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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 2, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. new details on the mass shooting in virginia beach police describe as a war zone. the barrage of bullets that worunning into the gunfire. >> officer hit! officer hit! >> inside the fire fight. how this tragedy unfolded. the guns recovered from the scene and the accused shooter's home. >> it will be six victims. >> as the dozen who lost their lives are remembered overnight. also breaking this morning. missing on the mountains. the fear for a group of climbers, including two americans, scaling a massive peak in the himalayas. just days after the disaster on mt. everest. out of control. this cruise ship slamming into a dock. panicked tourists scrambling for
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safety. the injury count this morning and what the captain is reportedly blaming for the accident. president trump facing criticism over comments he made about duchess meghan. what the trump team is saying this morning.t l a y misunderstanding? lowry for three! bang! >> and settling the score. just hours away from game two in the nba finals. the warriors looking to tie up the series with the raptors. what curry and company are saying about their stunning game one loss. plus, the drake drama. will the trash talk heat up? good morning, america. dan harris has the morning off. but we're happy to have tom llamas here with us back at the desk on this busy sunday morning. investigations well under way in virginia beach after that mass shooting that claimed the lives of 12 victims, plus the
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shooter. >> overnight the community holding vigils, remembering those victims. >> virginia governor ralph northam speaking about gun violence saturday and talking about his plans to try to prevent other shootings like these. >> whit johnson is live on the ground in virginia beach with our coverage. whit, good morning. >> reporter: tom, eva, good morning to you both. back here once again as you mentioned from that crime scene here in virginia beach. building number 2 over my right shoulder here. still a mountain of evidence for investigators to pour through. that is where that massacre played out. the community here, people who live here determined to stand strong in the face of so much grief. here's what we know now as we come on the air. all 12 of the victims killed have been identified. they included 11 civil servants and one contractor and of the four victims still being treated at the hospital, two have significant injuries. a third has a, quote, devastating injury. they continue to undergo operations and investigators
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have recovered multiple firearms owned by the shooter from both the scene and at his home. ♪ i was once was lost >> reporter: overnight, the city of virginia beach coping with the aftermath of ano the heartbroken community ming >> everybody was trying to step up to try to do something to offset the tragedy. >> reporter: mourning the loss of 12 people. five women, seven men, many of whom dedicated their lives to public service. >> when you wake up it's still a reality. >> reporter: family and friends still processing the unthinkable. >> none of them deserved any of this. >> reporter: kim langer's sister-in-law, michelle langer, a public utility assistant was killed in the gunfire. >> pure shock. couldn't believe it. unreal. devastating. >> reporter: now two days later this bloody scene marks the deadliest shooting in the u.s. this year. we're now learning more about
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this man, 40-year-old civil engineer dewayne craddock who li s enteredheirve hto ltle workerscriminaly >> shots fired, shots fired, second floor. >> i just began to pray. i said god send your cover in. >> reporter: the suspect, a 15-year employee died from his injuries after engaging in a lengthy gun battle with officers, leaving behind what police call a war zone. >> please understand, it takes not only a physical, emotional and psychological toll on everyone -- >> reporter: police and witnesses alike shaken by the scene. >> i started thinking, what is our community going to do? how do we move from here? >> reporter: hospital staff grappling with the inexplicable loss. >> you sort of wonder what's happening to society. it's like weekly almost. it's disheartening. >> reporter: authorities not revealing a motive, working to find out why he seemingly snapped. while police confirmed the gunman was an active employee at the complex, they haven't said
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whether his job was in jeopardy or if he was facing disciplinary action. the news coming as a shock to joseph scott, an engineering technician at the building who knew the shooter. >> as far it was just a normal, hi, how you doing? have a nice weekend kind of thing. >> reporter: for some the anger is still raw. >> it's evil. uncaring. you know, i don't want to hear any excuses for him. >> reporter: police discovered multiple weapons in the gunman's home after the shooting but say most of them were obtained legally. on saturday the suspect's family posting this note on the front door of their virginia home, saying, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives. still, so many questions about what led up to this mass shooting, this tragedy here in virginia beach. but officials are praising the officers who ran i building toward the gunfire and engaged the suspect. abc's stephanie ramos also joins
