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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 30, 2019 2:42am-4:01am PDT

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>> right? a quick-thinking police officer prevented a tragedy in northern michigan. >> sergeant joseph richards raced to grab a 2-year-old who was about to walk into the street. he grabbed the little girl just as a truck whizzed past. she's okay. the toddler lives across the street from the scene. her mother told the sergeant she lost track of her daughter. turning to the big news from "jeopardy!" host alex trebek. >> his chemo and prayers from his millions of fans appear to be paying off. here's abc's david muir. >> alex trebek! >> reporter: alex trebek, three months after revealing his battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, now saying doctors believe he is in near remission. we remember he vowed to fight it. >> with the help of your prayers also, i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. >> reporter: trebek now telling "people" magazine the doctors said they hadn't seen this kind of positive result in their memory. some of the tumors have already shrunk by more than 50%. he adds, it's kind of mind
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boggling, i've already gone from where i was to this. trebek again thanked the millions who have sent good wishes. i told the doctors this has to be more than just chemo. i've had a couple million people out there who have expressed their good thoughts, their positive energy, and their prayers. the doctors said it could very well be an important part of this. >> and we should also note that again, he's not out of the woods, but we're so optimistic. we were optimistic from day one when he announced this, that he was fighting this aggressive cancer. >> a serious form of cancer too. >> very serious. but this is good to see, though. >> and i love that he continues to give so many shout-outs and is so thankful to the fans out there, so appreciative. >> giving us those updates. coming up, still on "jeopardy!" but this time what "jeopardy james" just did. >> the "jeopardy!" juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down. we'll get an update coming up. pdate coming up.
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♪ "jeopardy!" james has moved one step closer to snagging the all-time record for total "jeopardy!" winnings. >> 35-year-old james holzhauer scored the 30th consecutive victory, bringing his total earnings to more than $2.3 million. but he's still a whopping 44 games behind ken jennings, who holds the consecutive games win streak of 74. >> so he may be on a winning streak but "jeopardy!" james is still far from perfect. >> he still misses at least some questions. this morning our own will ganss
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is going to read some of those clues that james couldn't answer to us. the challenge, are we smarter than "jeopardy!" james? and here is alex "will ganss" trebek. >> i should have grown my moustache out a little more. i am so excited for this. it's basically like real "jeopardy!." i'll give you the category, then the clue. whichever of you rings in first will get the chance to answer in the form of a question, of course. >> there's none of that. >> no physical contact aloud. >> okay, okay. >> if you get the question right you'll get credit for it. remember, those are all questions that "jeopardy!" james himself has missed. >> oh, this is exciting. >> we've got to see if you can beat "jeopardy!" james. we want you all at home to play along with us as well. first category is, american history. >> that's too soon. >> okay, sorry. >> too soon, maggie gets a point. >> american history. answer, a 1975 new york daily news headline after this man
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opposed a federal bailout -- >> who is cuomo? >> 1975. >> yeah, but his father was like in politics before. >> who is robert de niro? >> they're both incorrect. >> no? >> okay. who is gerald ford is what we were looking for. >> all right, all right, the next one. >> okay. >> number two, category is, we will rock you. answer, in 2018 this band didn't have a dime but i always had a vision, always had high, high hopes. >> who is queen latifah -- >> incorrect. >> who is queen? >> incorrect. >> who is madonna? >> 2018. ♪ always had high high hopes >> oh! >> we were looking for who is panic at the disco. >> you only get one. >> "jeopardy!" james understands me. >> all right, moving along. third question. category is, the first winner.
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answer, in 1903, maurice guerin was its first winner in 94 hours 33 minutes 14 seconds. it's a daily double. >> what is iron man? >> incorrect. >> 1903? what? i don't know. >> what if i say maurice. >> tour de france. >> that is correct, maggie rulli is coming for you, "jeopardy!" james. >> watch out, watch out! i got no hints or anything. >> moving right along. reminder to those of you playing with us at home, these are questions even "jeopardy!" james himself got wrong so don't feel too bad. question four, category is holidays and observances. answer, constitution day is september 17th. this related set is celebrated every december 15th. >> independence -- declaration of independence day, bill of rights day! bill of -- >> bill of rights is correct. >> really? >> she said the other one first.
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>> no, no, no, no. i started with bill, i confused them, i came in strong at the end with bill of rights day. >> one more. >> wake up, wake up. >> i want a score check, control room, score check. i want to verify i'm 2-0, right? >> that is correct, that is correct. >> we still have two minutes of this. i was like, oh, god, help me! >> now you know what "jeopardy!" james' opponents are thinking. >> can i get a final jeopardy, please? >> the category is route 66. answer, modern auto safety took a big step in 1966 as lbj signed bills mandating seat belts and rupture resistant these. >> what are tires? >> incorrect. >> what are -- >> you don't want it to rupture. >> what are brake pads? >> incorrect. >> brake lines? >> nope. we were looking for, what are fuel tanks? what are fuel tanks?
