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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 29, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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result of this crash. again, it's a deadly crash. we believe at least one fatality at this point. we're hearing of several injuries involved as well. frances will have an update for us shortly. live team coverage on this for you throughout the morning. and good morning on this wednesday, may 29th. we're going to get to more on that in a moment. first a quick check of weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa? >> hey, natasha, jessica, good morning to you. we have some fog out in oakland and napa, along the coast, san mateo. also in the north bay. a live look from our sutro tower camera. above the low clouds and a bit of high cloudiness, 54 in san jose. from our east bay hills camera just a ribbon of fog there. it all clears throughout the afternoon today. 55 in napa. 57 in concord. it is going to be a beautiful day today with temperatures warming up. in fact, we'll be in the upper 60s by noontime. low 70s inland. low 80s around concord, livermore, upper 70s in santa
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rosa with low 70s around fremont and sun setting at 8:23 tonight. frances, what is the news? >> oh, my gosh, lisa, it's just getting worse and worse. here is a live shot from sky 7 looking at this fatal accident with the overturned box truck on its side. because it's fatal they're going to need to do an investigation. it will be out there for a while. lots of emergency crews at the scene and the three right lanes have been blocked for over a ur rightsiyou'll noticestandstie way through the maze. so waze is calculating delays well over two hours right now. it is just a crawl. you are not going to get anywhere this morning if you are heading to the bay bridge. in fact, traffic is backed up on all the freeways approaching the maze and there are two accidents on westbound 80. one at powell street. this one just came in possibly blocking the two left lanes. they're saying injuries on this one as well and one at gilman as
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well. i will jump over and take you to the maps to show you how slow it is. major delays through berkeley with two accidents along the stretch. i also wanted to talk about a crash heading to the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic backed up in all directions am southbound 880 near if you are heading to the san mateo bridge southbound 880 stretch is now slow. you may want to consider b.a.r.t. reporting no delays or head over to the san francisco bay ferry as well and the richmond san rafael bridge looking good at this point. >> what a mess. thank you, frances. we have crews trying to get to the crash but traffic approaching that crash is a total nightmare. >> they're stuck in the nightmare, too. to reporter jobina fortson. she's been trying to get across the bridge for the
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so. what do you see? >> reporter: jessica and natasha, just for some context i put in o to the station on front street about 5.4 miles. it says at this point it will take us an hour and ten minutes to get there. we know that's usually a quick drive from here. now we can see why. you can see the backup to the flashing lights that are off in the distance. i'm using my phone so, unfortunately, we're not able to zoom in as closely. this is stemming from a collision between a box truck and a transit bus. the chp said the collision was first reported at 4:28 this morning just east of treasure island and alameda county. the crash was reported around 4:45, traveling eastbound.
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tried to make a turnaround and it just wasn't going to happen. i'm going to bring you around the corner here so you can see the back yum behind us. we are in the car-pool lane right now. we did get to talk with a spokesperson about the injuries in the crash. >> there are three people with some form of injury on the bus. there may be more people on the bus. i don't know the total number yet. we also don't nope the know thef those injuries. we should have more information coming up soon. >> reporter: back out here live you can see, again, this approach to the toll plaza completely backed up all the way, well into the maze. and actually i see a live truck off to the left, i think amy hollyfield over there. at this point we do not have an estimate as to when the three westbound lanes will reopen. for now reporting live, jobina
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fortson, action 7 news. >> okay, jobina, thank you. a reminder to our viewers that you just want to avoid that area altogether. there's no turning back anywhere. if you're lucky and still at home watching this, take an alternate route. our team sending out push alerts like this on your screen. we have updated you. download the abc 7 news app to get the latest on the crash. it goes right to your mobile device. the san francisco medical examiner does confirm for us bones found at this mission district home are, in fact, human. police say the remains were found buried behind the home on 21st street last thursday. investigators will now try to identify them and find the cause of death. in the north bay some parents say a racist photo was included in a middle school yearbook. >> take a look at this photo of the kenilworth junior high and three students are seen making an upside-down okay sign. it's a symbol used in a game
