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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 5, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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he's got the injured hamstring. the report from espn is that the warriors management would prefer he not play. klay is pushing to play. kevin durant is out. kevon looney is out. that puts more of the spotlight and the focus on the big man, demarcus cousins, who was amazing the other night in game two. he had a double double. this is the injury that came about in game two of the first round series with the clippers. a torn quad can take up to two months or longer to hear. you thought, he's done, maybe he'll be ready in july. no. yesterday cousins said, you know what? he was actually thinking about just shutting it all down. he told espn's rachel nichols that he considered hanging it up for good after that injury. >> i was ready to quit.
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>> all right. we missed the sound bite from demarcus cousins there. he was saying he was in so much grief and anguish over the injury that he was contemplating shutting it all down and seeing what happens in the future. so that's the situation as we stand right now inside oracle arena. as soon as we get any word on klay thompson's status, we'll certainly pass it along to you later on in this newscast. let's go outside to to to t >> we are two hours from game time. let's check it out. we are seeing all the fans coming out in their best warriors gear. the deejay is flowing and we are
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seeing some of the most pumped up fans we've seen t tmhat you w >>yes, tha man broht his own speaker tonight. we almost met some other fans ae from alberta, canada. he's been following steph curry since the davidson days and won't stop right now. we asked the couple if they argued at home over this. and she tells us no. >> oh, no. i love the warriors, too, but i could not believe it. it's such a huge deal. not just for toronto but all of canada. it is exciting that we could come and be a part of it. >> reporter: if you've been following this on social media, you may thing guy. he's here in oakland.
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you haven't missed a raptors game in -- >> 24 years. never missed a game. never been late and never left a >> we are going to win it. no mistakes and we're going to win it tonight. it will ? undetand youave a theme of here. >> of course, i'm a guest of my good friend all the way here and he's hosting me. for 48 minutes we can compete. but before the game and after the game, we are brothers. >> all right. thank you so much. >> go raptors go! >> oh, no! we need a warriors chant. no warriors channel? oh, no. i have to say, go doves!
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abc7 news. >> what's going on? he's taking over the whole showo think that the crowd may have a real impact in the banged up. the fans, they are loud and proud and hostile, they can make an impact on the raptors and maybe fuel the warriors to victory, as short hand as they are. we will see. we know it will be packed. who is playing? we're not sure. but we'll find out soon. back to you. >> the warriors want to make sure people get to the game. they're even showing off a note signed by draymond green. check out what the team tweet. just fill in your name in the blank space here. i need to you let blank leave early today. i know that's asking a lot but -- the finals.
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the warriors are three wins away from bringing another championship to the bay area. we need intensity. we also need attendance. no matter how hard we play we can't do this if our fans aren't ready and on time for the game. 6:00 p.m. thank you. i really mean it. draymond green. is that great? tickets are still available, if you can believe it. ticket master's cheapest was $475. the most specsive ticket cost$6. >> the warriors will be looking for the fans to put the roar into roaracle tonight. the capacity of the two buildings, nearly identical. the sciosciaa bank center, a little more than 19,800. we will see if we have the star power. you can see barack obama who
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received a huge ovation. he sat with nba commissioner adam silver. now, rappers super fan drake has been there for all the games so far. is he coming to oakland tonight? no one has confirmed whether he'll be there. we'll have to wait and see. f even an expresident won't help the raptors tonight. you can share your photos and videos with us. we'll be featuring fan photos in our newscast. it is easy to submit the pics at abc7 and sky 7 is over the arena. i'll set this up for you see the countdown clock. that's counting down to our coverage of game threeful excited fans got up early this morning to make sure their doves pride was well represented. amy hollyfield has that story. >> reporter: you can always find the most devoted fans during the
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finals at the lake chalet restaurant. they show up for the first take which broadcasts from here every year during the championship. >> the show is wonderful. i was here last year. it is the most fun ever. and you know, we love the warriors. >> reporter: we saw a lot of blue and gold but jamie lopez stood out with his home made storm trooper helmet. he was in the audience today with his hat and plans to wear it to tonight's game. >> lights up at nighttime, too. it's daytime so you can't really see the lights. the force is with us. we'll see what happens. >> he will be looking out for drake at tonight's game. the raptors fan known to do the most smack talking. >> we'll be cheering from the upper level. probably going to be throwing paper airplanes to drake if he's around. >> these fans are not worried about the injuries the warriors are dealing with. they're all still predicting victory. >> we'll win both games here. go back and end it and it will
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be over with. and it doesn't matter which warriors are injured right now. >> reporter: we see courtside seats listed online for $68,000. a price tag drake can probably afford. we'll find out if he'll have a seat in our house. the game starts at 6:00. amy hollyfield. the dubson 7 pregame show is at 5:00 p.m. then the countdown, then the nba finals, game three, at 6:00 p.m., followed by after the game at oracle arena. then jimmy kimmel live game night at 10:00. a special edition of abc7 news at 10:30. >> and there are blue skies, as you can see. >> it is one of the warmest days of the week but next week we could see triple digit temperatures. warm he still.
