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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 11, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. sight for us, because we get a chance to see k.d. versus kawhi on the nba final warriors for the win. there will be a game six in oakland. >> oh, what a relief. now at 5:00, the warriors fight to stay alive in the nba finals pulling out a win by one point in game five. look at that. ite went down with another injury. >> also this morning, it is going to be another scorcher for many of us. a new round of warnings in certain areas, tracking what you need to know as you head out the door this morning. >> good morning on thi >> oh, s. we are still celebrating. of course, you are never more than 7 minutes away from your forecast. mike, you have good news for some of us? >> absolutely. welcome to tuesday.
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along the coast in san francisco. out of the heat advisory, it will still be warm, the 90s to 100s, in fact, it will be hottest in our east bay valleys, solana to lake county 100 to 105. from 10:00 to 9:00 this evening, everywhere in the heat advisory. 70 degrees again this morning. 87 to 95. so real difference at noon. you will notice the difference. it's a minor one. 70s at the coast, 60s at the coast. the rest of us are in the 80s at 7:00. i'll show you when the cooling goo t bay r neighborhoodomg bridge toll plaza. definitely starting to get busy here. no official word on metering lights yet. hopefully we can get that closer to 5:15, 520.
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a lot of folks trying to beat the heat. tra es to dublin, are you slowing down southbound 680 still holding onto the green cupertino looking good. 15 minutes. we'll check on that rollover next. >> they only had to win by one point. that's exactly what they did. the warriors are still in it. at quite a price. >> warriors fans watching from agony as kevin durant fell to the ground. this is a slow m-o replay jobina fordson is tracking what's ahead, it was so emotional. >> it was an incredible game. we stayed up past our bed time. collectively so many people's hearts sank. it actually took a while for sports analyst doris burr to get an update from the locker room. she explained there was so much
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emotion in there. the general manager says the team does not know the extent of the achilles durant is scheduled to have an mri today. durant worked with the warriors medical team for four weeks. they felt good about the process, durant was cleared to play, meyers tearfully explained during last night's press conference the decision to play was a collective effort. no one should be blamed, but if you need to blame someone, blame him. >> kevin durant loves to play basketball. the people that questioned whether he wanted to get back to this team were wrong. >> i am devastated for kevin. so it's a bizarre feeling. >> he gave us what he had. he went out there and sacrificed his body and how it turned out. >> after the game, durant posted open his instagram story. he says that dore six and quote i'm hurting deep in the
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fold right now. seeing my brothers. i want to point out the teammates last night. when kevin durant was escorted, there were raptors fans cheering. the team told them to stop right there on the court. you know that's what this is all about. sportsmanship, sports bring people together. we deal with the negative. >> it didn't feel good when he went down and the way the raptors fans reacted left a bad place in our mouth. >> i was treating about that a raptors fan responded. there are the select few. the kearse were definitely bad enough to leave a taste in the mouth. >> they got the win there they did. >> game five had people on the edge of their that, the solemn faces from the raptors
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fans, draymond green of the warriors blocked the last shot and abc news caught one green's mom after the game. >> had he made that shot, he know i mean, the fact that he blocked that shot, warriors, baby, yeah! >> i'm really impressed by their athleticism and their work to . >> oh, that was nice. it was also very canadian. >> i was impressed by their work ethic. >> they were very good. the it will be a challenging road to clinch the third consecutive championship. you know, that's what people were saying. no way they were going to win. >> he said we should win one game. >> don't give up hope. game six happens thursday in oakland. abc 7 news sports director larry biel will be there with sports
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reporters and our coverage is at 4:00. then game six of the nba finals is at 6:00 followed by after the game live from oracle arena. new this morning, new video of a hit-and-run crash in san jose. one of our news cruise saw the whole thing happen. this is new video from 11:30 last night at the intersection of santa theresa and blossom hill. a dark colored car ran through a red light and hit another vehicle sending it flying across the street. the driver who ran the red light fled the scene. no word on any injuries, as soon as we get details from police, i will let you know. >> thank you. in the south bay, santa clara county is opening cooling centers, they're being held if 40 places like shopping malls,
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libraries, senior centers including san jose, cupertino, campbell, gilroy and sunny veil. most will stay opened until nighttime or the any temperatures drop. we have a list of the locations on our we believe site if you need a lift, vta will be offering free rides to the cooling center along vta routes. all buses and trains have air-conditioning. it runs from 8. a. a to 8:00 p.m. county workers will be offering trips to homeless people who can't escape the heat. a tragic loss for one family is an important reminder for all parents this summer, take extra precautions. keep an eye on your kids at the pool and beach. a 14-year-old boy who didn't know how to swim died at chrissy field beach. they say he was there with a group of friends. they called for help when they noticed him struggling in the water.
