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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a 4-year-old fell from this window today. i'm kate larson in san francisco. what neighbors say happen next. in san jose where county workers are demanding the board of supervisors invest in them. it was indeed a ruptured achilles' tendon for kevin durant. surgery already done. kd's message to fans from his hospital bed. a basketball coach making history. she's head today the nba. abc 7 news starts right now. scary moments in san francisco. a young boy fell out of a third story apartment window today. >> it happened at his home at 14th and valencia streets in the mission district. kate larson spoke to neighbors and joins us with what happened. kate? >> reporter: well, the boy is in the hospital tonight, and one neighbor who called 911 told me
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he heard the boy fall and then saw strangers and family rush to help the 4-year-old who was lying on the fraolre investigating what happened. like buildings throughout san francisco most of the windows in this four story apartment complex have been open this week. jessica lives on the third floor of the mission strict building, right next door to the family whose little boy somehow fell out of this window around 4:00 in the afternoon. >> we just heard people screaming outside and we checked out the window and we saw the little boy was lying on the ground, and people were trying to help him get up. >> reporter: neighbors tell me after the boy fell he was motionless here on the sidewalk for several minutes, but eventually they say he came to and started to cry and move his upper body. when the ambulance came, the boy moved said garcia about his 4-year-old neighbor.
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garcia says a police officer asked him if someone pushed the boy out the window. he says no, that the boy's grandmother was watching him while he was playing. he says the boy and his brother are very energetic and always running around. e lives in the building. she showed us wood slats she nailed across the window for protection when her daughter was a baby. other windows in the building had screens and bars, but not the window the boy fell from, which was closed when we arrived. i'm told the boy was taken by ambulance to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. and a source tells me the boy is in very serious condition tonight. of course everyone is hoping and praying for the best. back to you. >> absolutely. kate, thank you. well, we are saying good-bye to the heat and hello to the fog. this is live look outside with our golden gate bridge camera. you can see it is socked in and that means a nice cool down. meteorologist drew tuma joins us with live doppler 7.
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>> finally a refreshing change to the forecast. the fog has consumed half of the san francisco skyline right now. we're down to 59 in the city, 60 in oakland, 70 right now in san jose and concord. feels nice out there, a temperature of 67 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning we'll stop the clock at 7:00 a.m., most cities starting out in the 50s. we'll have the numbers in a few minutes. happening out in the east bay some lafayette residents are waiting to get their power restored and for their street to reopen. you can see why. a tree fell and knocked down a power play. police just lifted a shelter in place order once crews made sure the area is safe. pg&e is working to restore ledgericity to 34 customers we understand. you're now looking at pg&e's realtime power outage map. nearly 700 homes and businesses are without power just blocks
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away in the lafayette area as well. pg&e is working to restore power there. an abc news ecclusive prt umit with george, he asked if russians and china have dirt on his opponent this time around would he entertain it or would he call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. i think you want to listen. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent, i think you'd want to hear it. it's not interference. they have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought there was something wrong i'd go maybe to the fbi. >> you can see more of his exclusive interview with the president coming up on gma. >> tonight the final warriors game at oracle arena. it dubs will try to keep their
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quest for three-peat alive. >> of course they'll be doing it without kevin durant. he posted this photo on instagram and wrote a long message including i know my brothers can get this game six, and i'll be cheering with dub nation while they do. >> let's go to larry beil who spoke with an expert about what kd. is going to go through. >> yeah, earlier today i talked with former warriors orthopedage surgeon dr. john bellser and he says repairing an achilles injury like durants is a simple surgery from a doctor's point of view, but k.d. will have a long roadomer you can put on this and tell how long it's going to take. the estimate is probably somewhere from 8 and 12 months. it's an injury that not only has to recover but his muscle has to
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recover. there's rapid recovery type of physical therapies that he'll do, but he still needs time to heal the injury. >> dr. belser says he doesn't think durant's prior injury is related to the achilles injury. k.d.s got a lot to think about. does he opt into that the last year for that warriors contract or become a free agent. and what's really fascinating are there are likely some teams that would sign durant to a long-term deal knowing he will miss next season. we're talking about four years for $160 million knowing he won't play at all. he is that dynamic a player and people think he'll have a full recovery. we have created this social media badge so you can share your well wishes for k. d. find it on the abc 7 news facebook or instagram accounts.
