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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and by the way, we are at the apartment of a family member here in daly city. we're seeing many family and trends ga friends gather here today to mourn. >> he just pick up crazy person and, you know, we don't know did he rob him. we don't know that, what's it really like, what was happening exactly. >> abdual is the victim's cousin. abdual malik was killed sometime last night. his body dumped on a shoulder north of reid roost road. a sheriff's deputy was driving down the road shortly after 11:00 p.m. when he noticed the body. investigator tore swarmed the area looking for anything that could help find the kill >> maybe there is evidence they can find. it's rough terrain. >> reporter: the car was towed from the crime scene.
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relatives said malik was a cab driver that worked for skyline yellow cab. the car had the company's markin markings. the chp closed it all morning opening the road at 11:30. >> a lot of trucks and military and police were going the other way so we weren't sure what was going on. >> daniel lives up the hill. his wife got a neighborhood alert on the phone. >> advised us not to answer the doorbell if somebody came to knock on the door. >> reporter: abdual says his cousin was a good man. >> he was working very hard for his family. it was a very, very nice guy. >> malik was a yemen american. he says malik received the work call at about 9:00 last night. >> we receive a phone call from one of the customer and two hours later, his wife try to
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call him and he didn't answer the phone. >> and that's when the family called police. now abdual malik leaves behind his wife and a daughter and by the way, the yemen counsel is offering a $20,000 reward for the arrest of the killer. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you. pg&e agreed to pay $1 billion for several recent devastating wildfires including the north bay fires and campfire. the money however is going to ever straight to the city and counties as part of this agrement 6789 re agreement. residents and businesses are not affected. they are part of a $415 million settlement for the devastating 2017 tubs fire. napa county and the city say they are part of the same settlement which covers the atlus fire. an attorney with the law firm that hammered out the deal and
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plained this afternoon how the cities and county could spend the money. >> loss of income tax, property tax, burdens that they have lost goes to deal with roads and infrastructure and goes to deal with damages to personal and public property that they owned. >> the settlement still needs to be approved by the bankruptcy court. lawyers say they are hopeful it gets done next year. people across san francisco saw this massive column of black smoke rising and wondered what was burning. it was about 4:00 this afternoon a fire broke out at the shed a food truck park in mission bay. you're looking at the view. nearly 3.5 miles away. look at the smoke. firefighters attack the flames and within minutes declared the fire under control and make quick work of it. sky 7 flew above the scene and the fire destroyed the shed and everything inside it. no one was injured.
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the owner of spark social said the shed was used for storing things like wine and other supplies. this is a litime lapse view of e fire. we've taken five minutes of the video and sped it up to 15 seconds. you can see how quickly the smoke dissipates indicating it's going out and shrinking dramatically in size. now, even though the fire was out in minutes, we got a push alert sent through the abc 7 news app. you can cut minstomize the app. >> president trump is launching his reelection campaign in florida. vice president mike pence, the first lady and the president's adult children are all present. some of the people attending waited up to 40 hours to get into the event. florida is a special focus for the president. crowds cheered as the president and first lady melania trump spoke. >> our country is now thriving, prospering and booming and
