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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 29, 2019 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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the fatal crash. a 23-year-old man died on the bay bridge at 4:30 this morning on his way to san francisco in a box truck with two colleagues. this is what the truck look like after it smashed into the rear of a golden gate trans it bus on the westbound bay bridge. the driver was headed to fifth headquarters in the city to refill vending machines according to his distraught girlfriend. two other passengers in the truck were seriously injured. >> due to their severe injuries, i think the last thing they want to talk about is how it happened. we're focusing on what we can do to help them and comfort them. >> a truck struck the rear of the bus that departed from the mcarthur bus station to take 20 passengers to the sales force transit senter in san francisco because bart recently stopped running service between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. for construction. two passengers complained of pain and were taken to a medical facility after the accident. another bus came by to transport
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the for east bay commuters, it was stunningly shocking traffic with several lanes on the bridge closed for hours with 40 gallons of spilled diesel on the road. >> the turns on the -- for the driving an hour and 50 minutes, like base he cannily two hours to get across the bridge because there was a big old accident. then i have to drive down here, circle the block 50 million times to get bart. >> they swarmed to the nearest bart station. here at west oakland, it was gridlock to park and then to wedge on to a trans bay train. bart add dated 10,000 additional riders. >> that's 10,000 extra bodies on our already very crowded trains. we were a do that by taking some of our extra commute trains that usually end around 9:00 a.m. and we ran loops. >> bart says it's one example of how single accident kim pact
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and have ripple effects on tens of thousands of commuters and it's why they said today they're asking the increase their capacity. larry and alma? >> thank you. leslie. picking up on your point, bart trains are still congested this afternoon. this morning different story, much worse obviously. passengers late for work. one man was late for surgery. steve was set to have open heart surgery in san francisco at 10:00 a.m. he was at the west oakland bart staion after 9:00 trying to squeeze on to a train. >> started two hours before 8:00 a.m. and we thought for sure we would get to san francisco and gary by 10:00. but then we suddenly saw, hey, there is a three hour backup. we decided to do bart. and now the trains are full. >> he couldn't fit on to the first train that stopped. he did make it on to the second one. looked like he would make it to his surgery on time.
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we had xwupdates about the cras ird bart track andredn it was for over an hour today. so adding to the problems, the fire department said they received calls of an explosion with black smoke coming if the tracks just after 2:00 this afternoon. bart crews worked to repair the rail. service has been restored but trains are moving slowly through that area. >> the outcry against the san francisco police department's raid of a journalist's home continues with the rebuke today from the former chief of police and the current district attorney. abc 7 news reporter live in our news wroom that story. >> larry, district attorney george gascone had tough words against that police action. he said that based on what he's seen in the media reports, no crime had been committed by the journalist and that he has ery right to keep his source or sources confidential.
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>> i think that there is a -- there has been a public trust has been damaged here for both the mayor and the police department. >> district attorney minced no words. >> i think that only way that you can repair that harm is by having the independent investigation. >> mayor has done just that. she's asked police chief to relinquish the investigation into the death of public defender jeff adachi. the police report of the death was leaked to freelance videographer. the department is trying to figure out who gave that report to him. the police later raided his home, a raid that some say was extreme force. he says the raid was illegal under california's shield law. >> a, i did not think that those sources were appropriate. given what i knew and, b, that i thought that more importantly
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there were they were assaulting our freedom of expression. >> chief scott later apologized for the raid. he said it again monday at a news conference. >> the facts have not changed. there were mistakes that were made. >> the police officers association is calling for chief scott to resign saying he's not taking responsibility for the raid and instead blaming his investigators. at a public event today, the mayor was asked if she stood by her chief. her answer -- >> at this time, i am supportive of the process working itself out. >> well, at this time she has no plans to ask the chief to resign. she wants to wait until the independent investigations are over. abc 7 news. >> all right. vic, thank you. federal authorities charged a sacramento man with violation national defense airspace regulations. tra tracy michael used a drone to drop anti-media leaflets into
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crowds last november. authorities say he sent a drone over levi stadium during a niner's game against the seattle seahawks. i piloted a drone over oakland coliseum during a raiders-broncos game. he could face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine if convicted. prosecutors today focused on the investigation that followed that deadly fire. special agent from atf described the massive piles ofthe warehou. barbara maxwell said a team of experts removed the debris layer by layer to reach a point near the rear of the build wrg that fire is believed to have started. still they were unable to uncover conclusive evidence leaving the cause as undetermined. and the defense quickly claimed that to be a victory. >> what you're witnessing with this atf agent is probably the biggest sleight of hand that's ever occurred by a prosecution team in the history of american
