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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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without durant because his achilles ruptured during game five. >> he's already under gone surgery. quoting my road back starts now. we appreciate all the messages and support people have basketball is my biggest love and i wanted to be out there because that's what i do. i wanted to help my teammates on the quest. its the way things go in the game. and i gave it all i physically could. and i'm proud my brothers got the w. i'm built for this. i'm a hooper. i will be cheering with dub nation while they do it. >> he caught up with the warriors during practice today. >> live where the do or die game will be played. >> good afternoon. what coach kerr said about the durant injury.
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he said not only did the golden state warriors clear durant but also durant's own personal physician. let's hear coach kerr speaking with reporters just a couple hours ago. >> when we gathered all the information, our feeling was the worst that could happen was a reinjury of the calf. that was the advice and the information that we had. atd that point once he was cleared to play, he was comfortable with that. we were comfortable with that. so the achilles came as a shock. >> a shock and they deal with reverberations. shoot around after practice today. one last before the final and pivotal game in oracle arena. these shirts have become sudsen collectors items. >> the town. >> not yet. not if it's possible to extend
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life support in this venue tomorrow night. talk about emotion. this piles finality on top of mortality. >> we'll have motivation tom. to protect home court and feed off the crowd energy. and keep the season alive. there's a lot of things you can tap into for energy tomorrow. we'll be ready. >> we all remember the emotional turn lance monday night. that soft landing. the relief of this return. but now, winning again means the warriors go again to the hostile north. without kevin durant. livingston can sympathize. having nearly lost his leg from a knee injury in 2007. >> he put everything on the line for us.
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for himself. and wanted to help his team. emotions and frustration because he couldn't be out there with us. and helping us dig out this hole. >> it's interesting when you hear him talk about the hole. it's clear the warriors are not kidding themselves about where they're coming from. the question is where they're going. here in the town. we'll fipd out tomorrow night. >> some rap trtors fans were sen cheering and waving good-bye. one is saying sorry. by starting a go fund me for his charity foundation. >> it has raised nearly $19,000. in just one day. >> there's been so much talk about th decisio put back on the the court. ramifica injury. and how long to
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>> expert opinion. >> joined by former warriors surgeon. from 2001 to 2009. let's go through the procedure he had today. you have the model of the foot that's missing. actually. the achilles here. how difficult a procedure is this for a surgeon. >> so, just to give you the anatomy. a right foot this is the front. the heel bebone here. it narrows down to the band in the back of the ankle. you can feel that on your own leg. if you watch the video, that's what you saw him feeling for when he went to the ground. generally speaking in a high level asset you -- that's usually done through a small incision on the back of the achilles and suture it back together. there's some patients who are better treated without surgery.
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in a high level you want to get him back quickly. with the strongest out come and that's surgery. it's not difficult. very straightforward doesn't take too long. >> we have seen proathletes come back quickly. richard sherman was eight months. boogy cousins who is bigger took a year. they were being cautious. what's the time frame for durant given his height and weight. and over all frame. >> as we were discussing there's no heel o meter you can put on this. and tell how long it will take. the estimate is probably somewhere between eight and 12 months. it's an injury that not only has to recover and his muscle has to recover strength. there's a lot with the healing process. there's rapid recovery. type of physical therapy that he'll do. had needs time to heal the injury. >> the warriors said today they
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consulted with their doctors. as well as his doctor. this was a group consensus decision that it was okay to come back and play. and that the worst that could happen they thought was him reinjuring the calf. is there any causality in your mind between the calf injury and what we saw with the tendon? >> this is a unique injury. the reality of it is i saw the clip. if the team had thought this was a possibility they wouldn't have had him play. if you ask anybody in the community. in medicine. everybody wanted him to play. including kevin. so it was not unreasonable risk to play. and the most likely is he would have pulled it more and come out. and it would have been a few more weeks to months of healing. not the devastating injury he subsequently suffered. >> i know part is the mental
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recovery. maybe you can address that. the doctor will do the surgery. but mentally, how does a player know i can push off this and it's not going to explode again. >> right. you don't know that. when you have gone through it. it's a possibility. we grew up playing sports thinking nothing will happen to me. and that's why you look at the athletes who stuck around for years and michael jordan who made it. and never had that injury that slowed them down a step. i think that kevin has the mental fortitude to make it through. it will take some physical effort and mental effort. to get over that hurdle. >> thank you for coming in. >> thanks. interesting. we have created this social media badge so you can share your well wishes. as he begins this road to recovery. find it on the facebook, instagram on twitter account. >> earlier today durant's mother
