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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 31, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning on this friday, may 31st, and welcome back, reggie. >> i say it to all of you, bright moons. >> and bright suns? >> rising suns. >> i just got back from disneyland's galaxy's edge. that's the way you greet each other in the morning. bright suns. >> not a lot of bright sunshine behind us, mike. >> mike, what happened? >> oh, it's coming. trust me. we'll get more today. low clouds this morning. visibility down along the peninsula where there may be mist involved. this will be around the entire morning commute. this is the way it looks as you look south to the thicker fog on 101. look at all the sunshine at noon. 50s and 60s at the coast. low to mid-70s, nice afternoon.
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at 4:00, 76 to 81. make sure you have the sunglasses, maybe the short sleeves, and look at this at 7:00 this evening, still very comfortable away from the coast near the low to mid-70s. i hope you enjoy today. a look at the commute with alexis. we have a couple issues in the south bay. this one is really not causing any delays on the counter commute side of 101. southbound lanes before the 280 split sounds like a crash contained to the shoulder that was involving two vehicles and a four-car crash. this is causing a backup, northbound 680 at berryessa. they're trying to get another tow truck out there. san rafael/101 corridor. fog lurking just above the road surface level. be advised you could run into lower advivisibility. drive times are up next. new developments in the teacher strike in the east bay, the state superintendent will be joining negotiations today. >> new haven unified district has been on strike for nine
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days. amy hollyfield live for us in union city with the latest. amy? >> reporter: reggie, state superintendent tony thurman says this has gone on long enough. he wants both sides to do what they can to end this strike as soon as possible. teachers will be on the picket line today for the ninth day here in the new haven school district. they're asking for about a 7% raise over three years. the district says if it did that, it would have to make drastic cuts like closing schools and firing administrators at schools. the district did say yesterday it is in a space to make an agreement with the union but teachers say they're not buying it. >> the district has said this time and again, and i have absolutely no faith in their ability to get this work done. i am depending completely on our school board members. they are the ones that have the ability to make a change right now. >> reporter: the two sides negotiat11 night, and they say they will be
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back at it at 11:00 this morning. tony thurman will be at the table coming in from sacramento encouraging both sides to reach an agreement. there are still a couple weeks left of school in the district, the last day isn't until june 13th. schools are open but they have mod fight schedules, consolidated classes, attendance is down significantly and students say this is getting very stressful especially for those who are trying to graduate. reporting live in union city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reports north korea killed off several officials because of the failed trump summit. media is reporting that north korea has executed its special envoy to the united states on spying charges, allegedly happened in march. the south korean newspaper claims four other high-level officials were also executed although it's really unclear how
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the paper obtained this information. north korea has not commented. south korean media and its government have a history of reporting stories about north korea that sometimes turn out to be wrong. secretary of state mike pompeo is saying american officials are also looking into this new report. >> thank you, jessica. the man accused of intentionally running over a crowd of pedestrians in sunnyvale has been charged with two hate crimes. isaiah peoples is facing those charges on top of the eight attempted murder charges already filed. >> feel confident that a substantial motivating factor was the perceived religion. >> isaiah peoples' relatives were in court yesterday and they told abc 7 news he suffers from ptsd as a result of his military
