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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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at the disneyland resort and good morning. welcome to wednesday, june 5th. it's a big day around here. we're counting down to abc's coverage of game three. >> 11 hours, 29. it is the warriors versus raptors at oracle arena tonight. we have much more coming up on that. first, another hot day in store, mike. >> it really is. very comfortable in some areas. it's the last day until, i don't even want to tell you about next week. let's focus on dry live doppler 7. sfo clear this morning. yep, no delays there weatherwise. let's talk about temperatures. 53 to 63. the sea breeze kicks in and you drop into the upper 50s.
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77 to 86. warm for lunch but 84 to 94. i hope you have ac and i hope it works this afternoon. alexis? checking out the bay bridge toll plaza probably in our slowest spot this morning. we got an early start with a disabled vehicle on the bridge and that just sort of had a ripple effect so the metering lights on a few minutes early, 5:18. look at that. the 880 flyover has been jammed for close to an hour at this point. and, unfortunately, all the approaches are a little extra slow here today. a quick check of some drive times tracy into dublin, 57 minutes. nothing blocking but you are in the red. no delays, 680 dublin to mission boulevard and northbound 85 between highway 101 and cupertino. new this morning, a woman in the hospital after a fire rescue on the peninsula overnight. i want to show you the new pictures that we have from the redwood city fire department. this is from the scene obviously and the fire broke out inside
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this building on pine street near shasta. unclear if it's a home or a business. investigators say the victim was taken to stanford medical center with burn injuries but no word yet on her exact condition. firefighters are asking people to avoid that area. they are under way with an investigation right now. thank you, jessica. happening today dubs on 7. it is game three of the nba finals. and tonight the warriors get home-court advantage. >> we may need it with all the injuries. amy hollyfield live at oracle arena. you look good the, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning. thank you. the game is here tonight. the arena isn't quite ready yet. we usually see t-shirts on every chair waiting for fans. they're not out yet. that's because they're transitioning from a concert they had monday night. they promise the shirts are coming but the arena will be ready. we're not quite there yet. the players look ready, the ones healthy. the warriors practicing yesterday, a little shootaround
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in front of reporters and photographers. getting ready for game three, the first one of the final series at oracle. among the reporters was an especially cute one, a fourth grader named riley. she wrote steph curry a letter complaining his shoes weren't available in girls sizes. that letter went viral. yesterday she got to be a kids sports reporter. she said she really liked meeting the players. >> they were taller and they were a lot nicer. draymond was very nice. >> yeah. >> and since i already met steph, again, he was really nice and made us feel comfortable. >> reporter: as for the game, the warriors are a bit banged up. klay thompson has a strained hamstring. he is questionable for tonight's game. kevon looney is out with a torn cartilage. durant is still out. the list is getting longer and longer. this series is tied at 1-1. the game starts tonight at 6:00, but we are excited for the
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warriors who will be playing. we will be cheering for all of them. live from oracle arena, amy hollyfield. >> draymond has a nice side. we knew that but it was sweet to hear that. >> i think draymond green is the most hilarious. >> he does provide a lot of comic relief. he does. >> he can be brutal sometimes. >> yes. >> i'm into it. are you ready for game time? >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in game three tonight in oakland. abc 7 news sports director larry beil will be live at oracle arena with sports reporter mindy bach and jobina fortson. tipoff of game three is at 6:00 p.m. followed, of course, by after the game live from oracle arena. we do want to see your dubs pride so share your photos and videos with us.
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it is easy to smit those pictures. >> a shocking sight. do you see this? that is a massive swastika in the front yard after home in el sobrante. the signs are on johnson's handrail, around his doorbell. he insists they're not a symbol of nazi germany. are you tibetan? >> i could be. >> reporter: do you find it offensive? >> yes. on behalf of all the jews that died with that, absolutely. >> many eastern religions use it with arms that face counterclockwise. the third reich changed it to face clockwise and that's what he has in his yard. law enforcement owe facials say they're not investigating.