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jurisprudence. they have no cause to this fire. they don't like what the lead investigators of the city of oakland testified to. and so right now they're trying to do damage control essentially. >> the defense argued that the fire may have been deliberately set after an altercation inside the warehouse. >> a winery is facing heavy losses after a fire. firefighters took about 90 minutes to put out the blaze at the winery in wind sore. the fire investigators say materials used for wood staining are suspected of starting it. rags, brushes and rollers were left outside the 11,000 square foot warehouse. fire and heat damaged the tasting room as well as wine barrels and bottles. losses are $2.5 million. june 1st coming up. that is the start of fire season in california. so far we've seen few signs of fire weather in the bay area. but that is about to change. temperatures are going to warm
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up. it's a beautiful day across the region today. you can see in this live picture over san francisco. right now let's get a first look at our forecast from abc 7 ses spencer christian. >> okay. gng warm up. it's going to be down right hot in a few days. let's take a look at current conditions. here's live doppler 7. notice outside the bay area to aster o thunderstorms area, this are calm at the moment. mainly sunny skies looking out over san francisco. it's currently 61 degrees here. we have temperatures in the low to mid 70s at oakland and mountain view and santa cruz. a view of calm weather in emeryville. nap yash napa 75. low to mid 80s. 79 at livermore. get ready for this pattern to be disrupted a little bit tomorrow. we've got some unsettled weather coming our way. and i'll give you a closer look at that in a few minutes and the weekend warmup that lies ahead. larry?
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>> all right. thank you, spencer. abc 7 news committed to building a better bay area. we tacking the big issues and look at improvements in our quality of life and that includes housing. stanford wants to build more on campus housing for thousands of students. the county says stanford should be thinking bigger than that. abc 7 news reporter walks us through the dispute. chris? >> hi, larry. just to give you some perspective, stanford's application to expand the campus is the largest to ever be considered by santa clara county. critics of the current plan say more needs to be done not only enough housing for students but also faculty and staff. as stanford looks ahead to the next 20 years, officials hope to build more on campus housing and develop more academic facilities as part of the long term land use plan. but the application filed with santa clara county in november of 2016 is now running into some potential roadblocks. >> if you live anywhere near here, this is going to be affecting your traffic. this is going to be affecting
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the diversity of our communities. this is going to be affecting the job security for a lot of people in the area. >> stanford hopes to build an additional two million square feet of academic facilities and add 2600 beds per student. culty and staff, stanford ng for proposed 550 additional housing units. the county, however, wants stanford to build nearly four times that amount. earlier this moshgs stanford sent a letter to the county expressing its concerns about the proposed requirements saying the process appears to be headed in a direction that will tleed a permit that stanford cannot accept. the university released a statement to abc 7 news this afternoon saying in part, in our conversations with the county, we're trying to strike the right balance and we're hopeful we'll reach an effective resolution. the county supervisor recognizes the great work that stanford has done in helping to build the region's economy but says more housing is needed as part of plan to help ahealleviate the
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accountability. >> we're counting on this em to respond by fully mitigating the impacts. >> the county planning commission will be hosting a public meeting tomorrow night at the it is qui hall. we're live at stanford, chris win. abc 7 news. >> thank you. we're ready to give riders the heave ho if they behave batly. riders that are significantly below average can lows their ability to ride. they get tips on how to improve ratings by being bow lite, not leaving trash, not asking the driver to violate the speed limit. uber says they'll get several chances to improve their ratings before they get the boot. i thought we were rating the drivers. i didn't realize the drivers are rating us as well. >> they get to do that. >> that's right. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, it's the fifth straight nba finals for the warriors. what the players say. there are definitely differences
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this time around. abc 7's mindy vos reports live from tore object yoe. >> also this is a truly amazing story. a newborn who's become the world's smallest surviving baby born as a premarkety. this one is really special. plus. >> if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> special counsel robert mueller makes the first public comments since the report on the russia investigation. keynote, the democrats, they are ready to pounce. >> ith approac to the metering lights at the bay bridge. a very different story from what we saw this morning because of the big crash and ensuing backup. it is free flowing into the city from the east bay. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:
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to xfinity mobile.
