked what you saw today, you'll probably like the rest of
6:42 pm
the week. >> we did like
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a familiar blue ford go bikes are rolling across the bay area, growing in popularity. >> they are a great way to hop
6:45 pm
across town without a car quickly, but is there a risk? some customers say the app shows they're still riding long after they return their bike. >> and they're facing a big fine. they came to 7 on your side's michael finney for your help. >> this is a follow-up report. i reported about a san francisco man who toelld me he rented a fd go bike, docked it properly an hour later and then was told he never returned it. he had to find it fast or pay $1,200 for a missing bike. since then four others have come to me with a similar problem. a quick bike ride turning into a huge financial liability. brandon lightner was trying to get across town to his volunteer job. >> i was coming from work to go to the san francisco marin food bank. >> reporter: he decided to hop on one of these ford go bikes. >> it took about 20 plus minutes to get down to potrero. >> reporter: he docked the bike and a text message showed the charge. >> i thought that was that.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: unfortunately it wasn't. the next day he got a shocking email from ford go bike. >> saying hey, your bike is still out. the sttrip is still in progress. i thought what were they talking about. >> reporter: ford go bike claimed he never returned the bike and if he didn't get it back soon, he'd have to pay a $1200 missing bike fee. >> $1200, that's pretty absurd. >> reporter: brandon was sure that he had docked it firmly. >> i heard a locking and engaging sound. >> reporter: he said he jiggled it to make sure it was locked. ford go bike said he better go back and find it. >> road all the way down there. went to the same stall. >> reporter: so he searched rows of identical blue bikes, thought he foundi the right one. go like said he hadn't. >> they say this is your fault, you lost our bike. it's on you. >> reporter: brandon wasn't the only one. he and three other go bike customers contacted 7 on your side with the same complaint saying go bikes falsely claimed
6:47 pm
they never returned their bikes. all faced the possible $1,200 fine. we contacted go bike. the company reviewed the cases and did waive the fees for each customer, saying ford gobike is committed to providing a seamless experience to the thousands who hop on our bikes across the bay area each kay. we work directly with customers who experience docking issues and routinely inspect and maintain our docks. >> the very next day i received an update saying it had been returned. >> reporter: brandon's bike was located nearly two days later docked at a different station. the app showing he road for 21 hours and burned 6900 calories. i really appreciate gobike and everything they did after we aired our reports and talked to them. the gobike rental agreement does say if you don't return the bike within 24 hours, it is considered lost or stolen and you are responsible to pay for it. so if you rentingyou rent a bike
6:48 pm
you dock it correctly. the app should say your ride has ended. take a screen shot of that. if you have a problem, let me know that. you can call my hotline monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00, 415-954-8151. you can also reach me through our facebook page and on >> taking a screen shot is a great idea. one last time, we want to update the weather forecast. >> okay, are you ready to ride this wave of warming? it's developed already. mainly sunny skies with a little bit of increasing low cloudiness near the coast. that will be the pattern overnight. overnight lows will generally be in the low 50s. tomorrow we'll have another sunny and mild to warm day with highs ranging from low 60s at the coast to some mid-70s near the bay and low 80s inland. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. the weekend is going to bring us even warmer weather going into early next week. look for high temperatures
6:49 pm
inland at or above 90 degrees. we'll see low or low to mid-80s around the bay shoreline, mid to upper 60s on the coast and sunny skies ahead except for a little morning fog here and there. this is the weather we've all been waiting for. >> okay. the warriors are off, heading toward canada. >> it's exciting. larry. >> it is exciting. it was exciting to see kevin durant as the warriors took off today. he's on the plane. we weren't sure, is he going, is he staying? injured leg and all, k.d. is with the team in toronto. but will we see him in the
6:50 pm
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good evening. the warriors took off for toronto today. kevin durant did make the trip even though he's been ruled out of game one because of the calf injury. notice, he's carrying his bag by himself and his bag is banging into the side of his leg. he can't be in that much pain so maybe we see him in game two? this is the warriors fifth straight year in the finals but the first time they are not facing lebron and the cavs. boogie cousins hoping to get back on the court after the quad injury. look at all the meals steph has. does he eat that much or can the chicken not touch the rice. shawn rice contemplating retirement. >> i thought about it a little bit between series. but again, just trying to enjoy the moment.
6:53 pm
not trying to be so cliche about it, but who knows. i think that decision really for me the more that i thought about it is going to come this summer. >> shawn knows he's in the twilight of his career and he wants these young guys to have great careers and experience what he's experienced. he's been fantastic both on and off the court for us all year. >> could be ring number four for shaun livingston. while the dubs were flying across the border, the raptors are playing up the underdog role being very complementary to the back-to-back champions. >> they don't leave you much margin for error. so you've got to be locked in. whatever our game plan is at the time and just the mental focus that it's going to take to try to win against this team, our mental focus has to be at an all-time high. >> here is our not-so-subtle reminder to enjoy game one of the finals this thursday night. our pregame starts at 5:00 p.m.
6:54 pm
tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. exclusively on abc 7. we'll go heavy on the hoops. happy birthday to the logo, jerry west. former lakers great and warriors executive was born may 28th, 1938. so jerry turned 81 today. he's working for the clippers now, hoping to land kawhi or k.d. or both this summer in l.a. the raiders said they wanted to build a winner with high character, guys. so some questions today when they announced a one-year deal with guard richie incognito who's had a variety of off-field issues. wide receiver antonio brown met the media today. he had issues with ben roethlisberger in pittsburgh but has nothing but love for raiders qb derek cacaca >> working out earlier, hey, man, you got a little faster. so i'm excited, i'm grateful to be here, honored to be here and
6:55 pm
i'll continue to put my will on display and challenge my teammates. giants fans in miami. easy to find them. there's almost nobody at this game. the first pitch of the game. look, there's nobody there. the dugout was pumped. first pitch. giants didn't get another hit until the fifth. the marlins got plenty. this is joe alfaro. how alfaro did he hit that ball? the marlins are the worst team in the league recordwise. you wouldn't know that by the score. 11-1, marlins in the eighth. the giants are bad. a's and angels play tonight. college golf in arkansas. team championship, stanford won their morning quarterfinal match taking on the 2 seed vanderbilt in the semis. cardinal leading all day needing this birdie to drop to make their first-ever finals and they did. the cardinal will face texas in the finals tomorrow for the ncaa title.
6:56 pm
just pop quiz, what were you doing three years ago today? you're supposed to say watching the warriors. klay thompson in particular. on this day in 2016 klay hit a playoff record 11 threes against the thunder in game six of the western conference finals and that saved the dubs' 73-win season. they went on to win game seven and that was the last game kevin durant played for okc. if i was klay i would watch that video every day. >> just moes vativational. >> good stuff. join us tonight at 9:00 on cofi tv 20, cable channel 713. the bear that shut down a town. what officials decided to do about it. and then at 11:00, a packed school board meeting in the north bay. parents are angry over what they're calling a racist yearbook photo. what they're demanding. >> those stories and a lot more coming up later this evening for you, but that is this edition of abc 7 news. breaking news whenever you wish.
6:57 pm
we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian, larry beil -- >> did you accidentally dial someone? >> i accidentally facetimed someone. >> we're facetiming now. have a good night, we'll see you later.
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