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service. >> a legal battle brewing over sound from train tracks. in a memo released yesterday mayor sam liccardo and councilmembers called on the city attorney to explore possible legal action against union pacific railroad. the railroad started hauling at night and that means train horns are also going off at night. many people who live in downtown neighborhoods are complaining. >> they're blaring horns not just a little bit but for 30, 60 seconds at a time. the obvious challenge for a lot of downtown residents is they cannot get a lot of sleep. up to the city to pursue that. this morning the warriors find themselves in uncharted territory now trailing 1-0 in the nba finals. >> golden state looked rusty in toronto coming off a nine-day
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layoff. steph curry golden state just couldn't stop pascal siakam who scored 32 points for the raptors. toronto cruised to a 118-109 victory. abc 7 is the only place to watch the series. we're geared up for game two on sunday in toronto and our coverage begins with the dubs on 7 pregame show at 4:00 p.m. nba countdown at 4:30 and then the game is at 5:00. after the game with sports anchor larry beil. jessica is at the live desk with what is revealed with the "empi "empire" star's interactions. a very thin layer of clouds over the top of us. a little bit of fog. not much drizzle. 7 to 11 degrees
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watch out this evening in danville and san ramone. bears, wildcats, mustangs and wolves on the loose. graduation tonight at 6:00. it will be 78 degrees. 80 as you're getting ready dropping down to 71. congratulations, everybody. let's take a look at what's going on around the state today. we have the marine layer around the coast, 60s to barely 70 in los angeles. look at the central valley,
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upper 80s. 97 in palm springs. another fiery day in the sierra with thunderstorms. in fact, they're going to continue today, tomorrow and sunday. please be careful up there. the 30/30 rule. if you hear thunder less than 30 seconds after the lightning go inside for 30 minutes. >> okay, sounds good, mike. we'll take you to the central valley where we're improving in either direction of 580. checking some speeds. 4 miles an hour on eastbound 580 due to road work. it does look like they're starting to open up at least one more of those lanes, though. this is scheduled to wrap at 9:00 this morning. it was a 25-minute delay down to 15 minutes now. 12 miles an hour and 47 miles an hour if you're coming in on the westbound side. a quick check of the drive time 580 tracy to dublin, 1:06. that's better than it was about half an hour ago. antioch to concord.
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southbound 101, still looking good at 18 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. coming up, empty nesters, the hilarious way one couple is celebrating their new status. one company going beyond with something you probably have never seen on our streets before. as we head to break, a live look outside and you can't even see the golden g at pure leaf, real tea leaves we blend the finest tea leaves and brew them at a lower temperature for smooth delicious real brewed iced tea. i'm alex white, pure leaf tea master. our thing is tea.
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on the jussie smollett case. there's a new hearing scheduled today to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate why charges were dropped against the actor. and this comes as chicago police have released new documents about the "empire" actor's relationship with the two brothers who claim they were paid by the star to stage the alleged attack. according to the documents, the brothers served alongside smollett as extras on the show "empire." documents show the brothers enjoyed a, quote, social relationship with the star. and we believe that new hearing in chicago today will start at 7:30 our time. >> thank you. new this morning many parents may be sad when their kids move out of the house. not this couple in mississippi. >> they are seriously oto shoot.g their empty nest fuo it was sort of like the opposit empty nesters. >> our favorite kids! >> yes, meaning their dogs. another said, so sad, ha-ha-ha,
6:15 am
just kidding. expecting zeros kids, june 2019. the photographer was their youngest daughter who is moving out tomorrow. she is in on the gag. >> that's really funny. mike, you've experienced the empty nest. were there such celebrations happening in your house? >> i wish he would just get out of my chair. >> okay. okay. >> no. i have to acquiesce my chair when he's home. >> paint a mental picture for me. so what is the chair? >> it's just my recliner i like to sit in. >> it is a recliner. >> does it have a built-in fridge and the cup holder? >> no, i'm not that far from the fridge but it has the remotes. >> the remotes are probably attached to the chair. >> conformed to my body. his body is almost like mine. no, it's wonderful having them at home but it's awful when i get up and he's still up from the day before laying in my chair watching tv. >> okay, dad.