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nbc news spoke with the woman who tried to help. >> i was in the water trying to find him five or ten minutes before theantedo help, i wish i would have been able to. >> rescuers spent an hour-and-a-half searching in the ocean. they eventually found the boy, pulled him out of the water and tried cpr, many beaches do not have lifeguards. the fire department says if you decide to go, swim if groups, even if it's hot, stay out of the water. >> yeah, that's sad to see that, especially when people are trying to keep themselves from harm of the heat. all right, 65 to 71. that's our spread along the east bay shore. 65 in castro valley. oakland 70. everybody else in the 60s. let's see across the bay, 72 if san francisco, mountain view 72. same thing in antioch, brentwood at 73. look at that. if are you out and about, still
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it will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler if you are on the water. not as warm as ourbeaches. 70s to near 80s. exercising, don't forget, spare the air today. let's look at the pentz la, we're at 71. then we jump up to 86 at 11:00. we have low-to-mid-90s this afternoon, down to 83 at 7:00. as far as the east bay valleys go, we jump 10 degrees. 72 at 7:00. 82 and them 92 by 11:00. look at those 100s in the afternoon hours. in the south bay, you will be hanging out to the mid- to upper-90s. a head back to the union city fremont line where we got a rollover collision still blocking the right lane, southbound 880. the approach
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taking you to solano county. someone was driving recklessly before going off the roadway. westbound 80 near cherry glen. just the shoulder is there. they are working getting that vehicle off them bankment onto the embankment. coming up next, seven things you need to know when you start your day. >> why stairway to heaven is headed back to court. unify corn raft rescue. we are hearing from the little boy who got
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all right. if you are just joining us, here are seven things to know before you go this morning. number one, dangerous heat. possibly poor air quality. think about this if you are out and about. come inside, get air-conditioning and fresh air. if you stop sweating, it's a dangerous situation. heat stroke is almost eminent. call 911. seek help immediately. number two, bart bracing for more possible delays because of the heat. equipment issues caused system-wide delays during the evening commute yesterday. bart says rail expands in extreme heat. so all transit agency versus to slow down the trains. number three, an emotional fans, the team forced a game
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six. kevin durant is believed to have torn his achilles, game six happens thursday night at oracle. a 14-year-old boy has died in san francisco, friends say he didn't know how to swim when getting into the water yesterday. number five from the live desk, look at this, new video, and right now an investigation under way this morning into this hock crash in new york city. the pilot died when he hit a skyscraper. investigators are looking why the pilot was flying in te tricted airspace the biggest issue on the roads so far is a rollover crash. southbound 880 before alvarado boulevard. still had the right lane blocked. it sounds like a tow truck. you are looking at a 15 minute delay. number seven, a badgeer is back in the wild this morning. yep. going into the right direction there. hotel workers found it stuck between two buildings. >> he's chubby.
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he's so sweet. >> are you fat shaming the badger? they heard hissing. they went to investigate. he is big boned. >> he's a little >> a look at the 2020 presidential campaign trail from our live desk this morning. president trump and former vice president joe biden are both campaigning in iowa today. biden is trying to win the democratic nomination. during his speech in davenport, he is expected to criticize president trump and address the struggles of iowa farmers and manufacture worries have suffered under the president's trade policy and the president will be speaking at an iowa republican party dinner. >> thank you. a panel of judges in san francisco will hear british band led zeppelin's appeal in a copy write lawsuit. this is about the anthem stairway to heaven. they claim the band copied it for a piece written for another
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band called spirit. in a 2016 trial the court ruled in favor of led zeppelin. last year a judge said errors required another travel. they will hear the case in late september. from going out to eat to watching live shows, there is plenty of fun things to do here in california. >> wallet hub rates states on how fun they are. we are number one. california ranked first or tied in these categories. most restaurants per capita, most movie theaters per capita, most performing arts centers and fitness. most fun states to visit, florida ranks second after california. okay. okay. natasha. followed by new york, washington and colorado. >> florida is above new york. would have you expected that? >> yeah, given dis fiworld, it is so far up on people's lists because of it. i think that skews all of that.
