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  2020  KGO  June 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you said no collusion. the report said, no collusion. >> did you read the report. >> yes, i did. you should read it, too. >> 30 hours in the life of the president, like you've never seen before. >> i know we disagree about that, but we have a whole day to go. >> from the first tweet of the morning to good night with the first lady. he's speaking exclusively to george stephanopoulos. >> you're here. right now. you're united states. >> true. >> yet it seems like you feel this need to push back at perceived enemies. >> no, at false fake news. sces>> a varnished.
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>> if you're going to cough, please leave the room. >> and answering all the tough questions. >> you're being a little wise guy. >> about mueller. >> they built up a phony crime, hired a man that hated trump. >> and the man leading the polls, joe biden. >> sleepy joe. >> he's leading in the polls. >> i don't believe those polls. >> now, what is the state of the union? >> i find congress more difficult than many of the foreign leaders. >> because they have their own views. >> but that's democracy, isn't it? >> "president trump: 30 hours." here's george stephanopoulos. >> the race for 2020 is heating up. all eyes on iowa today where both president trump and democratic front runner joe biden will both be holding dueling campaign events. >> iowa, the center of the political universe at this point
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in the political cycle. >> well, i love iowa. >> trump, i love him one day and i hate him the next. >> trump only cares about himself. >> i think he's the first president we've had in a long time that's delivered on his promises. i'll see you in iowa. >> mr. president! >> nice people, though. and then you have of course the reporters, they're not so nice, but that's okay. >> getting this much time and access with a president who's called reporters the enemy of the people is a welcome surprise. >> hello, folks. >> mr. president, how are you. >> hey, george. come on in. >> our journey begins aboard air force one. the high-tech deluxe 747 jumbo jet with 4,000 square feet of floor space on three levels. including an extensive suite for the president. it's commonly called the flying oval office. during the 2 1/2-hour flight to
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iowa, the president meets with government officials, is briefed on the state's recent flooding. >> that's a lot of water damage, isn't it. >> yeah. >> 30,000 feet below, former vice president joe biden, on the ground in iowa. on the stump, and on the attack. >> i believe that the president is literally an existential threat to america. >> 3:15 p.m., we join the president in his brand new presidential limo, "the beast." while its state of the art secrets are closely held, it's reportedly equipped with tear gas, can lay out an oil slick in the event of a terrorist attack. there's even a refrigerated supply of the president's blood type in case of emergency. >> what a great group of people, you know, these people, they're so great. anyway, george. these people are so incredible. look they're crying. they're so cute. >> this is some piece of machinery. >> oh, this is amazing actually. feel the window, knock on that.
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bye, everybody. >> so this trip has turned into something a little bit different with the former vice president's decision today. >> what was his decision? >> to come to iowa. is that a good thing for you that he's in iowa while you're here? >> he made a speech, i watched it, you tend to doze off, but i watched it. >> this is a guy who does everything to separate and frighten people. >> it was fine. it was a political speech. >> he's still leading the polls on the democratic side. it's tightening up a little bit. >> it's tightening up a lot, which is interesting. >> but he's still beating you, according to the polls. >> well, i don't believe those polls. there's no way he beats me in texas. >> but even your own polls show you're behind right now, don't they? >> no, my polls show that i'm winning everywhere. >> i don't know, we've all seen these reports that 15 out of 17 states you spent $2 million on a poll and you're behind in 15 out of 17 states. >> nobody showed you those polls because those polls don't exist, george. those polls don't exist. i just had a meeting with somebody that's a pollster and i'm winning everywhere, so i don't know what you're talking about.
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>> so you don't feel like you're behind right now? you're not fighting from behind? >> i haven't even started yet, but we're getting tremendous polls. >> those poll results, so irritating to the president, that a few seconds later he has to go off the record to call his campaign manager. >> okay, so hold off for a little while, just call brad on the phone, and i want to ask him that question, okay? >> days later, we would get the internal trump polling data, confirmed by the campaign, that showed the president far behind in key battleground states earlier this spring. back on the record, we arrive at his first stop of the day, an ethanol plant in council bluffs, iowa. >> come on, let's go. >> it's an area that voted heavily for trump in the 2016 election, and helped deliver the biggest margin for a republican since ronald reagan. >> ladies and gentlemen, president donald j. trump. >> thank you very much, iowa. we love iowa. thank you very much. thank you. please sit down, sit down.