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>> he's asleep right now. >> we opened a weather into your life. >> i love having him around. just do more chores. let's move on. >> i heard that. >> couldn't let it go, could i? just couldn't let it go. here is a look at sutro tower, and you can see the marine layer is compressed. mt. diablo off in the distance so compressed that it's causing foggy spots. it's not as drizzly as it was yesterday, so that's good news. it will be warmer this afternoon with the faster sunshine. weekend highs will taper just a bit but when the warmth returns it's going to get hot inland. temperatures here in the low to mid-60s around san francisco becoming partly cloudy as we head into the afternoon hours. along the east bay shore sunny and pretty comfortable with low to m 70s. castro valley, fremont and union city in the upper 70s. the peninsula on the coast side, a little more cloudiness and 60s half moon bay and pacifica. 70 in millbrae and mid to upper
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70s elsewhere like the san mateo, 75-degree high. some 81 degree temperatures showing up as we go from fog to sunshine. 79 in napa and novato today. and in the south bay we'll hover to low 80s here, also santa cruz, about 73 degrees. and for our east bay valleys, low to mid-80s, definitely sunny and warmer. tonight low to mid-50s, not quite as much cloud cover as this morning. the pattern holds saturday, cooler sunday with a chance of thunderstorms in the north bay and then look at the 80s and 90s for next week. have a great weekend. here is alexis. we are looking at our traffic maps and we have one issue to talk about in the south bay. it's been there for a while, the backup seemed steady, northbound 680 at berryessa. a four vehicle collision. they're still working on getting another tow truck to the scene. you're backed up into the alum rock area. maybe just about five minutes at worst there. it's really not too bad. only a ten-minute delay on the
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richmond side of the bridge. of course our typical delays are building there for that emergency road repair, but since it's friday, since a lot of folks only seem to go into the office four days a week, it's not as bad as a monday through thursday commute. mass transit looking great, 50 b.a.r.t. trains in service. ace 1, 3, and 5 on time. no delays for ac transit. >> nothing like friday work from home day. happening today, are you ready for an epic adventure in a galaxy far, far away? the waiting is finally over. star wars galaxy's edge opens this morning at disneyland. it is the most anticipated new expansion and the largest in disneyland history. so i was one of the first to go inside to get a sneak peek, and this is me on the big attraction open right now, the millennium falcon smugglers run. you do pilot the fastest junk in the galaxy and i loved it. it is the most fun i've ever had on a ride. >> that is saying something. >> i love me some rides.
6:19 am
>> 14 acres of scenery. that is the droid depot. you can make your own r2d2, have the blue or the green milk. it tk than five months to finish this. they've been working on it for at least six and it's not done yet. there is one big ride yet to be revealed open some time in 2019. rise of the resistance. they gave me a few details but i'm told it is going to be groundbreaking and mind blowing. >> i'm glad you had such a good time. thank you for sharing it with us. "gma" is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. >> we talked to ginger zee pretty much every day. >> you are best friends. >> i love her. we had never met until we went to galaxy's edge this week. here she is with a look at what's ahead on the show. >> good morning, reggie and natasha. so good to be with both of you this morning.
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coming up on "gma" we have the latest on severe storms, the flash flooding in philadelphia, the severe storms including tornado threats in baltimore. all of this while historic flooding still hitting the heartland. a major levee breaching. the huge nba finals game overnight toronto taking away their first finals win ever with drake ruling the sidelines. we're there for it all. also a truly unbelievable end to the national spelling bee, eight kids tying for the title after they ran out of challenging words for them. the winners are joining us on "gma." and it is friday so grammy winner sierra is here live. i am just missing my dancing partner in reggie. >> if you didn't see it, ginger and i did this extremely silly thing when we met for the first
6:21 am
time. the slo-mo hug. >> you have to check it out on reggie's instagram. >> twitter and facebook, all of that. it was great to see ginger. coming up, baskin robbins has a new treat for fans t netflix show "stranger things." >> do you see a difference?
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welcome back. let's take a look at future radar, 6:30 this evening. most of the storms stay in the high country. now tomorrow they get a little bit closer to the north bay, the same area as lake mendocino that we had thunderstorms yesterday and sunday i think for sure we're going to have a repeat up there. keep our app and live doppler 7 handy this weekend. >> thank you. you can travel to the upside-down with some stranger things themed ice cream from baskin robbins. >> fans can enjoy two new flavors of the month at participating locations. so they're called 11th heaven, cute, and upside-down prelines.
6:25 am
next sunday a one of a kind struck that will serve up to fans. stranger things season three premieres july 4th. >> give me a themed food, i'm a happy girl. check out this avocado hitting markets down under nicknamed avo-zilla, five times the size of a normal avocado weighing 3 pounds and can cost up to $16 each. it is grown by a farmer in central queens land. it's being sold at stores across australia but it is in short supply. i wonder if it's just like other punishing avocados at home, i'm not ripe, i'm not ripe, i'm rotten. you missed the hour window. >> that's the journey that you just took us through. >> it is a hero's journey. is this for real? a pogo stick ad is creating some clout on whether a startup is the real deal. >> is it april fool's? check this out. the company is called kango-roo. they want to offer on-demand pogo sticks and their slogan is jump into the future.