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>> i forgot. i forgot. you are never four minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nick ka has a reprieve. for some of us. for others it will be hot. >> a minor reprieve for a few select people. that's mount tamhirng. reoo what's going to be our highlights. another spare the air day is upon us. tonight it's going to be mainly milder. a t littlech cooler than what we have been dealing with. some clouds return to the coast. that's when you know things are definitely different. as you he ed into the weekend, it will be mild and warm all the way through the father's day weekend. now, as far as what we are seeing out there, temperature wise, we'll have 70s at the coast today, to 80s in san francisco and parts of like oakland, possibly berkeley, emeryville could be in the upper 80s while everybody else in the bay will be in the 90s, our best
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shot of 100s will be in our inland east bay neighborhoods. which drop into the 90s tomorrow, into the 80s as we head towards thursday into friday. as far as those beautiful th beze once again. all right. let's go ahead and turn it over on the your morning compute. >> good morning. we've had one main problem. >> that has been this rollover crash. they did improve the lane situation, so southbound 880 before alvarado boulevard. we had two lanes blocked now. but they're still waiting for the tow truck to get there. >> that driver stuck in the backup. as you can see, that continues to grow. we are up about three miles now of heavy traffic. that's causing at least 15 minutes added to your drive time here this morning if you are headed through that area. you can use 238 or surface streets. bay brim toll plaza, as of that
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moment, we did not have official word of the metering lights. they should be on, ouch, westbound 580. tracy into dublin. no delays, though, southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard, highway 101 cuper tino. >> 5:18. do you see this? take a look. >> that is a unicorn raft. it turned into terror after a little boy on that floaty was swept out to sea so fast his dad couldn't keep up. the 8-year-old drifted half a mile. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look a fun day at the beach turned into a moment of terror. >> my son is floating out in the middle of the ocean on a floaty thing. he doesn't have a life jacket on! he doesn't know how to swim. >> reporter: this 8-year-old drifting farther and farther into the distance. every second in the water a risk to his survival. but before officials could even get to the scene, a team of
5:20 am
rescue volunteers setting out to sea to bring the young boy back to the beach and this morning, that family safe and healthy after their harrowing ordeal is speaking out exclusively to gma. >> it was a lot of tears, being grateful and thankful for those rescuers. that was the best feeling and i could have ever imagined. >> it's all coming up at 7:00 a. a.m., with your gma first look, i'm je'ney norman. >> those types of things are supposed to be for a pool or placid body of water fought an ocean. google expansion, where the mountain view company plans to spend $17 million. >> also new benefit for target employees, what they mean for parents to be. > . do you know the latest door-to-door scam? this is a 7 open your side quick tip. this is a pop-up in denver. i think we will see it pretty
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5:24 am
upper 90s around morgan hill, santa rosa 100s in our east bay valleys. the good news tonight things are going to be a little different than they have been the last couple of morning. what we're going to see are temperatures at or back in the 50s and 60s. very few of us in the 70s. all right. let's go ahead and jump right into the 7-day forecast and what you are going to see here is barely some 90s tomorrow, inland barely some 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast. 60s, 70s, 80s, coast, bay inland thursday all the way through father's day. >> mike, thank you. a big tech merger is buying salesforce for more than $15 billion t tabbleaux has a focus on businesses understanding customers. mountain vie bed
5:25 am
expand its two offices in michigan. the company will add new sales and tech support jobs. the detroit expansion is expected to be complete next year. ann arbor is expected in early 2021. google employs about 600 people in michigan right now. target says it's expanding child care and paid family leave for its employees. starting this fall, workers were entitled to 20 days of backup care in which the company subsidizes the cost of home care. they can get up to four weeks of paid parental leave. if you moms can get 8 weeks. earlier target raised its minimum wage to $13 an hour. on the peninsula, the san mateo county fair is under way right now. nbc 7 was there during the pig races yesterday. the event includes pig trivia. the races are held four times a day during the fair and runs through sunday. >> what is a pig cheer leader?