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otherwise they'll say i got no standing ovations. >> the president is using this speech to sell his economic strategy, but it's also a chance to hit back at joe biden. >> sleepy joe. he was someplace in iowa today, and he said my name so many times that people couldn't stand it anymore. no, don't keep saying it, sleepy guy. >> okay. >> 4:46 p.m., we're back in "the beast." >> look at these people. these are the people that couldn't get in. >> headed to air force one, for a second stop in des moines. a republican party fund-raiser that evening. elections are about tomorrow, not yesterday. when you go to voters over this next year, what's the big unfinished piece of business that you're going to say, this is what we're going to get done? >> so we almost had healthcare done. healthcare's a disaster. obamacare. but we've managed it much better than they managed it. so we made it serviceable, but it's not great. we're going to produce
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phenomenal health care. and we already have the concept of the plan. >> don't you have to tell people what the plan is? >> yeah, we'll be announcing that in about two months, maybe less. >> in preparation for this trip, we went out and talked to a lot of voters here in iowa, supporters of yours. and a lot of them say they voted for you, they're proud of you, they're gonna vote for you again, most of them. they wish you'd cut back on the tweets. >> at times with his tweets, i wonder sometimes if he overreacts. >> i think he could tone down some of his rhetoric and his tweets and so forth. >> it's the tweets. i just -- the things he's -- it's just not necessary. >> i have a very unfair press. it's a fake news, it's a corrupt news. if i don't use social media, i do not get the word out. i put it out, and then it goes onto your platform. i put one out this morning. and as soon as i pressed the button, they said, "we have breaking news." every network, every station. "we have breaking news." they read my tweet.
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why is that bad? >> what they're talking about though is you calling people names. it's demeaning. >> well, you know what? i'll bet they do like it. they may tell you that, but i'll bet they like it, you know? >> what's your pitch to the swing voter on the fence? >> safety, security, great economy. i think i've done more than any other first-term president ever. i have a phony witch hunt, which is just a phony pile of stuff. mueller comes out. there's no collusion. and essentially a ruling that no obstruction. and they keeping going with it. you know what, people are angry about it. >> i don't think that's what he found. but we don't have time for that. we'll talk about it later. >> that is what he found, excuse me, he found no collusion. and he didn't find anything having to do with obstruction because they made a ruling based on his findings and they said no obstruction. >> he didn't examine collusion, he laid out evidence of obstruction. >> are you trying to say now that there was collusion even though he said there is no collusion? >> he didn't say there is no collusion. >> he said no collusion. >> he said he didn't look -- >> george, the report said no collusion. >> did you read the report? >> yes, i did. you should read it, too, george. come on, let's go.
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you should read it too, george. ♪ thank you. thank you, everybody. wow, that crowd is deep. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you, ma'am. >> and later, at that fundraiser, trump polls the crowd on his 2020 campaign slogan. >> we have to make a decision. "make america great again" or "keep america great." you know who's here tonight, george stephanopoulos. the great george. where are you, george? he's around here someplace. he happens to be a nice guy. >> so after about ten hours, president trump and i are back aboard air force one heading back to the capital.
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just one day in iowa, with 510 more to go until election day. coming up -- anger in the oval office. >> on "good morning america" today, they had phony polling information. i explained to you last night that it was phony, but you didn't do anything about it. you should have. >> when "president trump: 30 hours" continues. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib. what's afib? i knew that meant i was at a greater risk of stroke. i needed answers. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. to help keep me protected from a stroke. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner... significantly lowers the risk of stroke not caused by a heart valve problem. in a clinical study, over 96% of people taking xarelto® remained stroke-free.