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warriors held the first practice today before the start of the fifth straight nba finals appearance which starts tomorrow. >> our sports anchor is in toronto where the situation is familiar. this year there is a different feel, right? especially for one warriors player, mindy. >> yeah. absolutely. you look behind me, we're in an nhl town as toronto is getting ready to host the first ever nba finals. warriors played the cavaliers each of the last four seasons for the title. but this is all new for demarcus cousins. he joined the warriors this year on a sveterans minimum after an achilles injury. in his second ever career postseason game, he tore his quad in that series against the clippers. now he sits on the press hiss of
4:16 pm
the nab nba na nba questionable. he said hard work helped keep him focused. >> it's easy to come to work and be happy and do what you got to do. so they definite i had created it. they created an environment that is one that i've been in, you know, different environments and i never been anything this close to what i've been in right now. it's about winning. those things come along it with, great. but it's about winning. >> some kid who grew up in, hike, the suburbs going to private school and then one day you just got dropped in the hood and told to survive, have to figure that out. it's very similar to that. in saying that, if you're that kid that dropped in the hood, hike, what do you revert to? you just revert to what you know. you do whatever it is that you know. you just try to do that to
4:17 pm
survive. one thing we do know is demarcus is a great basketball player. >> he's a four time all star as a matter of fact. warriors could use him in this series. the raptors and warriors play two times this year with the warriors losing both of those games during the regular season. they were way back in december and november. iguodala put this game best saying this is going to be a feel out game as both teams really need to figure out what the other team is doing and add just and find the rhythm. he said it will be more pen pen patience. it had been a lot of fun and interesting and we'll have more to come on abc 7 news. >> it's about the mental, i think we're feeling good. >> the warriors have the mindset. before you go, from one injured player to another, did you see kevin durant today. he's on the trip. seems hike hard to imagine that he would be ready to play in time for game two. you spoke with andre ig dal yachlt he didn't play the last game against portland.
4:18 pm
no one is talking about his calf injury. >> well, andre had days to heal. and so i asked him specifically about his calf. he said kind of push it off and said everyone at this time of year is playing with bumps and bruises. as for kevin, we didn't see him today. we know he's here. didn't see him on the court. he is further out, i would guess as we're not really expecting him in the two games. he hasn't even really practiced or scrimmaged or taken that contact with the team. so andre expected to be a go for game one. k.d., the jury is still out. >> mindy live in toronto. abc 7, the only place to watch the warriors. game one tomorrow night. in addition to mindy, we've also got abc 7 news anchor in toronto. she'll have a live report at 5:00. our coverage of game one will begin tomorrow with our newscast at 4:00 followed by the pregame show at 5:00. then nba countdown at at at
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stay tuned for after the game as we'll have the highlights and postgame interviews right after the contest. >> moving on. the world'sving babe ji home after being born in a san diego hospital. she is healthy. we have to warn you, the pictures from when she was first born are disturbing. but here is sabie. her mom wants her to remain anonymous went to the hospital in december. she was 23 months pregnant. doctors said she had to deliver right then and there because of severe complications. typical pregnancy is 40 weeks. she was born weigh 8.6 ounces. that's about as much as a large apple. >> they told my husband that he had about an hour with her. she was going to pass away. but that hour turned into two hours. that turned into a day and she turned into a week. >> she is a miracle she was discharged in mid may weighing
4:20 pm
five pounds. her record as the world's smallest surviving baby is according to the tiniest baby registry which is maintained by the university of iowa. as a mom, could you imagine being told you will have one hour with your child? >> yeah. >> i mean that's -- >> i don't find it disturbing at all. i find it amazing that science evolved to the point that you pound and she survived zbhchlt great story. >> all right. the weather today is warming up out there. >> we have a warming trend underway. tomorrow is a blip in the pattern. long term we're talking about lots of warmth coming our way. conditions are calm here in the bay area right now. it's been a mild day. we've had thunderstorms to our north and to our east. check out the activity north of clear lake and over and down the sierra. just a turbulent outbreak of lightning strikes and
4:21 pm
thunderstorms. san jose, 55. low clouds off the coast there. currently 77 in santa rosa. 75 in napa. mid 80s in fairfield. and at the golden gate, mainly blue skies. these are the forecast features. we'll have minor cooling tomorrow. a few clouds will be passing through. a little moisture here and there. summer like warmth develops by the weekend. it will be absolutely hot in some inland locations early next week. here's a forecast, during the overnight hours, we see the buildup of low clouds near the coast and some fog and low clouds pushing locally over the bay. enough moisture there that could be a spotty sprinkle or so near the coastline. but let's widen out and show you what is going on tomorrow. a disturbance creating some -- produce something showers over in the sierra and to our north and some of the showers may work their way far enough to the south to reach into the northernmost part of our viewing area tomorrow. we're talking about light isolated sprinkles. not any significant or
4:22 pm
measurable rainfall. overnight lows are in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow in the south bay, partly cloudy. highs in the mid 70s. 75 in san jose. upper 60s t upper 5 to around 60 on the coast. look for highs of 59 in daily city. 63 downtown san francisco. chlo showers in lakeport and getting to calistoga. highs in the north bay in the low to mid 70s. east bay highs tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. in the inland east bay, many i had up toer 70s. up to about 80 in fairfield and 80 in brentwood. here is the seven day forecast. twhauns cooldown ends tomorrow, temperatures rebound sharply on friday.
