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has this mental condition, and don't be afraid. >> reporter: police were called to the area several times by family members and by neighbors who say he was walking around with the crowbar and going to people's doors. his name has not been released. five officers are out on administrative leave. police say they will eventually release the footage from the body cameras that police were wearing. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. if you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues, it is now 4:30. a quick update on weather and traffic. mike nicco? thank you very much. let's take a look at the breezes. 18 miles an hour, fairfield, ran
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into plenty of drizzle in the east bay hills and the observing hills as i was coming in to work today that will be around for the next couple of hours. the coast and the bay, the sea breeze not as strong. that will help with the warming trend. a look at a broken deck of clouds. back to downtown san francisco from pier 15. your 12-hour planner for today mid to upper 50s at 7:00. still some drizzle out there. notice we stay cool at the coast, 50s and 60s there. we're hitting 70 to 75 for our bay and inland neighborhoods, 76 to 83. a little bit warmer than yesterday. 69 to 75 inland. we'll show you the 90s coming up soon. here is alexis. we're looking okay here at the san mateo bridge. eastbound side, nice and light as it should be for this time of day. our drive times are looking okay, too. highway 4 to walnut creek in the green at six minutes. another eight-minute drive
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westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13. we did have some debris around north lynn road. tracy into dublin could be adding to the drive time in the yellow at 40 minutes. >> this game was a comeback story. the warriors are back in the bay area after stealing home-court advantage from the raptors. >> they proved strength in numbers is more than just a slogan, taking game two. we're dealing with a couple key injuries. for the fifth straight game the warriors fell behind by double digits and it looked like they were going to be in trouble. they came out strong in the second half and turned the game around. klay thompson and kevon looney suffered injuries last night. the warriors were able to hold on to win it. >> it was a great win. now we have to go home and protect our home floor. we'll see about our injuries. i'm proud of our team. >> everyone will have a chance to help us win a championship at some point and just to stick with it and be patient.
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>> the final score, 109-104. the series now tied one game apiece. game three is wednesday night back in oakland at oracle arena. abc 7's coverage starts at 4:00 p.m., the dubs on 7 at 5:00, and the countdown at 5:30. the game is at 6:00 p.m. stay tuned for after the game with sports director larry beil. it was a packed house in toronto for game two. back here at home for oracle arena it was packed. >> the warriors held another watch party for fans. kate larsen was there. >> reporter: the game may be thousands of miles away but warriors fans still showed up at oracle, 13,000 of them. not like oracle needs a lot of help getting fired up, but to keep the mood as high as the warriors scoreboard, the deejay spun some serious bay area beats. >> i love it all. too short is a great favorite, blow the whistle tears this
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arena up. the crowd goes crazy for it. >> reporter: warriors are to -- i tried to pump up the crowd but it didn't work. good thing the junior jam squad has it under control. >> warriors! >> reporter: fansing with the jam squad for six years and has developed a seriously superstitious pregame ritual. >> i come here like an hour before and get them lucky charms and eat it. >> reporter: a tense game two made for some very happy fans after the game. >> go warriors. >> i'm relieved. >> reporter: mary is from oakland and looking forward to seeing the raptors on warriors ground. >> the heart of a champion. we pulled it out. got to beat them all, the teams, the abc 7.
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in oakland, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> that looked like a lot of fun. o ooakld'buest ind sections. a driver caught in the backup on mcarthur boulevard and 35th avenue captured this cell phone video. you could see the smoke rising from the squealing tires of at least four cars spinning doughnuts. nearly 100 people gathered there to watch. oakland police tell abc 7 news officers are conducted mandatory sideshow patrols on the weekend. this morning investigators continue to search for a motive in the shooting rampage at a virginia beach government building. 12 people were killed. police say the gunman emailed in his letter of resignation on friday morning just hours before returning to the building where he once worked.