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good morning, mr. president. how are you? have a good night? >> very good night. i had a good day and a good night. >> how much sleep? >> probably i average four or
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five hours, i guess. >> wednesday morning, about ten hours after we last saw the president, we greet him at the elevator coming down from the private quarters of the white house. he begins with an admission. he skips the most important meal of the day. are you a big breakfast guy? >> i am not a breakfast guy at all, fortunately. i like the lunches. but the dinners is what i really like. >> you know, this colonnade. i remember i was with president obama, in one of his final days in office, he said in some ways this was his favorite part of the white house, where he really made some of his big decisions. what does it mean for you? >> it's an incredible part of the white house. it is, and you see it all of your life. and you know, you see president's walking back and forth with others. this is an incredible place. >> you feel the weight of the office when you're walking down this colonnade? >> i think about the office. this is a -- i just, because inth hour ow, welooking at this have a big ceremony on poland. you'll see hundreds of cameras out there. and this is what they're looking at. so you grow up looking at it.
8:16 pm
and you say, "wow, i'm now a part of it." it's a very special house. the whole white house is a special place. >> it's a long way from coming down that escalator, four years ago. >> it is, it's a long way. it's been actually a lot of fun. highly competitive, the world is highly competitive. but i think we're doing a great job. i don't think anybody has done more in 2 1/2 years, with regulations, with taxes, believe it or not, with world events. they respect us again. >> what's the most fun part of the job? >> i think just the accomplishment of doing a lot of good things for a lot of people. >> hardest part? >> the hardest is usually congress. i find congress more difficult frankly than many other foreign leaders. >> why is that? >> because they have their own views, you never know exactly. but they have their own views. >> but that's democracy, isn't it? >> yeah, i guess it is. but -- and i play the game. but sometimes it's too much of a game. there are so many things, like
8:17 pm
the border. the border should be done, george. the border, the democrats should come in and in 15 minutes to an hour we can have it all solved. it's so simple. >> you have to give some stuff as well. >> well -- but it's not even giving stuff, the things that we're talking about you shouldn't have to give. its so basic. there are three or four loopholes. you solve those loopholes, you no longer have a problem at the border. >> more people crossing the border than ever before right now. >> that's because the economy is so good. they try to come into our country. we have many more people wanting to come. and they come for economic reasons. they not coming for asylum. >> many are facing violence. >> really, most of them, for economic reasons. the country is doing better economically than ever before. and everybody wants to crack in. >> we're about to walk into the oval office. where do you make your biggest decisions? is it in there? is it upstairs? is it in your study? >> i really, all over. it's in the plane sometimes going to a country. it's in the strangest places. but the oval office. >> it just hits you?
8:18 pm
>> i'll tell you, the oval office is such a special place. >> show us around. famous desk. >> that's a very famous desk. its the resolute desk. that was ronald regan, jfk. there's a very famous picture of john-john right here. >> president clinton used that as well. >> president clinton used it. a number of great presidents used it. and frankly i had my choice of seven desks. and that was the one immediately -- that was the one i chose. >> what do they do? they give you a catalog? >> they give you pictures of desks. they give you pictures of carpet. this is the ronald reagan carpet. they give you pictures of the drapes. you see the drapes? i think we have 12 sets of drapes we can use. and i chose those drapes. but -- >> what's the biggest personal touch you've put on the office? >> i put a lot of them. the flags. you didn't have flags to any great degree. you had an american flag.
8:19 pm
but for the most part we didn't have flags. >> do you actually do work in here? or is it all for meetings? >> i do work in here. i have most of the meetings. people like to be in the room. it's very comfortable. and back there, i have a tremendous amount of work. it's a much different affect. so i have a desk back here that i actually use much more. >> do you find you can use the power of this setting to get your way? you have those ceos come in here? >> i don't think about it, really. you know, i don't focus on that. but i think probably it's true. right there, that's more judges i'm signing. we've signed 107 judges since i'm in. and i'll get 145 plus 2 supreme court judges which we already have. >> do you think that could be your most lasting impact? >> well, it could. i mean, people have said that. i don't think of it that way. because we've given the biggest tax cut in history. we have anwar.
