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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm dion lim in toronto. the seats are empty and it was a tough run for the warriors but it's only just begun. the city's planning department says small spaces and solar panels are all part of the future of housing. in san francisco where there's an intimate gathering. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from nbc 7. we're here to hear from. >> democratic presidential candidates are converging on the bay area this weekend for the california democratic convection. >> tonight minnesota senator amy
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klobuchar spoke to a packed fund-raiser in san francisco. >> she's one of 14 coming here to drum up support and dollars. live from the mission district, lisa? >> reporter: ama, many came to the cafe just over my right shoulder to support the senator while others came to learn more about her. >> i love being in california. >> reporter: u.s. senator amy klobuchar was welcomed by a pack crowd at a fund-raiser tonight. she had a chance to let people know what she stands for. >> it's time to bridge our divides to get to a higher plane in politics. >> reporter: klobuchar promises to reunite a country she sees divided. many who came here already support her. >> i could see that midwestern quality in her personality which relates easily to a lot of people. >> i think she's a real problem solver and i think she approaches everything as a problem and we can deal with it.
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>> political scientist professor melinda jackson says klobuchar has appeal. >> she might be more appealing to some of those democratic voters who might be switching to trump and may need to be brought back into the democratic hold. >> reporter: but she doesn't have the name recognition like joe biden and bernie sanders. with so many hats in the democratic ring tonight at least there's just one name that rises to the top. >> what do you want? >> amy. >> when do we want her now? >> reporter: and tomorrow congress person beto o'rourke will speak at many's and on saturday congressman eric swalwell will be there as well. abc 7 news. >> lisa, thanks. and manies has hosted political events since it opened on election night in 2018. five presidential candidates have appeared there in the past two months and four others are
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expected in the next week. the owner tells us people need to meet the candidates one-on-one. >> it's really important for folks in the community to get to meet the people who are asking for their vote and their dollar. we do feel like the advantage we have here are people get the ability to have some face time with these candidates. >> the restaurant name was going to be centered around civics but the owner got feedback it sounded too serious and might spook some folks so he kept it mannies. president trump is about to impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming from mexico and could go even higher. u.s. customs and border patrol vid video on twitter shows hundreds of people crossing the border wednesday. the president says he's punishing mexico for not stopping the surge into the u.s. the 5% tariff could go into effect on june 10th, but it could go as high as 25% if mexico doesn't resolve the problem. >> heineken says it has dropped
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its sponsorship following a video the team aired of new york congresswoman to kim jong-un. the company says the video does not reflect their core values. so sun maid also pulled its sponsorship today. >> they were captured at a motel in san jose. three victims including the 14-year-old were rescued. police say the teen was at a motel 6 on sunday when she texted a crisis hot line prompting police to come to the motel. police say she had been reported missing last year as a run away from michigan but was eventually kid nap. te other two victims are ages 20 and 23. police say two of the three had been force to engage in prostitution. and if you or someone you love is affected by human trafficking you can find your ally at
11:05 pm action. we have links on information on other issues. in the east bay sky 7 spotted on oakland city truck, watch this, spinning doughnuts at a city dump yard not far from oracle arena. interest trucks belong to the city's streets and sidewalks department which fixes potholes. we reached out to the city which says it is investigating and expects its employees to serve the community responsibly and safely at all times. mayor london breed will be announcing her proposed budget for the next two years. it's expected to focus on many issues as we are focused as part of our effort to bud a beer bay area. we did get a small preview of the budget today. the mayor announced she wants to put almost $12 million towards programs to promote cleanliness. it'll go towards several new staffed projects. a few million dollars would also
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go towards targeted street cleaning. three togets good luck. patrick mccaw. >> game one of nba finals did not go the way warriors and dub nation hoped. as drake told draymond green after the game. >> larry? >> patrick mccaw he forced his way off the warriors this year and hits a three against them in the finals. anybody who thought the series was going to be easy guess again. 118-109 by the raptors where the absence of kevin durant was huge on both ends of the court. people waited for hours for the privilege of standinghe wle gasic park. klay thompson throwing it down. i know he may have traveled. it was a good highlight. steph went for 34, but the raptors did a good job of
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running him off the three-point line. turnovers killed the warriors. h wanted to be a priest. i'm sure steve kerr wishes he continued hisrential s studies because he went for 33 points this game. when fred is hitting these kind of shots you know it's going to be your night for the raptors. they take the game 118-109. >> sometimes the ball goes in and i thought they were really good. they outplayed us tonight and they deserve to win, so we'll watch the tape and see where we can get better. >> i say it a lot but i like to vibe we had in the locker room in terms of everyone focusing on what they needed to do differently and the overall energy bump we needed to have, and then, you know, go steal game two. >> but yeah, we're not very familiar with this team but that's not excuse. still got to come out here and our goal is to get one, and it's still on the table for us. so i'll know we'll respond like the champions we are.
