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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 4, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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ast awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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i'm amanda del castillo in
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milpitas. a captain with a sheriff's office is removed over a barbecue grill built at a county jail. what we know about the case. i'm cornell bernard. north bay county wants to make home ownership possible for people living in public housing. do you know what your phone is doing while you sleep? i'm kate larsen in san francisco. who has your data, and where it's going. abc7 news starts right now. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> a santa clara county sheriff's captain is feeling the heat tonight. >> she was removed from her job over a barbecue grill. i-team reporter dan noyes first broke the news on social media. >> sources are telling me this is the first time this has happened in the history of the santa clara county sheriff's department. >> tonight abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live at the elmwood jail in milpitas with the new developments. amanda?
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>> dan, big problems over a barbecue grill and gazebo meant to be a break space for staff here at elmwood jail. we know the jail commander, she was walked off the job on friday. amy le, one of the highest ranking women on the force was walked off the job friday evening, tears in her eyes, her badge and county vehicle taken away. sources say le, the former captain and commander of elmwood jail wanted to create a break space for jail staff. sources claim le purchased materials with her own money and used inmate labor to build this barbecue grill and gazebo. the two captured here by sky 7. on the ground, i-team reporter dan noyes obtained this video, the grill going, reggae music in the background. according to second quarter, le's bosses didn't like her project, one she apparently took on without a building permit. here she is during a 2017 interview with abc7 news. le was the first female lieutenant of the correction
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officers. >> in recent years le has been one of the highest paid county employees. documents show le took home nearly $450,000 including overtime and benefits in 2017. that on a $142,000 base salary. le threw her support behind sheriff lori smith in last year's election and was never too far from smith at campaign events. when smith won the election, le was promoted to captain. retired undersheriff and chief of corrections used to oversee the jails, and he told me when policies and procedures are followed correctly, inmate labor is not uncommon. he is convinced there is much more to the story. we'll keep digging. in milpitas, i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> we sure will. thank you. it was a beautiful day across much of the bay. here is live look from our roof camera showing fair skies. a little bit of fog out there.
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but that's about to change in a pretty big way. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the latest on the warm-up. >> yeah, dan, it is going to get hot inland. but right now i want to show you a stunning view from our sutro tower camera. you're taking a look at san francisco and visibility from this advantage point is just fine. the fog on live doppler 7 very limited. it is patchy along the coast. visibility in half moon bay down to 7 miles, 6 miles in petaluma. you'll have to watch out for the morning commute. i want to show you the temperatures. livermore, concord, fairfield, all in the mid- to upper 80s today. look at the temperatures. they're into the low and mid 90s tomorrow afternoon. you're going to feel the heat. but not everyone will. i'll be back with a look at the full range of temperatures, plus a look at how long this hot weather is going to last. ama? >> thank you, sandhya. san francisco will pay $400,000 to settle a lawsuit over the fatal police shooting of mario woods. his mother sued the city after her 26-year-old son was shot and killed in 2015. police say he was suspected of
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stabbing a man and refused to drop his knife. officers used nonlethal force but say woods still wouldn't drop his weapon. an autopsy found he had several drugs in his system. building a better bay area means focusing on the issues that impact you. for many, that includes the housing crunch. in the north bay, county leaders are looking at ways to give residents living in public housing a path to home ownership. cornell bernard is live in san rafael to explain the plan. cornell? >> dan, home ownership here in the bay area can be an impossible dream, but an idea from county supervisors could give low-income families a new start. so you grew up here? >> i grew up here. born and raised in this area. went to bayside elementary school. >> reporte >> carol thomas has lived in marin city all her life. her younger years at 32 acres of low rise buildings and eight high-rise towers visible from highway 101. there. >> are families here.