8:20 pm
we have the biggest regulation cut by far. >> but tax cuts come and go, judges make decisions for generations. >> they do. they do. and regulation cuts come and go. but the reason the economy is so good and the reason so many people are pouring up through mexico and wanting to come into our country, including people from mexico, is because the economy is so powerful. it's so good. >> already sent out three tweets this morning. i'm usually at my desk around -- between 6:30 and 7:00 when they start to come in. and it seems like you're very conscious of kind of -- you're gonna set the news for the day before all of us do. >> i don't think of it that way. and it obviously didn't work. because i watched your show this morning, "good morning america." and they had something about the polling. and it's really suppression polling. it's fake polling. but in that case, it was just made up polling. >> made up? >> and i had the same thing. i had the same thing, made up. i mean they give you phony numbers. they give you numbers. they said they have access to numbers which i don't believe they have access to. they suppress. they want to suppress the minds of people so they don't bother going out and voting. >> you think there's a real conspiracy? >> no, i just think it's a bad group of people. and it shouldn't be allowed.
8:21 pm
but that's no different than the fake news. and the fake news is at a level that it has never been at before. >> you and i -- you know, we disagree on this about. but we have a whole day ahead to go. our conversation continues a few minutes later. the president now seated at the resolute desk, showing us some of those presidential appointments awaiting his signature. and complaining again about polls showing him running behind joe biden. >> for instance, on "good morning america" today, they had that phony polling information. i explained to you last night that it was phony. but you didn't do anything about it. you should have, but it was late in the evening and perhaps you didn't get a chance. >> i've studied those polls. i've heard the explanations. >> ultimately, it doesn't matter. >> but why does it bother you so much? >> because it's untrue. i like the truth. i'm actually a very honest guy. if i thought they were correct, i wouldn't be complaining at all. i understand that. it's like the witch hunt that goes on. no collusion with russia. there was no collusion.
8:22 pm
and what bothers me -- >> as you know, that's not what robert mueller found. >> it's what it says. it said, "no collusion." you know what, nobody even brings russia up anymore. what bothers me is when you did nothing wrong. and they have a phony witch hunt. that bothers me. and mueller, who hates trump, he is a never trumper. and then he puts -- >> what evidence do you have that he hates you? >> i know he hates me. and then he puts 18 people on who are democrats. >> not all democrats. >> well, they are very close. and they were contributors to hillary and some of them even worked for hillary clinton. >> you called robert mueller honorable. why the switch? >> i'm not switching or anything. i would hope he is honorable. but you know what, he gave us no collusion. and that was a very big thing. >> he did not say that. >> and frankly, he did say that. he said there was no collusion. >> he said he explicitly didn't look at collusion. >> george, read the report. >> i did. he said there was insufficient
8:23 pm
evidence that said there was a conspiracy. >> excuse me, read the report. read the conclusion of the report. just read it. okay? >> still ahead, the question and answer that sparked a political firestorm. your campaign this time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on opponents, should they accept it? or should they call the fbi? he comes from the southern coast of ireland. i think it's why we've been doing this...forever. my dad has roots in the mountains of northern mexico. home to the strongest runners in the universe. my dad's ancestors were african b i bet they told the most amazing stories. with new features and richer stories...
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it's 9:13 a.m. the 45th president, defiant as ever. and you are here right now. you are president of the united states. >> i am. i am, that's true. >> yet it seems like you just feel this need to push back at perceived enemies. >> no. at false stories. at fake news. nobody has any idea how corrupt the media is. they are corrupt. not all of it, fortunately. >> you word it all by continuing to say that the media is corrupt, that this is all fake news. but when you need the media at a time of national crisis we aren't going to have the kind of unity we need.
8:28 pm
>> i'm not worried about it, no. i'm not worried about it. >> the president is under pressure from congress and the courts to release his tax returns and financial statements. >> when you will see my financial statement, at some point i assume it's gonna be released, you'll be very impressed with the job i've done. much, much bigger. much, much better than anybody. >> which financial statement? >> they're after my financial statement. the senate, they'd like to get my financial statement. at some point, i hope they get it. >> you gonna turn it over? >> no, at some point i might. but at some point i hope they get it 'cause it's a -- it's a fantastic financial statement. >> yeah. uld ha ughing in the my statement. if you're gonna cough, please av okay, do you want to do that a little differently than -- >> yeah, we just changed the angle. >> thank you.
