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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 18, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the gun battle outside federal court. overnight new details about the shooter's military past and for the first time we hear from the photographer who snapped this photo just feet away as the violence was unfolding. >> i was running down the sidewalk thinking i got to get out of harm's way. 'he's coming this way. more u.s. troops are headed to the middle east amid rising tensions with iran. the new evidence from oil tanker attack, the so-called nuclear blackmail and why one ambassador claims we're heading towards a confrontation. trapped by a mudslide. a woman's desperation as heavy rains caused mud to get into her home. the new flood alerts in 13
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states from the plains to the northeast. plus, the breathtaking x-ray. how a boy survived this terrifying accident with a knife. abc news exclusive. the teen who lost her leg in a shark attack describes the moment she realized the shark was biting her. >> my body went into shock and i just knew it was bad. >> what she did next. and forget the remote control. how you can now change the channel with your eyes. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with details about that gun battle outside the courthou courthouse. >> overnight we learn more about the man's background. >> we're hearing in dramatic detail from the news photographer who snapped this photograph up close of the gunman just as the violence was unfolding.
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chaos outside this courthouse in dallas. police say a masked gunman opened fire on the building sending people running for their lives. >> maybe, 10, 15 shots. all of it rapid. people just started running out of the building. >> there's like, blam, blam, blam, blam. my wife is like, those are gunshots. >> reporter: blank brown, a lawyer, heard the gunshots. >> at one point he aimed at a woman walking a dog and she was able to get behind the car then i saw a couple of security guys shooting at him. >> reporter: as the gun fight with federal officers raged outside the building, tom fox, a photographer with "the dallas morning news" captured this image of the gunman. >> i was running down the sidewalk thinking i have to get out of harm's way. he's coming this way. i didn't want to be shot in the back so i ducked into the first alcove. >> reporter: in this video, fox is seen taking cover in the corner of the building just feet from the suspect with bullets flying past him.
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>> i just crouched in the corner and tried to make myself as small as possible and just sprayed -- prayed that he didn't walk past me. >> reporter: he started shooting video. the clip posted on "the dallas morning news" shows him running for safety as police shoot and kill the suspect. authorities found his car nearby and carried out a controlled explosion as a precaution. this morning, the suspect is identified as 22-year-old brian clyde. he served in the army for a year and a half from 2015 to 2017. abc station wfaa report people he served with say clyde was unable to pass the army's physical training test making him undeployable. also according to wfaa on his now deactivated facebook account, clyde made multipling references to the military and appears to be obsessed with guns. a picture posted just two days ago before the shooting shows nearly a dozen rifle magazines. no one else was injured in that shooting, and police have not released a possible motive.
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we turn now to the rising tensions in the middle east pushing the u.s. and iran closer to confrontation. more american troops are now heading to the region after the pentagon released new video claiming it proves iran was responsible for the recent attacks on oil tankers. and now iran is making a new threat which the u.s. calls nuclear blackmail. abc's mona kosar abdi has more from washington. good morning, mona. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth. both sides know that security in the region is necessary to protect their interests, but with the u.s. and iran refusing to back down, a cloud of uncertainty looms over the middle east. overnight the u.s. releasing these new images of the tanker attack in the gulf of oman, officials say this time from a different angle. the pictures show the iranian revolutionary guard removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers. the military also accusing iran of attempting to shoot down a drone monitoring the attack. >> the international community and our allies step up to condemn this behavior.
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>> reporter: iran has denied all u.s. allegations. on cnn the islamic ambassador had a stark warning to not underestimate iranian determination. >> unfortunately we are heading towards a confrontation which is very serious for everybody in the region. >> reporter: and on monday the u.s. and iran inching closer to that conflict. the white house responding by demanding iran comply with the obama era deal that president trump withdrew from. >> we continue to call on the iranian regime not to obtain a nuclear weapon. we should not yield to nuclear extortion by the iranian regime. >> reporter: on the same day the pentagon announced it will send 1,000 additional u.s. forces to the middle east for, quote, defensive purposes. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan adding the u.s. does not seek conflict with iran. secretary of state mike pompeo
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also reiterated that president trump does not want to go to war with iran, but, janai, kenneth, you heard the iranian ambassador. he believes the u.s. and iran are heading towards confrontation. >> those tensions definitely rising in the region. mona, thank you. as president trump prepares to officially kick off his re-election campaign tonight in orlando, he's firing off new tweets about an immigration crackdown. the president says next week immigration officials will begin to process removing millions of illegal immigrants from the u.s., quote, as fast as they come in. he now says mexico is doing a good job of stopping migrants before they reach the u.s. and he announced guatemala is close to signing an agreement that would require migrants to seek asylum there first before applying in the u.s. police in toronto are searching for a motive after a gunfire erupted during the victory parade for the nba champion raptors. thousands of people ran in the scene. four people were wounded and three suspects were arrested. the celebration's emsee
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interrupted a speech when the shots rang out. >> i want to make sure everybody stays calm right now. okay, please stay calm. we're dealing -- i'm getting information that we're dealing with the situation that's not far from here. this is serious. >> one woman was reportedly trampled in the crowd. an estimated 1.5 million people attended the parade. back in this country, 40 million people from the plains to the northeast are under flood alerts this week. extreme flooding in kentucky triggered mudslides in some areas. one mudslide near lexington destroyed a home leaving a 90-year-old woman trapped for hours. crews worked quickly once they arrived on the scene. >> she was in the bed asleep. the mudslide came down behind her house. she was under three layers of flooring. you had the first floor and then a brick wall came over, and then you had the second floor on top of it. the big guy upstairs was taking care of her. that's what saved her life.
