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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  June 2, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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li revealing new details about how they cornered that city employee allegedly armed with two handguns and a silencer. killing 12 people, nearly all of them his co-workers. how those victims are now being remembered. also breaking tonight, two arrests in the case of that missing connecticut mother of five. her estranged husband and his girlfriend taken into custody. plus, this just in. a teenager swimming at the beach reports she nearly lost her leg. a park ranger calling it a shark attack. peak danger. eight climbers including two americans now missing, attempting to summit unchartered territory high in the himalayas
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amid a deadly climbing season. royal rumble. president trump set for a high-stakes visit in the uk, already wading into the political turmoil. and now denying he called meghan markle, quote, "nasty." abc news exclusive. martha raddatz takes us inside iran. her one-on-one interview revealing iran's message to president trump. and, out of control. the massive cruise ship plowing into port, crashing into a boat, as dockworkers scramble for safety. how this happened. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with new details in the rampage in virginia beach. authorities revealing the timeline. officers arriving just two minutes after the first 911 call. then engaging the suspect in a gunfight on the second floor.
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city employee dewayne craddock wounded, he would not survive. at the same time, the family and friends of the 12 victims celebrating their lives and sharing stories of heroism. officials said the gunman had not been fired but had resigned that day. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, we're learning more about the bravery of four officers who ran into a virginia beach municipal building to try and stop a massacre. the first reports of shots fired at 4:08 p.m. friday. >> shots fired. shots fired. second floor. >> reporter: those four arriving in just two minutes. racing on foot from their headquarters, literally around the corner from building two. >> to walk into something like this is absolutely horrific. >> reporter: the man they're chasing, police say, dewayne craddock. a 15-year employee with the city, who handed in a letter of resignation just hours before the killing spree. later showing up armed with two handguns, extended magazines, and a silencer. >> still actively hearing
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gunshots. >> reporter: two k-9 officers, two detective supervisors, immediately forming a rapid entry team. following the sounds of shots and screams, navigating a maze of hallways in what police describe as a honeycomb type building. >> i've got a male down on the third floor with a gunshot wound to his arm. still looking for the gunman. >> reporter: about ten minutes after the 911 calls, officers engage the suspect on the second floor. just one minute later -- >> officer hit, officer hit! >> reporter: an officer shot. saved by his bulletproof vest. >> he knew where our officers were and he had every intention to inflict bodily harm on them. >> reporter: the officers then busting through a door, taking the shooter down, 36 terrifying minutes after receiving the first call. >> they put themselves in harm's way, in deadly harm's way, for people that they never met. that's a hell of a person to be able to do that. >> reporter: the gunman later dying at the hospital. as the virginia beach community vows to stand strong.
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>> everyone was trying to do something to help offset the tragedy. >> reporter: four people in critical condition, recovering from injuries. 12 innocent lives lost, leaving family and friends, like this woman who knew laquita brown, to cope with unimaginable grief. >> knowing that when i go there, that i won't run into her anymore, that's going to be the hardest part. >> that emotion still so raw there. whit, so questions tonight about why the shooter carried out this rampage. investigators aren't revealing a motive yet? >> reporter: that's right. police say no major problems or disciplinary issues at work. they have yet to find anything glaring that may have set him off. still around 40 fbi investigators are in the building looking for clues. >> thank you. much more on the victims later in the broadcast.
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now to some breaking news out of north carolina, where a 17-year-old was badly injured in a shark attack. here's diane macedo. >> possible shark attack, ft. macon state park. >> reporter: a suspected shark attack off the coast of north carolina. rescuers rushing to a horrifying scene. >> female subject, female subject badly injured. leg is almost amputated at this time. badly injured. >> reporter: the victim, a 17-year-old girl. >> all of a sudden everyone started screaming and i looked to my left, and it looked like she was belly crawling on the beach. >> reporter: authorities say it happened around 12:20 p.m. on sunday afternoon as the teen was swimming at ft. macon state park. a ranger says it was a shark attack. fire officials describe deep lacerations to her leg, pelvis, and hand areas. the incident comes just a week after a california grandfather was killed in a shark attack while vacationing in maui. back in north carolina, the injuries were so severe, the victim had to be rushed to the hospital via helicopter.