8:29 pm
>> so at some point -- so at some point, i look forward to, frankly i'd like to have people see my financial statement because it's phenomenal. >> it's up to you. >> no, it's not up to me. it's up to lawyers, it's up to everything else. but they're asking for things that they should never be asking for, that they've never asked another president for. they want to go through every deal that i've ever done, they've -- what they're doing is a disgrace. >> you know that other presidents have turned over their tax returns. >> they're trying to do, step, step, step. they want to keep it going as long as possible to try and demean and hurt as much as possible so they can possibly win the presidential election. >> you're a fighter. it feels like you're in a constant kind of churn. >> yeah, my life has always been a fight. and i enjoy that, i guess. i don't know if i enjoy it or not. sometimes i have false fights like the russian witch hunt. that's a false fight. that's a made-up hoax. and i had to fight that. >> the first line of his report says they had a systematic attempt to interfere in our elections. >> they did, but not me. and they also said, okay, that we rebuffed them. okay? >> well they said you're -- >> that the trump campaign.
8:30 pm
excuse me. the campaign, the trump campaign rebuffed them. now, anything having to do with russia, had nothing to do with our campaign. >> well, paul manafort. >> paul manafort, they have paul manafort on taxes and many other things. nothing to do with our campaign. >> giving polling information to the russians. >> i don't know anything about that. what difference does polling information make? it doesn't matter. and putin, i will say this. if he had it, it was up to him. he would much rather have hillary clinton be president right now. and all of these countries would rather have biden or anybody else but trump. >> he said he was trying to help elect you. he said that explicitly. >> well, he might've said that after i won, because it's a smart thing to say. okay? >> and mueller says that he's trying to do that. >> mueller said that we rebuffed russia, that we pushed them away, that we weren't interested. read the report. >> i have read the report. on that, though, your son don junior is up before the senate intelligence committee today. >> are you here to correct your testimony? >> nothing to correct. >> don junior had been caught up in the russia investigation because of that trump tower
8:31 pm
meeting in 2016, which he set up expecting to get dirt on hillary clinton from the russian government. he was not charged with anything. in retrospect, though, do you think -- >> i mean, not only wasn't he charged, if you read it, with all of the horrible fake news, i mean, i was reading that my son was going to go to jail. this is a good young man. that he was gonna go to jail and all of these horrible stories. and then the report comes out and they didn't even say, they hardly talked about him. >> should he have gone to the fbi when he got that email? >> okay, let's put yourself in a position. you're a congressman, somebody comes up and says, "hey, i have information on your opponent." do you call the fbi? >> if it's coming from russia you do. >> i'll tell you what. i've seen a lot of things over my life. i don't think in my whole life i've ever called the fbi. this is somebody that said, "we have information on your opponent." oh, let me call the fbi. give me a break, life doesn't work that way. >> the fbi director says tha >> the fbi decr is wrong. but i heard about my son, who is a great young man, going to jail over a meeting where somebody said i have information on
8:32 pm
hillary clinton. she's the one that should be in jail. she deleted 33 -- >> she should be in jail? >> she deleted 33,000 emails from, sent by the united states congress. they deleted every one of them. okay? if you did that, you would've been put in jail. >> your campaign, this time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on opponents, should they accept it or should they call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. i don't -- there's nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, "we have information on your opponent." oh, i think i'd want to hear it. >> you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> it's not an interference to have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought there was something wrong, i'd go maybe to the fbi. if i thought there was something wrong. you go and talk honestly to congressmen, they all do it, they always have. and that's the way it is. it's called oppo research. everybody wants it. the farmers, the manufacturers,
8:33 pm
the unions, everybody wants it. >> as the morning unfolds, we sit in on a series of meetings. some with members of the first family front and center. there's a meeting on the economy and trade. >> let's see if the democrats approve it. >> a photo op with pilots from air force one. ivanka stops by just shy of noon for a meeting on jobs. >> larry and i are headed to "the wall street journal." we really believe that education has to be, especially for mid to late career workers, has to be driven by the private sector. >> we do this dog and pony show, sir. i'm the dog, she's the pony. >> have fun, okay? great job. you are really doing a great job. thank you. >> see you later. >> but there is one meeting that's completely off-limits. the daily intelligence briefing. you guys ready? when we come back -- >> look, george, you're being a little wise guy. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis,
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airspace over the white house is restricted virtually every day. unless it's a day when you've inked a deal to sell fighter planes to poland. >> moments ago, we witnessed that impressive flyover of this cutting-edge f-35 as it flew over the white house. >> today's showmanship, just the latest demonstration of the president's "out of the box" approach to foreign policy. case in point, the unusually warm relationship he's struck up with north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> i just received a beautiful letter from kim jong-un, and i think the relationship is very well but i appreciated the letter. >> after a day filled with photo ops, pressers, and back-to-back meetings, including one on the opioid crisis with the first lady melania trump -- >> and i will continue to bring the awareness how dangerous drugs are. >> it's finally time for our sitdown interview with the president.