6:26 am
they believe it could be popular with millennials looking to combine transportation and exercise. they have plans to add paris, san francisco and london. i -- i just don't know, reggie. >> this is exhausting. in the words of the great dave collier, cut it out. get out of here. are you serious? i had a pogo ball as a kid. >> that doesn't sound safe. >> it was torturous and you were going to get a broken ankle. still ahead, why prices could be higher the next time you shop at costco. a new mrubudget plan and hoo spend $12 billion. >> reporter: 14 presidential hopefuls are hoping to get more support and money. ciscohisorngito ln
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now at 6:30 more than a dozen democratic presidential candidates are in the bay area today. what you can expect from the state party convention. >> at the live desk tracking an emergency declaration in arkansas. i will show you what happened very early this morning. >> and even though game one didn't quite go as planned, the warriors are getting a whole lot of attention for something else. we have all of the unique finals fashion choices this morning. >> i mean, that actually looked like it was from "star wars." right? he was giving us a little realness. >> maybe that's what he was going for. >> maybe he was. good morning on this friday, may 31st. we made it to the end of the month. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. a little gray behind us. yes, that brightness of the orange was a contrast to what's going on outside right now. we'll have the glow of an orange sun earlier today and that will lead to warmer weather.
6:31 am
the thickest fog visibility, less than an eighth of a mile, dangerously low especially with kids out at bus stops. slow down. along the peninsula coast a little mist is mixing in around half moon bay. look how suppressed the marine layer is. we can see mt. diablo. another reason we're going to see more sunshine and warmer temperatures today. if you're leaving through 7:00, we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s at the coast this afternoon as we'll search from the low to mid-70s at noon to mid-70s to low 80s. a comfortable evening on the way. it has not been too bad, mike, one of our heavier spots and can count on the bay bridge plaza. metering lights on later than average. i know it doesn't look like it but mostly friday light volumes. westbound 580 tracy to dublin
6:32 am
starting to come down. still in the red we're at 1:07, and a long-term crash on the shoulder near north flynn has cleared. 680 dublin to mission boulevard still in the green at 16 and no delays northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino. a flood of democratic nominees are coming to the bay area. >> they're here for the democratic party convention. jobina fortson is live at san francisco. good morning, jobina. >> reporter: she doesn't have the name recognition like joe biden or bernie sanders which could hurt her chances in the long run, but amy klobuchar out of was the star last night. she was welcome to a packed fund-raiser yesterday evening. klobuchar promised to work across the aisle and help reunite a country she sees as
6:33 am
divided. many who came out last night are supporting her but there were others wanting to learn more. melinda jackson said she does have appeal. >> some of the democratic voters who maybe switched and went to trump and could be brought back into the democratic fold. >> reporter: beto o'rourke will be speaking at manny's and eric swalwell will be there as well sunday. reporting live, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. right now thousands of homes in danger after a levee in arkansas breached early this morning this is coming after several weeks of severe weather, look at this new video. residents are being urged to evacuate as soon as possible. officials say they are expecting the worst. they don't think conditions are
6:34 am
going to be improving throughout the day today. the river has been rising. it's not the only letch yep at risk of breaking. president trump signed an emergency declaration for arkansas. we're watching this throughout the day for you. san francisco mayor london breed will unveil her budget plan for the next two years. she's expected to address a lot of the issues abc 7 focuses on in the effort to build a better bay area, housing, quality of life and crime. we're getting an idea of her spending priorities. the mayor revealed she wants to put almost $12 million towards programs to promote cleanliness in several san francisco neighborhoods. dozens of new trash cans. a few million dollars would go to targeted street cleaning. one. >> the dubs played for the first time after nine days off, and it
6:35 am
kind of showed. toronto outplayed golden state for most of the night andpoints. after the game the warriors were confident that they would come back strong in game two. >> we always had a chance and we didn't play very well at all. you leave the game feeling as good as you can feel knowing that we lost but i think we figured some things out. we'll be better next game. >> we're not very familiar with this team but that's no excuse. our goal was to get one and it's still on the table for us. >> as draymond green was leaving the court, cameras caught him and raptors super fan drake talking a little trash. draymond says this was not a scuffle when asked later on.