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frankly, it's soaring to incredible new heights. >> it has been my honor to serve as first lady of this incredible country for the past two years. i'm excited to do it for six more. >> some of the people attending the campaign kick off waited up to 40 hours as we mentioned to get inside. they were also several protests outside. now let's give you a live picture of the campaign event in orlando. you can see president trump is speaking right now. a lot of folks behind him wearing those make america great again hats. the arena is at full capacity at 20,000 people. >> president trump is getting bay area push back for his campaign to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. libby shaft says he'll pshe'll those in her city. she's going after president trump for this. she did offer help to the
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immigrant communities not long ago. abc 7 news reporter liz is in the newsroom with a close r look at this confrontation, liz? >> dan, you said no surprise libby shaft is going after president trump for this. she offered to help oakland communities but questioned how what she did last year when she alerted her community of an ice raid is different than what the president did last night. oakland mayor libby shaft says president trump's announcement of the campaign to deport millions of undocumented immigrants is among many things ironic. >> i of course, find it ironic that a president so critical of my informing my community about the potential of a raid has himself now warned the entire nation. >> the president's tweet which came the night before his 2020 campaign launch offered few specifics and reportedly caught i.c.e. officials by surprise but no doubt a threatening message to the more than 1 million undocumented immigrants living
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in the u.s. >> i hope it is just more mindless rhetoric as he prepares to announce his reelection bid but we have got to be prepared. >> mayor shaft's comments tuesday morning the latest in her fight against the trump administration trace eepolicy o immigration. she drew criticism after she warned of an i.c.e. raid. he asked his then attorney general jeff sessions to consider prosecuting her but major shaft made no apology. >> this administration continues to deceive the american people. >> speaking to reporters this morning, she doubled down. >> this idea of mass rounding up of people is what violates civil rights. >> but not everyone in the bay area agrees. >> they are breaking the law. they are not paying the taxes and they are making me suffer economically to support them. >> now u.s. official has told
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abc news that these deportations described in president trump's tweet are not imminent but of course, going to have fear and immigrant fears. we're watching the president tonight and his twitter to see if he provides specifics on what this might mean. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> liz, thank you. new at 6:00, california's native americans received a formal apology from the state. governor gavin knnewsom said heh suffered neglect and more. while the state cannot undue what happened in t happened in t so kn wants to work together. for the first time, prosecutors got a chance to cross-examine one of the defendants in the ghost ship trial. >> how max harris defended himself when accused of living to police and the jury. >> coastal fog arrived this >> coastal fog arrived this morning but we'll we're here for you.
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what a difference a day and you have made to this family. they were on the brink of being homeless before they told their story only to abc 7 news. >> oh, the san mateo family of five is living in a van parked outside the house they paid to rent. it cost them their whole life savings and they were duped. >> asking for the first month, for the last month's and the deposit, at least like $10,000. >> they found a cloned ad online that solicited that property online for rent. it was legitimately for rent from a company but someone was falsely representing themself as
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the property owner. >> the family and police explained yesterday and when you saw the story, boy, you sure responded. >> yeah, in less than 24 hours, the family's go fund me page ballooned and exceeded the amount they lost thanks to hundreds of donations. look at that, they have $13,000 now. >> we have team coverage for you on this story. 7 on your side michael finney explain what is to look out for so this doesn't happen to you. >> first, let's go to luz pena who has been on this story exclusively since the beginning, luz? >> reporter: one of our viewers contacted us and wanted to help you guys more. so she paid for a whole week in this hotel for you guys to sleep here so you don't have to stay in your van tonight. >> oh my god. really? >> reporter: yes.