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gave an interview. she watched game five on tv but is in new york when he under went surgery. >> i was excited for him. i know how much he loves the game. and he's been injured before. i knew he wouldn't jeopardize himself. so he told me he was ready to play. i said okay. i talk with him probably about five to ten minutes after wards. and he just told me not to cry. >> game six tomorrow in oakland. we are the only place to watch the finals. sports director will be live at oracle with sports reporter and news reporter as well. our coverage begins tomorrow at 4:00. followed by the dubs on 7 pregame show at 5:00. count down at 5:30. and game 6 at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game. live from oracle. >> take a look at the tower
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camera spotted today. the fog rolling in through the golden gate bridge. >> the camera is moving in the wind as you can see. after days of record heat. this is a welcome site. >> more to come. maybe? >> out on the bridge. does it feel better? >> much better. here's another look at the fog. you can see it moving up the coastline. locally. check out the 24 hour temperature change. it is generally about eight to 22 degrees cooler across the bay than this time yesterday. it's about 73 san francisco. oakland inland area that is are well above 100 this time yesterday. are upper 80 low 90s. cooling continues. i'll have the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> okay. we want to hear about the cooler forecast. today like yesterday thousands of people lost power.
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this is in gym without a lights in san francisco. this afternoon. the city had pg&e biggest outage at one point with 5,000 customers without power in north beach. russian hill and pacific heights and japan down. it's down to about 500. here's the current power outage map. the colors indicate the size of the outages ranging from green to red. >> okay google. how much will my rent go up? >> we'll share the numbers and what this group thinks google
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make more of what's yours®. in the east bay, what will
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it take to build a new ballpark for the a's? this afternoon the city counsel took a vote on two bills to expedite the construction. along water front. we're live from oakland city hall with the results. a lot of people thought it was going to be a vote to build the ballpark. that was never the case. >> you're right. so let me put it this way. you are shopping for a house for example. the first thing the first thing you'll do is possibly secure finance. it doesn't mean you'll buy the house or any house. but you want to have your ducks in order. and that is the situation here in oakland. >> the oakland as hope to have a ballpark here and ready to go by 2023. because the permitting process and financing can take years two pieces of legislation are meant to help expedite the development.
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in the end the city counsel voted unanimously to support both measures sfl we have a great site. we have done community input and make sure it will be successful. we're excited. >> so far the howard terminal project has the support of oakland mayor. and a nod. the development would include offices and retail space along with parking. there's strong opposition coming from the international long shore and warehouse union and others who say the move would threaten jobs and the water front. >> transforming what's a work environment. an assembly line of services. into a playground. >> he works with the port added thousands of jobs will be lost. even though the plan is for some of the jobs to be moved somewhere else within the port. the a's organization says the howard terminal project would be funded with private money. so would the coliseum project. >> retaining oracle.
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and a reuse of the coliseum. housing. potentially commercial real estate. >> the east oakland stadium alliance wants the a's to build a new ballpark there instead. >> they can rebuild the coliseum. in east oakland. where they should biltd it. they have 150 acres there. right now. >> agai agai agai agai agai agai ceo says he really wants to build that ballpark along the water front. and one of the counsel members said today as long as they stay in oakland they can build it anywhere. >> all right. thank you. a parole lee refused to appear today to answer murder charges after a police chase ended with a deadly crash. be held without bail. he's due in court tomorrow. highway patrol officers claim he
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refused to stop after they spotted him driving raetically. monday morning. the chase reached speeds of 120 miles per hour. jaun hose was killed. >> two form e roommates took the stand today to vouch for the defendant. they described him to the jury a at honest and responsible. and suggested he is being unfairly blamed for the deadly fire. >> even before this happened, i want people it know what a compassionate and honest and unstanding person max is. >> to attempt to draw alignment because somebody had responsibility with an art collective. that their responsibility for a venue or facility is
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of the truth. >> 36 people died when the warehouse caught fire during a music show in december of 2016. >> a frantic search with a tragic out come. pulling a body out of the lake. relatives believe it's that of from san francisco. who scheduled to arrive this weekend at the fair. we have the story. >> what happened? we need to know. we need closure. >> a place of fun and recreation. and a family filled with grief. >> unbelievable. >> family members believe a body pulled from the water is that of 23 year-old jockey of stan fran. a regular rider and on the county fair sur cut. his aunt says he's accomplished much at a young age. >> he wanted to be professional and he accomplished that.