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called the circle game but in recent years has taken on a different meaning after white supremacists began using it as a sign of white power. the yearbook was released last week. a parent notified the photo and alerted the school. >> it made me feel pretty sick, and then i also just wasn't surprised. i've lived here for ten years, and it feels like we're in a bubble here that nothing bad happens, but i know from talkinging to other people who aren't white that discrimination is happening all over the place and that it's especially a problem in our schools. >> a parent noticed the photo and notified the school. the district says they are photo shopping the symbol out and will distribute a new sticker version to cover the original. the district says the students involved have been disciplined. another live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. a terrible crash left a person dead, three people hurt, and it is causing this backup for
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people heading into san francisco using the bay bridge. we'll have another update in just a moment. first a check of weather with lisa. hey, lisa. >> natasha, jessica, good morning to you from our exploratorium camera. going into the low to mid-60s around the bay. if you're in the city, but we're looking at 54 in san jose
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good wednesday morning to you. i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. low clouds and fog around the bay. lake tahoe in the 30s right now going to 64 with showers in the forecast. today, 54 in san jose. it's 52 in santa cruz and that's where we are now with the clouds, low 70s, plenty later o the low clouds and fog they'll peel back and sunshine, low 60s at the coast. the showers in the mountains and then through the overnight hours once again the marine layer grows a bit taller. the showers getting awfully close, aren't they, in the north bay. we'll keep it partly cloudy in the north bay, a few degrees cooler than today's highs for your thursday. 70 in oakland. 77 in san jose. 75 in vallejo. breezy at the coast. tonight low clouds and fog in the 50s. frances? we have a traffic alert because of the fatal accident. sky 7 is live over the scene.
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you can see right here this overturned box truck rear-ended a bus and this is where the fatality happened. you can see the box truck cabin is just jammed. the three right lanes are blocked. they're going to have to clean it up and do an investigation. still no estimated time of reopening the lanes and that means a nightmare for commuters heading to the bay bridge. another live shot from emeryville looking out to the maze. even an injury crash. emergency crews, that one doesn't look like it's blocking too many lanes but traffic is already jammed in all directions heading to the maze. it's a crawl and then an earlier crash as well at gilman cleared f. you're thinking about heading to the san mateo bridge, southbound 880, traffic is heavy through san lorenzo and hayward heading to the san mateo bridge. so consider the richmond on san rafael bridge as an alternate or b.a.r.t. or the ferries. the countdown to
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6:14. welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi will take part in a forum hosted by the commonwealth club in san francisco. this follows the democrat speaking to graduates and their families. >> it is my great honor as
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speaker of the house to bring you the congratulations of the united states congress, now the most diverse congress in history. >> abc 7 news was inside oracle park when more than 8,700 san francisco state students received undergraduate and graduate degrees. some of them felt inspired by the speaker's comments last night. >> we love nancy pelosi. to have her as an sf state commencement speaker it's super honorable to be a part of this community. >> the class of 2019 is the largest in san francisco state's history. star wars galaxy's edge opens as disney on friday. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m. ginger zee will show us some of the exciting attractions galaxy's edge will featuring. they are bracing for big crowds and long lines even with reservations required for opening day. our very own reggie aqui will join us live tomorrow right here
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on abc 7 mornings. disney is the parent company of abc 7. he's already sending out selfies of himself alone on the snow white ride. he's having a great time being by himself at disneyland. >> we get some changes tomorrow. it seems we have a different scenario. looking at live doppler 7 you can seep the low clouds and fog across the bay, petaluma, six miles. you can see the clouds here but really no issues. 53 in oakland. 54 in san jose. it's 52 in santa cruz. low clouds and some high clouds with 50 in santa rosa. concord, 57. 52 in livermore. plenty of sunshine on the way today with the low clouds peeling back to the coast.