4:23 pm
we'll see mid 80s inland autopsy upper 70s around the bay. upper 80s on saturday, sunday and monday. then we get the big warmup. tuesday and wednesday, inland highs in the low 90s. mid 80s around the bay. mid up toer 60s on the coast. it's going to be summer hike early to midweek next week. >> happy campers zbhchlt yeah. >> imeta wars 'sotnlyig>>utor change. terrible traffic. looking at your commute home.
4:24 pm
4:25 pm
disneyland's attraction opens nan is also been changed to other parts of disneyland.
4:26 pm
disney is a parent of abc 7. >> disneyland fans rejoice. after five months, the centerpiece of the happiest place on earth is back. they unveiled the newly repaired and spruced up sleeping beauty castle, more vibrant than ever. >> this are all the spires and added patterns to the roofs and pixie dust to the center. >> kim is the art director at walt disney. tasked with keeping the park in perfect condition while holding true to wall street business any's original vision. this is her sixth time painting the castle. >> i want people to feel joy and happiness and pride in the disneyland castle. she is the first and she is the best. >> this isarst castlerefurbishmn a rtf sce the 50veit nyhihe didt and it's designed to make it
4:27 pm
easier for guests to get around, especially with the additional traffic. they moved and added seating t added shade and reconfigured lines to rides, changed stroller restrictions. all tweekz everybody enjoy. they upgraded the main street tracks and built out the tropical hideaway in adventure land. giving guests more experiences is the best walt disney's dream. >> walt did any wanted that disneyland is never kmeeted as long as there is imagination left in the world. >> if you want to visit star wars galaxy edge, you need to have a reservation until june 23rd. greg lee, abc 7 news. >> i look forward to reggie's reports. >> yeah, reggie will have it.
4:28 pm
>> democrats take aim at president trump. >>peal counsel hasly demonstrated that president trump is lying. >> momentum for impeachment built on capitol hill after the special counsel robert mueller breaks his silence on the russia investigation. >> changes being made for mt. everest amid the deadliest climbing season in years.