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>> the skies are featuring warriors blue but it will get really hot over the weekend. before that, a big cooldown. you can see the fog forming along the coastline. right now, pretty toasty inland. it won't change before this evening's game three. it will be sunny and mild for folks heading out. the temperatures at 6:00 p.m. the game begins at 69 degrees. look what will happen tonight. cooling fog returns. it will surge across the bay and push locally inland. as you mentioned, the cooldown won't last long. we'll have sharply warmer conditions. i'll give you a look at how high those will soar coming up in a few minutes. people driving on 280 did a double take. >> take a look at why fire
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consumed a commuter bus. coming up, fire crews explain that they were in for more than they expected when they responded to the call. also ahead, you'll hear more about the woman saying she was hurt by brock turner. and game three of the nba finals. tonight is the first home game in the series for the warriors. we'll have
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on the right side, you can see the downdown clock between warriors and the raptors. it will be a big night. stay tuned all evening. let's move on. a fiery scene slowed traffic to a crawl near 280 and stanford. this video shows a commuter bus just engulfed in flames. fire crews got on the scene quickly. a witness took these photos showing the vehicle as it was still burning. the bus was contracted to apple and the driver was the only one on board. >> luckily, it sounds like one very minor injury. the person was not transported to the hospital. we got the call around 10:35 for a vegetation fire in this area when the first arriving crews arrived on the scene. they found there were two fires. so the battalion chief in charge of the scene at this time went to a second alarm.
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>> investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. the prosecution has rested its case in the ghost ship trial. soon the defense will get its chance to convince a jury that ghost ship founder derrek and his co-defendant max harris were not criminally responsible for the deaths of 36 people. they died in a fire that swept through oakland warehouse in december 2016. abc7 news reporter laura anthony was in court today and has the latest. >> the end did not end with a bang but a whimper. >> reporter: he was clearly unimpressed with the case against his client. the founder of the oakland arts collective known as the ghost ship. prosecutors wrapped up their case with a d.a. investigator and a series, he called himself the ghostship's executive director in several of them. prosecutors played a portion of a media interview done by him last sumner which he claims the
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warehouse was equipped with unspecified safety equipment. the d.a. inspector testified her investigation found no sprinklers, fire alarms or illuminated exit signs. firefighters did recover one smoke detector in the rubble of the fire that killed 36 people in december, 2016. >> i don't think they made their case against derrek almena. >> reporter: next monday the defense attorneys will begin presenting their side of the case. he is expected to take stand to testify in his own defense. >> he claimed to have permits that he didn't have. >> he'll be honest. when he said for instance on a number of occasions, no one lived there. he will admit that the only reason he said it is that the landlord requested it. >> the landlord was not charged in the criminal case.
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but is named as a defense in several lawsuits brought by ghostship survivors and families of the victims. in owing, laura anthony. abc7 news. the san jose police union is outraged and frustrated at santa clara county supervisors. that's after they refused to change the sanctuary law allow jailers who commit undocument crimes. >> they all got it wrong. >> reporter: he's talking about the county supervisors. they refused yesterday to change their sanctuary law which in most cases, forbids authorities to notify i.c.e. when an undocumented immigrant is released from jail. they say it is a question about public safety and not about immigration. >> if we have custody of a rapist, there should be a call. if we have custody of a violent
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gang member, there should be a call. all five supervisors voted against changing existing policy. >> short of a warrant, our county will have no engagement with i.c.e. and will not facilitate their work. >> reporter: the emotional debate has been fueled by the murder of bambi larson who was stabbed to death in her home on friday. carlos who was illegally in this country was arrested and charged with the crime. i.c.e. says it had previously served nine detainers for him at jails where he had served time for various crimes. >> bambi larson would be lived a today if all they did was pick up the phone. >> the supervisor said the county must separate immigration law enforcement from criminal justice enforcement. >> if we have a separate rule
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for people who were here without documentation, then they end up essentially with a second level of punishment. that of the potential deportation. >> the police union says it is only talking about undocumented immigrant who's permit violent and serious crimes. the woman sexually assaulted by the former stanford student brock turner is writing a memoir. in 2016, many across the country were outraged when turner was sentenced to six months in jail for felony sexual assault. the victim's impact statement, more than 7,000 words, was also widely read online after she read in it court. maybe you heard it or read it yourself. the memoir is due out in september. it is not titled and the publisher has not yet said if the author will use her real name. in court proceedings, she was known as emily doe. time to talk about our weather of it's toasty.