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the warming trend conditions today and summerlike warmth over the weekend, but in between now and then we hav a weak system tomorrow coming in that will keep our temperatures from getting even warmer. that low cloud deck will expand. and then by friday look at the reds coming in to play. that means a warm afternoon inland that lasts into saturday. still cool and comfortable. coup ea cupertino, 72 in redwood city. san francisco should be a nice morning with a little bit of cloud cover on the cool side. then 63 in the sunset. 7 santa rosa. east bay, low 70s in san leandro and the inland valleys will look for upper 70s to low 80s. a slight dip tomorrow and then warmer right on through early next week. frances, it is a mess. unfortunately, i don't have
6:18 am
better news because of the fatal accident. showing you the overturned box truck. there may have been two passengers in the box truck, one of them died and the box truck rear-ended the golden gate transit bus. three right lanes have been blocked. massive nightmares for folks heading across the bay bridge into san francisco. it's just jammed for miles. also a look at the maze. there's even an accident in the backup. this right near powell and injuries reported there. looks like they've gotten things off to the shoulder so it's not blocking any lanes. traffic is a mess anyway and a look at the golden gate bridge looking good. this drive time traffic has been changing a bit saying 30 minutes. westbound is 27 minutes and that's a slow ride across. also slow getting to the bridge because of the backup on withe .
6:19 am
sig alert issued. avoid the bay bridge. it will be a nightmare. it's getting very heavy so no longer a great alternate. southbound 880 a crawl through hayward as well with an earlier crash and hetchy across the san mateo bridge. so b.a.r.t. and mass transit are your best bets at this time. looking more and more attractive all the time. "good morning america" at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> and rob marciano with a look at what's ahead. good morning, rob. >> good morning. great to be with both of you. weather is a top story. i know you have gorgeous stuff and will lhe i ttormone after another night of destructive tornadoes. so if you have folks who live in these areas or are traveling you're going to want to watch. stretching from the middle ofhe warnings in new york city or near new york city last night, reported tornadoes in pennsylvania and michael
6:20 am
jackson. all that devastation in the the latest. also an update on "jeopardy" host alex trebek's results. mind-boggling results. and the message for all those well-wishers out there. plus "gma" investigates counterfeit bike helmets. a team findin fakes, show you how they hold up and which ones to stay away from obviously. and the wonderful reese witherspoon talking about "big little lies" working with meryl streep and so much more. she's a ton of fun and will be great as are both of you. i don't know where reggie is but is missing a good show. >> he's in disneyland checking out the new star wars -- >> oh, he's reporting on the galaxy's edge? >> he's hanging out with ginger zee. he has left us behind and riding all the rides. >> oh, i feel so bad for ginger.
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okay, well, she's going to -- >> she'll get a taste of what we all deal with, right? >> oh, rob. >> it's all good. that should be exciting. i forgive him. good to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks, rob. baby product recall, we're going to tell but the sleep sack that you should no longer use. at 6:21 we want to leave you with a live look at the bay bridge. you can see just the crawl and this backup we're dealing with, this nightmare scenario for commuters trying to get into the city via the bridge. this rear end crash. you can see the box truck has left one person dead, three people injured and the bus up ahead. lanes are blocked and we are dealing with the backup. two crews heading to the scene. breaking news, always on the abc
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welcome back. 6:24. we are getting new information on this deadly crash that happened on the bay bridge earlier this morning. shortly after 4:30, something
6:25 am
we've been tracking and we just got new information from chp telling us there were three people inside the box truck and that box truck rear-ended the bus. we learned that the person who died in the crash was actualitily onboard the bus. so three people were on the bus that got injured -- three people were hurt. so one of those, that was our initial information. one of the passengers have died and two others have serious injuries. some new information from chp. we don't know exactly how many people were onboard that transit bus at the time of the crash. you see a very large scene still on the bay bridge. the upper deck heading into san francisco. heavy police presence. the coroner also called out to the scene and we have crews on the way as well and we're tracking the backup for you.