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a truck driver died in a crash involving a golden gate transit butt. a b bus. this happened around 4:30 in the morning. it caused massive traffic backup. the chp shut down three westbound lanes on the bay bridge and that w csed for severalaneswere. the warriors are now in toronto. they're preparing to take on the raptors in game one of the nba finals. that's tomorrow night. abc 7 news anchor is there. she caught a truck, a canadian dish of fries, cheese curds and gravy and dishing with steve
4:32 pm
curry's middle school basketball coach. a live report coming up. dramatic video showing a low flying plane just moments before it crashed into the ocean off cape mae, new jersey. "world news tonight" tweeted the video. one person was on that plane. a search is now under way. >> robert mueller to take spoke publicly for first time in two years clarifying his team's findings into the investigation in noo russi into russian meddling. we have the latest from washington. robert mueller making the first and possibly last public comments today at the conclusion of his team's investigation saying the 448 page report is his testimony. >> beyond these few remarks it is important that the office's written work speak for itself. >> shedding height on the ruller explained o that because of department of justice guidelines, he concluded charging the president with a crime was not an option his team
4:33 pm
could consider. while each person investigated is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the inability to charge the president doesn't mean he's exonerated. >> if we had confidence that president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> following mueller's remarks, congress will keep investigating and that all options are on the table. >> congress to respond to the crimes, lies, and other wrongdoing of president trump. >> several other democrats including multiple presidential candidates going even further saying now is the time to is tt impeach. proceedings saying the report found in collusion and attorney general barr rules there is no obstruction. they and the president say the completedoov o >> a point of csensus rerder re that fheear 01electheru
4:34 pm
theemrs of both partio be tr alt, abc news, washington. >> meantime, house speaker nancy pelosi is back home in san ins obstruction of justice. and that congress will continue to investigate. she believes a sitting president can be indicted. pelosi says she is greatly disappointed in the justice department for what she says is misrepresentation of the mueller report. we'll hear from her on abc 7 news at 5:00. president trump is warning that consequences will be devastating if alabama republican roy moore runs for the u.s. senate again in 2020. moore lost in the once reliably red state in 2017 special election. a. mid sexual misconduct allegations which he denied. he told the associated press he is considering another run next year. many trump backed moore in 2017
4:35 pm
despite the allegations about tout day he tweeted, "roy moore cannot win." if democrat doug jones retains the seat, gains made during his presidency may be lost. louisiana lawmakers passed a fetal heartbeat bill. the law bans abortions once the fetal heartbeat is detected which can be six or seven weeks into pregnancy. a lot of people don't know they're pregnant at that point. they also turned down an amendment that would allow abortions in case of rape or incest. john bell edwards, a democrat, has already said he will sign it. >> and in missouri, a borbortio rights advocates said do not renew the license for planned parenthood in st. louis, the only aportion clinic in the state. the license is not renewed, missouri will become the only state where abortions are not legally available since the 1973 roe v. wade decision. >> a double olympic champion runner is taking rules about
4:36 pm
testosterone limits for women to court. due to a genetic condition, she has naturally occurring high lefldz of testosterone. the rule by the athletic's world governing b governing body require her to take hormone suppress ants in order to race. that was upheld by the courts. she is appealing to the federal supreme court in switzerland. >> nepal is considering changing the rules for the mt. everest. that is putting a damper on what will be a disturbed day. >> 11 people have died climbing mt. everest this year. some are blaming the large crowds and climber's lack of experience. >> there was a lot of traffic jam. >> this video showing the crowds of climbers lined up in freezing conditions in this dangerous area where a lack of oxygen can stress even the world's best
4:37 pm
climbers. >> absolutely freezing. minus 30. minus 40. not a good time to be standing still. > the surge of hikers waiting to get to that peak. >> several times was elbowed, pushed aside, shoved by people who were just focused on getting their ideal picture or getting a banner out that they could take pakt a picture of. >> 381 permits were issued this year. due to bad weather, more than 200 people were forced to summit on a clear day. now there is debate on whether the government should limit permits. nepal's director of tourism says new rules for minimum experienced climbers. possibly restricting them. >> we are thinking in line of this there are many ways to promote the business here. >> climbing experts say a possible reason for the influx of hiblgekers is anyone can car the proper telecommunications devices and resulting in
4:38 pm
increase of people that try to climb mt. everest. abc news, los angeles. >> that picture is astounding. the line of people going up. this are only a few days per year where the weather conditions allow you to reach the summit zbhchlt yeah. a recipe for disaster. yeah. >> ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the nation's heartland getting slammed again. we'll show you the damage done sight. i'm spencer christian. calm conditions in the bay area. few low clouds developing. we have a big warmup coming our way. i'll have the forecast in just a moment. have fast internet a littland now the besthat you mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great.
