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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  June 13, 2019 10:31pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> some of these passes were cringe worthy. >> you start every practice off pass and catch, pass and catch. i just told my little league team, throw and catch. pass and catch the ball. very simple. >> i'm more of a defensive guy. i'm grabbing hold. hit's go back to mindy. >> with alfonso mckinnie. not the way the warriors wanted this year as well as this series. can you explain your emotions right now after being on a very hard fought game? >> i mean, obviously i'm upset but i'm proud of everybody. everybody literally went out and laid it out on the line. unfortunate some of the things that happened with several players. yeah, like i say, i'm just proud
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of the guys. everybody laid it throughout to the end. yeah. >> it was crazy. you see klay thompson put up 30 points in three quarters. when he came back on the court to shoot his free throws, what was the team's overall reaction? >> i think a lot of people were down just seeing him go down. but for him to come out and shoot those two free throws and make them just shows his fight. guys literally left it all on the court. he was one of them. i'm just proud of the guys. it's been a long season. didn't end how we wanted it to, but we've been fighting the whole season. i take things away from this season. i learned a lot. so i'm going to take everything i learned this season and just apply that and get ready for what's next. >> you were given an opportunity. you made the most of it. and in your first year here you end in the nba finals.
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what are you going to remember this this year? >> just playing with all those guys, just being a fan of those guys over the years and getting opportunity to take the floor with them, compete with them. that's the biggest thing for me, you know, that i take away from this. like i said, just learning from those guys, you know, gained a lot of experience this season. individually it was a good season, but we didn't get the ultimate goal. but like i said, i feel like myself and guys are going to go into the summer working and just come back ready for next season. >> last one for you. you got to experience a little bit of history, the last season ever at oracle arena. what sticks with you about this crowd tonight? >> the fans are always crazy. we came in tonight and the fans were up and they were loud all game. you know, they have been like that all season.
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for this to be the last game at oracle, a lot of fans are probably sad, but it's been a great run, you know, the last four or five years. you know with it being the last season the chance to witness a lot of great things. >> i look forward to seeing your career develop over the next few years. >> thank you. >> enjoy your off season. i'm sure a lot of rest is going to be involved. >> a lot. >> take care. the flip side of the alfonso mckinnie story is that he got a roster spot because patrick mccaw left the warriors and mccaw gets a championship ring, his third consecutive championship ring even though he didn't play a second tonight. we're joined by the raptors
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super fan from canada who's been joining us and is a friend of adonal. the smile on your face says it all. welcome back, my friend. >> thank you very much. what did i tell you? we get it this year. >> you were right. but you also came back one more trip than you thought you had to make. >> that's okay. i told you the end result is going to be god wants us to win this time. he wouldn't have put the ball in the philadelphia series for us in the basket. >> that was a four bounce shot. you're right about that. can you put into perspective what this means for canada? that's the only team in the entire country. >> you're very right. this is not just the toronto raptors. it was canada. this particular series has brought all canadians so much together. it's not just the championship win for us, but i believe it has raised the love among all
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canadians irrespective of color, faith, religion. it's so beautiful, the byproduct of this win for us. every canadian coast to coast is celebrating it right now in thousands and thousands on the street. you saw 2,000 canadians from all kind of religions wearing hijabs, it's amazing we have been able to come together through this game of basketball. >> i appreciate your stopping by. i feel like we're best friends already since you've been a regular on the show. we've got to take a break but thank you so much and congratulations. >> thank you very much for hosting us here. they are amazing fans here. >> thank you. we do have some bad news that we'll hit the break with. apparently it is a torn acl for klay thompson, the last thing
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the warriors need. we'll discuss that after the break.
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>> jeff: after this durant situation? the loss is bad enough but it is confirmed right there torn acl. it was danny green contesting. no malice or anything like that. he just went up to try to go for the block. i don't know where the warriors go from here for next season because kevin durant is going to be out. we don't know if he's going to opt into his contract. but to lose klay and same series is beyond mind boggling devastation. >> the guy came back out of the tunnel with a torn acl.
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>> he's running. >> makes two free your heart kgoes out to all thee guys. but to suffer the injuries, they're now going to take pretty much all next year to recover from. it will be a different look now obviously with these two guys on the floor. >> look at how much pull nav has. he's up there talking with steph. >> this is devastating news. talk about setting the free agency market aflame. this is unbelievable. i just wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully we can get to see these guys back on the floor as soon as possible. this is unfortunate. >> let's go back for some final thoughts to mindy. >> larry, yes, even with the loss of klay thompson with 18 seconds left, this was just a one-point game.