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happening tonight a community meeting about the really loud freight trains. neighbors began complaining after the number was increased train crews must sound their horns when crossing local streets even at night. san jose must apply to the fit government to make the area a quiet zone. the new policy to help fastrak in san francisco. 258 days since san jose reached 90 degrees. 88 with temperatures 11 degrees above average. look at all those 80s and 90s.
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beyond fast. good morning, south bay. we'll start with your neighborhood temperatures, 55 in morgan hill. let's see the rest of our neighborhoods. mid and upper 50s in the north bay. check out half moon bay. no marine layer or clouds at the golden gate bridge. remember fluids and shade early and often.
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we know the breaking of this heat wave beginning. 59 at 7:00, near 80 at noon. we'll start off sunny in the east bay and mid to upper 60s with high clouds and sunshine. san francisco how about low 70s this afternoon. overall we've been looking good for the wednesday morning drive. a new problem in the east bay though it's not causing much of a backup. several people are out of a vehicle. they're trying to change a floot tire. it is the counter commute direction. northbound 680 i did just double-check with cal trans and they wrapped up on time. we'll look at drive times at 6:20. it will now take you less
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time to add bike lanes and enhance safety on san francisco streets. >> the transit board passed a new quick bill policy yesterday. "the chronicle" reports the new rules will allow transit planners to get multiple high priority projects approved at one time instead of individually. sfmta has ten planned for this year. the idea is to make city streets safer. 15 people have died in traffic accidents across san francisco this year. new criminal charges with the parkland school shooting. who is accused of failing to take action. >> and you have to look at your screen. do you see that spinning rescue basket? there is a to presenthe flavor we've all been waiting for, the hazelnut spread m&m's spokescandy! (clapping) (audience gasps) oh my what did you do?? (giggles) we ate him. feeand relief fromfsymptoy non-drowsy claritin. over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy.
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welcome back. new this morning republicans threatening to revolt against president trump's plan to slap tariffs on products from mexico. the trump administration is considering a national emergency to justify the tariffs. threatening a tariff on all mexican goods unless they attempt to reduce the number of migrants crossing the border. chuck schumer predicts the president won't go through with the threat. >> i believe that he will back off. when faced with the opposition among business, his own republicans and when he see what
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is a dumb move he has made. >> overnight while sleeping things got heated and the president fired back on twitter saying schumer would rather have our country fail with drugs-immigration than give republicans a win. he gave mexico bad advice. no bluff. the tariffs would increase the cost of products from mexico. everything from washing machines to produce. a former florida sheriff's deputy faces criminal charges for failing to act during the park lant shooting february of last year. a state review found deputy scott peterson retreated while people were being shot. the charges against him include child neglect. he could face 96 years in prison. listen to the next story, a popular drug could reduce alzheimer's disease. we're learning the drug's maker
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pfizer decided not to share the news with the world. experts discovered that the powerful anti-inflammatory reduced the risk by 64% reviewing hundreds of thousands of insurance claims. it's 6:16. can you imagine this nightmare, a phoenix mountain rescue. this stretcher just spinning completely out of control after picking up a 74-year-old injured woman. she slipped while hiking. the fire department says normally there's a second line attached to keep it from spinning out of control but the helicopter pilot says it broke. the woman had disiness and nausea. we're told she's doing fine, but my goodness. i can't imagine. >> i'm not a helicopter expert. i'm not anyone who has rescued
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anyone from anything, but why couldn't they bring it back down? >> if she was spinning like that, can you imagine, if you lower someone to the ground spinning like that, couldn't that injure her more at that point. >> tumble her. face plant her into the desert. >> i'm so glad she's okay. for someone who can't even handle the guardians of the galaxy ride. >> if you are in a spinning tea cup blindfolded. >> great. >> i like that. that's a ride i would pay to be on. as long as i don't have to have the injury she has. >> you are braver than us. >> i'll be in the heat while you're in your 70s here. walnut creek, 65. that's as mild as it gets today. all that sunshine waiting to bring you into the mid-90s. te heat holds for most of the day. it will start breaking at the coast and the rest of us tonight. the hottest highs of the year
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triple digits next week. for today, 79 in santa cruz. mid to upper 80s in the south bay. 88 in san jose. low to mid-90s, gilroy and morgan hill. low to mid-80s for most of the peninsula. 87, the warm spot. mid to upper 60s along the coast with that early sunshine. sea breeze kicks in late in the afternoon hours. 72 in downtown but mid to upper 70s for sausalito. mid to upper 80s in the same neighborhoods in the north bay and from santa rosa northward, low to mid-90s. everybody reaches 80 today. 80 to 86 along the east bay shore. a look at our temperatures mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. still sunny along the coast. notice by 5:00 the clouds are rolling in and during the evening hours they're pushing through the bay on their way to all of our neighborhoods. we'll be in the 50s and low 60s.