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officers arrived two minutes after the first 911 call and got into a shoot-out with the suspect killing him. one of the suspect's co-workers described his encounter with him. >> he never looked at me -- i mean, he glanced at me but he never raised the gun at me to shoot me, but we found out later he was the actual shooter and he was a co-worker. i knew him. i thought he was playing the part of an active shooter for our drill. >> the fbi has now taken the lead in the investigation and officials say they are still in the evidence recovery mode. as of right now four of the injured victims are still in the hospital in critical condition. thank you, jessica. in the south bay investigators are trying to confirm a gas leak caused an explosion and fire at a storage plant. this happened saturday afternoon at air products and chemicals inc. firefighters found multiple hydrogen tanker trucks on fire. workers heard a hissing sound while fueling one of these
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trucks. people living or working in a two-mile area were told to shelter in place until crews knocked down the flames. nobody was hurt. get ready for a big change if you use uber or lyft. sfo is moving all pickups at the domestic terminals to the hourly garage. that means cars will no longer be able to pick you up at the curb. the airport says the move should help with traffic congestion. according to sf gate uber, lyft and wings are opposing the move saying it will make it harder and more inconvenient for drivers and passengers. governor newsom is convening a summit of emergency responders from across the state. their mission, improving their response to the next big disaster. and from the live desk, live images coming in. the president is kicking off a state visit to the uk. you see the queen now. he's already there and he's already sparking some controversy with comments about meghan markle. and a cruiseship plows into a dock at full speed. how it ended up going out of
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control. that's all ahead. first, it is 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast and mike nicco. let's take a look at what's going on temperature wise. we'll start in the east bay where there's drizzle the higher you get up into the hills. san leandro, 52 to fremont, union city and oakland at 56 degrees. we have clouds rushing in just about everywhere. that's why we're all pretty much in the low to mid-50s. upper 50s like the 59 there you see at san jose. 60 at los gatos. 57 at brentwood. 61 in antioch right now. a look at the bay bridge where it was a lot drier than it was coming through the east bay hills. still, those areas in the hills and at the coast. warm inland. mass transit this afternoon, ferry ride, clouds to sunshine. a look at the peninsula and we'll have the thickest clouds through 7:00 and a few clouds hanging around as we hit the 70s this afternoon. 69 at 7:00. let's take a look at what's going on for the east bay valleys. 50s at 7:00.
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70s at 11:00. look at those low to mid-80s with total sunshine this afternoon. and for the south bay we jump from 59 and cloudy conditions to mostly sunny this afternoon and some low 80s. it's just the beginning. we won't stop in the 80s. we'll hit the 90s in some areas. good morning. hey, good morning. >> i hope you had a good weekend. >> thank you, sure did. we're off to a pretty quiet start on the roads, too. going to take you to a sig alert, though, in the tri-valley all due to a pothole that they started working on last night. it sounds like it's pretty large in size and is blocking a lane. between 84 and calaveras we do have the center lane blocked, they're saying until 5:00 this morning. hopefully they can wrap up in time. that is a busy route once we get further into the commute. no delays now but i will keep a close eye on that. mass transit, no b.a.r.t. delays. ace 1 out on time.
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take a look at what's going on across the state. it's been so active with thunderstorms, and we still have a slight chance with low to mid-70s there. look at the 90s, just lurking in the central valley, waiting to come into our neighborhoods. still very comfortable around san diego and los angeles, near 70. near 100 in palm springs. still have a chance of thunderstorms today, tomorrow,
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and even wednesday into thursday. notice how the coverage shrinks every day. so by the time we get to the weekend, no more thunderstorms. could be a little cool and breezy with temperatures in the upper 50s friday and saturday. 68 right where we should be. much calmer on sunday. president trump and his family are in london for an official state visit this morning. i want to show you the live images coming in to our newsroom now. you can see here the president and his wife there with the royal family behind him and all the pomp and circumstance that's happening right now. prince charles and camilla on hand. the queen is also there this morning wearing a mint green outfit. she greeted the president and first lady. the president, though, has already sparked some controversy after weighing in on the american-born duchess of sussex, meghan markle. markle has been critical of the president in the past, and president trump told british tabloid "the sun," quote, i
