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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 31, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i know we'll respond like the champions we are. >> after the game they caught him and drake talking trash. draymond says it was not a scuffle. he says they just barked a little bit. >> apparently drake was wearing a throwback dell curry raptors jersey. >> oh. >> as in steph's father. >> okay. >> drake, explain yourself. where are your loyalties? abc 7 the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. game two sunday in toronto. abc 7 news anchor dion lim and mindi bach are there. nba countdown is at 4:30 and tipoff at 5:00 p.m. >> right now it is 4:30 and time to check in with weather and traffic. here is a picture of the fog
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i was talking about. visibility down to a mile. less than that in petaluma. you can seep the low clouds hanging around from our roof camera. what word did we decide on? juicy? drizzly? teary? mainly fog. we're already in the 70s away from the coast at noon. mid-70s to low 80s at 4:00. we're still in the mid to upper 50s. at 7:00, 60s and 70s. a nice evening on the way. alexis? going to talk about road work at this point. westbound 780 we have a full closure in effect between 680 and 5th until 5:00 this morning. you can use surface streets to get around that.
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for now for the next 30 minutes that will not be an option if you're about to head out the door. 680 highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes. walnut creek to highway 13 another eight. we are still in the green. westbound 580 tracy to dublin just 31 minutes. happening today a flood of democratic presidential nominees arrive here in the bay area to pick up some votes and some cash. >> they are here for the democratic party convention and reporter jobina fortson is live for us. good morning, jobina. >> reporter: good morning. congress and beto o'rourke will speak but u.s. senator amy klobuchar was at the center of attention last night. she hails from minnesota. she was welcomed by a packed crowd at a fund-raiser where she had a chance to let people know what she stands for. she promised to work across the aisle and reunite a country she believes is divided. many who came out already
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support her but there were others who were just wanting to hear her out. she doesn't have a name like joe biden or bernie sanders, but political science professor melinda jackson says klobuchar does have appeal. >> she might be more appealing to some of those democratic voters who maybe switched and went to president trump and could be brought back into the democratic fold. >> reporter: tomorrow eric swalwell will speak as well. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. 4:33. house speaker nancy pelosi says president trump actually wants to be impeached because he believes the republican-controlled senate would bail him out. speaker pelosi appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night. she says she's making sure everyone is onboard before seriously pursuing impeachment proceedings which could further divide the country. >> the only person who knows better than i why this president is not above the law, why this
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president must be held accountable, the only person who knows better than i do, is the president of the united states. he knows. he knows what his violations have been. >> speaker pelosi said the public deserves to know the truth. president trump continues to deny he has done anything wrong. president trump threatening to impose escalating tariffs against mexico and the plan calls for a 5% tariff on all imported goods starting on june 10th and then it would be raised over time for as much as 25%. the president says he is punishing mexico for not stopping the surge in illegal migration into the u.s. >> the president's absolutely determined to use the authority he has as president to call on the congress and to call on mexico to do more to address the humanitarian crisis at our
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southern border. >> the trade war will likely hit everything from grocery stores to american cars. the decision has faced swift backlash from both sides of the aisle. in a letter to president trump, by the way, the president of mexico is saying more dialogue is needed, and he also slammed president trump's immigration policy. back to you. happening today new details are expected to be revealed about b.a.r.t.'s extension to the south bay. the b.a.r.t. board of directors is holding a joint meeting with the santa clara committee. they'll update both phase one and phase two to santa clara. phase one is supposed to be completed later this year. the meeting will be held in oakland at b.a.r.t.'s boardroom at 2:30 this afternoon. a uc santa cruz professor is on leave this morning after a moslem student says he called him a terrorist. our media partner "the mercury news" says dimitris achlioptas called him names and the professor made fun of his beard,
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belittled him and made inappropriate sexual remarks. the university calls the accusations serious and troubling. the professor is declining to comment. state water officials say the sierra snowpack is 202% average after more snow piled up in the mountains last weekend. officials say it measured 6% of the average making this year's snowpack 33 times bigger. there's so much snow at squaw valley. the ski resort planned to stay open until at least july 5th. she reached the summit of mt. everest. now a message for anyone thinking about taking up the challenge. >> keeping the streets clean is one of the challenges and building a better bay area, mayor london breed has a plan. now new word we may be making ourselves dumber one tweet at a time. >> first it is now 4:36. another check of your weather. hi, mike. let's take a look at what's going on, low to mid-50s in our east bay valleys.
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upper 50s even to 61 at antioch. low to mid-50s around the bay shore, mountain view. 57, one of the warm spots. one of the cooler spots. you can seep the low clouds and fog trying to envelop the bay bridge but thankfully no drizzle. at least i haven't heard of any away from the coast this morning. so a little caution because of the fog. mass transit, less drizzle, less breezy today. the north bay, we jump from 50s at 7:00. 9:00, 60s. 70 at 11:00. for the east bay we're in the 50s through 9:00. one last stop will be san francisco where the clouds will be more stubborn but we're going to reach 60 today after struggling yesterday in the upper 50s. take a look at the weekend forecast. even hotter temperatures.