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those breezes stay around friday but then look at next week. even some 90s around the bay. alexis? northbound 680 still trying to recover from road work. heard from a couple viewers, sounds like they are still picking up cones. hopefully if we give it about ten more minute that will really clear out. one of our busiest spots, metering lights on a few minutes early at 5:18. it's been tough bouncing back and a quick check of drive times looking pretty good westbound 80 to the maze, 31 minutes. i don't think that's correct. bay bridge, you're not bad once you get through the metering lights. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the green at 12 minutes.
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"good morning america" coming up right here on abc 7. >> it's our favorite, ginger zee. >> hi, reggie t. says natasha and jessica but i was wondering because i think i heard reggie. either way, good morning to all of you there. coming up here on "gma" live in london as president trump and the queen participate in a d-day commemoration ceremony, the president sitting down for a new interview and what he's saying about the virginia beach shooting. another woman dying at the same resort from the same cause as that american couple in the dominican republic. actress jessica alba revealing she and her 10-year-old daughter go to therapy. why she thinks it will make her a better mother. and it's global running day. the new high-tech shoes to make
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it easier to get off the couch and get moving. every spring i say you're retired from running, don't do it. and then something like this happens and i'm going to have to go running. >> i only run if someone is chasing me. >> this is accurate for both of us. >> that may be my answer. we'll see you later. the me ga money on the line.
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let's talk about some heat tips for you. stay hydrated with water. outside, take breaks off in the shade where it will feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler. you thought yesterday was hot, today is going to be hot, monday will be the hottest day this year. antioch and fairfield reaching 100. 99 in concord. mid to upper 90s in the south bay. san jose and santa rosa and 70s and 80s, pretty warm around the bay, also. >> thanks, mike. bumble wants to make it easier for users to find a place to meet. they plan to open their first cafe and wine bar. it will be located in new york city. it has a friends and networking
6:25 am
version so it will host bff parties and date nights. this will be the very first permanent location. imagine not having to worry about getting a flat tire because your tires don't need air. >> michelin has developed a new airless tire. it's being tested in michigan. michelin hopes to have them available for 2024 for cars. they believe airless tires might last longer and that could help your car use less fuel and reduce the number of tires that are thrown away. >> and here in the bay area, the potholes we have, the nails lying around everywhere. >> all of that. ever dream of hitting it big? the mega millions jackpot is estimated at $550 million. >> no one matched all six numbers in last night's drawing.
