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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 7, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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who is affected most? >> people in about three counties. we'll tell you exactly which counties are affected. let's start with the problem. dry vegetation in the hills right up here and the solution. that is one of the 27 fire engines that responded to this fire. there are more fire engines than acres burmd. 27 acres, 24 acres. let's show you how tough a fight this was. the fire was called in before 1:00 this afternoon. when we got here, there was a waffle smoke. you saw fire running up the hiside. part of it in the city of fairfield. part of it in solano county. with red flag conditions the way they were. the sheriff's department evacuated 50 nearby homes. they hope to be back in their oc down, they're ight.
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overhauling it now, is breathing a sigh of relief. >> we get that delta breeze here in the summertime. for this fire to get knocked down and the forward progress stopped is a big relief for everyone. >> one of the other things going on, the pg&e crews are at work putting the power back on to the homes. it is maybe an omen. they have warned people in three counties that they might have to shut off their power tomorrow, preemptively because of high winds. just to make sure they don't make the problems worse. >> because we've seen extreme weather in just increase in wildfires, we are taking safety precautions by shutting off the power and to help reduce the wildfire threats. so we want our customers to know about this program. the public safety program. that it exists so they can be prepared to shut off the power.
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>> let's show you the areas affected. they include napa county. the city of napa. parts of solano county. 200 of those homes are right here in solano county. they are likely to be here through the night. the good news is there were no injuries no, structures were actually touched. but it was such a big fire that several local departments send fire equipment here including travis air force base. live near cordelia and fairfield. thank you. let's bring in abc7 news meteorologi meteorologist. >> the conditions will be just right for critical fire weather conditions.
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we have a red flag warning that begins at 11:00 tonight above 1,000 feet. the northeasterly winds gusting 40 on 60 miles an hour will take the humidity down to dangerous levels. 12 to 22%. so any fires do develop will spread rapidly. we are expecting temperatures in the 90s to mid 100s. record to near record temperatures are expected. make sure on sunday as the temperatures spike, that you check on the elderly. anybody vulnerable. cunning kids sensitive to heat in particular. i'll be back with the full range of temperatures coming up.
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do you know what to do if your power gets turned off as might happen? we have you covered. go to abc7 news for a complete guide to what you should do to, before, during, and after a power shut off. during a red flag warning, any time, trust abc7 news to get you the latest information to keep you and your family safe. we have a lot of information for you. download it and custom ties forecast and alerts for the area where you live. >> we do want the warriors to be hot. that's okay, right? yeah. we'll take you live to oakland oracle arena. it has been home to the warriors for almost 50 years. this could be the last game there. >> we hope not. the warriors stole game two in toronto. the raptors got another win in game three at oracle. sky 7 is live over oraclee is i monday. he ter i over. othnewoguarantee
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for game six. >> let's begin with jobina fordson. >> hey, everybody. >> warriors, everybody! >> go usa! go usa! >> reporter: that's the energy we're bringing tonight. >> i flew in from tron yesterday to meet my son and see this game. i'm sorry, toronto is taking back the trophy. >> reporter: we've got the boos, right? that's the energy we're bringing for game four. i want to you see little something different that the fans will experience. check this out.
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this is the floor from inside the stadium. they are hoping to get at least 20,000 signatures. and this was on the wall in the chase center. >> whoever is here, we've got to rock it and do it real rr let's let them know what being champions is really about. >> all right! >> reporter: the fans have made it clear. they do not want this game to be the last one at oracle. jerseys and hats are flying off the shelves and we asked shop betters their favorite items. >> it's it's the end of an era. >> for this to be game four, played here, hopefully, this is not the last one at oracle.