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us here in virginia beach with a closer look at that intense firefight. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. here outside the virginia beach police department, there's a growing makeshift memorial to honor the 12 victims who lost their lives just about 200 yards away from here. police say, because of the proximity to the shooting scene, they were able to get there in just minutes. this morning, federal investigators are studying every detail in this vast crime scene. piecing together new information about what led 40-year-old dewayne craddock to carry out his deadly rampage. >> the best i can describe it is it was a long-term gun battle for police officers. >> reporter: authorities say, the gunman armed with two legally purchased .45-caliber handguns, high capacity magazines and a suppressor opened fire at co-workers indiscriminately. >> this person was very proficient in the use of a miss poll. lot of times if somebody is good
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at shooting a handgun they prefer to use that because they can be more accurate with who they shoot and what they shoot at. >> reporter: officers descending on the virginia beach municipal campus, carefully calculating how to stop the shooter. >> victim in the back of the building, in the stairwell. >> do we have any idea of where the shooter is? >> shooter is on the second flo. detectives coming through the garage. >> we got a male down on the third floor with a gunshot wound to his arm. still looking for the gunman. >> reporter: the calls flooding emergency lines around 4:00 p.m. on friday. police quickly turning into the targets. >> officer hit! officer hit! >> reporter: at approximately ten minutes into officers' pursuit the take down turns into a chilling gun battle between police and the lone shooter. >> we have an officer shot across the street at the post office? >> he's across the street from the post office. we dragged him out. looks like the bullet vest stopped most of it. >> reporter: 20 minutes in, officers tried to get the victims out of the building
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while also trying to get to the shooter. >> we need access keys. the doors are locked. we need access keys. i know i've got citizens in one area of the second floor i can't evacuate. >> reporter: the suspect in the end, killed, after the fierce gun fight. >> he's in custody. >> copy, in custody at 16:43. >> police say even though they endured a gunfight that lasted at least 30 minutes they're thankful they were able to take down the shooter when they did before he could hurt anybody else. whit? >> stephanie ramos for us here in virginia beach. a lot of people have been asking about that officer who was injured that rushed into the building. we're told his bullet proof vest saved his life. the police chief spoke with him recently said, he's talking, he's doing well. the officers who responded also say the suspect never said anything to them when they engaged in that gun battle. again, so many questions as to why this tragedy played out. tom and eva, we'll have much more coming up in our next half-hour. >> a little bit of good news that that officer is going to survive.
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whit, thank you so much. caught on camera, terrifying moments when a cruise ship crashes into a dock in venice, italy. the ship losing control, blasting its horn as it crashes into the concrete. panicked tourists can be seen scrambling for safety as the vessel goes barrelling into the pier. five people were injured after falling from that smaller boat during impact. local reports say the captain lost control when the ship's engine failed. and we want to stay overseas now to the possible tragedy unfolding in the himalayas. >> a rescue team dispatched to search for eight missing climbers, americans among them, scaling a massive peak. abc's marci gonzalez joins us this morning with more. good morning, marci. >> reporter: eva and tom, good morning. we're told with heavy snow and rain there right now, conditions are extremely challenging, for now, halting the effort to find these experienced hikers who were supposed to reach base camp friday but haven't been heard from. this morning, a desperate search
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for eight climbers reported missing in the himalayas. two of them americans. the group attempting to summit unchartered territory on india's sect, but never returned. >> i believe from what i'm reading, this was a peak that no one has ever set foot on that summit of that peak. >> the group leaving base camp on may 13th led by experienced british bliclimber martin moran. >> martin has been doing this over 30 years and it's been his entire life. >> reporter: officials saying weather conditions are hampering the search. helicopters unable to fly in region. the group's disappearance coming amid growing concerns in himalayas. a record number of deaths on mt. everest, 11 killed this climbing season. >> have been been missing in the mountains myself, and i was fortunate to come out in one piece, i pray that martin and the team are in a similar