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you hear about the mental toughness of the warriors. when their bodies were breaking down, they nearly willed themselves to win yet again. toronto very tough as well. but as we know, the warriors falling short because they couldn't over come injury after injury after injury. when you see andre iguodala at 35 years old have his 35th dunk of the post season, draymond green with the 19 rebounds, the 13 assists as well as double digits and points. it's what the warriors needed but the injuries just too much to over come. that was their biggest opponent i think in this series and definitely tonight. it was a riveting game, nonetheless. hearts go out to klay thompson and kevin durant, of course. it's a tough one to swallow but i understand why this team is incredibly proud and these fans are as well. >> mindy, thanks so much for your great work all season long. i don't know where they go from here. put a wrap on the season.
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>> well, at least we have our health. >> okay. >> the way things are going on this court, anyone can get hurt. our thoughts, prayers, you know positive energy to klay, to kd for a speedy recovery. here's looking to a great transition at chase center next year no matter who's on the floor. >> i spent almost my entire career at this building. i love this building especially the security, staff, i love you guys. >> 47 seasons, a golden good-bye. a look back at oracle arena as we say good-bye for a few months to steph curry. the next time we talk with you we'll be coming from the chase center most likely. thanks for joining us, everybody and have a good night. ♪
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>> i've been a season ticket holder since 1989. >> they'll are all my favorites. >> i have torn emotions. we're a little bit sad, we're a little bit kmiexcited. >> the warriors fans in the bay area are just pretty unique. they just love basketball. >> i think oakland is going to survive. >> these are some of the people who have worked and celebrated at the oakland coliseum arena for nearly five decades. it's a place where tradition bleeds blue and gold. after 47 seasons, the golden state warriors will leave the oakland alameda county arena ending an era with a golden good-bye. ♪
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since 1971, it's been the home of the bay area's only professional basketball team, the golden state warriors. but age has taken a toll on the oakland arena. the old es staest stadium in th packed in nearly 20,000 fans for a game, but it is outdated. last remodeled in 1996 to accommodate the growing popularity of the franchise. the arena isn't being torn down but it is being replaced. ten miles away across the bay in san francisco. >> it's tough to think about moving. it's going to be great, new, exciting over there, but it is
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tough to leave oracle and the history of it and where we were bad and now we're good. yeah. >> the warriors will move to a shiny new home for a team that grew up in the east bay. but the building that is the oakland arena will be remembered for building the warriors into the team they are today. the arena was the home court for not just players, but fans and the people who worked for the team as well. eric housen is the director of team operations for the golden state warriors. you may have caught a glimpse of him during the game running around the edge of the court. he's been with the team since 1986. >> this was my team from when i was a kid. it was always in the fabric of oakland, such a hard working gritty city of people paying good money to come and see us play good or bad. the fans were always there.
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it was always like a sixth >> fans say the arena and the warriors gave the city of oakland a source of civic pride. >> it created a fan base, you know, oakland was on the map. it wasn't really san francisco or the bay at that time. it was oakland. >> david mcdonald is one of those sixth players. >> i grew up walking distance from the coliseum. so there was times when i used to as a little boy i'd tell my mom, oh, i'm going to the ballpark. and she would think i'm going to the field right up the street. my mom didn't know i was going to the coliseum. didn't have no money in my pocket as a kid but we had ways of either getting in or some of the guards would turn the oh cheek and let us into the game.
