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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> this was captured earlier today near the b.a.r.t. station in san leandro. b.a.r.t. officials had to throw switches by hand. it blamed a train controlled problem. >> we have to cramping them manually. it creates a very large back-up. >> repairs to the malfunctioning switch have been finished now. at last check, it is finally over right in time for the evening rush hour. >> we'eeocusin build a better b area. tonight, they're bringing the promise of new jobs to the east bay as well. >> cornell bernard i live in pirasburg with the story. >> reporter: new jobs are coming to this area.
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somebody has to build these new trains and riders say they can't come online fast enough. >> there is no doubt the fleet of train cars are not what they used to be. >> oh, they're filthy. >> hot. very, very hot. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says hang in there. new train cars like these are on the way. >> they have access for everyone. three doors on each side. they're air conditioned. it works beautifully. >> today i'm pleased to announce that we'll be transferring this work to california. >> reporter: bombardier transportation, building the fleet of the future, is moving the manufacturing plan to piratesburg. 7500 new cars will be assembled inside this warehouse. >> we've begun preparing the site and expect to be working on the first cars for b.a.r.t. in september. >> bombardier says the plan will
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hire 50 new employees and more jobs could follow. >> bringing jobs is a novel concept to east county. normally we have to participate elsewhere in our work force and go and travel. sometimes hours. >> the mayor homes other companies get the hint. >> the bigger picture is to have more jobs locally in pittsburg. we have a lot of housing but there is an imbalance here. >> i would like another job. >> he likes the idea of a job close to home. i'm a quick learner. >> he says he may go for one of those jobs. it is a cost of $2.2 billion to deliver them. >> we want to build your ideas about building a better bay
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area. a six-car crash on highway 84 near livermore has made a mess of the afternoon commute in the east bay. sky 7 was over valecitas road. you can see the long line of cars to show you the extent of the back-up. the chp says there was a head-on collision at 2:30. it's not clear how many people were hurt but there were only minor injuries. the accident was cleared just about 30 minutes ago. a toddler was found in antioch with no parents nearby. >> hours went by before it was determined who this child belonged to. >> you can their agony in this mother's voice after she found out her son, a 2-year-old, went missing for three hours but was rescued by this neighbor.
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>> he was headed to a dmv appointment when he heard the piercing scream of a baby. he saw a little bare foot boy clad in only a diaper and a shirt alone on this corner in antioch. >> i looked over here. >> right here. >> he was scared. his hands in his faflts wondering where he was at. he was hyperventilating. the baby is lost. >> he took the little boy into his house and called police. the toddler ate some cereal but no one was lock for the boy. the 2-year-old was taken into protective custody. >> hours went by. police canvassed the neighborhood a second time and they said they found an older sister, an adult watching the child. but they said accidentally fell asleep and left the door unlocked. no foul play. but an investigation is underway. >> the boy's mother raced home from her job at a vallejo fast
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food restaurant when she heard what that. she said it was an accident. they had only lived in the neighborhood one week. >> he just opened the door and wandered off. >> the boy is unsafe and uninjured. the man who rescued him got to meet the grateful mom. in antioch, abc7 news. demonstrators converged to protest a bill that would tighten the state's laws on childhood vaccinations. current law lets doctors write exemption requests that allow children to attend school without vaccinations. a new bill sb 276 will create a standardized form would limit the situations. they said it is a violation of the doctor-patient relationship. >> we think people have the right to get an opinion of a doctor who doesn't follow the main stream about vaccine exemptions, which is essentially cdc contra indications.
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>> the attorney richard jaffe is representing the san francisco doctor who is currently under investigation by the city attorney for possibly writing improper exemptions. he has now filed a lawsuit to prevent the patient records as part of the investigation. medical experts have said repeatedly, vaccines save lives. >> san francisco mayor london breed took pt in her own women's summit to help women find opportunities. nancy pelosi speak about her reason confrontations with president trump. >> reporter: one could say that mayor london breed is on top of her game winning the admiration of those attending the invincible women's summit. >> today is about exposure to opportunity, helpership, support, net working, encouragement. and i don't think you could ever have too much of that. >> i asked my husband for help.
