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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the beachers. weaver joined live from the beach where the swimmer has pulled from the bay, we understand. liz? >>. >> and distressing scene. we saw the divers. they were able to find the 14-year-old boy. they pulled him from the water, immediately began performing cpr for about 20 minutes on the beach. they then put hem in an ambulance and brought him to the california pacific medical center. he's on his way there now. he mother was brought to the scene, very distressed. she is following her son there. you can see in the video we're going to show you from the scene, there were multiple first responders here, sf fire department, police, coast guard, and, you know, the san francisco fire department tells us at this time that young man is not showing signs of life.
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no cardiac breathing, but they do remain hopeful, paramedics are trying to bring him back to life right now what we know about what happened is around 2:00 p.m., first responders first got the call about this young man. he was struggling in the water with his friends. he was there with about six friends, all hanging out on this beautiful day at chrissy field beach. his friends noticed he went under. they had no luck rescuing him. they did call 911, paramedics began had is search. he just turned 14 years old a few weeks ago, he was of somalian descent, but did not know how to swim. that's a warning to be careful. it's a packed beach. in fact they just reopened chrissy field. it's been closed the past few hours, but whether we arrived, it was packed with people. you know, someone came by and
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said it's a reminder there are no lifeguards here at the beach. that is something to also keep in mind. it's just a very sat situation on a beautiful, warm day here at chrissy field. we of course are hoping for a miracle for this young boy. back to you. >> please do, liz. thank you very much. democrats set high levels, setting records. >> so hot. we're hearing about power outages in lafayette and palo alto. drew tuma is here with more. >> the temperatures out there are incredibly hot, some the hottest air that we have not seen since 2017. no matter where you live, it is hot. 102 in fremont, a sizzling 95, 102? san ramon, both coming in with a temperature hitting the century
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mark. it's for that fact we have an excessive heat warning, the highest heat warning you can get with hot temperatures around the bay shoreline. a heat advisory everywhere else. essential this heat can take a toll on your body. it's also taking a toll on the air quality. moderate air quality a spare the air day is in effect. fewer temperatures showing you later on tonight, by 9:00 it is still warm in the 70s and 80s. watch what's creeping up our coastline. early tomorrow morning we'll see the fog return, and it will bring some cooling relief but not for everybody. we'll show you when widespread relief hits us in a few weeks. ama? >> it's hot all over. the east bay maybe the most hard-hit. there was a brush fire that could have been worse. he's along quillo pass road. wayne?
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>> reporter: we're not just talking about degrees in terms of temperature, but with this heat we're talking about degrees of difficulty. this is what remains of thoughs 15 acres that burned today. it could have been a lot worse. by the time we arrived at willow pass road this morning, 15 acres of grass in the former concord naval weapons station had burned. that blaze came within 100 yards of homes. thanks to fast response by firefighters and good fortune on a day when high heat, low humidity and dry grass could have conspired for much worse. >> it's so dry. it's not a shock, but it's just so close to your home that you feel, you know, a little unnerved. >> reporter: eyen more so, considering this was the second fire along this road in four days. are they connected? >> it's likely it started as a result of something that came out of a vehicle like a cigarette butt. >> reporter: for the rest of us the heat just took over. imagine having to work in it?
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>> well, sometimes you don't even think. you're just out there. your body gets numb. >> reporter: eric bart lo drinks a dozen bottles of wear per shift. do this long enough, a person does get used to it. >> if you're in it in the morning and all day. >> reporter: you're like a frog in a frying pan? >> sort of like it. >> reporter: but for is let's visit the antioch marina. how hot is it? >> what's it feel like? >> like in my country. >> which is? >> vietnam. >> so jimmy brought his family, packed up the jet can is and headed owl to cooler parts. >> he's a wild man. >> i am, too. >> reporter: so now you know a cool time was had by at least some of us, but not all of us. our live truck over here, we have two air conditions, a roof
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unit and unit off the engine, neither one of those could keep up with the heat today. that's hot. technically, yes, this is still springtime. in contrast kosta councos county, wayne freedman. so let's hope the warrios can heat up tonight against the raptors. >> they need to get red-hot fast. larry beil has more on tonight's game. >> a certainly number, 35, if he heats up, things will go well, the warriors down 3-1, they're about to be their nuclear weapon back. kevin durant hasn't played in more than a month with an injury that's taken on long time to heal. k.d. is expected to play tonight. we haven't seen him practice. everything's been a secret.