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if it is, it is kinds of, a little bit emotional. >> just watching the camaraderie of the team come together pl th. it's special. so i tell people. understand what's happening. the potential dynasty. this is one of the greatest teams of all time. >> all right. back out here live. you can see all the people lining up to get their name on the floor. this will go inside the chase center. this will be open for everyone until tip-off tonight. reporting live, jobina fortson. >> they >> one of the biggest and best known warriors fans, dance cam mom. she lights up the arena with her moves. >> she's not the only one. one super fan is only 5 years old. right. >> that's rht
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you won'tho watch party. it will be crowded. we caught up with two super fans who believe the warriors will do it tonight. >> go warriors! >> louder! >> 5-year-old miles crow is giving a shout out to his favorite team. he could be the youngest dub super fan ever. >> got to get the three-pointers. >> with a little trash talking. >> what do you think of the raptors? >> no. >> we first met this die hard fan when he was only 3. on fire. seeking three-pointers. every which way. play by play com game is now hi. >> let's talk about the curry jersey. he never takes it off. >> we can convince him about 50% of sundays to not wear it to
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church. >> otherwise it's number 30 all the time. even over the pjbedtime. >> she's ready with her signature sweaters and t-shirts. you know her as dance cam mol. star of the jumbo tron at every game. showing off her classic moves. >> there she is. >> this retired teacher even has her own bobble head. >> i think it brings some energy to the crowd. and i think the dubs do beto beb when roaracle comes alive. she does a parroty and even shows merry her moves. >> here's the roly poly. >> nice. we're doing this, right? >> we're doing this. there's the salad toss. >> oh, boy. i may never live that down. this is sign little miles made for me.
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it says go warriors. he says this is steph curry and that says golden state warriors. lots of fun. tonight giving away lots of swag. riley towel and even the sunglasses. we're live in san francisco. >> boy, you look great. thank you so much. >> a great report and he looks cool. sky 7 is live over the lake. people lined up early to see celebrities taking part, including snoop dogg. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield found out there was another dog drawing quite the crowd. >> snoop dogg was in the house this morning and got a warm welcome from warriors fans at oakland's lake marshal eight restaurant. he sat in as a guest. snoop said the warriors cannot put it all on steph curry's shoulders. but he had a good prediction for
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the team. >> they should put more effort into it. >> out in front of the restaurant -- another dog was stealing some of the spotlight. this is bam-bam who drives around in his maserati while adoring fans ooh and aah. his owner sits back and watches and helps him live his best life. >> it's all him. he wants it. he's mad because he's hey, that mic is supposed to be over here. >> fans showed up for all this fun. look at this line of people hoping to get into. some tell us they got here yesterday afternoon. the fans who didn't get in today were given wrist bands for next wednesday when the warriors will hopefully be back. >> hopefully there is a next wednesday. this is history. golden state is the place to be. >> fans say they had a good time watching the show even though they did boo when host steven a.
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smith said he thinks k.d. will be leaving for brooklyn. >> if he comes through for us and gets the ring, if he can get his money, that's what he has to do. >> overall, the predictions were in favor of the warriors. and even the host said they had fun. >> the fans in oakland have been ten times better than the fans in toronto. i'm not trying to distoronto but i've been coming five straight years and i love it here. >> reporter: the only thing that can make this day better would be a warriors victory. how often would it be to see bam-bam lead a victory parade. that's what his owner is counting on happening. >> you'll want to catch dubs on 7 pregame show. and then the nba countdown at 5:30. game four presented by youtube
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tv at 6:00 p.m. and then stay with us for jimmy kimmel live game night at 10:00. if you're not sure about all the time, just look at the countdown clock. 1:17 to go until all the excitement. >> stay right here. >> we've been talking warriors and raptors. now let's talk rattle snakes. >> they're worth a warning. a south bay deputy with a bite wound is worth the proof. >> ten years ago, oscar grant died. now a celebration this weekend of this new mural. i talked to the artist. coming up. and liveook outside oracle arena. home of the dubs and the site of the all important game four.
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now a look at getting ready for the game between warriors and the raptors. we want to hear your warriors pride and we want to see it. for the listening part, l what ? >> warriors. >>. ♪ warriors ♪ warriors ♪ warriors >> all right. i think it's hard to top that one. don't you? >> so cute.