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and this is your card. this is your key to your room. >> oh. >> surprised. thank you. >> reporter: the gonzalez' broke out in tears, minutes later, this. >> it's nice. >> reporter: 11-year-old elizabeth said they hadn't shower in days and this was not the only surprise. another viewer named cat though wa -- cat thoukathy wanted to do >> i want to invite them to be guests in my home. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours, all of you raised over $10,000 for the gonzalez' and we had to meet you. >> i woke up and saw the story and my heart broke immediately and i begged my husband, can we take the kids in. >> we don't know each other but nice to meet you. >> it's heart warming to see all those people that reached out and gave up some of their hard earned money to help someone that they don't know. so i feel really good about it. >> reporter: going back to
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11-year-old elizabeth. her plan for tonight is to sleep. so i just checked the go fund me page, they raised over $13,000 going up. the gonzalez are so excited. they have many options. when we met them, they were homeless with no savings and no backup plan and everything change in the last couple days because of you. this is how we have a better bay area. >> so many kind people. in fact, if you would still like to help, you can. we have a link to the family's go fund me page on our website. just go to >> wonderful to see people respond. >> let's bring in 7 on your side michael finney because we have great questions and advice coming into our facebook page about this story, mike. >> people were being very generous helping us build a better bay area. i what. to start with a question i get every time we air a report like this. you have seen it on facebook
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yourself. i asked how do people still fall for this? it's still on the news. they fall for it because renters are desperate for a place to live and the scammers are good at their job. grace backed me up on this. i came close to being involve in a scam like this she writes. the property was listed on zillow. a legit platform makes the scam look legit. gloria said that happened to my daughter and she lives in florida. >> well, social media scrams are including rental scams and a number of financial crimes. you know, the bottom line is that you can't really trust anything you see online unless you can back it up with somebody in person verifying the details. >> reporter: michelle is a property owner. i had my rental ad used by someone trying the same thing. beware of any ad asking for wired money. meet the owner or owners' agent,
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ask for proof. so here are the red flags. the landlord is out of town. the price is too low. you must pay in cash or wire the money. here is how to protech yourself. look up the property owner's name on the website block shopp and check the i.d. never wire money. don't pay with cash. do pay by check. it doesn't offer much protection but at least it can be stopped if a problem comes up quickly enough. san mateo district attorney steven wag staff says checking on a landlord isn't easy in the state of california. >> it's hard. when we're dealing with landlords, they aren't regulated by the state of california. that's different. contractors, cosmetology, people are regulated and there are checks you can do online. doesn't exist in the state of california. >> if you get taken, report the crime to local authorities. >> the key is very quickly after you realize that you have been
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defrauded is to call your local police department or your local d.a.'s office. i have and almost every d.a.'s office has a real estate fraud unit that looks into these things but the key is to move with speed and not sit there wondering what to do next. >> if you have doubt entirely online, there is likely not much authorities can do. so keep that in mind. now here is a bottom line, there is no full proof way to make sure you're not ripped off when you're renting a unit. the more questions you ask and the slower you go, the less likely you are to be ripped off. now i want to hear from you. my hot line is up monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me on my facebook page and >> excellent. >> knowing the red flags is helpful, michael. >> thanks. let's move onto the weather forecast. good looking week. summer arrives later this week. >> yeah, we got micro climates going on. >> we do, indeed especially now
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as the fog brings the cooling effect to the coast. you can see the fog is extending its reach right now. you can see it on this view from emeryville as the fog is surging out over san francisco and over the bay. it currently 63 here in the city. oakland 68. 73 mountain view and upper 70s san jose and 57 half moon bay. this is a different view looking at the fog moving out over the bay. it's 71 in santa rosa and napa and upper 80s at fairfield and 86 livermore and here is the view of blue sky from the rooftop camera looking out across and these are the forecast features. mild to warp again tomorrow once the fog pulls back to the coastline. cooler and breezy weather thursday and temperatures will rebound on friday as summer arrives. here is a look at overnight conditions. lots of fog not only at the coast but out over the bay and locally inland and overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid 50s. here is the forecast animation
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starting at 6:00 this evening. you can see how far the fog will extend in the early morning hours so there may be reduced visibility as the morning commute gets underway but the fog is expected to pull back to the coastline by early to mid morning giving way to sunny skies and that will allow a bit of an afternoon warmup. in the inland areas, look for highs to reach upper 80s to 90 and upper 70s to low 80s in the north bay and some low to mid 80s in the south bay as well. right around the bay shoreline mainly mid to upper 70s and on the coast highs will be in the low to mid 60s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the cool down on thursday i was talking about. it will be breezy and temperatures will drop six or more degrees in some inland areas maybe just two to four degrees cooler around the bay and on the coast. on friday, summer solstice occurs at 8:54 a.m. and first day of summer will bring sunny skies except for lingering coastal fog and high temperatures around 90 inland but warms up more the next two