7:11 am
position. >> the state department says they're monitoring situation and are ready to provide assistance to american citizens in need and to their families. the search is expected to resume tomorrow. eva and tom, back to you. >> all right, marci gonzalez, there for us in l.a. now to the race for 2020 and some drama on the stage as democratic candidates and party leaders spoke about their priority issues at a major event in california. >> abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is on the north lawn this morning with that story. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom and eva. 14 democratic candidates were pounding the pavement this weekend in california. what's become a critical state for democrats who want to clinch the nomination because they moved up the primary. now, the crowd was mainly progressive. they were literally shouting for impeachment. but our recent polling shows very little overall public support for impeachment. until now many 2020 presidential hopefuls drawing the line at impeachment. overnight some taking a stand at
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the california democratic party conference separating from the pack at the largest gathering of 2020 candidates before the democratic debates. >> we need to begin impeachment inquiries so that we have more legal leverage to get from this administration what we need to investigate where it leads. >> we need to begin impeachment proceedings and we need a new commander in chief. >> reporter: shouts for impeachment drowning out house speaker nancy pelosi's speech in her hometown of san francisco. >> obstruction of justice by the president of the united states. [ crowd chanting impeach ] i told you this is like coming home for me. ter: pelosi, under pressure to act. more than 50 house democrats now support impeachment hearings following special counsel robert mueller's statement on wednesday that he did not clear the president on obstruction of justice. candidates also taking stand on gun control after that mass
7:13 am
shooting at virginia beach. >> we're not secure if the second amendment is allowed to become a death sentence for thousands of americans because washington can't deliver common sense gun reform. >> reporter: floating their ideas for gun reform. >> those weapons belong on battlefields, not in our churches and not in our schools. >> reporter: then this shocking moment -- an animal rights activist walking on stage, snatching the microphone out of kamala's hand. security jumping on stage to restrain him. joe biden was noticeably absent from that event. he skipped california for another battleground state, ohio, where he hosted an lgbtq dinner. at that dinner, he called president trump a disaster on human rights. tom? >> a lot of moments this weekend. all right, tara, thanks so much. let's bring in our chief anchor george stephanopoulos who will be hoesting "this week" later this morning. george, good morning. >> good morning, tom. >> i want to start with the news
7:14 am
this weekend. 12 people killed in virginia beach. police say he had a silencer. since 2016 we've had parkland, las vegas, synagogue shootings. it's not seeming to stop. it seems to be getting worse. do you see this emerging as major campaign issue in 2020? >> well, it did become a pretty big campaign issue in the 2018 elections. more candidates elected in the 2018 midterms who were supporting tougher restrictions on guns. you've got some of the democrats now calling for quite far-reaching proposals, including cory booker calling for gun registration. eric salwell calling for gun buybacks. you still have that opposition led by the national rifle association. republicans control the senate. this has been perilous for democrats in the past. you'll see it more part of the debate. a lot of this will depend on whether young people, especially, are energized to come out in massive numbers because of this issue. >> we saw it in parkland. they were able to do it in florida. >> uh-huh. >> i want to go back to some of the images we saw in tara's piece.
7:15 am
speaker nancy pelosi at that state convention in california, interrupted by chants of "impeach, impeach." she's made it clear she's not to that point yet. as tara pointed out, a poll shows the country doesn't want it right now. we heard what some democrats and that activist base are saying. it sounds like some of the candidates are coming around to it. >> listen closely to what they're saying. they're trying to draw a line right here. they're not saying they're ready for vote for impeachment. they're saying, we should start impeachment inquiries and that's where the pressure is on nancy pelosi right now, including from members of her own caucus and her own committee chairman. they're not necessarily saying we have to move to a vote, but we have to think about opening up a formal inquiry to increase the democrats' power against the white house, leverage against the white house and put a focus on what they think are high crimes and misdemeanors outlined in robert mueller's report. >> we'll have to wait and see. george has a big show this morning. he'll have the latest from virginia beach and he'll break down the 2020 race with presidential candidate michael bennet. plus the powerhouse roundtable. all coming up on "this week" right here on abc. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you.