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>> these days he doesn't have to sneak in, he has tickets. he's sad to see the warriors leave oakland but he recognizes the team deserves more than what the oakland arena offers. >> they've out grown it. they've outgrown that particular market. and since san francisco is basically the dotcom, the tech, you know, there's more money to be made by going to san francisco. i think it's a great business decision. it's a shame that it has to come to that, but that's prevalent throughout all sports. >> don moffett has spent the last 20 years being a friend to the warriors faithful. >> i think a warrior fan has been pretty dedicated since the
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'60s. i've seen it through the '60s and '70s and '80s. even though there's tough times, the fan base has been pretty amazing. obviously they've been rewarded these last five years. i think one of the most exciting things is i think our migration rate going into the city is about 70%. so that's pretty exciting. >> that includes season ticket holders like keith who remembers seeing the warriors play with his father in the '70s. he's been a season ticket holder for the last 20 seasons. >> really enjoy watching the fast pace of the warriors. in the last several years the team play of the warriors. >> the oakland arena has been home to some of the greatest basketball players of all time. the team had wilt chamberlain before cutting ties with philadelphia and moving to san francisco. with star players, the warriors won their third championship, their first in the bay area in
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1975. ironically, the team had to play at the cow palace in san francisco because the oakland arena had been booked for an ice show. >> all the warriors that came along that contributed to the foundation of a great team. >> some of the biggest are the run tmc era even though it was only for two years. >> run tmc, tim hard richmo richmond. >> back then it was a different brand of basketball. >> after failing to win a championship ring, the team traded and shuffled players around to an era of rebuilding in the 2000s. >> then all of the bad years
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with the warriors not being in the playoffs once they traded chris weber away. that seemed to just be a jinx. >> the warriors rose from the ashes led by steph curry. >> obviously championship winning at home, that was incredible. >> the team captured the championship in 2015 before winning another two in 2017 and 2018. with the help of former league mvp kevin durant. few people who work in the arena know the mars todplayers today than curtis jones. he stands at the entrance to the tunnel to the court. he's also the guy that tosses the ball to steph curry before that three point tunnel shot before every home game. >> steph was warming up one day. he was shooting these deep shots from the corner, from the
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tunnel. so i just got into a conversation about it. we had a pretty good rapport or whatever. they just started throwing me the ball so i just started passing the ball and it went from there. >> he says the warriors star is a role model and the essence of what it means to be a golden state warrior. >> he's a really grounded, down to earth person. you can tell that he has like values and morals. you can tell that he's really, really compassionate person because there are times that they get a certain amount of time to warm up and then he has a certain amount of time to sign autographs. and then sometimes some kids would come that wasn't in a position to get autographs and steph would look over and give
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me a nod, so i'll send a little child down or whatever. >> curtis has worked at the coliseum for 25 years. it's his job to keep players and fans safe but also ensure that everyone has a memorable time regardless of where they're sitting. >> everybody's the same. if this guy over here had, say, $10 million and maybe it might have took you four or five months to save your money up and come to a game, he's not more important than you are. i'm going to accept you for who you are. i'm going to do my best to make sure you're happy at that particular time, make sure you have a great experience. >> curtis is hoping to follow the warriors to the chase center. >> i've been here when they was good and when they was bad. >> mildred trailer is 84. she's been a fixture in the oakland arena for 22 years.
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mildred says warriors fans hold a special place in her heard. >> the warriors have something that you can't copy. it's in here. it's the heart of the team. you can't copy that. >> she says many people have been coming so long that workers and fans together have grown old together, had children together and celebrated victories together. >> this place has a history of family to me, because people have been around each other so long, season ticket holders for years. they've seen kids grow up. they've seen them bring their family in. the people that work here, we have a lot of people that's been here longer than i have, you know, like 35, 40 years. >> mildred won't be making the move to the new chase center in san francisco. she's retiring. >> and i'm going to miss coming out here watching the game,
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although i'm not supposed to watch the game, but being in the environment, that's what i mean, in the environment. because i watch the game after i get home at night. >> when the last ball is tossed on the last night, mildred will join others reflecting on the memories that this building holds. empty seats that will never again hear the sound that give this place its nickname roaracle. the lights will go out on this golden era. ♪ ♪ >> it's been my whole life, you know, so to not have the team there, it's going to be a little strange. you know, it's time to move. >> it will be really a special
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moment, i think, players, coaches, fans are all going to come to that realization and hopefully it's in the midst of a crazy celebration, but even if it's not, i don't think it's going to take away from the memories of oracle arena. >> warriors president rick welch says that though the team will move its headquarters and training facility to san francisco, it will not be leaving oakland behind. >> it's not without some sadness that we leave oakland, but we're only leaving it in our firemphy proximity. >> the team is not likely to ever play in the coliseum arena again. its offices and practice facility on top of a parking garage in downtown oakland will become the epicenter of blue and gold pride for east bay warriors fans. >> how we're repurposing our existing headquarters facility for community benefit to oakland will be there for a long, long time to come.
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we're leaving the building. we're not leaving the city. we said that over and over again this year. i hope our actions will back up those words. >> the offices will be turned either to oakland based nonprofits. the training facility will become one of the largest basketball camps in the nba. the arena has more than 250 events scheduled for the next year but none are likely to be as memorable as tha last warriors game. >> i hope a lot of people are going to walk away after that last warriors game with a lot of really great
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today. welcome back to "nba countdown." . i'm jobina inside oracle arena where the era has officially come to an end. >> i'm kate larsson in san francisco. what the budget means for your safety. >> i'm in san jose where a young bay area bow is in for the surprise of his life after his work catches the attention of a couplea-list celebrities. >> now news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. >> and that's its. there's a new nba expect.


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