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days of summer, saturday and sunday we'll see low to mid-90s inland and 80 around the bay and temperatures will drop off early next week. those micro climates will be in play as they generally are in summer. >> nice looking forecast. >> lovely forecast, yeah. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, the city versus e-cigarettes. >> san francisco is making a statement. we'll jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems,
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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two local hospitals made the list of the best children's hospitals in the nation. u ucf ranked fifth in medical care for newborn infants according to the u.s. news and world report annual survey released just today. the hospitals were also recognized as the best in northern california and eight specialties including pediatric cancer. the sale of e-cigarettes is expected to be ban in san francisco by early next year. >> yeah, suppervisors voted unanimously to sell and distribute them. >> we have a look at what's next. >> reporter: last march, city attorney announced they were teaming up against e cigarette companies like juul labs. the measure introduced passed unanimously by the board. here is walton right before the vote. >> my job is to protect the people here in the city and
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county of san francisco. >> reporter: the strongest argument against e-cigarettes is tobacco products like juul appeal to young people. >> for every adult that uses e-cigarettes to stop smoking or cut back on their nicotine, dozens of children start. and that stopped me cold. >> reporter: e-cigarettes are marketed to smokers as a way to satisfy the nicotine addiction without the harm that comes from cigarettes yet these products have never gone through the food and drug administration approval process. juul labs base in san francisco said today the provision of vapor products for all adults will not address under age use and leave cigarettes on shelves as the only choice for adult smokers even though they kill 40,000 californians every year. once the ban is in place, these prod detectives cannot products cannot be on shelves or
6:25 pm
mailed to a san francisco address. some believe it could create a black market. >> we don't want this in the hands of kids and if we put this in place; lit go to the black market that increases crime and lose almost all their business. there is no room for us to make any money. >> reporter: once your sithe ma signs this measure, it will go into effect six months later. it will help these mom and pop shops weather the storm. it's been more than seven months since the worst fire in california history. >> the campfire destroyed 90% of the housing in the city of paradise. tonight, we're finding out just how many people became homeless for the first time. next, google's pledge to help build a better bay area is co
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one of the bay area's biggest iemployers is investing in building a better bay area.
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>> that's coming from goggle and going towards housing. we highlighted when it comes to affordability and how changes could build a better bay area. >> we explain the role google plans to play. >> reporter: as one of the largest employers in the bay area, google says its responsibility to help starts at home. to help tackle the bay area's housing crisis, google is pledging to give $1 billion to develop 15,000 new homes. part of the plan google wants to rezone some property from commercial to residential use. the company will also establish a $250 million investment fund just for affordable housing and another $50 million in grant money focused on the issues of homeless and displacement. >> we think google got a lot right with their initiative. >> reporter: kevin is ceo of housing trust silicon valley focused on issues related to affordable housing. one of the biggest challenges is
6:30 pm
the intense competition for land with google proposing to use its own land and provide financing. google tackles two of the biggest obstacles head on. >> we can't create affordable housing if we don't have land, a place to put it and if we don't have flexible funding. >> reporter: some housing advocates say google can do more. >> with this announcement de, t is seeing they have responsible. >> reporter: maria nicole fernandez worked with google on the issue. according to their research to offset just the new google jobs coming to san jose will require 5,000 new homes. she says the real work starts now to make sure google comes through on the plan. >> how do we make sure that amazing $1 billion investment announcement is going to result in actual affordable housing units that we need in san jose? >> reporter: a spoke with a google employee who says google doesn't know where to build but they hope to start building
6:31 pm
within the next few years. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> google's headquarters are in mountain view and santa clara county. the homeless population is the highest in the bay area approaching 10,000 people total. the number increased by almost one-third in the past two years. we have data for all nine counties going back over a decade on the website. go to to see what the situation is like now and what it was before where you live. in the meantime, the homeless count for butte county was just released this week and shows a significant increase which is being blamed on last year's campfire. let's break down the numbers for you. more than 2300 people in butte county are considered homeless. that's a 16% increase from the prior census taken two years ago. a quarter of the homeless say they are survivors of the campfire and this is the first time they have ever been without a home. nearly half of the people who don't have a home are living in temporary fema housing. when it comes to building new homes in fire broken area,
6:32 pm
the majority of california voters agree there should be limits according to a new poll of the governmental studies. 25% oppose the idea. that same poll found an even split when asking if the state should assume a bigger role in housing decisions or if the rules should be decided locally. >> truth versus lies. a central theme today in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. the 2016 fire claimed 36 lives. prosecutors had the first chance today to cross-examine defendant max harris and they focused on his honesty. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley was in court. >> reporter: defendant max harris was faced with email after email the prosecution projected on a screen in court in which he called himself executive director of ghost ship. he previously testified he was simply a volunteer with no leadership role. harris admitted using the title was a misrepresentation.