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in southern italy, new video of a volcanic eruption delivering a spectacular display. mt. etna lighting up the sky in sicily. spewing red hot lava and fire. the most active volcano in europe erupting into life. etna has been erupting over the past few days after new cracks opened up. and a stunning early exit for serena williams, the tennis star knocked out of the french open's third round, falling in straight sets to 20-year-old american sofia kenin. that marks williams' earliest ouster from a grand slam event in five years. and rob marciano joins us now with some tennis analysis. he's got a great backhand, i hear. >> no, no. >> i'm a little too close to him. i don't want to see his backhand. >> you look like you would be a great tennis player. >> my mother is actually a stellar tennis player. i didn't want to play tennis. >> but you could if you wanted to. it was a choice by you -- >> we'll claim that. >> let's get out to texas,
7:17 am
amarillo. i was just there a week ago today. that's where we did "gma" live last sunday. they got hammered with heavy rains and gusty winds. over 90 mile an hour winds just outside the city. look at that, i-40 was shut down for a time. they had water rescues because of all the rainfall there and a scary night indeed. to the east of denver, colorado, here you go, araphoe park. look at the hail coming down. they're taking down the leaves off the trees and flooding the streets there in white. we may see similar action. hopefully not to that extent. some energy coming out of the great lakes. damage across the detroit area. that will drop down to the northeast tonight. figure 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., i-95 is when the front comes through. damaging winds, large hail, or a tornado or two across the highly
7:18 am
:fog, we have a lot of it. it will be cooler today, tuesday and wednesday. highs in the low 60s and upper 50s at the coast. 68 in oakland and 78 livermore, san jose, but as we look at the accuweather seven -day forecast war warmer weather t tomomomomomomom nt is tennis. nosketba sounds like dan harris, but it's rob marciano. >> i think the finals are game two of the nba finals and the warriors are finding themselves in some sort of unusual territory. >> it's a bit of a strange finals. abc's t.j. holmes joins us for a preview of the game and how the players are gearing up. t.j., good morning. >> great toss to me there, rob. thank you. i come in on the weekend, that's what i get. thank you very much, rob. look, look, there's no reason to
7:19 am
panic. it's just one game. okay, the warriors are down 1-0, no big deal, right, despite 34 from steph and they still lost. despite game one they looked like they were outplayed in every position. it's easy to say, don't panic. the warriors have been to five straight finals now. they've been here before. actually, no, they haven't. >> reporter: hours away from e n inon! >> reporter: after thursday's loss to the raptors, it's the first time in the last five years that steph curry and company are down 0-1 in the series. >> lowry for three -- bang! >> reporter: but the defending champs don't seem to exactly be sweating it. >> it would have been way more fun being up 1-0, but this is definitely fun. >> we're not hitting the panic button. >> we're pretty chill for the t. >> reporter: with both teams getting ready toronto's sixth
7:20 am
man and global ambassador drake is taking care of the trash talk off the court. posting this clip showing what appears to be him picking lint out of steph curry's hair. posting on instagram. then writing -- steph curry hair lint for sale on my e-bay right now. user name draymond shouldn't wear 23. i talked to steph earlier in the week about the rapper and toronto native who went so far as to cover up his own tattoos of steph curry and kevin durant for the series. >> what is it like to see drake and the antics on the sideline? is it distracting? is it annoying? >> no. it's entertainment. as players on the court, we're hooping and we don't really mind it. we go back at him, too, every once in a while. >> reporter: in their franchise's first nba final, toronto's players seem cool and calm. acting like they've been here before. >> they're going to come out swinging. we're going to come out swinging. it's the finals.
7:21 am
you expect the team's best shot. >> all right, now, i'm not the basketball expert. would you believe my nba guys i was hanging there with in toronto -- i'm going back there today. but all of them wouldn't be surprised if there's a sweep. they say toronto is that tough. they say golden state is finally looking like they have aged and now these young, hungry guys th. >> a sweep? >> most of them on the air picked five or six games. they say, if it was a sweep they wouldn't be a surprise. >> is k.d. coming back? >> they don't believe he is. even charles barkley said he thinks they're lying about the injury and he's not coming back for the finals. >> at any point, is drake going to play? >> he's been in the game. >> it's like he's an extra player for them right now. >> catch all the game two action at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on abc. new reports about the police investigation into a missing mother of five including search warrants and dna samples reportedly taken.
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>> good morning, i'm chris nguyen. teachers are striking and tony thurman stepped into talks to broker a deal to end the two-week strike. the big road block, teacher
7:28 am
school graduations will continue with or without a deal. the last day of school is june 13th. turning to the forecast with lisa argen. here we are at sfo where we're getting a little bit of sun which is good news because the marine layer was deep. 55 here, 57 san jose and half moon bay 54 and a deck clouds around mount tam. 60s to upper 70s inland. >>
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. developing right now here in virginia beach, a community in mourning as investigators search for answers in this horrific mass shooting that claimed the lives of 12 innocent people, plus the gunman. vigils were held overnight for the seven men and five women who were killed. songs and sermons honored those shot at the municipal building. of the four people hospitalized three remain in treatment right now. one of those victims suffering a, quote, devastating injury. a search for a motive still under way as police work to learn more about dewayne craddock. police recovered multiple firearms from both the scene and his home. his family posting a handwritten sign on their door. sending their heartfelt condolences to the victims.