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>> he was one of the several friends who rented a boat yesterday afternoon for a cruise on the lake. he somehow went over board in the early evening. a search well into the night failed to turn up sign of him. his body was found today in 65 feet of water. >> swim at your own risk area. specifically one mile up north. >> relatives say there's gaps in the story. he couldn't swim. >> how did he wind up off the boat into the lake? >> major question. if you couldn't swim like the victim? would you want to go here where there's a life guard and the water is shallow? instead of here. with no life guard. the water is 60 feet deep and you're not wearing a life vest. >> wear a life jacket. >> autopsy is pending. the family grief and questions are not. >> terrible. all right. let's move onto the weather forecast. things changes in our favor. >> we're all prexzing relief.
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the fog is moving up the coastline. rapidly. and expanding over the bay. the cooling has begun. this is the view. of the fog returning and bringing a sharp drop in temperature from this time yesterday. 69 san francisco. the town is 71. 76 morgan hill. here's the view. another view of the fog. 75 napa. 91 concord and livermore. here's a view of the golden gate. these are the forecast featurs. cooling will continue tomorrow. seasonal the next few days. the weekend is and beautiful. the fog conti as cooling. low templ be main lu in the mid to upper 50s. milder in the inland east bay. where it's warm. and lows will drop to the low 60s in some spots.
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tomorrow highs of 66 half-moon bay. 69. 74 oakland. some low to mid-80s in our areas. tomorrow evening game 6 of the finals. warriors and raptors. game time 6:00. in the late afternoon you'll encounter sunny skies and fog showing up at that hour. breezy. temperature at game time 6:00. 70 degrees. a look at friday. as the cooling continues. temperatures drop. highs friday will reach up to about or just above 80 degrees. right around the bay shoreline. upper 60s to maybe 70. high of 59 expected here in san francisco. and half-moon bay. on friday. here's the 7-day forecast. that friday takes us into a lovely weekend. saturday a range almost exactly like friday. and on sunday father's day it warms up a few degrees. not hot. nice and mild to warm. with low to mid-80s. mid-70s around the bay.
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low 60s on the coast. it warms up on monday and wednesday. high temperatures climb into the low to mid-90s. nothing extreme. i can't tell you about thursday friday yet. that's a secret. >> all right. >> can facebook help save lives? >> new addition coming to we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard... on the shelf...
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in the south bay community groups are calling on google to build thousands of homes in san jose where the company is expected to pild build a massive campus. the project will lead to millions of dollars more in rent spikes. throughout the city. we have more. >> reporter: as google prepares to build a megacampus. in san jose. a coalition of community groups is calling on the tech giant to build more than 17,000 new homes to help offset what they believe will be major rent hikes is it i wide in the years to come. >> if they make the right investment in housing. particular affordable housing it has the opportunity to be a model to develop without displacement. >> stemming from a report released by the labor backed group. analysis claims that local renters will face $235 million in rent hikes by 2030.
6:25 pm
when it could be near completion. nearly 20,000 new employees will come in as a result of the new campus. along with 8,000 service workers. however this city disputes the numbers saying the majority of jobs will be shifted from other offices. >> we have work to do to address the housing crisis we have today. with the developments outside ot city. we certainly recognize google will have an impact and we'll do everything we can to be ready. >> the leadership group a non-profit public policy group says their research shows community support for the google project. >> the assumption that somehow this is going to increase rent for all of us. isn't based on factual accuracy. >> google hasn't revealed how much housing it will build. but at least 25% will be affordable or reduced. in a statement the company added we're working closely with the city and many community groups
6:26 pm
on the future development. as we do so we know that housing is a vital issue and committed to invest in new housing in the area. a community bracing for change down the road. >> facebook has a a a that could help save lives. posting notices on news feeds asking them to register to become blood donors. and the demand is there every two seconds someone in the u.s. needs the gift of blood. facebook already has done this in four other countries. signing up 35 million people as donors. >> great. >> major step today in the college admisson scandal. first defendant sentenced. >> a former sailing coach at stanford. and might be breathing a sigh of relief. >> i was 100% confi con
6:27 pm
>> it worked out. >> i'm grateful. >> after the i team reports a story he gets results.