5:26 am
>> i'm not sure. >> is it a pig dressed up as a cheerleader or interested in pigs? >> i would assume it's as a pig that is happy to be there. >> ok e coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including social media stalkers, beware. a new feature on facebook that may catch you by surprise. >> reporter: the sun isn't up yet. it is warm outside, coming up next, we will be talking about the hot weather. coming up on camera, calming this employees actions unacceptable. we will explain what's going on here. >> a live look outside, it's a good look at 5:26 a.m. i will consider more about cheerleaders. we'll be right back.
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yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. now at is relief for some today but certainly not everyone. mike is tracking the hot day ahead. at the live desk, firefighters keeping watch for flare-ups at a building in san leandro. we'll have that for you shortly. the warriors live to see one more game. it is a lot more emotion as the team loses kevin durant to another injury. >> we are one step behind. that's okay. >> it's a tuesday. >> it's a tuesday. all of us are one step behind on
5:30 am
tuesdays. all right. good morning. >> yeah, i think the heat, the late night because of the game, everybody is a little sluggish today, absolutely. we will get our bearings, we will be ready to go him when is the next game, thursday, friday? only where? on abc 7. >> hottest temperatures, east bay valleys, solano, lake county, excessive heat warning. 10:00 to 9:00 this evening we got a heat advisory everywhere else except san francisco and the coast. temperatures will be in the 90s and 100s, 70s and 80s, san francisco and the coast. here's a look at how things break down. it's almost as hot as it was yesterday. be careful. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. >> trying to get to this rollover crash. and the right lane is still blocked. so that backup continu
5:31 am
and that is reaching the 92 split. we got a vehicle fire getting out of tracy. it was in the right lane. it sound like the flames are tapped out, things are looking better there. alexis, thank you, new this morning, a 4.1 magnitude quake rocks sonoma county. the usga reports it hit around 12:45 at cobb mountain. no reports of injuries or any damage. our record breaking heat starting to make a real impact on a lot of us this morning. are you waking up to hotter than usual temperatures. >> right. abc 7 news reporter amy homilyfield is live in walnut creek. the last time we checked in with you. it was 71, 72. how are you doing? >> we are cooling down a little
5:32 am
bit. we are confirm wag we are n't reach for that jacket r tha0 today. you will not need it. there are two ways this can go. right? there is the fun way, you can turn it into a fun way. the jet skiers if anti-organization those that don't have school or work. they're the envy of all of us. then there are those that have to work out in this weather. you really feel for them. one said he drank a dozen bottles of water a shift. >> sometimes you don't even think. you out there. your body gets numb. you just got to keep a lot of fluid in you. >> we did have a grass fire in the east bay yesterday. it also daim came close to home. that was unnerving out there. this was in concord in the former naval weapons station. 15 acres burned. firefighters pounced on it quickly and got it little bit
5:33 am
cooldown expected will make a big difference. we are getting a little light breeze out here this morning, as it is keeping it rather comfortable. i don't know, it's kind of nice. reporting live in walnut creek. >> it's 5:33 in the morning. >> amy homilyfield is obama of sunshine. >> a half glassful all day long. pg & e is warning we could see more power outages because of the heat. >> thousands are out without electricity yesterday. this is video posted to a citizen app, showing a response to an outage in san francisco. 2,300 commerce were without power at the outage. it dependant with an issue in a power vault at broadway and stockton street. pg & e says it was likely heat midnight. equipment issues called system wide delays during the evening commute. stations packed with people trying to get home.