6:36 am
abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. game two is sunday in toronto. we're pretty well represented there. mindi bach and abc 7 news and co anchor dion lim. nba countdown at 4:30 and then tipoff at 5:00 p.m. be sure to stay with us after the game with sports director larry beil. ♪ hey, kiki will you tell me what you're going to do when your team loses ♪ >> that was great. i like it. let's make it a bot. much more ahead including the official opening to star wars galaxy's edge, i'm just back from the planet of batuu. the public will be invited i for the first time in about an hour and a half. we'll be checking in live to see what's happening now. trump is announcing tariffs
6:37 am
this morning. we're down 274 points, 258 and growing. we'll keep checking in on this for you. and it wasn't just about what was happening on the court last night. we'll have a look at some of the interesting fashion choices at the finals. hey, mike. >> gray or orange? here is what it looks like from our exploratorium camera. let me -- yeah, there we go. we're looking at temperatures running in the low to mid-60s and 57 in santa teresa. brentwood 58 degrees. it's a little foggy ut there, a little hazy. along the peninsula coast. less drizzle to deal with. let's look at the north bay. foggy and 57 at 8:00. then we'll break out and sunshine starting around 66.
6:38 am
upper 70s this afternoon. a cool 67 by 8:00. how about the east bay, 58 and cloudy at 8:00. then we'll be partly cloudy to mostly sunny as we head to noon. and as we head to the 70 degree mark, 61 if you're heading out at 8:00 this evening. in san francisco about seven degrees warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 50s on either side. still a little chilly. still have 90s in the forecast, i'll show you that. good morning. >> good morning. we're doing okay as far as the commute is concerned. in fact, some better news in the south bay. at berryessa a four vehicle collision. it did clear from the board and that stop and go traffic you're seeing will start to clear out very shortly so you can see we're back in the green the closer you get to where the collision was. southbound 101 off ramp to
6:39 am
central san rafael, hearing about a new two-car crash. the main line moving along just fine here where our camera is. you could be dealing with reduced visibility. drive times looking great here, southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma, 15 minutes b. a 14-minute drive, castro valley to the maze. and no delays 286 to the
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
we have bears, wildcats, mustangs and wolves running around danville and san ramone tonight at 6:00. warm at the beginning, 80. then very comfortable and 71 by the end. congratulations, everybody. we have the marine larp along the coast. that's why temperatures 60 in eureka, san diego, 67. l.a., 70. 97 in palm springs. upper 80s through the central valley and look at the fire forming over the sierra once again. look at the chance of thunderstorms. some of those could back their way towards us. very unlikely until sunday that we could see thunderstorms and that would be up in lake and mendocino and sonoma counties. all the hot action will be in the sierra with thunderstorms every single day this weekend. thanks, mike. now your morning money report. uber continues to lose money despite revenue growth. >> and its first quarterly report since going public earlier this month the company reported a $1 billion loss as it
6:43 am
fights to maintain market share. uber posted revenue of $3 billion for the first quarter. the company says customer engagement is higher than ever with an average of 17 million trips per day. costco shoppers may see higher prices as the trade war between china and the u.s. continues. it's affecting items like furniture, luggage and bikes. in some cases the warehouse giant is looking to source from other countries now. they have reduced some order commitments and is taking advantage of lower pricing on certain u.s. items that have been impacted. some unrest on the market this morning. you can see that we are down 321 points this morning. of course we are once again kind of in some unknown territory when it comes to trade with foreign countries and the president has had a lot to say about that. we'll see how this continues for the rest of the day. if flopped the first time around but coca-cola is betting one of its drinks will be huge. the company is thinking about
6:44 am
bringing back coffee flavored coke to the u.s. now if that sounds familiar there was a product called coca-cola blakblakblakblak 20 launched in 2006. people didn't really like it. they say we have evolved. coca-cola plus coffee packs more caffeine than regular coke. it's available in several countries. coke has not yet committed to bringing it back to the u.s. >> have we changed from 2006? >> i don't know. i feel like i have changed but i don't know that my palate -- >> are you ready for this drink now? >> i'm not sure. are you ready for this? it is the day disney fans and star wars fans have been waiting for for years. >> star wars galaxy's edge opens today at disneyland. our own reginald aqui just came back from there. rob mcmillan from our sister station in l.a. is there now covering opening day. how is it going, rob? >> bright suns, rob.