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>> good morning. >> welcome to friday. hopefully it's line. >> i can't promise the same. this has turned into one of our toughest communities. right now you are not going to have much company and road crews, those repair crews should be wrapping up by 5:00 today. southbound 101 approaching silver avenue. someone was facing northbound in the southbound lanes. everything is back open, the residual
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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let's take a look around the state f. you're traveling 68, clouds in monterey. same thing in eureka and 60. still pretty cool down in socal. look at the upper 80s through the central valley, 97 in palm springs. a chance of thunderstorms not only today, tomorrow and into sunday. and all these areas you see shaded you're going to blow up on the sierra and maybe row at that time back towards us. i'll talk about that coming up in our forecast. be weather aware because lightning is very dangerous. >> thanks, mike. a huge honor for a south bay seventh grader. >> one of eight winners of the
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scripps national spelling bee. >> >> you are correct. >> and look at his adorable friends and family on the left there watching him. that's rishik gandharsi. he is a seventh grader in san jose. seven other contestants, eight in all, made it through to the 20th and final round because apparently they ran out of words. that's the first in the history of the competition. so combined they spelled 47 words in a row correctly. if you're wondering, oh, do they have to split that $50,000 prize? nope. they're making good on it. each will get $50,000 and the title. >> that's great. >> but how do they run out of words is your question, right? open a dictionary. >> is it they're not there for days? >> i think it was close to midnight or past midnight. >> that's a really long day. i get that.
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no one likes a tie, but they're kids. >> they look happy. i like it. a berkeley woman who reached the top of mt. everest has a message for all those who dream of an attempt at the summit, no beginners. only syrupo oserious climbers sd this. describe this moment to me? >> it's a surreal feeling and it's just an amazing feeling. the sun was out and we were alone on the summit. >> reporter: roxanne vogel is a serious climber. she is one peak away from becoming part of the seven summit club, the ultimate badge of honor for climbers who have reached the tallest peak on each continent. she climbed everest from the tibet side where there were no lineups and the permits were limited. she says that's how it should be. >> just that freedom of being on the mountain alone is a feeling unlike anything else. i wish everybody who climbed everest could feel that.
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i can't imagine being stuck in a line and just sitting there w t waiting for your turn. >> reporter: this was a picture taken by a climber from the nepal side, it went viral. it has been a deadly climbing season there with 11 deaths already just this month. in nepal anyone can get a permit, no experience required to attempt the 29,000-foot climb. >> i think people who are serious about climbing or want to climb everest for the right reasons, i don't think they should be deterred from wanting to do that because of what happened this year. >> reporter: vogel says serious climbers have respect and deep understanding of the dangers of the climb. abc 7 news. happening today san francisco mayor london breed will unveil her budget plan for the next two years, and she is expected to address a lot of the issues abc 7 focuses on in the effort to build a better bay area -- housing, quality of life and crime. we're already getting an idea of
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her spending priorities. the mayor revealed yesterday she wants to put almost $12 million towards programs to promote cleanliness in several san francisco neighborhoods. the money would go to seven new staffed public toilets and trash ca cans. the oakland public library will stop charging late fee this is summer including books, audio books, cds, dvds. prior to this overdue fines range between 25 cents and $1 a day. people will still be billed a replacement fee for items not returned 30 days past the due date but it will be excused when the item is returned. they voted to eliminate overdue fines to encourage more people to use the library. the new rule goes into effect in july. warriors forward andre iguodala is going viral for the outfit he wore before and after game one of the nba finals. folks loving to hate this
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distressed orange sweater vest, likened to a life jacket or the vest of a school crossing guard. it sells online at barney's for $690. and it's a look. >> here is the thing. on that model it looks better. i'm just saying. i'm not being shady. as a tall person sometimes these looks don't translate as well. >> i think built like a model like yourself with model proportions, very tall, very lengthy. i feel like short, curvy people like myself have to really watch out what we're wearing. i could put a trash bag on you and you could sell it. >> those trends are hard to pull off -- >> when you are statuesque and lean? sing me your sad story. >> he's a very fit man.
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>> i say do your thing. >> i have no qualms about it whatsoever. it's cloudy, about 55 degrees. brighter as the highs rebound. fewer clouds, coastal drizzle tonight and the summer spread develops next week. upper 70s, milpitas, santa cruz, 73. we start in the upper 70s, drop down to about 70 as you get to millbrae. along the coast to mid and upper 60s. 75 at san rafael, novato and petaluma still in the 70s. same thing in napa. everybody else 80 to 85 in the north bay. castro valley, oakland about 73. as we move inland, the low to
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mid-80s this afternoon. tonight's temperatures low to mid-50s. a little fog in the north bay again. a stronger sea breeze will drop us down sunday. the warmth has even more umph to it. 80s and 90s for the rest of us. hey, alexis. and overall we're looking good so far for the friday morning commute. no major issues to talk about. a little stackup in the cash lanes. so no metering lights yet. that should happen closer to 5:20, even later since it is friday and we see lighter volumes. the only drive time in the yellow is this one, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 39 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard, still in the green at 16. >> thank you. clothing company north face apologizing after admitting to changing photos on wikipedia. and twitter is making us
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dumber. here's "tech bytes." north face makes a wikipedia fail. >> they swapped pictures on its site as part of an ad campaign. they have apologized for what they call activity inconsistent with their principles and the pictures have been removed. we may be chipping away at our intelligence one tweet at a time. >> a study test performance drop 25% to 40% compared to those who use traditional methods. to celebrate the scripps national spelling bee google produced a map showing each state's most miss spelled word. >> the word is beautiful. new jersey and washington struggle with gray with an e and hawaii's most misspelled word is hawaii. that's not too good, guys. >> those are your "tech bytes." >> we can't spell beautiful? >> why are they going after my
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people? people in hawaii know how to spell hawaii. something is off with that. sky 7 catches a city truck doing doughnuts. what city leaders are saying about it. firefighters in the east bay are preparing for the worst one hill at a time. a local com
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let's talk about the a's.