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>> i don't know cars. >> all right, all right. question six, category is, let's go to the wildlife refuge. answer, more than 5,000 of these big deer spend winters at the wyoming national refuge named for them. >> what are moose? >> no. >> the yellowstone -- the yellowstone refuge? >> 5,000 of these big deer. >> wyoming? grand tetons. >> incorrect. we're looking for -- >> guys, listen to the question. >> what are elk? we've got to get this last one. the category is journalists. okay? >> i got this. >> answer -- >> who is kenneth moton. that was an answer. >> often called the first war one of these, crimean war reporter william howard russell preferred special one. >> what is i don't even understand the question. >> a special one of these. >> what is a microphone? what is a reporter's notebook?
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what is a computer? >> oh my gosh. >> correspondent! >> jack with the win, what is correspondent. thank you for coming, everybody. >> coming up, this happened. that just happened. test test it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try new clean freak from mr. clean.
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and finally, in the bedroom our natural lubrication varies every day it's normal so it's normal to do something about it ky natural feeling the lubrication you want nothing you don't get what you want "this happened." i'm still thinking about the "jeopardy!." i'm still really upset about the whole "jeopardy!" performance. >> you kind of seemed like you were speechless. what are you most upset about, that i dominated? >> that you got a couple of things after you yelled out a bunch of random answers. >> it's called persistence and dedication. >> "this happened." let's start it off with batman. this man who was actually reading -- sat down to read his iphone. >> thought it was going to be relaxing. >> he felt like something was weird. a little bite or something. a bat emerged from his ipad. >> how is that even possible?
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>> somehow a little bat got into the ipad. 86-year-old roy sivertsen sat down to scroll on his device, opening up that protective case to expose the screen, when he was exposed to a bat. >> oh-oh. >> hopefully he was not exposed to rabies. because the bat died. he threw the ipad immediately out of the house and the bat was dead. he called state officials who told him to go to the hospital right away, which he did. he's on the mend this morning. >> he's on the mend. i do just want to point out, though, some people call bats flying puppies. because they're supposed to be kind of like cute and underloved. bat pride, shout-out. >> there you go. >> you're welcome. we've been covering some of the historic storms happening this week. this is someone who said, i'm not going to let those terrible storms ruin my memorial day weekend. these guys decided to go wakeboarding in the floodwaters in oklahoma.
2:57 am
so they did it -- they used an atv to get down into the floodwaters, then they proceeded to wakeboard through them. i do want to point out that a police officer ended up finding them and having to pull them over and kind of help them out of the situation. but apparently they said he was laughing the entire time. >> oh, good. watch out for that stop sign! no, no, not yet. that's impressive, though. >> yeah. >> speaking of the weather, how about strange weather makes for strange traffic. someone -- this happened here. someone caught -- >> oh, no. >> instead of driving through the flooded streets where we say turn around, don't drown? they're like, i can see the sidewalk. how about i just drive up on the sidewalk? >> do you think he knows that's not a road? >> no, he knows. >> he knows, oh, gosh. >> definitely knows. hopefully don't run into the person who's skiing. >> let's round out "this happened" with a wildlife story, with a cute baby wildlife, look at this baby koala. this video was captured at a zoo in australia. this baby koala just wanted that
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eucalyptus. eucalyptus.
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this morning on "world news now," special counsel robert mueller breaking his silence. >> after not speaking publicly for more than two years, mueller opened up about his report. this morning president trump claims what mueller said confirms the case is closed. we have team coverage. >> also this morning, from the ohio valley to the mid-atlantic, people are getting ready for another day of severe weather. storms keep causing chaos, leaving serious destruction. meteorologist paul williams has the latest forecast. plus what if uber is about to do if your rating is too low? here's a hint, you better get ready to wal we're down to only 50 after day two of the national spelling bee. the early favorites shockingly eliminated. we've got everything you need to know before today's big finale.
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it's thursday, may 30th. good morning, everyone. we don't want to see all those kids knocked out, they try so hard. >> it's got to be heartbreaking, hundreds of children's dreams slashed. >> they made that it far, though. >> will is very excited to talk about all these dream-crushing children over here. >> we can't wait for that. we do begin this half hour with special counsel robert mueller breaking his silence and making it clear he did not exonerate president trump. >> mueller said he knew from the start that charging the president with a crime was not an option because the justice department policy blocked him from doing so. he did suggest that it was up to congress to hold the president accountable for any wrongdoing. as abc's pierre thomas reports, that statement is amplifying calls for impeachment. >> reporter: after nearly two years of silence, we heard bob mueller's voice. >> good morning. >> reporter: bluntly saying that if he was confident that the
3:02 am
president did not commit a crime, he would have made that clear. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> reporter: and mueller went further, saying he did not determine whether or not the president committed a crime because of the longstanding justice department policy that says you cannot indict a sitting president. >> we did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime. under longstanding department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. that is unconstitutional. charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. >> reporter: so who then should decide? >> the opinion says that the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. >> reporter: but president trump's new attorney general stepped in before congress could.