6:26 am
25-37-46-48-68 and mega number of 26. the top prize goes above the half billion dollar mark. the odds, by the way matching all six numbers one in 303 million. >> you're saying there's a chance. >> a wayward humpback whale is still swimming around alameda. you can see the whale breached several times. it's been in the area about a week now. it may not be lost but is under weight. they usually my great to feed and breed. one of many whale stories recently. not positive. >> no, i'm very fearful for what this means. still ahead, coach kerr gives back. the money he donated to help dozens of local kids. >> reporter: i'm anser hassan at sfo. new rules for people who use
6:27 am
uber and lyft. signs like this will guide you. we'll explain. and here at the live desk president trump is joining other world leaders to mark the 75th anniversary of d-day. the somber occasion has not stopped him from
6:28 am
6:29 am
now at 6:30, these are the signs to look for next time you
6:30 am
call for an uber or lyft at sfo. the major changes that start at the airport today. you can hear the applause outside an east bay city hall overnight. the controversial decision the city council ended up reversing. >> reporter: there's a lot of excitement for tonight's warriors game. this seat here in the arena is listed for six figures. we'll tell you more up next. >> i know this sounds like a weird question but are doorbells outdated? why some people do not want you to ring. to that i say you're wrong. good morning on this wednesday, june 5th. >> we are counting down to coverage of game three. 10 hours, 59 minutes away from abc's coverage. the warriors versus the raptors. let's put the warriors first at oracle arena tonight. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your
6:31 am
accuweather forecast. hi, mike. let's talk about the heat. high pressure over the top of us, light and variable wind. look at the haze as we look from sutro tower and a few high clouds will be more prevalent in the afternoon and evening sky. 60 to 66 at the coast. the sea breeze is kicking in. look at that, 86 to 94 at 4:00. some air conditioning weather out there. how about the commute. here is alexis. this is the counter commute direction, northbound lanes a hit-and-run collision reported. one person left the scene. some debris in the roadway and the other vehicle off on the right shoulder. northbound heading up to highway
6:32 am
4 i don't think will cause a big backup. north of the 24 split that has finally filled in. we don't have any blocking issues for you and this does look better once you get south of 24. >> did you see that bird? it scared me. >> it's a crow just hanging out right there. today is the day, big changes at sfo if you catch uber or lyft. you'll have to walk a ways to meet your driver. >> starting in 28 minutes from now curbside pickup will no longer be allowed. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan with the new rules. good morning, anser. >> reporter: good morning. there are so many options for passengers here at sfo so this can be confusing. new rules for people who use uber and lyft but only passengers arriving on domestic flights. they have to make their way out to here, level five of the domestic parking lots.
6:33 am
it can be a bit of a walk. i did the walk and here is what it's like this is from door eight in terminal three which is mainly for united passengers. a shorter option could be to take the elevator but either way you have to get to level five. signs will guide you along the way. once you get to the end of terminal three, you have to walk the longest part through this corridor which ends at the air train terminal. you cross through that and then down another flight of stairs that will get you to the parking garage. once out the door you will be under the big white tent which is a pickup spot for your ride. depending on ggage, it could take two to three minutes to get out here. this only applies to domestic passengers. it does not apply to curbside pickup or international passengers or passengers who use a taxi. again, it starts at 7:00 a.m. reporting live, i'm anser hassan, abc 7 news. thank you for that. facial recognition cameras are
6:34 am
going to be installed at sfo. passengers can expect to see them in the international terminal. the city of san francisco banned facial recognition technology last month but the airport is federally regulated so that ban does not apply. in the east bay this morning the pride flag is flying over dublin city hall. this after the city council reversed course and decided to allow the flag to be raised for the month of june. >> here it is going up the flagpole following hours of debate and a unanimous vote. two weeks ago city leaders voted 3-2 to not display the pride flag over city hall for lgbtq pride month after many concerned issues. a lot of people took offense to what these residents were saying. the city adopted an official policy regarding flag displays in dublin. >> the right decision was made and the decision to include all of us and to recognize the
6:35 am
contributions we make to the city. it's a relief. it makes me feel more welcome and that i belong to the community. it's amazing. >> prior to last night the only flags to ever fly over dublin the city, state and american flag. this year's celebration is called pride with purpose. >> as we end pride month it should be a celebration. but also a call to action particularly to allies. >> the goal here is to help those who are affected by violence. fatal violence affects women, black and latino transgender women. while were you sleeping president trump helped kick off two days of remembrance ceremonies to mark the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing during world war ii joining
6:36 am
leaders in portsmouth and where house of representatives of thousands launched in 1944. we just got some new video in to the live desk of the president and first lady taking part in a photo-op. i should also note that despite being overseas president trump has been larking out at two of his biggest critics. the president tweeted actress and singer bette midler is, quote, a washed up psycho. he also called minority leader chuck schumer a, quote, creep. those stories making headlines. >> he's been busy this morning. thank you, jessica. people in el sobrante did not want to wake up to this. dozens of cars will have to have windows replace. this on appian way.