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ory, our roots are here. >> reporter: marin county's housing authority is working on a plan to revitalize and rehabilitate the property that is more than 60 years old. officials are considering offering residents a path towards home ownership by giving them a chance to buy their units. >> you have a community that faced some obstacles historically to home ownership as well. is there a way to move forward with that. >> where they may not have opportunity to buy anywhere else. >> officials say the program would likely be managed through the u.s. department of housing and urban development, allowing low-income families to purchase a home of their own. >> we don't want to be priced out or you know what i'm saying. but the opportunity to be had for people that are in the income bracket that live here. >> terry green says home ownership in the pricey bay area is a win-win. >> you take that and families will then begin to flourish. and that's what we want to see. we do not want to see any further displacement in our community.
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>> the details are still being discussed, but families would have to qualify and come up with a small down payment. in san rafael, cornell bernard, abc7 news. on the peninsula, a plan is in the works to create a safe parking program for people who live in rvs in palo alto. two councilmembers are suggesting a city-owned lot on san antonio road or another at geng road. east mountapalo alto and mountaw already have similar plans. we want to hear your ideas. in the south bay, apple touted privacy at today's worldwide developers conference in san jose. they're launching sign in with apple. it allows you to log into websites and apps without using your email address. apple says it's meant to block all tracking that comes with social log-ins like facebook or google. do you know what your smartphone is doing while you sleep? it turns out it's very busy sharing your data.
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kate larsen spoke to a san francisco man who is working to secure your phone and data. >> did you know that your smartphone is leading a double life? whether it's sending your text message, charging on your nightstand or tucked away in your pocket, your phone is busy, even when you're not. >> it doesn't shut off when you shut off. >> patrick jackson is a former nsa researcher for disconnect, a startup that is working to stop companies. all those apps you download from tracking you online. >> it's always good to know what's going on your phone. >> ojackson hooked my cell phone up to special software to look at where my cell phone is going. starting with my favorite real estate app. >> we noticed the first request that red fin makes is to facebook. before red fin calls its own server, facebook is first in line to send data off your device back to facebook. >> which may explain all the very tailored, sometimes invasive feeling ads that show up on your facebook. and rent the runway were feeding
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information about me and my phone to facebook and third party trackers. but the worst offender was this flashlight app. >> they're like trojan horses. they come in with one purpose but do all the things in the background. >> i use facebook and have the app. what if i didn't have facebook on my phone. would the flashlight still connect me to facebook? >> yeah. that would. because that data is still valuable. what they do with that information, we don't know. >> to better secure my data, i immediately deleted that extra flashlight app since apple comes with its own. and i edited my location sharing services and limited my ad tracking in settings. and i downloaded a free version of jackson's privacy pro app. in san francisco, i'm kate larsen, abc7 news. in the east bay, sparts a wayward humpback whale swimming near alameda appears to be unhealthy. >> scientist says the humpback isn't necessarily lost, but appears to be in some sort of
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distress. >> certainly there is cause for concern that it's underweight. it is thin. but outside of that, it's exhibiting normal active behavior at the surface. it is breaching. it's peck slamming. it's got a lot of energy. >> humpbacks are rare visitors to san francisco bay. this time of year they are usually migrating from mexico to the northern california coast to feed and breed. doing damage control. why sephora is closing all of its stores on wednesday. >> he was nearing the all-time record. the surprise outcome for jeopardy jamp james holzhauer tonight. and meet the nine bay area high school seniors competing on an iconic stage. >> all that is coming up. but first a look at what's ahead on jimmy kimmel live tonight right after abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> we are very important tonight. >> can i make one suggestion? the next time you go into a meeting, a negotiation.