3:03 am
indicating there was not enough evidence. and we pressed barr weeks ago. was it mueller's intent to have barr decide? >> did the special counsel indicate that he wanted you to make the decision or that it should be left for congress? >> special counsel mueller did not indicate that his purpose was to leave the decision to congress. i hope that was not his view. i didn't talk to him directly about the fact that we were making the decision. >> reporter: pressurmounting on house speaker nancy pelosi, who urged fellow democrats to move slowly and to follow the facts. >> many of them are reflecting their views as well as those of their constituents. many constituents want to impeach the president. but we want to do what is right and what gets results, what gets results. >> reporter: mueller found the russians targeted the election to hurt one campaign and help another. he made clear that he believes that interference needs to be addressed. on the question of obstruction, mueller said because of justice department guidelines that a sitting president cannot be indicted, he was not allowed to make a decision.
3:04 am
he also made clear he does not want to testify before congress, saying that the report speaks for itself. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. president trump was quick to respond tweeting there was insufficient evidence and declaring the case closed. >> and the president's allies are saying it's time to move on. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the line from the president's team is that mueller's comments change absolutely nothing. nothing beyond what was seen in the mueller report. the president himself stayed behind closed doors, did not directly respond, at least in public. but he did tweet. his tweet said, nothing changes from the mueller report. there was insufficient evidence, and therefore in our country a person is innocent, the case is closed, thank you. but that is not what robert mueller said. robert mueller made it clear on the question of obstruction of justice that he did not close the case. in fact what he said is that if he had had evidence, this is a quote, that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so, we did
3:05 am
not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime. fact, mueller went on to be quite clear that when it comes to the president of the united states, because of justice department policy that a president cannot be indicted, that the venue for making an accusation against the president is not the criminal justice system, it is not the department of justice, it would be congress. it would be congress through an impeachment process. and mueller made no determination as to whether or not that should go forward. he made it clear that is up to congress. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> our thanks to jonathan there, breaking it down for us. the morning's other big story, we are tracking the seemingly endless rash of severe weather that's put millions of americans in harm's way. >> you can see the most intense activity on the radar, stretching from texas to just south of the great lakes. >> sandbagging and evacuations are under way in northwestern missouri where overtaxed levees trying to hold back walls of
3:06 am
water are showing new cracks. more than 300 roads across the state are already under water. >> tornados and funnel clouds swept through parts of northeastern texas last night, injuring at least one person. property damage is widespread, extending northeast and south of dallas. abc's elizabeth hur has the details. >> that's a tornado. >> reporter: wild weather once again wreaking havoc from texas -- >> radar is showing a tornado, there's flying debris at this time. >> reporter: -- to the northeast. this after the national weather service confirmed tornados touched down in pennsylvania, new jersey, missouri, and kansas, including this monster mile-wide ef-4 tornado west of kansas city on tuesday. >> it was just disbelief. because of, you know -- i walked up our basement stairs. i looked up into the sky. >> reporter: may is now the most active month with tornados since 2011, with more than 500 reported tornados in the last 30 days. while swollen rivers in oklahoma
3:07 am
and arkansas have officials warning residents to stay vigilant. abc's will carr is in sand springs, oklahoma. >> behind me is the keystone dam. this is the last line of defense to stop catastrophic flooding from here in oklahoma all the way down to louisiana. >> reporter: and this is now the scene along the arkansas river, the area inundated with historic flooding, the worst since 1945. we now know an ef-1 tornado caused the damage you see here in new jersey, uprooting massive trees like these, knocking out power to thousands. and the work still ongoing to get everyone back online. kenneth and maggie? >> elizabeth, thank you. i guess we do have some good news slightly. forecasters say most of the u.s. will soon get a much-needed break from severe storms and tornados. accuweather meteorologist paul williams joins us now with what we can expect today. >> yet another round of severe storms. bracing for hail and damaging gusts from d.c., new york, all
3:08 am
the way over towards pittsburgh, reaching over towards columbus. syracuse all the way down to cincinnati and over toward chicago, kansas city, oklahoma city. rounds of thunderstorms will rake the entire country except for the southeast where the crazy heat wave will continue there. maggie, kenneth? >> all right, a heat wave paul, thank you. police in utah say they believe they have found the body of a missing 5-year-old girl. elizabeth shelley, known as lizzy, disappeared saturday. investigators say they feel strongly that her remains were found yesterday in a heavily wooded area less than a block from her home. lizzy's 21-year-old uncle, alex whipple, is charged with her murder. authorities say he revealed the location of the girl's body after prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty. louisiana has passed a strict new abortion ban that has bipartisan support. lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the bill which bars abortion once a fetal heartbeat could be detected. there are no exceptions for
3:09 am
pregnancies that result from rape or incest. louisiana's democratic governor intends to sign the bill into law. it would only take effect if a similar new abortion law in mississippi is upheld by a federal appeals court. uber is set to tell misbehaving riders to take a walk. >> it's not going to be us, i hope. the company announced users with below-average ratings may be dropped from the platform. uber didn't give an exact number to cause a ban but things that could hurt you include leaving trash in the car or encouraging the driver to break the law. >> what's your rating i wonder? >> excellent. >> actually, we do know it. >> oh, no. >> maggie rulli's rating is a 4.76. >> i am kind of disappointed in that, i feel i should be a 5.0. >> kenneth moton's rating is -- >> who's better? >> 4.79. >> no! i don't believe it. there's no way that kenneth has a higher uber rating than me. >> i don't want to start anything -- >> what, what's yours? >> will ganss, will ganss, what is it? >> 4.82? no.