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>> energy and intensity need to go way up in game two. you can see in those comments the warriors didn't seem overly concerned after the game. they realize they can play better and realize after this toronto team that's pretty good they must play better sunday. abc 7 news anchor dion lim did find some warriors fans. >> they're ready to move onto game two now and hoping for the return of a former finals mvp. >> game one is in the books and trust me, and i mean trust me it is so hard to be a golden state warriors fan and even harder to talk to them. the fans erupted encelebration after the raptors took game one of the finals. in a sea of red and black it was hard to find warriors fans to talk to especially with all the noise. but when we did all hope was not lost. >> i mean really hoping once
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kevin durant comes back he'll be super impactful because i think that's just what the warriors need. just someone to take over and lead the offense. >> i think the warriors will come back strong. i think they needed to warm back up. >> this is epic. good job. the warriors, i love them. >> reporter: given the fact the raptors are the only nba team in all of canada and this is the first time they've ever been to the finals we get the excitement. but take it for warriors fans, this isn't over yet. okay, the raptors have two nights to celebrate, but it's okay. we're here for game two right back here on sunday. abc 7, news. and back in oakland thousands of people showed up for a watch party at oracle a big screen. got a whole lot they also got access to giveaways like cheer cards and thunder sticks and performances from the warriors dance teams. a toronto air-traffic
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controller had fun with one of the warriors jet filets as they made their dissent. just listen to this. >> you guys coming in for the game tomorrow? >> affirm. >> so it would be bad if i go raptors. >> yeah, i wish. >> i figured, worth a shot though. >> always. >> that's fun. now abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. game two again sunday in toronto. >> and we are well represented in >> our coverage of game two bgins sunday with a pregame show at 4:00 p.m. nba count down at 4:30 and game two of the nba finals is at 5:00 p.m. be sure to stay with us after that for after the game with sports director larry beil. san jose's planning
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department says small options can lead to big changes when it comes to housing in the south bay. that's up next. a san francisco officer suspended for sending racist texts pleaded guilty to bank robbery. now he learns his punishment. history was being made at tonight's national spelling bee. why a bay area teenager is having to share the title of champion. it is going to be foggy for the morning commute, but find out when that fog disappears and heat appears in the accuweather seven day forecast. first here's a look what's coming up tonight. >> thanks, dan and ama, we are very important tonight. can i make one suggestion, the next time you go into a meeting, a negotiation with him bring mcnuggets.
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a suspended san francisco police officer was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for robbing two banksinate city last year. 46-year-old dohearty was found guilty of robbing 10,500 from san francisco banks. he was one of nine officers charged in 2015 for sending racist and homophobic text messages. also on trial for elder abuse, accused of bilking $13,000 from an elderly man with in the south bay san jose's building division hosted an open house for residents to explore home improvement and housing impacts. >> reporter:undreds ursday hoping to learn more about two friendsome improvemen.
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the city's building division presented each option to packed audiences. >> i should have left a little earlier. >> reporter: tina is considering building a granny flat, the extra space will benefit her family though she understands these small backyard units are now being considered homes for others. >> i hear like people talking about oh, it's so expensive to, you know, rent a one bedroom apartment or a two bedroom apartment let alone it's really hard to find housing. i think it will help a lot if people can build on land that's already there and, you know, make it more dense and more usable. >> reporter: outside a carbon free trailer showcasing energy efficient home installations. many say they've already made the boot to save water and in their own way build a better bay area. >> the only thing that's not electric right now is our heater and we're looking to change that. >> reporter: the granny flat and green living approaches are both in line with the city's visions.