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another round of severe storms can slam millions across five states with threats of tornadoes looming from texas to new york while flooding remains major concern in arkansas and ohio. >> abc's elizabeth herr is in new jersey where a confirm tornado left thousands in the dark. >> with the national weather service now confirming what many suspected overnight. >> we could hear the hois being destroyed. >> the destruction left behind in their neighborhoods is indeed the work of tornadoes. >> i was looking out my kitchen window and the shed was picked up. >> destroying everything in their path from pennsylvania to new jersey, missouri, and kansas. making this may the most active month with tornadoes since 2011 with more than 500 reported
4:42 pm
tornadoes across the country in the last 30 days. in dayton, ohio, tornadoes that touched down on monday still have tens of thousands without power or water. >> it's going to be a long haul until we pow on the gd zbhchlt in arkansas, officials are warning residents to remain patient and vigilant due to severe flooding along the arkansas river now induundated with historic flooding. >> take all of the mornings very seriously. loss of life especially any further preventable loss of life is just going to make this situation harder than it is. we don't need. that we need to be strong together. weno it w tornado that caused the damage you see there closing the high school to the right of me and knocking out power to thousands in this area. officials say the damage is extensive but thankfully no injuries. elizabeth herr, abc news, sand
4:43 pm
hope, new jersey. >> our weather is pretty mild compared to that. i'm going to ask spencer, you did gma new york for so many years, i don't remember hearing tornadoes in the northeast like this that frequently. >> it's pretty unusual. this is the season for tornadoes in the midwest and in the southeast. it's rare until recent years. it was rare to see them in the northeast. now they're more prominent there. things are changing. our weather is about to change a little bit. we'll see increase in low clouds and some fog near the bay. pushing out locally over the coast. lows will be in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, fairly calm day. up in the north most part of our viewing area, there may be a couple isolated sprinkles up there. generally though, calmer tomorrow. breezy at the coast. cooler than today. high temperatures ranging from low 60s at the coast to low 70s around the bay. here's the seven day forecast. that cooldown tomorrow is just a one day event. temperatures rebound on friday. we'll see inland highs climbing into the upper 80s and tuesday,
4:44 pm
wednesday next week, look for slow 90s inland. low to mid 80s around the bay. >> you still have the coast and can you go there and get a little breeze. >> what about two million to save a rock? the big plans now for a piece of land in the east bay had once had an uncertain future. >> and you are planning on traveling soon? 7 on your side has tips on ♪ ♪
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a film focusing on a shift in racial dynamics will premier in san francisco. the movie is call the las black man i d in iuese're witnessingn the city like many long term residence being forced to move else where due to economic reasons. san francisco's african-american population has been falling for decades. the last black man in san francisco premiers at the theater tonight at 7:00 zbhchlt traveling is expensive. there are ways to save. >> yes, indeed. >> michael spoke to bay area consumer check books kevin to get tips for us.
4:48 pm
>> cheap airline tickets are advertise a great deal. can you get in on a deal snt executive editor from bay area consumer checkbook joins me now to walk us through all of this. so, can you actually find cheap tickets? i always feel like i overpay. >> yeah. you know, used to be you could fly to paris round trip for a couple hundred dollars. the days are over. the taxes and fees are 300 mus on those flights. but there are opportunities to save. i mean, a the hoff what we see, we see it in the popular media is it this is the day, this is the best day during the course of the year to buy tickets for the holidays. or for summer vacation. and those stories kind of drive me crazy. they're taking data on aggregate over the course of the year and saying well, on average, the lowest prices were offered on these days. you can't predict. the reason you can't predict is prices change constantly. they change prices by the hour, by the
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you have to time it and be nextible when you good and where you're going and when you want to buy tickets in order to get the best deal. and the problem is you can't really predict okay, the best deals are going to be offered at this time of the year or this many months out or anything like that. you have to troack prices to knw this is the bottom. this is the lowest price for a ticket no new york or london or whatever. and that is hard to do. fortunately, there are tools that can help you. kayak and google flights, canigs you tell them to let you know when prices dip. and we also found there is a really cool e-mail newsletter can you get. it is free. it is called scott's cheap flights. what it does is they basically they have a staff of people who just do these searches for cheap flights all day long. and when prices dip below what a
4:50 pm
level that they say is a good price, then they send an e-mail out and let you know. are they pretty good? >> it's pretty good. we've been using it. i've been using it. our staff is using it. the nice thing is that airlines are not paying to be part of this process. eeslette that they send. it's pretty transparent. y fares. the low prices we see so you go on kayak or google flights. they show you this great deal. you say i want to grab it. then you realize it's going to cost me an extra couple hundred dollars to get the family's luggage to get to where we're going and buy a diet coke or whatever. the nice thing about scotts is it tells which you ones are basic economy and which ones are not. it has a transparent process. can you click on the link and go see how they found that air fair. and also they tell you how long, you know, that deal they think is going to last. a lot of these really low prices are only going for 24 hours ar so. so the nice thing about getting this newsletter is if they send you an alert, then they have