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can you go to the store. i can't make dinner. i have a game. >> other speakers claude group of women who work for the national basketball association, the nba, and the golden state warriors. >> it is just now coming of age for women to see these senior executives and say i can do that. >> don't let anyone diminish who you are and what you bring to the table. >> house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about her introduction to politics and her now frequent confrontations with president trump. >> i respect the office that i hold. i think i respect it more than he respects it. but anyway, i respect the office that he holds and we have to try on find common ground. >> even speaker pelosi admits, finding that common ground with a divide government may be the hardest achievement of her
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political career. abc7 news. the warriors loss last night was devastating and only made worse by klay thompson being injured at the end of the third quarter. >> he said he didn't sleep much. the beauty of klay is that he said how do you feel? and he said i can't believe we lost the game. first k.d. and now klay. >> yeah. we're joined by the doctor who worked the team from 2001 to 2009. we had you here talking about k.d.'s situation. now it's klay. if you're here anymore, we'll have to get you an abc7 pin. >> what we have here is ofeees ak up t knee.l focus on e
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and the fibia. they are held together by the four main ligaments. the collateral ligaments on either side and then this here. this is the one that we always talk about. the one that's so important. part of that is what gives it the athlete the sense of stability. if you watched klay, he said my knee went like this. it is a common expense a player has when they injure their knee. what klay did when he went up for that dunk, he got hit from behind. he got off balance and fell backwards. his foot caught just enough. as he pulled on his quad accept muscle, the tension just snapped. >> what is typical recovery
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time? >> technically more difficult than an achilles' but it is the same time. nine months to a year. nine months is when we let athletes get back to playing. >> in the case of kevin durant, he previously a calf injury. we don't know if there is any cause and effect of with klay, he had a hamstring injury. and then this happens. any connection between the injuries? >> no. i don't think so. there is no connection whatsoever. if you look at that replay, there is clearly a mechanical disadvantage that his knee has when he lands and it has nothing to do with the hamstring not being strong enough. >> an achilles' tendon is pretty rare. >> it's amazing to me that both
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of these injuries don't happen more commonly, considering the size of these players and the speed and athleticism that they're playing the game at. a tremendous force through their bodies. every step of the game. its amazing that their are not more injuries. >> which is more difficult, the acl rehab or the achilles' tendon? they're both difficult in their own way. certainly the acl reconstruction is difficult. after a couple weeks they're both daunting. once you get back to it. the level of play that they need to be prepared for. >> some players are able to come back more quickly of others with
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for instance derrick rose, he took longer to get his feet underneath him. these injuries are all very variable. it is unique for every player. my hope is to see them back on the court for the playoffs. >> i hope we don't see you any time soon. we love when you come in. >> as a fan of warriors, i don't wish to be here. after his injury, support for kevin durant poured in. and people talked about it. >> i hope he's okay. i never want to see a good friend of mine
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i hope nothing is serious. when he went down, i really thought about him. i not the care about the game, i didn't care about the game that much. once he left, we have to flip our mind set took trying to beat the warriors of >> the city of fremont is considering where to put a homeless navigation center. >> why some say it is catching them by surprise. a gorilla is back after being wrapped up in a legal battle. how the gorilla is
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we've went telling but our effort to build a better bay area and part of our focus is in fremont. >> on a homeless navigation center. however, the specific location is up for debate with some concern that the process is being rushed. >> there is a growing concern over a growing problem. >> not all. some have a drug isis chronic alcoholism. mental health issues. >> the city is hoping the build a homeless site. a dozen sites are under conscious including this lot owned by niles discovery church. however, more than 3,000 people have already signed a petition. >> everything the homeless
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people need and deserve. church lead here's are supportive of the project were unavailable for comment. city councilmembers will hold a study session next being the establish criteria which city staff will use to narrow down the search. nearly 500 homeless people were counted city wide. >> we're going to need to build more affordable housing but that will take a while to come online. we have to start getting people back into stable, permanent living situations. >> what about the people who neat a lot of help. where are they going to track them and for how long? >> the city would be operating for five years. a final location could be there