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>> you saw her waving as they wheeled her away. the rains also turned turned deadly. a father was killed after trying to drive across a flooded bridge near louisville. farther west in kentucky, a storm caused part of this bourbon warehouse to collapse. 4500 barrels of bourbon were scattered among the rubble. fortunately no one was hurt. >> well, let's take a look now at your forecast for this tuesday morning. good morning. severe storms for tuesday with flash flooding, isolated hail and 60-mile-per-hour winds from d.c. to richmond, charleston, roanoke down towards charlotte and then we'll have concerns for widespread rain throughout the entire ohio valley region and scorn new england states throughout the entire east coast leaning into the entire southeast with heavy storms in the tennessee valley region, stormy alabama, over towards new orleans as far south as
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miami and then we are looking for widespread showers in the center part of the country. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. watching tv will never be the same. coming up, how you can use your eyes to change the channel. also ahead, the big announcement from facebook launching its own currency. how it could save you money. but first what we're now learning about the woman accused of killing a former state senator. and how a boy was able to survive this accident with a
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talk about a view out the window. this is what some people flying over central mexico saw yesterday. a volcano spewing ash two miles into the sky. the eruption was expected, and local residents were warned to avoid the area. the woman accused of killing a former state senator from arkansas is being held without bail. rebecca o'donnell, former campaign staffer and friend of linda collins-smith did not
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enter a plea. the 48-year-old acharged with capital murder and hindering physical evidence. collins-smith's body was found wrapped in a blanket outside her home. abc station kait reports o'donnell was a witness in collins-smith's divorce case and o'donnell's boyfriend reportedly oversaw collins' finances. new momevideo shows shows ss moments leading up to a controversial encounter between police officers and a family in phoenix. police release redacted surveillance video that shows a 4-year-old walking out of a dollar store with a doll no one had paid for and an unnamed woman was also seen with several items in her hands before throwing them into the ofh nsd leaving. drn hey did not follow orders. dravon ames and iesha harper claim it all happened because of
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a doll that their daughter took by accident. >> she took it but it wasn't like as we said to grab the doll, let's go. no, we paid for things we was getting and we left, you know, like just normal routine. >> reporter: the mayor and police chief apologized for this incident, but the family says no one has reached out to them directly. we do understand this morning that they are suing the city. despite the growing u.s. economy and low unemployment, a new report finds 18% of children in the u.s. are now living in poverty. that's the same as 1990. experts say the rate was soared in the southwest where many of the children are native american, latinos and immigrants. facebook is expected to announce its cryptocurrency today. a digital monetary system. the website tech church reports facebook will call its new currency libra and may use it to offer low or no fee payments and money transfers. >> forget the remote control. comcast subscribers can now control their tvs using only their eyes.
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s x1 app can sasha for a show using so-called eye ga. the software come cast says will make it easier for the physically disabled to enjoy tv. very cool. don't blink. keep us on. coming up, the unusual arrest at the airport. see how some expensive birds were being smuggled. >> first our exclusive interview with the teenager who lost her leg in a shark attack and tells our robin roberts what was going through her mind during those terrifying moments. plus the death of another american tourist raises more questions in the dominican republic. with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death.
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fingers in the attack off north carolina. she sat down with our robin roberts to discuss her injuries and the moment her dad came to the rescue. >> i was aware from the beginning, nothing is going to be the same ever again. >> reporter: paige winter's injuries are still visible. the 17-year-old now has casts on both hands after losing two fingers and what remains of her left leg is bandaged. >> like a dog they get a rope and you grab the other end of the rope, and they start going like this with their whole body. that's what was happening to me for a minute, so i was like, oh, okay, cool. >> reporter: paige tells abc's robin roberts in an exclusive interview at first she thought a family member was playing a joke by grabbing her leg and pulling her underwater but she quickly realized it was a shark and she desperately tried to pry its jaw open. >> you never lost consciousness. paige? >> my body went into shock so i
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couldn't really feel anything. i just knew it was bad. >> reporter: paige says she yelled to her father charlie. he jumped into the water and punched the shark freeing her. >> you her met anybody squared up with a shark? meet my dad. >> reporter: paige is one of three people to be attacked by a shark off north carolina's coast this month. the number of attacks across the country this year is already at 19, which is the average number the united states sees each year. some experts say warmer waters are bringing sharks closer to the shore. others point to the larger number of people flocking to the coast. as for paige she's not letting the shark attack break her spirit. >> i'm still paigy, just a little different. i've got some pieces of the puzzle missing but it's okay. >> much more of this interview later on "good morning america." she tells robin how she's turning what happened into a teachable moment, plus, what her dad said after fighting off the shark. a family in new jersey says their loved one is the eighth american tourist to die in the dominican republic since last year. 55-year-old joseph allen was
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found dead in his hotel room last week. his sister claims allen was for the most part healthy and says her brother was a muslim which teaches that followers should not drink alcohol. several other recent tourists' deaths followed guests drinking from the mini bar in their room. luck was on the side of a new jersey man after an apparent gas explosion destroyed this home leaving him trapped in the rubble. an off-duty police officer was one block away and ran to the scene for help. >> we were able to take some wood out to make a big enough hole where he had crawled out. and several officers and i, we helped him get out of the house. it's like a switch that kicks in and get into this mode where you need to help someone. >> the man is recovering in the hospital. three responders suffered minor injuries. a kansas teen is out of the hospital just three days after he fell on a knife that impaled his face. look at this.