3:10 am
you are -- oh my gosh. how do i have the worst rating of the three of us? >> i can think of a few reasons why. >> why? do i talk too much? oh my gosh, am i the one in the uber that talks more than the uber driver? they're like, listen, girl, we're just trying to drive here. >> you're distracting me! >> you won't stop talking. >> is there a chance, jack? >> i'm thinking there is. >> i will admit that i'm late a lot. >> oh, so you keep them waiting. >> she keeps them waiting, then she gets in the car and just talks up a storm. >> but i apologize a lot, then i talk to them -- >> that's 4.76. i'm the 4.79. >> guys, this is really depressing. >> i want my .21. >> 2.2, it should be. >> apparently uber, don't worry, uber says they're going to tell you if you're approaching the no-go limit. >> i think that i don't care. >> what if you -- >> i won't get kicked off, they need me. coming up, hundreds of
3:11 am
contestants already eliminated in this year's national spelling bee, including this year's favorite. first, ashton kutcher takes the stand in a murder trial. what he said about a woman he was supposed to take on a date who ended up dead. the search for a missing mother of five, could it have been foul play? to take on a date who ended up dead. the search for a missing mother of five, could it have been foul play? i had no idea why my mouth was constantly dry. it gave me bad breath. it was so embarrassing. now i take new biotene dry mouth lozenges
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a plane crash in the waters off the southern tip of new jersey is now a recovery mission. the single-engine aircraft went down late yesterday morning around cape may. the plane was discovered in about 20 feet of water. investigators say the pilot was the only person on board. ashton kutcher found himself in an unfamiliar role. he took the stand yesterday in los angeles to testify as a prosecution witness in a murder trial. >> kutcher delivered 40 minutes of testimony about a night 18 years ago when he showed up at a female friend's house to take her on a date, but he said no one answered the door. the next day he found out the 22-year-old woman was dead inside. he was briefly cross-examined and his answers were not challenged. the suspect has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. we're going to turn now to
3:15 am
the urgent search in an upscale town in connecticut for the missing mother of five. >> jennifer dulos, who's been involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband, was last seen friday dropping her kids off at school. here is whit johnson. >> reporter: a drone and k-9s with local and state police scouring a wooded park in affluent new canaan, connecticut, for jennifer dulos, mother of five last seen friday. her black chevy suburban later found. >> i hope and pray that someone knows something and she is found. >> reporter: dulos and her estranged husband were set to have a divorce hearing in their two-year-long bitter custody battle. dulos, fearing for her safety, claiming in court documents obtained by "the stamford advocate," i am afraid of my husband. her spouse and his attorney not responding to our requests for comment. her anguished family releasing a saying she would never, ever on disappear when she is responsible for the lives of five loving and energetic children.
3:16 am
police are treating this as a missing person case, but as standard procedure, they're also conducting a criminal investigation to determine if there was any foul play. whit johnson, abc news, new canaan, connecticut. >> our thanks to whit. coming up in our next half hour, the world's tiniest baby born weighing barely as much as an apple. she is a fighter and we will tell you how she's doing this morning. first, we're narrowing the field way down in this year's national spelling bee ahead of tonight's finals. tonight's finals. that's next on "world news now."
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around 700 kids entered the system today. just talking about foster care, can help foster care. i didn't know that. you like smooth jazz? ♪ i do not. yeah. donate your small talk. nobody does. the nba has had a chat with the toronto raptors about their most visible and most -- really their biggest and most high-profile fan. according to espn there, the league spoke with the team about rapper drake and his activity courtside during the eastern conference finals. it's likely his shoulder rub of raptors coach nick nurse came up. game one tonight on abc.
3:19 am
what's wrong with a shoulder rub? >> i don't think anything's wrong with the shoulder rub. >> oh! >> i think it's totally normal. totally normal, right? >> you think there's something wrong with the shoulder rub? >> we should have a chat with you. >> this is what goes on in commercials. >> we'll chat later. >> for drake they got to calm him down a little bit. or maybe -- >> i like his commitment. >> or maybe the league said, turn it up. it's great publicity. >> 100%. i didn't even know toronto had a team. >> game one. >> now i do, thanks, drake. >> all right, so the competition is heating up as this year's national spelling bee is coming down to the wire. >> contestants are dropping like f-l-i-e-s. the finals is tonight and our own w-i-l-l ganss has the details. >> flies and will. hundreds of super spellers eliminated, including this year's favorite, even though she spelled both of her words right
3:20 am
on stage. so what happened? well, let me spell it out for you. >> stemma. s-t-e-m-a? [ bell ] oh, dear. >> reporter: oh, dear indeed. day two of the scripps national spelling bee finals narrowing the playing field from 490 to 50. while eliminations made some spellers lol -- >> incontrovertible is spelled i-n-c-o-n-t-r-o-v-e-r-t-i-b-l-e. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: other exits were more omg. last year's runner-up famous for her typing technique -- not making it to the top 50, despite spelling both of her words correctly on stage during day two of the finals. why? the scripps finalists all take a written exam before we even see them on stage.