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we have video of him walking to and from the court in toronto. everybody is examination his gait. is he limping? what is the expression? so many questions. let's look at it? slow mo? we have team coverage in toronto tonight. we start with mindy bach. i not the atmosphere is nuts. we'll see if he can quiet the crowd a bit. >> reporter: there have been people lined up since game 4 in oakland for the opportunity to get into injure rassic park outside. now kevin durant expect to do play tonight, that's a game changer for the warriors. as you mentioned we don't know how he feels since he's been out since may 8th. he 'missed the last nine games, but steve kerr this morning didn't show very many worries about having the mvp back with a title on the line. >> you worry about the
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conditioning. you know, the skill obviously is undeniable and, you know, he's a guy who can get a slot off anytime he wants. he's been in similar situation with long layoffs, and on he's kevin durant, so, you know, if we have him out there, he'll be a threat. we know that. >> reporter: it's a very big threat. in 11 postseason games this year, he covert 20 points in all 11. he scored 30 in 7, 40 in three of those games, and he had a 50-point game against the clippers at well. even at 80%, kevin durant could be the difference maker. steve kerr says the title once again on the line. it's no holds barred.
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they'll do whatever they need to do to win tonight. >> kevin durant had 51 in a game against toronto earlier in the year. i'm not predicting 51. you'll find a lot of raptors fans in toronto, but not everybody is wearing their raptor red. dion lim has found in warrior fans. >> reporter: larry, this is nuts. it is gray, dark, raining, but that doesn't matter. check it out. some of these fans have been waiting in line to secure a spot here at jurassic park outside the arena. their moods of course are bright and cheery ahead of game 5. a decidedly different mood in toronto. the fever pitch of confident excitement from fans permeating the gray, damp skies, so close to their first nba finals
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championship. >> tonight the warriors will make history. >> reporter: among the crowd, a small dedicated group of w fans. from 1200 miles away. >> straight driving 24, 26 hours. >> reporter: she holds out hope for a game 7. >> if there's a team that can succeed, this is the team. >> that canadian bleeding over team lines. >> we're warriors all the way. >> reporter: they admitted some doubt. we have our doubts as well, but hey. >> reporter: all changed with this news. i have breaking news -- k.d. is in. >> yes! >> are you serious? >> reporter: again that didn't seem to matter. >> do mant plans for next sunday. >> come on, man, i'm making plans for right now. don't get it twisted. i have it here, man.
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>> reporter: perhaps this guy sums it up best. >> always have hope. so go for it. >> reporter: let's hope he gets to keep all his body parts. >> thank you, canada. not even toronto. thank you, canada. represent what we are -- we are the what? the north! >> reporter: not even the rain can stop these raptors fans as we take a live look once again at jurassic park. the average price is about $6,000 per seat, making it if not the most expensive in the nba league. the price of a ticket here, just a bit of rain. back to you. >> all right. dion, stay drew out there. we'll be fobbed at 5:00, nba countdown at 5:30, then game 5 of the nba finals at 6:00 p.m.