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>> hoping to expand the housing supply much needed in the bay area, and secondly the energy saving home improvements are very much needed because we all need to work together to fight climate change. >> reporter: the mayor proposing a program that would offer forgivable loans and waive fees. and also adopted a people centered plan for low carbon community. abc 7 news. >> now, we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. >> a historic night for the scripps national spelling bee. eight spellers were named cochampions. >> and one of them is from the bay are >> >> he was the first to lock in
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the co-championship. he's a seventh grader. >> seven other contestants finished out the 20th and first. 47 words in a row were spelled correctly so each speller will get a $50,000 cash prize from scripps. >> it's kind of a fun finish. >> yeah, congrats to all of them. >> okay, can you spell nice in terms of the weather? >> n-i -- can you use the word in a sentence, sandhya? >> absolutely. it is going to be really nice tomorrow. all right, dan and ama, let's check out our time lapse. it was a beautiful view this afternoon watching that fog rolling in. the marine layer deepened to close to 3,000 feet, and it was a cooler afternoon but that fog really didn't quite completely clear the coast and it hung around parts of the bay as well which explained why it was cooler. here's another vantage point from our south beach camera. so tomorrow morning you see the
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fluctuating visibility, that's what you can expect tomorrow. damp in spots and gray. if you're driving your morning commute planner, light chop, fair conditions if you're taking a ferry and drizzly areas if you are walking so definitely be careful out there as you're heading off to work. i do want to show you what's ahead. tomorrow is going to be a warmer day so we're going to see a rebound in those temperatures. the weather looks fantastic am. in the morning, yes, there will be fog. hayward, san jose in the 50s. as we head towards the noon hour upp upper 60s to low 70s. hopefully you'll like the weather better tomorrow if it was too cool for you today. speaking of cool from our emeriville camera, that is definitely a cool view. live domler 7 showing you how widespread. here's a look what brought the cooling. an area of low pressure spinning around a northern portion of the state brought the gray skies
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here but also brought numerous thunderstorms across the northern and central portion of the state. lake county was included with some heavy rain. thunderstorms with that system expected tomorrow. showers, thunder for friday, 65 degrees and still unsettled if you're doing some camping for the upcoming weekend. sfo camera showing you a very overcast view. expect delays tomorrow morning. overcast skies with spotty morning drizzle and summer like heat next week. 40s, 50s on the temps out the door tomorrow morning with the fog. tomorrow afternoon it is a milder day, mid-80s inland, low to mid-60s coast side, some lingering clouds but for the rest of you it's a nice looking day. accuweather forecast, do look for a warmup tomorrow. cooling a bit on sunday but temperatures are just going to bounce back. look at tuesday and wednesday. low 90s inland. that's summer-like. low to mid-60s coast side the
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fog will be gone for a couple of days. and then the heat is gone on thursday. so you don't have to worry about it lasting too long. >> that's good. >> thanks, sandhya. >> tomorrow on good morn
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warriors forward andre iguodala is going viral tonight for this outfit he wore. folks are loving to hate this distressed orange sweater vest. it's being likened to perhaps a life jacket or the vest of a school crossing guard. it's selling online for $690. he can afford it. iguodala styled his sweater the same way as the model. it sold out in size large on lean, but we did check and one
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size small is available at the the barnies >> it's like jeans with holes in them. >> that's awful. but what do i know? look at me. in an electric blue suit and i'm criticizing it. the world got a very quick
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this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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after nine days off the warriors were healthy heading into game one of the finals but kind of a
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step slow all night lon have evr made the finals in their 24-year hist screaming traveling when klei took off. yes, there was a gather, one, two, maybe a travel. but you know what, they didn't call it. he had 21. raptors pretty much in control all night long. they're up 10 at the break. steph, third quarter two of his 34 points. but any time the warriors got close to another turn over. and we're going the other way. 16 turnovers. 14 points in just the third quarter alone. and look at this, the running hook off glass, he made 11 straight shots in one stretch. finished with 32 points, and friday van fleet, the bank is open. he had 15, got the kind bounce and then drake and draymond exchanging unpleasantries. raptors win 118-109.
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>> reporter: coming into these nba finals the warriors knew they would have to adjust to the unexpected. a team they're not that fami with and an arena they hadn't played in since last year. but this loss came down to what they know about 24ethemselves. >> at the end of the day they outplayed us. there's no other way to say it. they did what they were supposed to do. it's a long series and game two is an opportunity for us to right the wrongs and get a big win and go back home. >> with a game win tonight, and we didn't play well. you leave this game feeling as good as you can possibly feel knowing that yeah, we lost but we figured some things out and we'll be better next game. >> yeah, we're not that familiar with this team but that's no excuse. still got to come out here and our goal is to get one and still on the table for us. so i know we'll respond like the
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champions we are. >> thank you, mindy. baseball, giants fans chowing down in miami. giants trying to snap a seven game losing street. brandon crawford, a clutch hit. buster posy and brandon belt score. 3-1 game and the bull pen does not implode so the giants win 3-1. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. tip off
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call 1-800-call-att.
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all right, that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for all of us, thank you for
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joining us. on jimmy kimmel live house speaker nancy pelosi. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- zach galifianakis. speaker of the house nancy pelosi. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from alessia cara. and now, in all honesty, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. welcome. hello, hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching at home. thanks to those of you who joined us earlier tonight in prime time for our nba game night special. the nba finals are under way. the golden state warriors are in it again taking on the toronto raptors. this is -- [ cheers and applause ] this is big for the players on both of those teams because you though, if they don't


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