3:21 am
this multiple choice test focuses on vocabulary and, yeah, spelling. written test scores combined with onstage performance determines who advances to the final day of the bee. but no test can determine which words each speller gets on stage. that's just luck. sometimes it's birthday luck. >> correct, and happy birthday, acash. >> thank you so much, judge gross. by the way, thanks so much for giving me a nice word, and you know, being nice and giving me a good word on my birthday, you made my birthday, thank you all. >> reporter: these 50 spellers will need that bit of luck, combined with all their hard work, to take e title at tonight's championship. following in the footsteps of last year's winner who spelled koinonia to become champion. none of us are eligible to win tonight, no $50,000 prize for us. but you can make a few bucks on the bee if you want to. bet on whether you think the winner will be wearing braces, if there will be co-champions, and what the over/under is how many letters in the winning word.
3:22 am
>> we're betting on the kids? >> yes. >> prop bets. >> oh, lord. >> $3, braces, yes. >> all right. >> "the mix" is next. . >> "the mix" is next. sun care is self care.
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"mix" time. and summer is here now. >> yes, it is. >> we need our swimsuits. so what about jean swimsuits? >> yeah, bring it on. >> take a look. so this is from the company shinasty. it's a thing, apparently. so they said it's straight off the streets of daytona and inspired by the denim-clad crusaders of our past. that looks inappropriate. i feel like i just was assaulted by that man's backside. so shinasty is selling their denim print bathing suits. we'll spoil it now, they're not real denim, it's denim print. that's uncomfortable. >> yeah, remember that time they had the denim underwear? very similar to those right
3:26 am
there. >> i can never unsee that. i really want kenneth moton to get a pair. >> yeah, the world definitely does not need to see that. hey, and we also saw this yesterday. remember that -- >> oh, show it again, though. >> worst ceremonial first pitch. we've got a follow-up for you. >> what, what? >> you see that photographer who got knocked right there? well, at the next game he was not taking any chances last night. he was ready. he needs one for his camera as well because that camera took a hit as well. but apparently the camera is doing okay. he's doing okay. got a face mask on there. >> are you going to take these kind of precautions tomorrow, wear ear plugs next to me? >> oh! >> is that like your next -- >> that's a great idea. >> you're welcome, you're welcome. all right, so how about this. michigan girl's message -- you
3:27 am
know, have you ever tried the message in a bottle? >> i never did. i feel like i should try. let's do one tonight. >> i feel like you could shout over the ocean and get your message across. this girl, she threw a bottle with a message in 45 years ago and it has turned up. she was 11 years old when she threw that message in a bottle from a michigan lighthouse. 45 years later. tina green is her name. she slipped a note into that old bottle. she forgot about the bottle but now it's turned up. she discovered a facebook message she received in 2015 from a man named eric. he told her he found the bottle buried in the ground while working on a construction project a few miles away, and there you go. apparently they're going to meet up soon. >> oh my gosh, love story. no? >> no, i think she's already married, she's happy, she's good, she's okay. >> could be exciting. well, blast off today. my favorite pooch who is mad for pants. that's right, it's just a dog that really wants to get his owner's pants off.
3:28 am
you're all welcome for this. >> aggressive dog there. >> that could go horribly or really well.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," another day of flooding and tornados. dangerous and damaging extreme weather continues to plague several states. accuweather is tracking it all. also this morning, what's next for robert mueller after his surprise statement? explaining why he didn't charge the president with a crime. now some democrats are calling for impeachment. hear what house speaker nancy pelosi is urging them to do. new this half hour, the world's smallest newborn to survive is going home. >> meet the miracle baby who was the size of an apple when she was born and the amazing team of nurses who saved her life. and are you ready to pump it up on this thursday? the terminator is. you have to hear arnold schwarzenegger making his rapping debut in a new song.
3:31 am
that's in "the skinny." it's thursday, may 30th. morning, everyone. what is going on with arnold schwarzenegger? >> that man's amazing. >> he's saving 100-year-old women from getting evicted, he doesn't care about being drop kicked in the back, now here you go. we'll get to that in just a moment. we do begin with what forecasters describe as the most prolonged span of tornados in eight years, 500 or more in a month. >> this is one of several tornados and funnel clouds that swirled across northeastern texas last evening. they left a wide path of damage and destruction. >> cleanup is getting under way in linwood, kansas where a confirmed ef-4 tornado damaged or destroyed dozens of homes. >> flood warnings are in effect along the arkansas/oklahoma border where the arkansas river is rising to historic levels. the national weather service warns most river communities can
3:32 am
expect significant flooding in the next seven to ten days. >> and right now every county in oklahoma is under a state of emergency with more rain threatening already swamped areas. abc's will carr reports from the storm zone. >> reporter: with more storms on the way, the arkansas river is swollen and threatening thousands of homes. behind me is the keystone dam. that is the last line of defense to stop catastrophic flooding from right here in oklahoma all the way down to louisiana. it has already caused hundreds of homes to flood. the national guard has swept in. they're dropping sandbags along the levees that line the river. those levees are almost 80 years old and could be threatened by more rain or more water released by the dam. engineers on the ground tell us they're lowering the water in the lake behind the dam, but they say this is a volatile situation that's changing by the hour. in sand springs, oklahoma, will carr, abc news. federal forecasters say it could take weeks before the arkansas river recedes to preflood levels.