6:37 am
abc 7 news came across four with broken passenger side windows. the number vandalized could be more than 50. success from cradle to career, the pledge observing has made to its students. they received scholarships from oakland promise and east bay college fund. they pledge to support every child from birth to college graduation. they're awarding students $2.5 million in scholarships, about $2,000 a year. students say they'll be able to pay for college necessities like textbooks, meal plans and housing. >> this is helping me tremendously because i know personally my family is not able to afford college because college is super expensive so this puts a little bit of weight off our shoulders. >> this year 35 students will receive scholarships from steve
6:38 am
kerr. he donated his speaking fees to that nonprofit. way to go, coach. >> what a classy move. much more ahead including the warriors return home for game three against the toronto raptors. we are live inside oracle arena. and you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're going to show you how the markets are doing next. also, adorable dogs up for adoption. why more and more huskies may be showing up at bay area animal shelters. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. lack of clouds, lack of a breeze. that means it's the warmest morning this week. sunny side, potrero hills. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. look around and we have 56 in richmond. 60 in union city. 57 in santa clara. 61 in union city, just changed. walnut creek, 54. american canyon 57.
6:39 am
notice the lack of fog but plenty of haze as you head westbound. that's if you can stay comfortable in the heat. we'll reach the 80s, high clouds and sunshine from noon on and flirting with the low to mid-80s until about 5:00. east bay valleys, 72 at 8:00. we're still near 90. dropping down to 79 by 8:00. it's a big drop. starting off at 67 at 8:00. mid to upper 80s noon through about 5:00. big changes coming tonight. they're short-lived. hundreds in my forecast for the first time this year. glad you're back today. >> we are looking better so taking you there on our traffic maps. sounds like it took them a while to pick up the cones and back to
6:40 am
60 miles an hour. much better than last time we checked. off to an early start today with a disabled bridge. obviously that is long gone. longer on the approaches and metering lights on since 5:18 this morning. tracy into dublin, 59 minutes. seeing volumes build highway 4 antioch to con court.
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life. to the fullest. heat even more dangerous than what we will deal with today will develop in the san joaquin valley. highs up to 102 degrees. that's why there's a heat advisory. 101 today in fresno. look at the comfortable low to mid-70s. los angeles, monterey, nearing 100 in sacramento. nearing 80 in the sierra where there's another chance of thunderstorms but this is about the last day. we're going to get cooler weather. low to mid-60s and then sunshine and high clouds and 73. without the storms sunday. dubs on 7, today is the day we are counting down to coverage of game through. >> you can see that countdown
6:44 am
clock. it is the warriors versus raptors at oracle arena tonight. golden state will be short-handed, though, when they try to defend home court. steve kerr says kevin durant will not be playing tonight. klay thompson is questionable although he is optimistic. kevon looney is out for the remainder of the series. the series tied at a game apiece at this point. >> amy hollyfield live this morning with more on what fans can expect. hi, amy. >> reporter: enthusiasm is still high. we have a season ticket holder so confident he or she has listed this seat on the 14th row, kind of high up here, for $101,000. it drops off that, we saw prices in the $60,000 for courtside seats. i like the confidence that somebody maybe will buy this. it's a good show, game three of the finals.
6:45 am
they looked good. they always put on a good show. we talked to klay thompson. he says, hey, i've been here before. i had a sprained injury last year. he still has a lot of hope for his chance. >> i thought it was in a much worse position than now which is good. that's a good sign. injuries are never fun. it's the unfortunate part of sports. it tests your cake ter. playing through pain makes it worth it in the end. >> reporter: the players do not take it for granted, many of them telling us they feel privileged to be doing this again. the players look ready.