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>> she's just a toddler but she's a big warriors fan. you can share your photos and videos with us. it is easy to submit your pics. san francisco is one step closer to banning the sale of leg nick cigarettes. today a committee approved restricting them. now the proposal would go before the full board. here's a closer look and talks with critics who say this is hypocrisy. >> reporter: this is not the final one. it will be going before the board on june 18. it could be late july, early august. >> san francisco has argued that ecigarettes should not be on shelves until the food and drug administration, the fda, has reviewed the threat they pose to public health. >> our job to san francisco is to make sure that we do everything we can to keep harmful substances out of the
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hands of our young people, out of the hands of our communities. >> here's what health and human services tells abc7. while tobacco use by adolescence substantially declined in the last 40 years, from 2011 to 2016, the percentage of 12th graders who had used ecigarettes increased from 4.7 to 16%. marshall harvey was turned on to ecigarettes when he was 19. >> vaping has become more xasible for young kids. in middle school through high school. >> they are marked to smokers as a way to satisfy the nicotin di. >> my health improved. no more flem in my lungs. >> that would mean these products could not be ordered online or mailed to a san francisco address.
4:19 pm
juul labs is based in san francisco. why would a city be comfortable with come wind gustible cigarettes being on shelves when we know they kill more than 480,000 americans per year? but on the other hand, the fda has never approved marijuana as a safe and effective drug for any indication. yet it is now legal in california. and cigarettes existed before the creation of the fda. >> if cigarettes were introduced today as a brand new product and they had to go through fda process, they would not be allowed. >> christopher chin, an ecigarette user, feels the city is being hypocritical. >> i'm advocating for equal. if you're going to take off one, why not take off the harmful one too? they can't do it. they need their cigarette tax money. >> reporter: now, that committee also voted to ban the future sale and manufacturer of these products on city land.
4:20 pm
now, juul is located on pier 70. they had signed a lease. so they essentially are grandfathered in. this does not apply to them. live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. federal regulators are stepping up their assault on tobacco products targeting kids. the fda sent letters to four vaping companies about pitching their candy formulas. it did not include a mandatory warning that liquids, those liquids, contain nicotine. nflt the last day of school for a lot of kids. a perfect time to hit the beach. it will sizzle. >> absolutely. the temperatures will soar. we'll go from the 90s to the 100s over the weekend. so get ready. today is really in the comfort zone. and outside of oracle arena for game four.
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it will be nice and sunny. i'm hoping for just as bright of an outcome for game four. 68 degrees outside the arena. breezy, the temperature will drop to about 64 degrees as the game ends. here's a look at live doppler 7. and it is clear. we don't have any fog. here's a live look from our east bay hills camera. 67 in the 70. mid 70s around san jose, morgan hill. nice looking weather. the golden gate showing you nice conditions. 78 in santa rosa. 76 in napa. 78 in livermore. a lot of people out at the beach in santa cruz today. i think this is really going to get packed this weekend. elevated fire danger starting tonight. the temperatures will soar this weekend and record heat is likely sunday and monday. tomorrow morning, the temperatures will begin in the 50s, 60s. it will be clear as we head into the afternoon. warm conditions. inland areas in the low to mid 90s. along the coast, you'll be in the 70s. 84 in san rafael.
4:22 pm
78, san francisco. low 80s, richmond, oakland. 89, san jose. a good day to hit the beach. santa cruz, 81 degrees. warm and sunny with the very high uv index. make sure you have your sun screen for saturday afternoon. take a look at sunday. the temperatures coming up even more steamy inland. the hottest day of the year so far. monday, we'reoi 100s. that is going to be dangerous heat. definitely take it easy. the accuweather seven day forecast. gusty and warmer for sunday. the temperatures soaring, sunday, monday. 70s at the beaches and we will go with the summer spread for tuesday. cooler afternoon by wednesday. and definitely will need that cooling by thursday, friday. dropping closer to average. 60s, coast side. >> look at that. we're all hoping the warriors get a win tonight.
4:23 pm
a big w, right? winning the mega millions. that could mean an even bigger thing. because of the warriors game, jeopardy and wheel of fortune won't air at the usual ti
4:24 pm
4:25 pm
around oracle. so far, a bit early. no problems getting to and from the arena at this point. >> it was much more jam packed for the last game. mexico has pledged to send troops to the southern border with guatemala following president trump's terror threat. the president is trying to show the flow of migrants traveling north to the u.s. the trump administration says it's not enough.