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>> will it continue? >> well, yes. for the next two days. we've had two toasty days in a row. now get ready for a big cooldown. it will be brief and then the heat will return. you can see fog building offshore right that cooling fog will surge across the coastline tonight. bring us some coolin overnight and a sharply cooler day tomorrow. right now, still toasty. this is the view from sutro tower. only 63 degrees in the city. but 77 across the bay. owing, 77. 57 at half moon baify. check this out. a few high clouds over the bay. napa, 77. fairfield obviously not reporting at this hour but the last i checked, it was in the low 90s. 96 at vacaville. livermore, 90 degrees. the view from mt. tam seeing a
4:20 pm
few wispy high clouds. these are our forecast features. cooling coastal fog returning. it will be breezy and much cooler tomorrow a is justtwo- c. we'll start heating one the temperatures soaring. i'll show you how far they'll soar. first, overnight conditions. fog out over the bay. some fog pushing. we'll be in the low to mid 50s. a little cooler in the north bay valleys. most locations we'll see temperatures dropping 50 degrees. it will be gusty. at noon, we'll see gusts on the coast. ranging from 20 to 30 miles an hour. breezy in other locations. it will get breezier going into tomorrow evening. on the coast, 29 to 36-mile-per-hour gusts. as we move in, we'll see 20-mile-per-hour breezes or gusts or even higher. so along with the cooling will come some pretty strong winds. highs, 75, santa clara, 75, on
4:21 pm
the peninsula, look for highs at 70, 71 in palo alto. once again, very breezy conditions. downtown san francisco will top out at 62 tomorrow. 58 in the sunset district. in the north bay, highs of 72 at pet loom a. 75 at napa. oakland will max out about 67 tomorrow. 70 in fremont. and the inland east bay will be, well, our warmest region. not nearly as warm as today. here's how the accuweather forecast shapes up. high temperatures inland, barely reaching 80 on friday. upper 50s to 60s at the coast. then look at the weekend warm-up. it starts saturday and continues
4:22 pm
on sunday. high temperatures in the mid to upper 90s inland. monday, we expect to be the hottest day in the forecast with highs near 100 in the hottest spots. about 90 around the bay. 70 at the coast. and then we'll see the heat easing tuesday and wednesday. by mid-week, we'll see temperatures in the more seasonable range. more average. it will be pretty toasty on monday. just ahead, a favorite phrase of president trump. what do americans really think about fake news? and who is more likely to see it? republicans or democrats? and because of the warriors/rappewarriors warriors/raptors game tonight, jeopardy and wheel
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game tonight. sky 7 flew over the airport this morning. that video is on the right-hand side. sky 7 live aerials, those are the ones on the lindsaeft hand . we'll see them court side tonight. >> they won't be in the nosebleed. >> youtube has updated hate speech policies. the video streaming company will prohibit videos that deny certain proven events that have taken place like the holocaust. the changes come as youtube, facebook, twitter and other online services face mounting concern that the platforms allow and in some cases' foster
4:26 pm
extremism. white sprupremacistssupremacist. there is already an online back lash from people accusing youtube of censoring free speech. a new survey says half the people. republicans are more likely than democrats to see made up information, to think it's a problem and blame journalists. of course, president trump is credited for popularizing the phrase during the 2016 campaign. most of those surveyed believed journalists have the responsible to fix the problem. coming up next on abc7 news at 4:00, wells fargo is committing fwoig help combat the housing crisis in the bay area and across the country. >> reporter: and i'm live in san francisco. fans think this game, game
4:27 pm
three, is heavia big and i never say that word. >> reporter: we have gotatrtlia. kawhi leonard is warming up behind me. after the break, an update on klay thompson as well as kevin durant introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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oracle arena is turning turg ro roarack roarackle. >> let's get to inside with larry. he'll begin three on three work, five on five drills. as for klay thompson, he has the injured hamstring. kerr said klay won't be the one that makes this decision. the team and thell. that's where we stand up to the
4:31 pm
moment. now let's go to lyanne mend. >> reporter: i know you can see this amazing hat that somebody lent me. can you see that? it's excellent. of course i'm wearing it with great pride. out of respect for the canadians who are hosting this party where we are, i'm wearing this t-shirt. we the north. right? because it's all about toronto and it is all about owing. >> owing is not just a town. it is almost a state of mind. >> owing has that culture, man. >> and right now oakland is feeling true love for the man and the team. the power of the warriors is present in every fan and in the words that are unique to
4:32 pm
oakland. >> town business. you know what that is? >> reporter: no. it means something unique to oakland. like this '65 mustang. so town business? >> town business. it's really like town b-i-z. >> reporter: town business. >> heavia means a lot of hellish things. >> reporter: there are very few canadian words in the dictionary. >> i don't think there's any word in the canadian dialect nearly as powerful as the word hella. >> reporter: still, from the really the deli and a fan of the toronto raptors knows how to make a great really the smoked meat. he calls it the love child of