3:33 am
>> accuweather meteorologist paul williams joins us now with what's ahead. good morning. >> good morning kenneth, maggie. because these thunderstorms are revisiting the same place over and over again in texas, louisiana, arkansas, mississippi, the midsouth, flooding now a continuous problem that's getting worse. we're looking for rounds of heavy thunderstorms from oklahoma city, yet again, kansas city, chicago, st. louis, cleveland, all the way over towards philadelphia with the heat wave continuing in the deep south. we're also watching out for flooding downpours specifically for the northeast from new york all the way down to d.c. kenneth, maggie? >> thank you, paul. so let's turn to robert mueller speaking out for the first time about the russia investigation, saying it was impossible to charge the president with a crime but declined to clear him. >> before stepping down as special counsel, mueller defended the integrity of the probe and emphasized russia's efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. as trevor ault explains, he punted the question of obstruction to congress.
3:34 am
>> reporter: after two years of silence, robert mueller making his first public comments wednesday, clarifying that his investigation did not exonerate the president. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> reporter: the special counsel still didn't say whether he believed the president obstructed justice, but said he didn't make a determination because department of justice guidelines led him to the conclusion that charging the president with a crime was not an option his team could consider. >> under longstanding department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. that is unconstitutional. >> reporter: many top democrats and presidential candidates believe this is their cue to move forward with impeachment. senator kamala harris saying what mueller basically did was return an impeachment referral, now it's up to congress to hold this president accountable, we need to start impeachment proceedings. senator elizabeth warren, one of the first to call for impeachment, saying wednesday it's up to congress to act, they
3:35 am
should. many other democrats, including speaker pelosi, still encouraging mueller to testify, though he emphasized wednesday he didn't want to, saying the 448-page report is his testimony. >> beyond these few remarks, it is important that the office's written works speak for itself. >> reporter: president trump and the vast majority of republicans remain undeterred saying the case is closed, the white house saying robert mueller's now moving on with his life, it's time for everyone else to move on too. trevor ault, abc news, washington. the white house also reportedly wanted the warship "john s. mccain" out of sight during trump's trip to japan. >> there are reports the white house asked the navy to hide the destroyer. there were talks of covering the ship's name but the navy declined to do that. the president, who often clashed with mccain, claims he wasn't informed about the ship. mccain's daughter meghan attacked trump on twitter saying, he will always be, quote, threatened by the greatness of her father's life.
3:36 am
louisiana is the latest state to pass a strict new ban on abortion. it would outlaw the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected. >> that's before some women even know they're pregnant. louisiana's ban is different from other states because it has the support of a democratic governor. abc's steve osunsami reports. >> reporter: with protesters marching outside for days, lawmakers in louisiana joined a chorus of states voting to outlaw abortions as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy, when supporters of the law believe a fetal heartbeat can be detected. >> when a person's heart stops beating, you know their life is ended. and when you can hear a baby's heartbeat, that is proof that life is present. >> reporter: opponents tried to make exceptions for women who are victims of rape or incest. >> you'rinterested in pro-birth. but you're not interested in what happens to that child. >> reporter: but they failed. >> 79 yeas, 23 nays, the bill is finally passed.
3:37 am
>> reporter: in missouri where lawmakers have already approved their own new restrictions, the state is threatening to close this clinic, the last in missouri, by friday. the st. louis clinic is asking a federal judge to step in. >> when women don't think there's an option for a safe, legal, and accessible abortion in their state or near them, they're going to seek whatever care they can find, and many women are going to be hurt or injured or potentially lose their life. >> reporter: the governor of louisiana, a democrat, is promising to sign this. in a way it is already being appealed. the way this law is written is it is tied to the fate of a similar law in mississippi that is already being challenged in federal court. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. the university of alabama's largest donor is calling for a boycott of the school and the state in general in reaction to alabama's new anti-abortion law. >> hugh culverhouse jr. calls that law, which makes just about all abortions illegal, morally and constitutionally wrong. he's calling on corporations to avoid doing business in alabama. culverhouse is involved in an
3:38 am
ongoing dispute with the university of alabama over how millions of dollars of donations have been spent. i have the chance to make your dreams come true. >> oh, really? >> kenneth always talks about how much he loves the clooneys. so now you're going to have a chance to win a double date. >> oh. >> with the clooneys. >> it's so funny. when you said, make my dreams come true -- >> what are you going to say right now? >> i thought you were going to be here tomorrow. >> nice. he kind of loves me, and he's so excited i'm here. >> if we do go on a double date, this is how we can win. >> you, me and the clooneys. we'll invite you, will, don't worry. >> a contest to hang out with them at their lake como home in italy. george clooney bills it as a day with a world-renowned human rights lawyer, law professor, and leading thinker on the concept of justice, and an actor. >> i love it so much. he sets it up perfectly. and an actor. how will they bill it for us, do
3:39 am
you think? you get to go on this double date with george and amal clooney and two people -- >> right, i do feel like something's missing from this story, though. no, about the reason they're doing this. guys, what's the reason? anybody know? >> it's for charity. >> it's for charity, yes. that was an important note. the reason they're doing this, all for charity. >> they're incredible, they give so much money away to charity, raise a lot of awareness. so you get a double date, and you get to support charity. >> so go watch the video, figure it out. if you do win, give us the exclusive here at "world news now." >> or invite us. all right, coming up, what's believed to be the world's tiniest surviving baby born at only 8.6 ounces. and the excitement shifting into hyperspeed at disney's newest attraction that's described as being so ambitious, fans may not be ready for it. and get ready for this. the high-powered family reunion involving j. lo. that's later in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now."