4:26 pm
it wants a sweeping overhaul of rules across the region requiring asylum seekers to take refuge in the first country they enter. president trump says he will continue to raise tariffs until. another lottery jackpot is heading toward huge numbers. the mega millions prize has soared to $530 million. that's the seventh largest in the history of the game. the amount marks the first time cynic october the jackpot for this multistate game has gone this high. tickets are sold in 44 states, plus the district of columbia and the u.s. virgin islands. your odds of winning are one in 300 t you day job just yet. but we can dream. coming up, detours and delays. delays that could affect traffic this weekend. larry biel.
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over my shoulder is kawhi leonard, the star for the spurs over spurs! the raptors. we know he's playing. what about kevin durant's status?
4:28 pm
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w wh aut we just got this video what we believe to be the chp blocking t oracle. ago. we don't know if they see them yet. did they make them there? >> a good question. >> they're all here. that was the second bus. probably a bunch of team officials there. but a lot of mystery and intrigue here at oracle. because from 3:30 to 4:00, all the media was removed from the court. cameras were turned off or turned on their sides. microphones were turned off. why would the warriors do that? >> everyone thinks they've had a
4:31 pm
walk-through. they've done it before. it seems suspiciouswoerg, this? >> there was some dribbling. that was her. that's the suspicious. so steve kerr was asked about the continuing status of the injured kevin durant. here's what he said. >> they were hoping he could play game five or six. and anything in between. i've decided, i'm not sharing. it's gone haywire. it doesn't make sense to talk about it. he will either play or he's not. t he's not playing. >> so so many conflicting reports about whether he's coming back or not going to be able to come back. >> we'll wait and see. the warriors are hopeful. except they're running out of time. it is only a seven-game series.
4:32 pm
we'll see whether durant is available. we know he won't play tonight. maybe game five. maybe game six. we'll see about game seven. we do know about two other people for the warriors who will be playing in this game. game four. >> so we knew that klay thompson was coming back for game four. we knew that yesterday but surprising, kevon looney will play tonight. he was listed as questionable. after the injury, he pulled some cartilage under his clavicle. it can be very painful. they thought he was out for the rest of the series. he's not. he will play tonight. he can't do any further damage.. and klay thompson. the warriors need his scoring as well as his defense. i don't know if you want to get the bugle out. the cavalry is coming. the cavalry is coming. that's where we stand right now.
4:33 pm
>> okay. excellent. here's the question. we don't want this to be the last game. it could be. it is certainly the last couple games. what is the thinking and feeling? >> i think everybody understands the scenario. there's only two games left maximum in this building. and the 19,000 or 20,000 that will be here tonight, hope to will the warriors to victory. so they can go with the dream scenario. you win tonight. then game six, as draymond said. well, we win. the confetti comes down. and close it down in style. >> yeah. to your point, after game three, they picked up the floor and changed it, the ey logo to really show this is oakland's home court. and i have a feeling it will be pretty electric tonight.
4:34 pm
some special pfoce with tha l citent andeoe to me that is not the final warriors game in oakland at oracle arena. we've got a whole pregame show for you. we've got who is healthy, who is not healthy, xs and omps at the top of the hour on abc7. >> abc7 news team is all healthy. we're glad you're out there. all the money going to oakland promise which helps send kids to college. the winner gets courtside access during warm-mar. >> i will bring even my rings. you can try them on tonight. it will be a fun, fabulous
4:35 pm
night. and most importantly, we're going to win. >> the auction closes at noon today. the winning bid closed at noon today. it was $7600. the owner of po boys in the fruitvale area got the ticket for his daughter for her birthday. what a great birthday present that is. >> one person who won't be at the game is the warriors investor mark stevens. it will be interesting to see if there's any fallout between stevens and kyle lowry. yesterday the nba fined him $500,000 and banned him from attending nba games and team activities for one year. stevens who forbes says is worth $2.3 billion, apologized and vowed to contribute to lowry's foundation which benefits disadvantaged kids. >> mark stevens and everyone else at home can watch
4:36 pm
action. the pregame starts in 25 minutes. tip-off of game four for the nba finals, presented by youtube tv, at 6:00 p.m. then stay with us for jimmy kimmel live game night. at 10:00. then a one-hour edition of abc7 news starts at 10:30. a big night. yep, coming up. a rattle snake warning. >> there is a san jose deputy with a bite wound. take advantage of the mild weather today. because it is going to be sising this weekend. i'll show you the warm to hot
4:37 pm
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if the raptors win tonight, this could be the final warriors game at oracle enth happ >> it's not going to happen. you heard it here. it will be hot and windy. there is a red flag warning. >> a reminder of our top story, people could lose their power in yolo and soleano and napa counties. pg&e has not made any decisions yet but they are watching the conditions very, very closely.