6:33 pm
it's not true he said. the d.a. asked him about representing himself as an arts mnager on the tinlder dating app. harris said i was just trying to get a date. >> the best the prosecution trying to get a date and exaggerated his role. >> reporter: the prosecution drilled into ghost ship defendant max harris during cross examination today telling him you lied. deputy d.a. james got harris to define a lie. he said a lie is telling an untruth then that he replayed a body cam video in which harris told an officer who asked him if he lived at the warehouse, no, no, it's a 24-hour art studio he said when he actually lived there. harris' aunt from seattle sat in court today listening to his testimony accompanied by harris' friends. >> the prosecuting side is doing
6:34 pm
everything they can to spin it and make it seem as though it was a mess and unorganized and it's just really heartbreaking and i think max is doing an amazing job. >> he's totally lying. i think he's been very well trained into lying and what to say and what not to say. >> reporter: at the end of the day, harris' attorney told the judge he saw one of the jurors communicating on their smart watch. the judge pledged to investigate that, that will be the first thing talked about in the morning before harris takes the stand again. in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley. >> the ghost ship trial has gone on for weeks now and abc 7 news covered it each day. we send out push alerts through the abc 7 news app when there are major developments. you can read up on the case at a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake jolted japan this morning. the quake strurk just before 6:30 local time off the coast in northern japan. the earthquake was initially
6:35 pm
reported as a 6.8 but was downgraded by the u.s. geological survey. only a few minor injuries reported by thousands last power. seventh nuclear reactors were offline at the time and appeared to be working normally. secretary of state mike p pompeo and mitch mcconnell claimed the president is not trying to start a war. both comments come after the president ordered 1,000 more u.s. troops to the middle east. president trump made that decision after iran threatened to exceed the ukraine yum stockpile. it calls iran's threat nuclear blackmail. stay with us, facebook isn't just about friends. you could say the social networking site is getting into the banking business. next, what you need to know about facebook's virtual currency. >> how babies who burro are getting a chance to really stretch their wings. stay with us. your brain is an amazing thing.
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happening today, free tack to -- tacos at taco bell. because they won game two against the raptors, stealing a
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win on the road taco bell offers a free doritos taco today. the deal was only good 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. in stores but available all day online. there is a wiser way of helping a enter sspecies of owl. they have helped reverse the decline, the humane society constructed an owl nursery. they removed some of the smallest birds from the natural nest and deliver the to the nursery. >> it's completely enclosed. it's predator safe. it's safe from the elements and i'm many makimics the lifestyle we're doing everything possible to keep them as wild as possible. as little human interaction as possible so they go into the wild they can be the wild birds they were. >> the peninsula humane society is
6:40 pm
coll cla cla cla clara habitat. speaking of natural habitat, owls are fascinating. this is video i posted on my facebook page. it's in my backyard. i have an owl perch and owl box and there is two adults and you'll see perhaps in a moment a baby come up. they are teaching them how to hunt. this is in my backyard on my facebook page. fun to watch. go to dan ashley abc 7 if you want to watch more. >> how long did you spend watching them? i bet you can spend forever. >> they are memorizing and make noise all night long. we're in the final days of spring and some places it feels like summer. >> spencer has we're here for you.