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larry will be live at oracle arena with sports reporter linda bach. our coverage begins tomorrow at 4:00, nba count down at 5:30. and game 6 at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game live at oracle arena. history in the making tonight. a basketball coach has a new job. >> headed for the cleveland cavaliers as a new assistant coach. >> she's the first womens college coach to be recruited for the nba. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, ama and dan, lindsey gottlieb coached many a game here. >> you have to do things that scare you in order to know you can do them. >> lindsey says she's ready to take a leap of faith to go where few women have gone before. >> the opportunity to be in the
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nba which has been a lifelong dream but more so to join an organization that had a vision that included me. >> gottlieb is leaving a successful career for womens basketball coach at cal for assistant coach for the cleveland cavaliers. a historic hire for the nba. a fact that isn't lost on gottlieb. >> a lot of people texted me today their daughters are going to grow up now seeing women on the bench in the nba and believing that that's normal because it is. >> reporter: currently becky hammond, assistant coach for the san antonio spurs and former wnba player is the only woman with a coaching title in the nba. >> i think it's a great hire. >> reporter: an expert on sport and cultural studies on san francisco state. she likes gottlieb's move to the nba. >> i hope coaches in other leagues will take notice and
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start to consider female candidates for coaching positions. >> reporter: warriors head coach steve kerr said this. >> i'm disappointed for cal that they're losing such a dynamic person and a great coach, but i'm thrilled for lindsey. what a great opportunity and a great hire. >> reporter: now, coach gottlieb says she hopes to see a woman as head coach in the nba sooner than later. as for the players she leaves behind she says she'll miss them terribly but will always be a part of their lives. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. in san jose, county workers are bringing on the noise. what they're asking of the board of supervisors is up next. mysterious drums are appearing on north bay roads. why you should call 911 immediately if you find one. and how do you get tourists to visit silicon valley? an jose has a plan and a song. first a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live.
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i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪ in the north bay firefighters are urging you to stay away and call 911 if you see a large drum like this one. it may contain a harmful acid. you're looking at video the fire department shared of hazardous materials. experts checking out an acid filled drum. officials want you to call them if you have any information about two drums discovered last
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week. building a better bay area can be more challenging obviously for those forced out, unable to live here. employees rallied outside the county building demanding the board of supervisors invest in them. abc 7 news reporter amanda decostillio is on the story. >> reporter: santa clara workers want to make sure they're being heard by the board of supervisors. it's a problem they say is impacting public services. >> we're talking about workers, those front line clerical staff that greet you at county buildings. we're talking about social workers, eligibility workers that provide the basic needs to families. >> reporter: people who provide these essential services say like many across the bay area they're struggling. >> i had to move my dad down to help take care of my son, make sure he was an in-home support
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worker, had all the necessary certificates just so i could put my son in child care part time. >> reporter: topping the list of demands, transparency. in order to build a better bay area county manage and supervisor should provide an accurate picture of its budget. >> the county keeps pugszing back and saying they don't have the money, which this is one of the richest counties. we have the money. >> reporter: they say the county is routinely bringing in tens of millions of dollars more than it's spending, adding the county is on track to add nearly $63 million to the general fund this fiscal year alone. workers want to see some of that money invested in public services. we've reached out to the county board of supervisors and other county offices for comment. also in the south bay people in san jose rallied over housing today. community groups are calling on google to build thousands of homes in the area where google is expected to build a massive campus in the coming years.
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the demand stems from a new report released from the labor backed group working partnerships usa. >> gaggle makes the right investments in-housing, particularly affordable housing, then it has the opportunity to be a model for silicon valley to develop without displacement. >> city officials dispute the numbers in the report. google also hasn't revealed how much housing it will build as part of their project. it says it's working with the city and community groups on developments. you may know the way through san jose thanks to pop icon deon w warwick. tonight a new song debuted. >> it's simply called san jose. 16-year-old grace kelly wrote and sang it for the video you're watching. >> it was rolled out today to promote the city as a tral it features vta light rail, walking through the neighborhood and visiting a mountain winery.