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for five years. police in orange county say they've arrested a suspect in the beating of a man at a bus stop that was caught on camera. you may find the video we're about to show you disturbing. the 65-year-old victim was pushed into the street on wednesday. the attacker also stole his bicycle. that's tough to watch. there was a similar attack and that victim remains unconscious. a lengthy legal fight over a gorilla between the nonprofit there was a leak of a federal court order. it was after the death of cocoa, the famous signing a the zoo wanted to keep him with you decided he might not
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survive because of health issues. they said living alone would be harmful. the judge agreed and the zoo is happy to have him back. >> everybody is excited to have him back home. he was born here. he needs toley with other gorill gorillas. >> he is already climbing around in his new habitat. david copper field. he tried to replace the famous the missing star. francis scott key saw the flag and was inspired to write what is now our in a anthem.anthem.a. there's a mystery there. let's turn our attention to the weather. >> it looks like a nice
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forecast. >> it is socked in right now. the fog never cleared at the beaches and it was a little drizzly as well. if you're headed to tahoe, there will be showers and scattered thunderstorms on sunday. both in the afternoons. here's a live picture from tahoe. it is sunny but not for long. oakland, 64, some areas were a little bit cooler today compared to yesterday. bright skies right now. in the low 70s, concord, you're at 80 degrees. in livermore, 76 degrees. so here's a look at what you can expect. some low clouds, fog, and even
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some spotty drizzle mild weather heats up but don't worry. it won't be a repeat of the extreme heat we had. here's a look at what is keeping us in the comfort zone. the fog is socked in. 70 at noontime. if you're taking dad out for lunge. low 60s to the upper 80s. sunsets, 8:34 on sunday night. sun and clouds at the bay area airports. southwest wind, 10 to 20. 60s to mid 70s. if you're heading to honolulu, some showers and heat. 90 degrees. 73 in los angeles going from fog to sunshine.
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the hour by hour forecast. widespread marine layer. bits 2,000 feet deep so it won't really people away from the coast tomorrow afternoon. clouds and drizzle. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, look at these numbers. really mild. mid 70s, 71, redwood city. 61 on the coast. the fog lingers. down san francisco, 65 degrees. 63, sunset. north bay, vallejo. sunshine and high clouds in the afternoon and mild inland. tomorrow is our coolest day. we'll go cool coast. mild inland. father's day is a little warmer
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and it continues next week with low to mid 90s inland. the marine layer will keep the temperatures in check. we're not expecting the heat at the beaches. >> so nice. we can't stand it. >> all right. go
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>> take it's friday so it's time for finney's friday free stuff. >> great american has a red, white and brews festival. aside from all the rides, whaurng it's like out there. they're having a music festival. there will be locally sourced beer and wine, games and activities and a bunch of
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gourmet food including barbecue, of course. and are you into apple slaw? >> that sounds tasty. there are going to be five rocket bands throughout the day. this is every saturday and sunday through the he said of the month. you can get two tickets to one of those. they're worth $120. >> oh, my goodness! that's a great deal. >> and if you move fast, you can get they will for father's day. we've got you set up with a punch line. does that guy look familiar? he's a big time rider. you see him on all the late night shows. that's dan st. the punch bowl in san francisco. the value of those tickets, $20 for about $28.
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chase. make more of what's yours®.
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coming up, a beach access battle along the coast results in one of the biggest penalties ever. on the court confusion or something more? we dig into an altercation between general manager and an alameda county sheriff's deputy. and a woman asks michael finney if she got scammed when she bought a hot tub for $twixt 7 on your side finds out the truthful all that and much more coming up in half an hour. >> all right. we'll see you soon.
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>> today's ride helped kick off the alameda county fair. >> and i saddled up for the drive along with 50 cowboys and cow girls. it was all good fun. a herd of 150 cattle promoted the fair while sell >> it is our way to kind of celebrate what this community once was. to really show case that in a really real live way. we used to be a cattle community. you still see it in areas like livermore. >> this is the last year for the cow drive. >> the fair is open every day except mondays and tuesdays from now to july 7th. >> and we got to ride through there too. it was good stuff. good fun.
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people were waving tonight,g stories as we come on the air. the new surveillance tonight after the tanker was set ablaze. these images. a u.s. surveillance plane capturing what the white house claims shows the iranian national guard removing the evidence. what the president is saying tonight and why some of our allies are saying they're not convinced yet. also, the war of words escalating between president trump and joe biden. what the president told george about biden. and abc news tonight obtaining internal polling from the trump campaign. what it shows about a potential matchup between trump and biden in 2020. tonight, another american tourist dead in the dominican republic. a woman dying just one day after her 53rd birthday. what happened this time and what her son is


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