8:39 pm
at 4:34 p.m., on the patio just off the rose garden. one year ago today, we were in singapore right after your meeting with kim jong-un. and you told me then that you trust him. and you also put out that tweet. "there's no longer a nuclear threat from north korea." but there is a nuclear threat today, isn't there? >> well, it could change. i would say not much. there's been no testing, no anything. but it could change. and there's been no nuclear testing except for very short range. and that's something that a lot of nations test, frankly, what he tested. i think we've made tremendous progress. now, i will let you know if it goes the other way. and it can, and it can happen instantly. but we've done a very good job. >> do you think he's still building nuclear weapons? >> i don't know. i hope not. he promised me he wouldn't be. he promised me he wouldn't be testing. >> so you still trust him? >> well, look, i couldn't tell you that. it would be very insulting to him.
8:40 pm
but the answer is, yeah, i believe that he would like to do something. i believe he respects me. i get along with him really well, i think i understand him, and i think he understands me. >> but there have been these cycles, as you know, with the family, with north korea, with president clinton, with president george w. bush. >> and everybody gave him a lot. president clinton gave him billions and billions of dollars and got nothing. i've given nothing. now, at some point -- >> but do you worry that he could be playing you, too? >> well, look, i put on sanctions. the sanctions are on. we've gotten our hostages back. we've gotten the remains. and they continue to come back, the remains of our great heroes from the past. >> i asked the president about the return of one american in particular. college student otto warmbier who came back from north korea reportedly billed the united states $2 million for warmbier's medical care. did they try to make you pay for otto warmbier?
8:41 pm
>> when you say "me," -- >> the united states. >> because i didn't know him at that time. that was a very different deal. but here's the bottom line. i ended it. we didn't pay. we never paid. what he did with other people in the state department, that's irrelevant. and i have great respect for otto's parents. and what happened to otto is horrible, horrible. but we never paid for otto. >> the president says he's eal kim jong-un despite his horrific record on human rights. kim has executed many in the north korean elite, including, reportedly, members of his own negotiating team after the last failed summit. >> it appears that meeting with you is dangerous for members of his negotiating team. >> somebody said, "well, i guess he's a tougher negotiator maybe than we thought." the fact is that i don't know what happened with the five people. i have no idea whether or not anything happened to anybody else. you know, you hear all sorts of stories, but i don't know that -- >> what -- >> -- they're true.
8:42 pm
and you would never know and probably wouldn't be able to find out very easily. >> it's not easy. it's a closed society. lift a veil on your strategy here. you know, i listen to you every single day. all americans do. especially over these last couple days. you know, you -- "the press are enemy of the people. fake news. joe biden's a loser, low iq." yet all these warm words -- >> and other people are very good. >> -- for kim jong -- no, but explain the strategy -- >> i say nice things about you. maybe you're in that category. >> you never know. but there seems to be a dissonance there. >> i don't think so. i say a lot of nice things about a lot of people that are very soft and nice. and i say good things about lots of people. look, i'm in charge of a very, very special gift. it's this incredible country. i'm dealing with people. some might be nice, and some might not be nice. but i've done a great job. when we return -- stunning accusations involving trump's predecessor in the oval office. do you think president obama was behind it? okay, i picked out my dream car. now's the really fun part.