7:31 am
meanwhile, officials are praising the officers who rushed into that building and engaged in an intense gun battle with the suspect. the suspect was killed in the shootout. the officers being hailed as heroes, for keeping the carnage from being even worse. and tom, eva, i just want to point out, virginia beach has a population of more than 400,000. but many we spoke with said it still has asmall-town feel and so many have connection to this massive sprawling complex. i can tell you that they're determined to not let this tragedy define virginia beach. guys? >> all right. thank you, whit, so much for your coverage. of course, we'll continue to follow this tonight as well. now to the desperate search for a missing mother of five. >> new major developments this weekend. police in connecticut reportedly gathering dna samples as part of their investigation. abc's erielle reshef with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. the mother of five has been now missing for more than a week. the mystery and the hunt for clues deepening this morning as police reportedly collect that new evidence and execute search warrants in this case. this morning the desperate
7:32 am
search for this missing mother from connecticut intensifying. "the hartford current" reporting detectives with search warrants have taken dna samples from jennifer dulos' estranged husband fotis. police also spotted leaving his farmington, connecticut mansion this weekend. authorities expanding the investigation to hartford where k 9 units canvassed storm drains and dumpsters, pulling out trash looking for evidence. investigators also searching a family home in pound ridge, new york as well as jennifer dulos' rental home in connecticut as well as her home where "the hartford current" is reporting they found blood. >> she's incredibly devoted to her five children. they are her world. >> reporter: jennifer dulos vanished may 24th after dropping her children ages 8 through 13 at school. all now staying with jennifer's mother. >> the children are safe and they miss their mother terribly. they're doing well under the circumstances. >> reporter: jennifer and fotis
7:33 am
dulos engaged in a bitter two-year custody battle. in court documents, jennifer calling him dangerous. fotis firing back alleging, she's incapable of parenting. so far police are not naming any suspects or persons of interest. authorities are considering this a missing person's case and a n persons of interest, no suspects, but they're questioning the estranged husband? >> they're talking to him, yes. >> this is one people will definitely be following. a lot of people talking about it. another thing people are talking about is the weather, rob marciano. >> we'll talk about flooding. an ongoing story for the last two months. we warned of it and now it's happening. let's take you to the missouri river. we've highlighted the arkansas and the mississippi. this is in jackson county, just east of kansas city. and obviously, homes and farms there are flooded out by this slow motion disaster. feeding into eventually the mississippi. as does the arkansas river. yell county, there you go, that's flooded as well.
7:34 am
so, ft. smith to little rock, little rock has yet to crest. we've got more rain there. they've seen some sunshine and thankfully, but changes are coming. yesterday, we mentioned the beginning of hurricane season and mother nature is going by the calendar. we've got a disturbance here in the gulf of mexico. 60% chance of developing into a cyclone if not a named storm in the next two days. spaghetti models bring it to the eastern coast of mexico. a lot of this moisture is going to be brought up into a plume across texas and through the southern plains and central u.s. this is an area that's extremely waterlogged. the amount of rainfall we could get through next saturday in some spots over 5 inches. so, this is not the news these people want to hear as this water struggles to get to the gulf of mexico. time now for a look at your
7:35 am
good sunday morning, mist and drizzle. temperatures in the 60s and 0 >> this weather report is d 0 sponsored by blue buffalo. >> i don't know why, but that made me really hungry. >> me, too. >> i mean, it's dog food. >> dog food? >> i was thinking buffalo wings and blue cheese. >> i get that. >> where's the food? where's the food? sorry. >> we're really hungry this morning. coming up on "good morning america" -- just ahead of his state visit to the uk, donald trump runs into a bit of nastiness over comments he made about duchess meghan. we'll play you the tape. and then demi lovato fangirls christina aguilera in las vegas. diane has that in "pop news." meghan. we'll play you the tape. and then demi lovato fangirls christina aguilera in las vegas. diane has that in "pop news." has that in "pop news."
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visit your local chase branch. welcome back to "gma." donald trump's state visit to the uk is making headlines even before he touches down tomorrow over his comments about the duchess of sussex. seems he's using a word while discussing meghan that he's used a few times before. abc's david wright joins us from london this morning with more. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the word is "nasty."