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a milwaukee bus driver is being called a hero after grabbing a child walking in traffic. cecilia nation gardner jumped into action a few weeks ago when she saw that 6-year-old there. nation gardner grabbed him, walked him to her bus, then took him to the police. officers say he ran away from school. the child, who has a disability, has been reunited with his family.
3:43 am
a foul ball brought a major league ballpark to a standstill after it hit a young child. >> the chicago cubs albert almora jr. sent a drive down the third base line in houston last night when all of a sudden people started scrambling. you see their looks of horror in the stands. waving for help. an adult was seen carrying a crying little girl away from the scene. almora was still distraught after the game. >> just the way life is. as soon as i hit it, the first person i locked eyes on was her. so -- that's what -- yeah. >> he's so shaken up. now, that child was taken to the hospital. she was conscious and alert. all major league ballparks have protective netting extending to at least the end of both dugouts. >> a tough scene there. you saw how emotional he was. he's got kids of his own. >> probably hit home for him. >> yeah, definitely. turning now to an amazing story of survival out of san diego. >> we're hearing for the first time about a baby girl believed to be the tiniest surviving newborn weighing only as much as an apple.
3:44 am
our own will ganss is here with her story. >> that's right, good morning, you guys. good morning to all of you. the baby's family gave their permission to share her story but they wish to remain anonymous so they can focus on caring for their newborn daughter. sabie is the baby's nickname the nicu team used during her stay at the hospital, and here's her incredible story. when she was born, baby sabie weighed 8.6 ounces, about the size of an apple. her mom remembering that day in december vividly. >> it was the scariest day of my life. >> reporter: doctors saying they needed to perform an emergency c-section. the baby wasn't growing and mom's life was in immediate danger. >> they kept telling me, she's not going to survive. >> reporter: the typical pregnancy, 40 weeks. at delivery, sabie becoming the world's smallest surviving newborn, according to the tiniest babies registry, kept by the university of iowa. baby sabie was a fighter. >> they told my husband that he had about an hour with her, and
3:45 am
she was going to pass away. but that hour turned into two hours, which turned into a day, which turned into a week. >> reporter: the staff at the sharp mary birch nicu working around the clock for five months. >> even when i'm not here i think about her, like how's she doing today? so yeah, she's a miracle, that's for sure. >> reporter: those nurses and doctors becoming sabie's second family, and her mom thankful. >> her primary nurses were just -- they became friends. look at all those signs. they made it. i'm so grateful for them. >> reporter: and everyone, mom, dad, nurses, doctors, grateful that sabie, who weighed as much as a child's juice box at birth, was discharged from the hospital as a healthy 5-pound little girl. >> how cute. that little graduation cap. her doctors say baby sabie experienced almost none of the medical challenges typically associated with micro-preemies. which can include brain, lung, and heart issues. if there's any doubt she's a miracle baby, there's your proof right there. >> what an amazing network of
3:46 am
nurses as well. incredible to watch them. >> you always have to thank those nurses and highlight those nurses because they are miracle workers as well as those doctors. >> and amazing to see the love they put into it, making the signs. >> signs, right. moved into an open bed. celebrated mom's birthday. i love what that one nurse said too, that she was thinking about her even when she went home, how's she doing, wonder how she's doing. >> we'll all be thinking about sabie. thank you, will, i appreciate it. when we come back, guess who stole the show at the nba finals media day? arnold schwarzenegger makes his rapping debut. you've got to hear it to believe it. "the skinny" is next. got to hear it to believe it. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time for "the skinny" starting with the surprise out of the nba finals media day. >> there are always some hijinx at the annual event. but this year our friend guillermo from "jimmy kimmel live" managed to steal the show. he had a few zingers for the
3:49 am
raptors, from maple syrup shots because that's what you do up in canada, to asking the golden state warriors' alfonso mckinney about a threesome. >> are you excited to have a threesome? you know, when the team wins three years in a row? >> oh, three-peat. >> is that three-peat? >> you said threesome. >> it's not a threesome? i thought it was a threesome. >> what this is guy talking about? >> what is the difference? >> next question, man. >> i'll come back. thank you. good luck, man. >> all right. >> oh, guillermo. >> i love him looking like, what kind of answer? >> like, what? >> what can i answer? >> yeah, jkl's sidekick there also conducted his own investigation into the raptors' global ambassador, drake, asking fred van vleet there how drake smells. >> i'm curious too how he smells. >> like money, i guess. >> 100%. someone else who probably
3:50 am
smells like money and sweat, the terminator. we're going to hear him like we've never heard him before. >> arnold schwarzenegger is making his rapping debut. he'sppearing in a music video for an austrian singer titled "pump it up." >> pump it up! >> even raps some verses, take a listen. ♪ dig deep down and ask yourself who do you want to be ♪ ♪ not what but who if you believe success will come ♪ ♪ work like hell trust yourself and all your dreams come true ♪ ♪ break some rules not the law don't be afraid to fail ♪ ♪ you have to think outside the box i say no pain no gain ♪ ♪ i don't want to hear it can't be done give always something back ♪ ♪ my name is arnold schwarzenegger i'll be back ♪ >> yes, yes, more. sorry, the rest of the block is now just arnold rapping and i'm okay with it.