4:51 pm
identified this is a deal jumpi that's where you're thinking about going. >> you can check it out yourself. kevin in the bay area consumer checkbook let you access the kev kevin, thank you for joining us. >> a link between the netflix show 13 reasons why and suicides. that show filmed years ago. the study was published today. researchers found suicide rates rose more than 21% in the thee months after that show was released. suicides also went up among boys but the numbers were low:other studies have shown similar results. on monday the creator said other research shows the show has had a positive impact on bullying. now if you're somebody that you love is struggling with mental health issues, you can find your
4:52 pm
ally the >> an east bay landmark is saved. they announced this morning it raised $2 billion to buy the painted rock for decades it's been use by students to express their views. but the property was slated for development after the owner died in 2014 unless the land trust raised the manien to save it. the painted rock land will now be merged with an existing 421 acre open space and will be called painted rock park. a 96-year-old volunteer crossing guard is being recognized by the community. he spent more than 30 years on the job. he has been spending his retirement in palm springs since the late 80s. each morning and afternoon of the school week, he helps parents and students at one elementary school cross the street. he doesn't consider this a job. >> meeting the children, when they come, they roll the windows down.
4:53 pm
hi, jack! you know, they wave at me. that's nice. i just like it. >> last night the palm springs city council honored jack with a proclamation naming the day in his honor. he also got an award from the school district. jack said he hopes to still be a crossing yard in a few years when he will celebrate his 100th birthday. you go, jack! >> yep. he is amazing. that's what keeps him young, right? >> energized. >> yes. >> a san francisco high school bandsead., sumr.♪ up next, why speaker houseeakerm to be in an independence day parade. >> 5:00. >> alexa, fid. the new mhat's store your e. do as i say, not as i do while we're speaking about these sorts of things.
4:54 pm
that essentially is the message parents are sending kids about using their phones. and what some are calling the worst first pitch ever. oh, boy. those stories and more when chris and i see
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
stay with us for abc 7 news
4:57 pm
at 11:00. only one high school band will represent the entire state of california in the upcoming fourth of july parade in the nation's capital. that band is from san francisco. abc 7 news reporter tells us why the speaker of the house nancy pelosi wanted them there. >> the burton high school marching band is set to leave california in early july for its first ever big performance. >> i never taken a band on a mane before. and hopefully that goes well. >> the 68 band members will represent california at the national inden national independence day parade in washington, d.c. >> i think my band is a 12 out of 10. the effort and the sound we're creating right now is unbelievable. >> the band is young. the program started only eight years ago. >> i've been playing tuba for about seven years, eight years
4:58 pm
now. and i would have never thought i'd get to that level. and we're getting to that level this year. >> it was house speaker nancy pelosi who picked the band. the school is named after philip and sarah burton, both his and wife served in congress. which brings me to an interesting story. when she in the hospital suffering from colon cancer and she needed someone to replace her in congress, she reached out to someone would wasn't a big political figure, her name, nancy pelosi. that's how pelosi ended up in congress. by selecting this band, she is perhaps symbolically returning favor. in san francisco, abc 7 news. students are still fund-raising for their trip. if you want to help out, we have
4:59 pm
a link to the gofundme site. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beal. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> no one is above the law, especially the president of the united states. >> after the statement, nancy pelosi says nothing is off the table. maybe even impeachment proceedings against president trump. >> they manage to fix a fire late today near the tracks in the east bay. delays right now are a problem. >> bart commuters are already feeling the pinch. the transit agency is telling everyone to leave work early after this morning's deadly accident on the bay atenow about whaterrys already and the man that coached curry that tells us what steph used to do with hi old >> for the first time robert
5:00 pm
mueller talks about his investigation of who president trump if we hadad confidelear d commit a crime, we would have head so. >> he has given us an array of facts which we will take to the congress and to the courts as we go forward, as we investigate and litigate. >> house speaker nance qui pelosi said she still hopes robert mueller comes before congress. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. the president tweeted that nothing changes from the mueller report. hes is this was insufficient evidence and, therefore, in our country, a person can innocent. the case is closed. >> mueller says because the department of xwus guidelines charging pde crim isot an option that his


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