5:34 am
some riders were asked to leave some of the stations ba tis platforms were getting too overcrowded. bart says rail expands in extreme heat. so all transit agency versus to slow down their trains. happening today, fire departments in the south bay will begin several days of training. they want firefighters to be able to handle situations like this one. you are looking at a wildfire that burned last year in san jose. fire departments will gather near the park today for the wildfire drill and the training exercises will end on friday. now an abc 7 news live desk update. right now, alameda county firefighters investigating a homeless encampment. the fire started on marina boulevard in san leandro. cruise arrived to see heavy smoke and flames coming from the 2nd floor of the poultry company. the homeless encampment is on the first floor and outside the building, firefighters knocked
5:35 am
down the fire within an hour. no one was hurt. if you are in the area this morning, you might see some firefighters or law enforcement there. officials tell us right now they are keeping an eye on flare-ups. >> thank you. new details about san francisco sales force transit center, nearly nine months after his closure, the center is reportedly safe to reopen. according to chronicle, an independent panel say the structure is sound fol repairs. it could, though, still take up to four weeks to reopen. the transbay joint powers tort will set the the reopening date. the center was opened for just six weeks before the cracked beams were discovered. well, new this morning, palo alto taking a big step towards reducing waste. the city council banned the use of plastic straus and utensils starting if january. produce and meat bags in grocery stores will be banned start figure julf nextyear. the media partners the mercury news reports this is phase 1 of the city's zero waste plan.
5:36 am
palo alto will charge people for non-reusable containers and provide reusable food ware for takeout. >> what a game. >> at the end of the night, seth curry saying stay alive. yes, we are in it with a one-point victory to keep a three-peat going. >> it came with a price. devon devon durant missed 32 days with what was described as a calf injury. he went down i should say in the second quarter and wasn't able to return to the game. according to our sister network espn, the warriors believe durant's mri will confirm a torn achilles ten done, that means surgery and the likelihood he would miss all of next season. an emotional warriors general manager bob meyers spoke about the injury. >> he was cleared to play tonight. it was a collaborative decision. i don't believe there is anybody to blame.
5:37 am
but i understand it is this world and if you have to, you can blame me. i run our basketball operations department. >> the warriors pulled out a win 106-105. they trail the raptors three games to two and will try to even it up at home. >> yes, abcp is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. game six is thursday in oakland. abc 7 news sports director larry biel will be live with jobina for t fortson. just one game at a time. >> that's right. health alert. do you sleep with the lights on? maybe with a tv on or even a night light? yo weight. it could be go cart upgrade.
5:38 am
the company lined those little yellow cars is rolling out a new version. you will not believe how fast they can go. >> everything is bad. here's a live look outside, 4:37. we get a check on the weather with meteorologist mike nikko. >> it was dark, hope to see that again. friday morning, here's a look at the coast. 57 at half moon bay. 63 at pacifica. look at the low- to mid-70s, san bruno, belmont. menlo park, 61. we got 70 at hayward, oakland, dressed for 72 in san francisco. also towards concord, 67 in san jose. low 60s up in the north bay. here's a look at your commute this morning. a little hazy out there. need the ac? i hope mass transit you take today the air-conditioning is working better than some of the comments i saw on social media yesterday. in your ferry ride, it will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler over the water than over land today. here's the north bay.
5:39 am
66 at 7:00. 77, mostly sunny. we're in the 90s by noon, mid- to upper-90s in the afternoon hours. 7:00, still 88 degrees. east bay, our destination about 90 once again, starting off around 70 at 7:00. 80s already at noon, back down to 79 at 7:00. let's take a look at san francisco. we've taken the 90s out of the forecast. low to mid-80s, east of twin peaks. we will be in the upper 70s to low 80s along the coast today. that's where the cooling begins. i'll show you where it spread, first i want to bring alexis in here. i'm sorry, you lost power yesterday. >> yes. >> it's terrible when you have air-conditioning and you can't use it because the power is on. >> yeah. it didn't work out in our favor yesterday. but i know a lot of folks, i wasn't alone. i wasn't the onlyen comfortable one yesterday. hopefully, everything is off to a good start for you. ac working in the vehicle.