8:43 pm
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8:47 pm
hello. >> our 30 hours with the president has taken us from iowa to the oval. we've covered a lot of ground on a range of topics. but one specific topic is clearly on his mind. >> read the report. >> the president repeatedly brings up the russia investigation unprompted. but he still hasn't addressed the big question that robert mueller did not answer. did president trump obstruct justice, break the law? >> we talked about russia. but we haven't talked about robert mueller's evidence on obstruction of justice. the attorney general said you didn't commit obstruction of justice. robert mueller said he's not
8:48 pm
reaching a decision -- could not exonerate you. and he laid out all that evidence. more than 1,000 former federal prosecutors -- >> oh, that's -- but they're all politicians. hey george, look, i know more about prosecutors than you'll ever know. they're politicians. i could get you 5,000 that would also say that there's nothing. you know, i saw their names. and these are all -- many of them are trump haters. many of them if you look at the names. >> many republicans, too -- >> i've been treated so unfairly 'cause i never did anything. there was no crime. the crime was committed by the democrats. it was committed by your friend hillary clinton. the crime was committed by them. the crime was committed by comey and all of these people. i've been very unfairly treated. even a question like that's unfair. >> mr. president, there's nothing unfair about the question. >> no special counsel should have ever been appointed. you know why? 'cause there was no crime. >> but he -- >> they had no -- excuse me. they had no evidence of crime. >> he lays out a lot of evidence, including the episode where you ask your white house counsel, don mcgahn -- you tell him, "mueller has to go." you call him twice and say, "mueller has to go.
8:49 pm
call me when it's done." >> the story on that very simply, number one, i was never gonna fire mueller. i never suggested firing mueller. >> that's not what he says. >> i don't care what he says. it doesn't matter. that was to show everyone what a good counsel he was. now, he may have gotten confused with the fact that i've always said, robert mueller was conflicted. he had numerous conflicts. one of them was the fact that he applied for the job to be the fbi -- the head of the fbi. and, by the way -- >> steve bannon said he didn't. that's in the report -- >> steve bannon wouldn't know. steve bannon has no idea. steve bannon was not in the room. he was conflicted because we had a business transaction where i wouldn't give him back a deposit -- >> but mueller writes about that. steve bannon told you it was ridiculous. >> steve bannon doesn't even know about it or hardly would know about it. but he had a total conflict. he also happened to have a very good friendship and relationship with comey. right then and there he's conflicted. >> why would don mcgahn lie, why lie under oath?
8:50 pm
>> because he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer. or he believed it because i would constantly tell anybody that would listen, including you, including the media, that robert mueller was conflicted. robert mueller had a total conflict of interest. >> and has to go? >> i never -- i didn't say that. article two would have allowed me to fire him. >> so it sounds like you -- >> but i wasn't gonna fire. you know why? because i watched richard nixon go around firing everybody, and that didn't work out too well. so very simply, article two would allow me to do it. >> in our time together the president repeatedly invoked article two of the u.s. constitution, which gives him authority over the entire executive branch, and he contends, the power to have fired mueller. you talk about article two. so your position is that you can hire or fire anybody, stop or start -- >> that is the position of a lot of great lawyers. that's the position of some of the most talented lawyers. and you have to have a position like that because you're the president. but without even bringing up article two, which absolutely
8:51 pm
gives you every right -- >> so a president can't obstruct justice? >> a president can run the country. and that's what happened, george. i run the country, and i run it well. >> when the president does it, it's not illegal? >> i'm just saying a president under article two -- it's very strong. read it. do you have article two? read it. >> i know what article two says. >> read it. no, read it. read it for your audience. >> it talks about executive power. but if you answer these questions to me now, why not answer them to robert mueller under oath? >> because they were looking to get us for lies or slight misstatements. i looked at what happened to people, and it was very unfair. very, very unfair. very unfair. >> you're not worried about being prosecuted once you leave office? >> did nothing wrong, george. did nothing wrong. there was no collusion. you don't even hear russia mentioned anymore. russia's not mentioned. now, it's all about obstruct. obstruction of what? they built up a phony crime. they hired a man that hated trump.