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they resume their home stand tonight against the astros, 7:07 first pitch. 63. grab a coat. you'll need it, down to 58 degrees by the end of the game. have fun. thanks, mike. sky 7 spotted an oakland city truck spinning doughnuts in a dump yard near oracle arena yesterday. the trucks belong to the city's street and sidewalks department. of course we reached out to the city and were told officials are now investigating this. the city says its employees are required to serve the community responsibly and safely at all times. berkeley police are searching for a stolen amazon van. the driver was making a delivery around 11:00 yesterday morning when someone drove off in the white dodge van. last seen heading south. police haven't released a description of the thief. in the east bay crews are hitting the hills to get a jump-start on fire season. the fire protection district is encouraging home and property owners to cut fast growing weeds and grasses back to a height of
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3 inches or less. the late rains almost guarantee a long fire season. >> everyone knows we've had a couple of tough fire seasons. we anticipate the fuel levels, taller, denser fuels are going to contribute to even more dangerous fire season this year, and one that's going to make for fires that are more difficult to fight because of the density of the fuels. >> fire officials are requiring owners of larger parcelsss create larger fire breaks, a good idea for all homeowners. happening in the east bay the opening ceremony will be held for the seventh annual valor games west. the games feature wounded veterans and various sporting competitions like archery, power lifting. you're looking at a video from last year. more than 100 participants will compete. the opening ceremonies are at 11:00 today. we have real nice weather for that.
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it's going to be about 78 degrees there. take a look at the weekend. i thought we would take a deeper dive by looking at the temperatures and giving you a few more cities. you can see the 70s around the bay. the 80s holding on in the south bay. also the east bay. maybe a degree or two cooler. the faster sea breeze sunday. you can see 60s for richmond, oakland, san francisco, sausalito. 59 at half moon bay. 70s inland until you get to antioch. but look what happens monday. the surge of warmth as we're at clear lake and clover dale. low 80s in the south bay. 70s and 60s, though, for the bay and the coast. still comfortable here. here's alexis. good morning, mike. hopefully your weekend is off to an early start. it's looking like it on the roads. very light volumes at 4:55 in the morning. we're looking okay here for the san mateo bridge commute in
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either direction. very few incidents on the board today. it was a tough day for b.a.r.t. yesterday we had a couple of our issues in the downtown oakland area. so far nothing like that, in fact, trains don't start running for another five minutes. no delays, ace one out of the central valley on time. no delays for capital corridor. forget hollywood. silicon valley is trying its hand at a robo cop. >> a prototype of its go between. it's designed to go between an officer and driver during a traffic stop. engineer brewer came up with the idea after seeing reports of officers and drivers being killed during traffic stops. >> if you're scared during a traffic stop you're more likely to commit physical violence, so the idea is to physically separate the two humans and send a robot between them so there's no more physical danger to anybody. >> hmm. it contains a camera, microphone and speaker system. it can detect the smell of
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alcohol and marijuana and has a spike strip to keep a car from speeding away. >> my goodness. >> the robot would be controlled by the officer. >> and it can print the ticket right for you so can you rip it off and take it home. we're so lucky. >> i wonder how the evidence would be entered into a court of law. interesting. next at 5:00 a.m., day nine of the new haven unified teacher strike in the east bay and there are new developments this morning. the state superintendent of public instruction plans to join both sides at the bargaining table. loud noises from trains are
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now at 5:00 a.m., the teachers strike in the new haven unified district is entering its ninth day. a top state official is set to join both sides at the bargaining table. good morning. welcome to friday, may 31st. >> you made it to friday. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. are we in for another misty morning, mike? >> i don't think so. there's low clouds but not as juicy as they were yesterday. more fog is what we're dealing with this morning. that's some good news. as you take a look at santa rosa and petaluma right there, visibility very low, dangerously low, less than an eighth of a mile. it's not going to go anywhere, at least not santa rosa. it may leak down to the south and head to novato and san rafael. that's something alexis and i will keep an eye on. a look at your 12-hour planner. low to mid-50s this morning. upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. but look at noon, 71 to 75, bay and inland. 76 to 81 and still near


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