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15-year-old eli greg ended up with the knife embedded in his skull under his brain. s tip of the played was pressing against a major artery. the doctor who removed the knife said just a little more force would have killed him. customs foiled a plot to smuggle $100,000 of goods into the u.s. and it wasn't drugs. it was 4 song birds from south america hidden inside plastic hair rollers in his carry on bag. the finches were found during a random search at jfk airport. well, up next in "the pulse," the fastest way to peel garlic. the dream job for anyone who likes to eat, travel and get paid lots of money. plus, what scientists have learned about dogs and how they get our attention. turning 50 opens the door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home. it all starts when your doctor orders me.
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pulse" and we begin with a dream job for anyone who likes to eat and travel. >> dream job? we already got this one. reynolds wrap is hiring someone to travel across the country in search of the best ribs. you'll travel for the first two weeks of august and be required to post photos and bringing techniques on the company's social media channels. >> salary, $5,000 per week. you have until tomorrow to apply. in case this job doesn't work out. >> it's keto friendly. it's great. all the ribs you could eat. now to a shortcut in the kitchen. a simple solution for anyone who's ever struggled to peel garlic. >> look at this. captivating new video demonstrates an unbelievably quick and easy peeling technique going viral on twitter racking up more than 8 million views. >> it even caught the attention of chrissy teigen who expressed her amazement with one word, what. >> we tried it. we couldn't get it. good luck. >> yeah. blame evolution the next time you melt when your dog
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gives you that look. >> scientists have determined dogs have developed a muscle that helps them raise their eyebrows. it makes them more childlike and triggers a nurturing response ie expressive eyebrows cause puppy dog eyes and creates the illusion of human-like communication. you know, when my kid gets into something he's not surprised to, it's that look. >> he has that muscle as well. all right, so next an unusual news conference from a politician. it was streamed online but there was only one little tiny meow problem. >> the person operating the camera apparently forgot to turn off the cat filter which gave pakistan's health minister cat ears and whiskers. >> they say it was not intentional. it was turned off within a moment. what's this graphic all about behind us? imagine looking out the window anticipate seeing spider-man on a neighbor's roof.
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news to build a better bay area. this is abc7 mornings. >> making news right now at 4:27, two breaking stories. police swarm an oakland neighborhood that involves a police pursuit that started in hayward. another freeway shooting, this time in milpitas. officers find a man shot to death in a car on interstate 680. good morning. it's tuesday, june 18th. >> a lot going on. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist, mike nicco. a comfortable morning so far. a few more 60s than yesterday. ukiah, 62. fairfield, livermore 61. check out clear lake, 81. on your way to another
4:28 am
100-degree high. let's find out where we will end up elsewhere today, mid-60s, santa cruz. the upper 80s to mid-90s in our inland east bay neighborhoods. even the cash lanes are looking okay, maybe a few seconds of a delay there. carpool lane not open yet. i do want to take you down to san jose, we had a full overnight closure of 680 at capital avenue, all lanes just opened at 3 fpl fp:45. that's breaking news. there was a deadly shooting overnight in the 10:00 hour.
4:29 am
we have jd chp officers find a shot to death inside, and the chp has not released any details about the suspect, and that's all we know, and joe beana will gather information and we'll have more from her at 5:00. and tracking a police presence in the east bay this morning. >> reporter: we're at 108th and bancroft. a block of bancroft has been shutdown and there are police officers in the middle of the road. we have also have a police helicopter circling from up above. the sergeant at the scene told me they are looking for somebody. when i asked her what should i tell people in the neighborhood about the safety, and she said they do have the situation contained, they are okay, and that's all she could say because
4:30 am
it is a hayward police situation, and they are referring all calls to hayward. we have reached out to hayward police. at this point we have not heard back. the sergeant at the scene believes hayward police will be able to brief us later this morning. stay with us as we continue to follow this developing story here that's currently located in this oakland neighborhood. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield. if you are just waking up to us, a quick update on your weather and traffic and we start with mike. as far as our winds, notice how much lighter or slower they are, and in fairfield only 12 miles per hour. the cloud cover not nearly


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