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didn't know that she was nasty. the president said later in the same interview that he thought markle would be, quote, very good as a royal. you can see the ceremony still happening right now for the president's arrival. and i will keep tracking it and let you know what happens throughout our newscast. back to you. jessica, thank you. it's 4:44. governor gavin newsom will kick off a summit that brings together emergency responders to improve how the state deals with disasters. the summit will include firefighters, police agencies and others who deal with large scale disasters like wildfires, floods and earthquakes. part of the event in sacramento will focus on how different communities and agencies can plan together across their regions to better serve californians in need. five people including one american are hurt after a cruiseship slammed into a smaller vessel docked in venice. >> hold on, hold on. >> hold on. >> hold on. >> passengers on the 900-foot-long luxury liner
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braced themselves while videotaping the impending crash. sirens went off as tourists on the dock scrambled to get out of the way. it lost control after steel cables attaching it to a tugboat snapped. it hit the smaller boat and hurt five elderly passengers. more than 2,000 cyclists will be setting out for the second leg of the aids lifecycle ride. organizers shared these photos with abc 7 news. a 545-mile ride from the bay area to los angeles has brought in more than $16 million this year for the san francisco aids foundation and the los angeles lgbt center which, by the way, is a fund-raising record for the annual cycling event. it ends on sunday. we know about steph curry's greatness on the court and now he's being rewarded for his hard work off the court. curry is this year's winner of the alvin attles community
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impact award. the award is named after alvin attles. klay thompson, kevin durant and draymond green are past winners. >> we hope he hydrates and rests up. he looked like he had the flu or something was off. he showed up and still did it, mike. >> he always does, always has. always nice to have a cast helping you, doesn't it? absolutely, yeah. i think he was dehydrated. that's what i read after the game. a look at walnut creek. i apologize, looking southbound. you'll hit some drizzle as you head through the east bay hills and then warm sunshine away from the coast. the hottest afternoon until this weekend when sunday could be our hottest day in the seven-day forecast. before we get to that let's go through the micro climate. 84 in morgan hill. a cool 68, though, in santa
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cruz. upper 70s, flirting with 80 in the peninsula and drop down to the mid-70s to 70 in millbrae. low to mid-60s along the coast with upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. comfortable, a little breeze off the san pablo bay will keep areas in the mid to upper 70s as you head deeper, northward we have some 80s, even 90s around ukiah and clear lake. upper 60s because of the breezes in richmond. the farther south you head, low to mid-70s, even 78 in free month. low to mid-80s in our east bay valleys until you get to antioch and brentwood. some upper 80s there. good news at night we'll fall back into the 50s for lows and you can see the first sign of 90s tomorrow and wednesday, even some 80s around the bay. look at saturday and sunday, some mid-90s are possible. hey, alexis. good morning, mike. overall we're doing okay this morning. one new issue on the peninsula, though. we'll take you into 280 southbound lanes before lark
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spur drive. a crash and a tree down. i'm not sure which one came first, if the tree down is a result of the collision or caused it. sounds like the three right lanes are blocked. that's a light area this time of day not causing any significant delays at the moment, but they are sending emergency crews to the scene. and everyone else still pretty quiet this morning. the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. a couple vehicles coming our way on westbound 580 and they are in the finishing stajges for the overnight road repair. alexis, thank you. google blames network congestion are for outages that affected youtube, g-mail and other services. >> here are your "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes" a big day for apple. >> the company opens its annual developers conference today with the launch of its latest version of ios. analysts say not to expect the new iphone but apple could reveal what's described as a high-end desktop. and after 18 years apple expected to shut down itunes
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today. >> the tech giant is reportedly replacing it with standalone music, tv and podcast apps in the next version of its operating system. apple is looking to rebrand as an entertainment service and is promising to make improvements after an outage affected east coast users. >> network congestion knocked out a number of its services for about four hours on sunday including youtube and gmail. it insists it was not the victim of a cyber attack. >> how do you check your email? >> i don't know but those are your "tech bytes." the local co-champion of the special bee is basking in his win. >> and warriors head coach steve kerr catches attention for the t-shirt he was sporting. the message he intended to send. a group of whales get a lot of attention