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sephora will close all of its stores this wednesday for workers to go through diversity training. the training comes after r&b singer sza tweeted in april accusing a sephora store in calabasas of racial profiling. she says the employee called security on her because they
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thought she was stealing. sephora apologized for the incident. all those at store, distribution centers and corporate offices will participate. a long and lucrative game show journey ended tonight for jeopardy contestant james holzhauer. >> he came just shy of setting the all-time winnings record. ramona puga has a look at his reign. >> political philosophy, 16. >> in a dramatic twist, james holzhaur lost to librarian emma boettcher monday. >> what are rose colored glasses. >> he was just about to surf past ken jennings' records. in the final jeopardy round, he only wagered 13 >> his competitor beating him by nearly $22,000. >> so emma, it's up to you. if you came up with the correct response, you're going to be the new "jeopardy!" champion. did you? you did. what did you wager? >> holzhauer's historic ran
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began april 4th and brought up the show's ratings with his unique betting methods. >> you think about your stack of game pace peases is not money. >> grabbing every slot in the top ten records for most money won in a single game, getting 97% of the questions he answers right, and only missing one final jeopardy and four of his favorite daily doubles. he won almost $2.5 million and only needed 58,580 dollars to break the all-time record held by jennings. jennings reached that record over 74 games while holzhauer was almost caught up in 34. when asked about holzhauer's loss, jennings said he feels a little bit of the same letdown he felt when he lost in 2004. he said he really wanted to see what would happen. ramona puig gas, abc news, los angeles. >> fun while it lasted. ken jennings paid tribute. it includes an image of thanos
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who walked out half of the avengers. jennings wrote actual photo of james holzhauer walking off stage at "jeopardy!." his reign of destruction completed. >> you can watch every night here starting at 7:00 a.m. a michelin guide released its first book related to the entire state. >> angler, along the embarcadero learned it was award a star. it's one of 27 new additioning to the one-star list. >> the two-star list picked up seven new members. there are a total of seven restaurants with three stars. all of them happen to be in the bay area. >> you can see if your favorite place to dine made the list by going to our website, nine of the bay area's most talented high school performance artists put their talent on the line for a major scholarship prize. ♪ >> that's a senior from sacred
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heart prep from a little night music. >> his performance won him $15,000 through the steve silver foundation at beach blanket babylon scholarship for the arts contest. producer joe shuman silver started it 17 years ago. >> it's really changed their lives. it's been fabulous. and they all come back. and we hear what they're doing after they graduate and stuff. so it's wonderful. >> what an amazing group. the other two winners are kylie from clayton valley charter high school in concord for dance and dante from novato high school for acting. >> always fun to watch talented people. particularly young talent like that. on their way. congratulations. all right. on to the weather forecast. >> we are on our way to hot temp, sandhya >> especially if you live inland. you'll be baking in that heat, dan and ama. i want to show a time lapse from our mount tamalpais camera. watch the fingers of fog across sausalito. it's a very shallow layer, about a thousand feet.
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and that's why it's not going very far. as a matter of fact, it is really limited to the coast and parts of the bay. here is a murky view from our emeryville camera with patches of fog towards the port of oakland. you can see the patches near the coast and around the bay. temperatures at this hour all over the board from 50 in half moon bay to 70 at clearlake. the numbers will be quite a range for tomorrow. very summer like. i want to show you the temperature trend. hour-by-hour for antioch, starting out at 9:00 a.m. at 70 degrees. notice those temperatures soaring. low to mid-90s. three to 4:00, 5:00 p.m. violently going to get hot. stay hydrated. stay cool. make sure you have plenty of water tomorrow. there are graduations going on. ygnacio valley high school in con order tomorrow evening. 89 degrees at 6:00 p.m. when you first arrive before the ceremony. later on, 87 degrees. still going to be pretty warm. you're going to need a cold beverage. 75 degrees by 9:00 p.m. san jose high school has a noon
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graduation. temperatures will range from the low 70s to the mid-80s. congratulations to all the graduates. the weather is definitely going to cooperate for the outdoor plans. temperatures 40s, 50s. watch out for the fog because it is so shallow, it may be right down on the ground. tomorrow afternoon, here your high temperatures, 88 in san jose. pretty warm day in los gatos. 87. 90 in gilroy. 84 degrees in cupertino on the peninsula and palo alto. 67 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. but you still have eug of sea b hot. 81 in san rafael. 90 in calistoga. you get above the marine layer and you're going to be up into the low to mid-90s. cloverdale, ukiah. 82, hercules. 83 union city. inland areas on the hot side. 92 walnut creek. 90 in pleasanton. now on wednesday, we have a big game right here on abc7 news.