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followed by toyota after the game. so how important is k.d.'s presence? third favored by 3 1/2 points to win game 5. following the k.d. news, the expectation he's going to play, the warriors are not favored by a point tonight, and i just saw some video of k.d. walking into the arena. he's dressed in an all-black warm-up a suit. he looks like the largest ninja in the planet. we'll see if he plays like that. thanks, lars are. a big scare in new york today, a helicopter crash lands on top on a high-rise, what we know about the circumstances. let's leave you with a live look at oracle arena for the game 5 watch market. the clock is counting down to abc network coverage
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit gunfire on a san francisco freeway injured two people. sky 7 shows us the scene on northbound 280 at san jose avenue. the chp says the shooting is linked to two cars involved in a crash. now, one left the scene. both victims are expected to recover. lanes of the freeway were closed for about an hour. the san jose avenue off-ramp was also shut down as you see the officers investigating. in the east bay, the defense opened its case in the ghost ship trial today. the first witness said he testified about the bragging of the fire in moments after it
4:16 pm
started. >> it doesn't matter how the fire started. >> colleen doesn't buy the defense argument in the ghost ship case if the fire was argen, then the defendants must innocent. >> it doesn't matter if it was beautiful or awesome or anything else. it doesn't matter how the fire started. the fact is it he went up like a torch. it went up like a burning man structure, which is what they excelled in building. >> well, you know, it's very important how it started. >> reporter: defense attorneys called sharon evans to the stand. she testified she was a a taco truck where she heard a group of men laughing and celebrating as the warehouse erupted in flames. quote -- they were saying no one is going to make it out of the building alive. no one is going to survive. >> these men were all dressed in black wearing black hoodies. this is what the witness says,
4:17 pm
not something that the defense is making up. >> reporter: the survivor said he saw a commotion and saw two to three people running from the warehouse. he also saw a young woman who was screaming for people to stay upstairs, away from the smoke and fire. a former art schools and instructor of max harris said she described harris as extremely honest. at some point both he and derek amena are expected to testify in their own defense. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. in the south bay, a man is dead, another in critical condition after a police car chase and crash. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes has details on the suspect and his long police report. >> other suspect is alexander zumini. he's on parole for access torrie to commit a felony with gang enhancements and sales of narcotics. he's also involved in a
4:18 pm
felony-einvestigating case, involving a hit-and-run. >> reporter: he haus chased down just asp 3 a.m. whether officers saw his speeding erratically. chp kept their distance as the car approached the offense toier boo buena road. thats when he allegedly ran a red light and hit the minivan. >> that minivan was occupied by two occupants, a male drive and male passengers. the male driver suffered fat at injuries, and the passenger suffered significant injuries as well. >> reporter: zumini it a passenger. she is facing charges related to stolen property and i.d. theft. chp believes drugs were involved in this crash. >> officers objected objective symptoms of drug use. a blood sample was taken at the hospital where pending results of that blood sample, but we
4:19 pm
suspect them to be under the influence. >> reporter: there was also a foot chase. zumini tried to run off. he faces several charges including possession for sale of meth and parole violation. in san hoe say, chrkr chrikr ckc abc 7 news. s. >> i just texted my mom, are you okay in san jose? a lot of people don't have air conditioning. we haven't seen heat like this since 2017. labor day of 2017. >> we're not ready. >> no one's ready. no one wants this? no one wants to be baking without ac. we have clear skies, unfortunately plenty of sunshine to bring us that heat. even the coast right now, yeah, you are cooler, but you're still in the 80s in santa cruz, well above where you should be. so folks trying to beat some of that heat by cool off near the ocean water. let's look at our hottest spots.
4:20 pm
wow, walnut creek, you have jumped to 104. >> 105 in pleasanton. that is why we have the excessive heat warning in effect for much of the inland east bay. you're not get any cooler, 95 in francis, 95 in oakland. san jose last hour, you were at 100. you have drop one degree. half moon bay, you're feeling the heat, too. as we're under this excessive heat e. remember the signs between heat exhaustion and heatstroke as you're out and about. pale skin, sweaty, nausea dizziness, that's a sign. you want to move into a cooler aero area, find ac, and the difference between heat exhaustion and heatstroke is that your body actually stops sweating. as your body is shutting down, that's when you want to call 911. that is an emergency situation. overnight tonight, it would be
4:21 pm
another warm night, but the coast, what you will find, a thin layer of fog will make its presence known. that will help us out tomorrow afternoon along the coast. it will still by warm away from the coast on tuesday. there's that fog first thing in the morning. again it's a warm start to the day. as you noticed the coast, you're stuck in the 60s thanks to the cooler fog, but away from the coast you're in the 80s and 90s once again. widespread relief is not coming tomorrow. let's look at the afternoon highs tomorrow. maybe technically not as hot as today, but still in the 90s. that's warp today. 95 in santa clara, 96 in morgan hill. along the peninsula, cooler along the coast, out of the back to the 70s. downtown san francisco, upper 70s, 80 for dealty city. 90 in vallejo, 93 in novato. tomorrow in the east bay, 80s
4:22 pm
and 90s. and if there's any silver lining to this heat inland, most spots are not in triple digits, but still hot. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow first it's along the coast does that line, then wednesy there's that widespread cooldown as the marine layer strengthens. by thursday this will feel refreshing, closer to average on friday. for the weekend for dad on sunday, looking nice, but nonetheless tomorrow away from the coast it will feel hot. >> mom just got a pedicure, and she's relaxes on spot coach, and says thanks for checking on me. james beard and you know the big names in food, but dine the world food prize. we have this year's winner. that's next. another look over oracle
4:23 pm
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. we live in toronto with the warriors will either end their season or return a chance to return to oracle for one last game there. see what happens only on abc 7 tonight. you're watching us at 4:00. next is the ws on the pregame show at 5:00. nba countdown at 5:30, and the game 5 is at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game. hope you can join us all evening for a -- >> the founder is the winner of the 2019 world food prize.