5:40 am
maybe roll those windowsf th aor it gets too bad. car pool options or mass transit are definitely encouraged. we do have the car pool lanes opened here. and meteringig typical time. 5:21 officially this morning. we still have a rollover crash, trying to clear it, southbound 880 before alvarado boulevard. >> that is blocking the right lane. we have an issue in solana county, went off the roadway, took out a light pole or a power pole. we are starting to see a backup through vacaville near cherry
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
a couple things to think about today when are you out and about. it's still going to be very hot in many neighborhoods. so know the difference between heat exhaustion. you are sweating profusely, you can't cool down, find some shade or ac. the most dangerous is heat stroke when you stop sweating. that's when the body temperature goes crazy hot and you have an emergency situation on hand. it will be cooler, warm by standard in monterey 79, eureka 75, 77 in san diego. 88 in la. 100s through the central valley. low- to upper-80s up in the
5:44 am
mountains. if you are headed out to we'll be 1980 with thunderstorms throughout the weekend. >> at the live desk following the investigation into a deadly helicopter crash in new york city. >> that happened yesterday afternoon, i want to show you this new video from overnight. official versus not confirmed whether this was a doomed flight but the accident came minutes later. a helicopter crash landed on top of a skyscraper and burst into flames. the pilot, timmy mccormick died. a senior faa official said there is no indication of terrorism.i 9/11. >> if you are a new yorkeryorker have a level of ptsd from 9/11. as soon as you hear an aircraft hits a building, i think my mind goes where every new yorker's
5:45 am
mind goes. >> the faa is looking at why he was flying in restricted airspace. they say he did not communicate and rain and fog may have contributed to the crash. a burger king employee using a mop to clean a table at a florida restaurant. oh. here's a closer look at a jacksonville burger king. the woman says she was eating with her family and spotted the worker using the mop on the tables. she is saying that mop was used to clean the floors minutes before. burger king is condemning the incident saying the actions depicted in the video are fought acceptable. >> oh, okay. quarter to 6:00. a new version. a facebook portal are coming this fall. the smart device allows people to use messenger and what's app. the first version of portal were released last year. facebook stalker, we see you. some users can double tap to like posts like you can do on
5:46 am
instagram. they are rolling it out for apple users. critics say it could result in unwanted likes. some people are used to zooming in, now it will reveal you were creeping on that photo. >> well, let the truth be set free. you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike anythingco. >> all right. guys, let's talk about what will happen. you can see, we are stuck on lake tahoe. let me pull up the proper forecast. that's the way it looks. you can see it's not quite as breezy as yesterday. this is the way it looks like from our roof cam. it looks hazier here. the trees are fought moving much. so the sea breeze is not quite here yet. so hazy sunshine, almost as hot, afternoon relief, nearing the north bay coast, sliding south and that means we wake up tomorrow morning a little bit more comfortable.
5:47 am
hopefully you sleep better lythursday.rou the you get south of de of e bay. you he it the low- to mid-90s, even upper 90s, morgan hill at 98. notice as you head to the east bay valleys, low 100s, once again. napa 96. 98 in santa rosa to 102 in ukiah. there will be some 70s out there, out highway 4. the usual spots. a lot of 60s around the bay, the south bay, the either bay. notice the more comfortable 50s along the coast. we will try to squeeze them into san francisco and the north bay. here's the way it goes, you wake up, you can definitely see the marine layer back in places like san francisco, pushing across petaluma. this is going to stick here
5:48 am
tomorrow. look at during the evening hours, it makes thattr heat wave after tomorrow. let's take a look at it in my seven-day forecast. no more 90s, no more 100s after today. no more 90s after tomorrow. upper 50s, low 60s at the coast. low- to mid-70s around the bay through father's day. hi, alexis. >> good morning, mike. we really haven't had a lot of issues this morning, the ones we have had a rind i kind of lingering. we have not been able to clear this rollover crash. still have the right lane blocked. they've tried to get several tow trucks out there. it sounds like everyone is stuck in that backup. >> that continues to grow. you are heading out, coming down from state route 238 through that stretch. so you arefinitely plan on extr minutes for your drive. also very heavy here. westbound 205.