4:40 pm
>> the winds will ramp up beginning at 11:00 p.m. in the north bay hills. above 1,000 feet. we are looking at gusts. the warning is in effect until sunday night. so your power could be shut off tomorrow. that may continue into sunday. live doppler 7 is clear out there. no fog. tomorrow afternoon, it will be warmer to hotter depending on where you are. 70s at our beaches. 90s inland. it only gets hotter for sunday. the accuweather forecast. get ready for a scorcher. low 70s to mid 90s. triple digits inland. heading to the coast. it will be in the mid 70s to 80s. places like san francisco may get up into the 90s. monday is your hottest day and then we'll go cooler heading into the middle of next week.
4:41 pm
>> 104! >> hot! more news for you. a south bay deputy is recovering from a rattle snake bite. it serves as a warning for all of us. >> reporter: in santa clara county, a sheriff's deputy is recovering after being bitten by a rattle snake. as a marijuana eradication team was scanning for activity. >> they can be found in a wide variety of habitats. it is a goodreminder. >> these reptilestust confined to rural areas. >> don't startle them. give they will every opportunity on leave, they will. >> pam says to avoid tall grass, weeds, and heavy underbrush where snakes may hide during the day. >> rattle snakes are more afraid
4:42 pm
of you than you are of them. >> they try to raise their body temps by basking in the sun. some residents enjoy the sightings. >> somebody behind me on a bike point it out. we went back and took pictures of it. it was exciting. >> chad has responded to dozens of calls. >> if you're not equipped. if you don't have snake boots and gloves that are kevlar. i would stay as far away as possible. >> this trapper from rattle snake removal usa caught this one at a home yesterday in the north bay. >> as long as you respect your territory, they're not an aggressive snake. they don't go out of their way to bite people. >> the potential for rattle snakes. just ahead, a sneak peek at the new murl honoring the life of the east bay man whose death spiked outrage. today's finney friday free
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stuff comes
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ac> let's take l
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we are couing down tthe an the ne en w p in san frci now we've spedripy. th new $1.4 billion arena is coming together. look at that. it opens to the public in september. >> from basketball to football, athletes with down syndrome are showing their stuff in the san francisco 49ers annual football camp for the stars. >> the south bay community has the story. ♪ >> football camp. genuine football camp. >> they love the opportunity to
4:47 pm
show their stuff. to be able to be then teadthe g side line. the one being cheered for instead of the one cheering. >> just k everyone here. and learning how to play some of thave goasle they love football. >> we have some niners here. they don't realize they're competing. >> it's important for kids to have something. everyone here loves the game and really enjoys it. everyone is running around. me and the players, coaches. it is an asset to get to know something like that. it is not something to be afraid of. you'll find it is far more a
4:48 pm
blessing. >> on three. one, two, three! >> if that doesn't put a smile on you face, good stuff. >> as you know, the dubs on 7 pregame show begins at 5:00. that means we don't want to wait for the finney's friday free stuff. >> what's on tap today? >> let's start with the seasoned rice vinegar. we've done this before. it is very, very popular. they have a lot of flavors. that's the original one he's holding right there. they've been making this for eight generations, since 1804. it's stunning. a clean taste, very flavorful. they've been crafting it with authentic flavors. >> i used the last one you gave me. it's great for sushi. >> perfect! there you go. >> now that we fed you, we're going to send you to the san
4:49 pm
mateo county fair and some vip tickets to the concert. let me show you. the concert is for petty and the heart shakers. >> oh, cute! >> isn't that a great name? and you'll get vip tickets for. this is all for tuesday. you'll get a ticket into the county fair itself. then you'll get tickets. so the fair itself is from noon to 8:00. i believe the contract, we've got it online. it is obviously a tom petty tribute band. a $45 value. >> i've been and i tell you, they put you right in the front with a table and everything so you can eat while you're watching the concert. >> what do we do? >> wait in line. no, no! we'll give it to you for free. go to our website. >> fun stuff. well, a setback for retail giant amazon. a board of supervisors committee
4:50 pm
in san francisco has recommended against its application to sell alcohol from its warehouse facility near potrero hill. it is a hub. the application for an alcohol permit will go to the full board of supervisors for a final vote later this month. happening tonight, there will be some major details. construction on the smart train extension to the lark spur ferry terminal. third state will be closed. from eight clog tonight until 4:00 on monday. through the weekend. the san rafael station will be closed and they will take smart riders between marivic center and san rafael over the weekend. it is usually bad in that area to be even worse all weekend. so heads up. it's been more than ten years cynic oscar graveil b.a.r.t. st.