6:45 am
>> reporter: well, good morning from anaheim. yes, bright suns. that's the galaxy's edge speak for good morning. so what we have here is a view of the park from across the street, check out the skyline this is pretty familiar for most folks familiar with disneyland. you have the matterhorn, space mountain and way off in the background what they call the black spire outpost of batuu otherwise known as star wars galaxy's edge. now not very busy right now, at least on the streets surrounding the park. we did have some video from much earlier, several hours ago, of 100 or so people lined up. interestingly enough most of them don't even have reservations to get into star wars land. they're lined up to get some of the exclusive merchandise of star wars land where disney is making that available for them. they should be going into the
6:46 am
park pretty soon. those who do have be able to go star wars galaxy's edge around 8:00 this morning. once again for those of you planning to come down here to anaheim to check out the new expansion to the disneyland park, you need to have a reservation. they sold out online in about two hours a couple months ago. you can still get one by staying at a disneyland hotel, there are three of them. rooms are available but very pricey, cheapest rates at $412. live in anaheim, abc 7 news. >> reggie, of course, you are just coming back and we loved watching your reports on social and here on the air. what was the most surprising thing about your time there? >> the most surprising thing, i was surprised that i loved it more than i thought i was going to. everyone knows i'm a huge disney fan. >> sure. >> i'm not necessarily a "star wars" fan boy. i like it but am not into the
6:47 am
back stories. wouldt aeal totely.>>ou fl iovl. what rob is saying is true, you can get reservations for the next three weeks only if you $ price. i know that's very expensive. #worthit. >> treat yourself. >> it is pricey. >>ay for one night and are able to get into the land, guaranteed access, i think it's worth it. >> okay. reggie, thank you. >> that's just my opinion. >> no, i mean, that's very strong tribute to hoe great the place is that you would want to pay that much money. >> to be one of the first in. >> yeah. >> that's fantastic. i can't wait until next year. let's take a look at what's going on -- if the lines ever do calm down. a friend on facebook william stone sent me this right next to live doppler 7 on mt. st. helena, the thunderstorms we talked about that will erupt in
6:48 am
northern sonoma county. he was kind enough to send me a picture and brach tve the thunderstorms to head up. we appreciate that. absolutely beautiful. this is the way it looks, its own beauty this morning. a light blanket of cloud cover through the east bay hills and valleys that will be quickly erased today and highs will rebound about 7 to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. fewer clouds, coastal drizzle tonight and summer spread, 60s to 90s. today the micro climate, 73 at santa cruz. low 80s elsewhere in the south bay.grees. 60 to 64 along the peninsula coast. 65 to 67 degrees downtown south san francisco. sausalito, 66. upper 70s, low 80s through most of the north bay. along the east bay shore, 73 to 78 degrees. hercules a little bit cooler -- richmond is about 70. 81 to 86 for our inland and east
6:49 am
bay valleys. the a's resume their home stand. grab the hoodie. it will be 58 by 10:00. if you like today, enjoy tomorrow. storms in the same area tomorrow as we had yesterday -- i should say sunday. and look at the surge of warmth next week. here is alexis. good morning, mike. looking good so far today. in fact, i'm having a tough time finding issues to talk about. we have not had any major incidents this morning which is a good thing and really not many minor ones either. 14 miles an hour your average for a couple mimes getting on the richmond/san rafael bridge. that's our normal backup these days with that emergency road repair. and then a little heavy again on westbound 80, richmond. you're coming in at 28 miles an hour. pretty foggy across much of the north bay and on to golden gate. so far, though, still don't have any dense fog advisories. can't even see the bridge there. it's hiding. >> we're told it's coming. a big congratulations, a huge honor for a south bay
6:50 am
seventh grader. >> he is one of eight champs from the scripps national spelling bee. >> auslaut, auslaut. >> you are correct. >> i love his two arms in the air and then mama reacting. >> yes, yes. >> that is rishik gandharsi. he was the first to lock in a win last night. he's a seventh grader in san jose. seven other contestants made it through the 20th and final round, so many, in fact, that, look, my boy on the left side can't even touch the trophy. this is the first time they've had a tie like this. so they spelled 47 words in a row correctly. each speller is going to get the prize. don't worry, they're not splitting the it's $50,000 for each kid. they ran out of words. >> it got late at night and they just called it. i'm glad everyone gets the prize money. >> this is very interesting.