5:49 am
we had an earlier vehicle fire near mountain house parkway. look at that, 4 miles an hour. the central valley drive worse tan usual today. southbound 101. santa rosa to petaluma. 14 minutes in the green. castro valley, 14 minutes, starting to see the volumes build. 280 split to highway 85 in the yellow at 15 minutes. >> technology could be hurting your health while you sleep. >> a new study found women who slept with artificial light on have a greater chance of gaining weight. >> that includes tvs and cell phones. researchers say the light may disrupt sleep enough to increase her appetite. they say results are likely similar in men. jennifer ashton is talking about this on gma. >> what they found is any exposure to artificial light while we are asleep, a night light, street lights outside, sleeping with the television on, 17% more likely to gain weight.
5:50 am
we do think there is a cause there that it suppresses mel la toneen, disrupts our rhythm. those people gained five pounds over a ten-year period. >> you can watch the full report at 7:00 right after abc 7 morning. >> we both sleep the same way. i put on a mask. >> we are better ihawa 6:00, yo responding to a backlash over a decision to leave anti-gay hate speech on the platform. but first, something completely different, we're getting a look at "frozen 2." the if you trailer just released this morning. also, a badger rescue, animal control introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
. the boys of summer back in town, at least on the san francisco side. it will feelifies by the end of the game. 66 at the end of the game, as the sea breeze starts to take over, in fact, look at the temperatures, back in the 60, half moon bay tomorrow. a number of 70s, mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay. 90s holding on in our east bay valleys, and santa rosa and cloverdale. thursday 50s along the coast into san francisco. look at these mid-60s to mid-70s around the bay. low 80s inland. you have to go out to antioch for a warm spot, clear lake, cloverdale in the 90s. there is pretty much where we'll
5:54 am
stay, friday, near 60s up around san francisco, low- to mid-70s around the bay. it will feel pretty nice after what we are living through today again. all right. we got a new issue on the peninsula. we will take you toit that flipped over on surround 101. this just happened, getting some initial calls into chp. it sounds like the two left lanes are blocked. that's likely going to be a problem. southbound 880. >> that backup basically up to 238. averaging 35 and 15 miles an hour. >> thank you. while the woarriors are chases their next championship, san francisco is getting for chase
5:55 am
center for the fall concerts and the next nba season. there is a lot of work to be done in september. the framebook is up. six times oracles. they belong to 30 year season ticketholder mark parpen ter. >> my seats are awesome. i think they were closer than in the first game. i'm looking forward to being a part of the new raucous crowd at the chase center. >> it's set to hold the first event when metallica performs. those three electric cars tourists are driving getting a boost they are called the fun utility vehicle or fuv. they can go up to 75 miles per
5:56 am
hour. what? they hope to expand the fleet. the fuv is expected to roll out at a cost of around $20,000 each. >> 75 miles an our? >> i'm sure we won't be doing stories on that. a badger isacn eil is over the week when hole workers heard hissing. animal control checked the badger out. they released it yesterday. >> their the vehicle. for the first time and forever we are getting a look at frozen 2. >> that's what i cass going to say. it puts the queens powers to a test here a sneak peek on gma this morning. >> elsa, the past is not what it seems.
5:57 am
you must find the truth. go north across the enchanted land and into the unknown. >> is that davidattinborough? he sounds great like an episode of planet earth. >> is it? a force fire, the trolls are back. frozen 2 hits 3d and im in november. you can watch the truthful trailer that starts at 7:00 after abc 7 morning. >> i don't know elsa is the queen of winter. i think they go into the fall land and the queen of fall. >> very cool. >> into it. >> next at 6:00. the heat and how you can escape it. what's
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
wishes are an important part of medical treatment. one fake, one dribble, one shot, got it. golden state retakes the lead. >> all right, it was due or die. you know what, they did it. the warriors securing a game six last night. but they lost kevin durant again. >> it was a game that had everyone on the oevenlg their seats up until the final moments. >> we got a lot more, first to the danger. this is new video. you can see 77 degrees in walnu. yikes. >> here's a live look at sfo, where a record was broken yesterday. the airport has never recorded 100 degrees in june, july or august. then yesterday happened. mike is tracking more hot temperatures today. when i heard that, mike, yesterday, i was floored. >> i saw that on twitter oh, try
6:01 am
to wrap


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