6:26 am
all through the maze it is stacked up so you want to avoid going across the bridge this morning, if you can take mass transit. now let's check our weather with lisa argen. waking up to patchy fog and low clouds. upper 70s the rest of the south bay. 73 in santa cruz. 75, milpitas. in the east bay fog in livermore this morning. 82 in concord later on. walnut creek 80. a warmer day for you here. warmer for everyone, even some sunshine at the coast. frances? all right, lisa. >> okay, we'll check in with frances shortly. some baby sleep sacks being recalled. an alert for parents because the sacks do not meet flammability standards. the sleep sack is branded as american apparel baby rib collection and manufactured by guilden active wear sizes 6 to
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12 months. if you have one american parl is offering a full refund or a replacement. a health jupdate from alex trebek and his battle with cancer. we're staying on top of the breaking news. if you're just waking up with us this is happening on the bay bridge, a deadly crash. it's having a massive impact on traffic. we just learned minutes ago that the fatality was actually on the bus. and two people were seriously injured on the bus as well, again, a box truck rear ended a transit bus going across the bay bridge and it has caused a major this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our memorial day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days to save $1000
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we continue following breaking news. sky 7 is live over a deadly crash that is causing major backup on the bay bridge. the crash involves a box truck
6:31 am
and a golden gate transit bus. now we have learned one person has died and actually four people are injured so the number of people hurt has gone up. >> officials tell us the box truck rear-ended the bus just before 4:30 this morning. the backups goes for miles and miles. frances, what is the latest? you saw how badly it was backed up. you can see with sky 7 and several accidents in the backup leading to the maze. another shot as we look from our emeryville camera. a new one just reported. people are losing their patience and it's getting worse. a live look at the san mateo bridge also shows slow traffic heading westbound as well. so let me show you alternates because this is causing major
6:32 am
delays, westbound 580, northbound 880, westbound 80 because of the sig alert on the bay bridge. there are several accidents on westbound 80 from albany, berkeley to the maze. traffic is also jammed westbound 580 through richmond as ybridge. and southbound 880 very heavy through san lorenzo and hayward down to westbound 92 for the san mateo bridge as another alternate. the san francisco bay ferry is another alternate. the ac transit service has major delays and we're also seeing delays on the capital corridor service as well and they're asking folks to transfer as an alternate. >> thank you. crews on the ground tracking these delays as well for us. >> jobina fortson is at the bay bridge. i think you were approach the toll plaza the last time. what are you seeing now?
6:33 am
>> reporter: natasha and jessica, we finally made it minutes ago. i'm going to show you what we see now here. i will flip the camera around so the traffic is moving a hair faster on the opposite side of the toll plaza. we know the lane we are sitting in is blocked ahead of us as well as two additional lanes so there are only two open. as frances was mentioning this morning use an alternative route if you can. this is stemming from a collision between a box truck and golden gate transit bus. one person has died and officials say four others were hurt and taken to the hospital. the collision was first reported at 4:28 just east of treasure island in unincorporated alameda county.
6:34 am
this is as far as we were able to get. we have watched people watch television shows while sitting in traffic as well as even pull over to relieve themselves in the bushes. painting a picture of how long it's taking to get through all of this. back to the pace we are moving here as well and, again, no time frame as to when those lanes will reopen. reporting live abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. traffic nightmare this morning. our team is sending out push alerts to keep you updated on the go. get the latest on this crash. helng sp side shows, last night an oakland city
6:35 am
council committee considered recommendations in the report. oakland police revealed that a man participating in a sideshow died on april 7th after he was hurt by a car. the review says large side shows require a response of at least 100 officers and cites a task force for helping break up the events but they can't always rely on the aid because of staffing issues. testimony continues today in the ghost ship fire trial. jurors heard from the mother of a man who co-signed the warehouse lease with defendant derick almena yesterday, and she says, the mother there, kaitlyn bouchard said her son called her several times in tears saying he wanted to leave the artist collective but almena would talk him into staying. she also said almena laughed when she asked him to get the building up to code. >> negotiations are set to resume today as the strike in the new haven unified school district enters its seventh day.