6:51 am
a silicon valley company is trying its hand at making a real-life robo cop. >> check this out, sri international in menlo park is showing off this prototype of its go-between, a robot designed to be a go-between between an officer and driver keeping both of them safe in a traffic stop t. contains a camera, microphone and speaker system. the robot would be controlled by the officer. nba players known for their interesting fashion choices. so check this out. this is andre iguodala and his orange sweeter sleeveless poncho thing. it retails for nearly $700. and then there's draymond green rocking some half plaid, half solid color pants. and rapper drake, a big raptors fan wore a throwback dell curry raptors jersey. of course dell is steph curry's dad, and he played for the raptors for three seasons. drake also wore a sweat band to cover up his steph and kevin durant tattoos. but we know what's under there.
6:52 am
>> it is on his body forever. you can cover it up for a night but we know. right?
6:53 am
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6:55 am
as the new haven teachers strike enters day nine. the state superintendent of public instruction tony thurmond will join the negotiations. number two from our live desk, president trump is threatening to impose a 5% tariff on all. he says he is punishing mexico for not stopping the surge of illegal immigration into the u.s. number three, 14 democratic presidential candidates are converging on the bay area for the california democratic convention this weekend. last night minnesota senator amy klobuchar spoke to a packed fund-raiser in san francisco. dealing with some fog this morning but not at walnut creek, one of the areas that will see sunshine early. 70s take over the bay. still chilly at the coast. 50s to low 60s. number five, it has been a smooth commute here. we are going to call it friday light. here is a live look at san jose state route 87, very light volumes on the inbound side. number six, the warriors dromd game one of the nba finals
6:56 am
in toronto, falling 118-109. game two is sunday at 5:00 p.m. you can watch the nba finals only on abc 7. number seven, so much anticipation and today is eyland in j aut an hour. i got a sneak peek earlier this week. i just got back last night. disney is the parent company. >> teach us the lingo, reggie. >> if you are greeting someone on the planet of batuu, then you would say, bright suns. >> bright suns. >> or if it's the evening you would say rising moons. >> that's nice. >> then when you depart, you say till the spires. or, if you're on the dark side, then you say for the order. >> and, reggie, what if someone asks you a question you don't nope the answer to? >> only the ancients know. >> can we adopt that, please? only the ancients know. >> i hope all of you at some point get to check it out. it's a lot of fun. >> for the order. >> for the order.
6:57 am
>> jessica, i knew it.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. overnight flash floods and a tornado hit the east. now a flood emergency in the heartland. severe weather threat. overnight a major storm moves in at this elementary school in baltimore. travelers seek shelter at the airport amid tornado threats as flash floods force rescues in philadelphia and hundreds in t heartland evacuate. the arkansas river rises to major levies failing. this woman and her horse swim to safety. more than 1,000 homes flooded. the startling new report of a mass purge in north korea. kim jong-un ordering five of his top officials in charge of that failed u.s. summit with president trump executed. overnight president trump escalates the border battle threatening to slap tariffs on all goods from mexico a day
7:01 am
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