8:52 pm
what kind of a rigged deal is this? >> you didn't answer questions on obstruction. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. i did answer questions. i answered them in writing. >> not on obstruction. >> i don't know about this -- i don't know. i answered a lot of questions. they gave me questions. i answered them in writing. >> not on obstruction. >> look, george, you're being a little wise guy, okay -- which is, you know, typical for you. just so you understand. very simple. it's very simple. there was no crime. there was no collusion. it was a setup. in my opinion, and i think it's gonna come out. >> who set it up? >> i hope it's gonna come out. we're gonna find out very soon. >> you clearly believe there was a group of people working against you. do you think president obama was behind it? >> i would say that he certainly must have known about it because it went very high up in the chain. i'm not gonna make that statement quite yet. but i would say that president obama had to know about it. >> how are you gonna put this behind you? >> well, i would put it behind. i wouldn't have answered any of atement our fis dn't hdehe about this.
8:53 pm
>> i had a ton of questions. >> you get immediately onto this. people are fixated. no collusion, no obstruction. because the attorney general, who's a great gentleman and a highly respected man, based on the evidence given said there's no obstruction here. >> your hand-picked attorney general. >> agreed with him. rod rosenstein -- which is a big thing. he agreed with him. >> and you think that's the final word? you're not worried about what happens in congress? >> look, the republicans in the senate, every single one of them that i see know this is a witch hunt. they get it 100%. and that's what matters. the democrats are gonna do it only because they might think it helps them. i think it actually hurts them in the election. but there's never been a time in the history of our country where somebody was so mistreated as i have been. and this should never, ever be allowed to happen to another president again. a previous administration used
8:54 pm
the intelligence data and the intelligence agencies to spy on my campaign. >> do you believe that president obama spied on your campaign? >> i don't know. but hopefully we're gonna find out. >> so, goorj george, take a look at this. next, the brander in chief upends tradition. what does he have planned? >> i'm doing that for other presidents, not for me. faced. we got the idea that if we took two dimensional patient imaging and put it in holographic displays, we could dissect around the tumor so we can safely remove it. when we first started, we felt like this might just not be possible but verizon 5g ultra wideband will give us the ability to do this. ♪ hey allergy muddlers... achoo! your sneezes turn heads? try zyrtec...
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8:57 pm
president trump has his eye, of course, on the 2020 campaign, but he's also looking ahead to his legacy. we got a surprise sneak peek at his plans for a newly designed air force one. >> so, you know, the big news is we ordered a new plane. >> you still want new colors? >> could they bring in the new colors? >> it's the first redesign since the kennedys, who changed the color from orange to the iconic blue and white, a look that has lasted more than five decades through 11 administrations. >> so george, take a look at this. >> wow. >> there's your new air force one. and i'm doing that for other presidents, not for me.
8:58 pm
red, white. and blue. >> you designed it? >> yeah. it was time. >> it's a very different look. very american. >> it's going to look incredible. it's going to look sleeker. >> note that striking resemblance to trump's personal plane, trump force one. >> we had different choices. these are all slightly different. >> is the frame still a 747 or no? >> it's a 747. but, you know, it's a much bigger plane. >> it is, sir. >> bigger wingspan. >> that actually -- so. >> it's a much bigger wingspan. >> everyone wants to know, is there a pod or not? >> a pod? >> seen the movie "air force one"? >> yeah. >> the famous pod that flies out of the back. >> emergency pod has been deployed. >> oh, i see. there are a couple of secrets. there are a couple of secrets i don't think we're supposed to be talking about. so anyway, there it is if you want. >> as for the president's personal legacy. final question. when this is all over, whether it's a year and a half from now or five and a half years from now, how do you want to be remembered as president? >> as a president that loved the
8:59 pm
people, took care of the people, made our economy tremendous, built up our military, took care of our vets. somebody that really loved the country and did a great job, whether it's four years or hopefully it's eight years. because i still have work to do. somebody that did a really great job for the country. >> 30 hours with president trump ends with a serenade by the marine band. ♪ he and the first lady bid farewell to the polish president and his wife. and then ascend the stairs to their private quarters. a most traditional of rituals for a most untraditional president. ♪
9:00 pm
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