6:36 am
>> we want leadership now. >> those are striking teachers who showed up at the school board meeting last night and the board got up and left the room amidst all the chanting. police showed up to make sure things didn't get out of hand. the union had been seeking a 10% raise over two years. now it's lowered that demand to 7%. new evidence this morning that san francisco sales force transit center could be close to reopening. "the chronicle" reports they are bringing in workers to make sure the building's elevators and escalators are working. it has been closed eight months since cracked beams were found inside the facility. no date set but "the chronicle" says it could reopen by the end of june. still ahead, alex trebek's, quote, mind-boggling results from one of his cancer treatments, an update on the jeopardy host's health this morning. a live look at the big board. we're down 171 points.
6:37 am
another update on how the markets are doing in a moment. we've had big traffic issues. we want you to get a check of your weather with lisa argen. good morning, lisa. we're looking live at our best bay hills camera. some of the low clouds and the high clouds so we'll call it partly cloudy. partly cloudy in san jose, on the peninsula but looking better past the golden gate bridge where we have 52 in the city. 53 in oakland. 55 in mountain view. santa cruz at 51. the haze here with a little bit of that morning light will go mostly sunny today. 64 in san francisco. 50 in santa rosa. 55 in napa with the clouds and upper 50s vacaville, concord, livermore. so if you're heading out, dry pavement. things are looking good for the commute out of the north bay. san mateo bridge, mass transit, no problem.
6:38 am
small craft advisory inside the bay. a little bit of a breeze for your afternoon commute perhaps. we're sunny, we have showers in the sierra nevada and a weak system riding into the north will allow for more clouds in the north bay tomorrow. we're not going to heat up anymore on your thursday. in fact, could see extra cloud cover north of wine country. so today 80s for concord, cooler tomorrow. look at the trend this is for the rest of the bay area, too. a dip on sunday and then looking at much warmer weather into next week so enjoy the 70 in the east bay with mid-70s up in san rafael and, boy, it's been a crazy morning for you. >> it's been horrible for commuters heading to the bay bridge. that's one spot you'll want to avoid because of the fatal crash. e butheon the roadduty itea a long-term investigation so the three right lanes blocked for some time. only the two left lanes open.
6:39 am
traffic ze and, in fact, we hav accidents in the backup. there was one at the toll plaza. a couple at powell. you can see one here near the gore point, one that has been cleared as well. so everything headed westbound is very slow. a your alternates are slow across the bridge. in fact, it is jammed, still a crawl from berkeley in emeryville, also westbound 580 heavy from oakland as well as northbound 880 and then if you're heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge, westbound 580 through richmond it does pick up once you get across the bridge. a slow and go ride with an earlier crash as well near a street and then slow on westbound 92. so your best options at this point b.a.r.t. trains reported on time. the francoeur bay ferry reporting no delays and ac transit has major delays. in fact, even affecting the capital corridor.