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this rat you see here featured in an i team report. one week ago. got the attention of state officials and they took quick action. >> that action was to fix numerous problems that had lingered in a office building. >> i team reporter is back with the update. the workers are happy. >> they are. they came to me in the first place because nothing was being done to address the problem. some were quite serious. a little pressure from the i team and things are turning around. >> reporter: this is how we found job coach last week. waiting on the sidewalk to meet her clients. her doctor order her not to go inside. >> i have to wait for them in the parking lot. if they show up i have to say let's go to starbucks. >> you can't use your office to do your job. >> no. >> along with other problems.
6:31 pm
the rats that left droppings and urine caused her lung condition to flare up. i tried to tour the building. owned and operated by california. >> i can't look around? >> that's correct. >> why not it's a public building. >> tax dollars pay for it this. >> it's state run. >> right. my tax dollars and your tax dollars pay for this. i can walk through it. >> after that meeting and our investigation aired last wednesday. a swarm of maintenance workers 'rooifed. >> how quick was the action? >> it was crazy fast. the next day. >> a bathroom stall door that fell and injured a woman not repaired for six weeks. now fixed. the resecurity door that often wouldn't close. repaired. thermostats locked and can only be adjusted in sacramento. now portable units installed. the elevator in service.
6:32 pm
front lobby men's room reopened. the carpets all cleaned. >> it took you to come in and stake care of it. i watch the news all the time. so channel 7 is my favorite. >> that rat remains a mystery tonight. and exterminator installed traps and they are gone. she hasn't received word that the rats and his friend were caught. >> we don't know about the rat situation. but at least i feel better knowing that everybody else is somewhat safer. >> i asked the state agency in charge the employment development department for an interview. they declined an e-mail. thanks for the opportunity. we'll let the work speak for itself. >> they continue to insist any such issues with the property are addressed in a timely manner. that's not what the workers told me. if you have something to e nvt. e-mail me. or call. >> problem solved. good work.
6:33 pm
>> big day in the college admission cheating scandal. a judge handed out the first sentence. it was much shorter than what prosecutors wanted. former head sailing coach received a sentence of one day. in prison. federal prosecutors asked for 13 months. he pleaded guilty in march to accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to help applicants get in. he'll spend six months in home detention. >> san francisco district attorney today introduced a program to combat bias in charging decisions. a computer program using artificial intelligence to remove race from the evidence prosecutors use. how it works. >> as human beings every one of us has bias. we don't necessary will recognize that we operate with this bias. >> biases that could influence a
6:34 pm
prosecutors charging decision without being aware. to do that. he enlisted the help of stanford university. using technology to create a program on a web platform where redacted any reference to race. and police incident reports. seen by prosecutors. among the information removed. >> officer names. suspect names. victim names. there's location. and there's a direct race token and other things like brown hair and brown eyes. >> locations removed. it could be a neighborhood occupied by racial or ethnic group. even the officers name which may tell prosecutors which police station he works out of. another potentially revealing detail about the neighborhood. once the prosecutor makes a preliminary charging decision based on other evidence.
6:35 pm
a second review begins. >> we will do a secondary review. now that we have the entire history. including video tape. that will assure provide information of a person's race. >> only then the prosecutor lerps about the race of the suspect and victim. a final decision is then based on the totality of the evidence. >> the program becomes operational july 1. stanford is doing this free of charge. >> bunk beds and bars. it sound like prison. you're right. >> it's a description of a san francisco airbnb. earning the owner $10,000 a month. we'll take you inside. >> a big leak floods a woman's house. her warranty company says wait two days for help. coming up. what happened next. >> after 47 seasons the building that is known as oracle will be
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another new themed land is coming to disney land in southern california. moving forward with plans for a land at the california adventure park theme for the super-heros of marvel comics and the movies. for projects including a retail out let and micro brewery. the construction permits assess the value of the work so far at more than $14 million. w remind you disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> a home in tenderloin is up for sale. many are checking it out because of the peculiar basement. a modern day al ka traz. with jail cells and bunk beds and a mug shot hall way. >> what do you see. >> island prison. >> arheocs o othe most magnetsn francisco. so much so.