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breaking news a building evacuated due to a suspicious package in sunnyvale. the sheriff's office bomb squad is checking out that package. you're looking live from sky 7 at the scene at crossman avenue and java drive. the department of public safety evacuated the building after 2:00 this afternoon. that's when a suspicious item arrive td in the mail. it was a smooth ending to
6:44 pm
the trading day. the hershey company rang the closing bell to celebrate 125 years in business. technology companies, power stocks solidly higher on wall street today. apple was up 4.5% or about i should say 4.5 about 2%. the dow gained 250 and the nasdaq added 100. investors are hopeful between a meeting between president trump and ping. they have been hoping for any positive sign between the world's largest economy. facebook is getting into the crypto currency game. >> reporter: imagine this picture was money. while facebook wants to make it that easy to send payments to anyone anywhere around the world through their apps using their
6:45 pm
newly launched crypto kecurrenc lira. >> it's to create a global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people. >> reporter: it's a nonprofit form by facebook together with 28 other companies including visa, paypal, mastercard, uber, sp spotfy. each invested $10 million, funds to help stabilize the digital join, something others haven't been able to promise. would you trust facebook with your banking and money? >> no, i don't think so. >> reporter: why not? >> i'm not sure because everything is so public on facebook. >> given the convenience of using the crypto currency, i could trust it. >> reporter: while that debate will rage on for awhile but a reality that no one can deny is that moving around money can be very costly and frustrating. that $100 i took out of the atm charged me $5.
6:46 pm
if i want to wire the money to someone anywhere in the world, i have to pay between 15 to $30. if someone wanted to send me that money, i'd have to pay a fee. add it up and i would have very little left of the $100 i started with. >> saying that this is a good technology with the wrong company and if it's another company other than facebook, we have to have this resistance. >> lib the launch is set for 20 and they hope to grow to 100 companie companies. >> exactly what is a crypto currency? it's confusing. in simple terms, it's a digital currency that make transactions secure and fair lly difficult t fake. it's not controlled by a central authority or banking system that makes it immune to government control. it works through ledger
6:47 pm
technology, a block chain seconds as a transaction data base. there are currently dozens of crib toe ke crypto currencies in use. right now there is bit coin. again, it's a complicated, fascinating and very volatile. but spencer is now agreed to be paid by crypto currency. >> is that right? when you talk about highs and lows, your temperatures got a lot better sh, spencer. >> i'll take it. i'll be paid in whatever form you choose. we have fog moving from the coast across the bay pushing locally inland tonight and it is assisted by some fairly brisk breezes. you can see around the bay area, we have surface wind ranging from 12 miles an hour up to 26 mile per hour gusts. breezy in the inland east bay and overnight lows wide spread
6:48 pm
clouds and fog mainly in the low to mid 50s and we'll see upper 50s with some inland east bay locations. here is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. and see how the fog moves across the bay and inland and will probably reduce visibility enough to slow down the morning commute a tad but by 10:00 a.m., it will have pulled back giving mainly sunny skies and the result will be high temperatures in the south bay highs in the low to mid 80s. 84 lose gatos and the peninsula, upper 70s to mid 80 and about 64 downtown san francisco and north bay tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s will be the highs. east bay highs generally mid to upper 70s in the inland east bay will be the warmest region with highs near 90 in the warmest spots. here is the seven-day forecast. we'll have a one-day cool down. it warms up over the weekend with mid-90s inland and a
6:49 pm
gradual cool down next week. >> see, that i understand. >> you like that? >> thank you, spencer. >> on to sports, baseball to talk about. >> yeah, giants. >> yes, you know, warriors season is over. we are now turning our attention to the giants. he's been giant for the giants. the question is how much longer will jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant;
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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the giants are playing the dodgers in game two. giants trying to dig out a last place, one of the few bright spots is the closer will smith. he's been perfect. 19 attempts and 19 saves converted including last night when he slammed the door on the dodgers with a 3-2 giants win. will smith, the question is how long will he remain a giant. he will come calling before the trade deadline. the skipper bruce bochy happy to have smith as his closer. >> he's been terrific all year. he is the guy that finds that bullpen and with what maybe he's done, that's the 19th consecutive save there and he loves it. you know, we gave him that role and he's ran with it. >> the warriors and rebuild and apparently one of the teams the dubs tormentet, the houston rockets.