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>> catchy. >> talented. all right, let's turn our attention and talk about the weather forecast cooling off a little bit. >> that's right. let's get to meteorologist drew tuma for the toforecast. >> we finally broke in the heat wave, the fog has returned and getting back to where we should be. live doppler 7, a sweep across the region, it is quiet. i want to add on the satellite and there you can see that surge, the marine layer. th b, bringing us that cooler weather as we speak. in fact right now the bridge camera just socked in fog right now. you may need to use your windshield wipers for a moment as you have a bit of mist along the coastline. here's the accuweather highlights next of couple of days. we're tracking that fog. cooler tonight, you notice that. much cooler in the afternoon tomorrow. and then for the weekend looking bright, beautiful for father's day. temperatures in the 70s and 80s, typical for this time of year. right now down to 59 in the
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city. it has been nearly five days since we've been that cool in san francisco. 60 in oakland, 70 in san jose. so certainly the big story has been the dramatic drop in our temperature. 24-hour temperature change across the region, 11 degrees cooler in san francisco, 12 degrees cooler in san jose. the same in oakland. 17 degrees cooler in concord. dropping to the 50s. this is going to feel nice. finally if you don't have ac, you can open up those windows. the 12-hour day planner tomorrow features the fat fog first thing in the morning. that gradual clearing of the fog back to the coastline will slow the warming process. by noon only in the 70s and by the afternoon our warmest spots only in the 80s. starting in the south bay, 84 in sunnyveil, 80 in redwood city along with sn e af moo bay y'l be sck ithe 60s. that'll feel nice after several
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days in the 80s this week already. downtown san francisco, 6 9, 62. about a high of 82 in vallejo. 74 in oakland, 79 union city. 76 the high in berkeley. inland in the 80s tomorrow. 85 pleasanton, and 87 the high in livermore. the fog is returning as we speak. much cooler on friday. the weekend, a typical pattern for june. looking nice in the 70s and 80s, and a little bit of warmup early next week, but nowhere near hot we were the past few days. so enjoy the fog. a new valley man's award winning beard is getti
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a man is growing famous. in may anthony cardy brought home second place in the world beard and stash competition. >> for me it's an artistic expression. i come up with ideas random times of day, i jot them on a piece of paper. and i never know what i'm going to get i will i start spraying. >> he founded the social club beards by the bay. he's planning a beard competition to benefit local charities in january. that's something else. >> if that's partial freestyle what's full freestyle? >> he is committed. >> unlike drew. he's not trying. >> it's conservative. >> i feel like he's not really going for it. sports, a lot of questions about
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kevin durant. why did he go to new york for his
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good evening. came as a bit of a surprise today. we were awaiting word on kevin durant's mri results and then that was posted, a picture on instagram from kd's hospital bed. dure want had already undergone the surgery to repair his torn achilles' tendon. durant went to new york for the procedure. the reason for that, that is where dr. martin o'mally is located. he's also the surgeon who did a previous foot surgery on k. d. now, on the lighter side steph
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curry and klay thompson were asked about k.d. today and whether he deserves honorary status as a splash brother. >> so, yeah, i don't know. i mean i think he is above and beyond all possible doubt a splash brother with his i don't think we need to include him to validate his talent and his skill. >> he wants that nickname for ourselves. he's not going to be giving that out to anybody. >> all right, having some fun. game six between the warriors and raptors, you know, final game. every fan in the house is going to get a free rally towel spelling out oakland. abc 7 your exclusive home for the finals. game six is tomorrow night. pregame at 5:00. the tip off at 6:00, only on 7. giants padres, a little one there. fascinated with everything but the game.
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fighting the sun and makes the catch up against the wall there. you know how a guy makes a great defensive play and hits a home run, you his seventh of the year. giants up 1-0. two done, done, done, done, d short raunder. will smith gets his 16th save and giants go onto win 4-2. a's and raies, kids and thunder sticks. that is dangerous combination. speaking of dangerous tom six mattoles oleson. 2-2 game in the eighth. ramone loriano. look at my thunder stick. first career grand slam. he wins 6-2, and they go 6 and 4 on this road trip. to the ice we go. gronk, stanley cup final.
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st. louis scores twice in the final minutes. redirect, and nice move by alex. that would hold up. think about how crazy this is. the blues were in last place in january, and tonight they are first time stanley cup champions. you see the agony for the bruins there. at home. they lose on home ice. 4-1 am final. sharks fans maybe feeling slightly better. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, i'm really curious about what tomorrow night is going to bring. it's going to be really weird walking into oracle for the fi
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all right, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us. >> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, the cast of "dark phoenix" featuring -- sophie turner -- james mcavoy -- jennifer lawrence -- michael fassbender -- jessica chastain -- nicholas hoult -- and tye sheridan -- plus unified heavyweight champion andy ruiz jr. -- and a tribute to avicii d now, j kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome, thank you, m. i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for watching, i'm glad you're here. oh, we have a super powerful show for you tonight. this is a rare night in hollywood where there are actual super bowls instead of the fake ones outside. the cast of "dark phoenix" is with us.


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