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at last check, her condition was still unknown. tom? >> thank you. we do turn now to a major development in the case of the missing connecticut mother of five. her estranged husband and his girlfriend, arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. both will appear in court tomorrow. authorities still do not know where the mother is. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, the estranged husband of this missing connecticut mother of five and his girlfriend, under arrest. nine days after jennifer dulos mysteriously vanished. these images taken by showing investigators speaking with fotis dulos and michelle troconis. both now charged with fabricating or tampering with physical evidence and hindering prosecution in the case. it comes after police, according to the hartford courant, collected dna samples from fotis over the weekend. investigators spotted leaving his farmington, connecticut, it
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drains and dumpsters near hartford, and a family home in pound ridge, new york, as well as jennifer dulos' rental home in new canaan, connecticut, where investigators reportedly found blood. >> she's incredibly devoted to her five children. they are her world. >> reporter: she disappeared may 24th after dropping her children, ages 8 to 13, at school, all now staying with her mother under armed guard. >> the children are safe and they miss their mother terribly. >> erielle, police are still calling this a missing persons investigation? >> that's right. as authorities continue the search, there's also an ongoing criminal investigation. and officials areodditional charges as that progresses. >> erielle, thank you. now to the search for eight climbers missing in the himalayas, including two americans. the group attempting to summit a dangerous peak, and never showed
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up at base camp. with this climbing season already turning deadly, concerns are mounting. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, eight of these mountain climbers, including two americans, missing in the himalayas. vanishing while climbing in uncharted territory on india's second highest mountain. >> this was an unclimbed peak on the mountain. >> reporter: americans anthony sudekum and ronald beimel, in the group led by experienced british climber martin moran, leaving base camp may 13th for their final ascent. the area then hit by an avalanche. >> having been reported missing in the mountains myself before, and i was fortunate to come out in one piece, i just pray that martin and the team are in a similar position. >> reporter: the group's disappearance comes amid growing concerns in the himalayas, with overcrowding on mt. everest, and a rush of inexperienced climbers. a record 11 people have died on the world's tallest mountain so far this season. and officials say the area where this group is missing is five times deadlier than everest. and with dangerous weather
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conditions in that region, the search was called off for today, and is expected to resume tomorrow. but officials say the chances of finding survivors are quickly dropping. >> marci, thank you. we turn next to politics. president trump set to visit the uk, already wading into the political turmoil, expressing support for boris johnson as the next prime minister. but it's something he said that may make for an awkward moment with the royal family. it's a high-stakes trip. terry moran is in london tonight. >> reporter: in london, they're hanging the flags outside buckingham palace. the stars and stripes and the union jack, symbols of one of the world's closest alliances. p'vit secullenge. when he was in the uk last summer there were massive protests in london, but he is popular elsewhere in this country. and he's already stirring controversy, boldly weighing in
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on who should succeed outgoing prime minister theresa may. trump backing former foreign secretary boris johnson, the man some call "the british trump." >> i think boris would do a very good job. i think he would be -- i think he would be excellent. i like him very much. >> reporter: the overriding issue here, brexit, the british decision to exit the european union and how to do it. president trump voicing support for a so-called "hard brexit," where the uk would just crash out of the eu with no deal, a potentially chaotic course. >> if you don't get the deal you want, if you don't get a fair deal, then you walk away. >> reporter: and then there's president trump's take on meghan markle. prince harry's american born wife. who he praised in an interview, but also called "nasty" when the reporter told him she'd publicly criticized him. trump denied that on twitter. but, roll the tape. >> she said she'd move to canada if you got elected. it turned out she moved to britain. >> there are a lot of people moving here. so, what can i say? no, i didn't know that she was
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nasty. >> reporter: this visit is a high honor for president trump and as britain leaves the european union, they need the united states and president trump more than ever. >> thank you. we have new developments in the controversy involving the trump administration and the uss john mccain. the president's chief of staff saying the request would not have been unreasonable. here's tara palmeri. >> reporter: tonight, a warning from the pentagon to the white house -- do not politicize the military. the strong words coming after a request to keep the destroyer u.s.s. john s. mccain "out of sight" during the president's visit to japan caused an uproar. >> the white house military office coordinated directly with the 7th fleet. the white house military office gave a directive that the
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uss john mccain should be hidden from view. >> reporter: acting defense secretary patrick shanahan says that directive was not carried out. and according to shanahan, the tarp seen in this report was put there for maintenance, not to cover the mccain name. it was removed before the president arrived. today, acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney insisting neither he nor the president were aware of the request. >> the fact that some 23 or 24-year-old person on the advance team went to that site and said "oh, my goodness, there's the john mccain, we all know how the president feels about the former senator, maybe that's not the best backdrop, can somebody look into moving it." that's not an unreasonable thing to ask. >> seriously? >> it's not. >> reporter: the president, who has attacked john mccain for years, telling reporters this week, whoever gave the directive was doing him a favor. >> i am not a fan of john mccain. >> reporter: meghan mccain saying the attacks have caused more pain to the late senator's family. >> because the president is obsessed because he's never going to be a great man like he was. >> tara, the acting defense secretary saying he was not aware of the request, and would
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have never authorized it. >> reporter: that's right, he says he didn't know about it, and still needs to gather information about it. but he had a chance to call cindy mccain. tom? >> thank you. next, exclusive reporting from inside iran, where u.s. sanctions are hammering the economy as tensions escalate. what iran's foreign minister told abc news. martha raddatz is in tehran. eporter: this is a country in pain. its people caught in the middle of a dangerous standoff. >> america and iran, they are two boys, small boys that are just arguing, fighting, and they don't know what is happening to their people. i mean especially my people. people are suffering. >> reporter: four years ago, iranians were celebrating the
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announcement of a nuclear agreement, which led to the lifting of punishing sanctions. but with donald trump pulling the u.s. out of the deal and the sanctions back in place, the iranian economy is in dramatic decline. >> our life is a bad situation and it's not getting better. >> reporter: donald trump calls it a maximum pressure campaign to force iran back to the nuclear negotiation table. iran's foreign minister calls it economic terrorism. >> he will not achieve his policy objectives through pressure on the iranians. this may work in a real estate market. it does not work in dealing with iran. >> reporter: zarif denies strong u.s. accusations that iran was involved in sabotaging four oil tankers near the persian gulf. and if they show some sort of intelligence about the sabotage? >> let them do it. >> reporter: would you not believe it? >> let them do it.