6:40 pm
people don't get enough b touring it. they want the full experience. >> why do people like this? >> it's interesting. i don't think nobody else do this. >> the modern day prison cells. the outside may look like a regular house. when you look inside. >> that is really cool. >> the owner is a japanese businessman who made $10,000 a month renting his basement with two prison cells with bunk beds in a hall way. with infamous criminals on the wall. like. >> al ka poen. >> 50 cent never did time in al ka traz. let's compare. in the real you have a five feet by nine feet cells. the modern size one is bigger. there was no fresh water. in the modern one. there it is. there were a total of 14 escape
6:41 pm
attempts. in this modern day one. you want a house you get the key. plus. the uniform. that key cops with a hef think price tag. $1.8 million to be exact. the modern day house is for sale. with a bonus. the basement. >> no chance. would i ever sleep in a jail cell. the karma. >> i i i i i i i cell. not a real one. >> good point. >> it's a sunny day to get out on the bay. or anywhere. for that matter. for that matter. >> wcalifornia phones offersea free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. warranties will cover you when something goes wrong in your house. or do they? >> a woman was facing a huge flood in her bathroom. she called the warranty company to get help. >> what happened next. >> imagine this. this is amazing. what it's like to watch water fouring down your wall and out your bathroom window. this woman made an emergency
6:45 pm
call to her home warranty company. the response. it wasn't what she was expecting. >> deborah was in her yard unaware of the disaster happening inside. until she looked up. >> i see this water. pouring out of my downstairs window. i run inside and see this huge bubble on my ceiling. >> the bathroom ceiling was bulging from an upstairs leak. now was the time to use her home warranty. from american home shield. >> for emergency. i called them up. >> however. she was put on hold. while her ceiling kept bu thi i an emergency situation. my ceiling is about to cave in. >> the company didn't send help as she hoped. >> she said somebody will call me within 48 hours. i don't have 48 hours. i have maybe 15 minutes. >> she asked for a supervisor. >> i'm on hold. i get disconnected.
6:46 pm
>> she found her own plumber. >> somebody was around and came by. >> they drained the water and snaked the pipe and charged her $350. >> they wouldn't pay. saying the plumber wasn't in her net work. >> she's been payinger month for 15 years. >> i have hardly ever used this service. they can't come through? >> he contacted us and we reached out. it said when a customer requests expedited service we work to understand the situation. and advice appropriate action such as turning off the water supply. we will then search for a professional to be on site within 24 hours. in her case. the call was disconnected before we had a chance to e evaluate the situation. and it paid that plumbing bill after all. >> i was really grateful.
6:47 pm
>> it invtigated thisase to make sure operators follow up on emergency calls. especially if somebody was disconnected for help as she was. >> if you have a problem. i want to hear about it. my hot line is monday through friday 10 to 2. you can also reach me on facebook. >> great. good job. >> all right. we have breaking news. out of east bay. there's a shelter in place order because of downed power lines. >> people in the area of that street. are advised to stay inside. police and fire are on the scene. >> another check on the weather. we're getting a cool down. >> finally. will it last? >> it's going to last for a while. happy to say. fog is back on the coastline and pushing locally and out over the
6:48 pm
bay already. over night we'll feel the cooling effect under breezy conditions and foggy conditions near the coast. low temperatures in the 50s. upper 50s to maybe 60 in milder inland location. and tomorrow's highs will be in a more seasonal, normal range. 66 half-moon bay. 74 oakland. 88 concord. here's the 7-day forecast. it will get cooler friday and saturday. only low 80s inland. up to maybe 70 degrees. sunday father's day looking bright and beautiful. a slightly warmer than saturday. going into early next week warm up. nothing extreme. but highs will be in the low 90s. and mid to upper 60s along the coast. >> now we're in business. >> all right. plenty of sports to talk about. >> of course. kd everybody wondering how long it will take to get on the court. >> a huge game tomorrow.