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it's the kwarz and the raptors. 6:00 p.m., 72 degrees. as you're making your way into line, into the lines there, it is going to be mild out there. 65 degrees by 9:00 p.m., with just some patchy fog. accuweather seven-day forecast features summer-like heat the next two days. low to mid-60s near the beaches. as we head towards thursday, it's significantly cooler. mid 50s to low 80s. our natural air conditioning with us. keeping us in the comfort zone as we go into friday. but then here comes another hot spell. sunday, monday mid-90s inland. upper 60s to the low 70s right near the coast. so find a cool spot tomorrow. >> yeah. >> you're going need it. >> sandhya, thank you. all right. challenge accepted. one peninsula police officer shows off his slick moves. >> oh, yeah. that's coming up tomorrow on "good morning america." wanda sykes is live to talk about the new season of
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school held their promotion celebration. someone apparently challenged agent brad young to a competition, and definitely accepted and hit the floor hard. look at him go. that's good. >> he was flossing there. >> staying current. >> yeah, exactly. all right. well, the warriors are going to be practicing tomorrow. we have a lot going on. >> anthony flores is here with sports. >> a lot of the question marks because of the injuries heading into game three. just ahead, the injury reports for klay thompson and kevin loony are in. and they're not good. why the
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casinio. >> the warriors might be without one-half of the splash brothers wednesday at oracle. klay thompson is questionable with a mild hamstring strain. thompson had an mri today when the team returned back to the bay area from toronto. he hurt his hamstring in the fourth quarter of last night's win over the raptors. he will test out the hammie before game three to see if he is able to play.
1:36 am
kevon looney was also hurt in game two. he has broken cartilage in his chest. he is going to miss the rest of the finals. abc7 news your exclusive home for the finals. on wednesday, larry beil and company will be live at oracle for our pregame show tipping off at 5:00 p.m. and check out after the game immediately following game three. the great one, wayne gretzky on hand for game four between the bruins and the blues. third period, tied at two. ryan o'reilly scores the second goal of the game. this series is knotted at two. the blues skate to victory, 4-2. it's winner take all on the farm. stanford facing fresno state with a trip to the super regional on the line. pick it up in the third i think. bulldogs up 3-2. maverick hanley takes this to the trees. his fourth home run to tie the game at three. inning once agai. stanford trailing, now 5-3. this time5-5.
1:37 am
the cardinal not done, scoring six runs. christian robinson with a two-run double. stanford wins 9-7. they will face mississippi state in the super regional. big day in berkeley. cal first baseman andrew vaughn was selected number three overall by the chicago white sox in the mlb draft. he hit 50 homers in three seasons. he is the reigning golden spikes winner. that's the award for the best player in college baseball. vaughn is the highest player taken in the mlb draft in school history. the giants went shopping in their own backyard for their first round selection, san francisco drafting hunter bishop with the tenth overall selection. he is from serra high school. also, the a's select clemson short stop logan davidson. this sport rorrriors shod hefpd kd morr will be able to play on wednesday. wednesday. fingers cr
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a beloved mother is found tied under a bench in a hospital. >> by staff members, according to her family. >> the story behind the video causing outrage on the internet. >> oh, man, i would tear that hospital down. >> right? students present a gift to two favorite teachers. >> open it. >> i can open it? >> see why the surprise is something they really wanted. >> this is the best day of my life. a driver next to his car is targeted by two men. >> they split up and they attack him. >> the moment the paw patrol saves the day. [ laughter ]. yes! and if you see this guy rolling by -- >> stop, stop, stop! >> just wait till you see what's under that lid. >> oh, man. >> wow. ♪ that on the left is martha, she's 76 years old. and this is her on a better day than when her daughter found her in this video. this is martha at a hospital on
1:42 am
the floor. she was tied to that set of chairs by staff members, according to her family. >> what? >> oh, man, i would tear that hospital down. >> right? >> what the heck. >> that's what a lot of people in south africa are asking. listen to the cries of her daughter trying to get >> what did you do! >> this sends chills down my spine. >> everybody is outraged by this. the national health department, the local health department, the family went to the hospital trying to find answers and there were fingers pointing everywhere but nobody is taking responsibility. [ indistinct screaming ] >> martha was taken to the hospital for stomach trouble. she was


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