4:26 pm
syming greet won the award's 20sh for his price helping escape poverty think improved vegetable production. his company's -- led to a fast-growing to resistant to local san diegos. burger king's meatless burger is now on sale in the bay ar area. the fast-food giant put -- in more than 100 of the local restaurants, and quickly added three other markets. impossible meats produces more than -- every month at its plant in oakland. well, on the right side of the screen, you can see a clock counting down to abe's coverage of tonight's game. >> it's happening in toronto. next season it will be the warriors ease first one at the chase center? san francisco. we are live with today's
4:27 pm
milestone moment next. a look back at 47 years at oracle arena. it's been more than a building. leaving with you a live look at sky 7. i think we're feeling cautiously optimistic. >> a
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and here are the stories masse headlines. abc 7 news has learned the 14-year-old boy who was pulled from san francisco bay this afternoon has died. the boy had been swimming with friends. he was struggling to swim, and he was under water for an hour and a half. they did cpr and rushed him to the medical center where he was pronounced dead. laura anthony hag fire the ghost ship fire trial. another defense has -- fire danger remains a real concern with they heat wave. wayne freedman was at the scene in concord. he is back. kevin durant is expected to play tonight given the warriors a much needed boost. larry beil has the preview.
4:31 pm
>> he's walking in trying to be the savior. can he get it done tonight for golden state? warriors are hosting a watch party at oracle arena. that's where cornell bernard is live. >> reporter: hey, larry, ws fans say they they said the warriors are as hot tonight as it is here. fans are happy to hear news that k.d. will be back tonight. doors to the watch party open here in about 30 minutes. more than 12,000 tickets have been sold for tonight's game. this is video of the last watch party which brought dub nation o out in force. the first fans who showed up today put it this way. >> excited and scary a little bit, but i'm confident they will
4:32 pm
win tonight. k.d. is back. >> it's teamwork that's why i have the account they'll win. whatever has happened, they are a winner to us. >> go warriors! >> yeah, go warriors. warriors staff say tickets are still available for tonight's watch party. they start about $30. there's still time to get down here, but you may want to bring your sunskroo enfor your walk from the parking lot into the arena. it is hot out here. >> cornell, thank you. it will be toasty out here. francis has been getting ready for next years's season at the chase center. kate larsen joins us with a look at the progress there, including newly installed seats. you can't go on the side without the hardhat. >> i've been the hard hat, the vest, my glasses are on.
4:33 pm
we are prepared here. the last seats were installed, but is it ila ton of work being down. i want to show you the gatehouse, sort of a spiral staircase to nowhere, where come basketball season, this would be the center of activity, where you can shop, dine and just hang outs. the final boats at the final seats, seats 1 and 2 at the chase center. >> my seats are awesome. >> 30-year season ticket holder got to install the new seats which will be his next season. >> i want to keep the same type of crowd we had in oakland, and i'm already hungry thinking about all the food. >> when it comes to concessions, they are keep it local. oand if you're craving warm-up her famous fried chicken
4:34 pm
sandwiching, bake sale betty will be serving them up hot starting seven 6th. 1400 workers are at the chase center every day getting ready for fall concerts and the 2019-"20/20" nba season. three months ago abc 7 brought you the first-ever live broadcast where there were no seats. now there's more than 18,000 as well as the framework for the largest scoreboard. >> they're not moving away from the bay area. we're in a nice responsible. >> he played to golden state and, like so many, will miss the team being rooted in the east bay. >> it's tough to let that go, especially in oakland. on. >> reporter: another concern about leaving oakland is the transportation.
4:35 pm
i'm told there's almost 1,000 parking spots under chase center, 300 bike valet stations, and then there's a metro muni stop. i'm indicate larsen, abc 7 news. they're going to have a jumbotron out there and people can be outside the arena enjoying all the activities inside. warriors fans, want to share your dubs pride? fan photos on the newscast and at that will do it. a lot of buildup, kevin durant -- think about the pressure, dan and ama. he's got the whole world watching him. all he has to do is walk in away a month off and just be the savior. that's all.