7:40 am
the president used it in an interview with a british tabloid and now the president and his allies are pushing back, dismissing the inevitable controversy as fake news. but it's an example of how on a trip like this, even one wrong word can practically cause a diplomatic incident. the duchess of sussex is still on maternity leave. so she'll be sitting out president trump's state visit, including tomorrow night's dinner hosted by the queen. the british tabloid "the sun" stirred things up by calling trump's attention to comments she made back in 2016 before she joined the royal family. >> as misoygnistic as trump is and so vocal about it -- >> right. >> reporter: in an interview with comedy central during the campaign, then-actress meghan markle didn't hold back about trump. >> she said she'd move to canada if you got elected. turned out, she moved to united kingdom. >> that would be good. a lot of people moving here. so what i can say? i didn't know she was nasty.
7:41 am
>> reporter: nasty is a word trump has used before to dismiss hillary clinton. >> such a nasty woman. >> reporter: he's called kamala harris nasty too. that word ultimately adopted like a badge of honor by women who oppose trump. today, the president and his allies are pushing back on any suggestion he was calling the duchess herself nasty. trump tweeted this morning i never called meghan markle nasty. made up by the fake news media and they got caught cold. his campaign also pointed out the president also said nice things about her in that interview with "the sun." >> is it good having an american princess then, mr. president? >> i think it's nice. i think it's nice. i'm sure she'll do excellently. she'll be very good. she'll be very good. >> in that same interview the president allowed himself to be drawn into the debate over who should be britain's next prime
7:42 am
minister endorsing boris johnson as theresa may's replacement. the two are generally kindred spirits. they've had nice things to say about each other in the past. not always. boris johnson back in 2015, he condemned what he said was trump's stupefying ignorance and said trump was unfit to serve at president of the united states. tom? >> that's going to be a huge headline this week as well. david, thank you so much. i can't imagine the awkward moments over that nasty comment when the president meets with the royal family. >> i'm sure they'll handle it very gracefully. they're professionals at that. >> we'll have to see. all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- the 2-year-old boy who wound up in a coma after getting bitten by a tick. the dangerous signs and how to protect your family. stay with us. how to protect your family. stay with us. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting.
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back now with a warning as the weather gets warmer and your family spends more time outside. >> a kentucky toddler was left unconscious for nearly a week because of a potentially dangerous disease carried by ticks. >> reporter: a parent's worst nightmare. >> my son actually woke up for the first time yesterday. >> reporter: in kentucky, it was a week of horror for kayla and her 2-year-old jackson who was bitten by a tick. >> we couldn't get him to do anything. if you touched him, he screamed. >> reporter: she said that she didn't initially think the bite was a big deal until jackson began getting feverish. >> he was running a 105 degree fever. >> reporter: at one point, jackson rushed to the hospital unconscious. doctors diagnosed the toddler with a rare disease called rocky mountain spotted fever or rmsf. >> i learned that you usually see death on day eight is when organs start to fail and when we got him to the hospital it was
7:47 am
day seven. >> reporter: according to cdc, rocky mountain spotted fever is a bacterial disease spread through the bite of an infected tick. symptoms include, fever, rash and headache. it can be deadly if not treated early with antibiotics and cases have been reported across the united states. ticks can cause other diseases as well. the cdc estimates about 30,000 americans are infected with lyme disease each year. experts say ticks are most active in warm months from april to september. >> i didn't know if i was ever going to see my kid's face again, but he woke up. >> and experts say always check for ticks as soon as you come from the outdoors. wear clothing with built-in tick repellent. use tick-repellent sprays. shower within two hours of bein. i remember as kid, my mother used to strip us down and check us to make sure. >> i do it with our kids because it's a real scare. not only up here in the northeast or in>> if you have a bring them right into the house. >> you're dealing with that
7:48 am
right now. >> i am. >> he's got a guy. >> not ticks. >> we're being preventive. all right, eva, stick around for "pop news" next. diane macedo in the house. >> no ticks in "pop news." but your gut says not today. if your current treatment isn't working... ask your doctor about entyvio®. entyvio® acts specifically in the gi tract, to prevent an excess of white blood cells from entering and causing damaging inflammation. entyvio® has helped many patients achieve long-term relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio® may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection experience frequent infections or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio®. ask your doctor about the only gi-focused biologic
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. all right, time for "pop news" and diane macedo is here. >> dancing and ready. >> you're not dancing today. >> that was supposed to be only during the commercial. >> you made me do the carlton the other day, so i have to get you back. >> dhaert that's right. all right, let's start things off with christina aguilera kicking off her first-ever las vegas residency on getting some high-profile support. aguilera said she was nervous ahead of the debut, but was hoping adrenaline would help out her performance. some wondering how she felt when she realized that fellow singer demi lovato was in the second row being, quite possibly, the cutest fangirl ever. check it out.