4:33 pm
correspond beef and pastrami. >> we've been doing it about a hundred years. >> reporter: but owing has this special creamery. for toronto fans, the excitement is new. for warriors fans, winning comes with mixed emotions. >> my heart is going with the raptors. it's been a long time as a canadian. we haven't had a championship in canada since 1993. it's been a long, long time. >> this may be possibly the last time wee them play at home. in the city of oakland. so it is a bitter sweet feeling warriors will begin playing in san francisco. let me tell but this hat. it is not mine, of course. it belongs to a colleague. but my friends at kgo are very protective of their stuff. it says, please bring back to
4:34 pm
abc kgo. then i have this one that i also borrowed from another colleague. please bring back to paula m. this is her hat. her favorite hat. anyway, have fun there. go warriors! >> reporter: before you go, your use of hella was fantastic. especially, that shirt. dove nation considers hella ugly! thank you! >> i won't tell them that. i prom in san francisco. let me give you a little update. steph curry is in the building. i have a source that arrived with steph curry. and he said, even steph is not sure if klay is playing tonight. if steph doesn't know, there is
4:35 pm
no way we're going to know and there is a good chance even klay does not know at this point when he comes to warm up. it seems like the warriors are leaning to the cautious approach and saving him for game four. how the lineup works, what they could. the list goes on and on. that's up to steve kerr. that's why he gets the big bucks. we'll recap all of this at the top of the hour. we have lots to discuss. >> oh, yes. thank you. we had discussed playing it safe. larry was more the reckless, throw them in. >> i kind of like this approach. this series could be long. >> thanks. >> well, yeah. well, the warriors are calling on their fans to get into a food fight with the rivals from toronto. not a real food fight but a challenge to see which fan base
4:36 pm
can donate the most food. this is fifth year the warriors in conjunction with local food banks have staged the chaengedu. the bay area has won every year, by the way. the warriors will have a collection site at the game. donations can be made online. we have a link. and abc7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. that's at 5:00. tip-off at 6:00 followed by after the game live from oracle arena. the warriors are home for tonight's game as well as the game four on friday. then game five on monday, game six if needed is on june 13th. coming up, sephora stores nationwide shut down for inclusivity training. another beautiful and warm
4:37 pm
day around the bay area is coming to an end.
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affordability crisis. it's easy to submit your photos they will implement for at abc7 >> if you're not going to the homeownership. they will allocate for disaster game, it is a perfect day to be inside watching it on tv. relief and the arts at the local >> maybe a little air conditioning. we've got some natural air levels. just ahead, why you'd better put on your walking shoes if you're going to catch an uber or conditioning. >> it will be in the low to mid lyft at sfo. 50s. two major recalls today a big cooldown. no 90s tomorrow. regarding food and technology. only 70s and 80s inland and regarding food and technology. and are california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we have two fairly cool days coming our way tomorrow and - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. friday. we start warming up over the weekend. by monday, it will be hot inland get details on this state program. call or visit with high temperatures approaching the 100-degree mark in the hottest inland spots. >> that's toasty. >> sephora stores are back open this afternoon after shutting down for an hour today to host what the beauty chain called inclusion workshops. it comes a month after the twee
4:41 pm
called on her while she was shopping in calabasas. nationwide, people wore black t-shirts with the tag line, we belong to something beauti dona
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit just over an hour now until tip-off between the warriors and the raptors for game three. sky 7 is keeping an eye on 880. if you're going to the game, look at that. there's oracle arena. it looks pretty smooth saying. sky map 7 shows you the streets and the highway. not bad at all. we're moving quite well as we get closer to tip-off. we're now taking a live look at the international airport where there are some changes to talk about. domestic passengers are arriving at sfo. looking for an uber and a lyft are no longer allowed to get picked up at the curb. it is now the fifth level of the
4:44 pm
domestic hourly parking garage. that's the yellow on the map. our reporter was there and literally walks you through changes. >> reporter: as a business traveller, he knows his way around sfo but today he struggled to find his uber. >> no signs, either i heard you talking about uber so i said i'll follow you guys. >> reporter: actually, there are signs. lots of them. directing people to the new ride share pick-up location. airport officials say they get close to 30,000 ride share users every day. in an effort to reduce traffic congestion, they've moved domestic arrival pick-up to this location. it takes about three minutes to walk. you begin with the flight of stairs. once you get to the end of the terminal, you have to walk the longest part through the corridor which ends at the airplane terminal. you have to cross through there and then down another flight of stairs which finally gets you to