4:36 pm
>> just a small ask. >> yeah, 35, 40 would be nice, but you know, he is probably even wondering with that calf hold up? >> we look forward to it. thank you, larry. magnitude 4.0 earthquake. >> thousands of miles in the midwest. it was picked on camera. >> umenyiora drew tuma, with sky 7 lives over the east bay. it's a hot one across the region. region. th you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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welcome back. a live look in toronto, where the warriors hope to keep their championship hopes alive. kevin durant is playing tonight. if they win tonight, the series come back to oracle arena on thursday for game 6. we have breaking news on the peninsula, an 88-year-old woman suffered minor injuries after crashing into a home in pacifica. no one was inside. a witness says the driver was going pretty fast when she crashed. she also says the family that owns the home re his finished remodeling it. former baseball star david ortiz is on a plane being flown to boston for treatment for a seguinshot wound he suffered last night at a club in his
4:40 pm
native dominican republic. this video shows him collapsing ater being shot in the back. ortiz is being treated for bleeding in his liver and had portions of his intestine and gallbladder removed. reports say the 43-year-old known as big papi, did not know the shooter, who was tackled and roughed up by onlookers. authorities are trying to determine why a helicopter that flies executives crashed on a man happy skyscraper in bad weather today. this show also the damage done to the roof, by the billing. no one in the building was hurt, but the crash caused a small fire, which was quickly extinguished. the building does not have a landing pad. in fact helicopters are notice allowed to fly in this area. the area is near rockefeller center and times square. a surfer off the north
4:41 pm
carolina coast is expected to be okay after being bitten by a shark. the 19-year-old has a book on his foot. his mother was at the beach with him and help to stop the bleeding. if confirmed this will be the second shark attack in north carolina this season. the state averages two to three shark attacks per year. magnitude 4.0 earthquakes aren't nomaral big news here in the bay area, but they are when they happen in ohio. department of transportation cameras captured the shaking just before 11:00 local. it was centered 18 miles northeast of cleveland followed by three small aftershocks. two minor injuries were reported. this is the largest quake to hit the region since a 5.0 back in 1986. they're just not used to seeing that kind of activity. let's talk about extreme heat around the bay area. >> drew has the latest.
4:42 pm
>> you can see why clearly we're in the 90s, if not hitting that 100 degree mark or exceeding that in our inland east bay cities. it's hot owl there. you want to remember your pets a well. this heat, the air temperature can quickly heat up the conkreest and as fall with an air temperature of 95, it would be even higher than that. you don't want to burn your dog's paws. they're just as sensitive as our skin is on our feet. temperatures in the 50s and 60s so it's a warm night, but the change we're noticing is a bit of fog will make independents presence know. that will bring a cooler coast tomorrow. but not enough of a cooling effect to reach or inland communities. 80s and 90s still in the hottest spots. accuweather forecast shows coastal cooling tomorrow, and then widespread cooling into wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week closer to
4:43 pm
where on we should by. on. thank you, drew. the new each teachers strike is over, but not everyone is happy. >> we are still following up. coming up a closer look at coming up a closer look at are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people
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always bottled at the mountain source. qwest a live look from live 7 the warriors will not come back unless they can bin at game 5 in toronto tonight. teachers in the new haven unified school district returned to their classroom today following the end of a 134-day strike. there are some seniors who won't be graduating because they needed a strong score on a final exam to boost their failing grade. here's the story. >> reporter: school is out, but only for seniors. every other student in the new afternoon unified school district is back in class. >> we're thrilled that the strike is over, and especially this close to the end of the year. >> 860 seniors attend logan high school. one of them is colleen weaver's
4:47 pm
daughters who noticed the grades dropped during the strike. >> why the grate dropped to an "f" during the trike? i don't know. they said it was some sort of situation with the online grading system. >> reporter: seniorses' last day of school was friday, the new haven unified school district said they couldn't wait. >> we looked at the most current grade, we looked at the fourth quarter distinguishes grate halfway through, and then the third quarter grate. >> reporter: during the strike, the school district said they contacted several seniors to let them know they were not going to be able to graduate on saturday. they say that at least six of those seniors were able to bring up their grades and will be walking this weekend. those students met with administrators with plans to make up work or attend summer classes. now the strike is over, so teachers can work directly with seniors. you agree that three weeks can make a difference?