6:46 am
oracle is not ready yet. no t shirts yet. they're transitioning from a concert held here monday night. the crews are working hard to get it ready. almost 11 hours to go until tipoff. two locals will be singing the u.s. national anthem tonight. two members of metallica will be belting that out for us. go warriors. the series tied 1-1. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in game three tonight in oakland. larry beil will be live at oracle with mindi bach and jobina fortson. our coverage begins on abc 7 news at 4:00 followed by the dubs on 7 pregame show and then nba countdown at 5:30 and tipoff at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game live from oracle arena. warriors fans, a reminder, we
6:47 am
want to see your dubs pride. share your photos and videos with us. we'll be featuring some on air, also online. it's easy to submit the picks. all you have to do is go to happening now, this morning, sephora employees across the country getting ready to go to work, some on the east coast may already be at work. they're not going to be dealing with customers today because stores are closed nationwide and employees instead will take part in inclusion workshops. sephora, based in san francisco, and the company has taken this big move after singer sza said she had security called on her while shopping in a sephora store. sephora has about 16,000 employees. they've launched a campaign that says we belong to something beautiful. they do say all of this, the training workshop, the initiative as well, has been in the works for a long time even
6:48 am
before the sza incident. now to your morning money report. the san francisco public utilities commission is exploring the idea of acquiring some of pg&e's assets. >> the city has hired a financial adviser to look into what it would take to do so. pg&e filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in january. it faces $30 billion in liabilities from last year's campfire. pg&e's assets could make san francisco better able to generate its own power. and a live look at the new york stock exchange, we've slipped a little bit, up about 100 points slightly down from what i saw a few minutes ago but still in positive territory. joining a group of companies joining car subscription serviceservice s hertz my car is offering a $999 per month deal that includes full size sedans and for $1,399 that you can rent a
6:49 am
luxury sedan or large truck. they can swap vehicles twice a month. get away for less. southwest airlines is holding a sale right now, some start at $49. if you do the simple math less than $100 for a roundtrip. there are some restrictions and people have already been buying up tickets. you only have until tomorrow. >> still there are some tickets left. >> if i wanted to go to burbank, my, what a deal. should doorbells be a thing of the past? some millennials are saying absolutely. >> they find doorbells terrifying. really? they prefer a simple text saying, here. this started when someone brought up the issue in a tweet, people started chiming in and piling on and saying they are as
6:50 am
outdated as voice calls. others say they hide when people ring their doorbell. natasha. >> i've done that before. >> "the wall street journal" said millennials are so used to texting that the sound of a ringing doorbell freaks them all the way out. >> this is so sad. come on, folks. really? where is your ding dong app? >> i forgot. >> why do you have that? >> a doorbell app. thanks for getting me going down that road. why do i have a doorbell app? >> folks don't really use a doorbell. what if you don't have your phone with you. >> there's the key right there, you're expecting somebody. >> are you terrified? are you running? go hide. >> it's not the sound of the doorbell. it's someone you're not expecting otherwise they would have texted you they're here. >> if you're not expecting someone, we eat dinner at weird
6:51 am
times, i'm like -- >> if you are expecting someone and you're busy and getting ready for their arrival why should you be checking your phone? you have a doorbell. >> no, i get that. to me it goes back to whether you're expecting it or not. >> a lot of feelings. >> this is a hot topics on midday live. we'll see you then. >> we'll be watching. >> just don't come to my door unsolicited and everything is fine. my home is my castle and sanctuary. stay away. just kidding. >> wow. you can see from the east bay hills it's 68 degrees outside right now. the warmth rises. we're in the upper 50s like as you look at berkeley there. summer heat holds most of today. it does break tonight. we talked about this, the surge of warmth. low to mid-90s, gilroy and morgan hill.