6:53 pm
they spent most of the past season playing the feud. yahoo sports reporter went for a long time without talking to each other at all. paul did not like the beard oriented offense with harden dominating the paul. cp. three wanted more set plays and ball movement. the question is now what? paul is untradeable and signed a huge deal guaranteed 124 million over the next three years? paul responded to this report saying this is news to me. former warrior harrison barns is reportedly turning down a $25 million player option with the sacramento kings. he's turning down $25 million? averaged 14 points per game after being acquired by sacramento from dallas. he's nice as the third or fourth option on a good team but not a star but still possible he might be able to negotiate a long-term deal with the kings in the $80-100 million range over four to five years. i know. this could be these days i
6:54 pm
guess. erik karlsson got a massive deal that came with a price having to shed salary elsewhere. they traded justin braun who goes to the philadelphia flyers. along with the third rounder next year. he will make 3.8 million. he was the seventh round pick in 2007 and became one of the most reliable defensemen. what about the future of free agent joe thornton who turns 40 next month? >> yeah, probably play another ten years so, yeah. we'll wait and see but i'm thinking five to ten right now. >> five to ten right now. >> i got nothing else going on. we'll see. >> he's like tom brady with a beard. south bay high school football coach being honored with a major award. rob mendez will receive the at the 2019 awards. he was born with a rare disorder to be born with no arms or legs. he started out as an assistant coach for various programs in
6:55 pm
sarah toga and hired as the head coach for the junior varsity football team. espn did a pfeature on him calld who says i can't. >> i remember when coach hired me and cruising off the campus, i was like yes. i just felt really accomplished. because it took me so long. i knew i've been ready for it. finally giving the of timesty so -- opportunity so i appreciate is that th that. >> his team was 8-2. he's a good coach. a lot of names off the board. drafted two-time oscar winner all alley. maybe he didn't know he played guard in college at st. marys. look at him here. went by the name of hershell gilmore. drafted in the globe trotters draft. kyler murray doesn't play basketball as well as football and baseball.
6:56 pm
but the globes, their draft is a drag but it's fun to see who they draft. i went to a tennis match and soccer game broke out in germany. the serve drops the racket and returns the ball. they decided to go kick it. back and forth sanga and pair. this might be one of the most impressive rallies they never got. went messi there for the big heel shot. ended up winning 6-4, 7-5. this could be a new sport. >> they could beat me at tennis with their feet? that's impressive. >> i got a kick out of that. >> ah-ha. you missed the best joke. >> i heard him say he got a kick out of it. >> okay. >> worth repeating. >> join us tonight cable channel 13. the president launching the campaign for reelection at a florida rally. what he's promising and how the potential democratic rivals are
6:57 pm
responding at 9:00. working to build a better and safer bay area. san jose announces an ambitious plan to reduce fire department response times. those stories and more this evening. that is this edition of abc 7 news and for breaking news on the abc 7 news app, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for all of us here, have a good night.
6:58 pm
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♪ this is the... introducing today's contestants-- a senior from bakersfield, california... a senior from bellaire, texas... and a junior from miami, florida... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hey, we got off to a great start in our teen tournament yesterday. school's out for most kids, of course, but we still have some bright teenagers being tested on our stage. eesha, alison, lucas, welcome. and have fun, and good luck.
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let's go to work. ♪ here are the categories for this first round of play today... next you get to deal with... then, you'll love it-- and then... that combination--e-i-- comes up in each correct response. followed finally by... lucas. i'll take cabinet department for $200. lucas. - what is defense? - correct. for $400, cabinet department. alison. what is the department of education? - good. - cabinet for $600.


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