7:53 am
♪ makes me much r ♪hank >> if u listen, u n he this is the video she took from her own phone and posted it in her instagram stories. it was just one of many. she pretty muc lovato called the show, perfect. a big congratulations to christina for a very wonderful debut. the two actually hung out backstage after the show. it was super cute. >> impressive that she can sing like that. christina aguilera -- no demi lovato can't sing -- >> it's hard to sing along. not the easiest person to accompany, unless you're rob marciano. rob can sing christina aguilera like none other. >> you have no idea. speaking of high-profile audience members students at new york's george washington high school got quite the surprise when lin-manuel
7:54 am
showed up to see their performance of "in the heights." he's all set to film the film adaptation of "in the heights." lin shared this video of him bowing down to the cast. he writes on twitter could not be more inspired by these students. >> he's such a good guy. he's such a good guy. >> by the way, a few celebrities dropping in on high school musicals these days. this is a good time to be a high school actor. just in case any thespians need inspiration. when james when james holzhauer could make jeopardy history? the answer, monday. $60,000 from ken jennings' record winnings of $2.5 million. a solid win tomorrow could actually do it. the professional sports gambler's strategy has been paying off big time. >> he's been vergslyou with the betting. >> he figured out where the spots of daily doubles are more likely to be than others. he goes around hunting for the daily doubles.
7:55 am
>> so he's cheating? he's not cheating. >> i'm kidding. >> it's a strategy. >> he's also a brilliant guy. >> he also knows all the answers to everything. when you go to costco, you know whatever you're buying is going to be big. like five-pound peanut butter jar big. someone out there was thinking bigger when it comes to price tags. the cfo tells investors the company sold an engagement ring for 420 thousand dollars. it's a 10-carat round platinum solitaire. i did request we have one on set for context. but oddly, they didn't go for that. no diamond ring to show off. congratulations to the hopefully happy couple. we don't know who bought the ring. i'm going to guess, she said yes. >> i wonder how much of a discount he got. isn't costco about the deals? >> it covered his 50 buck yearly fee i'm sure. >> good one. >> rob didn't care about the engagement ring, he just wanted me to have food on the set. >> where's the peanut butter? >> i know. got excited too. >> no peanut butter. >> thank you guys. >> costco mac 'n cheese next
7:56 am
time. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you guys later -- >> tonight, "world news." . good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. happening today you can watch the warriors take on the first fans will get a cheer card. doors open at 4:00 this afternoon. parking cost $20 and tickets cast $25 and are available
7:57 am
online. a portion of the proceeds will go to the warriors community foundation. abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. game two is today in toronto and our very own abc 7 sports anchor mindy balk and dion lim will be there. we have a pregame show at 4:0 p.m. and countdown at 4:30. and the game at 5:00. stay with us after that with larry beil. let's get a check of the weather. >> chris, for many of you it is still pretty cloudy and gray but here in the south bay looking at a few peeks of sun and things brightening up on the peninsula. 59 in mountain view and half moon bay 55 and a cooler day on the way. the peninsula sea breeze, upper 60s and right now, you're at about 64 by the dell delta. 59 concord. finally, mount tam looking at the low cloud deck and with that drizzle this morning, it will
7:58 am
feel like a slightly cooler afternoon once the clouds reveal more sun and looking at the warmer weather as we get beyond sunday. highs today in the mid 70s. look for 72 in san rafael and upper 70s in livermore. down around five degrees inland and upper 50s at the coast. we'll get sun there. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler today and warmer wednesday and the end of the week is cooler. chris? >> thanks, lisa. thanks to you for joining us. "this week"
7:59 am
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. . . . . >> virginia beach massacre. 12 dead in america's latest mass shooting. >> today's virginia beach's darkest hour. >> virginia beach police chief james cervera joins us live. and the special counsel breaks his silence. >> if we have had confidence that the president didn't commit a crime, we would have said so. >> sparking new calls, more pressure on the speaker. >> we need to begin impeachment proceedings. >> 11 instances of possible obstruction of justice. >> pelosi fears impeachment is a trap that could help president trump. how will democrats escape this dilemma? can they force mueller to testify? what are the consequences for 2020?


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