6:40 am
>> just a rough morning on the roads. we want to stay on top of that breaking news and more on the bay bridge crash. we have bert diaz with an update. hi, bert. >> good morning. >> what can you tell us about -- in terms of the fatality and the injuries? we understand one person died on the bus after it was rear-ended by the box truck, and are there four injuries total at this point that we're tracking? >> yes, so that report is inaccurate. at about 4:30 this morning we got a call about a collision involving a bus and a box truck. both vehicles were traveling westbound 80 just east of the san francisco/oakland county line. they were both within the number five lane, the slowest lane of travel. looks like the preliminary investigation shows the bus might have been slowing to traffic ahead. as it got rear-ended by the box truck. the box truck immediately rolled on to its left side. there were three occupants
6:41 am
within the cabin of the box truck, a driver and two other passengers, all males. the driver and another passenger of the box truck were transported to the hospital with serious injuries and, unfortunately, one of the passengers inside the box truck did succumb to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. >> so, officer diaz, we've had conflicting reports. you're confirming now it was a passenger in the box truck that has died in this crash? because earlier we heard it was someone on the transit bus. >> that's correct, yes, it was a passenger traveling inside the box truck that was pronounced deceased. as of right now the reports we have are there were two passengers that were inside the bus that complained of pain on scene. however, they were not transported. as of right now none of the passengers inside the bus were transported. >> okay. can you give us any more information on the victims, the ones that are suffering serious
6:42 am
injuries? you said adult males. do you have any information on the passengers on the bus as well? >> i do not. we do not have extent of injuries for the driver and for the passengers inside the box truck. we do know that our crews are still out there. cal trans and chp are still out there on scene trying to make the scene safe. unfortunately, the box truck did spill 40 gallons of diesel and that's causing part of the delay that cal trans wants to make sure the roads are safe. >> in light of the new information that it did spill some content, what is the estimate here, do you have one at this point on how long this is going to take to clean up? >> yeah, unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time of opening. we have a few things going on. obviously it's commute hours and we understand that we need to get the roads open. public safety is the number one concern. i want to make sure that the road is safe. we have another absorbent out
6:43 am
there to absorb the 40 gallons of diesel that were spilled and also a thorough investigation and make sure that we take any vehicles that need to be taken for evidence and/or towed away properly. we don't have an estimated time. i know everyone is out there, all hands on deck, trying to make the scene safe and get the roadways cleared. >> with that spilled diesel is this considered a hazmat situation now? >> yeah, i mean, anytime we have fluids out there, it's a situation where we as traffic safety officers and cal trans wants to make sure the roads are safe and is not a hazmat issue and doesn't get worse than it is. luckily cal transis out there with absorbent and the roads should be good to go at a later time today. >> all right, diaz with chp, thank you for the
6:44 am
6:45 am
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♪ good wednesday morning to you. showers in the sierra nevada. partly cloudy, yosemite. 67. 85 degrees. we haven't seen that in a while. 74 in los angeles. and, hey, maybe you want to go to the beach today because we are going to see sunshine with low 60s at the shoreline. maybe a little cool for you.
6:47 am
we're going to keep the forecast maybe a few degrees cooler on thursday before things really heat up. natasha? online game maker is selling its san francisco headquarters for nearly triple what it paid seven years ago. >> according to "the chronicle" they are selling the build to go a real estate investment company for $600 million. the company will then lease back a quarter of the property. zynga paid $220 million in 2012. its ceo says the sale will help the company reinvest in its core business. a live look at the new york stock exchange down 192 points now. in the red. bond yields slumping. some concerns over slower economic growth. we'll keep tracking it. let's get back to the breaking news we've been tracking on the bay bridge. back to sky 7 live over the scene of this fatal accident on
6:48 am
the upper deck of the bay bridge on the incline section. you can seep the three right lanes are blocked. lots of emergency crews there. they still need to upright the box truck and are putting absorbent on the road to pick up the gas spill. waze was calculating delays of over two hours. this is the spot to avoid. because the backup has grown there's a lot of frustrated drivers. we've seen several accidents on the westbound 80 drive backup. there are a couple at powell, one was just here at the gore point. you can see that's mostly cleared. all approaches heading westbound are jammed. it's red across the san mateo bridge, even a crawl for all freeways heading to the maze with a couple accidents there. heavy through hayward f. you're heading to the richmond/san rafael bridge, 580 through richmond from 80. it does look better once you get
6:49 am
across the bridge. westbound 92 approaching 880, another crash. as you make your way westbound across the san mateo bridge, drive times for you richmond/san rafael bridge, 14 minutes. san mateo, a 43-minute ride. dumbarton not as bad, 13 minutes now and mass transit honestly is the best way to go if you can do it. that's a good way to go. massive delays on ac transit and this accident is even impacting the capital corridor. there are some delays as well and passengers are being recommended to transfer on to b.a.r.t. luckily lisa has much better news for us with the weather. that's right. good morning to you. low clouds and fog filling in around the bay. we'll call it cloudy to partly cloudy. visibility has been reduced. five miles on the coast.