6:52 am
low to mid-80s most of the peninsula. redwood city is always the hot spot and you will be today, 86 degrees. mid to upper 60s along the coast. low to mid-70s for downtown san francisco, sausalito. santa rosa and northward, low ninlts. low to mid-80s everywhere today. as you move inland how about these temperatures, mid to upper 90s. going to the game, 6:00 when you head in. it'll be in the mid-70s. when you head out, mid-60s. the cloud cover, there's your clock. at 5:00 this evening it's hugging the coast and then it starts to move in as we head into the evening hours and that's what breaks the heat with 70s and 80s. our first run at 90s will be monday. alexis? one new issue in the east
6:53 am
bay. sounds like we have a vehicle that broke down in a tough spot right around wynton avenue. we do have some help on the way for the driver but that is maybe slowing things down further there as you head to the san mateo bridge. we had a hit-and-run collision with quite a bit of debris. we really didn't have too much of a backup through the area. the richmond side of the bridge definitely has filled in. about a 20, 25-minute delay on the approach due to emergency road repair. actress jessica alba. >> she's opening up about going to therapy with her 10-year-old daughter. there's no crisis. she turned to professional help to learn to be a better mom and communicate better with her daughter. alba says being honest about her
6:54 am
feelings did not come naturally because she didn't grow up in an environment where you talked about this stuff. >> what jessica alba is doing is saying, listen, i didn't get the same parenting experience as a child that i want to give my own child and i don't have the tools to do that. i'm going to go for help to get them. >> you can watch a full report on jessica alba's honest approach to parenting come up on "gma" at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. "game of thrones" has create add husky boom at shelters. now that the show has ended, so has the desire to own the pet. many people bought husky puppies. they are active and may need a lot of care. shelters say this is a good reminder to make sure it's more than trendy, that it has a personality that mavs yours and your lifestyle. they have 11 available for adoption, well above what it normally sees. you've had a husky before. >> my grandmother had one and i
6:55 am
loved him so much. up next the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> our instagram photo of the day among the trees, gorgeous. thank you, hike then wine. we appreciate you sharing this. share your photos and videos. in lafayette a kid is changing the game. >> it really bothered me. >> on the bay guardians keep watch. >> i went to law school for the purpose of stopping polluters. >> athletes writing their own playbook. and in the castro valley a winning moment. >> her hearing device was stolen. >> abc 7, we believe champions like these deserve a place to shine because every one of us is a key player this building a better bay area.
6:56 am
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it is now 6:58. here are the 7 things to know this morning. number one, here is a live look at sfo from the fifth floor of the domestic parking garage. this is now where you'll have to go to pick up an uber or lyft. there is one person there. way to go, lady. >> she's ready to go. >> the rules began just a few minutes ago. a live look inside oracle arena where the warriors will battle the raptors in pivotal
6:59 am
game three. klay thompson is still questionable. he says he's optimistic he will play. abc's coverage starts at 5:30 p.m. number three, the pride flag is now raised over dublin city hall. last night the city council reversed course and decided to allow the flag to be raised for the month of june. number four, president trump joined british and canadian leaders to mark the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing during world war ii. the ceremonies took place in england, a major base for the allied invasion of europe. day two of the heat. you'll notice during the evening hours it breaks as the marine layer and sea breeze return. number six, we don't have any major issues on the board for your commute. looking at bay bridge toll plaza. of course the metering lights are on and you're backed up into the maze. look at this. michelin teamed up with general motors to develop this new airless tire. it could be ready by 2024. that means no more flat tires, no more potholes messing everything up, no more nails. >> it sounds like a good plan to
7:00 am
me. i'm in it. >> the ride quality is what i'm wondering. the harder you make something, the worse the ride but the better the gas mileage. >> mm-hmm. >> that's my concern. good morning, america. as we come on the air a new interview from president trump as he wraps up his royal visit. this morning, president trump and queen elizabeth honor the greatest generation on the eve of that historic d-day anniversary while overnight the president speaks out about the virginia beach shooting. >> what's happening is crazy, okay. it's crazy. >> what he's now saying about the meghan markle feud. >> i hope she enjoys her life. >> while here at home the president faces a new fight with his own party over those mexico tariffs. also this morning, the worst flooding in recorded history hitting the heartland right now. the national guard flying in as entire towns in kansas, missouri and arkansas are swallowed by water. animals trapped. now il


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