4:45 pm
the parking garage. three big white tents mark the three spots to reach a ride. >> the congestion has been so bad. it has affected everybody else. it is a decent policy that hopefully gets people to the terminal faster. >> reporter: the uber drivers say the really traffic will be getting people through the commute. >> right now it's not too bad. there is only one way to come up here. >> reporter: they say this had save passengers' time. >> it takes five to 15 minutes curbside to wait for an uber or lyft pick-up. we think in the long run this will be better. >> reporter: this doesn't apply to domestic depaurrtures international travel. it is used in singapore, hong kong and the united kingdom. >> it's apple. you don't hear very many recalls from them. parma is recalling the three
4:46 pm
prong wall plug departmenters, sold between january 2003 and 2015. they came with mac and certain ios products and are included in this apple world travel right there. they received reports from six other countries of them breaking and receiving shocks. none of them were in the united states. customers should stop departme adapters. and purdue ponds is recalli recalling. they may contain pieces of bone. the products are chicken tenders pictured here, chicken strips and chicken breast nuggets sold under the perdue simply smart brand. links with more information can
4:47 pm
be found on our website. a major tire company and a major auto maker are teaming up to create airless tires. michelin and general motors are calling them the michelin prototype. or the unique puncture proof tire system. gm plans to test wheels this year and hopes to have them on all the passenger vehicles by early 2024. the company's goal is to eliminate flats andgasoli. help. >> this like an idea whose part of commit top building a better bay area is about honoring people who make an impact where you live. one of those is an artist in livermore. the east bay community journalist has the story.
4:48 pm
>> trent thompson is an artist who is making the world a better place through his painings. >> it's the people you walk by. >> one day he was walking to the switch. a collaborative working space in downtown livermore when he noticed a woman sitting on the sidewalk. >> one time i came to work early in the morning and she was still out there. i thought that was crazy. i needed to do something about it. not that i can change her life in any massive way. i think telling her story and making her feel safe. it was important to me. >> she is a woman who has been homeless the last four years. little did he know that his painting of cindy would create such a positive buzz in the community. >> she is a staple in a lot of
4:49 pm
people's mornings. they all recognized it. i just used it as a lunch fund for her. it became more than that. >> reporter: many loved what he was doing and wanted to get involved. he decided to start a movement called pictures for people. it raises money for community organizations in the person highlighted in the portrait. >> telling the story of people who don't always get their story told. i think that's very hard. as a reminder, to remember that every person you walk by has a story as important as you are. >> my appreciation for how he saw her and brought it to life. it was very clear if other people had a chance to see his interpretation. if we could do it for more in the community, maybe we could rally around them. >> the idea is hugely, it is
4:50 pm
big smile. >> oh, yeah. i think it's been a very positive story. >> what a story. we want to hear your it's game three between the warriors and raptors. what do you really know about our neighbors to the north? >> up next, we have your guide to toronto.
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we're downing down to the game 3 warriors/rappers game. >> you can and watch it only right here on abc7. >> we've put together a few fun
4:54 pm
things we thought know about toronto
4:55 pm
the dubson 7 pregame show is next. then the nba countdown, the game 3 at 6:00 p.m. >> and stay with us for jimmy kimmel live game night at 10:00. >> that will do it for us though. thank you for joining us for thank you for joining us for abc7 news at ♪ ♪ thank you for joining us for abc7 news at ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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4:58 pm
lineup -- will the defensive tactics have the doves' number? >> the defenses have been going on a long time.time.time.time.t. >> the quest for the three peat in oakland. the pregame show. sky 7, high above oracle arena as we get set for gamefin. the warriors and rammers tied it a game apiece. as we welcome you inside. the question is, who is in? who is out? who is healthy enough to suit up for golden state tonight? we're live on the warriors
4:59 pm
baseline. larry along with donald. we went in ascending order. i might do the show on tippy toes just to feel better about myself. could i use a little more height here. >> just don't get hurt. >> we can't afford any more injuries. that's for sure. we know kevin durant won't play although he is trend
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