4:51 pm
tomorrow a huge mural honoring his life and legacy will be officially unveiled. we get a look at the eye catching mural and an introduction to the artist. >> a blaze of blue. it's oscar gran's favorite color. framed in gold and west african emblems set genlt the skyline. oscar gran died here at the hands of a b.a.r.t. police officer ten years ago of now a dove ascends to the platform and the cosmos. people are already pausing to take pictures and find inspiration. the official unveiling is saturday at noon. the street in front of the station will be named oscar grand way. >> the iconography of this agency coming to terms with the brutal murder of oscar grant and its collaboration with this
4:52 pm
family. and this community. >> this mural is the first long term project under b.a.r.t.'s art and transit program. it is 38,000 to pain on this highly uneven exterior concrete wall. it was a really tough job. >> not as tough as it is facing police terrorism. >> this well known artist put his heart and soul into the project. >> i hope the mural opens up more dialogue and action to end the challenges we face as the black community. >> i hope that it brings a sense of peace and joy to the family. and i hope it hopes the transform the visual landscape into something conducive to the growth and our self-determination and liberation. abc7 news. it's game four of the warriors and the raptors on abc7.
4:53 pm
have you heard about stephen curry's love of popcorn? >> next find out the four
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
there's a lot of anticipation for a game like that when the raptors take on the golden state warriors, led by of course, superstar steph h basketball, you may find him with a handful of popcorn.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: steph curry. basketball star, stadium popcorn, critic. curry talks here in his youtube series, five minutes from home, about his popcorn obsession and where to find the best in the country. >> i have a huge popcorn addiction. >> reporter: the point guard spotted snacking even on the bench. the popcorn loving gene possibly passed down from his dad. del curry, who says it is still his snack of choice in his son's games. but steph is h decided to rank popcorn from stadiums across the country as he travels with the nba. >> i have my own popcorn ranking. >> reporter: he's got a system. rating each stadium on these fctors. >> the saltiness, the freshness, the buer the crunch. >> he probably won't have much time to eat popcorn. >> maybe a
4:57 pm
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>> i was >> mike: who's clearing the way >> on jeels like business as usual. honestly. >> why is steve kerr so calm? help is on the way. with the splash brothers reunited. >> being down 2-1. it gives us motivation. >> have no fear, the warriors are here. >> go back to toronto, win game five, back to oracle, win game six and celebrate. >> time to get this party started. game four only on 7.
5:00 pm
>> sky 7, high above oracle arena. we get set for game four of the nba finals between warriors and the raptors. here we go again. this could be the final warriors game ever in this building. a win tonight would guarantee a game six here next thursday. and that would be the finale after 47 years. walk on in and get your seat at oracle arena. we're down on the baseline. the dubs on 7. a lot of excitement here. we've got a bunch of kevin durant news to get to. we'll get to that in a moment. not a must-win situation for the warriors. they're down two games to one. i would describe it as a highly advisable ga


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