4:48 pm
>> i think it absolutely could. i absolutely agree. that's why we were mindful about how to do their grades. >> reporter: the new school district has not disclosed the number of seniors who will not be graduating this saturday. in union city, abc 7 news. in oakland they are literally building a better bay area. today was a celebration of work that's taken years to complete. he they cut the ribbon for a newly completed park. improvements included dedicated bike lanes protected from traffic and pedestrians by plaster box-style barriers. the mayor says it would make riding around the lake much more enjoyable. >> so the bike others and skewed irriders can ride safely and apart from pedestrians, so we don't have collisions. these are all features that are exciting. >> the mayor also checked out
4:49 pm
some of the new playground equipment. hey, how about the balance there? nice job, mayor. it also includes a new sculpture and water filters system. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our facebook group. we would love to hear from you. the unofficial start to summer is here. chances are you're already planning your sunny getaways. >> we have some good tips for you. >> i wouldn't say i live for credit card points. >> seo. but i do focus on them. a in the record finds that most of us are missing out on profitable rewards. here's a look at the do's and don't. vacation mode on. if you weren't planning to use plastic to pay for summer travel, think again, according to a new survey, 61% of surveyed americans don't have a travel rewards card and may be missing out on big rewards.
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those who had rewards travel credit cards, about 49% earned $1,051 or more in the past year. >> reporter: experts say follow these reward card do's and don't's. first find a reward card that fits your lifestyle. if you drive a lot, get a card that gives you cash back whether you gas up. if you like to entertain, a card that gives you back for dining, may suit you. >> what are your spending patterns? do you spend a lot of groceries? maybe you need a credit card that offers grocery rewards. >> research which card gives you the biggest sign upbonus. here is what to avoid. don't leave money on the table. keep track of all your reward programs to make sure you redeem points before they expire. beverly also says you want to avoid putting your vie indication expenses on credit cards if you don't think you see can actually afford a vacation. i have friends who love points
4:51 pm
too much. they think they're making money whether they're using their credit card. not really. thank you, michael, very much. this is the warriors final season of playing at oracle. >> the people who have been part of that experience for almost the entire time. stay with us.
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
. all right. it is do or die time for the warriors. game 5 is tonight in toronto. sky 7 is live, where fans will gather for a watch party. you can watch the game only on abc 7. after 47 seasons, the golden state warriors will leave the oakland al media 'ryania with a golden good-bye. >> the building will be remembered to building the warriors into the team they are today. >> we are hosting a special about the fans and workers who made the arena the home of the golden state warriors. s. >> i've been here when they were good and when they weres bad.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: mildred trailer is 84, and a diehard fan. she's been a fixture in the oakland arena for 22 years. mildred says warriors fans hold a special place in her heart. >> the warriors have something you can't copy. it's in here. it's the heart of the team that you can't copy that. >> reporter: she says many people have been coming so long that workers and fans together have grown old together, had children together, and celebrated victories together. >> this place has a history of family, to me, because people have been around each other so long. season ticket holders for years of. we've seen kids grow up. we've seen them bring in their family. the people who work here, we have a lot of people who have been here longer than i have,
4:56 pm
like 35, 40 years. >> reporter: mildred won't be making the move to the new chase center in san francisco. she's retiring. >> i'm going to miss the, you know, coming out here watching the game, although i'm not supposed to watch the game, but being in the environment, that's what i mean. in 9 environment. i watched the game after i get home at night. >> isn't she the best? that was eric thomas reporting watch "47 seasons".se tonight the ws pregame show is next. the countdown is at 5:30, and the -- is at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game. stay with us for jimmy kimmel live, a one-hour edition starts at 10:30. that will do it for us, though. thank you so much for joining us. >> we appreciate your time.
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to stop and he's going to score his i just think when he's scoring i just think when he's scoring the basketball and playing or you, a janitor, and me, a custodian. andre iguodala. they put him in the ball game w.
5:00 pm
look at this str from abc 7 news, this is the dubs on 7:00 pregame show, sponsored by x, despite the wet weather, hoping to witness history in jurassic park. however, that man right there, the slim reaper has other ideas. can the return of kevin durant prevent the raptors from celebrating the first team's championship in their 24-year history. welcome into the ws on 7:00 pregame show. larry beil along


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