6:50 am
seven to ate. pier 39. a little sunshine here. 52 san francisco. mountain view in the mid-50s with 54 half moon bay and from lake tahoe feels like it's freezing right now, in the lower 30s. thunderstorms today, tomorrow, into the early part of the weekend. 55 by the delta with 57 vacaville, concord and with the fog, 53 in livermore. so areas of fog this morning, the warming trend conditions today, summerlike warmth is on tap for the weekend. tomorrow we're still in the 60s and 70s. a weak weather system will allow for that marine layer to stay with us. mid-80s inland. more 80s into the weekend. 60s and 70s around the bay. highs very blessant. 79, santa rosa. 82 by the delta and the accuweather seven day forecast, slight cooling tomorrow. the numbers rebound on friday, even warm eaer over the weekend.
6:51 am
60s at the coast. by next week we're in the 90s inland. lisa, thank you. now to an update on alex trebek. the "jeopardy" host says he's making what he calls mind-boggling progress in his battle against stage iv pancreatic cancer. >> he says he is responding so well some of his tumors have already shrunk by more than 50%. he revealed the new details in an interview with "people" magazine. >> it's only been about two or three months since he was diagnosed. it's stage iv so to be responding so well so fast is miraculous. >> trebek credits the outpouring of love and support from his wife and children helping him respond so well to treatment. you can hear more about his progress coming up at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. >> it's so nice to hear that news. right now another live look at the bay bridge. this is from our toll bridge camera.
6:52 am
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it is 6:54. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door the 7 thinefe tnsitus on the westbound bay bridge this morning. chp says the person who died wa truck. the driver and another passenger have serious injuries. and number two, it's a traffic nightmare heading to the
6:55 am
bay bridge. waze is now saying an hour and a half delays, all freeways heading to the maze are jammed. it's a crawl. heavy across the san mateo bridge. you may want to consider b.a.r.t. this morning as a good alternate. number three, more destructive tornadoes touched down overnight. a twister hit just outside of kansas city injuring 11 people and there have been at least eight tornadoes reported every single day for the past 12 days. number four, our weather here after the low clouds and fog, a beautiful day with even sunshine at the coast. 60s there. 70 in oakland. look for low 80s arriving inland. fog is back tonight. we have a warm-up for the weekend. number five, new haven unified teachers will be back on the picket lines for their seventh day after their took their protest to the school board meeting last night. they've lowered to 7% raise. number six, there are signs that san francisco's transbay
6:56 am
transit center could reopen soon. "the chronicle" reports crews are making sure the elevators and escalators are working. it has been closed due to a broken beam for the past eight months. number seven, special counsel robert mueller will make his first public statement on the russia investigation at 8:00 this morning. abc news plans to air a special report. and of course we want to thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings this morning. before we leave we want to take another look at that crash on the bay bridge. this is no doubt what everyone will be talking about if they have this commute because it is a mess out there, frances. >> the three right lanes have been blocked for about two and a half hours. avoid the bay bridge and other alternate routes, unfortunately, are also jammed. >> a good day to take b.a.r.t., take the ferry in to san francisco if you have that commute. again, one person is dead, at least two have serious injuries and two more have minor injuries in this. >> we'll keep tracking this and sending out push alerts on the abc 7 news app. thank you for joining us.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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good morning, america. the massive tornado outbreak stretching from kansas to new jersey. new warnings this morning. overnight, this monster twister hit the heartland, sending debris flying nearly 50 miles shutting down kansas city's airport. people sheltered in tunnels as homes were torn apart. nearly a dozen injured and severe storms slamming the east coast. this tornado plowed through a house in pennsylvania. a high school in new jersey also hit with students inside. now the new alerts, our team spread out across the entire storm zone with the latest. also this morning, security breach. the college student now facing charges, accused of sneaking into mar-a-lago while president trump was inside. the new twist in the abortion battle. the major fight in missouri as the last abortion clinic in the


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