6:49 pm
kevin durant had surgery. what's next for him? and the warriors. and why did he go to new york for the proc ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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good evening. the warriors prepare for game 6 tomorrow. kevin durant got the diagnosis everybody expected. and waested no time getting the achilles repaired. why he went toad of the in the bay area.
6:52 pm
his surgery was done by a doctor who did his foot surgery back in 2015. when he was with the thunder. normal recovery time for a torn achilles between eight to 12 months. they were asked about the decision to play durant given the disaster out come. >> would we do to over again? that's easy to say. after the results. when we gathered the information our feeling was the worst thing that could happen would be a reinjury of the calf. so the achilles came as a complete shock. had we known this was a possibility, that this was even in the realm of possibility. there's no way we would have allowed him to come back. >> protect the home court. feed off the crowd energy. play for k. and try to keep our season alive. there's a lot of things you can. we'll be ready.
6:53 pm
>> 19,000 fans will be ready. at the game tomorrow night they'll receive these rally towels. saying for oakland. with the kd highlighted. >> raptors fans might be stunned they didn't win game five. they had a chance to end the series at the buzzer. great defense effort here. to contest the corner jumper. got his fingertips on the shot. if the raptors are disappointed the coach is not showing it. >> unlike anybody there. to understand the out come of the that changes things a bit. i'll say this. i'm thrilled to be coaching in another finals game. this awesome. >> we understand the moment is moment. we still stand in this. we're not too up or down. we're just one game. we lost it. and move on to the next one. >> game 6. can be seen only one place. right here. the last game at oracle. we'll be live.
6:54 pm
pregame 5:00. tip off 6:00. >> ground breaking move cal women's basketball coach is taking a new job. assistant coach in the nba. with the cleveland cavaliers. they put together by the new head coach john beeline from the university of michigan. the fist female college head coach to join nba. she led the golden bears to seven tournament appearances. including a final four. this is a huge opportunity. >> i have never pursued any other college jobs. this is cal. while i was blown away by the opportunity. that was tempered by having to wrap my mind around leaving something that is so important to me. ultimately the vision the opportunity to be part of something on the front end to impact others was something that i just knew i had to do it.
6:55 pm
>> i'm disappointed for cal. they're losing such a dynamic person and great coach. i'm thrilled for her. what a great opportunity and great hire. by the cavs. she's a wonderful person and a hell of a coach. >> onto matinee baseball. a's and rays. the thunder sticks out there in tampa. top six. he's got his own thunder stick. second straight game with a homer. eleventh over all. a's up. in the eighth. he has clout. his first career grand slam. five rbis ties his career high. back home friday. giants and padres under way. warriors are hoping to keep the three pete hopes alive. so is brocks. the 119th u.s. open tomorrow at pebble beach. going for his third straight open win. only one man has won three in a
6:56 pm
row. willy anderson in the 1900s. spencer was there to interview him. anyway. this would be the epic 3 pete. >> this would be the coolest thing ever done to win three in a row. and a third one at pebble. it's a dream come true. in a sense. and to think of winning a major championship here would be incredible. >> round one is tomorrow. we have doctor on. nine years adds the warriors surgeon. you know how many ruptured akls he had to do surgery on? zero. it's an unusual injury. and it has happened. but kobe bryant and kd. >> interesting. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. the danger in the water. a dozen people stunned. life guards trying to warn them. >> at 11:00.
6:57 pm
mysterious drums along north bay roads. why fire officials are warning call 911 right away. if you see one. >> that is this edition of the news. look for breaking news with the app. we appreciate your time.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a freelance project manager from brooklyn, new york... a pastor from houston, texas... and our returning champion-- a forklift operator from declo, idaho... whose one-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! thank you, johnny. [ cheers and applause ] i hope you folks noticed that when johnny introduced e.j., it's almost as if he were giving our camera the evil eye. he didn't crack a smile. he had his game face on.
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now he's smiling, of course. the week is building nicely on "jeopardy!" we had a mid-$30,000 win on monday, $40,000 for dan yesterday. what will today bring? we won't know until we start finding out, so let's do that. here we go. the jeopardy! round of play. one daily double coming up in one of these categories, starting off with... remember? we'll deal with... each correct response will begin with those three letters, and finally, we deal with "our planet"-- facts and stunning visuals from the netflix series. - dan, start us. - football, $200. - dan. - who are the cowboys? - you got 'em. - football, $400.


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