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you have to love the nba. we have to wait until wednesday for game three at oracle. and here the dubs on 7. if you're going, 71 at about 6:00. some mid-70s if you're going to be out messing around in the parking lot. down to 64 by the time the game is over. mike, thank you. warriors head coach steve kerr has never been shy when it comes to discussing hot political issues like gun control. he wore a vote for our lives t-shirt to his pregame news conference yesterday. when asked about it kerr said it was to support the victims of the virginia beach shooting. >> the shirt is a reminder the
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only way we can get out of this mess is to actually vote and to vote for people who will be willing to create some change in our gun laws and >> he said he has been inspired by the movement. >> 4:53 now. voters in san francisco may be asked to pass a measure to help city college pay for maintenance and new construction. the bond measure could be for as much as $845 million. the money would pay for the long planned performing arts and education center and repairs to some of the college's campus. city college leaders would need to approve the bond by the ball november. it would need a 55% approval to pass. this morning the bay area 13-year-old sharing the spelling bee crown with seven other kids will be live on "kelly and ryan" at 9:00 only on abc 7. rishik gandharsi is a middle schooler in san jose, one of
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eight winners of the scripps national spelling bee in washington, d.c. they all made it through the 20th and final round. he's coming back to california tomorrow. on thursday he will continue his media tour. he'll head to hollywood for an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live." good for him. >> i wonder if he wants an internship. i'm not the best speller in the world as my friends like to point out to me when they're watching. tuesday, look at this, tomorrow 70 around san francisco. i wanted to make sure reggie was okay with that. near 80-degree temperatures around the bay. and it's going to be the same way wednesday. look at the sea breeze come back with a vengeance thursday. temperatures dropping about 10 to 15 degrees with 60s again around the bay. 70s inland and just a few 80s in the east bay valleys. so it's going to flip the switch quickly but then this weekend it will be even warmer.
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first, alexis, how is the commute? it's feeling like a monday here at the bay bridge toll plaza. quite the stackup in the cash lanes on either side, right or left side. you'll have to wait. hopefully they'll get a few more of those booths open. car-pool lanes are open and no issues if you're using fastrak. of course the metering lights should turn on closer to 5:15, 5:20. highway 4 to the maze, you're still in the green at 17 minutes, about a 13-minute drive into san francisco and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, in the green at ten minutes. in the north bay a day of celebration, a groundbreaking ceremony will take place this morning at a high school badly damaged by the 2017 north bay wildfires. flames destroyed several buildings at cardinal newman high school in october of 2017. today the campus will break ground to install all-weather turf inside the stadium. the school has spent years planning and raising money to upgrade the stadium. >> this is cool to see, a rarely
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seen species of whale and made a major appearance in monterey bay. beautiful. it shows 24 beaked whales and three calves swimming. this is the largest group of beaked whales she has ever seen. they are rarely seen because they're normally way offshore. they're among the least studied and most mysterious of all whales. >> i get nervous every time we do a whale story because we've been losing so many. >> we have. it's good to see them doing so well. next at 5:00 a.m., the safety concern that led to hundreds of e-scooters being pulled off the streets of san francisco. and the east bay teachers strike, the new contract demand that has the school district saying no way. california democrats wrap up their state convention with a vow for the 2020 presidential election. it is 4:56. here is your live look outside this morning of downtown san francisco.
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we'll be right back. let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it, we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words. we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different, but we're in this together. and building a better
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good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this monday, june 3rd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast.
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if you like sunshine, warmer temps, meteorologist mike nicco has better news for you. it's on the way. it's hard to believe that when you walk outside this morning getting gray and there's some drizzle in the east bay and along the coast. watch out for that. if you look at our roof camera you can see not a lot of fog. the marine layer is around 1,800-2,000 feet. until then we have pretty much low to upper 50s through 7:00. and then as we head to noon, look at the spread, 50s at the coast. mid-80s for our bay and inland. 81 to possibly up around 90. we'll be close in some areas and still in the 70s for the most part at 7:00. so very comfortable evening on the way. how about the commute? here is alexis. i do have good news in the tri-valley between state route 84 and calaveras. a large pothole opened up. a hard closure was in place to repair that. a sig alert in effect until 5:00. looks like they got that done 15-20 minutes april head of


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