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i mean, photoshop is always a possibility. >> reporter: he says he does not believe additional u.s. military assets being sent to the region are a threat, but warns that if the u.s. escalates the situation, there could be dangerous consequences. but zarif says he will keep president trump guessing about what the consequences might be. he says iran will only act in self defense. >> thank you. back at home, the severe weather threat from new mexico to new york city. millions bracing for another round of dangerous storms. in michigan, high winds sent a huge tree into a home. large hail slamming the colorado high country. and in the heartland, the arkansas river at its highest level in 74 years. there's also a new system developing in the tropics. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: hi, tom. clusters of severe
3:46 pm
on mthrough district of columbia with big-time hail. this watch through west virginia. and denver, in a thunderstorm watch for the second night in a row. from wyoming to the mexico . this will make landfall in mexico. but the moisture will get into the plains, where all the horrible flooding is happening, more rain is coming this week. >> rob, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, the cruise ship crash at a popular vacation destination. the vessel losing control, smashing into a dock and a smaller tourist boat. plus, the rare attack by a wild cougar. a young boy recovering tonight. and one of the world's most active volcanoes putting on a spectacular show. we'll take you there, in a moment. pes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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a dock in venice. hitting a tourist boat. here's david wright. >> hold on. hold on. >> hold on! >> hold on. hold on. >> reporter: today in venice, a scene straight out of a disaster movie. as a looming luxury liner plows into the dock on a major canal. dramatic video shows the moment of impact. sirens wailing as the 900-foot-long msc opera, unable to slow down, crashed into a smaller vessel already docked, the bigger ship apparently lost control after a steel cable attaching it to a tugboat snapped. italian authorities say 110 people were onboard the smaller boat. they say at least five elderly tourists were injured, including one american. today's collision comes just days after a sightseeing boat called the mermaid capsized on the river danube in budapest, killing at least seven people.
3:50 pm
more than 20 others remain unaccounted for after that accident. today's accident, the second in less than a week, is already raising questions about the safety precautions of these european sightseeing trips, just as the busy summer tourist season kicks off. tom? >> david, thank you. up next, the major announcement likely coming from apple. how it could affect all of the media on your phone. stay with us. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away
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time now for our "index." we start with a little boy attacked by a cougar. that cat shown here, prowling a park at dusk in central washington state. wildlife officials say the child escaped serious injury. the cougar later captured and euthanized. and the fiery images coming in from europe's most active volcano. mt. etna in italy lighting up night skies in spectacular fashion. scientists say so far no risk to local residents. and apple has scrubbed its itunes social media pages. some taking that as another sign the tech giant plans to shutter itunes after 18 years of service. the official itunes announcement expected tomorrow. the company reportedly launching three new apps where users can access their music, tv shows, movies, and podcasts. and tonight we note the passing of a legendary chef, leah chase, known as the queen of creole. chase charmed residents and countless tourists with her cooking for more than seven decades. best known for feeding presidents and her community and
3:54 pm
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simple, right? expect more from your cloud. ibm cloud. finally tonight, 12 lives lost. countless families affected. tonight, what virginia beach wants us all to remember. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, virginia beach is a city in mourning. the community coming together to comfort one another. honoring those they lost. there was missy langer. her co-workers say she was close to retiring and always had a smile. laquita brown. alexander mikhail gusev. mary louise gayle. bert snelling. friends say he was the kind of man you hope moves next door.
3:58 pm
>> one of the most friendly, genuine human beings i ever met. >> reporter: rich nettleton. katherine nixon, her friends say she was a ray of sunlight, selfless, smart, most of all, a loving mother of three young children. joshua hardy. christopher rapp. tara gallagher, a mother of a brand new baby boy. >> a wonderful engineer, who didn't deserve this. none of them deserved any of this. i'm so sorry for the families. >> reporter: bobby williams. and keith cox, telling his colleagues to hide in an office and barricade the door, as he walked back into the hallway to check on others as the shooter made his way from floor to floor. keith lost his life trying to save his colleagues. >> i keep remembering his smile, his stature, how much of a gentleman he was. >> reporter: 12 lives taken by another senseless act of gun violence. stephanie ramos, abc news. >> none of them deserved any of
3:59 pm
this. stephanie ramos for us tonight. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybor, is it?ric car isn't for yo ♪ mally do their thing
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with him. have been in the final, okay? dannested and ready. they had a tough time shaking off the rust. >> lowery for three, bang!h o r attacked with precision, and a victorious game one. >> i know we respond like the champions we are. >> curry and company need to quiet the chatter. >> everybody's pretty excited. >> gns an oddly familiar foe in toronto. >> they remind me of us. >> game two, nba finals, only on 7. >> jurassic park wil


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