3:51 am
cancel the show. >> he's so good. >> i need to hear more of arnold rapping. but he also talks about pursuing your dreams, that's what the whole song is about. i don't want to say, even though i love this, i feel like he actually wasn't rhyming in the rap. >> he got a little bit in there, a little bit. >> arnold, i love you. >> could be better. okay, all right. speaking of singing, it appears that the son of jennifer lopez and marc anthony takes after his talented parents. >> a-rod shared this video of himself, fiancee j. lo, and ex-husband marc anthony at their 11-year-old son max's school recital. >> the three hammed it up for the camera, lip syncing. they didn't want to steal thunder from the kids. although a-rod captioned the video, "those who can, do. those who can't, sit between two people that can and stay quiet." >> the fact that they're all together, co-parenting, all happy, it's very big of them. >> pretty inspirational. >> it is. we're learning new details about ariana grande postponing two of her shows this week. >> in an instagram post the singer wrote that she's developed an unfortunate food allergy to one of her favorite
3:52 am
foods, tomatoes. >> she kept her sense of humor saying on ig that it still feels like swallowing a cactus, and p.s., quote, there is nothing more unfair than developing an allergy to tomatoes. more unfair than developing an allergy to tomatoes. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro.
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ladies and gentlemen, star wars: galaxy's edge is now open! >> that of course is our big boss, bob iger, on a big night for disney. he was surrounded by harrison ford, mark hamill, george lucas, and chewbacca at the controls of "the millennium falcon" for the opening of disneyland's new land -- or new ride called star wars: galaxy's edge. >> i'm so excited. >> it really is new land. it's the new land, yes. >> they're saying this is one of the most immersive experiences yet for disney. it's bringing "star wars" to life for people. i'm really jealous i wasn't there. it does open to the public
3:56 am
tomorrow. >> this morning kabc's greg lee gives us a sneak preview of what we can expect on the inside. >> this is five years in the making for walt disney imagineering and over 40 years of dreaming for fans to walk into an immersive "star wars" experience. >> reporter: we got our first look at the massive 14-acre land transporting guests to the black spire outpost village on the planet of batu. it's here you're welcome to interact with smugglers, aliens, and droids that call the planet home. disney imagineers say they collaborated with lucasfilm to tell a unique story, including iconic details, like "millennium falcon." part of creating your own story at star wars: galaxy's edge is choosing whether you're going to be part of the first order or the resistance. just be careful who you do that in front of. >> wait, you. the resistance is active here. have you seen anything
3:57 am
suspicious? >> i -- i haven't. i haven't. >> very well, move along. >> reporter: galaxy's edge offers plenty to eat, drink, see, and purchase. just remember, until june 23rd, you'll need a reservation to spend your four hours at the immersive land. >> we want you to believe that you're not on earth anymore, that you are truly on this planet batu, that you are in the "star wars" galaxy, that you are actually meeting these characters. >> our thanks to greg lee. disney world in florida is also getting a star wars: galaxy's edge in august. that's pretty cool. >> i want to go. >> we should go. >> will you go with me? >> yeah. >> he doesn't want to go. >> by the way, one of our very own got the chance to fly the "millennium falcon." >> ginger zee took the controls herself and she managed not to crash. >> that's pretty cool. and also in that scene, robert zabeta, one of our producers out there in l.a. >> looks like they had a lot of fun there on opening day.
3:58 am
>> it does. show us how you're going to scream in there. >> whoo, whoo, whoo!
3:59 am
4:00 am
america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." making news in america this morning, what's next? just hours after special counsel robert mueller broke his silence about the russia investigation, why his words are sparking a new push for impeachment. foul ball horror. a little girl suffers a direct hit. >> it hit a young child. >> struck in the stands by a foul ball at a major league game. players visibly shaken. >> you can see almora crying. >> the game stopped. this morning, her condition and the new questions about safety. an urgent search right now for a mother of five missing from an upscale connecticut town. what we're now learning about her divorce battle. plus, the tiniest survivor.


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